The Food Show - Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, June 23rd
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about favorite cold food and drink, shrimp, hamburgers, cocktails, roast beef poboys and paneed veal.

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And here I am welcome back it's the second course of the food show and this is that program that we do. Every week on on side Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays to do we have a show tomorrow. We do what time noon. 1230. You would think that we would never get that we were very quickly get to the end of the possibilities of what we would talk about on the program that's about nothing but food restaurants and things Eaton thinks you drink. And that is the case but. We have been doing this for a little while and it just occurred to me. Few days ago that on the eighteenth of July. Which is not far from now. It'll be the thirtieth anniversary of this radio shows seem host's name. Frequency same everything and problem that. Would love to hear from you but though what you have been eating at home or what restaurants have been going to. We have an official theme here today which you can completely ignored you may as well because everybody Austin but I think it is a good question so I'm gonna ask you. And I keep asking until I get something on this but. What are in it in your opinion. The best cold food and drinks that we. Eat or drink on routinely something we really love. Especially this time of year it's so hot out there that you want to have something that looks like you're your nostrils and and this so much to it to be discovered here is so I thought you know will surely have. A lot of these and I even made a budget categories like frozen stuff that like called seafood and cocktails and oysters and salads and snow balls and all. What do you like to eat or drink that's really nice and cold and perfect but for right now. I'm sorry I was talking all you were talking Michael is here Michael welcome to the Puccio. Your new product to work as a I haven't recovered. More like tomorrow. We don't want you want your record here that we bring you more or order crawl Arab. I had. To both new year which won't work demands. Well Iran and the port call has never changed it has been and what it is now since. Well for and I ever went there was in 1967. And and if they've been going on for quite a wild and so it's it's good quality beef mania Cottam and patties right there in the house grill over hot rod grill. These are all the things that I look for in Hamburg. But there's another one that has come up popped up on the scene although it's kinda funny. It's a restaurant called just simply. The the grill that's it. And it's in the new shopping area on veterans highway near off causeway boulevard. Right next door. To Trader Joe's and on there hamburger. From point of view of you know not all the dressings in the super burger and all that but just in terms of labor and everything else. And right now is that this Hamburg no it's. But it's it's it's kind of you know and neighborhood feeling kind of placed the guys. It'll remind you of the Camellia grill and subways and the vote. And the guys behind the commoners are always cut not been banging things around and and the waiters are you know are always coming up the slapped you 55. Fingers she choked his. It's it's a kick and and be a little bit different. Not court you know went and no. On the longer you wait. There that. It's too bad actually. One thing it could be picked up the work that you say do you know. We're close to you know like a won the war in. Well oh what they do over there is so unusual that hardly anybody else in the business Bob this would SOA and that's why you're not seen anything like Hanson's Hanson it was a one car and still is. But. I think my second that the one that people think about first anyway it is. All cache what's that it's it's a couple blocks off of our oak street and Carrollton. And broken arm or. Plumbers pump on streets ovals that's yeah that's the that's that's definitely worth a look. And there are just zillions of rounds on this visit Goodwin that it actually uses all the ingredients made by the man. Who invented the snowball machine it's on magazine street by three more blocks before you get that. Napoleon avenue. It's on them magazines say and I think they do they call it the I think its name for the most noble stand the snow yet that it's no wizard. And snow wasted on magazine street. But I thought report. Go to you because we do what you know about it no. Not only new. I hope that the two people who invented that they opened the place in 1934. And they they do what they never changed hands it was always the same family. And the two of them passed away right after Katrina one of them died within about 34 weeks in the other one was to a half a month later it was. They would the nicest people you could ever imagine talking to. The hand roads. There so important papers. That while a little comic comic page ruling. That would be perfect you thank you very much we always love getting your phone calls no matter what Billy's here on the orange phone bill. Are you. I'm slow have a pseudo. Calling it we're in right now with the brown couldn't treason. Historically is open on the third month he would marry. This year is open on Monday and make the trip but it is small. And the white true that the ball. Yet you know what the it I was mixed up by the fact that it seemed to me like wind true. Went on a little longer than usual and then of the fall season has come yet the but certainly. But you you're right I had when we were talking about this a little while ago you I had it wrong it's you it's exactly the way huge deficit. Yeah. Triple brown. Couldn't I. And white triple wait for the lack divide. I certainly born the 25 years. And now you mentioned the root through the hasn't known one. Another triple pearl. And I'll bet BA the catch prone. Eight now each. All in and from all over the world to avail and they come from everywhere. Those yeah Rawlins but when you look up the word raw and in like them off on a food addiction carriers something like that. You you'll find that there are no two people who agree on whether a prawn is a really big shrimp. Or is a prawn and he really little shrimp it's one of the other but I've heard both. In about the same. Saying he school. Yeah. It agents doing it they raise Poland and they are fairly small but but they also have really big strong and Asia. Our autumn in the league board and all have our freedom to trickle down. Well you know how it is around here we have the that the quality of all of our seafood is so fantastic that even if you lop off the you know 50% of them you still have lots of really great shrimp. But yeah it's it's terrific. Woman we are we have very fortunate in this. It tumbled but throughout the book at Maryland. And now. Oh I know play today making money on that and not just the crabs either it's the soft shells as you mentioned but also. The oysters. Come from a lot of their oysters come from here. Absolutely and you bail. 25000 doesn't football crab. All you don't even did that I would feel like that was really had been screwed big time if by that are needed. Yeah you know. Well thanks for keep for updating me on our. Accuracy it's the food show if you have. If you ever tasted. A shrimp that had kind of a fully for or or in the Roma. Of iodine. This is this is an uninteresting phenomenon there is of worm that lives on the ground was August up the ground on the bottom of footsie Lake Pontchartrain. And their funny little. Will it's worm looking things and they they're called on acorn worms. And they're kind of squat and they bear heads do look like acorns. But they build up in new Europe's two issues they build up a lot of iodine which is really in the water of the lake ultimately but these. These funny little worms absorb it and if the shrimp eat those worms you're going to have that minutes and medicinal kind of a flavor in New York. In your trip which she's never won. It's just not good to be fine Pallet it's the food show this hump that's more it's it's great to be here would you talking about food restaurant and and wine in and everything my main question. My main a question today is. Cold and hot and cold just cold food and drink and which is your favorite to round here in our program today. Is sponsored by cousins. Salad dressings. Remember when these folks first came on the scene they were working at the four of farmers market I think it was the one on the West Bank if I'm not mistaken. And they would just chugging along and they were selling a lot of their salad dressing but everybody was reaping the bottom and they started coming in. And instead of buying one bottle of that they get a whole case of it to bring home. And they had to keep it in the refrigerator because there was nothing in it that wasn't the French product this is and was never. A stamp. No multi million album of the time kind of and of item here. They always kept them in the refrigerators. And that that is still the case and cousins salad dressing since then has grown to be really an enormous operation. They sell there salad dressing all over Texas in Louisiana and certainly all around. New Orleans look for it. In the produce department the refrigerated part of the produce department not on the shelf with the all the other things in the bottle. It's cousins salad dressings the you will love this stuff not just for salads they agreed on pants sandwiches and burgers and stuff like that. Cousins salad dressings it's the food show we will return with more of it in a moment but first believes that's low there you're listening to the food show. On 105 point three FM HD one. And also in a host of other places like the podcast and the feed on neo. On the computer in new bigger Smartphones and so many ways that you can listen to our show and also the B 870 WWL and W to fight point three FM this is Tom it's more us. And it's great to be here we view every Saturday and Sunday usually. And that's the case this weekend to. And now hope to get a caller to from you about things that you know found to be especially deliciously. And if you're looking for to which business that you haven't been able to find at least not in the amounts you're hoping for. A called me I have been writing a weekly column about restaurants. Since September 1 1972. I'm not making this up. And it's just something and it's an obsession with me. And I'd like to share with my thoughts sore but even more important to me is that if you have found. A good new restaurant I would love to find out what it is and and what do you like about it and please understand. I'm not trying to sneak this away from me because. Of any idea that if if you tell everybody about your favorite restaurant soon you won't be able to get unit because it will be packed. That is not true and you ask anybody in the restaurant business if they would like or dislike. The fact that anybody would ever say or you guys you've got to go to that that place nobody knows about it. And that that restaurant tour is hate hearing that and they want everybody to come and arrest until the time. And who could blame them and those are the good wins anyways so if you got a good restaurant the talk but call me. A couple of nights ago my wife and I went to tell Portillo on the North Shore. I think it's the best Italian investment in the city which will strike Q is. May be unusual if you only saw. On the menu and very little else about the food. Why you would you would it taste style of the Italian cooking very much so I've been it'll lead seven times now for some great length. And I can tell you that the kind of food that you get in Italy is dramatically different from what we get here even if you. And the person who makes your meatballs. Knows all of other says that annual audit. It's never quite the same and if you ever get the chance to go to Italy bill I will tell you go there and join. You will love and infect the big boss of our radio stations is headed over there I gave him a few points to check though while he was there. They really love that you immediately they're almost as is avid in their eating as we are here in well within hours. Our number is 2601872601870. The theme of our show today which. You can ignore if you want to it it's is something that conversation starters most of them it doesn't work but I I do anyway. With the best cold food and drinks. In your mind the ones that when you think alliance and sell hot and sweaty I want something that will. Bring my body temperature down slick Mike there's all this what do you eat or drink what is your favorite on the QBs in categories here. Frozen stuff Yuma. There's so many frozen things out there that are really no ice cream being the first one that comes to my mind but cold seafood. And you eat shrimp from allied. As we mentioned earlier that he's better when it's cold than when it's you know like medium temperature or certainly warm you don't want that. Crab meat dishes or are that way to a large extent. And there are plenty of other teaches that we just lover and here but we love him to be called like. Doing in Italy they have par putt shield this is raw beef. Ice cold it's great. Try it sometime. And then you have your cocktails. My favorite cocktail at the moment although I. I hesitated to order because. Really don't have the capacity to drink more than about a half of the alpha of cocktail. And this one is called and groaning in the GRO and on nights in old classic Italian. Cocktail from a long way back in involves Gian. Come party. I was on some. Or move and little slice of Orange. And then you you got it and if you really doing it well you'll have an enormous chunk of mice in the in the glass that you were drinking this from. This is. Wonderful it if you like cocktails on always make sure you have. It's an extra drivers there and so happy you know that my wife and I got together because she hardly drinks at all. And this is the in my job for a long time so she's my designated driver recommend that to you as well as you might imagine. It's the food show. And Tom that's more us we'd love to talk with Cuba wine. And though Mike is calling us over here on the Mike Mike Mike welcome to the coach. I got thanks very much super fast call this may take your time. Actually buy is typical flu but what I think of eating in Portland in the summertime hot weather. He ran there have been more like the most letter from central pressure I mean you know not cold but no I I hunt. That's them on the planet and the real deal. So that's a suggestion for perchlorate. Meal hot oral summertime but on another topic pop and politics with the government. About burgers and you might mention in the court and it but. A place in Slidell which you know whether it's on one I can't remember. At monster watch about an app called the burger grind you may what batter he talked about. I've I've heard about it but I have not in the area it's good. Managed phenomenal. I think what the owner does is gonna. Grind out and a high quality shots and amp brisket. Sounds good. All right. I'm I'm I'm sorry you took Kutcher off in the middle of this but that give me the name of it again just quick. Berger Ryan. We will we will give it a try thanks for calling will be back we have a news update here for you on the big 870 WWL. WW 105 point three FM state to all hall here we are again we're halfway through the program Kotchman then went that went quickly. The system that's more as with the food show it's nice to be here were you talking about the food scene around New Orleans we do restaurants. If you on the good and let me know if you on the bad one you know. And we also news special. Issue load this time around. I'm asking you about cold food. And drink with your favorites with what do you find absolutely necessary and hot hot daylight today. Give me call or about anything you want that's where wide open on any subject that the food. At any time you won Larry is calling is over here on the black on Larry. I there. Co workers and co parent. I men who spoke out or. You know. We. The act you'll house you mean. Yasser. Our reporter to not IE the ball in the North Shore you're. There are high. And gala what you wall and what they call it oyster shell. It. You know a lot goalie you know like nor'easter in which feed on itself up in the yes in Munich that. Triple there outlawed. And. A well attended a couple of times and it's pretty good it makes a good appetizer. At the beginning of a meal. But I went on to oysters. On kind of a purist. I oysters of my favorite food. And to meet. You'd just don't get better than them big platter about it doesn't really nice big gulf oysters to me that's the peak you'd never get. But you're well we'll we'll grant you that's for sure. Yet about what the right now. But at a certain period 00 gold it and. Oh and entering it together and it's but longer. It's unique you don't like thinks guarded that. The the first place I ever saw it anyway it was at the palace cafe. On canal street in the old. You know build an old building used to be world lines. And you might have been around before that but that's the first place I ever saw that and I thought this is a great idea conceit. You can make them in advance. Italy several dozen in just put him out there and people just knock them back. You don't have to mess with the oyster shell or anything like that. Yes sir I do a couple of dozen oysters and need to work on it than that. But then you know oh yeah on your local blue coat. There you go and it the narrative of the year to. Our. Anyway before you go ask a question that C let's see if she gets. Win did the acme oyster now oyster house originally opened just take against him what what year regionally. Oh I. I think it was a year. Acting ignorant you know one area and then he and eight ER. And it used been. You know. Yeah. And ten. Exactly right so on it but. The year the acme oyster house opened wise believe it or not. Nineteen. Him before World War I. Feel like that. It's that's. Their holding on pretty well. All these years. There. Yes it's the food show on Tom that Boris we have a lot of old restaurants in the world that's like in your view substantial part of the list. The old assessment pounds and once at 1840. The second oldest in this little dispute about this but it's appears to be the Bon-Ton. Which goes back to the 1870s. And Etsy. Gala towards open in 191905. I'm pretty sure. And Roy knows weighs nineteen ED I'm sorry 1880. I grow backwards eighteen. Fifteen. And they've we have a lot of you know very old restaurants here. Even more than a place like New York City or should San Francisco where you would think that they would be animus but where we equals. In terms of our restaurants in our food in general. For any. Other organization. Or rest on anything that use in this country. It's America's best eating city. It's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris. Out here for new particularly. If you will address our cold food and drink questioned today. I'm. By the time I got to be one of them mean well. I was fourteen years I was working in times. And on something I did for a very long. And they got in a machine. While I was working there that they said was gonna revolutionize. Those kind of stores and it was it was called EC is maverick I think is still being made there. And I I wise you're listening to the person who was the first. On employee of any organization that actually served Casey's. I don't think anybody Adam before I did because I remember the store they were in was the 101. Veterans highway green acres. And I've faced. Because I was so young I shouldn't have even been working there at all labor laws. Anyway they handed me. A company suggests that little dial and I did and it's came out in which is very. Nine basis police Oki almost. Kinda stuff in different kind of labor's. And it then it's spattered all over me. So play it right I operated the very first IC machine in New Orleans. And with the tail and just did in their ego so you can tell people you know who. The person is who wrote who you made the first. He sees. Its. Every bit like a ball that much I think it snowballs askew BP. They went what you want to do is shield your whole body down and get some flavor and there's some kind but it's Noble's. You just did you agree to it but it's our program today sponsored by program or poised. Four boys can go any different directions as you quickly learn if you go to either three locations three locations that though there were only two Tom well there are three now and I'll tell you but the minute. But over the year. The the the kind of food for which they're famous is the roast beef pork. And the reason. It is as good as it is is that from the echo from the very Thursday. Our reds or boys made all their poor boys in the same way that all the New Orleans joints around town always use. Had a few poor boys windows even younger than I mentioned a few minutes ago and it was mine. My god for other he went to some bar. That you go to and he gave me a roast beef pork Boyd. And it's in the wife of the guy who won't the bars she giggled cooking this kind of like home style deal. And it is that to this very day I mean did they have professional. Cooks now. But that's how they started and it's been wanting to open in nineteen when he five. And in 1975. That's Koreans once when they first opening in battery and they are there ever since. And the guy who opened it is a high school I mean it's it's pure new war. And sport boys now has a third location the original on veterans 3930. Utterances field in the one west has made. West esplanade. I'd just off. Williams pulled Boyd and now the new one is on ports and you street. Just across the street from a line the restaurant industry. And it is. Pack all of the time according to everybody who tells you so. That's what's going on over at Ryan's horrible ways few changes lately and changes for the better. And this is the food show we'll come back with more of it in a moment but urged if you will slow show and so it's more it's wonderful to be here with you talking about food and and restaurants cooking in line. And all that you are more than welcome to bring up anything you want to buy food if there's something you want to know. Called me up and tell me if I don't know it myself and try Tennessee. Police where all the data. But I do like talking about all this and it I don't know audience you'll find somebody who does and we almost always do. So it was a shot that. And if you are. If you've got all your bearings but you have found a few it's been real good. That haven't been talked about much. A call about that what I find lately. Is that. Even if you go. Like during the middle of the week most restaurants are. Completely full of oh during the last week so when we had. Some flaws Tuesday things going on and a few other. Few other things. Every restaurant we went to. We had to practically lead to get a table. Including some. That are owned by good friends of mine although. Being a friend doesn't I shouldn't ala automatically get you into rest on ads. That's known. Me by. There it is 260187. Is our telephone number we would love to talk with you but really anything you're interest in bringing. But our official. Subject which you can completely ignored. Icing on it is. A hole. Foods and drinks things you eat when it's cold outside when he went though it's definitely pulled out when you by yourself. Just win hunger with something it's. And coal men meet a year and it is there's so many ways you can go everything snowball so to. On shrimp room allied means it's lots. Only semi or think it's what you mine were numbers 260. 187 Tutsis Euro 180. All right now you write in one of the week rule. You can also send this text message to 8787. Don't expect the response from the air because no 12 bit because I don't have that though here's the cool ranch. However I do read all the emails that I get and it gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 emails today. Soil might might take me a couple of days to get around you but if there's something new science you know abide this or that rats and or if there is somebody who used to be oh waiter. In a rest and you'll always so like going to. And you have no idea where that waiter is now and even existed. Again call us and we will we will dig up this info. Cynthia. Is joining us as we keep plunging ahead here Tice and the welcome to The Who. I'm I'm pretty good today. He. You can hear me yet. He. Can make it on our level. Last week. We eat each. Of the land. You. Ever. Polite and not end up. Either here are are 80 boy that is not. The bread. It was. And of course you know they're no parking there. We'd get it on the ball boy delightful. In any way. Well try him again. You know it restaurants. Are constantly. Changing its its hard to keep personal sometimes and of course you did tell him this. When you with their. And what do they say. Way obviously. Anything. That. We told Billy. That. We did not believe that there was the standard. Really that well. Oil Derrick they're this part of this is that. There are no two that are alike and he did that everybody has a different approach to four boys. And a and you'd I will say this the other ones that you named are pretty darn good I mean you were you picked the group of cream of the crop but I tell you what send a letter to the guy who owns the place I don't have his name right in front amoeba tellem you talked to me. And let's see what they would do for. All right it's the food show AJ is over here on the yellow fallen AJ welcome. Yes I have great things that were built. Marina. What I was a kid I went to a restaurant called tail and station. Buys the Carol to border on willow street. Can friend of mine owned it in they made there. Pulled bush from scratch there roast beef and they were absolutely great. Yeah that's what it takes what what was the name of the place again. Oh station Carol the station yet idea. It it is now the sort of a nightclub. Yeah I know it's oh boy I mean they have live musical with riot you know. Well that's that's interest thing. Another thing is the thing that pulls me off the most is. Blow them off like. All icy Cold War ice Cold War. You have a special wisdom of artistic in the end. Yes well. He just make sure it's nice goal in. After eating it your whole body field school. Yes that is true. And you know what that they're they're figuring out new ways of taking. Apart you to basically that's the best expression I could give it. Of a stay on. Watermelon in such ways you can make these kind of cubes. That are very intense that kind of squeeze them together so they. But they're full of juice there amazing to eat its. This is something some local chefs that come out but yeah yeah you can't go too far wrong with watermelon. The other thing is. Old 2030 years ago I would go to him. If they had some sort of heal damage. And it was like a cube steak Caruso. Well you know what can I ask you for a a minute here I have to take a break but we'll come back in this sounds sounds interest. All right hang on will be right back with more on the food show after first please that's it's the food show we have AJ we were talking to a minute ago AJ let's pick up where we left off. Yes I I wish him and restaurants form usually of a lunch meal. Who would be. Like oatmeal petty like berated Betty you know would be breaded. Yeah do you know what to name this station or. Well it sounds like Connie field to me. On what that's that's what I would call. Well these years. It was street and that the prices mile so expensive today. Well it depends on what clips of the chief of the of the of the VO you're gonna use if you are using field tenderloin or. Feel. Or are also book or something like that the the price can get up there but if you are using. For example. Round. Even. I'm thinking about the various kinds but the veal leg is really what you want that's and that's not particularly expensive. Revealed used to be thought out it's very cheap and then it became very expensive and now it's back down to kind of in the middle. Oh yeah. But any any Italian restaurant and all in town will have that the nation probably won't be that expensive I don't think you'd find it that way. All right we have a moralist come to the end of the second hour the food show here on Tom that Boris. On our show is sponsored. Today and an awful lot of other days by the grill. The grill him as a culture you consider that the count or he considered the tape it's right next to order trader. Trader Joe's. And they are doing an unusual to put it mildly already sandwiches. Or hot in cold. And wonderful. Appetizers. And breakfasts. And all this is it's like something out of the diner page and worth your time it's. It's the it's the it's the.