The Food Show - Hour 3

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, December 30th

WWL's Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans most respected food critic. Tom today talks with WWL callers about traditional New Year's dishes, making salmon patties, adding beer when preparing corned beef as well as recipes for turkey, rib roast and pork belly.


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Here I am welcome back it's the third course of the food Cho here Charles has been waiting all through the news and furious Charles you there. You know thanks for calling and thanks for hanging in two. Okay upon my partner and don't show. Well it's been so patty's off court where Karadzic but also. We're treated. Make sweet potatoes so good the whole potatoes still and one hunk. Yeah it went through and growing up you know how we ate that more than any other way it was my mother would bacon in the oven. Cut him in half. And then she would serve it this is gonna make some people laugh right away. With chicken and do we gumbo. On the side. And what we would do was great. Take exponent scrape the inside the of the sweet potato and then dunked the same spoon into the gumbo and that eating eating the two things together. That is delicious. Order trails Hewlett. We're here. You know though. You know or do you go up and Barry bridge and up were ordered by minute don't know there's about right now. Yeah bring out there you go Omid. And ordered it and Jamal imported as a program that did you make you make your own daughter. How well number I'm orders through that when all that stuff we don't have to grow or Merrill didn't you know like Mercury backed up. Oh it's it's it's not as hard to make is as people might imagine if you get the cream that comes out of the cow every day. You just take that you start shaken it and that separates and you have butter and you have way. And then. That's I did that when I was in first grade. Through the our teachers have to pass the grounds it okay shake these. And we always doing that we all made our own butter dated on crackers and I remembered to this day that that was wonderfully delicious. Remember what. It. All screamed yeah sure. That if you got bought. Her the good old art. It is. You know it. All have a seat safe and happy new year yeah I certainly thank you very much Amanda is over here I don't know where yellow. Amend. Yeah. Yeah some ever. Someone out there making if I am and king salmon patties and he's getting him well you make it was damaged. Well aren't you trying to become a Catholic Charities in commodities to the elderly. And the poverty stricken once one's mind. And many times and that big box. You get a hand of cancer. So it's free ethnic joke that we think the government is. You go to poisoning now battery and patty makes beleaguered. And it is it's really. Use. You know if you take the crown Dan canned salmon and you know like biscuit and remove that and you mix it with the battery and makes. And you could. Things that you lie in it like maybe an eight or. Part career in green onions or whatever and you know. Making green and where you can make a little caper and brighter side. Don't mind people that can't determine here if you hadn't given to them I can't think. Well well I got that would make perfect sense of course but. You know I didn't they didn't know that program was going on but that's that's good. Yeah yeah and now once you know I think. Got to be within and you know it is really. Oh I know on my mind. What's my what's on my mind about this and in I'm not pissed that. Detracting anything from this project which is obviously a solid gold. But the win. A when I first started doing this radio show and people would call in and tell me what they needed and what they log. Odd salmon. Kept coming up a lot and you never saw it in restaurants around here at night until the bugle 1970s. That we start seeing it. And that's because. It was thought of that one time as in inferior. Being to eat in that if an a lot of people for years and years after that. Would say they never ate salmon because it reminded him of the salmon in the hands back win. And right. No I don't yeah. An agricultural. Excess commodity. That they would be giving. Yellow that they've got well I mean you can't take anything away from a good effort to help people who need. And missed so I think a lot of people are enjoying eating it and it in this way. And well I remember and here you gave way. Can the punitive remember that from now. That's handy now yes it is the way and Mary Mary. Thanks for calling him you gave away canned salmon I mean came to an canned tuna. I'm sure I'm trying to remember one wise that we were doing that for what the concept that that was but I can't remember it's over his oath we're talking about it. Nice middle nineteen cent increase. Is when that happened. Our program today is sponsored by Andre. Andre is is an Italian restaurant. But it's an Italian rest but with a difference that difference has a lot to do. With the map of Italy itself if you I have ever been to Italy. Lucky you and if you ever get a chance please take it you would you will not be sorry David but one of the things you're gonna find that may striking was unusual. Is that. In Italy. There are a lot of things that the that we eat over here we call Italian food that aren't they ever seen in Italy itself. It's there's almost a separate cuisine for. Visitors. And I know that going in because if you go they're looking for that kind of food that your used to getting you you'll be little this point and I think it first. So what are they doing it in lieu of meatballs in that kind of well. A lot of it has to do with seafood if you look at the map of Italy. You'll see that it has more contact with the Mediterranean seas and any other country in the world. And so they have lots and lots of good seafood here in this lots that they do with it and I'm trillions. It takes that to such an extreme that I would say that it is without a doubt. The best thing that they do want them on their menu always has been in that weight he buys great he being shipped country himself he buys great. Local if that if it's available. Rash always fresh always. Seafood. He. That's all of the full laying of the fish in the house. And that it's and it's. Just got a bit of the flavor to it as a result of all of those things as you'll discover the first time he goes there whether it's for lunch refer dinner. Or forward New Year's Eve or more and really any holiday either open darn near every day of the year. And traders. But across causeway boulevard from lakeside mall opened for breakfast lunch and dinner. Excuse me seven days a week. Sunday brunch. And lunch on Saturday which is a kind of a rare deal. Andre is 8348583. For a reservation police get one you don't want to be disappoint. And you'll be if you union and you'll get in an issue this year. You get. The the full deal 260. 1870 over here is Omar is that right. Omar welcome to the Puccio. Here are you are doing great and one. A caller by our report out about their out there you all trick oh. Wrote about the call from shall their Mo. Yeah and it's your uses the name of that or do you know if you are. It. Let's see I don't know if I have that right at my fingertips here but it's on veterans highway right across the highway from adorned axe it's it's really easy to find you'll see it. Yeah. Good early early win when he youth when he going because they're not they're not open on weakens. Good idea to open for lunch and dinner ball all day long on Monday through Friday. Aren't. In Troy Fleming Ohio once. Yeah always did like that place thank you see it's the mucho atop the group but it popped by the popped up. On New Year's Eve. Is so on us. We've got a plan for that. All. I haven't been told. But there is there is one thing you know I was going through. We yes scenario would do let me back up yet another three or four steps. Yesterday always on. On the sheriff's show on on this very frequency over there and at a good time talking about things but I was ready for him just in case he started asking me. About any restaurants that were particularly good for New Year's Eve. And the answer to that is. That good news. Is that. Every restaurant in town that would logically be open which is most restaurants. Are they all are. Balked. And more and more than likely be more now. Do call them anyway because of restaurants get a lot of last minute. Cancellations and so you may well be able to get Leo. A seat in a respite that otherwise would have been completely packed and you wouldn't be able to get in there. But. That is that's not the case it just anywhere you go but and the point this was and I do have one at some point. Well we. We have been looking around for restaurants that open that we don't really know but and his one. That I knew I would see on this list once I got it done. That I I figured. Is going to make a lot of people have because they do every year it's a pelican club. The pelican club has a special menu for. For New Year's see you will dine. High on the hog if you go over the years this is a first class five star restaurant would be for a long time. And most restaurants would at this point in the proceedings. With the you know New Year's Eve being tomorrow. Our. That you know what and who would be doing a big in fall menu this time a year or they are. We give you quick rundown of what they're serving. On. A New Year's Eve this now this is a feast if ever there was one good start off. With some fried oysters in the melted three crew time over the top of it in a few other things. These are all appetite as a creamy lobster. With the white truffle disk with a whole things of biscuits and it's a suit made out of lobsters and white truffles pretty amazing there. If a turtle and alligator soup. They have their baked oysters with apple would smoked bacon. They have an iron skillet youth twelve heads on barbecue shrimp that's big big trip really nice enough. In of butter salt pepper and butter sauce. Then they did guerrilla peculiar thing with a polite. It's a good luck Korean. Boneless barbecue baby long. They'd be long noodles homemade kimchi and cucumbers. This shows you that they don't choose to creole food over there Maine lobster with the lump crabmeat. Goat cheese salad Mississippi rabbit all of this is on there 100 dollar me. On butter poached lobster black drum fish with crabmeat holidays a duo duck ducked who different ways. Our. Filet mignon eight ounce filet mignon with Marcia and events sauce a rack of lamb with Rosemary pesto crust that not support me and saw us. It's bad. And you had this little bit more together to buy it actually hit six desserts let me not forget but that. That place always amazes me and I always love going there and I don't go there half often enough but I am always look at a good ones that when I know is good before even. So it but the place but that was. For a hundred dollars if you really want to do it tonight. Look into that. Chances of getting a room reservation a little if he put. Occupant in the vacuum line and 26 the pelican club 260. Of sexual when he seventy all right now you get right in. Let's see who's the Soviets Bob I think Bob Bob come on him welcome to the pooch. For Christmas presents from my daughter. You did admit that method of cooking and I'm asking you your opinion what should keep this quicker car return it to Williams-Sonoma. And it's do breed. Op. A soon be here is the main use of Sufi and for those who haven't heard it will describe what it's about it's you. Yeah he would need it means it's the islanders and he's something. And under it you look at it. And war it's basically. Cooking something too different two completely different ways and and putting them together. A great example of this would be like it's awfully. Beef you know ten ounce palladium would be. They vote step one is they put it inside of the back you home pack with him with a with a plastic wrapper and completely. Oh. I'm here proof. And so and they put this into a pot that ring that they bring the temperature room filled with water. The temperate sure comes up. To. Just a particular. Exact temperature and they you know like 161. Degrees and and right hold it there. Or like 75. Minutes and then you take it out and what you find is that the inside of the stake is now prepared. Absolutely perfectly in terms of the Don ness of it in the Middle East news in all the other indices that you look at but now he's still have the state that doesn't have any kind of crossed on the outside and all which would be kind of boring me. So at that point you take it out in use here the outside of it and then you serve it and it news. Ready darn good. I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. And I have to take a break we'll come on the league on hold though in case she meet asks more about this but Angolan and don't think we answered your question. But first please that's why it's food show. Glitzy whose necks do. Well welcome to the coach. They cute that you that I'll have respect for TimeCrawler. I would like to iron out and acted like a. Well they're pretty widely. Available in bookstores around town despite any place you go and ask for it if they go at it real. Yeah I would think so they usually do and if they don't have if they don't have it when you ask you can call him ahead on this they'll get it for you with the failure to. If he can. I have a one quote book that is about to go into its third publication which means that we read on it now largely but the new addition isn't quite out yet it's going to be another like the couple months. So if you are off hurry to get that. Don't get it. And in if you can wait a couple of months you're okay the the new edition will be lots that fear than the old what was that a lot of photographs and it's a different cover. Like it like try to up but not necessary we I don't know like. We all know it's it's everything is covered in and the whole New Orleans seeing basically this is a cookbook of my favorite food. That's and that's where it is. Right wonderful okay what thank you very much like Italian. Yet thanks T it's the food show that's coming out that cookbook is coming to him in the fall I mean in the spring. The title of it is Tom Fitzmorris Suze. New Orleans food. Regina welcome. Take turn on just an old broad no time listener apparently all wrong an old term liquidity so maybe. I have a question. Corned beef. You buy it make much of a different. Setting and be there to be cooking process. I haven't tried it that way. But to me. Corned beef has so much flavor going on and we don't we all the spices and everything. That I don't think I'd be looking for anything else to add to it but it might be good I don't know. To what you and you can't write. The water like you act like a dock or out. All right here's this is an idea I got from a guy used to sing barber shop with autism years ago. He said next time we do a corned beef. Are putting in two tablespoons. Of crab boil. A caddie that already. And I said that's it's kind of weird but I tried it it Erica. It's very good what you find. Is that you if you are looking for that flavor of crab boil you and not get it but it'll be real good and you'll wonder you know what is it that's giving you this flavor but it's. That's a really good pick other than that I just you know boil it and know. It anymore and I like that stock. You have a stock if you have a stock I would think that would be good thing to do. But B I don't think really plays. Beer I mentally I can't get my head around that. It might very well be terrific I think Beers under used in cooking actually Allah I. That's Monday at somebody you know you've got and beer at Siena bottle but he added particulate number like. Comic con has found his. Well why not I mean it's this. A bit yeah this one other thing here this there's alcohol in the air and I am very leery about putting alcohol. Of any kind. In a savory dish goes into it winds that sometimes being a little. Little bitter but I don't think it you can have a problem I I think it's worth trying. You lose of a can of beer. Asia I'll icon thank god has thank you Eddie attitude. Happy new year you bet him. 260. 1870. We'd love to talk with you but though what you have going on for the holiday. Yeah as we push to the end of it you know we're only. That seat seven days away from the official beginning of the king cake season. Or geez sorry that I mentioned the team to 60. 187 caller right now you get radian we'd love to talk with the U but everything. Or anything and wood to The Today Show and we've covered a lot of territory. We stepped in something that is always a problem every time it comes up. And yet once in a while it has to be considered and that is are you completely nuts if you put a scoop of of potato salad in the middle little bowl of seafood them. That's that was that's probably been the greatest controversy in programs so far also at the very beginning. As a man called in and he said he wanted to deliver it already cooked ready to go ready to eat on traditional. New Year's Eve dinner to his mother who was. Out of reach. And T his his idea abut this. On wood it was a you know he is that there are all these traditional dishes for. For New Year's and I could only think of two of them one of whom would be. Black Eyed Peas and the other would be. Steamed or otherwise cooked cabbage. With somebody called and said well you know wheat. Almost always at our house we have corn bread on the table when we have this. And then somebody else called and said you know every time we have this week dual port blowing one way or another. So there are two more. I'll weeks ago I you know what would be good with this that would certainly be very much like other items in that style of cooking. Would. To. Of of laws that beer we were just talking about for one thing and there was one other thing you know I forgot. To combat commitment to 60. 1872601870. Call it you know you get right in I think exe Larry. Hovering over here. On the left hand corner Larry is that you. Larry from the beat hello and welcome. Indeed he. Could be candidate. Yes so. Well I was on dance card Molly yeah yeah yeah okay yeah you've elected. One. Couple comments on earlier collar. Guy with the floppy. Actual world yeah you may think he should. Thermometer or. And it'd. Be reading. Ortiz and the remarks that point there. The community needs to evaporate moisture out of cameo. We do not mentioned that often enough but this daring yet if you're getting not so good results in your kitchen. You may be your hardly. Go get to meet them out it's not a meet tomorrow sorry it's an oven thermometer than attic and you can get it at the supermarket you hang it from them for the Iraqi inside. The oven you close it and you said that for a certain temperature and then you come back we know and half hourly. Yeah laureate. Flap that. These dinner then they're wasted. Yeah I can meat thermometer in my truck. For the temperature in my big factor it's it's still so one year. Work in commercial kitchens. It's as some might use that much anymore our exit and earners or. In the whole year. In my truck that and also be I don't. Ago from a lady. She's the way now Hewitt on. Them. You're sold and issued. This salmon patties from now on hand on him. And they're tricked and make sure that surely they came and aunts and and then she used to put it that way and I am sick you have to make caddies before you were open and either. Anti immigrant problems or. Cracked pressure crackers. She'd put a couple of soda crackers in. In the arm extended. Period but it. I would never try amend our I'd learned earlier on farm olive oil it would have to be like gate. The bill oil or something like. Because. All boil you know. Moisture and it really pops in now it's a bad. Bad deal for you know that could he year Coker. And oh. You know we do. Or why. Whichever. Way the whole thing it's cheap and free yeah. Double there. And appraiser and man you know a couple of it is. And that the court for luck and the average luck in the black and these were. I don't know Laura. Well listen thank you very much for calling. Makes your career has dropped drop all of a sudden John welcome to the food show component. Paid. Bars and a potato now in the gumbo. Yeah there are. There in my travels for work good that it played a while ago and I did you know I'd fit in there. I didn't open but on news rule. A marine we. We all the blogs live. And I gotta go blow this was sure. With a whole. Or boil it. Yeah well that's classic. Yeah I'd never had a turtle soup obviously you. Now number but it was fine. That is a little unusual really go to the funny thing about gumbo. Is that if you lined up fifty cooks and say make gumbo. You'll get fifty totally different things. And yet. They all will have a gumbo quality to them. Which if you don't know what you're doing like if you are not from here and you're never really eaten any gumbo in your life you'll get something it has all the ingredients right it has all the technique right everything seems to be right and you take a taste of you say this doesn't taste like dumbo at all. It's it's it's one of the great paradoxes of cook for me and he. Will come happy new years. To Yahoo! hopes of seeing around the food show. We will return with more than the food show after first please this high it's the food so this is compass marks we've certainly had a busy day today. Which got planned for a New Year's the idea. Move the one that I remember most fund fully. Was one that didn't cost is very much money. That wasn't what we will look at four anyway but. But 56 years ago my wife. Had an idea that we would go to Windsor court hotel. Which has a special place in our hearts for a propriety reasons too long ago into just just suffices to say that tea on our wedding night that's where we spent the night. And we've gone back. On anniversaries and all that and a hell. A few years ago she had this idea that if it is probably really cool. To check out the fireworks. From the causeway how the middle of of the lake. This is not a good idea don't do it because you have no place to go in the causeway in a don't think the police way to do it anyway. So I just you know is something to think about which you'll probably never actually get a chance to do this. Why did neighboring well because. We just wanted to get a at least a glimpse of glance at it and it really was kind of interest in. And and we've moved on beyond that but while we were at the restaurant itself. We ask them if we could. I just get a spot. In that in the in the bar there that who really great very classy bar with a lot of very interest in wines in Le Cruz and then they get into. The news. The making of a usual crap cocktails. So we we got in the air my wife is a petite Tobler pretty much and Scioscia. She wasn't going to be drinking that night so I could have a couple more. And we just kept getting bar snacks. In the polo lounge at the Windsor court. And there was a band that came in the lady who was the singer with that band was really great I can't remember her name but she was just fantastic. And then they have another band after them in the and they had dancing and it was just that well look perfect. New York New York, New York. A new year. There's a perfect New York evening and new let me try to make it it's a perfect. On New Year's evening it really was memorable that night. And we went home very happy about that so. And here we were we that we didn't play and it'd all we didn't reserve anything we do showed up when we shaken if we sit there all night long we can cause a problem that says no. And stay. Enjoy and we did. So you have to use a little creativity defined. The perfect place to celebrate New Year's Eve in at least radio romantically. This bloody crazy ways to do it too but you know I believe that you. 260. One late seventies our telephone number close up tells where you've been needing or if you need some help trying to find. A recipe or whatever. 260. 187 here is Jeff Jeff welcome to the Puccio. Yeah I think you. I just. And so then. In and out. Listen to your show but to. The Turkey and in the Reynolds cooking bag. I wouldn't for several years. And what we could be a crisis we uses. Sage. Old fresh actually and first term and coarse salt and pepper and some broader. And we get to herbs and it has some better up underneath this yeah. But we recruited upside down press room. Now for the last twenty minutes wanted to 25 minutes or so. We'll turn it over and opened the bag and brown the top of the church. But in late may come out so you see it's unbelievable. Yeah it's really I Bo the first time I tried as I said you know I don't even believe this is gonna work. Little would be really good but it is really good and that comes out it even looks. It only a little ground here in the air and into it is that you say very juicy verio nicely season all the herbs you cited or almost exactly the ones that I use to lose so. To me give 22 mines working together here. And then sort dimension at Christmas we did a crime the western Ingram grows. Up front airbag. They're called and ordered it edit the debate is coming in. At least again. Yeah it turned out in so little bigger than expected it was thirteen point eight parent homes and and I'm fresh grated horseradish denigrated and and so and so peppered. And again. Time. And a little bit Rosemary chapter in that consume olive oil are actually canola oil and made a taste. Rob we'll start with that. And we put a green. And don't that would have been that was would have been exactly the way I'd approach it not been among all that's Margaret anything but that's that subsequent totally perfect plan. Yeah we have the future. With that I'm aluminum cans of a quarter. To boot camp you're regulated. And it took. A little over three hours soon. I think was little over three hours in the air a 182 degrees. We pulled it up and candidate let it sit for about thirty minutes. In Gloria is absolutely. Perfect it was a moment. Sounds good you know wait you hit it was a 118. Degrees. And what tendon that was the that was of the interior. Temperature of the Turkey. None of that was they understand we grossed. All I'm sorry the standing room all it would no wonder because I thought that that doesn't sound quite right but the with the with the river rose said deeper. Now. Yet it came out tonight and I've my challenges with them before. You actually just cook it too much. Bedroom. Only Bogut are so. In my regrets to came up to the proper temperature for medium rare and not everybody was sent. And he you mention one other thing that caught my year because I remember doing this in a fall places. Sri yes stay in in northern most. Italy. Our bit we had a roast beef. And they brought out some routes them all horseradish roots and you would just like great it over the top of the beef. It was wonderful I'd done it that way over cents. While I have not tried that but it sure will. Yeah at it's it's nice little touch it's and it won't blow you into the corner of the room either with a sharp. It doesn't come across like. I well one nice thought you thank you for all the info I always like getting these actuary. Notices of but what happened to the of the Turkey. And happy Hilliard used to see it's the food show and that's full of ideas and no good to. Will be back with more of the Puccio after first if you will boost the food show let's see where where we ought Fred Fred is over here on the blue phone if Fred you there. Happy new year to you thanks for calling. I I got a question on note that your your favorite company but my wife loves it because of the fact that content. And that's the pork belly. And I felt for him over Sam's Club not even really looking forward but they had some of the case and the bottom four pounder. And I was thinking about doing it just to have like with the macaroni and cheese and New Year's Day here or being Shoppach. But a word that might cross in a war that put me out then. And get that kind of crusty top. Without I don't really wanna. You know put too much liquid on it more like I guess you'd the other and they can't. On that's one way you can do it and other ways we is just in Japan. On all in it if you pay you basically fooling with bacon there I mean that that's when the news. And it doesn't need a whole lot of and it certainly not additives. The upper right. Report. Yeah four. Yeah the pork belly the that the way that caught on everybody's got to replace talking about it with certain investments were were raising it and I definitely never got that is it was just this week Lee fat in. I would he'll cook it cook it under the broiler or. On top of the stove in the black and skill. I try to get an end point time we've talked the more but I've run do we we are over what will be back tomorrow. Somewhere. No we won't know that trying. There will be back I'm not sure we're here Monday. Tuesday probably. But good luck. And happy new year. And enjoy yourself then it's a good luck stuff you know. Like yankees. In all the cabbage and WWL. Radio New Orleans WWL let them HD 110 in New Orleans the news in his next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.