The Food Show - Hour 1

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Saturday, April 14th

Tom Fitzmorris talks with callers about weather conditions which canceled the French Quarter festival for Saturday. Food topics include finding poboys, crawfish, tamales as well as places to dine in the CBD.


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Yet here I am despite all the rain and thunder and lightning and tornadoes. Did we see time. Who we are beginning program it's the food show but will be talking about the weather a lot we have all our experts lined up. So a few who want to make sure you know what's happening. Stay with us we're the ones who do it it's the big 870 WWL. Dave Cohen is on the phone is only. Yeah well you have a perspective on this that we probably like to hear what is a US RU AL. The good news the bad news for. We'll get well I guess you give us the bad news. Well the bad news is we do you have some localized street flooding low lying area in water piling up under some of the heavier cells. Right now we have about 6000 customers without power in Jefferson Parish. We've got about 2000 in Orleans spares that don't have electricity. A few more scattered on the north source there are the power outages there is some localized street flooding. And we have had a few tree limbs come down and some debris fly around. That. Well that's what we would expect to see at a time like this with this kind of weather system coming through not that that's to be hunts of the sympathetic to the people who you know live under those trees or whatever but the that's the reality of things that which Jeff frankly doesn't sound all that bad again this I don't have. I'm myself under retreat but. Let's see. That was the bad news in now Leo we move or two over to the good news which yes. When it's cold front push this line of storms. Through the metro areas starting just before 11 o'clock. But weather service that it did not any longer and look severe that they have dropped all of the Warner. Right now they're saying that there were no tornadoes. There's no large hail and there's no we invade excesses seventy miles an hour as we feared could've happened. Instead what we're seeing is just the sustained. Moderate to heavy rainfall at times some lightning strikes and that line is really expanding if you drew a line. Almonte right through matter read on up to Slidell and poplar bill. That's where the line is right now but the pretty thin line. So behind it everything west. The immediate metro areas already seeing guys clearing rain sliding up and conditions quickly improve it that well we'll see. In the metro area over the next thirty to 45 minutes. I've been battery right now where were only now being kind of but persistent drizzle after seeing some heavy downpours. And to be the trend as we move to the east I would downtown Portland they'll pretty heavy but that'll be letting up like delegate Mac pretty good right now but that'll be letting up. Really before 1 o'clock. And conditions well steadily improve. There could still be it seller to the produces forty to fifty mile an hour wind got an isolated areas and that could beat them isolated heavy downpours. That create temporary street flooding underneath but by and large. We've seen in the worst of what this storm has to offer this squall line is moving through relatively quickly. And it should be on Heidi here without too much longer. Good break this range that most people will not see anything severe prominent. But again it could still be some I wind gusts knocked himself around there could still be water piling up. In low lying areas under at the yourself so it's not over but it's looking better. Yeah I've been watching this size since gosh I got here today and it has definitely. Shown a are trained to. First mall towards the east men's and besides that. It's also seems to be lightening up a little bit the with the worst. Cells and of flow. Off all of this stuff I just coming right through and on its way out in will will live. Yet how well I. Hopefully everybody well we have one treat all out North Shore but nobody was injured in that. We've had a few roads blocked by downed trees limbs Tibetan standing water blocking wrote that so far people's been. And reacting intelligently. Core of these countries that driving through water Q keeping getting swept away. So so part of at a loss of life for serious injuries and that is. Folks insisted that for another 45 minutes may be an hour. They'll definitely be far less risk and we will be able to see things that group. And the only negative that I here in the very deep background that is set of the French Quarter festival is not going to appear in any way shape or form today however it has been going for two days already. And Sunday usually is the best day of all I know I'll be broadcasting from there tomorrow. From noon until three where here. Noon until three even just now as soon as we speak. Well yes we are at it it's yeah it is there going to be great outdoors tomorrow. It jacket it's going to be windy. But the sun has got to come out and it's going to be much colder and all this rain. A cold front that's still lagging. Considerably behind but by tomorrow morning. Well definitely feel much colder air and throughout the day tomorrow and we're going to be waking up to thirties and 40s tomorrow morning to you. Most of the day in the forties and fifties with pretty good wins. So it will feel pretty chilly out there but state yup keep pumping war. I thought well sure you do I mean and you know that's why I'm here and let them know. Well. Well Dave I'll always nice hearing from you and keep up by if there's anything drastic that needs to be looked after IU I've mentioned a couple of times about the of standing water into. In a street I've actually seen it happen. On the North Shore where a guy driving a truck yet. Went through. All water that was rolling over there the road. And he went into it and got swept away it was shocking. So don't delude that. No more deaths from flash flooding that any other weather. That is the leading cause of weather related debts yet people always in the bank. That airfield can handle it or it's not that deep says they might fear and people just feel like they get to go where they've got to go to they. And not Smart not marked. Today if it's the food show believe it or not but you know we have to cover. Things like this so all of this weather. And we'll do it some more in just a moment after first if you will this hello there it's the food show believe it or not but I know and I'm sure I'm right about this. That we're all concerned about the weather we would just sitting here right in the middle of downtown New Orleans and a couple of pretty good lightning strikes came down it's still happening out there but it does seem to be tapering off I think we have somebody from the National Weather Service to give us. Give us something oh official frank okay it's it's frank great effect there it is our National Weather Service sorry about that I know you're busy. Yeah we're pretty good that he appear anyway it's looking at this or twelve point lead at the end of showers and thunderstorms extends from late Picayune Mississippi across the eastern think Tammany slide now. Right across metro area of the war on dealt toward golden meadow block port. It's slowed down a little bit in the laps few hours it still does. Slowly easing eastward so will we got a couple of power to more at least of this. Rain promote it could be heavy. Were under tornado watch so some of these cells may eventually produce some wind damage or partly port NATO. So we we do flash flood warning in Mexico that whole area from southeast think amity across metro Portland down into the northern oil pollution. We party at a couple of it is stated preaches worrying now reported. Two we could get a couple it is more suited Canada. You know result in more street flooding and issues like that we just caught everyone in here. In their activities today to be very wary. Any type of street flooding potential severe weather. Then okay well thanks for keeping us up to date on that it's it. I think you you're. And vice especially but what's gonna happen if you run into standing water it's very. Well thank you thanks for rugby and it's the food show on trumpets Morris. If say you have a report about to what may be happening in your neighborhood in terms of flooding or anything. And anything else a real problem and give us a call and we obviously we. Are limited in what will be able to do that to help you directly but to get the word out other people who might not. No. Just what is going to be in their face if they go that way. It's the food show though 260187. He is our telephone number. And that we'd love to hear from you but to wherever it is that you have been meeting if you manage to get the first two days. Thursday and Friday at the French Quarter festival and you have some reports on that. What's the best thing even around there this is something that I've been giving a lot of time to over the years. And it the event itself just keeps getting better and better and bigger the get a load this. 700000. People. Went through the French Quarter festival last year and it's not going to be the same this year because we knew we of this weather issue but tomorrow looks really good and there's a history on Sundays. Fall of the best vendors being there and and also a really good weather live life I remember last year. The weather for the of French Quarter festival was beyond belief wonderful so you know the nice things ahead. Glitzy a guy named Tom says here. Has a few words. Tom welcome to the food show. Hey Tom you there. Yeah yes I am mere name is Tom yeah so's mine and welcome to our show. Paula popcorn quite awful. So smug about stating that. All sorts. All the great the good for the but so. For a cause. Is. You. Or. Operate equivalent seed well wait here. Oh watch out there. At. You are all all our problems that the better. Yeah now by you that saw a hard question to answer just yet because. The crawfish season was really run in late this year. And it even still I would say. Usually it's when we get into the jazz festival whatever day that is that we get into the jazz festival that's the best day of the year for crawfish I produced have been observing that for years. So. Boy who we're not quite there yet for the peak of the core of the crawfish season for this year but I think they may be a little bit longer. From now then it might ordinarily do so. I think if you waded out you can find those big crawfish. A little easier to get them than they have been lately. Okay. Club in Rhode product. Well read guy rude shock yellow then just off the blood of the I 55 right. Oh who urged Syria. One it was oh what I've got. There are I don't well all. I'll back robots ordered my. It got more. Small you know it. Well. And I I think it has to do with the fact that two although we've had a few little warm periods in their. That for the most part the weather has been critique cold most of the time and and crawfish don't like cold weather any more than we'd like. In fact they hate it more because I thought that a anyway. And that's I think that's the situation. Thanks for calling CEO our telephone numbers 260187. Me. We're coming to live from our studios overlooking the Mississippi River in all of downtown New Orleans. And we're watching the slow decline of today's weather systems. Which are headed mostly towards the east which will not. Comfort of people in the east but. If you will make it it'll be all. 260. It's 187 me if this call and tell us which if I at this anybody out there who has been to the French Quarter festival already had two days to do it. Today would have been the third day tomorrow is going to be it's gonna happen tomorrow so you know we haven't missed anything yet. So if you went though on the first two days so what did you find that was an exceptionally good. And how was the music to you know that's something I never bring up. Is the music on the food guide mostly but I'm kind of a music guy and have a lot of friends in the music business. And I I I love the assortment of music that shows up but the French Quarter festival every year mean they have everything from classic. New Orleans jazz or even a little bit of classical here and there. Calling us over here on the blue phone. Is so discussion not sure who it is but though I pushed a button and there he'll be billed welcome to the food show. Cole looked into by. Some big ones yeah. Yeah that the elect it didn't call. That's in Slidell right you. Numbers. Her coat on. They're all pretty. One. Way to Melanie get that again I wasn't ready to take it down. Say it again. It's very cold night yeah. Fix or very yup and went. 27172717. This is candies. Kendall is right on highway eleven that in a right where it twists over to the railroad tracks. In the middle of Slidell Louisiana. Right. The dog leg you know I'm one of the dogs field but that. And made. Now they'll get it did get in order. More. Hi I IE. I hear about that place all the time I've never been there before. But I've I've heard at any time anybody calls me abut candies rate is at the name of the anytime I hear anything about candies it's always really good everybody really loves it in and they do take out seafood they also you can eat there I think tension. Oh yeah they get yeah big places to eat in L yeah okay well thanks so boring and then up. They got okay and copy of gory Cooper or a ball boy you know triple or social crap. And that they care authority and the food form on Friday or this week but outside the door. Yeah OK when now we know. With thanks a lot for that. CIA you too good what that's what I never understand. A good one to six so. 187 the gun joining us over here on the orange phone is Mickey. I'm Mickey welcome. And I or well like a better now. My daughter. One out Indiana boy and a great trio and and I if you want to I think it's a rose to Monaco. Yeah right there on saint Charles and tell alcohol. And she. It would to rip a love that please cease. A way that we step. Every it would get out. You know that would go to war. Ron Jones the guy who plays the piano he's terrific I could listen to him all night long. And I actually would he come back in that in tapped into people did. And in a minute guys sitting around the way it would come up been put in that is going to. You noted a lap and now and she got a quarter restroom. And she said the way to put her on like decrease. You know courage that took. Yeah Rahm. And harsh. She says that was one of the best experiences it. Imagine that. Now you said that quote you know you heard. Some people said that who wouldn't good. But she said everything in Atlanta and I worst. Tremendous unknown on my luck here is a 100% good yeah actually you know that was. To grab it and I'd experience like Vietnam like and a. Well that side you know that's a pretty classy place and it's an old restaurant to its I think it's the fourth oldest restaurant in New Orleans. On so had been around since 1895. Listen. Thanks for the tip on and and thanks very. That's Dell might go away and it is one emerald restaurants say it's and I think the third when he opened here in New Orleans. All right we will be back with more of the food show that but we have a report from. CBS the Columbia broadcasting system and then we'll have some local news for you as well stay tuned thank you it's the food show and it's also the weather shall -- yeah we're we're watching that real close for you so if you want to know anything about the situation around the city in terms of whether or flooding or anything. Give us a call we. We don't we don't we don't know everything. But we know a lot and they'll go online to the WWL. Or web site that's really a fantastic. Source of information about everything happening around once WWL dot com simple as that. And you know what else she can get if you go to WWL dot com. Right there especially if you get the app if you get the WW all app for Europe's Smartphone or wherever you use an app for. You'll find that there is a one button direct. Approach to my deregulate show yes on no 105 point three FM. Which might puzzle you otherwise but there it is right there right on the right the cover. 260. 1870. Who's joining so here I think it's Jack you say Jack welcome to the food ago. TomTom the atom bomb. Yeah we did it blow up yet that's what I wanna know. Dolls look I did that he you're the only. In written. Television radio online. Media. That he non CA and pronounces are plastic sandwich correct give them. Hell on you must be talking about core boys right. Yeah yeah. All I know we end and for those who might be thinking well what does that so what like big deal. The the reason I do is set I think it makes you sound stupid to say some Mike po boy. I mean that's that's how I feel about it though if you don't the mob then obviously you audibly you know say it however way you want it but. Though I may remember it vividly. The restaurant that created the poor boy sandwich in this it's been documented there's no question about it. I suit do it Martin's. Cops and oil theory I mean no rule. None neither one. It's on. It's it was on. When saint Claude at two coral that Martin's pour Boyer restaurant. The Marten Brothers. Bruins don't want going to want found on the the on royal and not even bill. Royally never tell people bait or be. Oh yellow that was side that was so sits on with a mess. Sends so cool. Syria is no way it's. You know here it was happy it was in the Italian grocery was when. But then the name of the eludes me at the moment and it's. Excessive. Somebody somebody will call us and palaces right on the court Everett where mister b.'s is now. Yeah exactly it great place and they gave you not be but they did say it. Dow did not invent they did not invent the poor boy whose Martin's invented the form of are you but it's not stupid. People say that it that it arts educate. It all OK no that's true that's that's all I mean about it anyway okay well thanks for that. See if it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris Houston the rest of the deal. Saint Claude corner of Toro did the building is still there it's I think it's a dry cleaners now. And close v.s Marten and his brother mark what was his name. Anyway they founded this together back in the nineteen. Twenties and it it came as a result of the strike by street card operators is what kicked it off. And they call that a poor boy the Martin Brothers did because they had bin. Conductors on street cars before earlier in their career. And then they opened up this restaurant and whenever they saw some of these striking. People coming over to their place they would sometimes give them a free sandwich because they were kind of starving at one point. And six into here comes another poor pull boy who report boys with basic. And then nail right on the front of the building it said Martin's poor boy a restaurant. Four different words. And it has always been thus and I'm sticking with it. And if you think it's a silly thing to worry about I think you're right that's but. We have a lot of fun on this show we're not here to be studious. We were studious enough in schools don't you believe. 260187. He is our telephone number. I'm Tom Fitzmorris the French. Freddie French Quarter festival is off today in case you haven't heard. It will pick up tomorrow at the usual time into which is what 11 in the morning I think. And it's all day tomorrow Sunday is the busiest day I will be broadcasting live from the corner. Of sane and brain over there by a Muriel said the right across the street from Muriel. And that we always do that we OC a lot of people if you've ever wanted to say hello to me I'd like to say hello to you. Just come on overnight will do we will do that we both take care of that. He'll be easier than today because when there's not no rain pretty cool you help me here at. Dylan oh all OK Dillon. Yeah I know I'm I'm I'm trying to always see there. Right. All okay sorry about that and that that it came at me from another direction on the daily beat. What is that would tell me what that is designed I must say I don't know. And are then out there at the end but yeah you beat the and down I'll have a bye on the black market. Have been about four years. Yeah 90 is it this almost sounds like a like a look what kind of like. And the kind of restaurants where they've they'll be one of them camping out in another it's not that is or is it. It. I I I think I'm goof that up pretty badly and to stop a train remember a word of so okay so what will what do you have there. And now I'm. Crable. You did you know. The simple clean it. A lot of help they offering. And them out though that changed the Camera d'Or on Tuesday. Yeah. On root now no. You I picked up from you that there's more than one location what did I hear that remember via. That's correct. Black market. Leopard open you know and and then recently the number of years. Or brick and mortar. Which is downtown and CBC. Definitely. There and done really well EU. And yet it acute right now and I think it a lot of potential. How they created an Auburn. Well I I think it's certainly going on because if there is one thing I've noticed in the last year or two about the rest when this news. It is that we and it is all of the customers are shifting to use much simpler kind of dining than they had. Even a couple of years ago let alone. You know twenty years or something it's really changed. Yeah. There are more content than. Within I think it is you know. Well but nobody is everything make it back. It's in there. And it. Yeah dropped them. You know the thing I got an idea. And the only laughter. And more where we like Leo yeah yeah yeah it looked at in blurred. At at the at the bottom line though for me. It's got to be good to. It can be very healthy but it's got to be good too instead is something that well to quote Calvin Trillin who wants Imus said that. Health food made him sick. And I I do exactly when he was talking about. I think it I think it's a more of an effort to. To continue getting the good flavors that you used to getting but to play in forms that are a little bit better. Did you one other. I did it change you learn that boy when you are out the restaurant and lately though. You know. Loved it I know Stacy was like that. Yes I think in my apartment. There's generally strong local equipment. It. If you're using quality ingredients. And I think that. And yet of an armory. Dealer who's done the best in the league and a particulates is history now yeah and let them opt. I haven't I guess you can put out it was. So I anyway to wood might dimpled brain here. That had just sent me an idea that I mean I wanna run by you you are doing something at the French Quarter fastball again. Okay well whereabouts exactly because it is you know hall spread out all the have been yeah yeah. They're black or not to work double bird part. Oldenburg park that's where you get to correct so we're right between. Chris and aid in case. A hole and there yet but a lot and it's my third set of that area a little. It's it's an undertaking but if you do it right you in a make a lot of money at it and become very well armed Demi and I've I've been sitting here working on a on them food at the the jazz festival put in putting together a guide to all of that. And it's really amazing you know how much that has changed even but he is not just in. The dishes but in how they present everything in its. But it keeps. You're totally right and it. However it was on and on you. You have to get back to you know dollar and yet. They're. And look at it is work and that went. On. Give me via. I didn't give give me the exact address of this place during know like the week. And somehow 1000 derived. 1002. Putted well for good to see you're not far from where I'm sitting. American. Market. And a via buying. Well it looked thanks a lot for stop and in enough hope you haven't been hit by lightning or anything. Yeah okay good. I. Yeah you to see it it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris we will come back with more evident a moment after first if you will miss the food show. On a rainy day and a day full of lightning and thunder. And does some flooding here in there and even a couple of tornadoes so although I'm pretty pretty easygoing and so far. And but we're putting all you know up with a all that in those distracting ahead. Up by the way someone during the last hour was asking me for the name. Of the famous place where you would go and have a lunch in the middle of the French Quarter well it was not quite the middle but on Tuberville. And royal streets right to where mister b.'s. Why wouldn't win mister b.'s used to be the guy was talking to thought doll also that they were poor boy place I guess they could have been back then I'm not sure. But and we couldn't remember the name of it and then has always happens and that's one of the reasons I love doing this radio show is set. We always get answers to any question we ask but just throwing it out there. And they you know the name of the place was so lorries. And they still I guess it might be the same business still owns the building. Because. If you ever a part in net now park in that building. The ticket that'll turn up on Europe. On your own bill and Veoh for Europe. Your yeah your bill yet simple as that will say solo Maurice those strangely enough just as if so Larissa were still around. So Larissa is along well along go on but a nice memory for those who have it. And it's the food show and let's see who's next Don Don this year welcome to the food show kimono and. Thank you thank you. Thank you for being on. Right and outlook calling all last week you spoke with someone who. I sure will acknowledge. Some plate that add up homeowner and admit that may mean let me address them. I'll you can look at out. I've I'm sorry Ted tell me give me that the pieces of that again I didn't quite understand what you said. Okay. A couple days you want on the comments so hot and Molly oh yeah yeah I bet on. About 1 tomorrow morning Manuel used to Bianca okay. Yeah the police don't color. And homer. Probably call it now I don't think so here is oh it will I I remember what it was. What did you say Mickey d.'s Mickey Mickey d.'s and I understand that you can get Mickey d.'s hot tamales at almost every location. Of grosses. And kind of I've got a I've got hang on a minute hang on we'll come back and talk about this some more after first please this high it's seafood show. And we're wrapping up for this hour let me just say answer questions here. Did you catch the name of them tamale place. But I think it thought it was I mean he. Mickey d.'s. Mickey d.'s and you go to any gross is store and ask them for it don't look for it ask for a and then you'll get it. All right it's time for the news and we'll catch up on the weather situation to me on FM and HD and skyway and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM HD one Kennard New Orleans where the news is next.