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Monday, December 4th

The subjects of Willey Coln's restaurant on the westbank and olive oil.


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We have a visitor from an old friend cowboy Bob himself. Yeah top. Hi you all doing. I have an idea you know if you outward not only about. You know. Lola and well I don't know it's been slow as ice melts. We don't today but until you called now we're wrapping up a little. Well let's get Roland acknowledged. Cup conversations for you here and you know this time of the year traded McAvoy at that red suit you know Wednesday all of them. Are you love you big enough to pull that off. Yeah that terrible thing you'd still argues that the step a pillar and now. Now it's natural. If they're wanting an. But did. Out there yeah pocket kind that your real and now you. Couple events that go to it's it's I enjoyed by keenly even that stupid beard you know little known for the and look like Butler. I'll be here yeah yeah that's always dead giveaway. Everybody is kind of that's about what we're in my conversation he the we're prepared now met bill part Korea Korea club. Thought oh I didn't really that little place and a kind of all of highway 59. Or economic are you sure. Clinton my my my feeling about this is that if you're not absolutely positive arrest but has closed don't say slow because she never can tell sometimes a place looks close but their. They have news sat. An old. Piper sipping it needs to be replaced me. Well no hot tea drop on there every day and I like and what I liked about it was it was apparently felt that you know but it needs but he that was really different. We're gonna call you back Obama horses and he urged obstacle McCoy backer. Paul Casey later in the I have no explanation for that but in the meantime we will talk to a Bobby. Think the seat Bobby welcome to the Puccio. Date you do trail only Bob that Bobby's call right. Well I wind died you know that's two in a row already some weakness and that to work with. China we had arrived at all. A couple of them on our auto on wire. And Largo and like our trainer and over on the Catholic born and caught it. The white Trout and won big though. Yesterday I made. Are roaming the audience on cookbook with. On the throat and I came out and out of the event and are blackened and one of virtue that it looks away and oil you know vote so be sure all accurate treatment and well. Heidi all of that you did you got awkward great. Raw materials and a great recipe and a guy who knew he was doing. Absolutely. The other thing 01 there was you been there yet but there have been. Oh big play call Leonardo. I've heard about it but I have not been there where is. It directly to insist that on 22 it's at that place on 22. Now on no it's not on 19 or or home right or do you. Why after all he called road repair order from the outcome. Alone OK stole. Him don't have affix on it. Instructor Leonardo. Used to yeah. Leonardo. And something else they're mature along here and outlaw all. You paper we. And down the guy that we are. On him and chips that are. Open action trillion. You know what going to be you know he's around town in there really really well ago and shook the barrier by looking. At the art here. Britney now. I have the via deal all of our job. And a micro trend had the look on and vote. That's. I'd be all that that they use there their early. Tomatoes off not a rich. Maybe you know. It is typical of other. Oh lawyers all that. No I order tends to be intensity heavier and cooked longer so that'd get sweet and very thick. And now oftentimes. That is another hallmark of not all Sicilian cooking but you find it a lot in pig's feet. I'll wind up in the one way or another inning so you get a bill meaty quality to it that. You might not actually see it but it's it's it's they are it's very commonly there anyway. Oh my. Pick Richard to our home early. Well well. Duke was a good Alia. It's only care. It meets all I care and are. All like over a run. For. You. Like to draw Ira. Port. And a place packed it really. More accurate ball in my a topic. For. And it has happened to quite a few. Well that's good to know on the night I've heard the name but I know nothing about it I'll have to track it down and see how news thanks for the media for the recommendation. Our. Oh. Yeah me too low of good restaurants. Thanks. Future. Yet seated on the road it's the food show. And speaking of down the road here he comes from down the road who was up on the road but then stop for a while and well it's norm. Norman welcome. Hey. Well it's just picked up a lot of speed in the last two or three minutes thank goodness to people like Q. I've got. But he brought all options are available via. Hole. Okay sure play or four. Well of the tour group. Out period their children to drop a year ago Russia interest at a restaurant. I'm out on board entry immediately that you could think of them with with our server but surely he should revise. OK so you're looking for a place actually sit down and only. Our particular don't want you wanna take you know okay. Expect able work in the property here. You know well I I I would use it if you're around where I think you are I would go to Dorian Jackson and get it there consume meat departments terrific. Doesn't three regular order in the field. Alone try that they'll. OK well you didn't tell me I like it but then he. I'm sorry one. Don't actually breakthrough in the overall. Specter. You okay sure all within me of lying and Stein's. I don't. Oh yeah they egg laying in Stein's has first class a first class butcher shop they they really have great stuff so you. You would be very happy with the belt with equality the meat you're starting with them anyway. Earlier this column as one of the sun. On Metairie road the other when it is owed in river ridge even islands Saudi rode it ships and highway. I'm sure they'll. But I Bonham. Carter are and have a good that they calculator. Thank you thanks for calling it's the food showed this is Tom Fitzmorris and Clyde. He's over here hired a record every Christmas. Thank you come on a court order if I love is still open questions this will be ladies and gentlemen please pay attention what you're about to hear. Is going to be the most interesting thing that we will talk about today. Go I am going to back in olive oil today a camp and indeed keep olive oil expensive. Extra virgin olive oil it real. Yes. It depends on what yeah it really matters it depends on what you're trying to make. Seoul. Give me an example. If you were going to make us. A salad or or some kind of tossed vegetable thing. Maybe with some some you know different kinds of cook but cut up. Carrots or you'll almost anything you can imagine. You can use extra virgin olive oil. On eight it eat you almost don't have to add anything to you could if you want to put to just drizzle it over. Over things including like slices of hosted bread you know even very soon stuff like that. And it has the flavor all its own. And it contributes to all the other flavors to so that's that's what you would use that for you would never use any kind of olive oil. To view. Any writing or even even hiding I hesitate to to do. On because it's this but little take you get which is burned away and it's not going to do you view. Much of an experience there. And then you know other kinds of olive oil the ones that occurred on mark as to whether there extra virgin or something like that. You can use that to do like pond made. Veal lawyer or chick and with the parmesan cheese on the touchy comply right on the additionally that that's that's what that's for. IE you what happens here is we we wind up having just two kinds we have extra virgin olive oil which we used by the big metal cane him. I mean yeah. We just love that we use in an all kinds of things round here. And and then we have one that it is just for you know pain and so a pay quick lube job there in and I think the way it goes. Because you know you do any you'd eat the other a try on oh yeah. And Egypt that. Didn't make potato and it says well rabbit with olive oil well yeah. Well trying to olive oil QGQ Edberg in she. Because the elderly get eight. Well issue will. If you eat that again we do. You know when the you you would get a little bit of that idea he and yeah that it. Really. Well that what its windows but the value when you have any kind of fat on the outside of a a coding them wrapped a a ski and and you you rub the outside of that with spend any could be any kind of that could be. Chicken fat it could be big and fat. Or olive oil for that matter and you rub the outside with this and you put under the broiler or in hot the and just turn it and you'll see that the skins do indeed get kind of Crispin and into which it. The idea around that yet 375. Maybe put it on Iraq in the and I think the of them is the best place to do this is that what you get. You get convection from top bottom sides from Monday ride. It out. And IA would. And I'd salt is one of those things that if if the dish needs some salt. It's so easy to just grab the salt shaker and a narrative as a unity you're not gonna make it any better by putting it in earlier I'm not a believer. In putting. On assault in anything. Close to the beginning of the cook. Focus well I don't question about olive oil and baked potatoes so very. That goat though neither one of those was even close to being a dumb question and I thank you for making amid call with some more dumb questions in the future could laughter. You know thanks a raw. It is the food show. I have surely over here. I'm curious I Charlie welcome to the food Cho thank you for call. Many years to grow the. Great grow what would own. Willie Colon shall remember well. And he would bring that I would look at their April 0110. Glory. The U. Yeah he was famous. And he'll. And child. Yeah. And you don't inhale it paid for. It now. That's all that was great in this guy wins he was a five star chef with me. I ran five stores in his restaurant for a long long time. Denny you Denny went over to the hotel Intercontinental he was a shift gear for quite a few years and many retired he still living in New Orleans he still alive. And and a super nice guy really is our you know I every time might think about that Bahamian. Fish chowder. I think of it in touch with them and asking him to send to me that rest because I don't have it. On but I know he would give it to me so. Chef Willie if you're listening to ice. Sending an email Tom no menu dot com and we'll see if we can get that. As for the these beyond. The veal shank. That's something you can find pretty easily around town it's also has another name also book. Or. Why it was a big. Well yeah we see we see. It was a big presentation in which he would bring out the whole shank of the public path is what that was that was enough for two people. But he caught it's so long that the the meat which is fall away from the bones it was very tender just wonderful serve with a whole bunch of vegetables. A great great finish. And certainly this that was the signature issue there for a long time. But it look up a recipe. For. Also boo go at it in. Well yeah he he absolutely does and you don't wanna get pork and so local you don't wanna get him awesome vocal. Those are okay but the reveal a sober Rocco is the real thing. And though you also don't wanna have that with red sauce she do it brown saw national light when that that. Suppose it's it and I doubt it oh I agree that two black forest. Oh no black forest cake is really easy to find this a million recipes for it and cookbooks and on the web you shouldn't have any problem finding that at all. Well go Motorola go to a bake shop that so. That's pretty serious about it and and tellem that's what you wanted they won't even have the look that up that that it's. That's a class. And you see it all over the place during October fest. Oh but but that overs so. I hasn't. Yeah that are and in true that. Although it was so good he would he told me once Siegel at times to tell the story this is a short story are those in their once. And done and he told we were talking about something I forget what he didn't really matter but he said you know it was funny. Is that how we're number one selling dish was the ocean. And people would do talk about it coming from all over the place and but we never headed on the venue it was just something who have verbal thing that the chef that the though that push the waiters would come over it's and explain to people. And he said we sell so much of it on and I just go ahead and put it on the matter and save everybody a little bit time and get ready to the to the shank of things. And so he did any put it on the menu and he stopped sending the ships out to talk about it. And you could probably figure out what happened that sales of the dish guide. A guess it's just went down and he. At the print meant new venues all over again because. It was the waiters who would make in the make it all seemed fantastic yeah. You know it. And you have a great to keep you couldn't coach Paul Byrd from. He that's another classic club restaurant and and hotel. I'll recipe you'll find that in lots logical books real easy to. Oh here right. Well good luck with that. See you keep listening we might drag Willie Coleman of the wood works and that we will use listened to las call me. Will be back but more the food Cho left a first please that's.