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Tuesday, August 22nd

Tom wecomes Wendy Rudesill, Deli Manager at Dorignac's.


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This is the cheesy voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show 1105 point three WW LF MHD. Two. Hey what about that HD radio thing what about that Tom tell me all about it I'll I'll I'll tell you all about it later. Oh and by the way Tom what about the and now that have run out of things in erupt the program with. And welcome to our show Wendy route to sell that I say your name right yes it is good. She is and it nears I can tell the chiefs lady adoring acts. Which is probably a pretty good job if you like cheese. And I'm imagining that nobody would even take a job like that what she did like she's so this must be a nice little. Nice little job yes some island the key and the Delhi the GSA and the Delhi both well and like seasons ago who would be. You know and it is this is something that people who get into it they've really get into yes and because there's so much. Out there remember reading. A quotation from Charles de Gaulle. And as someone was asking him about you know wow was it difficult. To to. Manage a country. After a war. And he said actually a bigger problem is trying to manage a country. That has over 256. Different kinds of sheets from the and it's just and brings. And because they're she's cheese is all over the place the Italians easily keep up with the French who without a doubt and then the British to the brits. They get they've got millions of different chiefs is that they make over there and they're they're completely different from whatever. Inside to get into this. My mother did it for seventy years why are you inherited that I inherit his eye that's great only in New Orleans. I writ. Dog. Make a note some neat. Must write the book of our. No forgotten when I when I just haven't had a great line and lost focus she's written another the book that she's so the anyway only in a war that's it only in New Orleans could you have a lady. Cool inherits. Her position as the chiefs lady adorned axe. Which you know in terms of of gourmet things that I mean that's a good one is eat out this cheese. You know you can't stop beating it knows who people think she's serious suit ice Ohio. Now well that to our natural of one another me although I remember our secure remember who said this or whether there was even anybody worth talking about. But today he said that. And you should buy wines. While eating a win like that that screwed up. You should sell wines. With cheese. So that is viewed trying to talk somebody into buying a bottle won her case of wine. You tasted over Cheney's. If you're that if you're selling it if you are buying it. You do so over bread. Yes listen because the bread won't show any problems with whom would the wine. But. You start eating cheese when you're eating wind in your own both of them and it takes much better than if I didn't and had about a Marvin if the better he'll like it so. I guess they were worse things have happened to you. Brought some cheese here yet you know what what did you let's look at over imports and once they allege you it is is it is Italian cheese optima. It's gotta look over here you know what color. Well this isn't this is Omaha this is like and you thought she eats Emmys with a with a Ryan yes and and it kind of looks like debris or camera bear again but I'm sure it's not doesn't cases and there is potions to oppose it it's always so it really comes at Kia. I love these cheeses and they're they're rich. And they are. They. They're really good with wind that's for darn sure and bad just sitting around eating and watching yeah. You know. I'm looking here at this and now I have a a question of it you've been asked a million times. If I were to buy this much uses an. Five dollars and 92 cents lets us deal if that's an excellent price on an excellent wind at least it looks like an excellent point ought. Should you cut off. The grind here. Where the you Wear it all the the bush line you don't have to do but some people who eat it but yeah but in Italy the yeah well of the aegis but every. But you but this is a iPhone that I like it but I've also met a lot of people who say that they don't like it that picture problem this. That's a kind of earth the cheesy it's kind of a face but I think if you. If you don't want our earth the cheesy kind of flavors why are you reading cheese yeah but that's. That's but this looks like a winner and it's. A very thin remind it's this this is actually. I what he called them it's it's the things that mushrooms are it's of. A fungus is at a fund yes okay. They launched a line anyone on top player of the phone is the target at the bacterial count but they want that. Yeah oh sure and an if you keep it around long enough. It gets better and better and better awhile and then you reach a point where it's where in hours and hours or anything over at that age of 45 days already alright okay. But anything over like Cheney is alaskans really strong gal but I have customers expert like eight government. Well why not you can always do it at home you can put it in the refrigerator in a relatively. New not so cold kind of an area. You know I a long time ago in what is probably the greatest meal I've ever had mildly forces of restaurant coal bearish to legal in L access. In France. And that's an area where they make a lot of cheese. That's where the station winds all come from civilian of that very popular and today. I was there and I had a cart. That they rolled up to the table in the exit here all right pieces and that we have this in this and that's what about this and they said that while that's a that's a sheep's milk cheese and it comes from you see that little that white hot out there at the top of that mountain. That's where that's where this cheese comes from I mean that's. That's France and chiefs it's all all very much part of where you find it. Anyway I it's a great what's this one in Tibet is the same cheese is the one you just saw except that it's thirty days old. That's OK what about this one of these same she's again. Sixty days. And it is he finally got it down to this thing that was like a rock it was so hard. And that one was like a 120 days. And it's amazing you can even do that but it was sure fun to do that day. And only gets more expensive all yeah well Leo that's that's the way it is and anyhow so what else we have what else to. I hope I'm not being greedy you know importing Gartman solo career just. Imported Gargan solar this is the blue cheese of Italy. And I I think I know the answer to this but let's see if you don't have a different answer maybe do. If you were to compare this with Rockford or stilted. And or even. Maytag all of those are blue cheeses made in various parts of the world. Would this be to your palate a stronger. She's yet or a lighter achieved its promises it I think so too I if you want a blue cheese it's really really kicks you in the face that's been this this one is it it's so if you while blue cheese and it's. Gordon Zola it's from Italy. What part Italy do you know I don't. Fund. And from then on Beethoven he's not Cincinnati. Let's just but I knew that the failure. They mixed it up they oddly like she is in France an elite team mate is certain. Towards the out announces like it's all over all over in Italy is now of Leo a true. Well they kind of I think it still works out pretty well for most consumers anyhow it's the food show on top that's more us. It's great to be here with you talking about food about restaurants. And eating and drinking and now that. Wendy wrote it still is with us from door index which has a Major League. She's department in their deli. And if you have any questions about cheese here's a lady who works with that every day over life so what she will have some answers for you that. Would heaven forbid that. Be more authentic and more useful than anything I would tell you decide to kind of make it up as I go on you Greg Greg welcome to the food show we were on also with when be rude is still she's arch we cheese lady for. I don't wonderful thanks for Colin. Absolutely. I'll tell you still get it in Britain. They're. All you can't hear anything that was. Oh. Let's see how can we fix this he's he wants to know wait wait are dug to the rescue where we connecting. Can you can we be heard now you can hear okay but try again would you. I don't get cheese is great Britain's chief backer yet it is yes. I know another one of many there that's not the only one. That's the most famous ones though. Are now at every you know like you're Perry whip either cash or I'll walk. Sounds good to me again both far more well cash to really deal will. Good win at the. Yeah I don't you been. Achieved expert. Do you really error or somebody who cheated. Home long nods to Cohen skated who owns a home actually sticking into the car and go actually really do it because it's kind of sweet. But stay away from light don't go. Because of peanuts or anything like that felt a little assault. I. Have a lot. In the wintertime crash like eating stopped and she's. And other paper is monster. No it's a mild cheese you know pretty much you know is really to smile as a good cheese in fact I I that was telling a story a little while ago bug in it being an Al SaaS and Mitt tasting some of their cheese's and that's exactly where that comes from is what the books there. And but it's nothing like. The monster cheese you would get hanging on the rack already sliced it's a totally different thing if you date they have caraway seeds in them it's it's it's. Pretty. Village guys now my my least favorite in the maybe some people it is pretty popular it's a probable and I just don't get it probably Alan you know like problem. Yeah I mean I don't I'm not you know I mean I don't know I don't thoroughly enjoy it like some people really like. What to me or has it has one major place. And that is in the making of awful us are. That's my favorite thing to do also if you ever try to make Philly cheese steaks at home. Is it peca and that's a good cheese too used to do that if it's my experience anyway. Jack the really popular Colby Jack you know what is that. It's not out on cold reject it's not it doesn't do as well in the cells we carry it but it's a slow seller. Is basically it's better in their money injected with it. But I match then who are. Right our thanks a lot thing. Calling C it's the food show on top of Morris it's great to be here talking about food today with though Wendy route to sell from door enacts. Join acts of place that that gives us a premise. Or a or mystery every day. Everybody tells you how to get the places as regards. How close it is to door and acts like. Faust knows for example which the Italian restaurant practically is in the milieu parking lot yes right next door he ad does so Heidi get to a Fausto is let's just across the street from door next but without Doran next week never get there. We'd be just wandering around nothing to do. Then a chain. Windy Rudy sills was this from door index. Ando we've do we do let's see we've already investigated it how led GO. And they deal more times and as you and Ngo. And are also a gore in Seoul a couple of battalion. I didn't hear a new almost looked like exactly the same package that they are different. But a super. Old Rotterdam from Holland old Rotterdam. Is it rotting and really. I let's see we samples on the customers love it this is a beautiful color you know where is she system that this. The scandal crystals and then Yang acted sees that by the way those that's what they are exactly as crystals and the cheese that gets me the most with that after I eat this cheese it's like my whole mouth is torn up. He is saw. Co op with the good kinds of oh he's fixing it okay. Odds that of the parmesan department John Riggio no escape that in chunks you'll actually see likely look like little pieces of glass there almost. And it's it's kind of does scare you about them but it sure is good. It's that's when my favors Reggie you know all you and then and it's. Here I am getting myself in trouble with the the sheep's milk version of that which is. Romano cheese non tech Perino a minor role model packed arena packed arena means shepherd. And so there York. You know what this this is like screaming that meet to to open it up and and eats up. Is that I think Jamaica here you have the tools they are so I will pass them along to you would you like some cheese. And technical. I don't know what's going on here all its you he's got this figured out already yeah. Yeah it's always. Where Rory. Oh she's got what it was rubber gloves. Have never seen cheese. Served well from rubber gloves before but you know you could start a trend there. Yeah that allowed. A long long time ago I don't think you're old enough to remember this. Or even close. There was a local brand of potato chips called big piece. And Dick piece that was ultimately bought out by Frito-Lay and that's why don't see him run anymore but it was a local company totally and they made. Thank you thank you very much for that. They they were making hero on cheese's I mean there were on. Potato chips for a long long time and remember they used to run TV commercial. That said. This about Vicki stated chips that they were. Untouched by human hands. Look at LI and I guess that struck home to a lot of people who had images of of people with. With the potato chips this passing them around and grabbing them by the handful. But but oh thank you. You know that it's the color on this is really appealing it's almost up peach kind of via the only you can taste those off Chris a little crystals via phone. Doug is in here to get this year. Month. Oil of this what do we do with us. No no lasagna I'll tell you that right now nope no. Mac and cheese with this now at an off off I mean that's great. What else would we do with us have with. Maybe a cocktail. I always goes out cuts hill yeah that's true. And certain kinds of wind too you know those shining usually it was heartening. Yeah I concede that a big when you hit it. W you know what there with a lot of uprooting this going on another sort among of the bodily aging in don't know abolish it meant to say yeah. It goes the flavors. That have developed. In the air before I get that bottle aging this. Anyway. What's the name of this again over other dams older Rotterdam so it was Colin is a garuda so it's so old it's a on Netherlands. Chief Justice he didn't know they've they've made chiefs and ordinary in any are doing and and a lot of quantity. Make him an 24 pay what we was that's probably a famous from she's that's from the air that I'm forgetting about. I can't remember what it is. Quite gov. This is a close to old maintenance and as though agencies it'll close and it really old Amsterdam and they really it's hard as some of art. They haven't crystals in it. Now. But this is of all the ones we have faced. This one really lends itself. They should be more polite than to be talking while have a multiple achieved. But now this system you know part of the deal. Of not pulling this as part of in another ingredient not making a salad out of it not doing just eating it this is as plain Ole eating she's. And it's real good for done. Go on port wine with this idea that will be very good yeah terrific. Young all of this. Anna what is what is that so forth that I was a big chunk Q 161699. A pound bunker. Then. I've just isolated one of those little shipped it via. I'm trying to decide whether it has any taste in. It's not a big takes whatever it yet. But that she's has a whole lot. Anymore and it create that he's not a whole book that is limber live our era. Used to be very famous. And of people would make jokes about you know 'cause it's if it's smells to high heaven. And out like in fact I can't remember the last Simon and limber cheese. Courses come from. That was from Wisconsin. Oh. So who is when burger. It's German. It originated from him it's that they very seldom him any emerge from Germany more petite they have to own name very hardy. They show what looks like this sort of semi castle outside ultimately able here. Thinking about my wife. And my daughter who love. Going to. Going to two castles. They just got back from oh week in Europe when all they did was go from one castle to another. If mr. I've heard worse and you know it it it. You have something we can cut this open do we even want to do. You think he's as I love stinky cheese yeah I sure do. Not everybody dies it's acquired taste. Then it's. Yours if possible here. So I'm opening it up. Agencies that intimate at the end of may occur as kids come and play pay pulling in April and if cars. I. That's pretty good I'm just gonna cuddle little chunk out here. Example. I mean this is in knocking me against the wall or any women say they knew for is needed now is good song but if you. The it it opens up in the mile yen and yeah this makes a big statement. School but but it it was always kind of Elena. I got it now yeah right I think you have been bitten into this jungle with a little bit tie. I've read it from it's prison. And it's yeah it's definitely got a kick. And as I'm sitting here thinking trying to remember if I ever eat this cheese before but it's very famous pianist in. But more often than comic strips and setting it up you know. Well you sell a lot of it. Well that's all you need to know. Yeah they'll see it doesn't have a brand name. Just a country capsule limber trees. And it's I think it's a cow's milk she is pretty short. Those are the two things that you need to know or is one. You need to know what. What place that she's came from. And that's that's really important you know they took it just funny that you learn a lot you know even before get a chance to taste. You what you managed to Delhi to unions were telling me this. You know and a Delhi is something I remember a time when. If all of the us the slice meat for small they were priest place to packaged away and it was stuff like Waco luncheon meat. And you know that I had a guy call me a couple of weeks ago there used to be a picture get asked this glitzy. There's it's it's a jelled. Beef. It's because it's sliced beef. But it's made by. Kind of cooking it down real slow and low windows something with a lot of gelatin and healing of ox tail something like that. And and then. They they take all that and comic condense it down. And the beef gets kind of chopped up and and always made into slices. Of this beef that which if you put on a piece of bread and warmed it up a little bit. That the Shalit two and would actually fall apart and you would have what almost seemed like gravy. But dame nearly as good as a roast beef pork boy you know it's an end and this guy call me a nice and I agreement. But what you're talking by the very well. But I haven't seen that in years and years in people's flags soared to say IE I figured as an export that we have the CNET well I'm. I'm not an area at a Long Island oh yeah well it this is from when I was working and grocery store myself back in my infancy and beaten us. Nine years old. Well anyway. So far through you got quite an assortment here we have diseases then. And got and I got any weird ones there anything that it will really stand on your mind if you have repeated. At other than the limb burger. 33333. Right now. I have English apple would slow ball. It did and it is British yeah. Well but and yet it's orange. Line is most of the time that white you know if they're the ones that come from Britain. You know I'll actually all of this of my although only one on this one in red land tester might be the only ones they have color. But the dolls you know because that's the biggest thing people think all teases you. Well it may date I guess you never had a pizza again. Like I try to sell white cheese is like no we like yellow cheeses. All it is is food coloring it's on until beans you know be exact that's where it's used to make that. It's also used it to manufacture. Fake Safra yeah I think you've just had summoned not Toby into it. And then there you warrior. You've got the color. Doesn't change its face off our program today is sponsored by the pelican club. The pelican club is his arrest at that I really like for a whole bunch of reasons one of which. Is that Richard Hughes who is the who's the chef and the owner. He is always. Extending every promotion that comes his way to give it right now it's a perfect example where in the middle of the culinary season. The culinary season in case you've never done it before it's it's sets up you know all for a hundred restaurants this year. Restaurants around town doing a 39 dollar three course. Dinner they also have a lunch version of that I think it's twenty dollars to courses. And if you pick up on this during this season which is going on right now and will to the end of the month although that's getting cut close. You you get what I think Odom the most outstanding bargains in dining out of the whole year. Well the pelican club has been jumping on that since. Since it started really. And he started serving McCoy via the menus for the culinary. Dinner. Back in well before the beginning of law August and these can keep on going with that. Through the end of August and all the way through September so you have another month and a half. To take advantage of this menu and it is one worth looking at because while most of the culinary menus or you know maybe to him that tops three. Different. Items in each category. No one for an appetizer one for country went for a dessert. But most of it just I choices 23 maybe I had at. The pelican club. They have like six to eight of each of them. And they keep changing them as the season goes on so you don't get tired of the one that you came to already it is really a good enough restaurant in the whole bunch of ways. To make it a favorite place ago no matter what it is especially. If you're trying to have a grand dinner with really great food but you don't have a big budget to take care but the pelican club. We'll help you bottle lot and you will not find many restaurants better than that. It is a five star would Meehan has been for a long time. It's the pelican club they are on exchange Elliott the corner. Being built street in the French Quarter they have validated parking across the street at the modeling on hotel. And it's that's where is by the way it's easy to find the big sign and there are open seven days a week for dinner. The pelican club but up up and up okay what's next this is great we just keep keep beating when she's after. Oh well. Wait did you just deploying units or you need the night of course. Anyway some of these sir I just wonderful this this went so far as my favorite what's name of this again slated old Rotterdam. Sounds like something an old guy like me would like. Old Rotterdam. If my wife were here she'd say all the Rotterdam no one deal like that over the English. This is an English ham but it's it's a chatter is emotional center. And edit it it has been colored. You can call it okay line and it's kind of Orange ish and pale pale. Maybe maybe kind of pretty thick. Yellow orange gonna caller. Or rich this is a rich pay more much more I was expecting. And sometimes that comes from. The the chiefs itself but oftentimes it's just come from. Putting too much salt and it does that does a lot of salt and she's. And yet to be watchful for that. Of one of these guys like I'm not hardly the only one but. On May. You know high blood pressure. From my mother it would that I do end up. If you have that you you really ought to lay off of thought unnecessary salt. So using cheese you got to watch it you know if I would come in and ask you. You opening nice Jesus here that might be lower pin in assault. That these so we have in the India. They had is very little unsolved we have some assaults in Italy India is coming into it's a Swiss cheese more than switches and impulsive yeah. And also more of the Swiss cheese is Alan low and on. The sodium. Yeah that's how they taste yeah. It does throw out like it and now they're real mildly they they or is really hit like nothing he. The way that China now. This though does not taste like this is this is rich it's talk it's actually feel partners to that wasn't expecting till it got me just now. And nice cheese and tell me about this again. What's that what's the name of it eat his apple would smoked cheddar apple would smoke chatter. All of that is pretty much generic. In which shattering its can you explain it better than I can because of matured. Saturn chattering is the process for which they better cheese's army. Com. They separate the cars in the way yeah. That's that's that you have that he actually if you ever thought that California and the wine country there are a lot of cheese makers out there and you can just walk right into the room where they do in this and it basically comes to. A small swimming pool full of them. All this stuff that they're constantly mixing around and it it does kind of set up in the drain off the excess weight and then and that's chattering and that's where that were held. Yet it's actually Bosnia just about Wisconsin in this light the countless trees in Wisconsin. Who. And it's like the neck housing years they milk and half an hour later they making cheese. So it's is it that will warm via the court before they test well milk but they don't that fans. Yeah well why not do he. You can you just brought up something that. I I'm not sure how the average person would react to this but there's been a controversy over the last let's say twenty years. Of allowing or not allowing. Unpasteurized. Milk to be used for making cheese's. Is that an issue do you have to him. Know people come and tell me that McCain camp that says. In chi Chi's practiced with the guys after thirty days she's elect this is going to let us alone yeah I mean the via curing process does it you're done you're finished you know have to worry about it says that doesn't really matter that the aid and loans is eight over thirties if I'm dale. Yeah something or remember that's and little known. It's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris 260. 6368. Is our number if you want to know anything about cheese we have vote Wendy -- still here she is the cheese lady over that. At Torrey next tonight. Be hard pressed to think of a better place to go to the deli deli there's. It's beyond just sliced meats ego contest of course yes yeah. It was what was oh yeah my wife is not by the deli Turkey. Or Turkey yet a video of the house and house and the house on and Turkey my wife says that the best ever. It's a lot of people go for now let's thank you county now. So we've never used it for Thanksgiving. But it is sometimes comes. Now. But that it goes on this all sorts of the things prepared in house. We wrote yeah it's. If you it's almost like the rest front reel it in the degree of what what you may call back there. Pretty good stuff in him. What's what's. I noticed lately that that you say see people. I'm sure you sells them of their trees I mean does that she's mean they're meets. Because where would we be without that that's that's a couple great he degree locals. What was it working up to there there was. I forgot what it once it was. Oh yes they have. This cajun ham and me me it's kids in heavy Chevy try yes. Well we had occasion indication of beef. You can actually see the the red pepper kind of like and it's you know in right in the in the middle of the that you just cut slice in there it is it's all over it since because most most occasions camps. I just on the outside you know when you see that safeties it's all through it. I know why that is because they used to run commercials on our show and I got to talking with them once and they said the way that they cure there. Am. Is that they find what used to be. A vein or an artery ID of the pig you know I've got the whole leg there. And they put the brine which is basically salt water it's not much more than that right down into that channel and it's kind of spreads out. Into the hole am there. And it takes a little bit longer than to do with the needles and injecting all this. But it it really is a great product area that I'm big big fan. And I I do this might root beer placed him by ever become famous for anything it's going to be that that say yeah. It's what we do it Thanksgiving and Christmas and holes but it say it. It says let's look too good and the start. And they also have they have something else don't they. Chicken or something for god. Didn't you know they make a bone in bowl and we sell via. And only you are you a ball the ball in the end though in him is swap best sellers Alba and but there are a lot of people shop in your store. Cool. Go back 1020 years and remember what they used to buy back then and they wanna keep you know now I've talked to your butcher's once in awhile. And always have this I've got I've got a question that's probably released favorite question. How but feel pockets and they roll it arrives. Everybody says they want it nobody over by her. That's probably true achieved two with. We know a lot of cheese yeah well I believe and do. Our next. Which is that of the only landmark we have we're getting around the world of course sometimes it seems to be. Well thanks thanks for coming on that was and I hope your thoughts to. Wheeler got a comeback in a minute or so in what we have the news coming up momentarily but that we have on Knoll a whole second. Half of the program part of which will be our contest in which we will give away. 75 dollars worth of culinary. Dinners. At Manning's is the place we concede Manning's right at a window here. There and feel there's there's signs and that's that's Archie Manning and Eli is he was he one of them. And flip flop was and he won the Cooper Cooper Manning. Flip flop was not a Manning. I get confused about this but. There at that you will be able to win it's a 75 dollars. Freebie to go on over there in and try their menu. States own.