The Food Show - Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, July 21st
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers dry aging beef, dining experiences and salad dressings.

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Welcome back for the second course in the food show the first dollar was very busy we had a lot going on. And we had a few going on even while we were waiting to get through the news but does whoever those people were and they moved ought to go do something else for a little while maybe they'll call back I hope you do. If you were on hold a minute ago. Call me and we'll get to one right away 260187260187. What did you say. All I united some like that that was keeping track it. It's the food show and that's all it is and believe me we go. Straight down the middle of that subject every day and grow in we do so in the media. Process to find the best food with there. And and there's a lot of it and you and I already know a lot of it without having to you know make a big fuss over it. But we never get to the end of it and you know I can say that with some come you know some confidence. By just giving you. Oh threshold that we cross on this program only three days ago and on Wednesday. We celebrated the thirtieth year at our program the program itself not just the radio station for the program. And became thirty years older on Wednesday. And as far as I know that is history historical. Record. In the annals of broadcasting no other show that I know of has ever been on here that anything like that long. And I don't even know what it means so don't ask me to 601870. At a couple of people waiting to get through here but then. Will it go and will we have a particular. Subject today except that. A couple of callers. Brought up the subject of dry aged beef which we were already talking about in relationship to something else. And just make a long story short. To make Euro and dry aged beef let's face who. Of the ones we use would be peace on. A New York strip steak did to do this I think that's the perfect cut. And then you put it in a refrigerator. One that you don't use very more often you don't you don't want it to be a rent a refrigerator that's constantly having its door opened close. So you put it in there you just also protect the beef from being mean drip on from anything you might have going on. In your refrigerator. And you let it go just normal temperature is. For your refrigerator. And you let it go for a few days you know as much as a week even maybe even a little bit more than. And then when you're ready you take it out and used to a couple of cuts it here in the air and if it's rotten. And it which it might be. You'll know it right away if you have the stop and think about it it's probably. Probably. But if you'd do it all correctly. On you'll have this dry aged beef cook it thoroughly. And you'll have what I think is the ultimate flavor stake flavor to be at play human being. But remember this when in doubt throw it out if you were aging this for a two weeks or something. You don't know yet by the way it was his digging around Los walk into Ewing and found one place that actually was try aging its beef. For two months. That's so long way to go rush is over here rush welcome to the food show. He rushed. Cry a loud oh now that they're cry eight speed happen. They keep it keep it quality or grade. And it broke out Marie witty and ought. It is good they usually do that with. Ribs steaks revise. More than I've seen other cuts. They have a credit card that they have banging out there. But. Didn't really good of course eight GB drive he repeats but wait a it certainly does is drives him and and if you break there and that it would be a great round. Connector Jewish etc. the yeah and if it weren't ever repay act rooted in paper or. I think so there there are not many restaurants that that service at all anymore you know. Rally. You know that's true yeah it can be done but it right you know on the big believers in food safety. And it's a good thing to know that you know all of the schools. For for ships and people who were gonna work in the in India. Hospitality industry one of the first things they teach you is how to keep clean house. Because that's very very important and especially dish like this that has a lot of possibility of going so well and you. Got to follow my rule is. When in doubt throw. Your. What things were called nice and it's the food show Dan is joining us so we hear on the orange. Morning but loan you know and they I. A good while back. It called you bought on Heatley because. Frequently mocked Redding would feel law. And we use are you a little while global army meet. I didn't hear it greed got this fall. And would be what is in the well. Well that build the routine. For upon me. Condoning anything really which I think is a great way of cooking it's it it's always great no matter what is. You you dust it. Just does that mean that doesn't mean drag it through little painful. It's pick it up with your fingers and just dust the piece of meat. With a little bit of a flower. And then you pass it through a mixture of egg and and and and one pill mill and a little bit this seasoning but not too much you just pay. Put it down in the air and then take a pretty much right back out again you flip it over and you do the same thing taken out and then you cover it. With bread crumbs and the bread crumbs is conclusively that could include anything you want to put in their life. If you want ads parmesan cheese you know it's that kind of thing and lots herbs and that's when you go into the paint and with a pilot and half an inch to three quarters of an inch deep of hot oil. Pretty darn hot that that. And then you do one side until it gets nice and brown you turn it to the other side to get the other side ground. I guess you could to a bowl that one time but I think it comes up better than persuade. And then that's it you have pun a meat ready to go make the possibility. Out out one thing what it is it me. Oh okay is somewhere in the neighborhood of late did three eights of an inch to to a half an inch. But but it's if you stacked up four quarters about that much. I'm really getting and so then. That you can see you look through one side to the other side on Monday night in emit clearly you know. If if if that's if that floats your boat nets the way you like it I I I don't see any reason why he wouldn't do it that way. I hated definitely highlight my Middle East. Quarter. Are well since you're in the great thing about learning how to cook is that once you become a good cook. You can cook things exactly the way you like it not you know at the put up with somebody else's ideas. And so you know make it your way that's simple. And there. I ate meat and bread and meat to sing. The idea for pretty much. Yeah pun hey it's it's it's one of those French expressions that we're always having to our our language around here. All right we'll listen thanks for stopping and I think condi anything installations. To 60. One week seventy end here is Paul. All. Well aren't you. Are. Doing. But I dropped back from the truth I caught one and be more about the plate government. And part about simply he would especially here. There and get. Better on. I am it's right between the western Wear and don't world fire. I'm. A little bit old heart goes out board. Mandated it's true that the Jews. Neck. And he's the only scratched that just won't. And I. I am. From debris activation but what are the western Wear. But don't the world tiger okay. Between. Him and we're. We're in Iraq is not it's not expect by any stretch in. Thought that they. At read it right and I really don't want to break. What thank you for telling us about it would tell me the name of it one more time. It's soccer on its drugs. Now like dot EL yeah yeah GO RE. You know what that means. It. When they aren't. That's about right hey listen thank you very much for the for the recipe there that's or the info. We'll be back with more of the food show in just a moment after first please I have a word. Whoops I guess I don't do lion or don't all right our program today is sponsored by Andrea. Chef Andrea. Has been in the business for all not so long I you know I first met him. In at larnaca I was in Atlanta writing an article but the food of Atlanta. This was their way back in the 1970s. And I went to. Oh a major hotel there. And I met the chef and guess who once you have yet that's it how could it be otherwise. Anyway there he was in so our paths have crossed many times percent. And raise. Is an Italian investment but a pretty much of its own style and does some northern dish as it does a lot of southern dishes is pretty much have to New Orleans. And kind of everything in between. But I think his greatest. Our ability to tell you with something you know impress you. Is that. He makes all his own pasta in house. He. Butchers all of his meets himself with his own two and he also Foley's old official police seafood that he gets him. And this is what makes it a special list. If you wanted to go for you know just some pasta with some red sauces stuff like lasagna go somewhere else I mean it. This is a place that is capable of doing much much better food then that cut cooking. And you may as well. Andre is is. Right across the highway from. From lakeside mall. And there are open seven days a week lunch and dinner Sunday brunch Andre it's a 348583. And number for reservation which is always a good idea. We will return with more of the food show in a moment but first please Ohio it's the food show and Tom Morris it's fun to be here. Talking about the food scene around New Orleans we'd love to hear from you but that which your favorite restaurant with your favorite dish. What's your least favorite. 260187. Episode telephone number 260187. In Atlanta is here. They're welcome. I. I. Went my way they're coached her in my innate regret now. And hopefully. It's Cyprus rexrodt. Uh oh it's two run pick and nobody knows about it art. Where it is secret restaurant group very good way of putting Matt. Its top the way just off of trans continental. And just on the other side of west esplanade. And the and the guy who is the chef and owner and his wife you know him to a one run together. Our extra food he cooks is always match is good but it's unusual he he has good spin on almost everything he puts out. Yeah last night we ate there a couple can. Or Eric there ray or actionable. Being an hour right here which they usually. Is when. Column robbery. Like I can't aura. There for a split in. Or. Staying being able compete with any power and corruption and that there Cambridge. Quote I had been an. And a beautiful. And Jeanne. In that who. Went. Couldn't agree with you more it's and as you said it's really secret restaurant. And well worth seeking out Cyprus. It'll play. Well thank you thanks for calling. CA here's how you can blow my show a little bit more Paulus 260. 187260187. Euro on sometime between now. In the end of this hour I am going giveaway package of stuff. That consists of a case of creole tomato salad dressing from via from the cousins. And also why I was planning on giving you a whole case of creole tomatoes except creole tomatoes have gone now season. And so there's nothing worth talking about here. But you will get a certificate so that when they come back again and who we have ligature case creole seasoning creole. Actual creole tomatoes. And that it is something else in terms of goodness it's the best. Tomatoes are round don't you think. And love of the recipe my daughter's. Used to do a long time ago. Or her way of eating tomatoes with lean over the sink and start eating them. It's the food show returning after we checks and who's from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system Ohio it's the food show thank you for being here. We talk about nothing but eating round here this is topic gay in New Orleans I'm convinced that. New Orleans America's best eating city. We have a lot to work with here. And we've got to hear from you about though where you've been eating lately what has been delicious what this field to be delicious or anything else on your mind to 60. 187260187. In the during this half hour we're gonna give away. A pile of foot creole tomatoes in this form and bad form to. But in the meantime. Here is John calling in on the green phone John welcome. Hop into talking about buying these are our our program a couple of years ago where they were taking. You grip high. Wrap it all included in the refrigerator. And then our date and you'd or. Call one way. It was rented an idea that Roland moisture out that. Yeah that that is I wonder how effective it is but about it you know anything to keep it a little cleaner this is the big challenge. Of trying to do dry aged beef at home is set. The eve of this for starters she need a refrigerator that unite constantly going in and out of I mean. You prefer it not to be open at all. And then then you don't have to worry about you know dripping from the ceiling stuff like that put the towel ideas interest thing that's good. Our Mo also one minute in the sure can't go lightly. I'll do. We try. What. I can understand that. And it. Went to net gain a couple of weeks ago and edit or real simple it was one. And then all last week where you. Leonardo. Well watch. Boy talk about the hard restaurant to get into lunches go we will then. You know we might want about one talks. But it was really good and it. Was great. Good that it's for those who have been captured it's. Leonardo is and its on the west no east causeway approach. And it's. Italian food generally speaking in a real emphasis on pizza. And a bit but they're so busy all the time that it might be a little rough to get a table. Yeah that occurred. There are a bit like a Geico. Gone to a few restaurants and wait a six month though where they use the and cranks all temperature. I just hate that watch these are on the table used to greet. L a Y well. You know on earth on the bug that the war and hopefully you know start. Yeah yeah yeah but yeah we tried it just you know but we just right but. I'd get up like that several places that I do it put great well I appreciate. What you tellem. Why or one place that it that app and you are needed him salt and pepper. Out of the ships project. They had that I got back at the break 00. Think about it while they. I'm never afraid to ask the stuff like that if by sees something and I know he's not up to stand and tell. It will. Yeah it'll. And a listen at night and he's hearing from you it's Denise. Denise that we hear on the green flown in east welcome. It Denny's Q there. And yes now thank you very much are. And on the law and I had corn. Mock cheer. My. Core point she. Thank you isn't much anyway. I read many of the younger and made it. It would amaze you lean. Eight score line and right angle and it went out this ad I am out on but. I don't out. They need different. Recipes. Call. It might be in. Green dot and anti. And it's it's on mute who aren't here. Yet here's here's the story. There are. Very a lack of variations sometimes. Corn Mike Hsu and that the differences though. That no matter how it's made it's going to be different from every other version of that you'll ever run into your entire life it's it's one of those things it's completely free form it's like gumbo you know note to people made combos. And that's the story and you EU concern certainly gets thumping good that mess with that a few times and then it will be good. What your mother was making she might have just been doing it that way because I don't know what your family was slight but my mother and my family. Put it all together you didn't have too many Nickels to rub together. And my mother was an expert at taking basically nothing and turning it into a halfway decent finish. You know you reaches a point where you're good enough that you have enough income coming in you don't have to be worried about that anymore. What. That's that's the story tried again one. Ever or never tried it flown either okay. Nice to argue it's the food show read the screen just been told. Updated one and then local news with. It's. The name that misery okay name that Metairie and then it stops right there a name that read oh. Metairie restaurant. Who now it's well with the it. You know. 00 I'm sorry yeah cypress. Cypress yeah yeah yeah there all right we will return did you want a break there. You do OK will be back with just in just a moment with a another guy named Tom. After first please so there welcome it's the food show. If you're on hold hang on just a couple of minutes here promised who will get back over to you in just a minute. But it's time now for our contest our creole tomato contest. Here's the way it works if you are the eight caller starting now. The the exact phone number. Being. Oh darn it here. 2060. 260. Winds WI NS if you call that number and you're the eighth caller. You are the winners and here's what you gonna win you can win a whole case. Cousins creole tomato. I'm addressing. And that's growing list you'll while because it's such a gratefully you know. Wind of using a little bit more but it you needs a little bit because it's got so much flagrant that theory goes again. The other half of this is we're gonna send you a case of creole tomatoes but creole tomatoes have gone out of season now and you know one of those. Out there now so. We'll give you a certificate. To get them down the road win they become available again all right we're ready to go let's go to 60. Wins. Up got it and it if you are the eighth call you win now all of the above as we constantly. The by the way in case you didn't. No I'll wins works out in numbers it's 9462609. Point six. Art we will. Be let that happen for awhile in the meantime medical here's promised to. Tommy on the green phone hello Tommy. Good name. I'm doing fine it's Tommy the grim day 747. Retired. Like. Order order yeah that's how. No I don't think it is sometimes they fear in the and they have a little secret on some people that saw. You know we don't want anybody who didn't. We. It went and. Let's see little Wu who would that have been in the unprovoked wars on but aren't you are still making it and I understand that you you can get it adorned axe. And and all of this just comes automatically but it seems to me it's probably Oprah's. Allred. Mean the place that it has locations in Metairie road and on and a tell the you know yeah. I'm playing inside Chia could drag them back in my head. A mountain condemn. It and language. But again I have Bingham we fail anyway. And. Yeah they. That the date I'm pretty sure they do have it in those who want to mention. But it also turns up at the jazz festival turns out that the French Quarter festival. I don't know. Maria Coca I don't blame at a great product. You know I don't think I I think what happened there was that. When they got to Katrina which is what got them. And Natalie did they have they had major problems after Katrina but they also had a couple of this though mechanisms who came in and then stole the place. And it over on record. Everything area and it's it's a sad story but boy Uggla to get those sausages that myself and test the best to round out there well. Our elected Overton fired more you know please do yeah thanks I'd be very valuable knowledge to me it's the food show. I'm Tom Fitzmorris where we left the fear. People oh. Well guess we won't we butternut and as we're in the middle of this contest. Yeah that's. This is the food show. We'll be back with more of that in just a moment after first police this hello there welcome back it's the third portion of the food show or get close to it anyway. We'd love to talk with you but where you've been meeting where you're thinking of beating what you have eaten and why. Who is the winner of our contests he will get a case of creole tomato. Actual creole tomatoes but when they come back in season again. And also a case of cousins creole tomato. Salad dressing which is fantastic product. Anyway there it is thank you for participating everybody who did and Etsy where aren't we think it's. I don't have any names and anybody here who out on the pick this one no oil. Perry welcome to the future ago. I'm doing fine. Okay. Went. Sure that we can sit there. Always can. Vote at the manner which the Piero was unbelievable. But now. If you. What's the best way to do or say. Oh put it under the broiler and hit it with a pretty good bit of heat like almost as high as you can get 500 degrees. After you at do you brushed it with some kind of it could be somewhere between marinade and slots. But the the the version of this that I like best that there is this thing that chef Andrea does its his creation in fact. He he takes. About a fourth of a cup of white wine dry white wine before the lookup of picture virgin olive oil. The good squeeze of lemon juice a few dashes of ways to shear is saws few dashes of Tabasco. And oh let's see what else that's about it. And he uses the switch that around together. It's not gonna blame completely because its oil and water but once she gets to that point you put the fish in the air. It let it sit for one minute one minute you turn it over to the other side you let it sit for one more minute. Then you take it and you put it on opinion that you've sort of oiled up a little bit. Under that real hot Burr of broiler. And just keep your eyes on it he won a seat eve just the tiniest little bit of rounding around the edges. You don't even at the turn it over. If you pre heat the rack in the open I certainly don't. And then there you go don't over cook it that's the easiest thing in the world to do in the most disappointing so it skidded out of there at the minute you think it might be done that's when it's done. Enjoy yourself thank you at some of my favorite fish there doesn't feel like that in that. Glitzy Laura is here now. Laura welcome to the Fallujah. I have a question about the cousin. Real tomato drafting. I hit I had been hearing you talk about it sounded like it would be really good. But when I picked up the jar in grocery store to look at the ingredient I saw that it is contained. High fructose corn here. What which is something that. I kind of try to. Products have re formulated to you know it's enough and that. And what I was wondering what you know campaign lite version or do you know they would consider reformulate it and they're product is not contained. That's a very good point in I would completely agree with fueled by that. Are or once you send them a letter. I'm sure there in the Internet somewhere you you'll be able Bynum in the mid they're really down to earth people. And tell what you just told me I think that's a very valid comment. Right so I haven't taken it yet to be honest you know you know by. That kind of I hate to say it it prevented me from buying the jail. Well you know that makes perfect sense to me. It's on loan but. But they'll I would like version I think that would be great I don't I don't think they have that quite that way they have followed several others salad dressings they have one that's the blue cheese dressing them one that so basically. Assaults a fresh saw Oliver. But that guy I if you wouldn't mind let me know if you get into an Al. Try to see if I can go on their web site and see if they have you know contact they're I'll betcha they tied him an email. And then but of course. I love creole tomatoes as anyone who was born here Doug. I'm sure interest that not to belabor. That's okay thank you so much. What thank you for bringing it up you know it's always something you know is probably has something to do with mass production. Some years ago. I yeah headed in mind because I thought I had a couple of good ingredients that somebody might actually like. And automated up that I got together with a guy. Known for many many years who's in the food distribution business and he said you know. If you only have like two or three of these things. You'll never make a nickel off of that because. You had you'll have to refine. The product again and again and again to get it have to match up with. The needs of something that is in massive. Distribution. And the more I learned about it the more I was absolutely convinced that they've world would be left without my my. Like. Turkey a blaze that talk about Thanksgiving every year they root beer. I am Appalachia but I couldn't couldn't get anybody you're going on it. And a the path the recent ones that you have to use some ingredients sometimes just to make it's that on the shelf. That you'd you'd rather not use so that's a good point I'm glad she brought that up. It's the food show the system that's Morris it's a very good to be here with you talking about food restaurants and art show is sponsored by a rants port boys. Brands for boys is. Has something to tell you but that the that you might not know they have a new location uptown. It's on pretend it's street just off opera line. And though there are doing the poor boys it's not a whole menu but it's on a good deal of it. And all always made in the way that they are famous for which is to cook everything in the hoax and sticking with that. Grants for voice 3939 veterans and then the one in Kenner in the one uptown. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one Canada New Orleans will be back with the third course of the food show.