The Food Show - Hour 2

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, April 14th

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about weather conditions which canceled the French Quarter festival for Saturday. Food topics include finding Vietnamese crawfish, poboys, Italian cuisine, tamales as well as the food lineup at the French Quarter Festival for Sunday.


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Welcome back it's the food show but it's not only the food show today it's the weather show as well the weather is slow I hardly need to tell you about it will get some details on that in just a moment ago when we checked with our experts who couldn't tell us all that. In the meantime you are more than welcome to call us at 260. 1870. And what we talk about here is city every Saturday re usually. We talk about the food seen around town a leaf foods is seen around town has been greatly affected by the weather scene. Because. The French Quarter festival which was to have gone on its third day today was a completely. Postponed. From today until tomorrow they will be back tomorrow and everybody expects the weather will be long gone by then. So. You've got that you still have the the full day tomorrow a stalking and some of the U vendors who our over there. And their little upset because they missed a day of sales. No that's not easily taken but the it's as soon to be going the way in and a bit don't go there today because it's stupid does nothing to him. A goes to go to go to restaurants and who. 260. 6202601878. Call right now you know you get radian we'd love to hear from you but does the food seen around town. What else would we have something else could we have one of our our experts fear ran. Via OK all right our program by the way sponsored by Andre is. Chef Andrea. Has so put a new wrinkle in his menu lately and that I think is added something to the rest front he has for a long time. Donned regional menus for all parts of Italy if you've ever been to Italy. And you approached it in some kind of honest way. You you find that every part of Italy has a different style of eating. From every other. Part of the country that you tried and a lot of people come back from trips to Italy and they say. You know that the food there was just you know I definitely didn't like it because it's not familiar Malloy Boortz that affect. And that's that's the way it goes you know each part of Italy really does have a very different way of cooking and tasting. And that's why you run into that issue on the other hand you can treated as a wonderful thing in and that I think that's the approach to it. Everywhere you travel around Italy gets something new that is delicious. Does some parts of the country are better than others but most of them pretty darn good. Was so chef Andrea has put together a special menu. Featuring. Each month a different. Cuisine from a different part of Italy. And the one they're doing right now is cool yeah PE UG LI a who via. And you'll say wait a minute that's pulled the Leah like the good old grocery store that used to be on the corner reversal line and seeing Claude. Excuse me that's inclined rampart. Good good catch there that's you're exactly right. Julia is how they pronounce and in Italy and it's a unique style of cooking. He's put together a special menu for forty dollars it's a four course menu. Using the dishes from that part of the country which we do not see here very much we are more a Cecile yen and sometimes every now and then. Kind of Mitt Naples style a little bit of that. But you don't see pulled in the food too much around here so you get a chance to do it right now. He is open infect all day long seven days a week luncheon dinner. It's entree is so and they do Sunday brunch to Andre as its Red Cross cause we blew apart from lakeside mall. For a reservation 8348583. Now joining us so we hear on the yellow fallen. It is. Why not sure I know it doesn't say so right here. If if you are if you called listen you we're on hold its use say hello. Hello that this case is IG ace. Yeah is that which you said yeah Jerry Yang ya okay. Question what month it got cold feet. But he lived there ought to know that bill. That your opponent where round vote but that. Yeah they can copper. You're gonna Wear them myself but Barbara. Or odd why don't know of anybody who sells duck fat as is that's the kind of thing. Wherever you find it to give me an example go truce if you go to go truce and have that wonderful aversion. Of the common fear of duct which is what you're working on. But what they do is say it won't know ducks are pretty fat for the most part especially the farm raise guys which are the only ones that they can use anyway. So they are they render off the excess fat. And and they just save it and when somebody orders that fish they actually fry a piece of the dock well ahead for the doc really. In that same fat I heard it if I had never seen it's sold just as he has. There and beer and 00. Sure you can use or bacon fat you can use there. Just just really anything that throws off. To a certain that it doesn't. It's used. Is book you from part. That covers that well. If you use the duck fat that will be better. Because you know you've just said oh have a little more of convergence of the two of the stars and bars are some that it and and that will enhance the dish that's for sure to tell you will never find better than those that the one this toll abut. But I don't know it's a great question and so what do we throw it out there to the crowd and see if anybody listening to us knows the answer to that does anyone know. Where you can go and buy a duck fat just. All by itself without the dot com. So. Maybe we'll dig it up I never can tell are we chose to stomp its porous 260. 187 is our telephone number. And though we are watching the weather very carefully for you I've what I've noticed sitting here in. In the CBD. With a lot of very tall buildings around. IC. That the this kind of a fog. Between here and of the Mississippi river bridge in fact it can just barely see it. And every now and then we've seen a couple of hits of lightning there and then. But there is nothing that in and of itself as disliked coming down in buckets or anything that we haven't seen that in. In the Center City but it might be some of the places you never can tell. Keep your your ears tuned we're gonna keep you up to date on the on the situation out there let's see. I've just been given a clarification. Of that Somali issue. That too we were. Discussing at the end of last hour. There is a tamale product called Mickey brown and Susan is so it's not Mickey d.'s it's it's Mickey brown ones. And this is a sold in to the home you you say bye week. And we we've been told that the other grosses. News you know their many of them in this area. They have them too which got to ask form because they might not just be on display you might be just ask it's only need to do. Man and there you go into it's called Mickey browns just look out for your it is. We will be back with more of the food show after first please this hello it's the food show on 105. Point three FM that's one way we go by. The big 87 he is another we'd love to hear from you but you know whatever you've been eating lately or you're issues with the UN weather today. But he gets somebody's got a little more authority and we have Chris Franklin. From WWL there meteorologist. Hi Chris. CU two Haas how's it going are we getting any better. It really not improving the problem now is that this severe risk is moving away from a so in terms of getting strong winds that tornadoes developing. That risk is gone is that line pushes away now the problem is. Kind of the training of rain where you get these heavy showers to just continue moving over the same place over and over. And we have more development of rain I'm looking at wider look at radar off the gulf. And we got kind of a range she old little be spreading over us through the course of the next couple of hours some. We make it a few breaks here in the air but the rain is not gonna be letting up anytime soon unfortunately no well. That's kind of the way you look for awhile there yeah any any guess that and any specific amount of time you wanna give this. It'll be really until later this evening there is made that flash flood warning for most of the area is an is in effect until 315. Would not be surprised to see the folks at the weather service and maybe extend that. Only because just looking at the radar trans out of that we're going to be dealt with this in the next two hours no it may be more late afternoon evening once we finally start to see more breaks in the rain. And thinks finally settled down by later this evening at night. As someone asked me a few minutes ago but that if the causeway any change on an amendment it all it is open I've just been told now I know. Well what was the short bus that would impress the rain I think once that the real severe risks settled down they finally open the bridge up but. If you're gonna travel around anywhere it we're kind of advising you if you don't have to go to this. And finally the lock is its. It's NAFTA we've had a number of reports of flooded roadways across. Really the entire area North Shore South Shore metro area both Jefferson and Orleans parish and it's just kind of a mess trying to get around be anywhere this app. Go go and I know it you know all right well we by the way we he says have since I heard that the causeway is now open both directions. So very gulf. What thank you very much for sharing all that with us in won't talk to you later maybe not probably area thanks. That's Chris Franklin from WW LTV. And this is topped the morning so lovely to talk with you but food but restaurants but cooking and why are we doing that when we have this all this rain. Focus we just told yet everything about the rain you need to know and it's a slice moving right along with us a little more sluggish in case you missed that. And now we can get back to you know there's the whole issue and if you if you could you can call it an issue. About how we eat here in New Orleans and of phone numbers 2601872601870. If you call right now. Unlike it was a little earlier you you you get right on so what we'd like to hear from 260187. And see what else do we when you bring up before we get going and I still. We in downtown he gets a little darker than it gets a little later in the missile lightning strike in the and who had nothing seems to be helping much down here in the middle of the town. But what do you expect any now let's see calling over here. On our green phone Lehman and amateur we have that. Who do we have here. To do up and up okay just one minute we're we'll know in a second. 260187. He is the telephone number okay John welcome to the food show. Job there. Is young. It. Okay they actually have duck fat that you buy from the those guys that I know I hope they. Did that was. It. Did you say he did well. Yeah went via all right so. You're probably looking for duck fat that's. Yeah. Why do we use a pig and do well there. Are so the southern are you guys are okay and and know what's name in this place again. The Hong Kong market whole line to where you tournament this is over on the West Bank. Yeah OK okay I don't know I didn't think of them but that would be the place where you could get it yet if it if yeah yeah now. Thank you for that and just triggering that memory could say that those guys they have everything you could possibly imagine whether it's Asian or not. There's some really amazed at the the seafood they get in this terrific. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris then over here is Ashley Ashley welcome. Take on how are you won it. Well concerning the death panel so I wanted to call in which you guys know this that the listeners know that problem we have that adorned axe. All no Kidd nets soon we you know there's another store which if you were just conducting a search for something. That would be one of the first ones you ought to look at concede the righty they have the Mets story is really something. Absolutely yeah our motto you know we got that and that's right this is just another at this event we cared via. Owed at least they deploy operate and it's it's one of the best in the world which airs at 999%. An ounce container and that that's all you need to make your coffee. You know what's while wait where's it come from originally. It gets its manufactured and shipped out of New York. OK so weigh eight it has a French sounding name but that wouldn't be the first time somebody's thought of doing that. OK well thank you very much for that I hated that would not have come to me either but I'm. Now we know we know we can you get this dished on that the guy's been thinking about. Absolutely I have a great day. Yes thanks for calling Chia it's the food showed this is Tom Fitzmorris then now we love to talk and you but eating and that's that's what we do we also cover the weather scene as well and anything else you need to know consists of some big gates seven EW WL. And or eat you say Rory Rory. Ferrari Ferrari welcome to the food show. Hi hi I would calling asking if you haven't recommendations. For fried chicken I do what town well. Better there are. Okay acting commuted I mean it's downtown. Am oh well let you know that's that's a long way to go. I I have a few of them for you and they're in different styles but all you know pretty pretty good and all of them share this. Property when you order the fried chicken they tell you you know that's gonna take about 25 minutes. But you don't wanna do if it's already sitting under heat lamp so to heck with that so. Just in no particular order. Fury is breast gun which is right across the highway from door and accept we were just talking about. They they have fried chicken all the time it's a little neighborhood restaurant but that fried chicken is something they're really being gone so that that would be one order and Luke and this is also in Metairie it's on Metairie road in fact the united shopping center. And it's mostly seafood on their menu but they do have fried chicken it's done very top thing in their menu. And it's really good because again they are doing it to order. I find that mr. its restaurants sold two pretty good fried chicken he's got a couple of those around town. And let's see who else who else wells to darom. There are some out there I'll tell you what we will will throw this to the crowd and see what they come up with the and then by the time we're finished you should have a look pretty good list that these. That's. OK well good I'm glad you called. Thank you very much it's the food showed joining us over here on the orange phonies cliff cliff welcome. Well. Welcome to you. And to me to. And do you tip I would like to. Device well to. Two count me. Two Tonys is terrific. It pretty well much the bond do you know this gap Pomona. He makes it yes fair test that merit error. Yeah sol any thing you want to deal with it sit there and it didn't follow this. Spaghetti that I did you and you walked in debt that also. Is so I'm yeah. But to email you know what they do I think better than anything better than all the Italian stuff is their seafood is very good there. They they do a really nice job with that. We have had dud toward what we did. The grilled catfish. He annual awards but actually grow at this debate is now. And it was outstanding. Yup good place this is so and for those who might not know it's good to Tony's they originally. Whereas in the first block of Decatur street in the French Quarter that's where they started now and they opened up a second location. In let's see where I was and I think it. Let's Metairie. And then they opened up a third one and then that's all I know did they know they've I finally move to buck down. And they've been in buck town for quite awhile and and. By the very well on 810. And what do you what is your job truth of these guns. Oh I don't know I'm just kidding I'm kidding. All right. Thank you. It's a food show. I'm Tom Fitzmorris we'll take a little break and check on the news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system and then will be back with more of the food show so stay tuned would you thank you consider food show he had really is 260. 63 Luke 260187. He is our number we'd love to talk if you buy food about restaurants but cooking. And then if you wanna know something about the weather situation you can call us about that too because we are keeping track of it very very closely. But with the help of they meteorologist over at channel four. And and keep listening to as we have everything you need to know to get around the best news that I've heard in the last. Ole 45 minutes or so is that the causeway is back open again which might let me get home but I'm not sure it will because. There are there or this is still a lot of rain out there is what so you never know 260. 187 he is our telephone number we talk about anything having to do with the food seen around town. And we've answered a bunch of those already today. And though we'd love to hear from you if this something you need to know way we have found. Now and Indian space yet. That. You can fine duck fat just duck fat with nothing else attached to a let alone a dark. And you can do this adorned axe and you can get it also at the Hong Kong market which is this big supermarket of Asian food on the North Shore. And so I'm sorry on the West Bank yeah that's that's with that's all about 260. 187. Let's see it's you who who do we have a overhear hallway today if you worry your phone was ringing. That was you. So here you are would mean this is Tom that's Morris who assess. Hello. Have Phelan that's would what would happen well we'll try to catch him in a minute 260187. He is the number of an and let's see what else do we have to work a way around tomorrow. Tomorrow looks like a lovely. Day. They are talking by knowing no problems on the no problems. Getting over. Two with the the festival downtown and it's going to be at the Jackson square and along Walden or park. This is where all of the all of the and pop music is going on over there lots and lots of food vendors. It is a hugely six Toronto organization. As they've been doing it for many years about 26 years I think. And please it's started out much smaller but now they tell me last year. They had the 700000. People. Go to the French Quarter festival. People are coming in from all over the country. Unfortunately they're gonna get a bad taste of a joke from today but tomorrow will be a lovely day and is it it'll even be cool which sometimes it is not life. I've been. Covering that event every year for years and years here on the radio. And usually. The Sunday especially but sometimes the Saturday addition to we get out there and it is blazing hot and we need the with pizza cook who. Dress down a bit. And we're not gonna have that problem this year it's gonna be nice cool there an air conditioned. But it is gonna go all day tomorrow so if you missed not going on note Thursday or Friday he get another shot at it. The food show will be their lives if you wanna stop by and say hello I I really enjoyed meeting our listeners. And just has come over to our table which is on the corner of saint and and charter street that's right across the street. From the from and calm. Murals Muriel son Jackson square in fact a he we may have them pop up on a show lists at some point during this hour. I hope so 260. 187 used the telephone number 2601870. All right now you get right in who's this do we know this is. A natural though in a minute the somebody and hold but. Who who picked we have somebody on all but we'll get to him in the second 260. 187 he called right now you get Reagan our show sponsor today by Peru and poor boy news. Brand spore boys so opened up originally. In 1975. I remember it well I remembered driving by and thinking there's a place. Named for somebody's god father. And then I thought about the fact that my god for my own godfather. Gave me a roast beef pork boy if first I'd ever had in my life when I was about ten years old and I ate the whole thing I thought it was one of the best things I ever eight. And so we had that that pro rank connection and then. Here's season this roast beef pork boy and there's a guy behind the convoy no I went to school with and then and it was him in fact. And then I sat down and an eight the poor boy both times assist both when my Perot was involved in the when not. And they had one thing in common and that is that they were roasting their own beef from scratch making the gravy. Themselves from scratch and it was delicious because is that the freshness of the could cut BP. And that is it's still remains true it's a ranch for boys 3939 veterans highway near Cleary. And then they have another location in Kenner. And that when he is on west esplanade. Just off. Just off Williams boulevard. And they were open though all day long except on Sunday closed on Sunday. But lunch and dinner all day long at. Hunt. But I've I can you keep telling me frank and haven't finished my last century but anyhow. It's the food show and where are we here we. They hear is frank you must be frank frank is that you. You're welcome to show. And met in real and order. Yeah here is what I know about it I've been there about five times. And every time I've gone they've had. A lot of people standing around waiting to get a table every time I've been there it is then completely full. And everybody I've talked to about it says they laugh it. So but I haven't been there 'cause I've I've tried I've tried to get in but he he he you just. It's and it's funny because it's not a real fancy restaurant and all looks as a neighborhood looked and maybe that's what people like about it. And a lot of Italian food in pizza pizza is a big big deal that I know but that's all right now good site that couldn't get him. I. I. Idea I never checked and any of those times but I don't think so we're just looking at the way that's the place is set up but I don't know for sure and no they do a lot of takeout business. So if they'll do that they'll probably do you know deal the deal to. Outlook. Or even I review. Oh yes thank you very much for that because I keep trying to get to every restaurant in town but there are too many of them now so. They'll be nice to. Thank you I hope so it's a show on top that's Morris 260. 1870. Call right now you'll get right in. And I would love to talk with you but what's cooking we've got somebody toasting over here in a minute we'll talk to them in the second. Let's see what else. 22222222222. We will look come back in just a moment after first please that's hello there you are listening to the food show on 105 point three FM HD. One and also on the big 870 WWL and WW Al dot com to. And see where are we care. Mike is joining us well now I think patty was for excuse me let me let me do the right way patty is that you. Welcome to our show thanks for calling on this rainy day. Thank you. I'd like to come and about it art. And I happened to let you get the take is on his. It was in a stock I think they. Expect from you know and we spree com. Because she like the American Italian. Home. He. Didn't pick up. Number on a boat you pick up menu but he's like it's so much that the corrupt cook took action. I. And keep sending it back tonight again at. Him like something. Is really saying. Well good oh when you were there was a busy. It was it would be at its right at the European side. But there. I say it so far. I haven't been able to test two tastier food because every time I go it is just jammed and people standing around outside waiting to get him. However. That calls about the weight when an electric that they edit or me. In about interesting elements it's a whole different deal. But there are people waiting outside good. You know a lot of the like it a lot or. What do they aerosol well that's great news Aminu one of these seats some of it over there and we'll find out the the answers to these what thank you thank you very much that. It's the food showed the stomped Morrison over here is Mike Mike welcome. I. Of course Burton's wallet and it shouldn't it in that little. Bit. You know what I'm gonna go where they sell the role at 138. Million there and be able. And them Jerry Beers either. You want to keep the air and it won't be there summary and that they do think it's more. A more important people. No the first thing is if they take reservations. They're saving it for the reservations. And also if somebody called and said we need a table for six or wariness anything bigger than four. To accommodate that arrest prime has to just set aside that table because. You couldn't just walking in and wait for a table of six to come open and it might not do so for the rest of the evening so the only way they can. Handle that. Is too. It is to set aside enough and these tables and chairs that they can get to these people who have reserved spaces sort of ask for them. And that's really that's it I don't think there's any news to lord it over you kind of quality to it that's. Did Daniels at the dirt error that just. You know we don't it can't do it financially strong and every time ago. And in light of it and and and that the general. And make making a reservation doesn't matter. Aren't open visit preservation are all what is it what restaurant. Are hiking in concur. I don't know that I don't know Chris that's good it's almost not a fast food restaurant it's almost a chain restaurant I'm not afraid to call at that too because it's. It's a little too good to be a chain restruct. They're very. Well this is what happens when you find yourself in restaurants that are really really popular. Hits it. It could be just about anywhere but that popularity thing is something that makes it very difficult to get into certain restaurants. And on battle it out Marianne puncture wound. I think are important when you virtual stranger. Now she didn't have a puncture wound she she she fell down on honor and our hand and she. It if she got a little bit of a little bit of a problem in her wrist. It's getting better little by little. How how concerned are well it's going to be a lot worse than. Well I'm glad you I'm glad you were now pass that along to hire a I'll what I enjoy your time did use. Part time people calling him. All it'd be a record. Bowl so well he still work. Would no one of two us two of the four hours are alive. President from from three till five that's live radio always in the in the other two are. With the repeats of those first two hours. And that she suspended around this air people who might be on their way home at three in the afternoon. But with kids and the Q and kids or may be somebody else in the India car. Doesn't particularly like to hear talk about food I wanna listen to music or something so. It is dead that's the reason we do that is to make this a little more avail. But the under you put pot there and did that aren't there certain. At all laden and briefly. The next more modern day united Umar. Why it's possible I thought about that but there's no rhyme or reason to it some days. We're real busy at 5 o'clock and not busy in all it's 6 o'clock. Or at the very next day it will be exactly the top hundred and I have no idea why if I didn't write a book about it and make money. Oh. My pleasure thank you I certainly will 260. 187 he is our number what did you say Stephen is over here on the go on the blue phone I'd leave let's Ian Stephen. Agent I'll lose. Watching on channel twelve law and Italian cooking show idea of the ordinary. While blond haired lady android actually you referred to that they'll work 22 regions of cookies in Italy. Yeah that sounds about right. Carolina is a region like count me or is that just. Beer would be just an. Sometimes it's one or the other or it can be both at the same time or it could be neither at the same time Mets. The funny thing about it. But there are some wines but the winds in the other foods you know like she sense they were they keep very close track of where they're cheeses come from. And and that's you know the way that works. Yeah and I know that show that she talked about. Why Internet region and she does that well yeah and well. I'm sorry to do this to you but I gotta stop in and break call back if you woman and delve into this more. More of the food show coming in just a moment after first police that's hello there it's a food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. We're coming up to the news break and we will we will break for a dimension that. And then will law also when we come back we have a very thorough. Weather report coming to assess from Dave Cohen bed then we have another. Of from a different perspective. From. Chris Franklin may be a bit. He'll tell us what the situation is with then developing weather. All of this here on the big 870 WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL FM HD one. Can our New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.