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Wednesday, November 8th

Our guest is Executive Chef Tommy DiGiovanni of Arnaud's.


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This is the rubble odd voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show. The full show is a simple cup position. We talk about food vets sick that's the whole program. And we do that every day and we talk about it as long as we keep it going in new we've we've hit really enjoy this. Our house I guess. It's easy to prove that we've been here long enough that we wouldn't be doing it. Wouldn't show up every day if it worked some fun and so we it is. Our numbers 2606368. If you ever won a call me about anything about a recipe that you made or is one you're looking for. Or if you're looking for. Something. Some a restaurant that's a little different that's doing something that that appeals to you. Call me and I'll tell you everything I know about it if I don't know anything about it which is possible we'll get somebody who's listening to us to fill in the gaps and then as there will be. Our numbers 2606368. Well we have another one of I ace Clinton's. Friends coming in here. A slim is. You know often offended again it's slipped my mind on your name your last name. Paying the Kenya that that's why cause its point. Yeah yes. Anyhow. You are kind of doing the awareness kind of quality of a series of dinners that you have been doing it restaurants around the city. And these have been going pretty well this have seen you in Iowa though like. Five times in the last three weeks. I think over here. Yeah yeah. But anyway they have been they're going to the best restaurants around I mean you know having done this myself for quite a while I'm doing dinners every week. By it's not easy to get in a really good quality consistently. And enjoy it. Oh but you guys have certainly done that week after week and another proof of it is or knows which is doing it. Ties that this week or next next week next week. And though with I Sissy guy who. I think is extremely important to the New Orleans restaurant scene but who isn't as well. And no and as he really ought to be for the good for the kind of impact he's had on the business it's Tommy di Geovany. Who will last time we talked to him a long long time ago he was at the royal Orleans I think for a and then is something happened something happened something happened in January at our nose. Right now aren't always was. What went home when was that when did you would take art that was right at the things get 980. Once mania 1998. So you're coming up on twenty years yeah. And the way he. What is there something pop rock FIC okay the he came in there this is a restaurant that is truly legendary immunity goes back a long long way 1918. I think is that as counselor coming up for an AA Centennial. All I know Kenya and a try you know hundred years from there year Wahl well there was a time. When the best restaurant in town there was no doubt about it it was our nose. And things happen over the years. There was a thing called. Well the lady who ran a group acquiring Jermaine. And that that kind of edits and changes in the north cheek as Berrian who I think it's one of the really brilliant guys in the hospitality business. And he had it for awhile and now his daughter and his wife run it and it's as if nothing had ever change is there sharpest tacks are there. Absolutely and and here you are running a huge kitchen that yes they operation it's one of the fuel. Kitchens I've ever seen. Where all the cooks born grumbling about how small their kitchen voice is this is is a football. He and it's it's a fairly decent sized kitchen and obviously in the war close I have to wait staff I have more product that it shrinks very click now well at least it's still there I am to have to be discussions rock salad anyway I don't. I know if I finished saying this but that Tommy di Giovanni here is. I think he's he almost certainly. Those who've who least well known of major shifts in this in the city of Russia's and and a lot of people milieu especially in the business everybody is no issue now our buddy and I think the the average. Diner in New Orleans. You know it might shake his hands him. I think I know our nose I don't know this I. So how did that happen do you just like to be shy. Well I mean yeah yeah Ali is a horrible person by nature yeah. Aria REIT I I that's not the like it's a though we've conch contradict. Teams that we need to seek the spotlight. Well you know I don't think Kelly really do that much but. I thought. It's it's something anyway. When you took over our nose kitchens twenty years ago. What did you have to do first. A lot of into into this. Thing I mean it's it's always been a well oiled machine you know well distance RG which authority. Aren't you germane here is that it does he can ride that. Some of those stories of heard about her. And that things I miss Archie. Has very important weighs half as maul him more because he is hotel guy yeah. Who fought a restaurant. Blades is wrong and so is dated still structured in a very European. Hotel mode model mindset. Now how long in any case it works it works brilliantly. When I got there I didn't it didn't take a lot to really fine tune a few things. More personal issues and anything else. Well that's say I everywhere you go and everybody's got to cure album with a sure do about it. Well anyway it it has worked out pretty well over there are all this time. And and largely. Didn't ski as we've by. Read juve and aiding. Or even you know like Reid starting over again there's. A lot of the food that had been. Served at our nose for a long time or nose and a lot of other restaurants like gala poison and once in in those in that category. And if you had taken any of that off people with a stone throwing rocks at you anyway I mean the even if they had complained about it the day before. Now we want there at C uniting act go there it's Hugh reinvent the wheel this reinvigorate. Certain parts will now. I was kind of monitor actor and premenstrual holes today on he can't take a with a whole lot obviously. You could really get you know a lot of comments somebody who has spam maybe thirty years therefore honeymoon or anniversary whereas. And in a commander saying while at trial mean yes sauces the same today as it was thirty years. It is it realize that Arafat's office in that's you know really our Koplan a testament. Things is still. Consistent in a place like that mean that that's you know stating why all the gamers that very tail they always. You played by the recipes so pretty much or opinions and that that that works if you stick to it constantly after he had to be heard as you you can't just be grab in the for a one now on him. I mean even warned Ruth who you know maybe Austin guy. Awesome guy I mean but he would be the first to tell you that he was somebody who made to waive every ingredient and so you know he he's would stick with it. And that's why it was so it's car consultation with art as a world power of the it is he's a stick or two at all bets. Now speaking of the problems to us this is today when you're gonna tell us what it is and coal exacts Altay heiress part avoided. This one really interesting ingredient in there and that I will tell you at least it's on mine mine but we'll see if you you you also thanks. So what what is it it's you're about that tells. What's what's in there. Kind what is in there and Quayle mustard. Creel monster almost certain that that's our oil operator yeah policy as a salary in audience policy. And that's about tomorrow let's. Not kid each and I am and I am if I were guessing. I would say that the one ingredient that you use in there more than I'd seen anywhere else and just say that. And it's and I think it works great in nobody else really has ever copied it so it's pretty much unique to our nose is the amount of paprika in there. It's it's where you go to party boring it is an elaborate collar that's just war and it looks like the other brownish reddish. Forms a Rommel and although doable the white formalize its losses seem to be taken over everything these days. Everybody X yeah our army our I don't know I don't get why it's taken over everything but I do bring you a sample I mean why on digital. Which were featuring at the dinner next Wednesday then parent and a lift the is far in the right patsy and do that rubble. Well it works. Yeah. It it's a remember there was a time but can't remember who came up with this but it is the our nose happy meal. Which would aces. Shrimp bar know which is of Rio animal on basically. And then. It would be what salad. You get that part of the Trout yeah man cup custard cup goes and that that was the miner's hat in the gulf war that's because everybody would get the same thing. Pretty much. For us it's. Well there's that it was right he's some similar this Christmas. Yeah master. Happy you know. I don't think McDonnell's election. That. Well anyway at least it turns out a really great product and whenever I make our nose I went whenever I make a rebel by the almighty pretty much and go on down our throat. Yes this although my favorite dish and our nose and this is something. When I find it on the menu that debt restaurant whoever it is is instantly my friend. And I go I start going near all the tech is assuming that they do it well and you guys do it exceptionally well and in great. But co and quantity of of this. Look the five oysters and always broadcast. And the EU has got all the big east and I've got Rockefeller you gotta be in bills. Then you have DOC and do a long Suze that he has kind of vaguely taste like pizza in the news in the distance and that that might be a just in it's for men as they can. It's what with commanders and mementos and bacon okay well that's pretty close right there then there and there's the one that was. Oh gosh to Ohio and gas is at it and that's will eggplant right granular and Gary via and that's good to your termination. And then and it's. The news starts with a C Katherine Katherine is that a seers or JJ a K okay. And who is that anyway never never I believe Katherine is missed are our cheese sister and I thought he. Well it's my feet that a fire what scenarios here is they'll have a once in a little crab meat and Ellen jays actually like a stuff on a chip in now is the intent between yeah that was one of the first things I changed when ninety if there was changed and African. Says animals and it's up art object you guys origins sag at the break from zipped version our moral about our lake some nasal. It's good as its effect all five of them are good and whenever I'm there with friends for the first time. I safely just got to add this this is something you're not gonna find anywhere else to enter its own issues yeah. And they the equality of a very consistent way were world it's gas are and it is useless crap I thought a well it to a lower. Yeah and then he you know there was an another tradition over at our nose years ago. Where a lot of dishes on the menu were named after friends of the restaurant. 41 reason or another. I'd like them am humbled to know that I know a lot of the people who have. Names on dishes it at our nose but it also explains why it is and always pushing people to have spread putting reverend certain. Because if fury he if you have a dish named after you and that this stops selling. You're gone that's it emissions they might find you would do addition to put your name on them but basically you're gone. And I'm I'm Brit putting Fitzmorris. And it which I'm very flattered that he should be yeah I don't think about it because they know what kind of losers who are excited they're arts and I guess manipulative as this is named after. Yeah yeah. It must be sought to have it taken off I hope it never happens now and definitely. Yeah. My favorite. My favorite story of but. Tommy here. He said he is the way who is Blake. Two uncles in your dad there with our blog on my farm are your uncle and your dad. And at a restaurant Metairie. We're fury is hell where theories as. Now original little Italians the right or rats and they were. They were. Naming it pretty much correctly. Yes I'm tolerant and I think that what. Now I'm getting. Yeah. It's a food show on Tom Fitzmorris it's great to talk with you but food restaurants and stuff we're really pleased to have but Tommy di Geovany hear from our knows he's the ship over there has been for twenty years. And we'll talk to Savard a moment but first please this. Hello it's the food show this is Tom that Boris coming to live from our studios overlooking the Mississippi River. A what does that mean. A slim Kenya is here and and she has in tow today. Tommy on drug I'm sorry Tommy most confused with Q well another Tommy yeah by Tommy di Geovany over at our nose. One of my favorite restaurants for as long as I could remember. We did our twentieth anniversary of the radio show. A no no it was even more than that it was the fiftieth. And might have even been more of that of the whole radio station. And we headed over there anyway in the main dining room we had the whole place full it was really so. And it was the kind of restaurant that I'm sure that the people who managed. The radio station back then they were in our nose all the time because it was only a block away. Yeah they worry in the may some blow on the roof of the maison Blanche buildings where. This radio stations started and then you know our noses a block away on BN deal. Now. Humility as there are there are a lot of interesting things about or knows if it's especially if you have a kid or two with you. You take them upstairs. And well Lou let him look at all of the Mardi Gras stuff. You know music and and they have it in oak costumes that. Jermaine wore Indian parades in the and that balls and things. And I remember once going up there with my daughter and a couple of her friends and showed him around. And then we when we came back to the table Archie was talking with us. And my daughter said. You know dad all of those two stress is down there. They really pretty but. I think a little creepy. And then. And then our our chief said ha ha there are no lot career here and protect. Is accurate that is a story that's what it's worth seeing our thoughts are often but then if you start walking around you have all these private dining rooms up there and you can really get lost if you if you're nightmare but it is. It is it three stories are removed or act as teased or Jews to. Stereo prepared for it's two stories and it's so misleading from its. Yeah that's you don't realize it takes Apple's Steve. You just don't realize them and those set forth. What that's about people. That's one of the great things about the restaurants which you can do a lot of private dining stuff going on one time. Yes and and it doesn't impact the most restaurants the way in most restaurants operate these days they don't. They don't travel that keep the bill we've we're fortunate. Sees Spain as well in I knew the way elections does earn. A lot of people have been wondering you know but the restaurant business where's it going and it seems to be getting you know smaller restaurants smaller. Numbers of people at one time and how will we keep up these huge dinosaur restaurants things that we have several of around town. But I think they've got this nailed down you know this part of the nobody else can do with the kind of private parties in warn those can to a net. And once can do that's unique to them and that's gonna people might think long term said. Oh good I'm glad. Saying anything I don't know it's wow well it is the also it was fun. On two different occasions I had a charity event that we do in coordination with the radio show. And oh we we did 4050 people and I would shift the whole thing myself which is really stretch this I'm not real coach bill. I Shia. It analysts. And though we had you know. 4050 people and I got Specter cooked a ten course dinner. And I thought just went exploded into this hole will ever do this and Tommy walks up and that okay which needs. The Sidwell I need to make some Pyrenees sauce and he reached its okay you got it. What else did it. It's already there there really was a lot of fun and it was an impressive data we've made brought in a lot of money for you think it was a hot the the food back I think. Back then but. But being back there and with you in the staff that you have that those private parties is really real pretty. Yeah staff. There are no short you really can't. A bone moon. 68910. Months ago I was in the restaurant in. And the year two girls over there and running the place. That Katie no wait it's not Caitlin and Caitlin. As adults and it's who incentives sales team no no no way because cast variants are CAD RP Cady and I'm trying to remember remember our cheese weitzman has changed this Jane okay. So she's just a all of these really wonderful people are and and they expand our face army just. Coming in the door and say went just sit with us and so did. And they said we're tasting all of that you know of the new additions for the new menu. And so what men who when you do a movement and Jason you know we actually do a pretty often. Feel like not not huge. Ronnie we have settlement means you have you know private dining minis as well as you know humbly dining sale mean. We you know seeing and public dining we'd do you change you know of Austin Powers. Beyond what we're known as to make some changes right now companies sounds coming on board. Company finished races. It's a food show on Tom that's more SF program today's sponsored by Frankie and Johnny's restaurant Frankie Johnny's goes all the way back to 1940. That was when the war was going on in right across the street they were building ships. And so you can imagine there were a lot of people looking around for places to eat in that day. In new restaurants were only. You know pretty much fancy places in the O'Neill really minimal. Little neighborhood kind of places. They kind of fit right in the middle there and that at that time they certainly did with the amount of business that went through that restaurant on the game on a given day. But after the war ended they just kept on going and it has remained one of do really good. Native. Restaurants in the local style and they have kept that going for to this day in fact. And we that they also are lucky enough to have as their owner ever since he left so working for animal on. For quite some time. And McKelvey. Move. And I've done done and again. Forgotten somebody's neck. It's. Yeah David McKelvey he was over at. All with. Emeril for quite awhile. And then he did the manual Fred Nolan and he did the menu over it says that del Monaco when they put that together. And anyhow he is now running Frankie in Johnny's. Did a renovation of the place but not too much you know you can't go into a New Orleans restaurant and change everything in me and redo it and he didn't. And it and it became if anything even more family friendly than it ever was and you'll like it if you go there. Their real strong on seafood particularly in the season for boiled seafood through which is not especially now what does not bad. And they also. Do. A tremendous amount of a little dish is where for kids so you can make the place. Very. Family friendly to go on over there it's a Frankie in Chinese there at 321 Arab bella street that's just off. Jump the tulips uptown. Frankie John east of food show. We're talking with Tommy di Geovany. And also a school in Kenya who hasn't said anything much yet but she but sometimes she doesn't so. How that love to Latin you'll laugh. Our talented chance talk about their dinner there we have been talking meant WYES and oh for goodness sake let's get to that. What let's stop and us. They didn't this is next week is it Wednesday November 15 okay. Many odd dollars 95 gallons per person that includes tax hasn't yet tipped in the whole thing wines wine stealing the show that's a great deal of what is beak is it's five courses. And you you know appearing online from lines and limited with each course via an every terrorist force them and it yet with. And Aronson. So. And do you have the menu for this yes we can do trade pass or are there has restarted sixth parity and the finals yet there are I have. And eat your 52. It's who's listening to place kicker and a step in the history there are no you just can't stop. Armisen plays they asked in front you can go into the into the bar there at the folks French 75 bar. And just have them bring you little things like that for like three soleil and several and the cops came it's fun and she's played. Definitely yeah yeah. So awareness about our ground. I am and always have been a guitar it's. First course wait wait wait I'm sorry can aback officer. The smoked pompano that you say this is colts know this is it. And it's even serve coal and it doesn't look like anything when you go there and get it. But you put one tiny bit of it in your mouth and low here is something we get a lot accomplices even offer that you want. Shall we want him to an ace pompano on dip. On Nokia reserved for rush and a great idea get a lot of lot of positive feedback. Decent tickled Ramo or thrown in vessels root vegetables. It's taking. Yes not a problem it's called smoked. So that's one of the there is the choice we handled Charlotte. There's all trade past cliff. Guest queen is chills. Is Aaron earlier you line is that courage Ailes is our featured on their Croatian. And and that's the first course for India a weight room aligned with Meebo. On a flag going through worried in the short form a lot of optical Marlins charm. And that is paired with they fool me wrong. Napa Valley 24. You talked we Reagan who refuse overtime and double prints it then remove a lot of cheating crosses snapper. That are of saint cream potato and crusted snapper yeah it's not just that there how do you Lott have you in crossed a fish with. With the team actually coach raid wash on. He rightly thought a little bit or canonized him Bronson. And the way you built and only year and that's after hours saint pushed oysters and are saying they claim are from fabulous. Then next course is flaming or problem that's been paired with he can when he sent. We trees hills. Gergen chills that they've that's possible this story thirteen. And every finish it over the charts art degree from a ways and browns for Herman's and assert that no no no to put him. Hello arts it goes again nailing down. It can then I'm. Well I actually had do you have banquet tomorrow night with in five bright morning's hall is known as. Yeah we all but two years ago there was this cruise ship in town. That respects. Exclusive to the people who live on board the cruise ship long story. And anyway. They want and need to to lead a couple of dinners in the wallets while they were here in morneau was one of the places we did. Boy that we drove him crazy they had those people had never seen food like no I'm serious state. This is it this is what you come to New Orleans for heat that kind of food in my opinion. So what else what else is in or have we gotten it and that was it. Terence I was all right for dessert. That were whereas for now you know and. And they sporting community coffee of course is providing the coffee hearing with the child support. There when and how wonderful sponsors and union pretty late season equities and we appreciate their participation. As Ellis Thompson meets. Is donating their. Gracious before you passed away from from the coffee movement. Do you remember that on on TV for a while there was I think it is some effect on positive who was. It was the community coffee. And they they had a on an instant coffee that was paired against it on television. And he deep whoever ends you know did the TV spots that okay well. We have this and if this is instant and we have this is which is the regular. Coffee served at our nose let's see which we will own one we like best they had a panel of people payments. While world about the same as what most of them said and I thought. Like idiots they could. Play I think because of 'cause community puts a pretty pretty set already good swing on that as chick briefly were especially especially at a cafe where I love it. Then yeah. I'll tell me has got to waste an hour or. So I hate to think that. When he way it was that that that's that's the dinner so it's just used still having opening. You all he can get done W my instant organs. And make your reservation they air. And we you know we also heavily lists and people at the last minute enough insulin pump it always has asked is it only happens and it's nice that LS per person including attacks in the tip. And you'll receive the wine pairings with each course and it's five course isn't going to be a real it's always a fun time you sit with friends are sure you meet new people. Yeah I was about to say if you don't have any friends yet you'll find him there at the dinner and we've went without eat club dinners which are very similar dios I think you beat me with that Dubai a couple of months or so. But that we. Would see that happen that be we get tables for like six people typically. And people who didn't know each other would wind up sitting together and they taught you couldn't do with for at least one of the strange things she can't take two pairs strangers and put them together they don't like it. But six people works great yeah so we cannot have a out there and they would make friends and then the next time we did a dinner. Those people would seek each other out they which said at the same table again and sooner or later somebody's marrying somebody. Yeah well we have people that look forward to this schools season because. They get to see each other during these dinners like the way down to come and that's when they don't join back that's a great idea we have got pictures coming up to. We also have browned butter and helping club so he looked at all on W Liza don't work that pelican clubs don't want yes in January. Boy talk abut a great rest and I don't think it's when the most underrated restaurants in the city they have thought. I was just writing up their menu they've they have come back to do. Thanksgiving for the first time in a while I don't remember that the maybe they've done it before but I do remember you wanna see through the menu that they're putting out for. Where and they are always. This big give knowledge and shifts and six courses for currencies are well planned hearings. That will be one of the better ones he'll handle it. Oasis via. A so. We're here with that Tommy DJ on money he is the executive shipment or knows you you get the whole code title by now that your yes in fact. Expanding college if you have you ever had a only could dream of Colin Arnault coming in narrowing and narrowing that are wrong it's been along I've got one of the all the menus from our news. In my stash of stuff. And it indeed the menu was like enormous and it went on for like six or eight pages. And the horse. I I vaguely remember accounting and it was something like 256. Different issues on if from the days of Kyle Arnault. It's amazing he must've been our enemies there were there are some people would love to have meant he would be one of them. Owen Brandon would be another. It's that some of these people who really mean there is probably as was. Brand crosses right yeah well you are in our urban woes because of a chance and a challenge. Because ha. All I know how are no would stop in two Brennan's police every evening and say you know people come in. And my restaurant all they do is talk about how terrible your restaurant us. And then is that so yeah I mean I mean think about it for a minute what does an Irish man I know of by the cook and French food. And oh when president says well show use sucker the fifth but and they put it together and and the next thing you know. Things have changed. In arresting quite quite a history and that it's via doing over history. If that's what it once and new across the street from one up. You don't mind I would also like to mention that our news is also participating in our W lion sheik rattle and her role winds. It is 850s inspired event here at WAS Leon. Holding next Saturday November 18 at our brain new building. You know we're very excited are you in the building yes we are now and since when this well since we've been there for a while now via many years we added and so it's. Edition tees to same location and Navarre avenue. Great they're behind I got surrounding this are there to first time Friday after son Stefano is Peggy Scott aboard your I'll make a name different. I'm Ivan you have an alumnus of that ship that idiocy yes you are. But it is that would Gillard viewing I believe we are doing on the on that ROTC we have tickets available for that it's. You know you win your fifty's cost in WAS started in 1950 cent box of continuing to celebration of our sixtieth anniversary. So gonna had a custom content as we have tons of food from different local restaurants. It's going to be good night's X thirty in those tickets are 65 dollars and you can go to W I ES dot org to grab those as well prepared. Well you talk be read into it. You look like a fifties and I casting. It. Doing at at at. Annie now. What's with what else is going on your opening up of a new location or right. Yeah okay. A warrior that means. Where else is gone only got yeah skins and Arnold. And you do in ready under a new leader in writing on that's always a good we guarantor of these you know main. As you post it tell us about that has such an interesting story we we've partnered with Mo way Iran of champagne. And there are doing is different. From promotions where if with them with us are also some joint. It says twelve days leading up to Christmas. There's a different promotion featuring our send them. And mosey for a posthumous opposes storage were O opened to watch to these prior to Christmas. Yeah which thank you for that normally were not. And if that's the one thing if Katrina really put an end to lunch and our nose and up until that time it was a tradition realized. And then turns out he didn't need to do and after that. So it's it's putting me out little from bush react again it's at least pars you. Christmas for watching analysts say for their featuring names and then political. Thanksgiving week. We are actually doing mean. I hope commercial plane or attempts and the proceeds. Goes for its enormous police department just foundation. It's forty dollars a person and it's private dining only now. Said you have any group few decent for the holidays to four days raises it you know folks. Private dining it's sort out the person. Three course menu. Officially changed while trying. And Temps. Actors towards. Indoors please and just pictures via I imagine you lines human and you rip you reserve this at the restaurant. Do you observe this due to the sales department I mean it's every data on the week of things here and except Thanksgiving Day itself via. You you do and spent Thanksgiving. Are are you doing things yes and it's that's our biggest days here I remember when you first started doing that it's been a while it's there it was actually an existence before I got back on its. They are quick witted ago when I go to earned it as I feared for oil ideas here for a restrictions did you I didn't it I asked that is its Asia there. When the world means you mention of north of feminist down. And as far as calling back and hanging. Well but when I laughed they weren't doing things. There and I calf back I remember that I mean there was a time when there were not many restaurants that we're doing Thanksgiving Day mainly because. It was it had it's a stigma against it if you were in a restaurant. You were some kind of looser. Yeah I mean really and on for Thanksgiving holidays nobody really. Nobody really did it and then it changed like almost overnight now everybody's gone. We're gonna work to put things are very sad is that everybody or is there aren't I don't if I'm not actually the day I'll prison meals and you you it's a big game for us that it is is it. I great day because I mean they we even are weavers and Turkey's from the stands. It's a lie. So rob Parker writes a song in Anson who hasn't attacking him. Yeah well that I guess that's that's going to be a source of if I may talk about or knows a little bit this is nine in the kitchen assistant and out the front of the house. You've got the main dining room. Which is just at a grand beautiful place and just do you you don't see that anywhere. Except in Europe you will hear in there you'll see restaurants that will click that button. But beyond that you've got the jazz bistro I think you guessed it. This is so right on the corner it's directly connected to the rest on what it's the same Mitt menu right same name same menu the only difference is that Republican Jan area has trailed. And they of their they're just about every night I think every hour. Yeah including things get and I think their own locates. In October of sixer car and a and it's a good you know that's a really handsome rest and I'd say even more than the main branch. It's it's as little bit more modern touch to the the tile floor is also old that that goes back for a long way. Art is connected with several buildings are adamantly right three or four Billings and all being connected and kind of moments ago our. The only way you heard tell there was several from one go to that story is out in before. But that's true and I see your C is different pattern in the tower. Towels. That is and changed them that's for me and a award formed over the next to sound the same big boat. Hoo ha. Let's see the one more thing. Trout are no. What's what's so would you short take on that station and its history and because it's it's been always considered to be one of the signature issues. Kwame not I think you saw us separates. Gets us our sap again it's a dead it's a browned sausage do it seems to be a little ruin and although wouldn't swear by it is days FDA damning or ado legalize welcoming brown mater incorporated a home and mormons. Our share. You know bombing is clear that that is it's Thursday through days it feels on gays you know well it works yes a darkness. It's. The the of what I get out of this sexes. Menu air sauce is basically just of butter brown butter sauce but. You if you have to make that to order with a number of people that are knows who's doing it one time and still today. I don't think you want to make that forever change. The one that you are. Now we gave featured on a sweet breads the brown Microsoft's. Classic and there I'm gonna wanna soft and as the capers around mar. The classic for real millionaires veal stock has officially yeah. I mean Al that you see that too many plays in satin knowledge yeah idolize years and salon here on is. We'll of people who have basking in he's. Doing articles on the wallets food BC know oh so one is creole food anyway and I say I can tell you a million things that it is. But that the one that I think is most uninteresting is that that you almost never see browns sauces with fish in the rest of the world. And here it's it has its signature area. Quite we will come back but more the food show after first please this hello it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here with the you're talking about food in restaurants cooking and wine. And all of those things. And today we have with us Tommy Biggio Bonnie who was really one of my favorite chefs in New Orleans and if I were to make the top ten he'd certainly be on it if they waited to a 3858. He might still be on it probably would be. Mainly because I loved the restaurant. I mean every time I go there it makes me happy neatly and apparently and I like double or is letting it all right I'll get my feel horrible I have there via. Four or five of of you know hoping that a this'll keep it up and that's a yeah and you know a lot of all of the dishes from what seemed like a long time ago but then when you eat and you say well you know. And on what we've we've managed to hang on to something good out of this and you always do. Try it out anyway so that the dinner you were doing with the channel twelve. There again it's next Wednesday. 95 buck a Rooney's. And it's. And includes tax tip winds the whole thing that's a heck of a deal our nose and true. It's not making a nickel off of that if not taking a pretty good loss but he and you know. WI DS is important to. And we really appreciate chest time in staff time for a living with you and your donation because as everyone is WA is is a local PBS member station and we do rely heavily on donations from our viewers to continue. Making a documentary he's in preserving all right. As it or go communities. And he very hand in hand that's or. That was a slow and Daniel who just settled but that she's the mouthpiece here and that's. Anyway. Tommy thank you for dropping in or whether it's always good to see you in right thank you for keeping the restaurant with a should be paintings could one for more. And born excellent sound earlier help my my my health. My help side glaciers but that does. 2606368. If you wanna talk to learn should've put this opens so we could you know anybody wanted to talk to Tommy here. Tommy did you bunny could have done so and I just didn't do it. He didn't wanna talk anyway. It's not true pay excellent on the other hand she is as she does like to talk but that's what you do you know it's kind of like saying that I like that the except she does a better job of it. Let's see what else do we need to jam in here before we take a break for the news that's only a moment and let what I have a minute and have to waste can help me retirement. Talk about a Aggies tabloids new documentary oh alienate airing yeah what is it ends. Its annual islands the first 300 he hires as Connie the tries entity in Ireland does. Will be fast approaching in January incidences in ninety minute look at the past 300 years. You know the John Goodman is married in which aren't on the rail. Peggy is. The producer Kennedy years next Wednesday so if you going to chef's dinner it has to DVR it Myers tenement and that's it. Yeah Peggy scout aboard who have very good friend of mine the long term we went to college together. She. She's really something she sued written books in and done the special productions. Over there there always. You know ahead of our times and and only carry their altogether make a great team they certainly do and anyways always always good to see something else coming out of her fertile mind. It's a good thing. All right I think we've killed all the time we need to what we think Doug. How many more seconds that we mean. Not very many I think one there to step. Up I stay tuned more of the food show will emerge after first please that's.