The Food Show - Hour 1

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about food events set for the weekend, bruch locations, history of La Provence as well as a fundraiser for the New Orleans Food Bank.

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Tasting voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and it's time as that guy said just a second ago for the food show. We have on every Saturday every Sunday that we can now find room in the schedule. They allow me to come in here in and talked dual but go all of the things that I've been eating and cooking and enjoying. And even about the things that I wasn't enjoying. And that might you might not have either. But we talk about all of that that I can tell you just to make life easier. If there's anything on your mind that has even remotely something to do with the eating of everything that you eat on the drinks that you drink and the even the places you go when you travel around the world I hope you do. I know a lot of people will never do that and I if I wish I could make it happen for Bob but I'll think about it in the CU we come out. Ha. It's the food show as simple as that the big deals going on right now are the New Orleans wine and food experience. They are I think shortly in about an hour and a half I think it's around there is some time. Here's how you can find out for sure go to NO WFE dot com on the web and that'll tell you everything one no. But the next event on the schedule for the New Orleans wine and food experience. Is it what they called the grand tastings. The funny thing about the grand tastings is that they are not quite as grand as some of the other things that they do. In those in the last several days there was. What 25. Dinners that went off with major wines in them. On it's Thursday. And then there were. Then there were the first round of canola. Which is in in which they take the most expensive wines that are involved in this. Program every year. And though they make a big big fuss over that in the morning and then in the afternoon and evening they have the royal street stroll that's everybody's favorite or a lot of people's favorite anyway. And then today it's the the grand tasting. It cause I think about a 130 dollars to go there. And it gives you tremendous. Amount. And variety. Of winds and also the food being put out by our show our are chefs the show hopes. Really OK so it's that's what's going on. With that this one other addition to this that. Might not in the front of the book. Say that it had anything to do particularly. With food but it really does in a way. The Greek festival is on today all day today all day to what's tomorrow Sunday. Just about all the day tomorrow exit so late in the afternoon than they. Closed down for another year started off a couple of days ago they were worried about the weather and so they wound up having a longer Greek festival than usual so. Here's where you don't have to do anything that you don't have to get tickets in advance or any of that. Here's where you go. It is on Robert. And it is that there has been going on all day. There it's Greek dancing which is. Might not sound like anything but it's astonishing to watch these younger people. Doing the dance is that they do it's really amazing it's all 40 for real. And and then there are there's lots of food lots of Greek food there you can have a platter put together you before you vote a whole bunch of different. The issues that you might try over the creek festival. And then they have beverages of all kinds. And also lots and lots of wonderful desserts the ladies who are members in the in the Greek organization the is that it which by the oasis spin off. Of the of the Greek orthodox church which is the oldest Greek. Religious. Outfit in the entire Western Hemisphere no kidding it really has been around for a long time if a beautiful. Cathedral over there on by Saint John. And you get a chance to look at it it's that architecture in there is very uninteresting and then there's plenty of other things to do. So don't miss the Greek festival that's really one of the of the sleepers of paying and around a while and has. And finding these wonderful food. Items going up so. Of that when's happening. Highly recommended by him walk. That would be more week. It's the Fallujah 260. 63. No that's not a number 260187. Is our number 2601870. I apologize for the wrong number briefly there. But. We do this program and every day Monday through. Off Friday and then oftentimes we do it two more days on Saturday and Sunday in that the two. Have totally different phone numbers so and that's goofs me up a lot. As we all are hey you know what I did last night. I went to. A high school reunion. This will be there is the second one in the coy in the last fooled two or three weeks. I went to two different high schools is the reason for that and it went to the second of them today. Archbishop Rommel high school. Where I was only there for a year but I got to knowing. So many people in that school. That a lot of them close friends and have been for a long time so that was funded through yesterday. We did it at the rock and bowl half played I was thinking you know. Since everybody who is celebrating this. This time of year with the with the U. All of the things going on with the you know what I'm trying to say with the our consistent approach to all the things happening around town and especially you know these saw these high school. Obama high school reunions because. It was twenties he was fifty years ago that I knew these scouts. And yet we remember one another and were nice to one another and it's it's really good at side makes you feel good walking out there. 260187. Or use our telephone number here's a call. And tell us about anything that it has crossed your mind or that you wondered about or that you you lived through or whatever. A bug eating your way around the city you know that's good I mean there's a reason. Why. Around the the country but also around the world and if you do a little bit of traveling anywhere you go make sure you tell people that you're from New Orleans and they will. Raise their eyebrows and they wonder. While someone who's actually from New Orleans in knows about the food and they there's a reason for that our impression that we leave on people. It was tells them that when you're talking about real food. That has a lot going on in it. That's on us and it's spreading around the world and though we love so you know tellem and the chance to get. Paul is calling us Paul welcome to the coach. They are doing great welcome to our little broadcasts. Have got a rational report laureate is good and I think that OK and name. All right go right ahead. The restaurant and thought yeah I. Yeah I am not. An error it. You know what's what's interesting about that I was just talking abut the Greek festival and ya ya is the Greek expression for you grandmother. In Greek yeah so hook you walked right into the Greek festival without even knowing it. Yeah well I don't mean anything to do agree. But I'm a little rushed for on ice that it element on Hickory avenue. Yeah pretty much in Hickory went yeah and we're gonna train track. And wreck that it was really you know went our outlet in the theater really it. Yeah back a lot in and it really actually pulled away and getting. Polian you're at it. Can bring you a couple weeks ago. Did you happen to notice how they spelled ya ya. It's YA YA. YA YUK because. I'll betcha that person didn't know who's a Greek thing either through it just sounded. Let. Natural and very. Really yeah. Is this in that space that used to be though it was like the harbor or something like that it can. It will allegedly you know Billy's barbecue. All that where it is oh yeah and I went back and Lego kind of like a bar called the can't next to a whole. But. Yeah Ed Norton right now that are now part of in and not only problem. Yeah yeah yeah if you arrive at the way to get there this is that you're striking at my home territory here I grew up in that it. Now that way all the way you the way you get there as she get on Hickory. And that any of the spots where you would kind of jump over to vicary. And for those who have never looked at our power. Maps of the New Orleans area yes there is a Hickory and Dick Korean is also a dock so he is of one of those funny things. So right in if you're on. Hickory and you're heading that way in the traffic diaper so over to the creek don't take that stay on Hickory. And just keep going and they'll take you to the place we're talking. Yeah that you were talking is that correct it. Get it. What did you what did you have do you remember anything. The bird Elmo winner as I guess that anymore an odd way. Yeah legacy Trent acting thing almond really and truly this thing was amazing. As an element of Orange or get a I triple what it was really. And other YouTube and when you're in so. Okay yeah you're not the first one who's called me about it so open them always glad to hear it again and Kazaa. And that strengthens it'll look thanks for the report. I don't know brown thank you. Yeah he went to a restaurant called ya ya and no kidding you know view when you talk about ya ya ya ya ya in. In a Greek family and they know exactly who you're talking about grandmother. And will be back with more the food show in a moment after first please that's somebody's on hold on sorry effort. Smart what welcome to the food Cho bought. You're welcome. Two people where it garnered a court assistant school lunch what would be. Something good damped ought to announce that hang out touchy over the. It's so quick I don't know if it's such a quick answer I can just give it to you right now. It's a buff Fay at lunch. At the court at two sisters that's what they've always done over there. It's pretty good they start off with kind of breakfast the things but as the day goes on. They stored. And gumbo and crab meat then you know other. Thinks they have a little bit more going on. And then they close and then when they reopen for dinner they have a full. X written down menu is supposed to the buffet. And that's the difference so. If you're at about Faye you know you can control your own your own taste and that's that's what will happen. It's pretty good policy that the is he still there. Well now could well I hope you got it it's simple enough. 26060260170. Is our telephone number if this call in this house what's the cooking for you I'd just. A but. An hour and a half ago I had breakfast at my usual breakfast place. That I talk about so often them and it's you know it's too much Tina bella is the name of it. You find out when it is. But they ask me a question and every time I go there. Whether I want the potatoes or the grits. So my question of youth today is two Q would you want the table. The potatoes but he won the grits. Are you feel about that these days. Long time ago who was that weighs. The guy who used to be on the morning show on this station the figure 87 WWL. And he was trying to track down the location of the greats line. Across the world. Of course he didn't find any in Europe or Australia or anything like that but he did find a lot of that around the country. And it basically started off somewhere in the general neighborhood of Washington DC strangely enough in to Maryland in May be even into Virginia. It would come in from the just right off the map. At the at the eastern most. Place to put it. And it would run through Pennsylvania but kind of won the southerly side and then across a war on. West Virginia which is kind of hokey. And then through. A little bit of Ohio a bigger piece of Indiana and much bigger piece from Illinois. They they they and more grits being served then hash browns. And then it finally gets into the southern part of that of the world and then it's just about everywhere you go you find greats. Or. Do you know. I don't know it's bullets when it came up today Steve is calling its over on the blue phone Steve come on him. Hey why he's doing on Williams. Area. Question for you put the the war and alms. Experience. It you are. In like there's differing. Different. Category. 19 sorry you did everything and it has offered at the year that it can it cure whatever the case may be whatever you want it yet ball where. I'd like to know where. Does that money. Goes to. Wear on actually end up. There there's an assortment of educational charities. That started out. Gosh I think it was even before Katrina. And it was directed to people young people mainly. Who needed to get off of loose ends and to start working on some kind of career. And it has been extremely successful and there are a number of programs that are doing that and this is one of one of the programs that pitches off a fair bit of cash in into making that all possible. But if you if you want to know the the details at this. Go to NO WFE. Dot com and they have all of that information posted on line there and work. Great war breaks out like a great cause and I really appreciate your your show okay. But thank you very much. Placed on idiots the food show. This is Tom the Morris it's a fun to be with you talking about food restaurants and stuff. Yesterday. I went to my one of the two high school reunion site go to every year there's that went to two different high schools. And the last night something came up earlier in the convert early in the conversation. In fact I started talking about it yesterday while it was still on the radio. And the question was home should I go to the rock and bowl dressed. And if you've ever been the rock and bowl I don't need to describe to you but those of live music they have bowling alleys that really you mean like real bowling alleys. And they have music and dancing and it's it's a hangout place it's it's very very New Orleans in its style. And so all that was coming out but then. Something else came up concerning dress codes at the bowling Alley but will check on that after we check on some news welcome back it's the second course of the first course of the well the food throw. And here we are talking about food restaurants in cooking in line and all that. And on hold and I appreciate the waiting near Tony it's Tony Tony welcome. And I think that general overall where the ball well want I would. You know read some history on it and it hit. Mom and being real he would like when I was not at ten years old my Vietnam but live right next to work. While at Murphy helped create. We model continues to be a hotel a remote. Yeah that's right if that's exactly right. Yeah. Now been put out there in that there ripped open in 72. But I remember is that cute it was like sixty opposite he's excellent. Credit. Lute and about being he needs to be sent the week it happened happened. And I mean that was in like 6566. And the rest or would they air. Well we 72. So. I guess my overall question is. What they say he started that we went. I'm no good ma ma local help being remodeled. And and build in everything else that was in the like 6460. From helping him. You know I it's it's easy to to get these things. How out of whack sometimes. I don't think it was. Operational back then but the farthest I go back which in 1974. When I wrote an article for New Orleans magazine but all of all the places to eat around Lake Pontchartrain just started on one side and went all the way around. And heating and so it went. And hiding debt all of that article in that magazine came out in 1975. At the latest. In a I think it might have been a little bit earlier than that but not much he was the executive chef at the royal Orleans hotel in the rib room. On chef Chris boys that was his first job he he was doing that before he was shut them. And PC he it's you know I think that which is a little bit for there in into the future too but that. That being an interest thinking the track down I don't remember ever being anything but. On a restaurant although I knew that it had been though a motel for a long time. Brought in a blog because I remembered eaten there with mine my aunt and uncle over there and the Auburn you know conduct are there sixty or sixty. I'll bet you I'll betcha diffuse thought about that some more and looked around at some. Anything that might have a date on it. I don't think you can find one that early because in New Orleans in general we didn't have restaurants of that caliber at that time. We re you know it it which you went to it. Gala tours and once our nose Broussard. Or two's jags and that was about it for restaurants of that caliber and none of those restaurants you know all of them have been around long time. So I that doesn't sound right to me but who knows you you might have better info that I'd. Well only don't like that that only because of you know B and it hit drawn up there and watch didn't help committee and working in sweet enough. Yeah yeah well. Again I tell you it's it's it's hard to remember. It's the food show. Jay is at who's there Jay welcome to the food show. They countered all right well. How you very happy in your view. May have liked to upload opened shortly for the to OPEC summit. Sure go right. Thank you on a week from today and are dark derby percent. That's right yeah yeah we where's that be on one of the by news or drag it over. Over. On they city market the public right across from the medium. So we're gonna dump twenty down and talks with the way. Department will be. Long and if you if you were dock which are pro peace. If you're duke wins skit cross from like first win 5000 dollars. And we have booked on about the crisis 2500 dollars or two or those. We didn't like it to the roots are along with. They get stiff upper two to New Orleans school cooking. A year's worth of years were operating canes or what you Corey when prices. And polls and career. Yeah so we're about which so full barrel and we usually fellow like here you know like it's dark there are no air tracker dark work. And it all goes down next certainly week from today. The with our recent. Arguing about it always. Has a did a terrific for the attitude that and we differently. That these are paying such. You do not have to recruit to win if you wanna own future state and on line or locally. Gordon by dark and if you win we'll be in contact with your. Now. And you didn't say this but I will this is a benefit for the New Orleans food bank which. And I Serbs so many different people and organizations. It's it's hard to keep the ball straight mine. Certainly. During all of them do recent storms and people finding themselves. Though with with with no home the depth on. The food bank is always air comes in and serves the entire New Orleans you know a whole lot of the Wii's Deanna. People here markets. So I. Com new Yorker when he repair issues. This time of year we operate now this this is our single ticket straight on rates are. Of this type and victories hopefully about a 900000. Dollars. And helped get it through the summer consumers and our nation so the next week employed and current monarch now and remembered. This is the only place where you can get ducks with sunglasses. It's as they do the little ducks actually Wear sunglasses. And the other and we're pretty cool. Anyway it a once again the new website news. Odd note note dash bunker dot orgy or just Google it and our movement or the first. But are always nice hearing from spirit. YouTube we will return but more the food show after first please hello there welcome back it's the food show coming fuel on the big 87 EW WW WL 105 point three FM. You know what else WWL. HD. Two or HD one at this time you get either one your choice they sound brilliant. And not just because I'm here in fact that sudden into him. Well will just forget about it and then we'll talk to George George welcome to the coach. It. I don't know I guess. This auto contract to a coal. And yeah. I'm contract and sort of got on what was still. But anyway. I'm new cruise. Ship cruise. Amnesia Bedard. And on com. Our membership means you. Won. In two months. So I was around one unlawful use. When rock and enroll Ment log ship worries there and it and on. He had a house back in the woods yeah right they're old number you know from now remember you. Yeah it was. Had to share he bought the house of course and I shall put the I'm on record that's something mostly use well yeah. All right well thanks so called it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris. And let's see who says David David welcome to the food show. Well thank you very much ready realize this and Chris. Tribute show yeah. Now. That we talked to eat everything all the time. Well I appreciate. Hamburg was on strain hotel used to open is called mile high. You know he's building the dot com. And I. There is it is sponsoring back open. Well. Yes yes and no. It reopened by the year and half ago. But it didn't it didn't do very well for some reason actually could give you a few reasons but it's not worth it. And they. They they took it off the line a boat through two or three months ago. An arena opened it they they they re opened it though since then. With the name is two male names I can't remember when it is it's like. Bob Black or something like I can't remember what the name places it just opened up a couple of well a couple of weeks ago and a whether they have the mile high ice cream pie that I don't know but I do know someone else who does Cole Poland's. Has always had that on their menu. Let's say alibi here and batteries and they tell me they don't make it all shot as events. While they detonated themselves anyway it was kinds of ice cream it was it was peppermint ice cream. Vanilla ice cream and must've been chocolate. Imagine not. And then they would put should their homemade chocolate sauce over the top of the and that's the whole thing right there you don't get a recipe do it's it's. In just pile it up and you you keep it in the refrigerators. In the freezer so it does so you know beat we are very firm but that's all there was to. It was pretty good. Yeah. Yeah I mean yeah. I wish I remember once that went in there when I always one very single and so it was this by myself. And animator Dee who is who passed away some years ago but really classy guy he can go to the table. As I finished. My dinner. And he said sir. Did you actually eat the mile pipeline. And I said you know again I thought it was great. And he said well we have we have a rule here for anyone who eats in the entire. Mile high pie. We give you another one. And I thought oh grade dale where am I gonna put that. But today it was this. It was a pretty funny that was that in in its best years that was wonderful restaurant to go to some beautiful place the food was great. But they have. Ratcheted back in will come out is something a little different we'll see in the coming months. Outgrow. Thank you see. Jack rose is the name of the place Jack rose. And it's it occupies the same space that used to be the the the mile high pie and in the Roseville at the rose of the you know the Caribbean in the thank you. All right it's food show this is comp it's more us and we will come back with more of that in a moment but first please oh hello there you're listening to the food show. On 105 point three FM HD. Wedeman that's not. It's close enough HD one yet thank you. Let's see where where we. I thought I would mention a couple of things about last night yesterday. I was so pretty busy had a lot going on them went to that though reunion. Four news the after seven years 75. You went up fifty excuse me fifty. Anyway. Let's not quibble about that if we can possibly avoided anyhow. After that I pose a just a little bit tired. And I went over to Andre news. Really just to get an espresso. To perk me up below that. And on while I was there there was a singer and he plays the piano in place to get plays the trumpet to. Really good guy and he was hanging out and and playing. The whole time and that's the kind of thing that you will see at a injury news when you don't expect. To see anything out of the ordinary especially if you've been there a bunch of times. But. Over the weekends Thursday Friday and Saturday. A chef Andrea is there with the with live music and then he has a big big menu which in its included. Which includes. On a tremendous amount of seafood and keep I think that most people don't realize. Just how much possible seafood there is. In Italian cooking we tend to think about the red sauces in the all the cheese's and all of imposter and all the rest of that. When in fact the best thing you can eat at a entrees is his seafood. He it's all fresh no frozen stuff but all he takes care of of flow. Of cutting all the the fish to two exacting orders and it is he also does all his own butcher shops stuffy car parts all the steaks and that's the kind of rest than this which is a bit different from your standard telling us and it's Andra has seven days a week luncheon dinner. There are open seven days a week over there hello Red Cross. On causeway boulevard from lakeside mall 8348583. For a reservation good idea too that. Chef duke is on the line after. I'll be darned. It must be chef duke if it says it is. It's you know. How are you. Here I am talking about armed. Talking about an hour bloody chef Andre here too as you. I'd I am. And go out. Well he's he's hasn't gotten any bigger. Just at that. Glad he laughs at that too. Yeah right right yeah and get get well you know and oh yeah that's true well what's going on with the U. I was under the you know and you know. You know name community that I've been having people always ask you got to break this thing is back well we do. It is Tuesday night. Well I'm an attractive. Yeah in the same area and right. Because I mean you and of people who have been in real thing we ended Giamatti as well being. Tuesday Obama should spent. It's great. Yeah. So don't mind and that all come on Tuesday I was a little aren't gonna. Hey they do you walked in just at the time when I have to stop and go way to the news or while I'm not. I'm not trying to throw you off but anyway. That shelter and then the restaurant you talk about his Martinis and apostrophe TI and I apostrophe yes it's in May and the bill. All right we will we have the news coming up we also have the latest reports on the tropical storm. That may be out there I was saying erratic against calling it a hurricane about an hour ago but it really it's just a tropical storm at the moment that doesn't mean that it can't be turned into something. Stay tuned more of the food show is coming.