The Food Show - Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, June 16th
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about BBQ shrimp, places to dine for Father's Day, Italian cuisine, cooking steak and poboys.

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Welcome back it's great to be here with you talking about the food scene around New Orleans I'm Tom Fitzmorris our telephone number is 260. 1878. And I left behind somebody on hold the right before the news there and he was nice enough to hang on Paul. Are if I can if I've got this straight you're looking for a place on tomorrow to do kind of a Sunday broad choice of something like that. It's that's not a reporter in particular problem the deepen it and 73. Or Italian man but we thought we elect equality would you like quantity to you won't get full. Okay her that shouldn't be too hard to do my I think the best brunch in the city is at or knows. And and they they too are terrific job it's a great looking place they have wonderful ball are the guy who runs the bar and our nose is one of the best mixology sin cities could really turn out. And they have. These. Situations put together where you have while like a three of four course dinner is it's all blow one price. If their prices are a little bit lower than what I'm used to seeing for a restaurant that caliper SOA on knows his mind number one. Brennan's is stunningly beautiful you've got to go over that you're gonna go there one of these days anyway. And I love what they've done with the place one on royal street now that it's back. And then this one is a little downscale. But we will my wife particularly we really love it its call curia O is CUR I Ole Q Rory O. And it's right around the corner from BN bill and royal street which has a lot of good investments in it mister b.'s is another winner right there. And around the corner. You you also have. Odd. Big. The oh cut issues in the name of the place eludes me all of a sudden. But this a lot of good restaurants in the quarter but just suffice to say. On those are my favorites. It look at what it would go to a place where we don't we're not required work or. That the you don't have to worry about that in that anymore at all. So yeah this only there's only one restaurant that has a jacket to requirement met's gala twice and it's only dinners so you too won't it won't body. Right on or. Thank you for calling C yeah. And Tom Fitzmorris on the food show and pig he is over here on our own yellow phoned Peggy. Peggy you know at the Peggy that I hit TV show with for a long time aria. Violation of it is that the Allenby. I don't wonderful. And you under and get Debra. And al-Qaeda. Routed at commanders that the what she can't take all that. Is I can imagine that that would be true yeah. I'm back Mac question is going on memory and tried to Egypt and get. There I never got on cue ball. And it wouldn't you know. The end of. I said yes I know which one of your butt though referred to. Yes I'd tell me got crying and I didn't get it up online. Okay it's because I'm trying to think of it that I can't think committee either but let's. It only in a minute notes it's Karine Dunbar sets the name. Curry and darn marine done wonderful white and it's. I know I didn't think so. But a lot of people loved it to the point where I still get phone calls about it I would say. Once every three of four months someone will call me and they'll say you know is Karine Dunbar still as good as it used to be. Well only if you really really like restaurants and have been close for 52 years yeah I guess you were hit. It. Hey let him grow this for the when may be neck quite that long but I sit it's at least forty. Well it is it we're at it this year. I've done a special and I don't quit or. Die your bank. I sure do yeah. I want there could get it right. And what I'm not pride is at dinner or radiation. And then secured their packaging were not made a it. Now I just to get back two Korean Dunbar is for a minute for those who who might know it never heard of it. The way they had it set up it was a to have an old mansion. On and on saint Charles avenue is not far from. Well what we used to call. The the statue of Austin police circled robbery police circles anyway it's it was in that neighborhood. And the way workplace she would com for a reservation. They have a set menu. It was or where there was no picking off the menu you this is is a menu they were serving midnight and that was it in if you didn't like it you've that was the wrong restaurant to go to the wrong day to go there. So you would you would get that. And the U would show up and you would pay up front so that when the meal ended. It people just died on the left or and there was something about it that a lot of people phone just absolutely charming like at live like you. Eating in somebody's home. Is what it it felt like. Well for a lot of people but today if you were of stickler on what kind of food you're gonna get you might not like it quite as much but people still talk about it all the time. Yes and you now have helped me. Get that odd that wanting out Obama. We'll go I don't. I'm glad we were able to do that and that's the whole reason we do the show so. Yeah. I thank you see anybody out there remember of Karine Dunbar it's it's it doesn't come out very often they had one really good dish though. They called the oysters Dunbar. And it was made with artichokes in now wanna see bell peppers but I'm not sure about that I have a recipe for at though. If you go to my website no menu dot com. Look under recipes and just fool around little you'll find it it's it has some good logic in it and lots and lots and lots of rest speaks. It's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris 260. 187 he is or telephone number. Our our program today is sponsored by a blue seat here Moshe cousins yes cousins. Some years ago I I remember meeting these people. They. I bumped into him somewhere and I said you wanna come on a might come on my program. And they said we'd love to do that so they were on the show in I've got to talking with them they explain to me Holliday made all their. Salad dressings from scratch using fresh ingredients. Nothing from a jar everything you would want the place to be. They were doing it and they were doing it themselves because it was a young couple they were just getting their lives going. And it was so a little tough to. But one day they decided to start making. A salad dressing and they would bring it to the farmer's market and sell it there and they did pretty well and it. And they kept expanding at a little by little to the point where it was in just about every single supermarket in the city. And this was saying something because when you when you go to the cousins of for their salad dressing. It is. Made a very basic ingredients. And I'll call again all I tell you is is that it's fresh. And made in house but part of the the goodness of this. Came from the fact that you had to keep it in the refrigerator you could not put it on the shelf so they. It was a way above them the crowd since then a lot of salad dressings have come on had to do more or less the same thing but cousins is still doing it. And we will prove that fact sometime in the next hour and a half for so and we will give away a whole case of creole tomatoes you know creole tomatoes are. In the end nose in season right now and also you will get a case of a cousin salad dressing itself this will be a pretty good prize that's coming up later on in the program so stay tuned. And keep listing it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris 2601878. And let's see shall we speak with. Well. Obama could until I saw something up there aren't. 260. There's a question on the screen its says. Whelan not look I'm I'm not I'm not so I'm caller is cheered as his grilling fish for his dad on Father's Day okay. And then and he side not on he believed he didn't stay on the line this is what I've gathered right. Call via. IC allocate. And the more it's a fish marinade from chef on trail okay. That's pretty good you start off with. A tablespoon let's make it of a quarter of a cup of extrovert action virgin olive oil a quarter of lookup. Of white wine. A couple of dashes of Tabasco a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce. And let's see what am I leaving out here there's one other ingredient. All lemon juice yet you want to take a good like a tablespoon of women choose. And I think that's about it. And there might be one other minor ingredient in there and what you would do is that you would just whisk this in the little bull. And I wouldn't blame completely of course because you have water and oil of trying to mix together. An eerie just who would do that and then you you take the fish. And you don't get in this marinade. And you let it sit there for one minute. That's all and then you shake it off turn it over to the other side put it back into the bowl with the salad dressing with the rather than marinade. And out again one minute. And the shake the rest of it off and then no matter how are you cooking and you can fry it you can grill that you can blackened it you can do it any brio broiling. It it all comes a good and it edged chose the right little touch to. To. That and that kind of fish and I think do Jen you really like this is Susan strayed off of the mind of chef Andrea. All right let's see over here we have Tommy calling on the green phone I think Tommy welcome. Are you there. I know I guess maybe not. Tough Tommy. You there yet all hi come on in there for I think it. Are critical of me you know what can it be stroked. Never heard anything about it but maybe it helps. IQ and because for some reason my wife really logs it. And also. A some friends of ours who are frequent and a how participants in doing. Special dining events and you know their club or whatever it is. It to the eats into a building that has been something like thirteen fourteen restaurants over the years is but these guys. First of all they've got the money to invest to keep it going long term and they have had it for quite a few years now so that's making a difference. Did they aren't. Good on stakes big time his may affect that's a major part of their menu they have a fantastic. Double cut. Pork shop which is something I'll always love to run into they do a good bit of seafood. And just an all around. Pretty good restaurant not a brilliant rest and I wouldn't say but prices are affordable busy young sort of a crowd who goes there. It's on not Turnbull write all veterans highway in Metairie. Yeah and and worth going to but it's it's. Just far enough off the veterans highway that you could drive in front of the place. A hundred times and never see it. Probably yeah yeah I'd probably have you it's probably true yeah. Thank you very much area we will we will return with more of the food show in a moment after first if you will this it's the food show all right and this is Tom Fitzmorris and it's great to talk with you about food in restaurants and cooking and wine. And Alexy who is over here on the on on the blue font Larry welcome to the food choked. Out. Oh come on a long time listener pull out what lots of restaurants opening up and I know you don't like it you're using you know six month begin you want. Service laundry you know he worked out what that it was Italian restaurant. All I that sets an easy win resume to news. Harder it is where Tony Angelos used to be. And the that I heard of but I don't I didn't know. Tell me about it. It's it's uninteresting place a but I would say about a third of the menu is Italian. But in this and it's a big menu so that still takes in a lot of dishes. And also. A lot of the dishes that they are doing. Is it in the Italian realm our our. A lot different from the standard New Orleans. Italian. Kind of menu but the rest of it. Is. Major League stakes they're buying vote top end of USDA prime. I think dry aged beef. They're also doing real nice. Lamb chops in and that sort of thing. And that's what they're really pushing more than they are the Italian food although there as a family they're very they're very fat Italian they've been running Italian restaurants for years around town. So well worth going to but it's a little expensive get ready for that. Let me effective spot. I always Turkey day which your daughter and you'll like what it thing he went Ito there. Krakow. They would probably speaks. You would hear that talk about what you like to new daughter it. Yeah that they don't agree with you could say. All day then you almost never agree with me about anything. Are you kidneys at a a so. That that's true. What could it be taken them now. Oh yeah we leave we've. Been there quite a few times they really love it consists of it just who is that you get the kind of service state like over there I don't know we eat our way through the whole thing why I would say if there was one dished that we get almost every time we go it's these Italian. Baked oysters that they have this and appetizers that's. But even if I were there by myself I would get the act so it's it's a pretty good all round rest grunt. Except that he got to know that it they are playing a stake house game in steak houses are expensive so we just know that you're gonna be a little on the upside from what you're usually. Forty or no I think we talked in sixty VO well you know her first black first class stakes these days that's where their comment from. You know much. Play enjoy thank you see yeah I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's the food show we love talking about food restaurants and cooking and all that. 260. 187 or use our telephone number 2601870. If you like anything about this program. You might be interested in knowing about the one that we do during the in during the week. On that I have my own frequency pretty much him in the tournament funny radio 0104. 103 point miscues when we get that right 105 point three FM. HD two that's which you need to watch. To get on the go on the line over there. Anyhow will be. That's that's that's the story hope to see you some months some time over there and 105 point three FM HD two all right more of the food show concept in just a moment we have an update from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system and then more of the food show stay tuned thank you this is trumpets Morris and it's great to be here with you talking about food about restaurants but cooking wine you know all of this we've been busy today. Talking first about. The need for at least a little bit of attention to Father's Day which is tomorrow. But you know how your dad is so. To everything's cool everything school and sure. 2606360. You know 2601 late seventies are number. And if you I have some ideas about that or you want check on a couple of possibilities. Paulus 260. 1878. I've we've got this great message screen streamed in here. And don't have this so in my studio back where he spent most of the week. But I sure wish I did and here's some. Some things here one of them. So people of just. It's a written message sent to be on the Internet this country you know how this works. And it's a Korean envoys has only been closed for about thirty years I don't and so I think it's on a little bit more than that because. And when I first wrote my first restaurant guide they were gone at that time and that would have been. Early eighties I think I'd have to check to make sure by they've been gone wild that's why it's so an interesting they made an impact on. The dining community because people are still talking about it even though it's been gone for a long time. Etsy. We have some well okay we'll save those for in a minute let's see Kim is joining us on the orange phone Tim welcome. I'm onslaught while hey thanks for coming. Utah. Where you advocate it ought to. Pot holes stroke. For and a creepy. Oh. And it's been there three years by couples from Jamaica. And he's out there should. The grill. Cookie in her and so. We went and jerk chicken and curry go to Asia. It's just should protect package or course well got to tackle the most on the trail. The so this is who we're talking by. Jamaican food it's what it sounds like certainly. Jamaican food okay and where Estes. It did come from all or locals are well. And it's about a mile home. The court so I got to tackle. And Gilbert baker. So it this this is this is in the neighborhood of Slidell. You can. Let's go to people like. She cabbage. And right mr. And it to do the name of it again would you mind. Says that that form. Oh curry Anaheim CA Caribbean. All right well that's cool I never heard of it before but but Slidell keeps surprising me every now and then though they'll put together a good new restaurant so this sounds like one of. What spoke. They spoke you know but all of them or he's right there in the smoker right front and some of the. Have you ever been to Jamaica before. What the fact that we what you just described about it being out there. That's exactly what it's like everywhere you go in Jamaica they're of people who were smoking in all kinds of stuff it's really pretty cool. It. One. At some numbers that are. You know what would go thank you for the report that's one I didn't know. CEO by it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris Bruce joins us on the yellow fawn Bruce. Bruce you their whole anyway here we go Bruce come on and. Do you we. Look at it picked up the night that not all that you know. Yeah you people are equipped with anything. Like. That. All gosh where you I hope you have a lot of friends. A high school come over and help you deal with this. All look she started getting shrimp that big. It's it you. You have to look for special ways of doing it and I think he if it were me doing it. I would make up kind of a marinade. That had a lot of the same things that you would have been barbecue shrimp so of butter. May be some Rosemary some. Some peppers of various colors that we use more than just one. And I'd certainly have a little bit a lemon juice in some. Worcestershire sauce you we know what just the usual assortment of things he would put on something you're gonna grill okay get ready to grill. And then get real hot grill. Put it on top of that letter at turn it around after a bye you know a minute and a half for so. And AM and that should do it now now here's the biggest problem most people have. With with a big trip infective triple ball sizes and that is. They cook them too long and knew once since died getting. Getting where the shell is sticking to the meat boy then you really broken loose. Because of that and I find a way to do this in it's like magic but to see it seems to work for me. When your grilling broiling shrimp like that. The first time you even get that the tiniest. Feel that that they might be done they are done right at that moment when you have that thought. Yet come off Dorell Wright death. And they'll Ahmad beautiful. Ordinary people work. We thought we. Yeah I would G but just you you boy you wanna instead of kind of soaking it in that you just won a kind of brush it with that and have it stick on all those funny little pieces of it pepper in. And whatever is wherever else you got hanging around that you can slip on there. Good yell let me know how it comes out I'm tempted to more insulin the food show and Jack is joining us over here hello there welcome. I'm doing well so far. Also also got a got a couple a quick question and and and give it to get. I'll birdsaw I was looking oh particular person. More than all the way and next thing you know this threats pops up. It's there and he is being Italian restaurant in. Annandale. A ism is this mosque is your thinking up. That big bet bet that they don't yet. Most businesses actually how they pronounce it but most people say my Oscars. So that the most. Most guys yes that's stiff that's the family name that's the one that they usually use. Okay yeah. Well I'm never heard of the term creole. Italian. On. Here for Maggie. Well you did the meaning of creole means that you were born in this country are all but you originally came from a different country that's basically so. I come from a family that has all kind of creel stopped gone in Q so. Pretty widespread. But when you come to. Two Italian it's just the same idea and we have a lot of Italian. Creole food here because you know it's a lot of same ingredients. But it's prepared in no way different from what you might do it what what you might do if you were. No Chinese. Too too pretty much stick with the with the classic recipes. So when you go there. I give you an example of a really classic. Creole dished that Moscow is would do. It's it they call it chicken grind day. And it's a half a chicken but they cut the chicken opened the instead of into you know leg in the drumstick and all that. What they do a secluded and to a good sized chunks and they put it in a pan. With some Rosemary and a good bit of pepper olive oil a lot of garlic they love playing with the garlic over there. All of they need to and they roll it around the in the in the oven typically high heat. And than just letter rip it's it's real good eating is no doubt about that. Well I'll try to play it one it back that gripped the city and here it took the word yeah. And originally from old. And I live Lafayette what is it like history there but when I get back to new all that would. Odor like tried well it. He did it then also that there are restaurant. That is low you know they are on mile down the war are comfortable with. You can I'm with its it's on the corner of Carrollton and canal called but it is. All you I think the religious aspect of it is going a little far but they've been around long time. They have great pizzas that's the best thing they do is step pizzas but their pizzas are really really good. And then there are Italian dishes. You'll you'll find a lot of dishes that have creamy sauces in which is not you know southern Italian by along shot that's. They pretty much stuff that they've made up themselves over the years it's very consistent their prices are a very affordable. And what better Venezia and good go of a net CI if you wanna announce that the way the Italians to. We ride and again I take my at all general because. They do not try. To compete where. Another Italian. Institution now on the rule and it will coddled. Yeah oh well it meets him. That they're not they're not died down the road there are immediately next dollar for bad. I IA in fact I was there once and I asked him forests and mom some testimony and they said Leno announced the money here and it's that this in this in the Italian restaurant they said well. Condit loses next door and I thought oh that's dumb on my part you're right. You had it out of all owner. Yeah nice nickname was new buddy COLT but he told me. That they do not compete if there. And are they serie don't read that that would be ridiculous anyway well listen thank you very much. Nice hearing from you it's a food show we will continue with more of it in a moment after first police this solo Euro listening to the food show I'm Tom the Taurus it's fun to be here would you talking about the food scene around the world and every day. Or number is 260. So 187 mean he spent the earlier part of the morning. Oh for at the Crescent City farmers market where I have not been in a long time I realized how long it's been. And I stopped in there. Because I have a new cookbook out it's actually the old cookbook we've repackaged at but and lowered the price strangely enough. But they were doing so mom. They were doing. Some of these the publisher anyway. We knew we were. Doing book signings today over at the farmers market. And a lot of it was a lot of fun I was there for about three hours. And just shoot the breeze with everybody who was in the neighborhood. If it's it's a great little thing going on there almost almost seafood. And and produce markets around town are worth looking and in two. Lots and lots of good good food to be had. And a good way to spend the morning except for the fact that it was blistering really hot this morning really had in his Bridget beaming down at the high high high temperatures. But I lived to tell 260. 187 he is our telephone number or call us and not tell us where you've been eating lately that CO wanna look at this. This message ask stream. Text message board and it says. It says. You can be you can text us at 87 87870870. All run together. First item on not making this up says here love love love yours shell. Gosh thank you. It's nice and and right below that basis that is a oh somebody is telling me that dive under rated. Don't oh I wouldn't dream of norm no menu dot com all I it's an article I wrote about Korean done voice away met. Anyhow. Announced who yet here. No that's enough now to 60187. Call right now you'll get Reagan and Tom Fitzmorris were. I was show is sponsored today by Rand poor boys. And I don't know if you know about this but when I tell you especially if you live anywhere like in the middle of town. You will be happy to hear this brand spore boys. Which has been going on and on veterans highway. Since 1975. Days have been in business. And of course selling at their there restaurants. That's the original they did a second one but three years ago three or so. Awful Williams boulevard at west esplanade. Nice looking place and much. More. Free to we use. Poll unusual ingredients in May be the other place was but the newest one. It's on pretend history on. It will and that wind. Is. In the middle of uptown for starters anyway. And it's on the corner. Pretend you street or close to hit a pretend you street. And upper line so you know there's that neighborhood right around there the new blue upper line restaurant comes to mind immediately. But there's also. A bunch of other places in that neighborhood there was a little barbecue place it came and went really quickly and that's where they are now. But also. In there you find out. A good bit of a just and anything all you know do the pour boys that they do at rams. What has always made them stand out from me is the fact that they start off with good local ingredients. And they they don't bring anything in already cooked already sliced they do it all from scratch right there all the time every day. Brands for voice 3939 veterans highway. There unless esplanade near Williams boulevard in Kenner and now new location. On pretend you street just off of just off of the the the opera ten yeah I told you that already the what was in the what's your name put. The the other cross trees other upper line already said that okay. It's it's still food show and Steve is calling us over here on the yellow phoned Steve. Out what show I think you do it my question arts it used to take Opel board in the city. Well I don't know I just as plenty are good for boys out there. Two to be had them home always finding new ones. Love gave no thought I'd check out where you are now. Yeah. This way at this and estates have fun in the North Shore and half on the West Bank but it's a place called. Di Martino his. They are. They have always been. Positioning themselves as. Major location for getting muffle lettuce in their muffle it is a pretty good. But I think that they do even better pour voice. The one that they have in Gretna I mean an immigrant in in. But on the North Shore in the Covington. On I believe I can't I can't get over how good this news and every time I go there so. Yeah on that note let me question I would just recently American. How went to they're bombshell. They don't like Coke what big cold ought to treat global. Yeah that that yet that's exactly right punch train our boys they won't they were. Natives of saint Bernard parish. As you know after Katrina they were wiped out there was nothing left. There was no there was an after Katrina there was only one hulks. In all of saint Bernard parish that was still. You could still live and it. Wow that's how bad it wise but anyway these folks they just move their whole operation across the lake. And they were they started off in a little tiny place to Wear them they always had a line outside who go and down the street. But since then they've really put it together in the they have a big operation we go there all the time it's one of my wife's favorite places. I bet stated it would want all they want and I was bode well related Panama. Very very good very consistent. Not now yeah right what so our. Thanks to call it you've got. You batted in will be back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this it's a food show and we we only have about a minute and a half here before the news but let me get over to Michael Michael welcome. Come are years where we're. Longtime listener second time caller. Well thank you I don't know I really colonel that we got him twice. You're right you. Islamic judge and our little corner toward. Come on their border between orient our paper our parish there are girlfriend. Remote strategy. Our recommend regular. It's called. Wrote back and who's down south or slide road. Spare style for me I. Eight year. I let's include some of. I don't either I'll tell you what I would check it out during the news is we have run out of time for this hour but will love visit this in and find out the scoop it's on WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD. Two Kenner and New Orleans. HD one as well where they muses next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.