The Food Show Coments On Poboys And Coffee

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Monday, October 16th

Tom comments on the Poboy Fest this weekend in the Oak Street area and the origin and history of Coffee was disclosed.


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This is the cool voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we do the same thing. The doing this where. That's when he nine and a half years and we just do the same thing over and over again. A fortune which is that talk about food and investigate. Restaurants recipes. Read cookbooks you know all of that stuff that this is this is my beat. And I'm very happy to share any of it with you I'd love to hear from you but where you have dying lately that was really good a place that. Maybe you've never tried before that you wondering opponent you've seen it. Should you try it on around you know some people don't like going to arrest went for the first time. They wanna go to familiar places that's the that's the instinct anyway. But then again you know there are so many restaurants out there that sooner or later you're you're going to be tempted and if you want a little more information. Or even a lot more information call us. And one of two things will happen either I will know the answer or at least a point in the right direction. For the answer of the you know it's if it's a recipe or a restaurant or anything like that or even just you know some kind of food you get in the store. I'll tell you what I know but if I don't know very much witches and wouldn't be the first time. We will turn on all of our our listeners to do the same issue and you will be able to talk to them about. In Indy media figure out what exactly. Is the right thing to do in any given point or if you. Chicken at a restaurant that him into yet maybe I haven't been there you either you know find somebody out there who's been. We'll get a good bit of information out of them. If you yourself know something that you're never hear us talking about on the program I often say this in joking but I am not joking. People call me it makes you feel you never ever talk about so and so strong. And my answer to that is always. Well we were waiting for you to call. And I'm kind of halfway joking about that I've. I'd be very happy to tell you so usually it's because they haven't been there yet a lot of people. As you buy a brand new restaurants which I'm hesitant about going to focus you don't really learn anything from. Most restaurants in the early going. That sometimes it happens and a couple of weeks you go in there potential brilliant you come back a month later it's our. I've seen that happen too many times so I'm very leery about trying new places. Oh when I start hearing lots of good things about it from various sources. Then that I ago and then we can then we get even more time but listen you already go in to a lot of places and if you don't than you do a lot of cooking at home. Either way we would love to hear from you a really you you would fit in just perfectly it just the kind of person I've been looking for. And the number two getting engaged in all of this is 2606368. I don't know we have a guest today are not you seen any signs of Manning. Anybody out there Doug. No that's. That's a negative okay well. Maybe it's this one of those days. What happens once in awhile to 606368. Is somebody can't make it at the last minute hour. Or something else that's always something. I think oh let's see what did we just pass. The pork boy festival. On skews it it's the whole boy festival. But they were who opened now. And would somebody straighten me out on that Africa whose idea and the attitude would look this slop and but couldn't find any links to a right away but there's that original. Design. Idea this one was on oak street from Carroll than all the way to the railroad tracks. That why is instilling news. All a lot of fun really a great great defense and from the very beginning and I've gone through just about all of them over the years. And just a terrific thing. And celebrating. Something that's truly unique about our food in all along when many other foods that we're. That we do uniquely around here and very well so. Anyway if it pulls somebody find out who win the when the po boy festival is. I think it may have been this past week in which case on monologue. Or it might be this weekend which is. And Zito global festival at oak street is slow starts in place. The 22. That's when it's coming up. Doug did you get that. Must be talking some 2606368. The 22. It's always on a Sunday so that'll help it's the area while the 22 is a Sunday so it must be this week. Anybody know the answer for that for real 260636. Our I have had my red beans and rice in case you can't tell. I'm I'm always thinking about my red beans and rice on Monday because I really did. Eat red beans and rice just about every Monday for a long time and most of that was due to my mother who cooked at every every Monday. And we love that and they still love it. And the one I went to today is one that I get back to actually fairly often it's in Covington fiscal Peta roasters. And they have a a theme in their design with. Old bags of coffee beans then you know a lot of stuff having to do with coffee. And that's the idea they they are coffee roasters in a joking about that that's not so it made up they actually do roast coffee. Using green coffee is the calling green beans. Those are not real beans they're the same exact coffee. Beans that are used to make you know the coffee you and I drink every day. But it is. But it needs to be roasted that he makes a dark dark dark tunnel almost black sometimes it is black. But green beans aren't really green either you know they can they collect like a pale it's kind of green. On in almost the same kind of background as far to really tell but those have not been roast so and then they're completely useless until you roast. Infect the story about that is. That the people who first discovered. Coffee who. We're in Africa somewhere I've I've it was the native population it was not coming from the outside middle. And it was on developed there. And people loved coffee so much because it perked them up for one thing that was the main thing bad thing but they also liked the way it tasted and the people. Who were racing all this Coffey and who were enjoying it's so much we're very careful about not letting anybody know hull it was me. On and the reason for that is that they didn't want anybody to grow their own particularly. And that we cut because that would cut up their profit margin. So what they did instead was extorted roasting the beans which made it impossible for them to grow from any kind of you know soil or anything. And that's the way it went for a long time in trying to figure and then it was discovered that making it you know roasting it made it much better. That at that kind of like put another spin on it but it. And who else who is like talking like coffee and red beans to fix it seemed to come together from 260. 6368. We have anybody. In and around here you know to keep looking and you know I don't see 260. 6368 do you have your HD radio yet someday you will some day you will you'll wonder. Unless you are truly near best death's bed in which case I'm I'm my soul goes out to you but if you were. You know if true if everything's okay with you moralists. The time will come. When you will buy a new car in the next few years. And I know you can instructional time which believe that my wife has this Honda. Pilot I think is that the brain and the utes the Honda Pilot. And it is it's an and suvs. And she bought it a long time ago. And he was typical long story short she has something like 380000. Miles on it. I like that it's taken care of a caller. And in the meantime I think I've had a net space time that she says it. I think I've had fifteen broken windshields. So you know everybody gets their special things of life. 2606368. Who would like to be our first caller of the week. Greg will likely be only you know it couldn't be more opportune. Greg you are out more than welcome to our program. You you may skip the official salute and Disco right into what you want to. Absolutely look out how do you have a good weekend. That I have a good weekend. Let me think in June oh. I did put him trying to remember why me. Who want to but I've I've watched a movie. That I felt was. It was an old black and white movie aeon and recognize anybody unit's own youth. Although they were all stars and just out of that you know from recent that was that was kind of high point. On him seems like it was something else summer some really good food ahead over the weekend but it'll come immune. Well let me. Are urged albeit not forgot that the court when I'm Panama like cursory we went over you know the order which Panama. Are producing cocky producing region and tensions in Africa at the partially Ethiopia. Is or call your name and all of that. That could very well be true they strap the climate for it and he says they also had the culture for it because Ethiopia. Was way ahead of the rest of that continent in just about every act. Yeah and you know he said there's and that. At Columbia. As well widely known as the cocky she Kurt typically are not Brazil has yet. Actually produce more coffee. In Colombia according to the toward that one on. 00 wait wait wait hang on just the second have been asked to perform. Just a quick little deal here justice to do it over here yet it will by the this is CBS Spain Colombia broadcasting system. Okay under the. Arctic pure Colombia coffee Arabica beans you always are your Columbia they produce that amount by. According to where I want yet on the and the southeast Asian countries produce a lot of call you as well and as Brazil. You know enough or will. Provide that makes sense to me. Have you ever been to have you ever been to Colombia. Now what I do one or Chile. Or if you agree. If you ever get to Columbia you'll you'll find. Of battery. Very picturesque. Interest things especially in the capital Cartagena. It looks so much like New Orleans in parts not everywhere you get to some of these back streets in new you know and it looks very very different but. In most of the city the important parts of the city all the hotels in the government know that. It looks just like the ones that. You know you'd be surprised. I think it definitely didn't speak you know black or go. What are out of the war and company unions bill what are your coach's copies are you like. No that's that is by standard at my house I'm wasn't mine we minor Likud is that's not even a word I always. Disturbed you know. Very minor way when it was at the store over the weekend and they didn't have any. Could there would bet that means I have to go out to the desk and say hey look. This is I know you've never heard of it before it's been around for over a hundred years but I get it every just about every week I come in and out by a bag. And road. And they said oh well put it down and then it'll be it'll go another year or two before I get that you know the same thing happens it keeps wanting to slip out of productions. Where it's in it's made by the same people that make French market coffee and witches it's lately become part of the people have. Who have losing hand in hand. And CPC. C and CB did Hillary. See dia me yeah there are as early on this it's a real good when two I think he you know in a pinch I'll go with CD. Yeah and are yet to utter lack yet he yellow Melo joining. You are familiar. Oh yeah yet acute cajun people make real good caught in the input it's dark they don't do it's they don't future creek there. Not as far as I've ever seen them as they were gonna ship it here. Yeah. Ellen. You know it's very good yeah I have a good friend who. Who grew up around there and every time he goes. Goes home he comes back with oh like a whole case of yeah. Or. Wilma that's it's been a pleasure thanks for calling. T how easy it was folks just call. Which are on the air and talk about whatever you feel like. If you have a new car in Europe and Europe future. And it can go oh I get the real talking about my wife and her 300 some thousand mile. On Honda which by the ways is running great ambiance and that's amazing to me so anyhow. With this aside from things like that you're getting. A new car anytime soon make sure you might not is not affect most people tell me this that it it you don't even have to ask about it. To make sure that you're radio. The built in radio in this new car. As HD. Radio. Engaged in it because that's the best way in the world together and at least for drug around. Because it's it's just couldn't turn out to be another button on Europe preset dial and you'll be able to listen to this program among others. All the time we peak in case you're wondering what else is on this frequency. The rest of the time. Basically it's NBC radio sports. We also carry of a pretty good for the sport so over the weekend wind the big WOWWL. It's. Of full of other kinds of football going on you know it's limitless so we've we run a lot of it here but this program. Is on every day it's four days four hours a day. Seven days a week. And it's the only program like that. In America as far as I know. On the other hand I have some sad news. Santa Rosa California this is one of the places in California I'm sure you've been reading about this. That haven't had an incredible forest fire that it's in. Really. Been very hard to control if they manage to keep control of it all in spots. And one of the hardest hit places with Santa Rosa. And a I've I've only been the Santa Rosa a couple of times this all kinds interest and stop their you can. Watch and make cheese the one thing and and also of course all the winds that come out of that area it's in Napa I mean in Sonoma. And put boost is it. The the reason I bring it up is that I always had a soft spot for him because there's a radio station there. I think it's K a NS RO. Or in pain are. And it's a little anyway it's it's something a lot like. Santa Rosa and saw our home I think it is. And they're on thirteen fifty. I used to mean something to me but now it doesn't so why did they bring in under 260. 6368260636. Car right now. We'd love to talk with you about whatever is cooking over and you're a part of the woods if even go into the woods. 26063. Succeed at. Program we could settle a couple of things right now all we weekend okay let's please do as a matter of fact now we were talking about horrible festival Laporte wait that's right yeah oak street. And in those inspiring anyway that will be this coming Sunday. Sunday only. For only slightly always been like yep four stages of music. A lot of lots of food and today you get this and in my for five bucks. Michael tasting low pleas to the very fact phone Nokia and yet now all. You know I'm I'm I'm glad you brought that up because I was reading something on line. Abolish that and I said no wait a minute they have gone for a long time saying we wanna keep it a free event. And I keep thinking. You know it might be a good idea to put some kind of break on this because if you've ever been to a crawl it. That shows up for the po boy accessible is unbelievable. It and it adds I can't think of another thing other than maybe on Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras that some picker tighter crown. That's so yeah well there that they have this system that Telesis about the Q the wrist band again. And yet obviously function they're just there's the respect and now I I'm just breezed over the four authoritative they have five dollar. Banda. Now I would imagine that most of this money goes to chaired. Not it does. So. If you like if you would like to just breezed through everything taste which you need to and I. Seal stuff that's out there because that is its its novelty huge but there is so much to see. I'd during drew one day and moved five dollars we'll keep you. What used to be free. But now what you can contribute and take that rock for taxes. Well. Well now wait a minute and this is this is where I get confused the way I rented. Is that if you have this wrist band and you get samples. Right right that's that's really not a fall. They'll poor boy they'll however part of the festival has always been they have many vendors who are selling. Colic at about the same level of the jazz festival is or the French or the French Quarter vessel. And it in the pop up until this year it was free to attend completely free and but if you wanted to buy a let's say hot sausage. I'll pour boy. You know they're they're always going to be there evoke Chris on. With with that product which is just incredible. And YouTube by a foray you know whatever it is ten dollars or probably cheaper than that probably like five. And and you can you know hit all of these places get a lot of different core voice but this alone with thing with a wrist band is about like just a sampling. Yes but you could simply awaited gastric. What they tell him sure you can try. It yeah we are also talking about cuff. Yes now the history of copies cuts out or waive anything. They'd dull little pressure but they Indy field as you are that would make sense okay did it literally anti Yemen. The supreme last year they kept here for along time to them but that was in the fifteenth sixteenth century were up to sixteen right now. Now it exploded down to south India over the Persia over in Turkey. Around the Horn of Africa in northern Africa and coffee from there went to the Balkans Italy. The rest of Europe. South East Asia and finally. And finally came to the United States. And or at sons very that's on very exciting yeah well. It's just that your. Just to make a living in exports and they're coming out. It. Well yeah all that jibes with what that what I've always heard over the years but this. There was that sneaky thing that they pulled off to keep it their private little thing. This is like late tee in. In China they they they have it down to a science and nobody in the rest of the world new hobby did. And they had a monopoly on it for four centuries literally. That's true but it's those sneaky people in the Ottoman Empire who. Are always in them. It's it's it's ours now. 1453. I think was the year. Elect could be looked set up its NC by gut that one right for a change. Fairway or in 53 that's that was it yet important to you know. That it is important to me but that it ain't. So what I think we're filled in now. On the on the festival on the pole boy festival. Note icy it's steep po boy festival because. That's what the owner news. The guys who started this gosh it's been about fifteen years now. When they started that that's what they call ethical that the po boy festival though in reality it's deplorable way. Whatever. And the reason I say that is that the place that invented the portable. Call them that and to the time they closed the place in which they are within maybe a week of that happening. They were still calling it Martin's whore boy rest. Whatever they called it since they invented it may put the name want to begin with. That's who gets the rights of on the name. 2606368. You know all while you were giving out all those of phone in these these old numbers of things that happened. In history. One of them that didn't come up but came to my mind. We 1608. That students as in 61608. And it that was the year that the city of Quebec in Canada was found so why do like to hear about that stop. You care about this because for the first time I don't think I mentioned this on the areas at all. We are going to. Quebec. For the fifth time. In our. Our crews that we have done now this will be the fifth. Cruise that we take him in new England and in Canada. And it would the first time we did it to the travel agents you know this is kind of different it's. It's a full huge cruise in the first thing everybody starts laughing about is you know yeah I don't think there are many trees. Actually appear in the ocean. But of course you know what you do is you get off the ship in the ports the wait until you're in a port to get off the ship. And then go walking around in DC the colors are everywhere in its release opens. If you get lucky some years we news so far our luck is the only about 55 the it's usually still too warm and they haven't that the leaves him turn off that yet but it was one year where it was not just. I'm still think about Annie how we've done this as I say four times in the past this will be our fifth win and the reason we've done it's so often. Is that people constantly asking me when's the next time you guys are gonna do that thing where you have the lobsters and that's the one. He is going to be. In October. CO it's October 12. And it's. Seven. Nights on board it's a Norwegian ship that just got fixed up just got completely renovated. And they have op I am told. Twentysomething restaurants on board the ship. Now that's nice on board the ship but. What we do is we get out and threw to the markets and by lobsters. And the Coca Boris and you know right there. And of mussels and clams. And on really really grates galloped. It's a fantastic. Trip I know it's sounds boring as all get out but it is it's just beautiful and always looking forward to these. And that is going to be next year. India month of October so we're. But exactly a year from now if you wanna know more about this though to. On no menu dot com and right in the middle of the page you'll see something that's this. And again it's what gets the gonna give us an unlimited beverage card. This means you can drink all the cocktails you want. Take it easy Williams. 2606368. Where you think you'll it would just in the last few days we seem to move completely lost our audience where is everybody. Once somebody Coleman told me that still there would you mind and then. So all I ask I don't ask for too much 226063. Six it is the telephone number 2606368. Call rating you'll get rated Emmy call right now you'll get right insult them. Too cute cute too cute to what it would do us think something over the weekend that was used to refer. And for some reason can't bring it actually bring. In my screen just went black media are. The CO. Whose own hole. So if anybody was. We are getting into the season. Believe and we you know what is really more important than when I was about the say is today we are 22 days I think away from. Thanks giving. 22. Please. Ha it's just so it's three weeks from now the Thanksgiving. Did you think it was coming on that quickly that that got lost in the and now here I am wondering about it. And shall we. Chilly stay or shall we keep going. Future. 00 we do. Know can run the gourmet waiter is quote safe does few moments. You do on good afternoon and read about you him right. We're talking about cowboys' side here true stories from these. Poor leaders when couture. Come in the restaurant what they talk about what boys and your true story. We're right here at about Barton Brothers who were a former record conductors. And that was all there was a four year life. And you know they opened up a sandwich shop that they were giving for damages to their former co workers who were on strike. That is almost you almost exactly Heather right they they had been running of respite for quite some time at that point and they. And that that but the rest of it is is correctly they took pity on these these pork. Motor man knows what that one's for the for the for the street cars. And they didn't really have a strike. Account and they they were on very short rations to two. Put it mildly and date the Martin's brother Sidney who got help these poor boys out and that's how it got started. The other one as the assembly that contains two ingredient socket you again on them okay arch. Mean a whole hook you you must be talking about a French fried pork boy. With great. Yeah yeah. Yeah it's I tried it and a couple of times. The never liked them whole whole lot but I'd like them a lot better when Martins did it then when I handed against since then because. Martin's use fresh cut Fries. Like everybody else all the old restaurants never got away from at the first time Lennon know a little and they didn't at the start doing it again either. But if you tried to do. A potato poor boy. With fresh cut potatoes it comes up pretty good tried to do it with French fry it like call frozen Fries. You will not like the results at all it's it's really insist that. I can imagine. Trivia question for you can a criminal and ask them question what is it you can get this and it is absolutely related to cope boys. And the reason why I'm playing at that occasion do the background of the Martin brought. OK okay. It's hard question I wouldn't expect any 10 let's see. What city and outlook Louisiana work Barton Brothers from my. 00 that's the question what's it got bird in the cajun country would be Morton. With which would make of the Mark Penn. The radio host here like you are today I did you have free back Jerry cook book if you got this right. I okay I'm gonna take a guess that's almost too obvious but then it might be just be coincidence. Saint Maarten feel. You're not too far away as we hear from one. Well it could be. I went one in reality. That's exactly right still those numbers and highway 92 and don't forget that it crosses. End and the railroad tracks of the the son Theo what's the name of that sunset limited. OK I didn't get it right but it Lisa threw in a few more things. I've got more of them and I you all can apparently it's a certain po boy. And it got ugly price where I am fried oysters on Omaha concept which he and other things on it be that the name. My Internet is not. If it's anonymous what negotiations. Yeah yeah that's a good one it's the peacemakers special. And and it was the the law or about this and in recent years I've decided. You know to actually. Given little research. And I can't find anything that I would believe. As the real story. But I'll tell you where it gets spread more than anywhere else in the DH Holmes department store. Used to be on canal street and we re to big department stores it was me as a bludgeon them. There that you could go in they had a full fledged Grossman in at in Nellie was full interest of some vigorous two and you sit down and and the a hand on their sandwich I mean on their menus they had a sandwich. That fit the description you just gave bits of fried oysters and and shrimp pork boy with bacon and cheese. In a poor boy and they called it the peacemaker. And they gave conflict very polite explanation as to why it was that but he really they they've it was like those. Those movies where. As a married couple and it shows them in separate. Beds because it's for decency reasons. It's so. Anyway it's along those lines. And the deal was so a guy goes the story bill. And he hangs so with the ladies. And he's he's there'll long time. And it's very late when he heads home. And that is. Skewed. Is a little sandwich shop. Right now explore. And he goes in and he gets this horrible racist attack electable puts them some fried oasis she likes Ferraro fried oysters and and weakened to a place he'd like make. And he brought this home. And this is all a story you know who knows on and he gets in there and his wife is standing there with the with the rolling pin in hand. And and she says the hell have you and then he opens up. The sandwich wrapper. And she says well what's that. But that's that's that's the story. And I got that right off the menu at the DH Holmes restaurant. Which a lot of our guys will remember it was called the Pope Correa in name. What you've entered the bonus round that. Chuck Nash it's Munich and you're gonna get this right in the U radio it's. Okay. So I believe this story isn't that came out there global. Point wondered what. A customer to special sandwich and this. Was going to be AM. And eat them with a follow in pieces that came off of the votes that they knows the name Curtis and like it was the customer's name. They're well aware that the there was the did it have cheese or not. Maybe not okay if they if it if it didn't have cheese then it's a it's the party. And and it and it fit in with debris and and if that where if it came with. With cheese it was a Ralph. And Ralph was Blake the nephew. Of thirty and they were standing one after the other in line. And inferred yours I ordered a birdie. And Ralph said Lou can move on which she news and then they named after him the Ralph. And well done. Well you try to. Work it does to not getting it. Thank you very much for killing some time with this we generally do that it will return with more on the food show after first please this. Hello hello hello it's the food show. This is Tom that's more it's great to be here with you talking about eating all I gotta hurry up his hand is on hold and use there. I've. That you know but probably and I like her. Coming Sunday. Eric and evidently Alex what. All yeah that's what got us started talking about it was speculating coordinate alike but you know that's quite rightly call. Com's Jay Leno mentioned about the Pope. And act amendment child going into the child I'm actually being means that hopefully I remember that. When and it naturally your average. You know. During the time. They did they core size. Some clear enough. You know immediately see. Them like that. That. Evening don't count again. Beat Karrie meaning to supporting. Side you know what that feel like special. Shout. You. To meanwhile. HD radio question I'm gonna believe they are short one caller we get a rat. AM or. On the weekend. So actor line. And I am a little bit trying to chat am looking for me you know wanted to purchase a quick in recent months and an IP. A little cumbersome and I am looking for. Which limit tomorrow at one time. A one out short section which. Yeah this is on the end and I'm I'm sorry I I've hit the news mark gonna have to stop. But on the ritual on hold OK and hang on or you can call back later and we'll get the incidence.