The Food Show - Hour 1

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, June 23rd
Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about favorite cold foods, oysters, salads, and barbeque.

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This is the cool and yet not what you could call frosty voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and it's time now for the food show we've been doing it for years over here on Saturdays. It's a different kind of a program than the one you hear from me the rest of the week. So I always like showing up for the swim and talking with you but the food you eat the food you don't eat. The cooking you could possibly do. And it just really anything you can think up. That's about food about dining out dining in which talking restaurants were talking even fast food places candy bars. Anything else that you eat well even though once in awhile. And though we talk about that and see if we can maybe find something that is in the same category. But is better this is pretty much what I've done for a living for the last a little too long I would say. And is says study all the things that we are really love to eat around here this being the in my opinion if you ask me and you didn't but I must tell you anyway. I think America's greatest eating city in New Orleans and no matter who I've put that in front of with one exception or is it this one guy I know he's a very good food writer. I'd come. But he. He refuses to accept my Tenet that the that New Orleans is the best eating city in America a John Mary Annie is his name in case you're wondering he's the author of many cookbooks very Smart guy. And coming from him. I would say to myself well self you know that's no that's I guess scanning and you know that's something that we can stand with but. He knew we can use a little hyperbole to a net that's why we say this I say this often as I can. We are in America's best eating city here in New Orleans and to think that we have reached that. In that time that included. It's almost the worst hurricane and of all time. And we did it anyway so here we are. Here we are on Saturdays two and we talk about that really again what ever you want if by even if you think mom this isn't something they would talk about on the radio. But you know it it hits it it is something exactly like that and we'd love to hear from you about the restaurants you've been to. The good ones and the bad ones. The dishes that you tried that you don't like oh you do like the ones that aren't just super until you get the check and then all of a sudden it becomes a lot less good a deal. Eat you get the idea I mean this is something that has been for a long time in New Orleans one of the main sources of entertainment. Where everybody else would go to a movie or go to a player of concert is something like that. More of us here in New Orleans go out and eat in restaurants. Pretty good deal now all adds up to the kind of kind of city that we have been. Our number over here is 2601872601870. And if you call right now you get on right at the beginning of the show like that makes any difference but so will talk with you but. Hey anything you've got on your mind to 60187. You know I have found over the years. That if I bring up themes. No matter how compelling the theme may be. To our listeners. That hardly anybody ever response to but I keep doing it anyway because I feel like if I don't do it. It'll be like not really working. And I don't know this this kind of a little bit feels like work to me so I'm gonna continue that and and bring you. A concept. That you can either reject or accept or in Europe your opinions on an anyway this theme is. The best cold food. And drinks. I mean this is an obvious when it's a real scorcher of a day out there I was fooling around in nation in the garage movements and things around. And it is just the beauty you hardly need to be told listen you've been out they'll outdoors at any point during the day you know how bad it is. So we have. We have remedies for this than the first one that comes the most people's minds is a snowball. In the snow snow balls are great of course. As only one problem with snowballs at that keeps me from really loving and and that is the fact that they are basically just loaded with sugar. And those of us who have reached as you know what who spot on your your lifestyle there. You know it's it's something that we should back away from eating a lot of sugary things. But boy that doesn't mean I can't have its snowball. On once and while I have not had my first snow ball of the year. I it occurs to me I don't know I don't know how that got behind me. I even know what kind it's going to be but I just haven't been there yet I haven't even picked out which snowball stand go to either. So I guess we could throw out there this is this concept and if you. If you're snowball person or if you like to give me advice on what snowball I should eat. If you can call that eating bullets and about that the second. Snowballs do you eat them or do you drink them. And if you eat them do you chew on them. And who. Do you like the creamy kind you nuts like that's the creamy time okay there is something in the background I would be very happy to field any questions you might have. Or or comments everybody's got a new look at it. And then while we're waiting for something happen here we move on to some of the things. Here's one that's coming up later in the program. That can tell you win because it's a secret. But we are going to once again give away. A really cool. Our prize we've been doing this for the last several weeks. It comes from the cousins salad dressings people. They are a local couple that has been making salad dressings for. Something like about ten years I remember talking about them back go round that far this is when that was a little two person operation they we'd just chugging along. But putting out an extremely. Wonderful product this salad dressing that they make. We always have it in our refrigerator and that's where you keep it by the way you know put it on the shelf because it's everything in and his. Perishable. And it also is not need to just be put on the shelf because it is. That's something that you need to keep in a refrigerator you know like mayonnaise or we know now somebody's gonna call me up and tell me that. You don't need to have mayonnaise be in the refrigerator you're right. But anyway we're gonna give away. A case of cousins tomato salad dressing. And also a case of creole tomatoes to eat it. And you know the creole tomato season. Is getting onto the end of its range and so who knows how much longer you're going to be able to get India creole tomatoes. But today you may as well get it's that some of them for free this will not require. A whole lot of comments and work on your part but it'll come on. Come on later during the show here's how you can could win the give away. We're gonna give away this case of of tomato salad dressing in in bottles but you keep them in the refrigerator. And great it a case of creole tomatoes. And that'll be later on in the program we will give those who wait so keep listening. Kicking off our festivities here on a little radio program it's Bob. Bob welcome come on him. But it as he that you can't. Make it. Let's see well I don't have anything scheduled other than this accrues we are going on in October. And that's all I can think of at the moment the court the heat club it's not been losing that they has not been as. Active as it used to be back when we did a dinner every. Week. Did the true answer is that Tom can't do this every week. And I'm sorry about that but one of these days. You know. We will worse we're certainly gonna have more of them I can't imagine that we would. Again but that's not what you're here and then right. At him yeah and the incident and again. Yeah that's that's the way to do it you go to no menu dot com. Quarter also I put out a newsletter every week day. And if you subscribe to that which you can do by going into menu dot com and looking under anything that says home. You'll if you go in there you'll you'll find a link that'll let you sign up to get on the newsletter for free. And dead that'll have all the information but anything we have coming up. I. The and then. And everything I. Know it comes out of the well as advancers in cookie. Recently and not quite successful why don't we got I pride myself become. Again an extraordinary things by. Mentally to be. That people some of the Internet. All in this I welcome that don't. We know we all know what the answer to that is what you know and so I'm serious the secret ingredient. That you find in virtually any biz any restaurant and media bar or anything like that. That has a secret ingredient. In almost every case. And literally either the cases you're right you can stack up the case if you open. Anyway. These things are mustard. Mayonnaise. And and oh it is one other ingredient this three ingredients mayonnaise mustard and ketchup that's those are. If you mix them together. You will have the secret ingredient for virtually every single product that is on the market today. Starting with things like big Mac. And in the day in the and the you know all of those they make little animals that run around in and on the on TV and everywhere else. And that's what it is I mean it just. I confronted some of these people to that. Fake and they say well don't they don't know where you'd that's just a good guess but that's not I'm telling you folks it's me and he's mustered. And ketchup. And you bury the proportions of each of those things and you have the secret ingredient for every place that as a secret ingredient in the world. As Iran I. Had a. We're calling so yeah it's the food show and we will come back with more of an in a moment after first please this although they are you are listening to the food show on. 187 me. WWL. All the big 87 neo is 101 point 101 point five as well if you want to listen to the AT. 87 me and all that and the HD two which I was so. I'm gonna push a little bit later on that's you listen to me during the week and so on. On that special frequency which is getting better and better and better to listen to all the time because it sounds so much better than what you used to hearing. We'll talk about that some of the time this is the food show. I have a theme here and the best way I can make sure that no one calls and asks this question when in fact time. Purely hoping that someone does. I just have a question I'd like to put in front of you. What in your opinion are the best cold food and or the best cold drinks. Just think about that for a second that probably hits you pretty quickly. Again meaning sample. That I shrimp Rem alive. Shrimp were maligned I'd look it's a it's something that you find and all the major particularly the old time restaurants around New Orleans. In case you've lug nut played with a little bit it starts off with boiled shrimp. And don't police don't over Boyle you shrimp this is. Any any of you out there who arcing trees so penile enhancement shrimp than they kind of smelled like iodine. Or you know I had some some trivia of the day though boiled and they worse they just stuck like crazy. Who the shell. What caused that if you call me I will tell you what the causes that and what can get rid of but anyway they were the reason I bring that up is that if you. Boiled shrimp and and you chill them down for awhile. And then you apply magic secret sauce too which use mayonnaise. Creole mustard but you put a lot of creole mustard in a room a lot sauce ketchup. And does some cayenne pepper for a little more is seeing. A pretty good squeeze of lemon juice. And what am I leaving out to you you could put a little garlic in it but I I usually don't some people just like a lot of garlic. A pretty good sprinkling of black pepper to will fit right in there. And you pour that over the over the the shrimp that you just boiled and that and have cooled off by the way. And then you put the whole thing in the refrigerator and then that night when your friends come over here alleged friends. Let me tell tell you about your friend some but India anyhow the easy when they had digging into it they will say. These are really good but the nicest thing a bottom is set on on hot hot day like today. Ice cold. Shrimp. Trip Rommel laud this just is delicious. Food is I can imagine it just goes perfectly with a hot weather. And that's what you see it and so many menus. But the best reason is that it's real easy to make and it fixes you worked with all your friends who come over it. You do have friends that come out redemption. It's the food show and now it's more it's our number is 2601872601870. And anything you have in your mind about food about restaurants. Dining out dining in. I've been belly aching for the last couple of days and I I don't exactly know why it landed on this part of my show but the are there races there is some. Puzzling. Aspects of the restaurant business lately. And it comes out in site certain people's. Idea. That our restaurants are in trouble and that they and there closing all the time. And having an impossible time getting people to work there in the food's no good anymore anyway I have no idea where this kind of nonsense comes from. If you wanna see how untrue that is go to any good respite you can pick up and symmetric you don't even have to think about it that long just think about it for a a couple of seconds. And then go to that restaurant and you know what you'll find. A full house of people waiting to have dinner. In a great restaurant. And if that's. Failing and dying I don't know how you get that idea but I keep seeing articles of pompous and I know because this is Mike Pete. That there restaurant community right now is in really good shape. And about the only big problem they have a set that there's not enough. Working people to work to wait tables and cook and all of that although that could be shifts are coming on that pretty good pace. So of please disregard anything like that you may have seen I have no idea why anybody would even want to. Puts them what is what we call that fake news. I'm it's the food show on top that Morris 260. 187 me we have little traffic over you need a mean little news that Rooney here in a couple of seconds they'll win and some like it in about a minute from now. Anyhow on. So this is why I bring up my subject for today which is cold food. And cold. Drinks I don't mean the kind of food that is supposed to be cold you know that's that's even doubly better. But tell me what your favorite. Cold food or drink it is I'd love to know. Is that a cocktail is there a certain kind of cocktail that goes that way for example there is the number one of my favorite cocktails. It's called the Negroni. Negroni. I'll tell you about it later it's a wonderful thing but it's at its absolute best when there's an enormous chunk of ice right in the middle. Moon. Welcome back but more this after we check on the news from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system more of the food show pro seating after that and couple other pieces of information thank you stay tuned although there you're listening to the food show on the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom that's more as really great to hear you. And the talk with you on these subjects of eating and drinking in restaurants and cooking. I give restaurant recommendations side we talk about recipes the entire range. Is there and if you're wondering whether or something ahead on mine. Was was. Usable for a radio show the answer is yes anything on your mind about eating. It's always welcome here you don't have to wait until somebody else brings it up you can just go into yourself I will be very happy to hear from. All right let's see we have Larry on hold Larry welcome to the food show. Value. And slow but you. Are item com. And commissioner you can comment on is. Two problem is it like tramp and approach shrimp and bought him. Okay what. Orton. Or so. We're in a moderate or well and bail or jail there although. There will come back and be out there a point. There couple beard. Come out. So it's not an oil. Well I'm sorry I am I missing something this because you're Euro breaking up a little on me but what I got you figured is saying is that. You've got the the two kinds troop DC most often. Why troupe which are going right now I think and then Brown's trip that's earlier in the year that I'm unless I'm confused moderate. And then sometimes she'd dig them out of the ground. And sometimes they just appear and sometimes they have what are unknown as as. Soft shell shrimp which really wonderful if you happen to catch him when there is in season but they come along and they go away really fast. Are but you can eat those shell and everything even the funny little spike at the end of their nose. But usually you would want to eat that but today it's it's so take this is nothing in it that's hard at that point. But that's where I lost you like and understand what you were saying at that. Our armed. That's. What's not out of the purse for them either can't say about that court dispute strip and yeah and what I'm trying to kill both tell us. It aren't you quoted market decline and you know in jail or. These not not principles so she'll yeah. They will call. When it came at you yeah go. Forward they thought it. Yeah old boy to. School. That's a huge huge huge just told everybody what they need to know do not over cook your shrimp because that's what happens it's sticks to have the best the X shell sticks to the meat and then it's nowhere near as good. You you got it right on the money that's exactly. You watched so you know watch double. And when you see your area and I'll shut it. Yeah yeah. Yeah that sounds perfect. Well look what thank you very much for sharing networks. Yeah you know is this what other kind of shrimp out there that nobody ever talks about but I run into it every now and then there are these little blue. Shrimp that come from of all places the Mississippi River they call him river shrimp around. Donaldson bill as a place where they catch a lot of these. Chef John false is that he told me everything I needed them all but that many game you'd expect of them is this is years ago. Those are better than they look although they kind of small. And you yet the play with animal. If we have any of those the those river shrimp. I think he's gone well who's fun while. This fund it was fun while it last hates the food show who is on hold in. A dog welcome to the food show. Well it didn't. Speak out. Local food. Oh you know. Oh yeah it. Won't sell. What is it ships. Shouts yeah it. That's right. The. It have been a this it is one that we start to see more than we used to. It's called us Cobb salad has ever run into the. Don't store was a lot and I had a feeling. Yeah yeah at a combat. You have you know what it is it's an interesting story behind those things. And unless you jump in now I'll tell you what it is. Ha why. Yeah did this always site in. It originated in California in Los Angeles at a U I'll rest front that was called the brown derby. It was owned by a guy by the name of Bob Cobb CO BP. And he came up with this salad. That you serve in a glass bowl and you started by putting one layer of let us down then you come back with some tomatoes and then you come back on top of that. With some avocados and you keep building layers of this in the glass. Container in the glass. Poll until it fills the whole thing and then you bring it to the table and you show it off to the customer and then they bring back and they toss it to get everything mixed in and then they survey that's out Cobb salad. He almost never see it in new while it's in the West Coast it's everywhere. Otah. Would send. Wicket which you know it oral. All right if if by we're looking for a Cobb salad right now I think the place I would go would be all things the Windsor court hotel for their lunch. Because they're how salad is basically. A it's it's a buck a Cobb salad but with Al. The without the grilled chicken that's the only difference and they've always been a real real good when my wife and I when we. We were having some of our our honeymoon there after we did that. And that's one of the first things we ate in the hotel was Cobb salad with obviously great. When I started you see around. Will be back with more the food show and just the moment after first police this it's the food show new 105 point 30 now it's on the big 87 EW WL but that that will work 2105 point three FM. HD one. Or I think it works well nevermind that's plenty enough while five point three this is the food show we love talking about exactly that. We have coming up in the third hour of our program we're giving away. One of the most lavish. Gifts I've ever seen at least in the food category. We have a whole case of tomatoes creole tomatoes and no these are nice in perfectly right. It comes along with a case of cousins. Salad dressings which are all world already made with a pretty good bit. Of creole. Tomatoes in them to boot so you get both up on the case of each. If you are the lucky person who will find out in about an hour or so from now or maybe an hour and a half. We give that away so keep listening it's the food show we'd love to hear from you and anything else you're cooking a James is around here is me. James welcome to the food show. I'm late Saturday doing great thanks for calling. Throughout come out of jail program. A little low you know they kinda like. Quote a lot that they did. Then and that it that it is. They don't they don't come from around here though those are deep water shrimp they come and really it's so it they get a lot of them in. In Florida but we don't see it too much room here. Well you know I'll let. It. Is it seizes. It. You know outbound. When you if you choose. But differences. You know very little tube city center at the apple. That's right that that works like a dream. It. Yeah they they really do it's everybody's. Just tempted to say. I wonder if it needs a little bit more whenever you even. Think that it's it's been done for probably about a minute already so get an out there. Yeah. I think per share and witness. That food show. And so the more it's it's great to be here with you talking about food and restaurants in such. Our program today. Is sponsored by Iran and spore boys or rents or Boise will be very pleased to hear. Is now available not where it not only where it always has been on veterans highway 3939 veterans near Cleary. Couple three years ago they opened up a second location. Near Kenner. One. A west esplanade just off of Williams boulevard. And during the last couple months it has been operating and with huge crowds I will warn you. At their new location of brands for boys it's on prick and you street. Pop up talent it's in that neighborhood pretend you streak that has quite a few good little restaurants doing all kinds of different things. It's at the corner of upper line it's men affect the upper line restaurant is right adjacent to. But that's the third location operate and or voice. And if you have been pulling. For getting some of those roast beef jobs that they do in which they do all the cooking and everything else that make the gravy everything Ian how loose. You would not believe the number of sand which house is out there that claim to be doing it all themselves when in fact. They get the beef and already roasted already sliced sometimes that's not what you want. A goal over there to transport boys and sees that since 1975. They have been. Doing it. These in the strictest possible way and that's why there's booze are the food show. This is Tom Fitzmorris. As I had a feeling we would. We would or would not our theme today is what are your favorite. Cold things to eat or drink. If if we don't have anybody on hold do we have anybody on now we do Stanley. Stanley and and Darren okay withstand. Stand Stanley come on him. A lot thank you. Get a younger. The process of putting. Oh olive oil in the water or shrimp and it will stick. No that's that's a bag gas. That want that won't keep your trip from sticking. It won't may have any effect on it and all other than. I don't think you'll face much of the shrimp much of the olive oil either able I don't think it would hurt it but it's not gonna solve that problem that that is strictly a cook too long. Problem that's what causes that he called the trip to long. As far more cold Beers it goes Vietnam Korea. Cole Ortiz who'll. You know that is my favorite food and I didn't even write it down on my list here but yeah how many oh by the dozen and a half maybe. You two gonna yeah I don't know if you noticed the size of oysters lately. And talk about the last month or so. They have been. We would be just you know not caring that much but a shrink excuse me oysters right now raw oysters folks. Fantastic right now really great. On the put the bill. And short of the lie. That that is something that does turn up usually in the month of by July so we're getting close to that but here's the good news about that it does look funny. What it probably has a little bit of a taste to it it's not a big one but it's completely harmless it does not show that it's been. It's been caught the wrong way or that it's you know has any other problems like that. Hi it's it's part of the spawning apparatus of of oysters. And it it's safe to eat now a lot of people look at it may just don't like the look of it makes say they don't like the taste either but the fair enough I'll leave them for Al Ketchum. Make sure this we don't have a surplus with the. All right Brian. You met in the cruise in huge fan or you won't this year. The malware I'd do this is a very popular cruiser will be the fifth time we've done this when wiest and we're starting in Boston this time. And then we go up the coast of a New England. All the way into the maritime provinces of Canada. And we start just eating lobsters. Scalps. Mussels. Clams and pretty darn good oysters to. And they also have soft shell crabs that they get them from us though it's. That's that's the deal there but it's. Let's see about a eight a nine. Day trip and it is. It's really beautiful that the trees are turning color and the oh this lots of good food to eat at that time of year we that's that's the story. On that nobody Oreo ruse or did. All. We were talking about going knew what China by the year ago and it just didn't come together for some reason I don't know meant. Well put thanks Cohen. Nice hearing from you we will return with more of the food show in a moment after first if you will this hello there you are listening to the food show. Coming fuel from WW all the big 87 yen Darren is over here on our blue phone Darren. Darren you there won't happen. But they are hate thanks for calling the money it. A so I'm out of your barbecue. Lover but try new places and they'll break out six and all oh yeah Bernard you try that he ever recommend. Yeah I've been an era a couple of times my wife is is really often on crazy about the place she has. Said that it was she's put her feel of of content on it. And she's a pretty good fan a barbecue more than 9 AM and does so I would say you're probably a pretty safe ground. So now you're there in you know outright smoked or that was okay yeah garbage company owners are. Very accomplished. They're out there. Yeah. It is not a RG and but I'm gonna get shot now my Art Bell. Yeah I think you're pretty safe than that it would do what I've what I've had habit which isn't alive you know was was pretty pleasant. And we've all of the calls we've had about it also have been good. So that sit on what thanks for calling. Gosh we appreciate a preaching a preacher let's try that we're approaching you out there. The news at the top of the hour but in the meantime. I wanted to know that our program today. Is sponsored glitzy who is. One of Amir our program today is sponsored by Andre he has. I do Andrea and I always jive in one another because I keep saying that his best food is his seafood. And a lot of people. You don't register that because when you think of Italian food you're usually thinking about possibly thinking about it. Red sauce and meatballs and lasagna and all that stuff and the truth is if you ask me. The best food in Andre is is the seafood it's like the the outline of the hold boot shaped. Italy. I it has this special character to it. And they have all of that ocean and that gives all of these this great seafood that they have they come by everything fresh. Today the lay everything in house all the time. And that is the strongest point over and entrees which is open seven days a week for a luncheon for dinner every single day here's something. They have that almost nobody else does. They are open for a lunch on Saturday not many restaurants are. Right now in July launch and later dinner and Andre is on them. West esplanade no no there there are out there in them in. In Metairie will be back after WW Hillary.