The Food Show - Hour 1

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, August 18th
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about "smothered potatoes", dining in Metairie and the "Coolinary" menu at selected  New Orleans restaurants during August.

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Hello there it's time for the food show guess what we talk about no that's not quite there yet you're getting close. It yet that's it that's it exactly we we talk about eating. About food about cooking but grow in your own food about. Dinners that you have a long time ago. In fact about just about anything you can think code that has some kind of connection with the eating and drinking that you do on any normal day. And we we never seem to get tired of this. Programs than on the year four of that over thirty years. And does so far no sign of being cast out into the garbage heap. Well there was 10 well our will will take a look at that later. A lower number is 260187260187. And though we're going to be here for three. Hours and lots of time to get in here and tell me where you've been eating what you thinking of any upcoming. Dining that you have coming your way or are you just into. The way did the casual side of the restaurant business seems to be taking over. Because you like that as a lot of people do. Go out to eat and one to do it not necessarily on the cheap on the sleazy either but because. You can now. Eat very very well at them very affordable price. In restaurants that don't have really any excuse me anymore and the formality at all. Which is an interest in. Vogue coming these days in you know. Been talking about it. A good bit and we've been learning a few things but anyway my main point is. If you have anything on your mind if you ever eaten anything good in your entire life. If if you have eaten a few few grown it. Sport or wrote about it for that matter. Call us and tell us about it because a lot of this lives on. That the varied issues that we were eating say 2030 years ago. Most of us are still leading those things and it's not boring because we never get tired of eating our own food. Whenever anybody asks me what's your favorite kind of food. I'm always have the same answer my favorite kind of food is New Orleans food and always will be but that's you know the cunning guy. 260187. So. If we can I tell you if you. Have ever in your life and a good dinner no matter where it was no matter what you pay for it no matter what anything. I'll call me and tell me about it if you had a dinner that was completely boring who's neither good nor great nor bad nor awful. Or not even in the direct middle. Oh what we will talk about that too because it's so much of it out. 260. 187 in the pro is the way the program. Works around here just from an operational. Standpoint is that. We start off real slow as you can tell them right now. And then as the program goes on we get busier and busier in tow always on the end we have. Two or three people were. Waiting for a an opportunity to go on who we didn't quite make the cut so close call as soon and would love to hear from 260. 187 he has so that's that phone number now what I would really love to do is to have. Is to have you or anybody else who happens to be listening. Call in with something interesting to that person and tell us what it is and just fill in the gaps. That's what I'd like to do but for some reason. One of these days I'm gonna write a book about this sin and have a real loser. It yet is. I feel like I have to give you a specific kind of question to answer I don't know why I feel like that but it's something that I do feel. And today's but we have few people on hold but today's. Is. About neighborhoods. This is a city of neighborhoods. And where were cut up into the smaller and smaller pieces all over the city. I have lived in a bunch of neighborhoods in my life. And maybe you might. You know be convinced that that's because who would want me nick with a next door room but anyway. It so we have a lot of neighborhoods. And I just just for the heck of it beeped while I was waiting you come on the air here I made a list. From what I thought would be. The most interest in neighborhoods I've ever lived in in terms of the kind of food and wine and everything else that you would find in that neighborhood. So I may I ask you what which one would that be for you for a for you what's what neighborhood in town has been the most delicious the most enjoyable. In all the years you've spent in New Orleans. You don't have to talk about that I am not even you know in any way putting them as a requirement of calling us. Will listen to you on absolutely any subject whatsoever even remotely connected with food so just go ahead and do what you might get a recoil from me. Mix he is here however Nancy welcome to the food show. Here on Noah. I sure. A cap and I'm sure arm. We went there by the news in. Our armed I have not here that we went out there is much better. Martin and you change it in and out. You don't. Sit down. Well. Here's here's the main. Thing going on there whenever you have a month. Even though no matter how long it's now. If they moved. It's like starting over again with a brand new. And a new restaurants are never a good. I. Typically stay away from newly opened restaurants for about six months or more I just you got to let him find everything. Because they're not going to be able completely. Copy what they had in the old place than it's than have other differences. Instead of the salt and pepper mixture being over here it's over here and every day. The chef does that 200 times going to the wrong one you know and and little things like that can who if you look and that's I. That I haven't been there yet as it's too soon. She is so good. That I don't think you in the sees something just sit there and and rot away that they are. That family in fact they have a number of Italian restaurants around town and I've always thought there there really terrific like the folks those guys. Metairie yet that's their sister over there at. Yeah you didn't know that I didn't that's when I'm here for. Yes sir. A and only I think. Doesn't that number this election gore out the equipment at work in menu well at that it is good that the U the I I play. I can very much promise you that that's all it is it's just the change from point a to point B and that'll work out the award on. What's the name of this restaurant in my dad used to be the bookkeeper. In that building along time ago. Are. That they really nice job they've been at night Bart I think by airing. And what do you call the harassment. I read yet that's when I thought marital little flick in there and if I'm wondering if maybe they'd change one letter of the the deal okay yeah that's a great yeah they got into you. By it's the food show and then joining us well this is great we're starting off with three ladies and wrote Sheen welcome. Yes and we're talking about new Beijing might cat or. Again. What do they are which are without one time. On the charm are not call in. Law Pinto is you know I vaguely remember that but I don't remember any details where was. I think it was walk her child care. On the shore boy. Yeah. In the way you call shall vote. Whoa hold me feel that we're up wonderfully for sure. Yeah it. Well I can tell you where to get that if you're interested in that dish that that was something that was in a whole lot of new oil investments over the years. It's called the seafood boat. Oh and and anyway the play if you wanna see. If it's if you can really remember it's a bistro Orleans is the name of the restaurant you're at. Who west esplanade. Right off of causeway boulevard and they have those they don't make him in with shrimp oysters. Catfish or all through all of that in one. And the whole loaf of bread they hollow it out. They put some garlic better on the inside they fry the the seafood they don't that in near the put the top back on and here you go it's enough for about fifteen people know make it up but to. Or three. It's you. Know a lot. That we went. On a regular war. Mean penis. Most who who has. Yet there. It is very. And it all the and it urged. The river Shaq you know you. I've never been able warm up to the river Shaq for some reason. But a lot of my friends did my might my daughter who is. In her twenties and and a sharp looking well dressed lady. She loves that place and I don't get it but okay. And you're in Ottawa. Now you know all we. Well with good reason until this it's. But though you know wind I mean it's certainly feels like a New Orleans places no doubt about that. Or you're on could be bad but there on the help you know only at all. Yeah that's really cool. Thank you for for calling us always nice hearing from the call us against them. Michael is joining us over here on the orange phone Michael. Yes it's. The question. Is watching a video on plate lunches at a Lafayette. Action and what gentleman's. It was talking about lager the Cato. And he says is to try obligated to reach arms and day. And I don't smothered and at to fair kind of the same thing you would you have rights Beers you know much milder the trade. I would what I know about it is that if I were in some sort of contest or some sort of expo. And you said OK Tom you are challenges to make some smothered potatoes. I would go up there and I would make some of what would pass for most people as at least a pretty good copy of smothered potatoes it's one of those things that if you have five people make it's you'll get five totally different things. But that's that's basically all I think you've already kind of nailed it who went basically with the crawfish. Eight to pay or of this smothered crawfish. You you have this layer of of a lot of really juicy kind of stuff that the bottom and it and that's what. Cooks with the steam not so much with the actual heat coming through the liquid but the steam is what does the trick. And I'm betcha that that's a story with a contagious for you this probably a good bit of blood or something like that in there. But. If you what restaurant closes. It was one of the plate lunch places out of Lafayette did well remember that name the Buchanan. I don't I don't get over to Latvia's enough to beat on that but we do have huge number of listeners to lose here. And somebody might know and will see we come up with but does this in a lot of cases. You have to just. Use your instincts when you're putting the recipe together something like this is too simple to just you know. Each each and grand you'll hopes all that time just go. Blooming now it comes out. Okay well under management were approximately. Went I'm sorry I think ultimately we wait hold. All the old and a I have to put you on hold just for a minute there who's things clogged up or we'll be back with more of food show. After first if you will that's hello there you were listening to the food show and I'm Tom Fitzmorris and it's great to be here review every. Every Saturday and every Sunday we have both covered through this weekend I think. Who will be here today until 3 o'clock tomorrow from a one until three on insane amount and frequency. Outlets he Janice's waiting for us over here on the yellow phone it in Janice welcome. Him right. Actually yeah it it's important that by the that played. So goes all right. Yes ethnic at stake are. And you get sick. Is much hanging on by. In the and you put in. And eat it that aware of law at and other all in to the raw potato. Are you bought the native app currently and end or at. A bat and it is not done. Well now apple and I'd get sick and weak hair say they are. Yeah and it's a simple mission no big deal but it's one of those things that's allowed better. You know when you heated than when you hear. Talking about there while you're doing it. On an oh what the guy who called to who started this who started this conversation. He actually had a pretty much all figured out lethal lose everything that needs to be in there and it's. And you just do need enough liquid there to keep everything kind of from stick in. I aren't in and night you could. It. If you don't it'll stick to the bottom of the art. But. You know I immediately and her mom grew up with not saying you know and separate. And oil and dictated in what they. In Amman in the and I thought you we're. I act if but the propagated in the minor and they'll get there other yeah well out. If if that if it's good when it comes out of the pot than it's good. Sorry you need to worry arc. Right that's thinks about thanks a lot for sharing that with us now you welcome. Yeah see it's the food shows Tom that's more it and Donnie is joining us over here on the great phone Donnie welcome women. I'd down low you. I'm I'm having swelled and he. Buried aria. I have been born in New Orleans follow up oh. But he felt. Marine equipment. Are recalled equipment didn't mostly for the saints. At some time. And on them confuse okay. But I that's what I did. And I have. But my pre war. And I'll look it's still there but it's been awhile. And but I know that the Katrina. And got a call at. But my favorite grass not on it and it ought to get a baby what Tony Angelo. Oh well Tony Angela sub got good news for. Mr. Tony passed away of course is capturing Moscow and then. As family was looking at reopening the restaurant but the thought that the lease was a little too more expensive in the they decided against and then somebody else came in and took it over and then. They re opened in and in a funny way and it it's too long of a story for me to tell you right now but if I can put you on hold. I'm gonna put you on hold and when we come back we will finish the rest of this. Cause it's a that's a question comes up every week all right let's listen to the theme leading into the news from CBS it's the food show on the big 870 WWL I WWO 105 point three FM. And Lou who right before we took the break for the news update that we were talking to Donnie over here and we didn't quite finish news. Fresh and so was Donnie your back still there. We're we're. Should we would talk about two. All yeah yeah here's what happened. They they. It would the place was bought by somebody else who is putting a much or who has put this it's all on the Neitzel its full most of the time. A different menu really not the same food that Tony Angeles at all. Our I think it's actually better yet ask me but. The the what they the people who had been working with mr. Tony particularly a couple of nephews of he has. They way they have been working there for years of the knew what all the recipes word how to do them. So they opened up a restaurant serving that food it's called nephew and the PH EW nephew. It's on west Metairie pretty close to homo boulevard. And if you wanna go check it out you know the you know ye this it is. Packed all that time so get a reservation before ego the name of the place is nephew and it is Tony's it is Tony's food. I think you will agree once you try and they are little Lola. Yeah irregular tried giving and then afterwards if you got time giving your report and what you thought. All yeah they probably are. They had more regular customers almost anyplace can become everybody loves them. There are walk out Sprint Cup. Would eat. And we don't you just walk this week that it does this thing he aegis. Sea me. The and he would you small portion. Of the all adds to the there was apparently not at that time. You know you are going all but they won't get. And it was about. In you know. You can get into a billion and a if you step things like oysters Rockefeller noise is yet bill on his menu to him and it was all it was a terrific place. We'll listen gold there and give me your report after you go I think you'll be pretty happy. This is the food Schoen Tom that Morrissey and Phil is over here. Yeah fill it up a one sorry that. Some time as high road. Show. This. Grow. It is. It's coaches think so I think that's the best hamburger in new ones. It was funny but could you talk about that chip at that restaurant. A couple weeks ago and it has gone up recommend it to you that he would be much. I don't. Yeah. At. 20 and they put. Me on on saint Claude. It's gone up and that was it goes directly as it is is obviously the strong and it's unlike most. It was totally sure. I I thought I remembered but it couldn't remember where it was but the I'm I'm sure you're right in Frisco bail. Out of that yeah. It just the opposite end. I do things out of neighborhood restaurants special. And up and caught an expense that you know and replaces is on top sports. For Jews. At the greatest should. Who directs the whole project is good as before always goes. Lot of good food but it quite ought to. End. The its. It's like. That one that we. Those players. On October a user called him as a I'm at the stoplight ago. The. Don't you don't has been around for a really long time I remember when I was a kid I used to bicycle up and down the Levy all the way to law. To live to the floodgates and I had a bicycle that this you know you have nothing to do when that's what you doing but. I remember that they were there back then and that would have been in the 1960s. So. That. It is pretty good but I never have been there you like it. It took good at such a group that we're. At a pretty. This watch them because they're. A soldier in. A group. And that. Don't. Be. Able. Well thank you very much for that Kazaa that we would have been beat our brains for awhile the through. Figure that one out because that was a kind of obscure place but I do remember now used to everywhere at once. What think you thanks for dropping him. This is food show one Tom Fitzmorris. Ando. We are talking about food as we always do in restaurants and cooking. And we're not limited to cooking you know if you if there are a lot of people who call us like the guy who wanted to Figueroa do smothered potatoes. On the other hand we have run the restaurants of the city. We talk about all of that everything in between we have the good ones the bad ones the ones that are across the street from the ones that are cross town. We cover the entire. Food scene in New Orleans and we're not sure if it's gonna work out because it's only been on the year for thirty years and so there's that. Anyway I made up a list here. These neighborhoods that I have lived in I've lived in more than. On that your arm maybe I'm just. Taking glory from the it's not that it sold much of it. On but as some of the neighborhoods that I've lived in and that I thought were among the best places in terms of what you can get to eat. Probably. This may affect almost certainly number one on the list would be the French Quarter lived in the French Quarter for about three years back in the media. Middle 1970s. And when you live in the French Quarter. First of all you never cook anymore. Because there's just like one restaurant after another up and down every street in the quarter. And you just get used to doing that but you know that's right up my Alley so it worked out great. Then there was there where the restaurants I've I've lived in mid city. On several occasions. But in different parts of it. Like at the very end of Ambien pills streak there right where this is a cemetery right there about a two blocks away from the bugs spoiler. I lived there for a while in a really great house I wish I had bought that house it's still kicking myself over that. But it it was that weren't very many neighborhood restaurant or any kind of restaurants right around here. But you could just jump in the car and goes someplace very easy. And you would also. Just start looking and you would find sooner or later but but one of the really one of the closest restaurant. To that one was. When the end of yeah and bill street. And it was in mid city it was a mean Venus men dean is who had it was just go in and blown by those. Those times it was really favorite. Our number is 260. 187. Call us right now when you get right in we've been busy already. All right who we sponsored by today we're sponsored by Koreans or ways. Brand for boys I don't know if you know has opened up the second location they are now. Ian. In the city there in uptown. And it's not quite as big a restaurant as the when they have vote on veterans highway or the one even that they haven't Kennard just off. Chests just off of the Williams boulevard over there. But the new one is in a location is very handy for especially for people who live uptown. It's all on upper line while just across the street from a pro line a street on pretend. And they have all the poor boys and they have a lot of the daily specials that they do is well. The four boys will will prove to you as I've been trying to make that point for a long time. That they cook everything in house a lot of poor boy shops just by an already done and they put it in a rapper and that's it. You need to do it from the scratch you need to do the gravy from scratch and the beef has to be cooked just right. And then you get that classic roast beef pork boy takes and then do all kinds of four points to this is. The big guys. Who run. Of rents for boys. You know there are open every day except on Sunday closed on Sunday that they're now open straight through all day every day the rest of the time. The food chose to 60. It's 63 note to a 60187. We'll be back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this hello they're I've come to Taurus hits the food show nice to be here with you talking about eating. Restaurants cooking all this if you all have something on your mind Richard nurture it fits the show callers forget about that we've and we want you and we love you. And here's merry. Mary welcome thanks for calling. And and I now I I'm not eerie. Money eagle eat out and more violent it can count on now that strategic options and then one. Again like objections. Shell. I'm writing my brother in years. And I try to get here at what one excuse after another. That. Calmer on the route show. I Antoine. Culinary watched rush. Doing my part in a year part question how that. China in Q1 you don't want in battery wanna be in and the quarter. They win. All my war he warned stall inside and I do that and world. And he at which. Point your problem mentally you're like that for. I am like we bought that yet. The ranch chicken breast and I went out and say simply because like I sub in 08. Maybe acted like come now. And I'm really wanted the job but anyway I'll say that for another day another relative of it anyway. There and they. Like putting. Your hand and a different but it my commitment and probably. And he and he lived up the Nazi and ease. Familiar with Albert. But it. He would never. And he had never eaten. This check and see what fried chicken. It like intimate he would never ever eaten. Such good chicken before he offered repeat to me that you re ignited outweigh remarkable life right now. And not take that match and UK. Japan. Thank you do. Have a place when my wealthier. County town. Yeah hatred and my. Email like that. You know anywhere I want you know tell all I. I think Cuba hit the home run there when you talk about and once you're talking about a real restaurant you know they date back to 1840. The first restaurants of any kind didn't really appear until 1820s so this goes all the way back to the beginning of just what harassment is. And I love it it's my favorite restaurant I go there and any chance I can get. Well I'm very. Accurately that you're brought it and lot oysters and eat on match like that I had tried a different way can't get that and that's playing you know you know. I'll I agree with that will listen thank you very much for sharing that will be back with more of the food show in a moment after first please this blue point one of his date today we're moving right along Lionel is so we hear calling on the blue phone. Lionel. You are indeed via. I told you that. My computer wrong. Well anarchy. I don't control the furniture in your own horn you know when your own house. I would do commercials with. The point is. I get them to leave the war in ago. And I'd. Brought there. But everything. Could it tastes like other. Isn't this. You know. Cook and partner. Yeah I don't have to recoup the border if you. Have you tried to have you tried. Telling him he's OK I want this but don't don't put any butter. And and you don't put our differently anyway. If that happens. Then and send it back in and alum you know I asked for this without letters so and it's clearly bilateral. And then keep doing that until late they finally Cuba. And and then they'll open that's. You know I don't know hollows that handles them. You know the I. You know do it too and I think jokes with. Well I think the news that the solution is very clear just tellem. I don't want any butter of any kind anyway in this and I'm gonna send it back and not pay for it if you don't do it that way. Or go to some new restaurants. Hey listen I'm running out of time so who think about it some more and call me after that Tony we got a couple minutes here Tony welcome. The Vietnam. I was fortunate enough to work at the Lakefront airport. For a number of years in the eighties. And you've been locked part of the namely have been listing date for so long. Q yeah I really enjoy your show. People that have not only. And this area. Just do not know what we have here. Yeah that's for sure I mean ago most people don't understand even the concept of a cuisine which is the kind of food that is cooked and served in Eaton. In that part of this of the city or the world you know. And then that's that's what we need to do. Exactly live bullets in Mississippi now and listen to me every Saturday and they countered that it now has good. Got a lot part of the family enjoy your show shall. That's nice thank you very much I mean if I had more time I talk to you longer but do we got to the top of the hour and and it's time for me to say good bye just for a few minutes and we're coming back. We have another two hours of the food shall Roland along here. Hope you will will return after we get back from CBS they Columbia broadcasting system and then. And then we will. Get penalty carrots so WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one Kenner and New Orleans. The news is next from CBS and then will resume the food chose stay tuned thank you.