The Food Show At The Chef's Soiree Continues

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, February 21st

Cousin's Products will be at the Chef's Soiree.


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It's the chef soiree for children comes up on March 18 that's this Sunday. We have one more guest still OK I should we leave behind Allison cousins. I know witnesses. Hi Alison. Am I I'm the same old guy doing the same old things. Up the good. Yeah Alison here makes among other things unless you have something else. And I see that you're on the a list for the chancellery I just noticed that. Yeah so we're so excited to attend again this year. Such a great croak. What will you be serving. We actually. Pay she brought a lot Allen but it is. Fresh baby greens wet. Compressed ball. And two native and again. Will be in the UK app without creole tomato salad. You know I I was about to say that the that I was a sitting here waiting for that to come out because that's what you're famous for. Is this salad dressing it if I remember correctly use originally were serving. At the farmers markets around town. Specifically one in man to bill I think. Yes federal debt will start it actually. Fifteen years ago UK and everybody is Alan Lockwood they think they should I. Sounds and it is the name of it is. Well you tell me because I can't remember. I'll leave it cousin. Cousins Villa. Creole tomato soldiers know the funny thing about this. Is that although there is a fresh tomato and right. Yeah despite. Dead that presents you would expect this could be bread or reddish. One yet at the very least. But it's not you really can't tell it's it's white. The cut kind of a creamy white. The most important thing though is that. It is deal. Issues on almost anything you could use it as a dip you can use it as a salad dressing you can spread it on up on a poor boy every what it makes everything taste wonderful. All week ship creeping compliment I can I it and it's so perfect right out relax. On the with a all the seafood. Boiled and that crop fish bowl the cases my. Fresh vegetables idol type into the ballot lover as well as. You don't see images. Makes an excellent can take it out of the state. Lou. Well there you are so a bit and that's what that's the Fisher doing. Sounds good to wonderfully. We love do it just foray. We've been involved at last count four years. He had a great program for the kids is certainly. Can't get so much thought. The music to the op. And the people you run into made it to you when you go to something like that unless you have never been active in anything in your life. You'll run into people that you know and a lot of them who you know very well but you haven't seen him in a while phase in this this happens. Oh it's so true. I think we ran into it out there last year as well. Yeah I'm sorry that had to happen to via the but. Now. The so alive so you're going to be they're putting that out to. As a tweet did you see what there was going to be a sandwich. A salad yes that's right. A lot. Strip probable I love should bring. Needs to do and what to do with well first made you want and hand sprinkle agent. But. Separate case you know. People. Armoire and he's. It was that quite popular last year over Trier in that again this year. Yeah. Well if you folks if you ever wanna try this. It you find it in the refrigerator case of the supermarkets I think you're in just about all the margin. I don't get that whereas I'd week exceed that rally in any local. Independent grayish streak. I can predict apart. Although it's in a jar this is something that you keep on ice because it is. You don't really have an preservatives or anything like that in there this is just a great fresh product. That's correct we don't use any percent is there's sugar added insult added it's actually extremely low in sodium. Probably to work. That's that's good to know focus you know there are some of us and I'm I'm one of them. Who have to watch that. All I know they've built. Well it's happened with a yeah. That's what I've told them I've heard but I keep saying you know we gotta get rid of this this whole. Gore at age thing. Just like pretend it doesn't happen. Yeah yeah exactly. I did you know. A. Well that that sounds really nice how are things going otherwise you have a new flavors coming out. Com I tell you we are working on his feet Metallica thing yeah. My customers have been. Asking for this for years now. And Don it's so it's good we are right to adequate store and see somebody grabbing. Ballot like he tried you know I don't want to see their ballot and I. I don't like you've got it makes it ballot that Uga. You know that's a good good attitude way of approaching things like that. I know that when somebody walks up to you and they say you really I like this other radio food show. Better like yours. And you know law it's all I can do to keep from. Saying here eat this ha ha I. The yeah Buick. I'll bet. Oh. Is there another and I haven't heard the theories and no one can compete with ally in the war would want to. But because you never know what's gonna happen well of goodwill CEO there they'll be a lot of fun and Ian you know my wife Marion she just thinks a year swell. That that your whole business model and everything about it she she thinks Europe one of them. One of the Smart people there. All that is just so sweet. He's up not too stupid herself you know so. Yeah. But. Well we sure appreciate you let me tell you can make for my pleasure I hope to see everybody out there yeah wonderful. Always is yeah. Well thanks thanks for his pen and a few minutes with us. All right how we enjoyed it. You've been. By by the name of the product you can do literally buy this at the supermarket. It's cousins CO US side in us. And then they have the they have a Bob. They have it spinach. Bit thin and Greta I think is what they're calling. They have this this this is their signature. Item it's a tomato. And passion could name you all the ingredients added it's not as complicated as it as it might sound but it saved. The tomato is a big part of it I think garlic is another one of the ingredients but it's delicious who put this on almost anything. You stick your finger in it lick your finger it's still good. All right don't do that because other people use Nazis and York. Our program today is sponsored by the shack. One of our new sponsors the states. The Shaq. Is in. Covington. On no highway 21 as it heads towards the post office from downtown. It's also not far away from where. Tyler street pulled some old most of the traffic way if heading west towards all the malls and everything. You'll remember where it is the first time you go. It's worth checking out because it's a neighborhood style restaurant. That you might not expect to find there where where it is. But you get used to a fast enough. What you get fooled by. Is once you're sitting near here you are you were looking the kind of place that would be poor boys and gumbo and red beans and daily specials like that. And in fact what they do. Is. Takes on a lot of that food no they did they do have a lot of it that's perfectly straight but a lot of what they are cooking. Has Mexican qualities to it has south American. Qualities that are also from the Caribbean. You get those flavors. And you start going through the menu in and you'll sooner or later say what do these guys not half. In the airline well. If you find out let me know focus everything I've tried I love so far. A video of some. Little promotion that they are running. If you you know how to lose to send text messages. Send. Send a text message to them and it. 25 Lehman 75 no scheck's 75 that's it that's which is sent it to Shaq 75. And the the address you send it to his 516651. 660. And what this does is that view it gives you a chance to win a 75 dollar gift card they have. Winners chosen every month. And you can opt out anytime you want not to to do it anyhow. That's some some of what they're they have gone on over there the food is the main outlook or use it will really surprise you it's not. Anything like you would expect it to be. 26 so. 6368. Is our telephone number we would love to hear from you about food about restaurants about cooking wine. Have you ever been to the chef soiree that we spent the first hour talking about if you have closeup and tell us about it so we can make the point if we haven't already. That this is really a great event. Geared to help children who really need. Good deal help locally. And you can find out all about it by going to their web six site. Chef soiree dot com that's CH EF SO IR EE dot com. Saw hope you hope you do that I will be there my wife and I we always go ourselves. Lots of fun.