The Food Show - Hour 1

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, July 21st
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about codfish, whole flounder, dry aging beef and coubillion.

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It's the food show. Coming to live from the cool what do ranch on a not so cool day infected blistering hot out there when I was so on my way. A crosstown last evening. My car thermometer was running up to about a 106. And I was headed over towards west and where my daughter was waiting for me we have. Dinner over at the new for from pizzas. That has opened up Albright they are on the ones on canal. And though we were gonna go there and have dinner together she was they're already. And having a good meal so far but. You could not get close to it. By the time I was there. Adjust by a combination of every parking spot in the area. Was taken in that wouldn't be that big a deal except yesterday who didn't wanna go walking around in a 104 degree temperatures so. It's definitely out there and I guess you know that already booked him but I'd read eatery it just in case you needed to do that. Our number here is 2601872601870. Here's the concept that the program we talk about food. That's it I mean really that's the the end of the line for that. And that's all we do is talk about restaurants. We talk about cooking we talk about going to the store and buying. Great looking or great sounding lawyer is playing great. Foodstuffs that you can bring home and cook your own way. Into something really great to remember a long time let's hope you know wants he can never tell when you're makes up and really delicious. There is some a couple of friends of mine. Every time I see them I haven't seen them though I mean not not regularly. In about 25 years but he always ring. To any conversation I've ever had with them. Down to a couple of words on the subject of oysters some broad ship which is nothing more than a skewer. Upon which you put. So Mo oysters and then you you fry it and you had a little bit of brown butter sauce and you have something is very easy to make. And very impressive to serve to somebody but anyway. Back then I was in my twenties they were too and here we are after all these years was still talking about those same oysters on the stick. That I cook for him whoa long time ago. Which shows how easy it is to establish a reputation if that's something on your mind. 260187. Or use our telephone number at the beginning of the program. We very commonly don't have a whole lot of people are kind of builds up as the program goes on. And so if you were thinking of calling up with something that's news you have in the settled for one great way or another the embassy called. All right now be a great time it's a 6260. 1872601870. I have one more thing to say before we go into the mainstream of the of the radio program. And that is on this past Wednesday. This program. Which started to way back in 1988. Is Oreo that day was celebrating. Thirty years I've been doing it. Imus who that feels good that it must mean that I'm still alive which I'm always glad to hear. A 260. 187 he's our number. It looks to me assuming that everything is working properly that. Jennifer is on hold over here on the green phone I think. Jennifer's that you. Good I'm glad you called thank you for European area. They keep our head in the N I have eight shall. Not if you're related or that you might actually. Are a non food related story. All well its long eases some kind of connection doesn't have to be much of a connection by the little connection. We acquire that okay. So act one know that. When he and three are free agent after oh. I'm watching the game but he really accurate. And electric. You know. And it happened that day and hurt you a lot. And what you read that. Still there. He. And people click. On it and a yeah I mean if Iran. And mean. That's that's an every day I got here but just to bring in around what have you eaten today or yesterday. Absolutely it's quite get it charitable a lot. Of wrecked. Of the awful alert it will work. But it. Are coming up into the barrel at retract. Happy and you know. I'm very very happy to see that they are back in business again they've been close rebut what the last three. In thirty years maybe. It's been wounded. That. Maybe not like that. Those who don't know. Raw data it that this is a restaurant called the well why minor thing Q you just told me with barrels. Yeah Barrow shoot eighty yen was holding them placed its a mistletoe street right before you cross over into Jefferson Parish on airport boulevard. And the barrel family which goes back to the 1940s. With the air for a long time and they basically only had one thing on the menu. Fried catfish and that was the best fried catfish. I've ever had in my life and I haven't been there yet since they reopened because I hear the lines of very long gave him and that's easy to understand because. I'm not kitten this is the great great. Cat fish bowl time it's fantastic. You you get to meet a Palin well that too but it's really good and hopes lemonade there won't let them. Wow Google began I had yesterday it would really good about it I Acker it. And and app I'll be there at the Arctic night. If you can be difficult to repeat pre prepared and we what happened and it. Mean it's gonna wanted to marry EPA. You know it. There's only one thing that is negative in my mind about that in its that. On Billy Barrow is no longer with us he got hit by car crossing the street. Right in front of the Richmond is from out of nowhere. And oh boy that's again that's an and I have this he will it aside from running good statement. He was a very Smart man years right out I always like having conversations with him. Well. Think what they pay. You. Mean they do it just can't add bad. And at the moment so. He UK well. And Albion that medical. It. Well thank you very much nice to. Yeah see it's the food show on top it's more with arrows she you know you more by Tom another guy named Tom this year. I. I'm the only. Or Ryan to. I called all. I'm we'll move on now like the plate anyway I want to go from a player the other day. And pop up while while Jolie when you Pickett a plan option. But he has the black today where the better it is true. Go. All of a pilot who once got. Another thing that they do feel like the data. I'm not sure why should little bit of life and you know throughout life and cook picture he's Greg Crowe. In a while. Almost and they could be gala then put bill what about three days. Only a and they're in the openly and the battered to. You know. Order a lot the back up. Yeah as a gesture of people they. On know that sounds pretty darn good basically you have pun aides who make planted pollinated plan does not affect money to anything is pretty darn delicious if you ask me. So are there wouldn't pay you wouldn't have me you know running away from your table serving that that's that's pretty nice so so. You know what I ago. Ice off and you thank you very much it's the food Schoen Tom it's more as we role hadn't talked to Diane. And are welcome. We are gentlemen Colin you any extra cots there. I don't need or use the program and Latin and can't cod fish this week and it's 89. Getting. Don't know if that's not too bad. I don't know I. Cod fish to me it just is is no. Detectable flavor at all and it it's about the only thing that I think is worse. Is. What's that fate of fish that they get. Out of the Pacific. OSHA no. And Communists and a lot to floppy that's the one to lap. I gagged office. Yeah I knew that the hand and your show it looked. Like. And dimension. Well or thanks where the report anyway. Yeah see it's the food shows this is Tom that Morris that's great to be here were you talking about food restaurants cooking wine. As we proceed into our 31 year the program and will be back with more of that in a moment after first if you will this all area welcome back it's the food show on 105 point three FM HD. One. And it's Tom Morrissey here we are talking about the food scene around New Orleans. What have you been eating these days what's what's delicious there has the heat. Altered your tastes. And we would imagine that it would. But the funny thing is that there are a lot of hold issues then served out there. Which don't get off the ground particularly. Even that this hot hot time of year because that the queen might have a bias against eating. Cold things and really cold things you know would be you it's one thing to serve. A muffle that with everything at room temperature which is where I think it ought to be done at least from my case. But then again is that something that should pop up. All over the place you know we double some wonderful cold soups that are parts of our cuisine. That are very good. About a week ago when notes and bills plantations in Covington. And they have this soup of the day. Vicious ones that she's once it's made out of potatoes. And leaks. And it's served cold and now often with great elegance and you can get that and blue crab meat to a you can added by. Adding on. Some. All other. She easy like in ingredients for example little bit of blue cheese in name in. One of those cold soups is really remarkable. But there's plenty of it out there and nice things to try. But whatever is on your mind is good enough for me give us a call and tell me where you've been eating what you like to eat what's missing in your diet Torre you know way. Let's talk to John he is here on our blue phone. I. Bought our question do you. Brush on a bush that so low. So what are just the whole. And it's a little hard defiant north sure. It's true Steve anything comes to mind there are a lot of months out through much yeah. You know where I think the first place look would be on me and bills seafood. Which is both a wholesale retail. Finish purveyor and they've got no everything's completely raw hole and you could buy that and then bring home cooked it. But also on the other side of the place they have a restaurant is well full service restaurant. And I'll bet you if you ask them to do the whole flown before you might suspect that they probably will call him out. You know. All right enjoy now at him. He later it's the food showed this is Tom Morris it's great to be here with you talking about food by restaurants but cooking. And everything else that's. That's what we've lived for around here will introduce you by main. Who the cousins. Duet the family it's a guy and his girlfriend. Or or a girl and her male. Well it's not their cause they're not cousins let's put that way Jack and Alison content cousins. They're husband and wife of course. And once they started doing a bunch years ago was that they were going to the farmers' markets. Of which there were several on the north sure that's where they're living at that time and the came in. And on. They were selling. Various kinds of items that it would it came out of creole tomatoes the most impressive of which. It is a salad dressing strangely enough that's made with. Creole tomato dressing with that creole tomatoes. And a little bit of a vinaigrette sort of background to it but not a whole lot more than that everything in it was fresh. Right out of the box right off the planet and in some cases. And they would put these out. And all of a sudden as soon as the word got out that this was out there. They started selling huge amounts of it and in fact they were in the supermarkets. All across. The country really and virtually any place you would go any grocery store on this side. And they are they were doing it then they're still doing it. And it is a terrific. Product it does have to be refrigerated because it is fresh start to finish. The creole tomatoes salad dressing well that's in the jar but you still you find it India. In the produce. Section and with the refrigerated produce section. Anyway. If you've seen anywhere by a bottle of that and see if that doesn't move you were you in you can make it not only good salad dressing out of the but you can use it as addressing on. Sandwiches. And salads and all kinds of other things. So there York cousins. Salad dressings it's available in supermarkets throughout the entire city. And along comes Mary over here on the green phone Mary welcome to the food show. I have. You. Much they. Eat it costs image you can at all. What that factor is different from any other surface. And I I do detected today. Even though I'm 71 years old ideas rejected. The eye on the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal and then they really know how to cook it. And I heard about it all my life on violence. I. And he used the when he was the child and I live in Brazil and I ate a lot of fears bear. And I'd go by the Portuguese. People and I'd put it temple quite possible. But when I I want to that article. A festive occasion I'll look at one of those period financial recipes. That it is now and then I don't Campbell and we'll. Try not to touch it I'm not wild card them. But I unite ethnic third block out eat it but I try to avoid otherwise. Yeah that's like feel to it immediately I got our. Don't wish. No it's not that there in terms of late but the you know. We don't need to worry about that too much because I didn't seem to Latvia very many places in the you are the only way you saw its RO. And I and why did it I think Lou but is there not saying I simply. I'm might get a little piece that I really not a lot the end of the band but can't then. I mentioned Mac well all my. Oh were no met coral is a different story cod fish. Cod fish has not been going on for me but but. The the other issue just mention that that's got some real flavor hey listen. I've hit the news of got to go and don't call me back a few once more. It's the food show will be back after we check at CBS see what's going on the food show I'm sorry and then it's nice to be here we are you talking about food and stuff. I'm a giveaway some. Food related items in the on an hour from now maybe sooner. Michael is here on the blue phone Michael. It. Users triple. Throw grew close. There are. We're here where they're very open. Berkeley programs they can bring. Yeah that's that's what I've heard of them in the air yet but that's when and his stances. That throughout you've been there might try it one note if you. Doing the right way and it's your garbage so Karl. And not yet I I'm I'm a big believer in not going to bring into restaurants is too many things at the area even for some stuff like hamburgers. That they they don't quite get right at the beginning and service also knows it's the last thing come along. I mean that they haven't been open long and that steel recent but I'll tell you what if you can keep on listening if anybody out there. Has been to what's the name of the again I'm not sure now. I'll tell all yet Desi Vega run okay yet Desi Vega. Is one of the partners in mr. John's is steak house which is I think the best steak house in the city certainly one of the best. And does so up but they took that over in native though little high class of hamburgers which can be done its then it is very possible. But I don't know that the route but it's a great great question will throw it out there and see if anybody has been. But there in a little here. Our permanent. You know thank you see here. That's. This is though over by the lakeside mall moralist over on the suburban street side. Unless a mistake you know pinks. Or weight they didn't have another location in our hands. No yeah okay is that where it is. All okay I've then I stand corrected. The watch still close. All case that's still going. Anyway. That's. That's out there or something else new to try. It's the food chose trumpet marks. Our program is sponsored by. We grill. And that just in the grill but the real. There was a time when grills were followed won't all over the city. I can remember that was when I was at she started writing about restaurants it was upon all I could afford. He used to go to these little grills. That were all over the place in some most of them serving hamburgers. They would have a a countertop. And all the cooking was done on one side of the countertop and all of that eating was one on the other side. And probably the most famous of these was the Camellia grill which is still around and the inspiration. Of that. Has turned into. Grill. And here is what you fine if you go there the first thing and if you're in the mood for a burger you're in luck. His hamburgers. I think it may be the best hamburger in town at least in my tastes. And ice I've said that by probably about fifty times already on the year. And so far I've only had one person really take issue with me on that. And most of the rest of say well you know I went in it was good but maybe not as good as you say tumble that's all right that's close enough for me. Well anyway give it a try if you haven't been there. It's more than just workers. They mix and witches of just almost every imaginable kind and it seems like they invent three of four new Windsor everyday. They also have lots of good salads and and be nice collection. All of daily specials you know how good those are. Around town and you find little neighborhood place and they. Newser viewed on Tuesday's. Uga liver and onions on them at Thursday's its stake day you know all accounts. I have a weakness for it. Anyway it's. The grill. And it is on veterans highway. But two blocks before you get the causeway boulevard on the late side veterans. And it is immediately adjacent to trader Jews. It's that big news shopping malls around there you'll find. They do breakfast lunch dinners every day. And quite a busy place it is too. The grill. It's the food show and Nazi over here on our yellow fallen it is Billy Billy welcome to the food show. Every job might go a cubicle. Let's go go prop that will be I don't know but I there's so or vision fraud caught fish problem. That group. All graphical quote all cut all. Durban. Why are shall. Drop or why retribution. And I was wondering. How much prepare. All of or should leader Leo Audrey. Well gosh. Life I never go do things that whale always go by temperature it's going to be more exacting. But. Look at one ordered. Temperature opposes it could be you dial. Yeah I think it probably take Q I. Thirty minutes late because. I mean but what you rule businesses to differently Michael BR what is with the ruling okay. Why did that Golan and you got some pretty good heat on that and then and we had a lot of other ingredients at that point and then had to go. Low and slow. Or under broiler. Less than half an hour it is might instinct. Obama administration is. Without. You know post. It. Oh gosh when that all we we we that's a whole different story there it's. I would wave. You know unit even remotely thinking about doing this is awful finish. You're or you are okay let's. That all the rules. Art have broken because what you're trying to do the Ares that you can this is an experiment for you like the but it's going to if it comes out good and there's no reason why it shouldn't. It ought to be. Pretty good but. It's cooking fish that's. A tricky deal. Our technical support Bob it's a pretty fair. Okay well that it now that you've told me it's that big guy that gets along with the you've done it before. Our group called. Narnia. I think I would be cutting it in twos some smaller pieces. I mean not teeny tiny pieces but you know like decisive. Size of view your forefinger. Pager. Well let me know how it comes out immunity I'd be lying if I tell you that this is something I've ever cook in mild interest I never get fish that big my way so Lola. We'll let us now. With the answers up and it's the food show and top sports here's Pete. Pete welcome to the pooch. The company you mentioned that. This stakeout mr. guards you would say the best in the city. I I think it's certainly a contender. I would drum beats per year Arctic but poker doors metropolitan and trot out. Would probably also be in the country is well. The what was that last one tropical storm on the job house. Yeah I I think all of those first class operations. And the door metropolitan Israel able to take note I think dirt delicious. All the it's. Really and usual place mainly because they do a lot of on oh Grilli that grilling. -- draw really aging which is not something even the best steak house is very few of them do dry age beef but they do it over there. Infect they have that little glassed in room and she walked in and you can you know actually walking in there I don't think what you're doing it but a lot of people do. And they're doing all of those on sides of beef there dry age in which makes it fantastic if it right here. And the book has got the Argentine feel to it which I think you may you know. Virtual. That's I'll really interest in Poland show cuts of beef this is. It's a restaurant that sort of like Argentinian styles stake. And that's what's unique about it is that they they call each one in a different method. To bring out the advantages of this win in the this had been of that one at that side of very interest in place although you know what's funny. The last time I was there. The steak I got was a straight ahead New York strip than it was fantastic. Well. That's an excellent route is 260. 187 is our number we'll be back with more of the food show in just the moment but ours please although there you're listening to the food throw. Negates that in the WW LWW. Of one point three FM. This is Tom Morris. In the 31 year of our program. And here is Ed calling in on the great phone and said welcome. You can't does his eye candy. Should I. I called a few weeks ago and acceptable to I don't know course or not this Sunday brunch at the curriculum will probably. And Asia. You do it you do it pictured here. And the like lecture notes on call and let you know. Well great Hala what are they charging for it these days aren't that good question I thought it was between forty hours and I remember when it was 25 but that you know everything used to be. You know more reasonable than it is. But I don't care for them in the first million. You know and it almost champagne and equipment garbage but the they have additional crab orchard should trump the Mitch and get a book sales. Mentioned it earlier in the year. Old girl and so would our order. It is regards. It's about here for most people who go there I'm not a big fan. Buffets. And especially. Some of the things you name but knows no reason I should have to you should either. It but I'm glad to hear that because there was that time and he said afterward Sunday brunch and everybody just automatically registered going to. Whole bunch of restaurants especially hotels. And getting a buffet. But these are almost. I mean hardly anybody does that anymore cards out on big holidays well you own the only one the only ones. And and it acting awards that are concerned are inexperienced but I want that he wanted to quickly user who spoke weeks ago and has. Could you recommend and Mexican restaurant. And I you know you need a chant ass so and there are yes you know what you are like huge but yet has yet about the fact check that I think that's much better. No well you and I disagree on that all of this system this is the place and Harrison avenue yeah like I don't think they're there anymore. Yeah on mature. Wrong. You know I mean it's is that the spot where oh no wait a minute I'm sorry that's mines was thinking of something was very cool yeah yeah next to. Are okay. I but. I've been there a couple of times and it did move me but I could but there was always this you could shoot your way into the little. Actually you. Know. So you think you'd you'd you'd generally for Oprah so go tractor. Well here's here's something that they have at El Paso that it's important to me. And that is. Off Moly problem this is set to mime way of thinking. This is the second pests loss in the world the blood number one is Baird case thoughts and this is in second place. It's basic flavor is from of all things chocolate but it's not sweet now and it's it's a really a unique flavor and wherever I go in Mexican restaurants the first thing I ask is are you doing mole. And very very very few restaurants do that it's a lot of work it's kind of expensive to do and also most of the most of the people. On who. Like mall way. Don't like it quite enough to go often enough to keep that as a silent night and so. But if you ever go there try that out. It would have been out of control and on with a chuckle. It's the food shows on the mornings and then over here is sell sell welcome. Wrote hello come on in. Well as of right now a couple of questions on. That would be an unbelievable cage. Huge yeah sure fire noted temperature and. I don't know the temperature is in the air it's usually just from refrigerator temperature. It's not really cold not really hot. So it's a refrigerator temperature yeah and it what is the difference between. Yes we've been an agent or perjury and. Well that you'd you'd be doing the same thing it's just the with a bigger unit. That sees and dry aging are two kinds of one of them is wet aging. And this is where you put the whole one could be in two. In two of plastic wrap of vacuum. And then you put in the refrigerator and it's it's there and it will get more tender but the flavor will not change at all. Did you not even go to our literature. Hello there. Yeah that's right and then if you do it dry aged it's just sitting there on the shelf in the in the refrigerator news often times. They'll be people going in and out in and out because it's that walk in cooler with a. It appears to. Yeah it probably to reconcile refrigerator. Two weeks it's gonna walk out immediately a lot of quality get route. Will the main reason is that when you start adding a lot of ingredients especially along lines of mayonnaise in the U personal view. Do you just named. The stake is just stay. And that's it have anything on it in our end. I have done it at home all Nazi maybe twenty times over the years. Yeah I've I've been lucky I have never had one goes south on me. Bought rule number one and then about anybody asks me by doing your own prime. There are dry aged beef. When in doubt throw it out our error you win and when you pick it up and you smell mainly the Roma. Of riding. Yeah we're throw it away it's not for you. Sorry about that it takes a long time to do it though. Now all of this seemed like a dove standard procedure you know I was just doing you can get who fought all of these. Well Leo. That's true I mean they're dead there's no question about it when in doubt throw it out but I've I've never had a problem with it I've I you know I. Of course some bragging a little bit. But it can be done. All right so let me know if you ever get around to it will be back with more of the foods showed a moment but first pleased that it's the food show we have played this hour how it's let me keep going here to get Walter in before we break the news Walter welcome. We. Here. Get away. Each. Patient at. The there. If we get to Alaska will be there too I've run out of time all of it in and we can talk about it some more. That's it for this hour but we have two more hours coming of the food shows though. Stay tuned more of that coming up and we will keep you here and talk to you by. Anything you have in your head. WWL radio New Orleans WWL. FMH one Kenner and New Orleans where the news is next over. Most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.