The Food Show At The Chef's Soiree

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, February 21st

The big food event on the Northshore is the Chef's Soiree.  More Info At


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This is the are buggy voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris oh I'm sorry to take your name and start playing with that before you even start. We have a lady here named Lauren the bugs. I that's a great name nobody could possibly forget that I know why won't thank you for coming here today she is she works with. With. Oh hole which when is it with Chevron. And our our job Asencio public affairs representative. And she is therefore. Connected. Tremendously with an event that has been a huge success helping children around them mostly on the North Shore area but I think it. Extends maybe it will more than that. It's called. The chef soiree. And this is an event that goes back 34 years she told me. I remember pretty much at the beginning news that there were some real. Leaders in this chef Chris Carey George who was certainly one of them though the Wong Brothers were always did and all the all the best restaurants on the north Caucasus was more or less of North Shore event. However people come from all over the place for this. Because it's just a huge. Delicious evening. And it with the exception and that day about till five years ago when it was raining and cold cold cold remember that. Other than that it's been a beautiful event. When I don't know why she's I I don't think she's on. Wait a pardon me if do we do we have yet. What. Go to ya okay say something. But there we go we got you now. Thank you where were we were we anywhere. And our enemies are now. Inclement weather from time to time yeah how did you not that mean it's it's New Orleans in the room in The Who knows what timing here well we suggested the forecast calls for rain on your rain suits and come prepared advocates that's what just about all the festivals have been doing in the recent years I remember the jazz festival they signal rain or shine Mets. Come on over I remembered that the days when you go to the jazz festival and you would slop around you know you know six feet of mud to get from. This boot to that boot but that's life. Anyhow what's the date of the event chefs are this year is Sunday in March the teen. OK so this is not far away correct via from march eighteen you said correct yeah. And it's it's being held no wait for years and years this was right on the bogus flier river. Yet but I think that has been moved to in recent years because and I must have confusion something else among there was this severe rain event in 2015. That's sixteenth 2016 so this will be your third year the trail coming to trial got a I think that's a better spot anyway it's easier to get around it is so much easier to get around and better if we do have. Rain and trying to be well adept that you know that whole area around the park. Is she is really kind of swell I remember it. My my big sister and her husband. And everybody they knew would cross the lake and just to go swimming in the bogus flier recruit was it was a hoot I almost died there. I was in a good swimmer with a but anyhow. So that's gone. I mean that though the river is still there obviously that. The the event is all you do is look for the big tank the water tank. And you are there yet that and that's what I hear it's it's one of the best clay it landmarks. For arrest onerous situation and he would that I know. So. There is one great mystery. As far as I'm concerned about the ships or. And that is. Are they are still tickets available. There are still tickets available. Our web site my head would there have been years years when it's still been a few weeks off and it was sold out so this is not something to be taken lightly. Correct pitcher tickets up front now that the second hard part is. Who the heck sells these things it's it's it's a little. And sometimes a little hard to figure out that it's this a drugstore I think that's you know tennis Braswell drugs to record date there adding to that for everybody and good for them. They have supported just pray for many many years from the get go I think and also Paisley boutique and Meehan bill hastily OT nets in new wanna. Okay get their man to Nokia and the tickets are also available at the youth service bureau offices in Covington and Slidell. And they're still available for online purchase at shelf soiree dot com Jeff soiree dot com. OK SO IOR. EE. Dot com. Easy enough to once you have this data down now there is fairly. Rushing upon us time when they've sold an out and that's it we get we're not far from that are we. That's correct Tom now will be no ticket sales up negate the tickets however president Boris is so. Yes if you're interested in attending this just Moret. Percent by Chevron. Please get two tickets very soon. Yep good advice. And once you once you're there call everybody who you know and tellem you know. One which come this will all be there together it's a real hoot there are. This wine galore in fact we've got one of the guys who's doing the line. Do we know it is done. Yes and for college it's cool. It's for a jolly old friend holly how have you been I haven't seen you went a long time. Been well as a well. I have a good deal were labored how it right now a particularly favored here now it drinks. Now we've. With a visit to do but that's just one of the many wonderful man like ships are coming. You know that's a really good when it's always the so is the. Out what went on in regards to why we have over thirty different lines no kidding yet the ship soiree from all around the world. You know Washington State Sonoma Napa or again. We've got New Zealand Italy South America. And we have all of our sales people pour in the why that are knowledgeable about to talk to them why that drew any question that might arise. This is. This is an interesting. Place to have that many winds in and this is Tom's advice number sixteen B. Even though there are thirty wines to be tasted. Don't try don't even try. Ditto on our looks like it might be good and if you find one that's good ask him if they have another one that's kinda like this or may be something totally different. And you'll there's no way you can do thirty ones you you do what I got. Not battling on top of that we have we have different we have sixteen different. Spear suppliers oh yeah really over fifty different. Were you sure as heck don't want the get all of those beat Cuba have a taste of everything but does. A lot of station is the key for sure that's true if he were tickled Japan aren't most of these suppliers would do a fact of the cocktail. Out of one of their upper hand on the table and then they'll be Goran on various other one. In any fashion that you might ask for that the other selection is fantastic. We at republic national distributing company have enjoyed. The partnership. Oh with the quiet be over the years and we we. I think it demographic it's fantastic itself if not me it's one of the largest is that on the North Shore. And I think I think you got that one nailed down. Now is the it's it's a wonderful event. And all of our suppliers and and salespeople they volunteer for the event because they enjoy. The it's it's quite a a collection of people that every time I go into it. I always run into lots of people haven't seen in a long time from various points of the food and wine arise or are around tough. But eight you guys fill it up with with class act scenario you all the best restaurants. On the Northrop certainly there are a lot of them from the South Shore. As well. So worth worth check in now. Kiki knew advance me as secret as to one beverage that you are going to be alerting. Over well be signature cocktail. For the event is going to be called the agent. The cajun and Cosmo cajun content featuring Shrek cucumber line. Along whip. Although we. Alone bite you assume Iran. Via. So it bother you lately whole little by use at Sonoma. Rama rob we are assisting me. That's is by Rahm is. Parents. I am not how we yeah. Well there it is. And there may. All of these all these you know you were you were mentioning. Tequila a few minutes ago I don't know how much tequila is is being made in Louisiana but there's a lot of a lot of new stuff in recent years. There is a proliferation. Not only breweries but. Just still worries as well and a Gordon rom. Is to be. Category of choice seeing as we have so much you McCain down here by about that yeah they're going across the board. Five yeah. Whiskey. Gian. So. There's probably at least. But twelve and still is now open up with the last shied beer here in the state of Louisiana. Getting the art. That's that's that's really saying something and to note this when you also note that. This has not existed before this is all brand new. All programs ranking yes so this is a whole new category. Flow locally produced. Not just winds but other things so spare the life. One going on there. So that but you say who won than to not miss is this it's what did you call the signature heard it here signature. Signature come. Cajun Cosmo is the rom. What. Or is it. No no okay that's got broken chains. Factor Q com or what line much that they'll play holes she fed could be threatened you got me fooled what does that. That is a that is a vodka that comes out of Sweden. And it cucumbers lime flavored. And we have pared its game and combined with the buy upset some. And which is actually a core percent little core. Made by you but it's. Generally used as a mixer. And we've done this particular cocktail are a number of and it's gone over quite well. Each and every time. But you know we'll also have our number of art is always there. Such. Jack Daniels. Bill Ayers Sadler rise going to be or. We alum. Single malt Scotch there. We've jacked. Number of different bird in which he not let them. That's still not there and. Well will. It's it's quite a lineup I've seen at Carolina big big restaurants with what looks like huge Boris that have nowhere near as much as you've just already written rattle off forests. I don't know if some it to me it's an event that stuff all of our suppliers like I mentioned earlier look be part of the president wants to it once there they it would actually demographic that stared. It's it's or don't work while all. Do you service bureau as well so it's handles two different things at saint. You know. Well sounds like a great evening. I know will be having been there a few times myself. Very well look there's no stopping in. Sort of lost track of where what you're doing these days although I was pretty sure you were in this spirits and wine business all along. Yeah I. I've been and it 35 years. You know I did 235. The last year that's all. With 300 pretty event date she always that so why do about a lack of events sensible they go on in. In New Orleans and south Louisiana itself. It keeps me busy out. I'll bet it does well also added a I'll see you at the event and secretly buy it I know did I hear this right that we have somebody else on now. And that would be always look on the yeah okay. It says here. Margaret. French. Media that's not it. Mark okay. I'll Horry will come will come back to that limit and then we have chef Gordon. Bode well I guess we'll talk to him. Gordon Bo he is that right. Yes certain. Where you. Irish bishop Michael reform bill. Well I love that place. A half half. You know it feels like you're out in the middle. Almost like a swamp. Where you can walk. You know fifty feet and start catching lots of fish you'd be just as that look to it. Started out walk to him about you could could you. You ever serve anybody yet that that that the you'd dot do we have vote for almost weekly basis. People have been around on the what an idea. You. Now for those who might not know where this but let me let me nail it down for you it's on highway eleven if you come across from New Orleans. On the on the old bridge the old main street bridge. I half mile after you get off that bridge. You'll see it it's like right off to the right and and lots of parking in really good food and when we come back from the break. I would like you do explained that steak dish that's got the cherries in it and all the rest of that stuff. Do you know what I'm talking about. Chip and all the hot I think I had a feeling it was. Hang on though don't go anywhere will be back with more of the food show after first please hello there it's a food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. On 105 below on 105 point three FM HD two. And that's where we are and we're discussing in a very general way because we have a bunch of people here. Speaking in favor of The Who could be against it the chefs soiree. One of the people who see it involved in this is why you wouldn't call on the person I guess but to big figure and in the U just the whole world I guess. The who went. Chevron's oil come and you would come out sooner or later that I would get that. And know with us to talk about that is so Loren bugs. Hi there what do you what do you do for the immediate says here like. Grand who of all. Public relations. Gambit it's. When car and then improve but I would upgrade I have a public affairs representative Chris Rock I am so we partner with organizations in passing Tammy liked. He service bureau now and help them with their efforts in the community important test to make sure it. We are providing good services and community. Along with our wonderful partners. Has set I had Chevron been involved with this for any link that time or is this. This is not the first year not the first year okay. So you must like it in days it must be working for everybody involved while tying Arnold you wouldn't be here at right our employees. There Abraham Betts who volunteer are bad. That an ad that's even if they have still like it changed the trash bags every now and then they'll be there that's correct because you really eat some food they are and it's good food to yeah and really. We just heard about all the spirits and lines I am actually I some food along with that as yet eat the food first. They have to take it from Tom I think it's. All right well what can you tell us about the event itself I'm sure you well well schooled and that share well some of the highlights of it. Of course they have at least sixteen different vendors food vendors and out there were expecting over 3000 attendees. And just going to different stations trying out different food is a wonderful opportunity Freeney went. Also. You know and even if you walk up tool one of the tables and you see that there are doing. Homeless which I think somebody actually does serve I think if I remember right. An eight and you say well I don't like. Comas because I don't know what it is he annoys you know something like that there's so much else uses no way you could put a big big dent in all the food that is there. And it really is a first class product. I would I realities and even say if you haven't had come as her home as you say. I was writing you re right because there's so many good options out there that you might not have had before. And it's so good in this real good for you exactly yeah yeah. Well we hate you probably looked over the list of all food to come I don't know if you have a not a hope of not embarrassing Dubai and ask that question like that. So what what have you look that yourself. On the list of what's going to be served is that caught your fancy. I have to tell you why I don't eat meat so back out quite a few things that means it I think other people you pick up the slack. I would worry about it but I will tell you at this turtles it was not me and so I think that's a great one I love turtles who who's doing that. Andy the home run home run. This there's only one issue with that there is no actual turtle meted. They they admit that though they've always admitted that it is delicious and there are a lot of people who say that's the best turtle soup and talent but it really examining. And he turtle in it. Because it is can't get you just can't. We don't don't go go ahead and have a you know odd. Hop oh less than a week ago. No it's a little more than a week ago on Mardi Gras day I was talking which the with the archbishop of new wallets. Is that we will broadcasting from the from the from the parade. And I said you know people are gonna ask you this so would you answer it and I'll have an authoritative voice answer what. Oh is is turtle meat does that pass. During lent. On you know Good Friday and Ash Wednesday in days like that and he said we've looked into this and turtle meat is a fish fish. So we're all arts we're all set up. And that and gave me a few others he said alligator that's a fish to really yeah are you so it's it's completely Kosher to. To eat alligator Durham okay no one of these are the things that make life to back at this yeah please please go right ahead. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris our program today is sponsored by the man DeVille seafood market. Avoid must be the same people who. Who would go there and who go to to the great event we're talking about the ship's soiree. Oh over there. At Mendel seafood they have two facets to what they do one of them is. As a little actually it's not little pretty good sized lots of room and then like I always notice that. It's a neighborhood style in the war Owens plays so they have everything that would fit into that category while red beans and probably of two different kinds of gumbo. They have stuffed everything on earth. They have just one after another. Well all these great little daily specials that we love to eat in New Orleans seafood platters of news some of the pasta dishes. But that's only half of the other half of it is something that I treasure and Knight is rare that's why treachery. And that is as much as we love our seafood here in New Orleans trying to find in fish. You know Trout red fish all of those fish that we like. It's kind of hard. It's it's it's kind of hard to figure out what this is what they do. That men to bill seafood they they had faithfully at all there on site it's all fresh face they talked with the with the fisherman every single day to buy what's going to be on that list. For that day. And it's a great place to go for that. So you can and practice your own cooking of seafood or you can go to the other side of the place and just sit down and start. Just swallowing it it's so good. And a very family friendly to both in terms of price and the kinds of things on their menu. It is Mandel seafood there on highway 59 just north of the main part the old part of me and bill. And they are open every day including on Sunday although they close at five months and accidents. Idol of all I'm sorry I left Shep Gordon. You know I'm I knew I was gonna tick somebody off but not a not intentionally. Or you push pushing but ignored me you got okay. Gordon. And I'm I'm terribly sorry the bureau would Zia idea on this oh I'm sorry. I a who is that. Who. All that's right I'm sorry I'm sorry. Yeah. That that really is good I mean he is Michael rhetoric right yeah he is. I've always saw he's he's a terrific chef. And he has this one dish on the menu and I already tease you with that a little bit it's a split it runs is a special although I've never been near where they didn't happen. And it's it's a full play and there's like all kinds of other stuff on it and ninth somewhere near this some cherries if I remember correctly. A what is and you say it's your best selling ditch. You're you're referring to block or away the black forest filet is perfect that it paid out Hancock. And once away that it stopped to protect Lucci is going to be gorilla suit temperature of your choosing. And it's covered and our home page serious talks with several different types of cherries why that. Others secret spices. And and tropical Jumbo lot crap that zone. Way that always helps but you you know you UCL a a menu like that and you wonder gosh who would have thought of that. But what you eat that once and it'll be on your mind for the rest deal life if it's really a great dish. In in a very cool place a you you have a the guitarist. Who has been playing near for rather and large number years he's still there and me. Ought special occasions we don't have one regular. Like to have equipment for special occasions. Where we're talking about bringing him back in the music I. Well do you remember his name. I ought to but I don't. Not opt out of my head he. So yeah I remember it by and Kevin Michael was not here right. But what I've heard said about the guitarist is that he is the person who in the new orleans' area has taught just about everybody how to play guitar. That's that's that's the rap on him. Pretty good at and he can he would sit there playing all night long. And you couldn't stop listening to him. And he wouldn't stop playing so that worked out great. Anyway what are you serving at the at the soiree. You you must stop buying your first at last because we're doing turtle soup and start and I are famous white chocolate reporting to accept. The future appetizer and dessert book from my. Well that you. No possible way you can complain about that. Our white truck broke things will be different this morning because it's stop and heavy threats towards earth life. And all of vote white chocolate and has published. And ask you question about how you bake it. What's the temperature in the oven when you have this speaking. We haven't had 325. Yeah bat and his cover. I had a feeling it would be on the low side and doing something to keep it from rusting out. We treatable like that constant and heavy heavy courting. I love bread putting done that way that's that's the way I do it at home not that that makes it better but that's certainly a good one. I'm trying to remember whether you guys have been at the soiree in the past you probably have been. While we're. We're coming back this year and good. Well you will see me because I I haven't missed one of those in quite a while. Will great. I'm sorry two of folic stuff pure. You know what who where you are you know what to. We do and I thank you very much for being part of the story to. You certainly will thank you. It's the food Schoen Tom that's more as. Margaret French is here. Is that right. Margaret I'm sorry I I've put ice said that you worked over it Mike's Michael's. But that now my goof. Which are making many today. It are you let the Z on. In. In men and yet Covington run. Actually yes I am on common area director of operations and on our responsibility our orders via a 1190. And also busy in Slidell. Then you probably know that I was there last night. How did you know that that a lot of that you enjoy. Well I know. Still and I know that this is the time of year when Zia puts on its. Blanton menu basically it's it's been more of a seafood restaurant than that well you that you don't have to be religious together is what I'm trying to say in a clumsy sort of way. Absolutely. It it just leave it there for ever. Edits and oh I I had let's see the first course was. This whole gay thing that you make out of a tuna mostly in some other fish to all this is broad marinated in and hard to resist. And yet you know. Well there are you know bishops went into the kitchen and they did I am and that was the famine okay. Well that works beautifully. I think. And then quality. I also had to be Moroccan. Red Fisher I think it is. Golf fished my lockdown at the way that what are. Chef crafted dishes that put on the surface secrecy that the Mediterranean despite calls fish. My it was Serb devers and Kristi can excuse not to direct aid plan. It's because who's didn't used to play for the saints. But what at a candidate could. But we keep trying. But the red pepper recent thought that it'll get in the. It's a since it is this a new addition I don't remember seeing it before. Edit the brand brand I had a feeling because you know I'm I'm kind of a regular there. I appreciate your regular there I had met you several times. My bet that the application is quite fifteen but with the company since 2007 so. It and we enjoy that coveted into the body that's very much. Yeah it's very it's a very comfortable restaurant I've always found it relaxing and and just the right it you know it must so many restaurants now are so wow that they've become unpleasant before you've even sat down. Shore and that's not the case could see at least never it never when I go there. You know we try it strikes cute he'd be polished casual atmosphere. You know we wanna be a little bit for everybody if you just wanna come in casually have a bad experience yeah but can also turn the the player a little bit if you're coming for celebratory event. An and really just being theory available to what they get why and I am new in itself that is why. Yeah yeah well you know you're going after those millennium goals. You know I they walk in. Okay have like a cocktail and old widow an order of Fries on the side. No I want this and then followed by this this in this all of which costs eight dollars. But a bit but that's the way I younger diners eat these days so you know I know you give it to them if somebody wants them. Tell us what you were doing at the soiree. Well the pleasure. Partner would be used service bureau. In the ships are 84 I believe that long and the location an open. And we have tried many different issues and brought many options to that we can always kept people you know opportunity strike things that are being. But I tell you never failed but we are not clear what our high style. It's corn bread. Then it'll we will hear about so where to what is great for us and what our guests Wharton. What we're four and we're going to be here with their night the which has raised corn grits that are wonderfully cook. Pirate. And out but if you ever bump in the media in the restaurant or an hour at the event even. Stop me I have a story to tell you about that fish. You can hit it a funny story it's not the horrible the case somebody's thinking all. Hated it but is that they I'm a big fan of Zia so there we go. All right well we'll see you there and you you're doing the ribs I take it up. On its site will be. Nice flame now have to read the bill bullet. Typically have a lot line. That we want to come over and that some are wonderful thing again it's a great partnership it's one of the premier event on the court sure we always make sure that we partner. With these are your era and in in the. Well thank you for being there and that's you policy is there. My pleasures CO. I it's it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris you know we better get to discus on and I haven't been putting it off on purpose it's just kind of worked out that way. With all of these people standing in line here and anyway tell us because I haven't asked. What exactly the youth service bureau is why SB. The youth service bureau is an umbrella agency we have five programs that help children. Most well known as our costs or court appointed special advocates program which is sop program of adult volunteers. Who speak in court for children in the Foster care system. We also have early truancy intervention. There are task program. We have. Intervention for ungovernable behaviors searches breaking curfew getting and five eighths on pre delinquent behavior if you're fan's program. We do delinquency interventions are crossroads program that was our flagship program started back in 1981. And we also are they licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment provider. Enough fun Alan coming and we see far too many teenagers every year with that's always. Judge is just it's one worse and worse sometimes. I know enough great kids that I happened to given up on him or anything but. Most of the most of the young people who get involved with though with such things. Didn't mean to do it but you know who knows. Oftentimes it's some adults who thinks he's you know got up. Just as something that has has to be done and ain't going to be by him you know it's it's just. It's it's a terrible thing but you know there's hope. Absolutely. We do see a number of young people who are caught the first time to experiment with substances in and it's a great opportunity for us to provide some interventions and education. To help them make better choices and not go down that road to addiction. This isn't the same organization and in doesn't really relate. All all that much but I think with the one of the best charitable. Organizations. In the area is basically what comes out of cafe. You know I hate this cantonal. Kept not look cafe hope is good it's cafe. Or. Reconcile cafe reconcile. I've been following cafe cafe reconcile long enough that I ought to be able to just that their name out without thinking about it but you know. They. Have it started off with. And the restaurant business really as so so many things do. And they would find these people whose lives were there you know could be good but. It ain't because they went this way instead of that way or somebody forced them Horry who knows you know it's so sorted. And and they. These people who don't have the soup and these issues. Get involved in cafe reconcile. And other organizations like it. And they learn a craft that will stand him in good stead for the rest of their lives I tell you if you know what you're doing in the restaurant business you got a job for life. And and that's just as it should be here in this city it. Well along those lines Tom I wanna give a shout out to. Fountain blue high school and man DeVille and Hammond high magnate school. Because they are both restaurant participants. First show soiree says a young people at those two high schools and their pro start programs will be bringing. Something tasty they haven't told us yet it Ka show special but we're looking rumored to them I I judge. Sure enough things like this to tell you that this a lot of those going on and there are a lot of fun. This UAE of these young people who are also big and it. You know I'll actually it's not just oh moreover work of a different kind that somebody wants me to do this is this is Lou what real life is made out of finding your gifts and then using them. It's absolutely career building now also would like to. Kinda give a rundown of some of our non alcoholic beverages that will be poetic ethic. It says there and water. Through the net and it spraying water Coca-Cola products the Folger company will be fair and there are great supporters sword for many years. Also pinch. Okay you receive that the facility that they have of the North Shore. And his son will what are my saying I'm an adequate strong. That we're Folgers is like doing all of its. Roasting and packaging over the long there and I went for 34 did you know it's the number one producer of coffee in America I don't know that it it is. They they they could produce a faint stick them on a coffee through there. And it anyways sorry I can't think I I know a little it's a win I know so a little something about something and let it loose ends and there it is. I'll all of the restaurant participants are listed on the chefs Wear it website and we're updating that as new entries come and just before I left to come to the show today we got notice from lop for months. That I'll be participating in a first time in many years were so happy that they're coming back to show us more. On him to I remember chef Chris Perry George you who was not he he went way beyond. Of being involved he was like in the middle of everything all the time and he used it to his dish was this piety. That he would do every year and it came in Japan. He caught actually cooked it in up and a well this wide. It was you know like a putt we have to save almost two feet wide and any other special burger. That was also that size so he would cook this entire big big skillet full of a pot a ia and it was just delicious and stuff I've I'll bet you don't know I don't know if they can bring a Packard it. May or may not. No fun. They may not you know those were good days with chef cry on the list I'd also like to mention Benedict plantation because they were not the first restaurants to participate and show us all right and they will be fair and they share. And I know exactly with their serve that he rejects. The whole sentence capsule idea that everybody loves that they roast at an image they serve it chilled if I remember correctly. And that it's us in these immense. Fish that they bring that it's enormous that really saw. Well anyway so we're obviously we're talking about a fairly major. Food tasting kind of event what's the price. Individual tickets are a 145. Dollars and then we have packages are Smart cookie packages for tickets for 500 dollars of alive package they dropped down to about a 125. Now. In addition to the great food and averages we have and raffle of about to ask you about sponsored by banner for last year bill last year for I remember right it was a mustang and it's a mustang this year and 2008. Scene and it's why it's beautifully into a picture of it on the web site. Those tickets are 25 dollars each or five hundred. Winning ticket will be pulled at 830 catch a story that you don't have to be present to win. Well the last year or was that the year before my wife and my daughter. Where we're at the event. And they were it's. I I told my daughter that I had gotten bought that I bought some of the raffle tickets and she looked at me chiefs and quite. And I said he had just 25 bucks what do I care you know it's it's for something that's well worth supporting. And he she said that's when I mean until what do you mean by saying you know by giving me this evil lie because. I've gotten a mile. A ticket and she said. Well dammit let's see coconut quickness. You'll are not really. A mustang kind of the purse. I'm quite sure of course is absolutely right if that guy couldn't argue with that at all. So but anyway we hit the but that's what happens at this event this'll kind of fun. Yes and I live music on two stages this year you know who. We have group seven coming back groove reset every 790. Crowd favorite now paid. Will be performing on the Hancock and Whitney bank stage. Also Louisiana spice. We'll be making a return appearance after a few years the Wagner's they've been away since. I don't know Wagner's very well they leave the choir icing and this is by the way everybody who make note. Of this event here. What we just said. Was another proof that there are only 500 people living in the entirety of the war ones or else what we just described could not possibly have happened. For the director of the of the choir that icing in being the same people that you are having had fewer events. That shouldn't happen that's just too good. And also for the first time this year we'll have new suit on the new suit dates essar group satisfied now anomaly fun I like the name. You know. It's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris. Doug do we do too if I wouldn't jump by the here and no I guess it wouldn't make any sense to do well but suggest government. All right it's the food show we're talking about the chefs soiree this is the big gourmet. Event of the year. I've I'm very I feel very safe in saying that. And it takes place coming up Sunday. Moss on March the eighteenth I think you said. And if it's a who's who of respiratory is who show up for that. And lots of wine and lots of cocktails and peer to nobody mentioned that but there's beer. And everything else and also life music we didn't mention that and all but there it is. And I wonder since we're coming to the end of of our our. Is there anything you wanna get in. That we haven't talked about yet. It's the. Susan this is a big east. Well a lot of people don't realize that this is a volunteer driven events. Lauren mentioned earlier that Chevron. Provides volunteer manpower to. Putt on chefs RA says. Trail head area starting about Tuesday. Before shots RA is just a virtual. Beehive of activity and it's all volunteers the folks from Chevron. And then folks from the community we have had some volunteers who have been with us for decades. They keep coming back they roll up their sleeves get their hands dirty and just make this. Premier event of the North Shore. And by this don't question that'd is that then as many. He events is there are on the north through these days I know because I get in troop caught traffic for every single one of them you know but that's living on the North Shore as a lot of that quiet. The old boat show wait a minute wait a minute trick. It's so all right and Lauren what do we get any any thoughts. Well we just have so many people. Within our corporate headquarters in Covington that lit that work on indoors where they also live in saint Tammy so they're very excited about the event. Well I I remember when they the open that that building up and now I said to myself not knowing anything really. But that this would be a major. Boost to the whole Covington area and it's certainly been that we insulating having anything to him he cares about ethnic race after Anna Anna. Are you going to the actual events I would be here. To see you'll see me there I'll tell you that Mike because everybody in my game wants to come. I yeah. I used to be the well it was a one year they let me be the official. Or was it the honorary. Chairperson me and my wife. Who is it this year is that a secret. That is the secret. Why anyone. I didn't like him anyway. Well thanks for for coming by and I'm gonna take down all of these little pieces of data here one of the witches. Chef soiree dot com the hard part with this is spelling the word soiree right. It's a French word. CH EF is there a hyphen there no are no Yvenson. CH EFS. Bowl on IR EC. Dot com is it dot com or is it dot Orbitz dot com. Dot com okay. I will keep this here and if you forget it call me on the year and I'll give it to. And yes I don't want anybody to miss this this is really too good. An 845. Dollars you know that's more than the average person has in his pocket it's been non interest completely. Who luxurious. Things but when you find out the good that is coming out of it. That's I think you will say well yes that's cheap at that price that. It's all about the kids so much it's done and and lord knows we need that more than anything. Well thanks for spending all this time where this we usually don't have people on quite this long but it was it was nice meeting you how long you've been here. How are you from here I should I've been meaning to ask you that. I'm from Houston and resign Q I have been here for four years I'm not California. So when he and before that was in New York which you mentioned I am. And he stayed go to Tito printings oh yeah and he would make it crying about surprise it was amazing. Yeah I would imagine that be a fantastic place to be. What took visiting witnesses and it was really fun thank you and I hope you thought so too all right we have another half of the food show coming stay tuned.