The Food Show - Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, August 18th
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about the "Coolinary" menu during August, creamed cauliflower, best po-boys, fried chicken and utilization of corn starch.

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Thank you very much it's it's time for more of the food show we have an extremely. Are busy first hour today which I always love. And went through a million topics. And or it seemed like it and now and I know we're ready for you have moved one good thing. It's not my favorite thing you've been so. About the news breaks that we given here aside from give news via info what's going on in the world. Is that two week stop everything we're doing in terms of calls in the that we start over again. Well we're starting over again right now also if you were to call right now you would get right in and we'd love to hear from you. I I've we're always open to anything on your mind whatsoever so I'm not going to add this right away but now it's time. I I always feel like. I have that throws some sort of topic out there for people that you won. And the one I had today with this we've gotten a number of responses to this. Neighborhoods. You that you probably if you lived most of your life in New Orleans you probably. A recall on the different neighborhoods that you lived in unless you were lucky enough to. Which your whole life into one. Neighborhood and that was it I've lived in a bunch of them and which of the neighborhoods that you lived in have the best. Food. They might not have it right there in the middle of that part of the city but it might not be too far away you know like if you know five minute walk or ten minute. Drive or whatever. So. Came up with a few of these and we've gotten a number of answers on it too. So the first one I give viewers that French Quarter and lived in the French Quarter for about three and a half years of back in the seventies. And that believe me if you live in the French Quarter you will be in restaurants all the time and spend all your money. Unless you get used to it and know which you're doing. So but. That's that was problem almost certainly the most. An interesting part of the city that I never leave him. And then mid city comes up pretty much next mainly because I lived in three different places in mid city. When notices in my young teens. Over towards the end of being built street and in mid city itself. One of the greatest things around was Mahan Venus. Which is still there it's still a great place that has a lot of Italian food. If you wanna call the town new investment you you can get away with that it's certainly qualifies. But they also are really good with seafood. And there are good with a lot of things particularly daily specials. I've always thought that mean the news. Which have really strong on that so why's that would be near the top among analysts and ally Eskew. What's neighborhoods have you lived in the U remembers having really great food and it was just your mother or your. Or you were yourself. Doing some cooking for the first time in your lives. And maybe that's what you remember but we'd love to hear from you by any of that. And if you have something and is completely unrelated to this you just wanna. Try to work up a recipe for something or commute report and a restaurant you've been to lately. Please do we love hearing calls them all those kinds here or numbers 260. 187260. 1870. And a call right now and you write in easy enough. Right now coming few from the from the cool radio. You and what do we call this again Nicole raiding the cold water ranch there we ought. If I made it up and I forgot what analysts and now. We are here at the cool water ranch where there is team in the Mintz thunderstorm coming through huge. Huge booms of lightning and thunder. And you know pretty good rain coming down to hope you listen to report we just a few minutes ago but that. It's rated real hard right now I would stay in your car and put off where you need to go. A little while just to be on the safe side but then again my wife tells me I spent too much time on the safe side to a 60. 187. Is our number 260187. You know just with two with a little while we've spent on this there were several people. Who talked about restaurants that they or places to live. With that had restaurants that are a little bit obscured now late on Jefferson highway. There was a time when they were riddled with restaurants I mean quite a few of my used to live not far from there and I can tell. And then going back the other way heading back at the time you get into a no other big story. And the team Mike is joining us over here on the orange phone Mike welcome coma and then. I have a cookie question where you. So I make it. It. I could locate spoken. Short ripped or recently. Pyramid and I mean in a pretty big pocket wrote in a broad and and an ad. Red line it could be back in and it is that Dan realized or a couple of hours. I'm really good really tendered as the only thing that like. I get that. You'd be a little bit here and I don't wanna change the labor of golf to recommend I'd muted it a bit in that. Well. As far as the vault. We have to recognize. That. What this procedure that you've already given this year. That you got it nailed that's that's the technique you you're you've got so I wouldn't do a whole lot more with the who you might do a little that a rule in a little bit of so who's juices from the pan. Am and just have to get a little thicker in your view but I wouldn't put a lot and. And also kitchen. Kitchen which would in the cola so that's it makes the sausage and ground. But now I think it's quite I would invest with your recipe too much it sounds like you that's exactly how I would do chores just you it's. Elected. Elected to the I want and I went right. The Olympic there. You know what does this put put it in a skillet over. You know low heat. And just keep storing it in June it'll it'll definitely thicken up it is not a question of all right. Our good luck with that let me know how it came out right. Thank you it's the food show and now coming up over here on the orange phone is right Lee. Riley you there. Hello hi come on in have a seat you're on the blue phone. Yet and I know calling him. I am I and so Gulfport and that route united yesterday you know jail on Manila talking about. Who had been bit hamburgers and wallets and I missed that who yelled yeah. It's. The of the place we were referring to. He is called blow grill that's it that's that whole name THE GR IL LE. And it's on veterans highway. Just off of causeway boulevard and it's Ian. That that's new supermarket open there. Trade are Trader Joe's is the name. And it's just right next door it'll if you've never been. To this new places of the grill. It's a lot like. The Camellia grow it'll review if you ever been that the Camellia grill uptown. You you will remember is that there's a lot of similarities there. I thought their hamburger is killer it's just fantastic. I got my hands are afraid they'll not come back through the law Nomo played back here a few hours to album in the. Well yeah but I am not that hamburger freak and I still love it so I think if you don't know I don't know really into it I think you'll get a nice Georgia. Boston but thank you so much and allow Milosevic to Asia on the India without. Thank you thank you very much for that I appreciated. It's the food show. And I topped the Taurus and it's fun to be here and all that stuff and joining us over here on the green phone is Doug. Quote job Donna on. Nine. We like he needed the Bartow. Quoted me as we discovered. So open would among white group tomorrow I'm now it's Ukraine. Korean conflict while. Very. Simple to cook. And it's absolutely delicious so and so you there's some customers feel listening. You know might enjoy it Tori net goal. It's very bury these in my wife now she adds that route Thanksgiving. You know risen Waco. But in. All uses its two. Incredibly delicious you've never tried it. Well when guys. That's one of our age if you if you find that Thanksgiving section of my website. The days that he is a must have dish for Thanksgiving my wife is crazy about it and she does that men comes up wonderful it really is. He just have to get the kind of a a full completely cooked aspect to it as if it gets quite achieve that blows the whole thing and you ought to to a salad with a but you know. You've got to have a soft. Yeah you gotta be solved Ukrainian. There are some reason call it. It could according cauliflower. It's a fabulous finish good great great garbage. Back dark it needed as sole. Advantage. That the but. Really really good so. May be Soviet listeners can pick up for that and given the tribal. Now well we're still a ways before we get to the feasting season but that that is a dish it as the founder of spot and our Thanksgiving. Dinner every year for quite a while but thank you for bringing it up it is. And it it is good to eat all the time idea that's one of the best vegetables you can eat in terms of its healthy this Puerto. So technical it would everything we've in the comic dish. It's wonderful so into it. What do think share that would us. See you around it's the food show discomfort Morrison joining us over here on the purple phone is Dwyane Dwyane welcome. And I'm doing great when. You. Oh. I. All of mine are really well and lunch. Though the matter right now that are being. But Colleen. De. She's a debate. Lou all that. Yeah yeah track I call it meeting here the village. Would not thing. It you'll that they get it off real quick and not take away from the label. You're seeing green today. Well there's and you wait did you say instant cream pertains. Is that cream potatoes to take you know lack of teaspoon to a table we'll do what side did she got. And you know you all had a whole lot calorie Seattle that particles stood. And involvement in the all in the Boston it will get up and it will improve it Bob used to be years in prison. It don't work you know I know. You know a little bit. If you get the consistency you walk you know you know. I do. But I'm I'm trying to get my head around how you do this this is if I remember right this is a product that comes in a little boxes and. Right yeah I'll go to some you know. And you know what. You do what are you open the box and then inside they have this kind of flaky stuff. And so far so good and then what do you do. Just take a small and we all. Two cookie. This is the ordeal portal opt in mean. I have no idea I didn't think so but what you were now talking about a by the tablespoon or two. Yeah a tablespoon mob maybe a little. The people think also people like and saw this little prank potato it the creamed potatoes you'd be surprised how good comes out. Well no. I might be but it sounds good in any case in I will file that the back of my brain in when Thanksgiving rolls around or maybe something else will make it. But thank you for that that's a good. OK I got all look at the bulk ago. Roast people all in all. Yeah what is your preference would you mind share and. And let's see I like Johnny's allies in the in the quarter. And Johnny and wait Frankie and Johnny some strangely enough on chop that to listen. Almost into audobin park. I think that's a really great when there. Di Martino is strangely enough there I mean there are specialist in muffle it is that there roast beef pork boy is a risk. And I could probably give you a bunch more I might I wind up eating more of them on the North Shore because that's where I live. But. But there's plenty of them out there there is no shortage of rose before boys in the world. Yeah yeah Reyes or boys that's another one. Now Obama now I had ran this is really good enough. No one got him but found no oracle. Our noses very good date that bread that they use that sesame bread at that adds I think a lot to the sandwich. Rise Brian. Well yeah yeah yeah. YouTube thank you very much for calling it's always great hearing from. We will return with more of the food show Ed hang on William won't be too Long Will be right back after first please this hello there it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and waiting for it's over here on the purple phone is Ed. Ed welcome. I didn't. I'm doing great. I'm. Are on the street. You know only. You know it's awesome York. Well I have been here you have Harris wow. Yeah we didn't want there. Monsters that's now that's a long time ago that place. Yeah where we. And Donnelly sees you know all four boys shops all of those. And one of them is still around than the others are gone. Right are days that are not there on the special memorial. Oh yeah I remember the first time ever went to. To that first one that you mentioned and just thought it was terrific. Paris halls. Yeah. The you know it took a long time to get a sandwich over their vote when it came out who's it was perfection it was just which one. It. Well I don't know my hand that there but you know we've got that jacket. Well thanks for a Collison with appreciate the time. You see by. 260. It's too it's when he talked to Terry. Terry is calling on the cell phone. Terry kimono a web. I had no idea what it shadow low IQ is nice. You're talking about rather speak for quite some people like fanatic down and is this. You're right they're replacing batteries. And I'll buy. It off Bible and yet. I know exactly where it is but it closed and reopened and then I don't know if it closed and reopened again but it seems like every time I go there it's either one or the other. It was the same guy who ran it for a million years and and I understand he retired and then. Eerie irony isn't in the reopening its via a guy named Tony bought it and he's an open poll. And the credit these digits second. Another point I'd like to make its docket now watching on the north she'll walk. He's deadly. One of the best they are. What it's a broad speech on him a lot of program. And that caused wore it well yeah I really like that that legendary. Yeah. Yeah I it all in all. I'll I'll look at the. Me too but the you know it would that was the thing that got me going on and writing about food. Is that. You know when my mind like grand mom Mike god for other. He he was babysitting for me when I was nine years. And he took me to this bar heat on note in the east just don't let anybody sees that the caller hears them eat. Gave me Singapore boy this was Clarence and let the was the name. And I he came back a little while later and he said which would you do with that two and I said I hate it he said you wait the whole thing. I said yeah gimme another win and I did. Hey we have to take a break for the news coming up here will be back with more of the food show after a dating ourselves on what's happening out there it's the food show this system that Boris and here we are challenging and the only program of its annual line anywhere. In that city or anywhere else for that matter. I have calling on the orange phone Kevin. Welcome. Are you on the report that so much at them a call doings well you can get by with. Appreciate that. Do you shall. And much you know that took cooking o'clock patch in my life and you know we cater for people. A lot pulpit there and well don't belong or crop the NBA and now we've been doing that for many years now and that's that an army. What I wanted to talk about it a caller earlier pol done thickening those are the Brady. Thickening agent. Are in opera shot Paltrow gone and gotten an inspiration to my color in many years. And ticketing agent that are pertinent to use this cornstarch. And cornstarch and you are the salt and cold water. And when court in part to fit in you are just do what would have been cooking. Our deport in very slow and it was a slow start. And of course the time and the opportunity to treatment it is gonna start beginning. One point they didn't put too much into super to pursue with that so yeah you have to be very careful when you exit. Aren't you do. It this is up for those who might never tried this before. You really take it real easy on it but if you know what the texture of your typical Chinese dish is you know it's got yet. Distinctive kind of like almost. Translucent. Quality to it. That's what Sharia by adding a little bit. Of corn. Vote. Are going. Points arch. Yeah yeah and not to let it cool down. Actually because only a karma on June. And I cooked down a long enough and that there's an actual plot or take too. And yeah that can voted in. You know it's a socially that branch are all put all. You talk about it. A cook in the that you should not. Show and pop and keep it. A cooking you know. That's true. All of that is true well okay thank you what you very much no I was a sit around thinking about corn cornstarch but. But you beat me to it but that that really is a great technique. They keep. So yeah it's food show and coming over here in the blue phone we have Stephen Stephen welcome. Good job. On here so far. Your cup. Or two that you. Have it. Yeah I wanna held. Eight at which their roots he worried. All keep everything you always agree please. I didn't sit there and rose eight remember. That would catch up on it won't come by now attract the oh. You know you're back with yet I would leave work at each man. You know and no one I don't know why I I'm thinking this. But I think they may actually have that putt over at the soap fan of the southern fabric of food and bam beverage. Lousy. I would doubt it and I don't Nate is that you were replaced stall or. Ought Salman mastered. Sorry lose Soros were thought it was on album that you might. Split. Alberta last year well. No I know the neighborhood because that's where my uncle lived. That that was where my often Wear out that Boris. There with a few of those people every neighborhood at a little place where he'd he'd go teach age. Ma restaurant emergency neighborhood your week he gets the actual purpose. And I ask you a question. In good you hear what he'll do you why don't worry trips achieved date or that country in one specific area. You just couldn't believe how good oysters well. Well I mean nothing's better than what we have here and I'm not just wave in the flag I mean I really find that to be true. End up in the northeast. Know all along via the northeast coast that they have exactly the same species of boisterous that week. Are what they the the farther north you go the smaller they get and I got to tell you that the flavor improves to. Although I'd rather have our nice big fat oysters frankly. All I area I would being. Actually all. It it was smaller courts they came up. That's all. Or is just for a. Yeah we were we have one of our cruises in fact that's exactly where we're going. In about a month and a half from now. Well well and I I can't remember which we always stops somewhere in Maine and it Barnhart is one that we go to. But I can't remember which one. Asked what it was all ships where are not needed now harper well Lawrence or as they seal the Baja. Yeah up by well usually Julia church are we opening and talk to. My pleasure to thank you very much for calling and its food show and Bernard hello there come on it. You know. The good life insurer are you well that certainly describes all right. We're that desperate that. And oysters and deploy them all ointment because on government and. All great place. Great place and a boy do they feed you there if you go there order enough for five people but just a new one order. Are low but they really know how to cook they have a connection with rocky core rose you know. Yeah yeah yeah. Say about well a bit more pace and big news. On the spirit does comment despray. Really. Bureaus. Of air in in Slidell. Put sixties is that orchestra room and or shall. Bet probably is true I grew big big do go back to at least the twenties I mean I'd do at least the oh gosh let's see is that teens I don't know I bachelor number one there very. Jerry at the table Tellme yeah I was on it to victory. You know this story errors have been through it was her. Our allies okay. Well every girl to have them back in that that new location they're talking about. Who's there and it's always been good. Or article. Going back to those 1970s. At them make that point try to. Now before executing yours you'd wake back erotic that was replaced OJ. Ala the war on rats that through the resentment as you know three restaurants lost some pretty irritated all new two that'll that'll land. The Ritz restaurant Jerry. And this. The fitness or mica of talking about it. I know what that that is just the principle many pocketbook well in that there the other night. Spoke rather yet thanks for share and that we in the stone. And about it. It. Apparently no legal community. Yeah Allah so I don't know. Yeah well listen thank you very much nice hearing commutes the food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris OK we will return with more in just a moment after first please I it's the food show you rush on over to the brown phone and here is Janet Janet welcome. Girl I heard it. And yeah come on don't come back and applaud the fact that it that you but I'm only exit. The summit table in my daughter come from Florida Orlando yeah. Alan Taiwan and Ian Patrick who apparently a really bad. Anyway. Now I am I have not been any activity haven't spent an infinitely better which is that they her like come get what you recommend they do you recommend. Well I I do recommended this. Is does this have to be lunch or dinner or brunch or or anything else like that. I have been important news and so it could be. It could be there at alternately luncheon. Yeah no if it's book if you're doing their brunch that's actually a really great meal for them over there and that's that's things that they do so. That's that's one. They they also though you know they have the cool and every program going on right now that. Brings the price for a three course standard down to about 35 dollars which is a great deal. And they are big time in that so and that is on until all August 31. At. For dinner anytime you want that if if you're interested in Broussard I think it's really quite good the last oh we were there about. All about a month ago and had a fantastic in his of their common along. And that's a good choice is not well known and it's although it's been around forever they're almost a hundred years old now. Yeah we have and we do and why it was done many in the court. It's without it we haven't been yet and which is not a deterrent that. Definitely I'm on my on my opinion is go for it. Yeah right at you to see by the food show and Tom Fitzmorris our program today. Is sponsored by Andre is restaurant. And then there is a book out there and don't mention it often it's called lock which Tina the under is. Lot could Tina DO Andreas I can tell you everything you'd ever want to know about that cookbook. Because I wrote it but they're the recipes of chef on trail over and Andre is in he's very proud of that book to. And now I'll tell you this if you want a perspective on how to cook Italian. Not New Orleans style that is nobody says that there's anything wrong with the New Orleans style or or Sicilian style. Italian food we all love that. Well but. Up to in the rest of the country. There's a lot of great food there and win this book came out that he that's what we will look in the do was cover all of those kind additions to. And it it's. Inexpensive you can he'll give you an autographed copy right away. Found hanging around all due to I am not hanging around much these days though. So. He didn't try it out and while you're there you may as well have lunch or dinner. They're there for both seven days a week and brunch on the weekends and Andre is they are on right off. Right off lakeside mall but just on the other side lakeside mall from mom. Causeway boulevard and you'll see it as this big sign on trillions. Cents a accomplishments he nineteen. When snow 56. And no that's. Maybe he's been there all long time it just letting go with it 260. 187 he and joining so we hear on the blue phone is. Pan and welcome to the show like the ladies today elephant. Com. Not mop chalker it's more about it arrow. Would know. I. Actually great. How well our Larry. A lot more terror. And mafia. Hang out there. Oh. Oh I think I think I know the place you're talking about. If it's if it is they are long gone like third actors gone and they use them all all. Wait you say it's an insurance company now. All. You know I don't know. And it would like oh wait yeah. That's before my time but but our producer over here he knows. Can you tell. No anyway. It wasn't so it is used to be like you said the state general that was does this not the statement but it was called them. It was like he got the beef parent but was up and it's now it's a an insurance company right now near the corner all long causeway. And veterans. And. Well I that's as close as we can get this goes I've been living on the North Shore of the thirty years now that I remember the place being there but I never went there. And it's. On the beat baron was on canals canal street Yasser yeah yeah. Why well if any out they like keep listening to somebody might know the exact answer to this in this screaming at me right now but yet they have the coal in efforts so. Who keep listening. Thank you it's my pleasure here is Billy Billy welcome to Puccio. Well you are borrowing them and we're talking and everything is well. That there were drawn. I had the memo that was something but it was oh. Surprise out. Original business was to jump. Jeb. Restaurant better or. But the golf. Arm you talk about wrote these villages you know Lauren Argo toggle back they're hazel you know which is a balance those. Our own content on on its Carrollton right off canal right. Yeah it's the matter. But I mean yeah. That would stick it in the law all the time was posted Brentwood and that Brett was like you. To jump. Well local places and all the good graces do. Talk more dog has been opposed to 5% which is there. I have to serve the ball the. Well I always have to do that for me I'll always ask don't bill and they don't you know they'd always know. With the upper and I'm done the best way to a little Disco ball game. Awful batterer and where our homes there and they're pretty enables it. If you game it also goes to Brett Melbourne has sparked global voices you know. Nobody knows for Britain probably wouldn't and I just work of all nodes if they do math social. And they're put it on growers the church and god that is. And I dug it LaBarge greeting. Card here it doesn't do the bread and you people post on our side there. On the growth which didn't do it your argument would just. Quite. You know I I hate that effect where these and win the bread is kind of stretchy and it's hard to eat. But I've never had that problem at either of the restaurants that you were just talk while it's always we're. There are different time or it could be used for partisan lines well lightly oil out there who got to bite the bread the. Okay yeah yeah it's all the celery and but thanks for bringing up a ton you there yeah. Yeah just that you know like you researcher for you it is the beef room. That was when it was called the beef room and I place in this 4645 north causeway yep used to be right there off that. All right it is now he's in insurance company hit a way to the chances very well all right so the beef. What you choosing in the room. You know enough of a mental game there and over the lot of that going around all right it's the food chose to stomp the more SO program is sponsored by rans or voice beacon of that's a complete coincidence that that the direction of our conversation here room just. Merger is perfectly with our sponsor and first of all let's scratch off the Sundays. Because they're closed on Sunday at for rent for voice that's true all three of their locations the original in Metairie. On veterans the very recent but very you breeze and police that they opened up. In Kenner on West Bank expert I'm sorry. West esplanade. Just. Off of Williams boulevard. But now they have a third location it's uptown where a lot of people have been asking you how come. Koreans for voice doesn't open up the locations around here so we want to go looking for it it's on pretend you street now. And I just off the upper lines street and that's a great part of town for restaurants to be in because as of cluster of them right there in that intersection. If you haven't been to parades poor boys you will learn when you go. Of the great advantages. Making all of the ingredients of the sand which. Right there in hosting roast all the beef themselves and make it the gravy that make everything else brands for boys. Three locations around town and will be back with more the food show after first please.