The Food Show AndThe LPO At NYC

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, November 8th

Daniel the Gormet Cellist visits and talks about the February trip to New York.


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Ohio area it's the second course of the food show here on 105 point three FM HD two. If you're listening to HD two congratulations. You found that you know how it works. That sounds a lot better and I'm glad that you're enjoying that. Tell all your friends about HD radio in if your friends don't yet have a radio. Which they can listen to this. They can listen to it on their computer you can listen to it on your Smartphone you can listen to it in the stream on line there's a bunch of what by two ways. And if you're in a car and you think there is no way to do with their guests again because we have the actual radios available. And here's what you do you go tuned Mobil one there are several locations of that around town. What they do is they puts sound equipment in cars to update him and no replaced some that have gone bad but they are. What they're doing with ours is we have the radio and we can give it to you for free from WWO Rio. And then we also have. It in addition to that. We have. Audio I was just distracted by. I Daniel award just put it that it's okay might my brain is it working very well today. Anyway what was I talking about. Well yeah I getting getting the the radio for your car. If you have a a new car check with the dealer first you might already have HD radio in your car if if you don't though. We'll give you this radio for free. And those who Mobil one people will install it also for free. They might run into a deal where you're antenna is the wrong kind nor is the power pack a whatever. Sometimes they need to buy an actual little thing in that actually might cost as much as thirty dollars but it's not a big deal. And then you'll still get the radio and and you'll be among the very first. So. Daniel Issa. With this what you're doing oh he's got his own headphones whether it would justice is this a they gave me he is the best headphones in the house they did yeah all of those well on and on those little those movies all okay. You know there's a reason why am I use and one of those wanna. There's so it's not the best that the system that strike here. The second best in the entire building yeah yeah. Daniel. You know I was screw up your name so tell me a little shocked rate that's right on the money I rent a moment we'll check and he is the second share. Cellist with the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra. Not dead. All the guys you 28 now 28 and I'm there how old did you develop. The ability to do what you do with the cello it was any other I'm always amazed by. Musicians in and just that they can do it that they can get up there and play well this happened well I think. You know must perform musicians have the real affinity for the announcement from relief UNAIDS. And an extra life on love to tell when I was two and a half years old. Is that true apps salute how could that be true absolutely well it's bigger than you overwhelmed that's true I started when I was four and a half and eight sites elements about the size feel. And but it was it was great it was taken to local science museum. Has two and a half and they were doing it demonstration. How sound waves travel through the year and you know San Francisco like this kind of one of bending curve selective. Look proper term BO and them to sign wave design ways exactly anti I'm glad to see that you would you there was something you didn't know because it's lots of stuff by. And for this demonstrations it hired a cellist. To come in and through Volvo cross the strings into old little kids in the audience see when I pulled the ball and you can really see the string making its own sideways so. Afterwards in vital that means development field with cello and you can feel vibrations going through your hand into your arm and object it's really powerful. After that and the car right now is that mom I got to play the cello I just got wow. And here you are I mean is that true or did you just nickel and oh no it's absolutely under say a 100%. But parents and let me start to last for an app and a well I mean I still I'm I'm always a taken aback by that but what will will let it go. Let's see my wife Mary in. Has booked you to be on our show us. Now while always have to do is figure why no no wait it and I actually know. But are you involved somehow in this is group thing that and everybody's gonna go to New York City because he'll PO it's playing it yet and I at Carnegie Hall no laughs that's rights of the deal PO was. Invited the PNC. Carnegie Hall subscription series. Along with. Did find some samples in the world. So we have a primary billing at Carnegie Hall on February. And down it suits are great thing for the orchestra because everybody. Knows appeal appearances. Terrific ensemble bomb and it's just a great opportunity to play yet party rule on the subscription series and the act this could somebody who did live in New Orleans or and who doesn't you know plug into the local economy and said that that would be the way it would be in the end it there it is absolutely because people. Whenever I have guests and tanner meet people matter from the comforts of home got this sort of wonderful. So it's gonna be really special to go to going to all. And so at the each club. And as I understand it off how's your endeavor via. He is going to make a trip to new York at the same time to spend a few days eating in new York and then go to the concert as part of this package via. That's that's kind of the idea and what gave me the idea oddly enough is we were over at impressed god knows not long ago. And Joey the style though. A couple of times a year. He does a group. Visit to wherever the saints are playing and that week gotten. Sometimes I think he does other like you receptive and you go to all of those all I go to everywhere. But the but to this became very popular it's still is very popular he doesn't know a couple of three of those a year and I thought you know. Pitcher that's a lot of other stuff. That could get that same sort of treatment and so we could be there. The people who would come would be people who a are in to food. BR into New York City which is where colonial is in case she did know C. It's the it's our local orchestra which it is real the a world class I mean you'd just be put him up there and and you talk about good stuff. And we figured OK and we built into this. Some possible dinner deals we can do. And you know we do we were looking for a huge number of people like if we had like. Twenty years 25 or somewhere around there. That would be comfortable. Well it it sounds like a great idea and it goes along with what I've always said it and you must say it again is and always set played against him I'm a bathroom is at. All the people who love musicals love food and and vice Versa there's a bill Corley and I think because it's about people who. Have a passion for something and like to enjoy life in the varieties of life and it's so such a rich food world out there. And such a rich music world has a lot of oval looming the two now I mean you included. Well I don't know that might be a little scratch is used as you've heard me sing and you've heard gutsy play might buy my. My violent what is what is the that I lark sky lark if somebody said it might have been you that. That that the maker of the case to carry the violent in it's the same as the maker bravado and a that was me I I I felt where is he says the violin with this kind of a that that I look at a look at that also think it's got locked you made by the same guys up in People's Republic of China but yeah 72 or so long guess somewhat yeah. Now but anyway. Daniel in addition to doing all of this stuff and beating him he's part of the OP OU going to be playing at gonna you know you bet okay. He in addition to that he is guest hosted our show and a number of occasions. And you might be you might remember one particular. Where you had to shift he shot at Patton. And I always I was just leaving town one. That's day I take off every instance for my religious retreat. And I was on my way I was listening to the stations that lets see how he stood up and he's got. You know one of the world's best Noland a culinary figures. Being interviewed on my show but by Daniel. But giving and I love grow by ever possibly you know match that but I was giving full credit to the fact that it's your show and well who gives a damn if you the other guy who brought it in the the news the news the heavy duty that heavy duty and the it is very funny thing happened I said. That's it it's going to be right around Thanksgiving and I know it's epic has begun holidays. You know he does I'm pollen days or politics probably both. And he does he you can watch him to a Thanksgiving with Julia Child on YouTube for example he loved on top so I thought wow that would be great if elected into future prepare. And so I am called a ram and like I called the station that produces the shows. And message you have a contact information for his office is something that's again here's a number his email at this. So I'm in mid city in New Orleans on my bike. I'm leaving a whole foods. Pol ice and right now made this call this is two months before the thing. A caller but you know secretary here. Friend it's he picks up the phone so he ducked for graphics at the front so it's at home like I would like to him for us on some sort of bother you if you know. Can you come ot talk on the food show in New Orleans in two months is that Yang emailed us addressing them that was it well it it sounded great. It was a pleasure to talked. I'll bet using the office talk about the pleasures of life he would to a from amazing now it was great. Yeah and that they have been thinking ever since you know trying to. To pull myself back together and make it look like I've ever really done something and the only thing I could come up with this this stupid joke. Hey you know high you get to Carnegie Hall. Do you know and I have no idea and I think come practice now that it's a practice the oldest dumbest joke. I think that was. Henny Youngman I think that was pinning him in jail and he played them he played the violin but I think he just joked to I don't even though that is here's a comedian yeah are you. Then that bad. Yet he was today he was very very funny and a and the head it's certain jokes I've by superdome here tell. A thousand times the idea and but. But he's still around probably not he was news get up there. This is the food show and Tom Fitzmorris Daniel is here to talk about this this thing we're doing to New York City. It's the 27 I think is the exact date in the end of February. New York City at that time a year probably. Cold cold via. Not too too snowy but possibly you never know what's gonna happen in New York I've been on two occasions been caught in like some really deep. Snow. But I get a hold of because I take the train you take the train I don't fly allies do fly by night regret it take the train and the trains go through everything. You know if you take is AirTran from here in New York you know there is. What's the release it leaves in New Orleans every day I think 7:15 in the morning. And it goes up. The fire. Hattiesburg. And then Meridian, Mississippi and in Birmingham. Atlanta. And then after that you probably asleep. For the and then you wake up in Northern Virginia. With the where I saw the most beautiful sunset and reaction as the sunrise and I've ever seen in my life just woke up pulled down money. My picture what he called me shutter no trade shade thank you and then I could see it fit coming up it was really amazing thing goes to. To Washington DC and Philly and then and winds up in. Penn Station why out salaam is it is good of a trying to sense that limit is so much it's a it's one of the best trains in America which is not saying much. But it is pretty good it's on the southern railway which is a very short operation while. So lies in and it's and it's Amtrak and its it does that too. Well anyway I don't know if any that will come to pass but we are definitely you putting this group together. And you know I figured I would have you on not only did say a little bit about the music. This is classical music mostly your do you have anything where it's just fooling around it's going to be part well fool in the ground we don't do people well I just was direct cash. No you know from our holiday concert that we do clinical program. Always that good. And when I the first time I saw that or we will of those at the sixth and properties to act like I I it's seen little bits of them here in the answered that is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life Emmy until I saw them. And it was. These guys have hurled you know they put the whole show together. Think it's incredible they put the whole show it to get date they come up with this narrative and they work we live on artistic leadership team at the symphony to put together this incredible. Like. Journey through the world though it was for every everywhere from here to Shanghai in Africa the whole thing they beat that is and the world. Holiday thing and it was great the audience was going ECO it was a superb yeah I mean VVNAV get me. Well I don't know what that means that that's it. So anyway that was that's kind of along those lines. It's amazing all right you know what I thought we would do if you have the time I understand that you Lori. Kind of a new Yorker you know via and so we you kind of keep track of the restaurant scene around there to a certain extent. And at this we haven't really figured that out yet I don't get to New York too much that let's maybe talk about some of the restaurants. To go to in New York City and if anybody listening to us right now will call NTELOS where they like to eat. In New York City I would love to hear that too. We'll do this all after we take a break forward to for him this and that more of the food show coming after first please this. Hello you're listing to the food show on one of five point three FM HD two. You have your HD radio. No you do absolutely and a good I love integrity is and it's wonderful Acuna wonderfully sounds terrific. You know who's coming on the program tomorrow who. Robert Lyle. Paul he's the you know it's it's it's it's funny how this happened this is really it's the food show we talk about food that's what we hear for. When I get too far we joke around too but when we get a little too far I'd like to pull it back and but some kind away. And that I don't know it was him it might have been me. But we now have this tradition of every time there's been a new performance of the opera. Here in New Orleans. Robert Lyles who is the artistic director comes over and he does a full power hook kick me talking about it. The the opera and who's in it and all of this and it's very interesting and we've gotten. There's some people who don't like it but there there are people who call me in the three point that is. Can't imagine putting that on the radio and I but I can't turn it off he's a great character and it is fox wonderfully about a friendly and he makes it very relatable for everybody. Yeah and you know it's it's he's he's a perfect and efforts and to. To talk to a a group of people who don't know anything about it and and get their interest really peaked. Yeah and I love always and listen all I'm doing and I know some people do because I I. Frankly I thought let's try this a couple of times in the too many people screaming at me about it especially you know management types. Everybody seems to like now I mean it now that I've said that they'll probably be two or three people who calls that well let me tell you what now. That I won't be listening tomorrow oh yeah and a but. Anyway he's he's an interest in guys who I was gonna ask you. If you had to say the two or three best it's as you've had recently been really good standing out. That's a good question. I had some real good at over a North Shore restaurant over the weekend it's has its ridiculous name. Although everything else about the rest like it's called. Forks and court sort of idea if he had been the name leads some to be desired but the food is been really good and I went there and they had something that they called fire cracker oysters bowl. And what these were aware fried oysters. And they were squirted with a little bit of some kind of hot sauce I couldn't quite pick it out and then they. And little morsels of blue cheese all over the top and then they run and into the broiler for a minute until it's sort of melts but sort and it does sort of doesn't. So it winds up being Kyle liked. What do they call that buffalo chicken wing yeah except it's made with the oysters instead of with a chip and that's that's a good idea. Yet come such great I wish I was so amazed by it. Very very good also. A restaurant that. Has opened up recently and impress me to a certain extent is the new. But the new stakeouts. He Metairie. In the name of which is the moment eludes me Fleming Fleming's thank you Fleming's. They had have an opening for. Media weasels like me and and that there bunch other ones with their two so why they opened it up they do it's there's stakes they did. Just about everything on the menu they did there wine list they they have a hundred wines by the glass while. And and I always I being first of all loyal to the superstar. National chain restaurant doing state Ruth's Chris Benoit have a little battle loyalty to them my new rule Ruth. Very well. But. I you know figure well you know let's talk about it but they they think they're going to be a force to be dealt with. That by a real good quality beef in. And the signs were good and the service was fantastic but they're at the same level of formality is through its early very it's very similar Morton's yeah same category it's better than Morton's stuff there importance leaves Nichols. That's all the time she had the last five or ten years now. It was better when when they were running and out of Chicago. When they first came when they first moved here. They were they've located over in the Jack's brewery area and they were there and then they closed and then they came back later. But they it's they were the of the restaurant chain itself came out of Chicago but now it's. I forget where they're located but it's not around here. So anyway I've but I liked it anyway because the service was so good in there were. Except for the seafood the seafood was all from all over the place instead Libyan locals. That's it'd just you could do a lot worse. Not. Him you know what you know I was. I'm thinking about this at the break I was just thinking about this trip that. LP of the Louisiana LaMont by hiking to carton at all yeah and it's on its incredible. There on AM. On a campaign to get every musician. In the orchestra sponsored. On the strip and it's and you should see how that. The donations. From the city of New Orleans and beyond have been pouring in because no kiss just it's absolutely incredible. And I really feeds into this narrative that I've been saying all along that. That people in New Orleans are crying out for classical music that's where all the concerts are practically sold I mean I've thrown him. I think that history here classical music 250 years. When it first opera house is simply goes back almost on Goodyear's it's just incredible. And look people in the city you're desperate for more symphonies more opera's more chamber music and you see it because the seasons of all these places it is possible. Ballooning I mean simply play I don't know a 110 concerts or something between September and during the all these chamber of groups and and all this content surpassed. It's amazing it's really something and it's it's it's very good and it an even if you. You say well you know I don't know anything about classical music you don't need to know when it's Malarkey you just sit down and you listen and it'll get Chia that's exactly what I say I and I have another. Iron to weigh when. What Augusta aside this this. Expression is not coming on a mammoth stone to grind at that if you think you've that's exactly what they had him but no really. They the the first really significant use of HD radio. Was unfortunately not this station where the second week came in and we're doing it. But the first one was this sort of lakeside frequency offered WW I know where they have. And it their HD three over there is all classical all the time yeah 27 hours 27 days of 27 more. Tell you I'm getting stoop letters I get old. The and when it or 720 fourths at some point. And it all the time in there it is tonight I have that on all of virtually all the time it at home and the great thing about at this station is. You look at all these other cities. Bigger cities Miami. Houston to name two. They shut down their classical station they totally show and that's an FM station to it's but forget the frequency it's a sensation to the old classical. And dentist. Came to be in New Orleans today a year ago. And bigger metropolitan areas this thing that we can't do all classical station Africa and here in New Orleans were saying. We're gonna do and and people Moffett and people listening station on time. I mean and again I tell you if you if you don't know anything about it you're thinking well I'm public and get my head around this. You know at the honestly don't need to eat it it's good to listen to just. As it is I tell you out of all the constantly in all the seasonal countries all over the world. I have. Probably made it. Need be 12 people at the very most. Who honestly Chris if it didn't really love the concert but maybe two at the most maybe even zero ago I mean it's it's just doesn't happen that people who concert. Classical music. And not laughing. Now that doesn't happen and it unite to have grown up with it or anything like that that's just an old wives' tale. They live in the thick a brief break here and talk to whoever is on hold here and let's see who is all its Norman Norman is here. And he did I ally here it is Norman welcome to our show. You're much appreciated. That it tore up Somalia and yours is that they can use to. Are going to clear out La W. I look for in the street job slow. Yeah Djokovic actually follow. By well portable option but I'll anybody. Here did you figure out tomorrow. Well the the place that has been the best in my experience over the last bunch of years. Is. Gosh I can that this is another one of those places that I always get confused with some of them Hillary's is the name but that's the name of Hillary's GUYL. Lower why. Sleeker. Their you know real advocate. It gets what she. Was that bad you do. Yeah well you know that was certainly part of it I haven't seen anything like man wells since they since hurricane blew them away. And at that I keep hearing rumors that members of the family who have actually have the recipe somewhere. And that someday they gonna reopen it but there's nothing ever happens not that I've seen any now. Well I would love Gloria I would love for that to come back again but. I think you know Euro lock. But we ask we can ask. People listening to us right now anybody has been able to find. Some good hot tamales is an especially with the kind used to be able to get. On the corner of Cleveland and and south Carol. That's where. Bill Fiat. Auto polished player shall cultures where are out there. Should beware that option. Should beware of I'll stop the body and get that doesn't demolish. The guy video polite jail they would be well alt alt. Calculator and they're like. This goat that's. Gonna be optimal. I. Am. My. That certainly is where my last taste of it was. After a while. Football game believe it or not jazz with high school football game. My son was also a student at jazz was at that time until we know we went to the game. And then on a way home we stop that man wells could they stay open till like 2 in the morning something. And yet and what that was their main place. It was headquarters. And we sit down there and we would unfold the newspaper which was running about 1015. The papers stick. And it's still had soaked up all of the Greece may be not quite almost. As it was unbelievable B month of he had yet to see it globally I have an idea of its kind if Al wants these degrees tamales and this current Molly please tamales. And bring in a little act upon love vegetable oil. And as pour it on me volleys and at the greasy tamales that's similar it's a good idea right I don't know. And I'm a sum. It all. And it's some tamales once using a kit that I saw in the supermarket. Took forever. And the league the Greece was there but it was coming out of the beat. If you didn't have the ad anymore because it was like any of it coming the beef. You had the boom there it tasted. Torture real quick out there are all captured. Jackson by Mike got my grandson. He's brilliant he's he's absolutely brilliant he was. He wanted to eat the other day and he told my son Jude he says daddy let's make a reservation. Here is he's not two years old yet. Understands the concept of getting reservations. At a. Exactly. If you see it it's the food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris so we're program today he's. Are all in Michigan. And in Michigan. Yeah. Yes that's right and we determined that you knew by letting them but. Infecting you knew a lot about it. Yeah and you know and strong about not being glamorous it was why are you able clubs when I was a little kids so. All yeah on on the go on them on the boat. Yeah it's it was something. But to put together for a food and classical music. More Muster replaces shall and recently passed away. Apparently completely. Industry. Oh yeah the what a guy he honestly food. He and he was at first violin of the of the symphony for a long time. Yeah it wrong track and and his food was terrific. Stern action meant memorable and Q governor Mumia whole triple threat fish. Listed a little bit sometimes. It was going to be. I went to his. Funeral. And pretend there was a lot of there was a lot of Koreans being spoken there could that. And it was and I stay everybody else did too well fearful like to our ports. And of talking from there was Apollo. A minister. Probably pretty static as soon that they they were pretty much Catholic school over there. So it was Saddam. It was a really wonderful thing and then his to his daughters came over to me and they were for some reason extremely flattered that I was there. But they don't that they were very nice people YE. Henry Lee from starters in everybody and his family. Nice here and do an addiction Morton's restaurant go for more time and then who she is singer. No as a waitress. Well some of the waitresses were singers. Yeah she couldn't. I can relate to that. Yeah he you'd sport my interest you mentioned cousins and pick his stroke or alien well first saw. First presence on okay. Yeah well we knew we all went to school together you know and that's that's where we know each. Limo. One little thing. It really been around the city much since you before Katrina and right before last. Saw a poll was taken over by the other couple via gypsum. Where's that southern poor mind that doesn't ring a bell with me. Just an hour away jurists who torched them from causeway. Well Bart. A polish. A whole home okay. I I still don't know I I know the place you're talking about but I don't remember harassment there but with a line. Well I was just put Portia what they would do and you know traditional gross decent burial and globalism yeah. I just ordered the socially it doesn't sound like it. Pop eyed I'm sorry I don't know. That attempts unfamiliar to me but maybe somebody listening to us from the audience to. Review there. Okay. Thanks for calling. So hard it's the it would show in town it's more it's it's 2606368. Hanging out with me today as he clearly has nothing better to do. Is Daniel a little truck. And he is the second share. Cellist in the New Orleans and though they look Louisiana philharmonic. And he is looking ahead to going to. Carnegie Hall performing. The whole orchestra is gonna go to Carnegie Hall which is a huge huge thing it's a huge thing and it's a really great you know it's an affirmation of what all the audience this year and all the people come as old as people known to be and then subscription answers are Korey Hall is just great and Adam. And it's wonderful that the support for this tour from the city of New Orleans has been to. Have done because I mean people are very taken made the idea. And you know this this idea of viewers and variants to link up to eat club. Yeah we're we are we and it was terrific we have a few odds and ends that we haven't figured out yet to be there but what we're trying to do is so a four day visit to New York City. And that wouldn't you know the hotels will be put in the package and on the flights and everything else. And then we're gonna go out to dinner we have to leave that wide open we've we've we can't. What that what I've learned is set for a group of people to get everybody to go to the same harassment is extremely difficult so when we're not gonna do that but we will have some. Restaurants that we'd like and have been to Uga and any Daniel you'd get more often than me absolutely I was just gonna say that the official billing is throwing common Marianne for a special Carnegie Hall performance. Of the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra and the trip is February 24 to twenty. Well it. And you know as you said airfare and transfers and great hotel steps requiring you all and tickets to the performance. In the park case section of going to get all it's nothing to sneeze at those areas tickets. It's a covered completely with marchment. Market compound shift just open for a laugh got it and now I'm going go. And I but I love Chinese food court I think that's that means Chinese food in New York I hadn't even thought about that but that's so obvious yet especially one in particular that you like well the one I've been going to align its mission Chinese. Mission chuck I've heard at some kind of good to quote mission. Yeah mission Chinese is absolutely. It's a unique place it's it's definitely unique style but I mean the Calgary's. If I'm but often I dislike to go to Chinatown walk around and I mean you really go wrong with that dumplings there that doc I mean it's it's seriously. Yeah yeah that's that's certainly true if you can figure it out it's some of it is kind of Byzantine. It is these people have a much older cuisine and we do. They do some things. Don't add up to us. But is not a lot which you go out forested learn some new things and try some new takes place as another place and loved I always go to him in New York it's called thought clam. But clam guys that's a good name right. Oh well it is up to a point if you're talking about clam chowder and it's on Manhattan. You're talking about bad. Clam shell as the tomato composed tomato just awful awful stay away from the New England Graham terrorists that too much better and that's that's got a little bacon in there it's just one election but the plan has them. Most of the of the cuisine there is clamor elated and it's done it's a really small intimate place. You know middle level formality not that it's not white tablecloth but it is but it's an excellent with a great chip. And and they. Go on go wild with them the creation of clam centric issues and it's in the village a and I'm telling you it's great fine and I was does that place. I mean it's it's a wonderful place. The book clam that's it by that we might wanna go there. We we would I mean really I've just been told to check the phone but I don't see anybody on although it's this way down here. That a looking at. Let's see. Sam Sam welcome to the food show. Hello there we I called especially tale. Daniel yeah that. From near Jackson Mississippi out on this thing on the radio on the computer. But I have heard I had the privilege here and the other night to hear. Spanish challenge. Played. Cello concerto. This concept Povich and how much I enjoyed that I really like to create country music in. So I've been built special treat for me to get to go to war unsecured debt. We get past random and I went and we had a good day create to keep chase for lunch. Oh yeah yeah kidding and Vietnam hurt the concert came home. But. I'm the poverty your doctor loud tomorrow mr. tomorrow is his father was my professor in all of two and. While you know you if I may in erupt for a second here have a theory about New Orleans and the people who live there or visit here and that is. There are only 500 people total who live here are hosts all these connections you have would not be possible. But I love the fact that it is. So keep on going. So he like Daniel thank you for you're the music and. Also ally tweets between music and really appreciate the orchestra plays that. Well thank you very much and I we should set high the cuts that was a great concert and and that night outlook for Anders is a great friend of mine and and he played terrifically well. And it was a it was a great night to come back and see as soon there's plenty of indie centric stuff coming up good thank thank you so much. Talked it's sealed letter back. I was about to say and is still you know so much left of the twentieth century but that would be totally stupid would that. Hello it's the food show on 105 point three FM HD two. And it's thanks to be here you're talking about food in restaurants and Daniel's little truck is here he is the second chair by what the what's who's the first guy the first guy he is is my colleague Jonathan scare heart yeah. He he's first guy's been here for a long time between 530 years someone once told me and I don't know if this is true consignment. Musician really. That the the second violent and hope. This is not true or it's or it's meaningless when of those. Second. Vital it's second cellist but turns pages for the first yes it's true it is true it is true well in my job description I'm. Well I guess somebody's got to do but I I also turn pages from myself you know that that you went yeah that's the hardest point have. How I would imagine. When they had. Who is one of those really unusual programs that they they did do the film you know PO I did and they always say on. They. They were doing something along those lines we're where people were just by. Turning oh yes they they let us beat on the stage. For one of these things. And I don't know how we got lucky with that with that they were putt twelve people who were actually on the stage with the musicians in immediate contact. And I asked I was sitting in in back oval a lady who was playing the violin and I asked if I could turn pages for. Habits you love them and she said yes you can go and that the U. You know how to do that that's a no. I used to play a violent but it was not a good that it so it. Just it. Anyway chief Sheila looked the other direction at that point actually knew she got the joke and all right well I'll leave but killed all my time here so it anyway to a two run this back again. Jenny of September. But strut start over. February 27. Goal lead that's when the actual event is an performance though at party all. Of the LP always and their trip pleas on February 24 so we get there couple days early. We check into hotel. We will have some restaurants recommended but we're not doing an organized response. Think it sounds like a good idea but the the jewel logistics of that are really almost impossible. But then he this so much OC can do in New York City anyway so you you can go do it and then you go to the the a Carnegie Hall. And where's the help PO will be playing. And week this this deal is gonna include the tickets in the park casing in the park pace at which hill that's no small deal no. And so we're oh we're looking forward to doing that the information when I can. Get it all pulled together is going to be on my website no menu dot com. Slash actually knows of no menu dot com go there and then right in the middle of the page one of the selection it is. New York X Carnegie Hall with only forms and then you can just click on it. If you wanna join us we should be pretty good you know a lot of people ghosts he saints' games across the country a figure well lineup this. It's local. It's heavy duty you know good stuff no plane around. No playing around no no no true. Well Ali appeared to have. Just frazzled the way and other entire program. And except for maybe the last one minute or so. That we have we done all of our sponsors. Okay world done. And anything else I want it to this before Leo Leo Robert Lyle will be with us on the show tomorrow he's the director of the opera. We are not turning into a classical music station the food show is what this is but we've just come like stumbled on to us but we've barely talked about music today anyway it would cost about food that's true. After show is spent on on the Greeks to tamales. Well that's true as well but the you know it's that's one of those things that people. Never get tired of looking for a land hoping some day that it will turn up like all Wimbley cubic spies come back and new stuff like that so. When people know what they wanna guess. All right with thanks for drop and then that that was a gas that was great yeah great fun as usual. And and we will continue our broadcast. For another two hours ya know that we're on for four hours a day every day. And will be back tomorrow at this time for more phone calls and other stuff so thank you. And thanks to. Doug over here our producer always did you ever get that that joke I had. Forget it's too late the timing will be all wrong right okay. Well was pretty funny when I heard it. Died and a good night.