The Food Show - Hour 2

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about food events set for the weekend, triggerfish, lobster thermador, clams, mussels, and seafood sauce picante.

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Here I am and a couple of quick little notes before we get into the next caller who is waiting with a very interest in question. But before we get to that someone called me last hour. And wanted to know more about him mainly priestess places so restaurants where you could go. To get mile high ice cream pie this used to be a major specialty. Of the Caribbean room at the at the royals in this notes of course what was what was act and I'm having a hard time remembering the name of that to the punch or trade hotel thank you. So and the Caribbean room anyway I said it was. Ice cream of three different colors. They were peppermint. Chocolate and Fidel. That's what I figured but I'd forgotten something that was pretty important that but this. It would come out OK but it took really captures the mile high pious it was you'd make a batch of more rain. In which you would do with white egg whites. And now a bit of Vanilla. And bootsy would those goes in this and sugar. And you you you make first you keep beating that until it starts forming up on you and then you it reaches a point where you know what do. What do what do meringue looks like so you put that all the outside of the of the ice cream. And then you you actually put it in the oven believe it or not to get a little Browning on the outside there was also I think a bit of take. Pound cake at the very bottom of the to keep the a bottom from heating up the ice cream and making it run all over the place. So is mostly about the meringue and then the ice cream which had goes wrong with that the important. Bingham the meringue if you wanna get this recipe I have an online and one my website no menu dot com. All right where where we. I have was it James I think James welcome to the coach. It's. You. I don't quick cut quick question to quell group accused Thailand. We're going to agree here so. It would have and David gave me that rejected those although in addition though. And we used because he's credit position draw about. He brought the intrepid. Then we build their ability there and is in Louisiana. Toledo blade. And he and. They are. They are pretty good to eat and in the places where their best known which is up in the northeast more than any other place second income. They are often called. Lobster fish because the the texture of the meat in. The trigger fish is a lot like a lobster in fact. Not too many years ago. I went to the top. Oh at the U in the Grand Central station have a rest runt. That does nothing but seafood but it really does oysters more than anything else they call it the Grand Central. Terminal. Our oyster house. And one of the things they like to do there is make lobsters and then trigger fish and put him to put together in one. One addition that that's really brilliant it's it's terrific. So if you can find any a go ahead and eat them the day they are very delicious I think the problem is finding. Trigger fish he will not find a lot of trigger fish around Wallace not in the markets not in. Not the even more than in the in the water. Little breeze significantly involved but you. They've made not a point to point you know that's. That's why it's one of those days that if if you have to love them you know what you do with that could well you broil it and eat it then OK what else the most. Okay and it Emma must it it was just out of curiosity. And the other show go to week well eleven yet though. And I check on their August Saturday. On new election. W you know 87 day but I can't seem to get that one bill that we. Well it. It's it's. That you got a pencil. It did its 10 point tree it's up. 105 point three on T yet they have they 80 yeah HD. Two. Yeah it's one point 2105. Point three. W a 105 point three FM. HD. Two. That's the exact address and Q2 oh my we show read. It. 3 o'clock that we Wiig to two hours worth at first and then at 5 o'clock. I'd leave for the day but we lately they've for sport again in case you and yet at the first. Would thanks a lot of people don't ya bin. What about it trigger pitch. At that you know one lucky if you if you did find some trigger this they got to articulate. Here argument of this equity you'd go out there. You you very much could. But if you want to go five find out what exactly it's like GW fins so restaurant in the French Quarter to cross the street from our nose if you know where that is a suspect you we do and then he get. They get. Those trigger fish. When they're available once in awhile but ask them they might have some or they might tell you will call again on Wednesday and we'll get to some. But it it it I know what that is in the local waters but not a lot. So I may be somebody who are who are horrible fisherman out. 73 and number oh good guys that don't vote but there are and I grew up in New Orleans low life and so all the injuries you've Buddha or not been big values you know. Well I I I really appreciate that thanks a lot for calling so yeah. Craig is over here calling on the green phone Craig. Hey I don't know and Tom and welcome to show. Have to play a wanting to apply it 33 left wing generally been on a lenient. Then I am not seen in a restaurant around there and I haven't and it firmer. He has lobster permanent war. Who. On that and dish you do not see a whole lot you write about that it shows up every now and then. It's it's a style first of all we don't have lobsters here this is not a good lobster count particularly but the that is the recipe is is pretty simple really it's. Pretty straightforward you can find lots and lots of recipes Ford and one on the web in in cookbooks and stuff like that. Alicia came out and when he leaked gas them. Special map I'll. And then in the marine air achieved the camp that that the problem and a man who yesterday when it was. It was Sharon's arming mounting amount but it went on ten to have a little pricey but outlook worked it well what. You'd just it with the way you just described it that does sound indeed sound very good minutes sounds like a classic old fish guts. Want to have a long time ago. Sound like ram thank you very much thank you so yeah. Whenever you see that that word. Lobster Thurman door. Therm adore the heat you know I I only learned this about a year ago and oh I'm surprised I. Didn't run into this piece of information any sooner but the word Thurmond door. Was the name of the month the said the seventh month. July. You have probably heard that the Julius caesar's. Wanted to change the name of one of the months of the year to. To his own name. And it came out as. Drew on July that's you know that's. His name that's Julius. Release his name. The empire the empire the emperor. But before that. It was called the Amador and it was jet that was the name for the month of July. And believe in and out there says there is such a dish on the menu here over at and ones. They have an everyday you can get a three way baked oyster combination they give you two oysters Rockefeller to oysters paean bill and to oysters. There Magloire. And that Wendy's made with kind of of a red. Spicy. Kind of red sauce and some bacon over the top of that pretty good dish especially when you get all three. So that's the Amador and our random numbers 260. 187. And we will be trying to finish force to. Dual creation. I don't go chase triggered trichet total war. You know additional surge Portugal short. There are always Orange Beach to. And it was actually. Both yours and you get used to Banco. Well. Popcorn. Yeah. Was this would be an almost at this issue well try to dish and wish for. Juliet. It would be Jewish was it was wonderful. Now bush and voice or. Bitch or should we shall get such a ball. Yeah it's it's something you see every now and then it does turn up whenever. Who I love them lots of different kinds of fish. And if I run into one of never had before or haven't had in along time now almost always get it and that one is one I know it when I see it it has that really interesting texture which will remind you of lobster it's kind of has the same kind of feeling to a mile Phelan and. You don't. Want to. But why. The weeks ago. It was. Oh fresh ago. And ordered. And it was absolutely. I'll go along the longest. To build it again and oh yeah. Wetzel easier to get pompano disputed trigger fish we. But you know I I I think and I can't get anybody to give media the information on this aren't they can talk that way around it. But I think that there are two fish out there both of which are being called. Pompano when in fact one of them is and one of them isn't one of them is pretty BA. And then the other when it's like 13 the size of that and you can spot it almost immediately because. If the price for the for the big pompano is something like. Two you know like a pound and half for something you probably have that we the big one the big one is actually better than the little. So good next time you of turn up in it in a restaurant. And they have pompano ask them how many ounces the Feliz. If it's more of it if it's more than. Say. Eight ounces or six ounces you probably really have some great there it's below that may be so maybe. That. It's. Pretty. Well and I. I can believe that because those guys are very very good buying angrily that's a terrific breast lump that. Area. It's good choice. For favorite yeah. Thank you for all the info see what. You want you to. Yeah thank you have already done that. One picked up my dry cleaning that is something I do every. Memorial Day it's the food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris. Paulus and Telus which you've been eating lately. Have been forgetting to ask people whether they like crates or potatoes. By the about an hour and half the going had. Had a news. 260. Six the 026018. Lebanese Hartnell and number 260187. We will return more of the food show after first please this hello hello it's the food and show its 105 point three FM. That's that's one way you can look at it it's also the big 870 WWL it's a pleasure being here with you every. Thursday every Friday and only here on Fridays. Saturday and Sundays Sundays it's it's a nice time to be here. As we can talk about stuff that'll little looser. Direction. Let's see where are we Stephen is on the green phones even. You are idiots and clams and multiples. And the unknown element also. Why I was gonna slow pay him. Some. Of vegetables. Or chicken stock. Or caddie at the same on the clamps. You don't love you hog run water through them. And wild wild they're cooking some T you can if you really good at this you can do it while you're cooking you can have the clams. But when you put them or the muscles you either one do pretty much the same thing. You've got the you you've got big. That the shelves in European and you have them the white wine in them well over water you got whatever water comes out of the shells keep it. The strain at first but keep and you can kind of like jerk the pain in a little bit and that will cause a kind of sloshing momentum. Through the open shelves and believe it or not that will take out almost all of the grip that you might find in there they're not as bad as of Gallup say okay of the worst one. Problem with that but the mussels and clams not too much. There are. Have fun here it's the food show. Now there is something we don't see too much around a wallet is clams. They they they're really really popular in the northeast. Almost especially in the Italian restaurant. And very good to. Not as good as oysters if you ask me and Keith is on the green phone here Keith welcome. You don't want to mention Tom. That the problem with your phone system day in the week I tried to call it we couldn't have no I would pick up. Well eight today if what time we use doing business say all five birdie. Or. 334. Yeah we we here's what we do wiest who's the show begins at 3 o'clock. It goes live until. 5 o'clock and then it's a re run. So if you try to call while we're in the re run nobody's gonna answer is nobody there. You're on Ocalan. Mark question. Out a deal for four or actual. Can you give me your view that you feel on the bat and it unpalatable or like. That would be one of all who have very good bat you're. Yeah that is that is the bird the great way to have despite everything I've not that trend to say that you shouldn't have said it shouldn't of brought it up but. The this is. Oh well widely held idea people want to get at a great price they wanna get a great meal mean that makes perfect sense. Of course. And that does show up in the in seafood more than any other place but now. That's on a regular import some some other places that get that done right. The pelican club. The pelican club on it's it's brilliant they do all kinds of things all over the place. And it in their food just has consistently terrific in the and the prices are. You can go in there at certain times of the year and for like sixty dollars get a but a four course meal and it's good stuff. That when comes immediately to my mind. Let's see this is the kind of thing that it's hope it seems like I ought to be it would just spit it out but the that that tell you the truth and he did the think about it. A tell you what next hour. One that we had next half hour even. We can now put everybody on that and see if we can turn up the punch like that point we have some news coming up but also take a look at the tropical storm over here it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you talking about food scene around a while and switches just a great scene isn't it. The man. Where that way all year round to. The New Orleans wine and food experience is going on right now the grand tastings. Either just opened and they just opened just like. Five minutes ago. What that is in case you're interested in new ones have something even more interesting to get through your afternoon. On this is a combination. Of dishes prepared by local ships. And matched up with wines from all over the news of the whole world really. And it's not a sheep. Price but it's not bad either so I think it's a 130 person. It goes on for three hours all of these babies you can get it checked out by going to. The website NO WF he ought. COM com and so it's. That's that's the place you know the NO WSV dot com. And it's it's a nice event you'll run into people you know I guarantee you that and let these people enjoying. What has come out of the wine. Vineyards. And so on of the minds of the ships that mattered suspends its as good way to spend an afternoon. The wine and food experience. There with they called the grand Hastings says they did two of them this year they did one yesterday and one today. They will probably get some arguments from some of their customers upon both things that's where his long it's. That event has been going on. It the people who are running it in the people who was so I'm actually ended. They have all sorts of disagreements about why this was done persuades them that way. Last year the whole thing was about the it's sparse number of traffic. So traffic. The sport's number of garbage cans to throw your trash away we that was true it just block everything. They fix that apparently it was fine with ails goes well worth your time one way or the other the Greek festival is going on also. Right now all of you today all day tomorrow. And it's really fun and Euro. Grenades sort of person and you wanna try some new additions in new flavors yeah with him before. The Greek festival was pretty good it's right on by Saint John where it meets. With Robert. And you can get tickets at the door it's only six dollars. And is all kinds of things going on there. So. Very he would use. Mary welcome to the coach. Yes hello. Yes I was thinking to you when you add the French Quarter of that and it talked about. But they would pick talked about. It was something about slicing onions. As dangerous. Deal call something about law and an outline of the dangers to begin at that thing was that. I don't know what that would've been nice and I haven't talked about that today and know that. At the French Quarter festival. It was about like being wrong and then it the end of that they do they. A way it was being received. Yeah there is there was a line of thinking about this and I'm not sure I. Agree or disagree with that I don't know enough about it. But I have read a number of articles that say. That after you slice it onions or even cut it in half or cut it into quarters or whatever it is if you cut up. On an onion and then you put it in the refrigerator. There is a chance that certain things happen to it and it. It becomes unsafe to eat tomorrow I don't know if that's true. Because you know and I know that we eat a lot of dishes that have sliced onions in them than. I've never died yet but I don't really know I mean I've I've read this several articles about it actually. And the more I read of the more puzzled I am about it I honestly don't know. I'll tell you what let's throw this out to the crowd may be somebody who has a right to an article and we can't find out. What ticket camp and one budget. Well are you while the you know that's my main rule when in doubt throw it out. And tonight I that's the way we live over at my house. We're not sure about something we description and go. And they and they they used to write and then man. I'll ask him about it but it took to let them figure it I didn't put it in the pot of. Yeah well again I tell you if you're not sure it's good just throw it away they're cheap as dirt so white onions and not expensive at all. Our it would nice talk and you thanks for bring and a and it's a little off beat. But that's okay our program AI we sing a few words about. Ranch for boys as well don't talk about. On there is a new development it arranged for boys but in another sense it's the same old story. The same old story is what they have always done since they first opened. Over at. The originally on the on veterans highway. That was gushing 75 years ago like. Any you know what else the guy who started it. Is a guy who went to the same high school that I did in mute and last night we had no where reunions for that okay itself off the off the yeah. The direction so. Anyhow. When you go to Koreans these days you have the one in Metairie which has always been good. You also have the one that's in Kenner. It's on west esplanade on but for 34 blocks away from Williams full point but now you have a third location. And it's a town it's on Britannia street. You know that neighborhood that has several other restaurants in at the the among among them you have the upper line restaurant. There are a couple others steel locked crept menu that's a great place to eat and several other places it's in that neighborhood. And they are doing all of the issues that you have loved to weight eat over the years at brands for boys. And the main thing that they do that makes them stand out is that they cook everything in hopes. They don't get it already cooked they don't give an already frozen or any of that they cook it all there. In the rest and that's why it's as good as it is and they have a huge menu by the way it's not just one or two kinds of four boys that makes a much different. Animals there you hardly know where distort or transport boys. Three locations. The one in Kenner. The one on veterans highway and now on pretend you street just off of opera line. They're open seven days a week clinched launch and what they're closed on Sunday excuse me there every day except Sunday. It's the food showed this is Tom it's more it's a quarter to Iowa. Quarter to the hour moralists and will be back with more of the food show after first if you will this hello it's the food show and this is Tom Fitzmorris then. What I love to do is talk about food and we'll talk about cooking. Talk about going out to eat in restaurants and a love for you to join me in and talk about that altogether but you know some places. That as long as I've been digging into all this stuff I've been writing a weekly column since 1971. But you I can virtually guarantee you that you know but some restaurants are some issues or as some others pleasures of the Pallet. That you could fill my brain with a whole bunch of things that I didn't know so would you mind. A call me up and tell me all about your favorite restaurant. Your favorite dishes that you prepare at home or anything along those lines we wide open for them. Please do ignored. The fact that maybe somebody else was talking about something totally different from what you were thinking of talking about. That doesn't matter we don't care about that you are always welcome to bring up any subject he won here on our program that's what it's here for so. Let her rip tell me everything you know and if you wanna know something that you don't and you have wondered for awhile what the answer might be. Called me and if I don't know somebody listening to this woman you know all this distribution. Of knowledge it's good thing no matter what it is. Or numbers 2601872601. Hates them. I was informed just a few minutes ago. About the the oh gosh it's one of those who have won those words that I care is it's in the jargon and memory and a I'm not jargon. Kinda guide but anyway. Moving right along. There is there's so many different things that you can. You can get your your teeth around I mean literally. And in this keeps on growing more and more and more we of the wine and food experience going on this weekend it's happening it's meant effect these very moments here. Also. The Greek festival is going on and on by Saint John at Robert release so plenty of stuff to do here's what you will find there. They can put together a platter of Greek food for you I don't know what the crisis in recent years it's been some like ten dollars. If it's if it's more than ten dollars don't blame in on me I didn't check. So that's. Just the beginning of that though because beyond that they have all these desserts that the the ladies. Of the community there at the Greek orthodox community. They have been working for months to put together all these these great little desserts. And that's one of the highlights there. This also among the younger and by that I mean maybe in their teens and twenties. Some of these young people who have learned creek dancing and that is something to be holes and Powell. Especially the guys have. The amount of strength that they have to basically pick up though. It's the of the young lady Seward and in the dance to and swinging them around through the government it's just truly amazing just does something to be seen. That's going on all day today all day tomorrow at the Greek festival on property Lee. And by using John and they have a shuttle that takes you back and forth because they don't have a lot of parking right here at the festival. But they do have plenty of it nearby and they haven't. The shuttle bus to take back and forth. Let's go it really a great event don't miss. 260187. Is our number what have you been eating lately we have where have you been going. And have you been satisfied by Iranians. In the in the food that's come by or is some of what you have been getting. Seem a little bit less than what you what you remembered. That's you we configure this so. That the main thing icy lately. Is that we seem to be. Through the chefs anyways seemed to be. Constantly inventing new dishes which is a good thing and now I'm not right away with will I just write that off but sometimes it's at the the loss of some great old issues that we don't even hear about it anymore and that then it upsets me. Although what can be done about it I don't know maybe this is nothing to be done maybe there's no recent award about it but Jerry might know the answer art or somebody else might. Gerri welcome. Very good partner of enjoy challenge. Us where you're at your daughter issues have been lately and you know in a or so ago. Oh did you what was. Yeah well. And mart called me in Serbia. And there's appropriate. You know. Sure you lose yeah. 670. You. Strap. Bought it about. Back until. A bigger and having it. But it could boil area if it's important to America who obstacle so you actually get there. Are trying to. Under dog tradition with a mine blast at grand. Which respect regret at the EU. Yeah. You know it was subsequent news and but he brick red fish mature and picked it up what. Very credit. It. I'll bet you did I mean you had all the great ingredients there. We Wear gym where did you get all this a crab meat in all these shrimp. Well but it metropolis from undermined by. Sure predicts future or a dollar in food and and independent that and oh yeah. Oh. You know target ought crab meat from one local broke to the dish. The Fisher taught at a spring game and broke and my brother John Mayer or. Crop race and news wire. I have but you can handle that paperless Dario I'd like hit the market got we got to hit another button and with call us again. And will be back with more of the food show after first if you will this hi there it's the food show with a system that Morris. We in getting close to the news here band you are on hold I think bin and you there. Weren't we yes hi come on in. I've learned. You know a little about governor in the mount Auburn in the year Morton and just not comparable. Reviews than her current. Onions and cup or log on oh yeah and the iron. In Libya problem there. I don't know what I've I've read a number of articles over the last couple years that say that if you slice onions and then put them. I can't remember where the whether it's said whether they were wrapped or what but they went in the of them. At Indio refrigerator rather. And that some people had gotten sick from that but I don't know enough about it that tell you that that's the news that's and a well this all kinds of all kinds of things that are used to. So hold. All kinds of ingredients for a link the time. Which as well I keep saying over and over again I'd have been looking for some. On the source of this information but I but have read it enough times that wonders if maybe that's that it. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HT. One can or New Orleans.