The Food Show - Hour 3

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about Vietnamese cuisine, stuffed flounder, veal pockets, red beans and rice and carpaccio.

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Welcome back it's the food show and it's nice to be here with you every chance we get so we can talk about the food scene around New Orleans there is much to talk about all the time. Before I get into that little bit more I'm I'm looking here at the radar. And seeing that the most of the rain in the areas where the heck out into the Gulf of Mexico and almost down to Venice. And it doesn't seem to be coming our way at all except one it was one little patched just north of font Slidell. So. It's. And that I think today you'll wind up be a rat relatively. Pleasant day. You know what else it is on my mind about this. It is that it's. A we are seeing for some reason. An increasing. Number of restaurants that have live music in them. And I'm not talking about the kind that is so loud that you can you will no longer be able keep a conversation going. But where it's actually listen the bull in the background you don't have to listen to it if you don't wanna listen to it. There are a lot rates say that that's where is just by a true ball. Music is and that no indeed him there's a lot of music out there that does not at. Want to give even a little bit on their loud it's a wildness. Though. Way of looking at things and and UH oh what brought it to mind was. Just yesterday. I was on my way home from the wine and food experience meant and I had. It was a little tired and also had a reunion to a go to the last. Fifty years of my high school graduating class. And you know what a lot of talking on it caught catching up to be done there. But by the time I was and it's going to be walking around talking to people for about four hours. And I was just a little tired and I stopped over at Andre has restaurant in Metairie. Where on Thursday Friday and Saturday he has live music and he does it it's it's it's not just playing off of you know tape or anything like that it is. The actual musicians right there and seeing more and more of that and I was wondering if you did too. And what does this mean does this mean the next thing is that some of the music. Set ups will start trying to bring in more food. And that's the that's what goes on the jazz festival anyway. Our numbers 26063. Well it's Q3 2601870. Is our number would look to hear from you but anything. About eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking and you know as long as I was talking by Andre is let me finish off. That that started out as a commercial and cut got the real lifter it. And Trey is. Is a great place to have in the back of your mind if you ever have a private event that meets that take place everything from. A business meeting up to a a web aura of anything that goes withdrawal of the weddings that might. Have been lucky enough to get into your life. And that just. He is because they have four different private dining rooms there one of them is rather large would it would it would have been. One of the major routes size restaurants in the polls city if they did operate by themselves which they don't. So. The the important thing about this though if you want to use their facilities in their kitchen. Is that you you you make the reservation. Well in advance because you know that's how you get the good tables and whether you'd it's just five people going out together. Or a 105 people they're ready to take care of that for you entrees they are on cause we've Red Cross causeway boulevard from lakeside mall. And they are open those seven days a week for luncheon for dinner. And if you want something very specific ask chef Andrea. He never turned anybody down near as I can tell. Andre it's in Metairie since what 1986. I think. 84 it was run in anyway. 260. 260. It's 187. Quinn is joining us hello there. Quinn use there. Yes sir right here in the US. Are called my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and song is going to be closed. That's when I had heard. Yes sir it barriers builders in the chip up and anyway it just blows. And where it went against you know what it was in newspaper and I went there we go. And how well or why I like it typical lectures bombs and so they were. And what do dish that is not. What grabbed me about the the first time I went there we were actually doing a TV piece out there believe it and that was on TV coral. And they they did the those whole hard shell crabs. With this really fantastic saw us immediately it was one of the most delicious things that every. It is and they ought to don't ever now and you know I just as. Which club in a bit ago we you know. That was the most fabulous event that number that was most that we knew. And that was what gave as competent to really aren't any issues. There. It was split what's really important to that right where withdrawals. A record with so it was so. But anyway I think there should be four and now wait then it. Apparently. So I asked him where we popped and so core. He stated no. Evidence and so on air by so Serbs. We've you know. As a voter you court you have is right here. You know I'm I'm pretty sure that day now I'm drawing a blank on the name of the place but it's only about a block away from Kim's. Our don't. Yell at me you know. Well this is getting older stuff it's makes it hard. On we have day. It is on. Gosh it's no kidding it's it's no more than three blocks away from from him so on and it's the same kind of menu pretty much. I'm deep in minute and I will it keep keep. Keep listening and I will check it out in my database and use the name of the but I'm surprised you haven't been area if you into Kim's. A for a while and I have we have tried that. Like Kim's so much that we that we just got their own time. Whitman in this that a statement just about you wait. He would be he was such. As it did so what. He's only been away for three years. And I asked what it should oh. And action in a market that the support. At this port important should happen there was thirteen. And a Mac. It. Yeah well. The that is certainly true. And this is why I've never gotten in the Richmond this discus knowing it as I do. It's it is work in real work all the time. And that is that. And if you if you are trying to escape that that's probably not the thing for use to. But though on the other hand those guys they they set in new standards. On and it was just fantastic. Now. Nine rose said is it nine roses did you go to nine roses. Do but I don't think they have so they crib. It escalate it. I think they do I I've I have a recollection of eve of eating there I know that menu is enormous they have yeah. All it very good court shouldn't cams aren't quite well you know no no to restaurants at the same anyway and well we're gonna see that. On but take it another try much luck there has been very good as good as it has been at can son over the years to. Well there is a very good export quite figured that it I don't I don't know what they so great Brett what gestures about about in the book tour. Yeah but you know it talked it took me and what ultimately wagers on to bring so like that that question though is done as a very good way. Cheese it like it's a sign that says that won't work. And so that was a mob. Well there you go. Well liked guys in debt that was a sorrowful thing all right then I'm gonna miss that harassment. Kim's son and then on nine roses both of them were Vietnamese restaurants it had kind of this that in the same neighborhood but they started off. In a in kind of the same way. And that is. That when they when these Vietnamese people first came to New Orleans you know when they when they were refugees in the on this themselves here and we took him in. One of the first things they did was open up restaurants because it was meant that they were good. Really good at that and on. Eight it it receives some problems. With the with getting customers in because there were a lot of people in New Orleans would never ever had Vietnamese food. And because that was kind of a tough sell. What they wound up doing was kind of in hinting that it was really Chinese food and if you just needed you would find it familiar and polish its. And that. Technique actually worked pretty well and they they managed to develop. Good clientele and and it's still goes on to this day and they've that has been a really bright side of the Asian side of the restaurant business for long time. Why we will come back but more the food show after first police that this is Tom that's Morris and we talk about food here that tall. And but that's alive you know it's we have a lot of food to be covered. The the wine and food experience is going on even as we speak there in the convention center I don't know if you can get tickets at the door and not. But I don't I'm not sure one way or the other but worth taking a look at it and that's goes on for about three hours. Lots of food from the local restaurants lots of wines from all over the place and you just walked through there I think it's a 130 dollars don't hold me that. And it is on going on right now. And no one else is left up to that that is. Might be doing some seminars after them matured per the whole program this year is that a little different from what I'm used to but now. Change always happens anyway 260. 187 or use our telephone number to call and tell us where you've been eating or what you'd like to be eating. What as thrilled you lately what's been delicious what's been not so delicious. Share that with us which is who we're all looking for that ourselves. And we ought to share what we find when we when we dig around so let us know. And the I'll say this the one we did last week at the oh it's it's the one with do with the name that I can never remember that seat it's on. Began. The end that we have that from the lady who has the name P&G says or beyond if you want. Anyway this is right next door to an admiral's new restaurant. Mayoral. It sullen. Jerod street right off of Shoppach to Willis and I have now been there but. It's six or so times. Several of them lately last week. Ice I went there for dinner mainly because the downtown area was flooded in the couldn't get away from downtown and so. As in wanna acquitted I'll just walk over there and have dinner and it was delightful as all the ones I've had there have been. That's that's an on coming. Start there right thing we hear much more about them. As time goes on the food show. 260. 1878260187. Call right now when you get right in. Our program is sponsored by Koreans poor boys and they have a scene in which over the air. That a couple of other restaurants have been using but not many. And I think it's so good that you ought to know about it give that a try someday. They colleges simply there Italian pork boy and what they do is they have a loaf of French and if you're standard loaf of or boy bread credit from end to end. And then lay down a thin layer of mozzarella cheese you can use the American style which is kinda she's Ian and they kennel or he could use the Italian. Nine which is creamy year and much lower the degree of all that kind of cheesy. Tuition had a better word for it the moment but. That's. That's not there either so we have the them mozzarella cheese on the bread. And then you slice up some meatballs. Or some Italian sausage. Or whatever else along those lines itself is good and you you kind of layer that on the French bread with the pizza on or with the sauce on the top and it and the cheese and then you come back with a sauce Lance and then you kind of do the reverse scene you'd been you put on them. The meatballs and spaghetti one at the spaghetti at the meatballs and the Italian sausage and you build it back up again to you have Munson. Grow once again. Against the uppermost. French bread and and you put the two together you put the whole thing in the oven until it hosts on the outside and is is that ever good it's a pour boiling. Made in the style. Of kind of brush alone any you know way I mean exco a lot of seem ingredients and put together the same way if you've never had this before. Go on over to parades or boys you have now three choices of restaurants where you can go. Is the original location 3939 veterans highway near. Would they close to. Corner of and what's that street I can't think of it anyway. Then you another option. For you is to go to one in Kenner that's on west esplanade but 234 blocks away from. 34 blocks away from what stands now the street all Bob Williams boulevard Coca like forget that and then finally. In the uptown section on pretend his streak at the corner. Of upper line. They have opened up there and all of them have the same routine about them and that is. They cook everything in house. They don't get to know 00 poor boy shop could open and not Coke a single thing in it he can just get an all brought Ian. Why it with the bread and everything everything's been put together and sliced up. That's that's not what you're after or time after that's for sure I want this I want a taste of four boys have been prepared where a bought them and eight. Brand for boys will do that for you they are there every day except on Sunday they take the day off on Sunday the other days of the week they are open every day. And all day long too so if you were running a little late for launcher relief for dinner no problem arranged for boys. But them enough. 260. 187 coal right now and you get right in we'd love to hear from you but whatever is cooking more mature house if you're having a problem with a recipe. I'd be very pleased to hear what that might be and maybe we can figure out what the problem news. Maybe it's it it's incredibly simple probably is in fact. And if you have stumbled into something really deliciously leave me in Europe going out to eat in restaurants or. When you were cooking at home but if you came up with something good would you please share it with everybody else. It's so easy just called me on the phone here 260187. Tell me how you make this and I'll just put it out to the public there. And let them enjoy this well why not you know it because it but every now and then I'll talk to somebody who says. Hi that he refuses to give his recipes away votes talk about that in a minute we've got though. Reporting from CBS and then more the food show angle hello it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris let's get right back to the phone shelling out Quinn and notice a quick and it's Victor Victor welcome to the food show. Thank you. While there. Although longer. Wearing down. By. Or are we restaurant India. But stopped clobber. A. A stuffed flounder I'll tell you two places one of them it is. Kind of I wouldn't call it expensive but it's it's a little upscale. The pelican club. It's one exchange Elliott the corner of the end the streak that's right across the street from the Mongolia hotel. Anyway that's their house specialty they sell more that than anything else it's a whole flounder stuff with the crab meat then with the sauce over the top the brown bother. On top of it really great and not X not expensive not for what it is it's really huge among other things. The other way and is fee or use. Fury he's in Metairie their right on the other side of the highway for door next supermarket. And day. Our hear. Your fury say this the fury John Fiore. For a long time he worked at the bow of the which was in West End so he knew all but. Flounders is that's the debts to become heavenly fish and more in west and and he. You put that on the menu there and he he says the right words before he sells it to you and that is. If they can't get it fresh they don't take it at all. So when you go there it's going to be nice impression really good I think that's those two places will do real nice job for. You've got to kill you know I don't understand used to be. They used at stop signs everywhere and you know. He well I'll for a long time there was a problem with them I bet they had been kind of their population had been did you know dispersed pretty badly. They do and when. Something happens that the population of the fish you know you can disappear for a while sometimes forever. But you an idea that would did okay what I'm sorry one. Well hope what I hope you don't eat that much. It. I've looked good luck thank you see Andy is over here on the green phone sandy track might hear it here. I am calling about my mom my mom my arm is usually used to make it little kids. It could GO got pocket. And a lot of grandma which you go to don't know in the pocket. Yes that's true I oh only one place that I'm absolutely positive we have it the eve and day you might tell you well. We'll get it for you tomorrow. Goods now that very few people you know here's the funny you can find this surprised. By the butchers that I was talking to wouldn't want it lankans the lines. Wit and playing its lines has always had a really great butcher shop I mean that's with there'll. To a great degree anyway. And I said but do you have peel pockets and the butcher and rolled sides and we have that'll right. And people ask for all the time and they never ever come through and why it. Says we could have all the time but nobody actually eats and don't talk books. So this is this is a crop now that we can track down a recipe easily enough. And you can call them and say you know I don't give them some time you know give them to a three days to get together. And you'll get a from a I'm I'm going to act and lying it's one. I trap. That on or. The ride is diet is it that they need marker. Yeah I eat at any young villagers stayed out. Don't know what it is at all and neither does anybody else it is one discover things well. I guess so I'm not a big fan of it myself but that doesn't mean anything. Lola but try out try it go into those places I just name for an and then ask them. If they have the recipes and tips in it if they don't you can certainly find it on line I guarantee you find some great. Great thank you Eric thank you my pleasures the it's talked about all the Larry. Larry welcome to the food show. Perry did I can't tell you. Pretty. Still on. The solo. You know the oxygen has cards are out. Right now. But. Question. I would comment in. Not the future there. But. There. Their first. Shape regret for work there and yeah North Shore we two deep in the earn that poor Obama. So are related to earn it. Patterned your quarter. Then there you know. Very. A late night shaker yeah. Let me tell it put you on the spot here how to order government and and the an apple founder and you India from scratch you know very no one wanted to step forward would be. Well though. You know my right thinking about that is. If I'm going to get something like that that it is kind of difficult the bank really that's reason takes hours as. And if I'm if I go to a restaurant. And I order something like that I'm always ready. For it to appeal while before I get it because it. Taxes then you this is. It's like fried chicken you can go to congressman you say you want fried chicken and the waitress better tell you. Oh you know bill. The half hour man and. Through our area could see chip if you don't then it's something that came out from under heat lamp and you know that's. It's been special. That outside this place was. She put relations back. What actually went and applied for an arrest brought. And I dark there's been at war and the way you're out things about speed. It's an Eddy Curry. And not let bears good. We'll go yeah they were as I'm getting very then and that is one Apollo one under. It. Saying. League play and a restaurant. Better around it's not they're that much anymore. Largely used to be and it's a beautiful. The beautiful bearish when it done right you know really. You know report on income on a platter in Rome. Yeah well listen thank you very much for sharing all that witness. Hi it's the food show Marc is joining us over here on the yellow phoned mark. I do it now. Where they're seeing. It on the. Well I wouldn't be surprised at that those people who run that risk on a pretty sharp right. I don't well like I'll get it would be like a good dessert in Delaware. Sure there. Yeah you know that's that's a good little place right there on hunt and he can't handle. Worn. Out right aren't aren't put on. An expert. Thanks for sharing them. See you later it's the food show Paula welcome. Hank. Look. And then the pocket. And use that code it and they. Have to. She the issue was born naked. ABBA to you know a couple of days. And that law. Now that's what you gotta do it. God listed. That was. Could be any time night game or. Well it it turns up mostly during the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas. He is that butchers say that they have run on it but it's still not a whole lot of run its fast. You and pat Leahy. Reminded me of my hair yeah. Am I tell us that the and secondly I hooked it. Thanks for sharing. By its Puccio. Felix's here Felix welcome. I didn't quite a complete red being the right. My favorite place the red beans and rice lately. This would be my North Shore plays because I've live over there. The New Orleans food and spirits. They have it all the time in fact they have a Monday through Sunday it's it's always there. Let's see it I don't and I don't know if they're open on Monday but if they'll pepper mill is open on Monday. The last time I had red beans there in fact it was a three day three times in a row over a period of about six months I thought the years which is good it's indium ever. It. It is yet really is they have they do. Yeah it on the front quote. Don't matter what city. That are being in the right available on they're in a row it's. On. Chaos and lewis'. I don't know it it looks like. It looks like it too risky place when you're looking from outside that they actually do a good job but everything. Write it and it's right right oh. It's right behind Saint Louis if the. But we'll let you get there right right. It is right that people like that element. You know well who could blame well thanks for calling. CEO it's the food show we're getting a little lightning and thunder over here at the cool water wrench into that came from. Or numbers 260. 187 team we'll return with more of the food show after first please this Tom Fitzmorris. Well it's been a fun day today nice being here on Saturdays and Sundays or both sometimes. This is so little foreboding for us as we watch for the possible. The advent of mania. Of one of those. Tropical storm passes we are asked to call them. And on this the first of the year and its name is Alberto Isa. And well there it is such as her little lightning and thunder just now here's the cool what ranch today is national blueberry cheesecake day. Now imagine that. Who and one who came along and declared that on national blueberry. She skate I will say this. If you were to get in a well made cheese K and you would puts them. Cherries or blueberries. On top of it. And if you had cooked them a little bit then you would go with something pretty doing good. It's also national cherry dessert day this is a bunch of different. Dessert you can have that are. Made with cherries. They cooked down in the syrup right here in the pan. In you don't flame at what you do flaming you can flavored or you can not as you'd like with cure it which is classic. Or he could serve it over ice cream. It is believed to have been created by no less. And Auguste and school PH who was the orbiter of classical French cooking back in the eighteen hundreds. The occasion. Was queen Victoria's fiftieth jubilee. And this Gauthier made up. A cherry flavored cheese K specially for her it didn't have any ice cream and it. But it was such a natural to adapt it to end the of blueberries. Or the cherries that it has gone Allen Iverson's. So that's that's not yet so it's good speaking of the cherries. This is all by the way from our. Our. We'll food almanac and write everyday it's the Grammy gas tear portion that is against it here it is like. An encyclopedia. Or dictionary except that it covers only place names so we have Sherri talent. It's a little over a mile south of the Mason Dixon line in north central. Merrill and its 45. Miles northwest of Baltimore it's in the mix of open fields. And woods in no ruling to reign with farm house's country homes and people who worked in the city. To pretty area. There's even a white tablecloth restaurant about a mile away from it the name of the places bloods. At silver Iran with good crab cakes and now. Prime rate above that you the crab cakes that they use came from us here and wallets. Our. Edible dictionary today offers you this word marginally. And the RJO. Of serie Tommy Rees Rees build it and they are oh. LAI and on it is a neglected. French dessert made by layering several flavored. More ratings on top of one another in the and you bake him. The more rings a flavored with almonds hazel nuts cocoa. Sometimes the ratings. They have seen in which between them puff pastry. And another variation is to sell separate all of the various layers with the chocolate. Mocha and all the rest of it. But comes out of this is a sort of cloud like. K that this is wonderful yummy nutty flavor doesn't hold up long so you have to eat it pretty much right after you made it. But there it is and and on this date in 1971. A song that I really feel like. Became I think a number one hit and police cell in 1971 Don Maclean. Yeah you know American pie. It wasn't about pie at all. Instead they were storing up the nostalgia. Among those who could figure out what it meant. But the late 1950s it was a pleasant long before the group me Arab began and we could get away from. Let's see what else celebrity chef de. Today TV's third Japanese. Iron ship. Mosques a key was with the muscle for a more remote though. Moral Modi that was his name masa Har rule. More of Modi okay well he was born today in 1955 at Hiroshima. After working in new York at no boo which is why the place and some other high profile establish rule. He opened up a restaurant under his own name in Philadelphia. And I've never been the rebuttal that chip itself well I think we've bucked the white felt the whole line show here will be back in a moment I think after first please this hello it's the food show. Charles. Welcome. Charles. Go blundering very long time. I was in third Vietnam vet called Roxio and city. I would say yo La petite grocery. Or Andre is one one of the two both of those have been on the manual that time at the very least. Which is it's not a common we've seen. Dish particularly. But it's it's it's out there here in the air all right so let's see Anthony well welcome to our show. Ohio good comment at time but where otherwise. What you. Guys must begin no word is known as it wanted to people land up there are seen ought to match. And pick an open on the you know. What do you know the future could get that figures indeed they do a job over there. You're not at our right thanks a lot that's enough that I'd bet that moralist brings to an end our program for today. I might be on tomorrow I'm not sure. And if not I'm not dealt I'm definitely not on on Monday. Then will be back with our regular program on 105 point three FM HD two. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.