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Wednesday, September 20th

Listeners chime in with some good reports.


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105 point three. FM WWL left them HD two. And it's time for the second course of the food show because we've done with the first when there's no sense in doing that over again although we go through it anyway. And it's great to be here would you talking about the food scene around New Orleans. And we hope you'll give us call NTELOS where you've been meeting where you're thinking of going. And I will give view on my thoughts if you want them. About any of those restaurants if you would need some luck tip or court two world whole bunch of them. On how to coax something or other call me I am not claiming. Ought to be an all encompassing. Mental bank of recipes is just too many of them but we always are able. If I don't know the answer to something we are always able to find it from somebody else could we have so many people listening to us. That they and there into it you know so they remember. So a lot call us which are 2606368. Even if you don't have anything particular to say. Call us up and I'll ask you a question and a bit shall have a good answer to it too. Maybe even a funny answer and then all of a sudden we have this explosively hilarious phone. Banter going on and our radio station reaches its final velocity. HD two. By the way you can get an HD two radio you still can do it. Go to. Mobil one and there are three locations around town on how to get that list of locations and with that word out. We have a free radio that we can put in your car. You might already have one in your car if you have a new car you probably already have HD in your car so don't bother with a mute it's going to be. Pretty good already. But though once you start listening to this you're gonna wonder how it is that you were able to listen to AM. As long as she did it just sounds so terrible and so in peak. But you know we've got that all covered in coffee feel loved WWL radio you can get it on AM or FM or HD videos. Over here where HD. And you can listen to us on your computer you can pull down a podcast. Of eight in each day shows. Go to WWL dot com that's step one step too. Is click on the thing that says show is SH OWS. And all the O list of shows that are currently on the air will be there I'm on night number seventeen on the list on the bottom but it's a pretty good picture of me anyway. And go from there you can navigate over to where you can download. All of the shows that we've done within reason you know who were lately. And listen to what. And every feel like. And I understand their people sitting there when would that be Tom that but that you Ohio I I can take it is it is. Well as I can give it to 60. 6368. Call right now you'll get right in and we'd love to hear from you but what's cooking. It's easy when was yesterday's news yesterday it was Tuesday. But boosting you know we know what happened to me yesterday. I you might have heard me. Belly aching about this last week. Or was it this week anyhow. There was something wrong with one of my tires it was a little late that comes on on your dashboard that tells you that there's some problems so. Had it checked out and sure enough it was a that the I needed a new tire. That they didn't try to sell only six of them Oreo two or even more than well. The last time I bought tires forum cars they they insisted on doing all four of what's the point. They didn't do that this time maybe it's been discovered to be a fraud maybe it is an I don't know. Is that anybody know about cars here why would you have to change more than one. Tire. If only one of them. It's a screw in it which is whether in fact happened to him to my car that was only. Actually the strip means a low price although it would have scared Rita deficits at some point. So I think it was a 160 dollars for the for the tire and again just knocked it out. But not know enough time for media. Come across the lake in the and join you where have you wanna eat so where do you when he. That's the big question now house we never seem to have a good answer for it. Oh why. I'm going somewhere good tonight I just don't know where anybody got any suggestions for me. If a restaurant that is. Relatively new. This is what I'm kind of looking for restaurants that are relatively new. Offbeat. Not necessarily cheap not necessarily expensive. And it would be a part of town that doesn't have a lot of restaurants to begin with because the ones. Of the parts of town where there are many restaurants. They tend to be very well known and you know what can I add to that. But I'm always on the look out and that's why we have this program you know it not for me but for everybody else listening. This this is a great food city every member. A few years ago. I was over at ants alleys it's alleys. Was and still is a maker of what I think are the best. Pro leans in the city I mean in my opinion. They make him many different flavors of those who have built a great one of course is just a pro lean flavored probably in which would be my favorite. And well we go we're doing the remote. At their new location over on a saint Charles avenue. And while we were doing this. We were approached. By. Some people who. We're from out of town it was news fairly young guy in the younger young lady with him and they were in it and an up roar. Because they said that they've been there a couple of days and had yet to find. Anything good to eat in new Wallace. And I dug into this a little bit more and and what it seemed to me is is that wherever these people were from. It would qualify as the hinterlands. And it also. Would have been the kind of places they were named a war ones that you would never send anybody. Locally to. And I kept on the watch go here and go here or how much is well if you get in like a typical dinner in about 4045 dollars or. No I mean it would be to have been around fifteen doubts well sandwiches sets but it. Where was that going I don't know that as it sticks in my mind that those poor people that where they where. They were not gonna open themselves up to local cuisine and also they weren't gonna enjoy it that's the way it goes you've got to get into it for two of really love it. 2606368. That's our number called me talk to me about whatever is cooking in your life. All of that was a long way around to telling you I didn't have all been have lunch yesterday that's for darn sure. I almost never have lunch anymore. It is allowed me to lose a fantastic amount of weight. I'm not so sure like the idea though. But had another. Few. One of female admirers believe it or not there are couple. Who say that I'm humble I shouldn't get any skinnier than I am. I don't have the I don't think I need to worry about it because lately I feel like a good eating more stuff that I had been 2606368. The food scene around town is constantly. Changing. There's one aspect of it that I I must say I'm not crazy if I like new additions I'd like new restaurants. Once have been opened like six months or so. And I I you know I'm always ready for something original and something really good baht. Oftentimes we're not getting either one and its its original. And it's artistic and it's all that but it doesn't taste like anything at this line that popped in the moment literally in the dream. And it and it went this way I would rather. Have. A I'd rather have a memorable. Dinner and then an interesting dinner there are a lot of people who like the interesting point in which. You lead ingredients that you've never heard of before immunity you know when I'm talking. So what has been turning you on lately what's what's your restaurant do as you're with your restaurant of choice. Which west but do you go to too often. Called me and tell me about that phone call me about anything really I don't know what it takes. Well would take a few more people listening to the station but what we've got a fair number of people in a way of we've only been doing this about 67 months now. Though it's up to nine is that you know. And though little by little we have all these HD two people calling in and telling us how. How great it sounds hope you can do it it's easy enough to do you can get a free HD radio for your car. By going to Mobil one MO BI LE ONG. Check it out tell me what the WWL. Radio they'll know which are talking by do it right for you right there. You know usually takes about an hour they tell me. I didn't need one has already had 1260. 6368. Is our telephone number call so. To win him but we've my wife and I did goodness yup I after we picked up the car with a flat tire. Actually never went flat thank goodness but. They've it took almost exactly the amount of time I'm on the air here so afterwards. We went over to visit the newest. Version of what is now a chain of five restaurants I think it is and they are. Who whose boat the one who we were attending is called. Do north. And the reason they call at that do you we know our TH. Is that it is exactly precisely on the same meridian. On the Earth's global. Where there Metairie location is the Metairie. Locations moralists across street from door and acts as an epic that's exactly where it is. And it's and they have been opening up other locations so it. Here and they are around town that I think if the first. Breakaway ways. The one in the warehouse district in the Intercontinental haute to I'm sorry not that's that the inner panel it's the marionette. Arts hotel. And that they have the they have won there. And it legacy kitchen is the name of the place thank you for telling me that. And there is also. One on the West Bank in fact I think there may be two of them on the West Bank. And there's also yet another one that's connected with a another smaller hotel on approximately the corner of of saint Charles avenue and. Common street. And they they made a big fuss over it over to that one is about seafood. Mostly. This the interesting thing about this is set wild this is a chain investment and most. And local chain though it's the same guys that started a war on timber and seafood company but so too local honest to goodness chain. With whipped pretty good standards over the years I think. And here they work. In on the North Shore buggy and rolling that they use it they only recently have opened. Ando where we were finding some some better food than them the first base that they were open not just them but the whole chain of places. For example. There was an appetizer. A consisted. Of chicken crack Clinton's. While I think even use yard bird crackle and this bubble but news. What that is is very simple assists and no one of the earliest lessons I ever had in cooking. Back when I was about thirteen years old I worked in a time saver store where we have these gizmos called. On roasters roasting bros did chicken anybody out there remember boy roasted chicken it was fried chicken. That was cook very rapidly because they did it. In a under pressure. I understand that the original. Recipe for Kentucky fried chicken was also that way that they could get it out quickly. It and it I can tell you you really could it was. A bod. Who would take about six minutes. To fry a whole chicken in pieces. Which is amazing case you know you're talking like 25 minutes or more for fried chick so anyway. They are. They're doing you know a certain amount of that too and it just an interest in the restaurant concept anybody like it or anybody been there we like it. Cave then I hope you don't mind this year's cave into city of long time caller of our show we don't hear from them. A lot of lot of lot of them but. We could. But today. Julie has jumped ahead of you in line we have a ladies first policy not. So ought Juli or is it in June the. It it acutely Juli welcome to our show. Thank you. You have a little place went to we hope general. All candor it's the Japan as a bear my old neighborhood. Wouldn't really. You know it's a cute little place a yard not trying to make the food jump through hoops they're they're doing the basics of New Orleans style Italian food and prices are very low bring your own wine because they don't have a liquor license casesa school across the street. That's why. And we yell we've enjoyed it it's I can tell you before I finally got over there. I'm must've taken fifty calls from people who had been in love that. So you're not you're not the first one but I'm sure you're. Surprised that have that led him. Is this special that night was. Ravioli. Yeah it. White sauces are garlic saw salute with the sauce was. Creamy so. Like an Alfredo they're not happy you know a lot lighter with seafood and it and then yeah. That big Rabito head crab shrimp and the gumshoe very delicious. Yeah then be allied to go wrong with that bunch of ingredients. Right well but. And put it won't burn yeah it was delicious thing and of course because half of everything you know that you ridiculous but yeah. You've you've got it a restaurateur told me that you really have to do that now you're out. Don't think so I. The throw away. Well you my wife does to its she's an inveterate collector. Leftovers. But there are a lot of people who will not consider going to a restaurant if you don't get a big a bag of stuff to take home. There that you could like the party's ballot they take with the details but oh well but it proved that you. But anyway out approach since you mention that probably. Wouldn't today at the web site about what fried chicken festival. Focal line I don't know which restaurant is serving chick didn't. Probably. Well you know want it that it. Pride. Is that the gift like crack. In the probably. Well. We have. A lady who weighs heavily involved in that coming on the program tomorrow it's. Celestine. Dunbar she has done bars restaurant here in. A talent. And I think she's coming tomorrow to talk about the chicken festival which is I think this weekend as an. Yeah. So what is a fried chicken festival I don't think the there ever was one before but moving the equipment around would be it would explain that. Yeah. I think it was that it's square and you outed so they put it on the river walk this year. Glad I think of fried chicken probably would be strange that possibly do. Hot cinemanow. All kinds of ideas that there. What thanks for calling. I know you well you know ladies first you duke you either do it you don't write. All right see it's the food you eat you you know mine that caved in due yeah. You. What's going your brother generally. Yes right. Yeah you know what the definition of a gentleman in his. Mean I don't. A gentleman. Is a man. Who can play the accordion. But. But doesn't. And and by the way you you may also use the identical joke. Took to it just substitute bag pipes. And ended may be even one more barbershop. Singers and I say that being one of those myself so why it's. About knocking anybody. But. Good deal now. Note that it. Different kind of strange boot them yeah particular. They go out to find new food a brother but you know. Well done it maybe just say you know Carol yeah. You know it would make it all could I don't have the time or. And and butter you've left out the most important issuable at least to me. It's has that taste great. If you put you know I. A but two weeks ago I went to a restaurant that I've I generally like I I think did in fact they generally likeable lot. But it was different for brunch. And they served this concoction. That had an egg a poached egg may be too. And then if I had bribed leaks cut into little strips so that it sort of resembled. A a nest. Well all of that is very cute except. What do you do when all that grass now on your flavor on your plate you know was it was worthless. And you why any any shift would put something like that late unless they're gonna play a trick on people. Oh well. Well. Very experienced last week. And I could sure use let's hear. It was. About trying new Yorker all. Yeah other zone copy today. An hour long class I guess they do agree on something. This was on the use alcohol. It. You're in June different labor to neutral grave in spirit store. That. Or question. I don't vote. Pretty. Low quality. Or bring. Very opt. Or. By itself without wouldn't say tomato juice and it would. Don't. What what elsewhere if if you don't have the tomato juice what is it meant. They've used creole tomatoes and two lines. Bird into the pocket and lit it. Stay at different burying you know went to time its interest and gosh it was dilution. My gosh. That's a great clue who assists in the bar of those southern hotel. Aside all courtroom but the ball one who branded they are trying to stoke a little interest to get a day. Part of the cocktail big ornament or shall where they're going with the. I'd I'd love for them to just keep it going there in do little more aware that like for example of I would love for them. To have a program like that on. On Monday evenings because at 8 o'clock. The choral group in which icing tanner. Everybody just goes home and and oases seems to me that the thing we ought to all be doing is going out for a drink. A. Think their bigotry. And drink yeah sure I'll make them my work on that see if I can get some one. Open to prevail or we both gone. That's due to smoke into an old question. Really and I don't cry about it Jewish men accused of but it did or whatever you and I well for entry. You will you will be interested then to know. I was at admiral's about a week and a half ago. And I don't know I was in the mood for an old fashioned and it's not drink order office my father's favorite drink when he was still with us. But I. I or edited and they said well what what we're doing now is we have one that has been aged in oak barrels. For. Forget what that do link that time was but it was a long time. And I'd never heard of that and it was pretty good because it gave this smoky kind of flavor to it that you would not otherwise have gotten from me. Criminals fashion. So it's it's out there you you're right. When talking. I. You outline. Sounds good yes Ian Wyatt the food show. Steve is here on the he ill. Green on very very pale. NC it's the it's like a leaf that it just. Echo green 10. Echo look. You know I don't think Derek goes changed color too much they're not like our local annals. That you know really do they go from brown to green and I mean like really green and really brown. Well look this city yet goat green. Okay hail Mary Jean. Paul. You do good should count them. Why. But what I'm gonna do this year and a white but the all the remaining years past I did it we really needed that job but he did not and that we're in just hang on. Okay. Know what I really tells what we would talk about you're dead favorite drink the up old fashioned yet. I will eat it not about diet low almost ten years ago but we went with the way and what did I read we drive. And. But department did seven I had no idea of this month. But stepfather that nobody liked to during an asset. I've taken the Indy. And about Bubba. BMV. There is so. There is a drink you don't see too much. That is all about guys that we did these same rate rating. How did you get the as a good at the end of keeping the. This is so wildcats. Yeah Abbott got. I'd I'd drink it from time to time but you know I like you know and it's not my favorite drink but it's just what in the mail during those. But it was just one of those things. One of those crazy flings in one of those spells that no and then rings. One of those games like wow. I would read a book and a girl the woman says she drink a Negroni Royale is it to do what they did would you break. I have no idea what that is what is Negroni. It was just that when you book a novel that retreating she's. She would trade. A what does 175. Which 75. Or and to grow LeRoy now what is difference. French 75. Is. Brandy or cognac gave if you were lucky. In its blended with glitzy this some citrus in it. I'm trying to remember all the ingredients and champagne to yeah that's that's a critical. It it it is named after certain caliber of gun that was used in World War I so that's how far back that goes. You. I remember it well you know I used to you know shoot the breeze with the polian and he said have you tried my a my morning Durango chicken. Do you really okay. So I did admit gin and a benefit them and. No no no it's mainly champagne and and cognac. Again I'll have to try to do I would rather let him and the cartilage injury did. You don't like Gian no damage in guy and you. But that's why they're just trying to jab meal. Yeah. Yeah I got mine too well to hell with them for you. Yeah yeah. And show the heavily. What they know noon I'm okay I'm good with a but. We Kenya okay. There's the whatever that was all about don't ask me. And mentioned about an hour ago that I had just found me in this charming little booklet it's only he has it's a cookbook. They're not trying to rule the world with a though it's a little. It's. Spiral bound. Book and it hasn't basics. And it's from the box K family Eddie blockade. Started this great restaurant in a neighborhood boy I don't know whether you would call and so on the verge of both Chantilly in mid city at the same time. It was on law street. And it was really great in its time. And then Eddie passed away. And but his son just kept it going and he still lag it so here's the here's a deep fried chicken that basic. The desired number of cut chicken pieces okay. Enough enough white flour to coat the chicken pieces. Peanut or other vegetable oil salt and pepper mixture. See below says here mix well one cup of salt one teaspoon of onion powder. When tablespoon note teaspoon of garlic powder. One teaspoon red pepper one teaspoon black pepper so to review. Salt. Onion powder. Garlic powder. Red pepper. Black pepper. And I think that's everything. And what you do with this is you wash the chicken pieces you pat them dry you season them with the salt and pepper mixture then you. With a seasoned chicken in a bowl with ice to keep it cold. At this is the thing and I'm always hearing. Two different points of view a but. What temperature of the chicken should be when you put it into the oil. Here's somebody with great credibility of me and Eddie blockade. Was one of the you know really this guy could cook. He was on our show wave back at the beginning by 1988. He was on our program once I asked him what is. What oh get to this tournament. Oh output of the chicken in a bull with ice keep it cold. In a deep Dutch oven or a deep Fryer had enough oil so that the chicken can float wins when cooked. He the he PL oil to 350 degrees add the cold chicken pieces to flower. Due to code with flour and then dust off any excess you have. But the whole thing and hot oil just enough pieces so that they're not crowded fry him ten to fifteen minutes according to the size of the pieces. Or until they float to the top of the oil. And that has said he bout case. Deep fried chicken. Wonder where you can get this book it looks like it's. It's around somewhere you might have to do a little look in court but a spot K people at night vote 2606368. We love to talk if you buy food about restaurants. And we talk about cap face beside. Kept pace peace. Is an old restaurant even my New Orleans standards who to believe eighteen. Seventy. When men 1857. And it's it's going back to the beginning of time. And if you can believe it because the building they are in is one that was originally built. By the Ers a line nuns and those who went back to the seventeen hundreds so. Two beginnings of New Orleans cuisine. And it has always. Who have been there oh under various guises starting with the what was originally a coffee house and then a bar. And then it turned into a real restaurant the it's peace that was the ought the name of the family that ran that they were Croatian. Or soon to be Yugoslavian for awhile but anyway they. They. Brandon is just like in every day restaurant. For an area that was becoming more and more and more affluent and more business people and less people on the deck who would just swing and things around. And it it caught on and we did well for a long time but then the family. The younger members of the family didn't wanna. Go do it maybe they were trying to escape from world war enough from by the civil war I don't really know the story. But it it was empty for a long time. And then Larry hill. Who was a guy who really. Liked good food good wine good company. Good art. He he put all that together into a restaurant that to this day I just find it very charming very romantic. And distinctly New Orleans of flavor and look and everything else cafe species is open for dinner every night. Except I think their clothes on Sunday. And they are also veer four Sunday brunch which is just great if you are looking for a a new place that maybe nobody knows about for Sunday brunch go there. It's 1011. Decatur street that's at the corner of saint Philip I think it's cross street. And there they are there easy enough to find and you'll really love the place it's it's really a very comfortable restaurant. The noise level was low that lighting is low. Kept face beset SB IS today. The food show do we need to break a Rooney or no wish were OK are we. So far so good to 60636. Feet. Six of 6368. Caller right now you get right here. And Nestle anyway. Whenever I get what is a purported to be in north then Dick. New Orleans style. Recipe for fried chicken. Keep bumping into this thing. Which some chefs. Say that you should. Keep it ice cold and then put it into the into the oil ice cold. And then you have. Other people with credentials at least as good Austin lastly would certainly fit that category. I hat but what puzzles me about his recipes I have two of them. And one of the meet gave me when he was. In the process of he was kind of semi managing the kitchen. Over at what has since become. Those guys over and oak street. With Stan. Who. Can't remember. But it's it's it's a phenomenal restaurant at its all the a lot of younger diners goes there the Communists. But the what eighty by Kate I'm sorry. When he was over there in Austin less who always. A world traveller he was and so much demand because he was thought of to be V. Crucial. New Orleans. Backstreet kind of shift and he really wise use any was a great guy we've lost him in Katrina. And he said no now let become the room temperature. And then you fry it. So here we have to authorities saying the opposite things. Which should tell you everything you need to know about how to figure a year owned. Recipes because. No two people like it the same way. 26 so what. Phone policy. Well we've done Regina is joining us over here on the green phone. Hey Karen are you feeling and you. I'm just thought it would just be able to an end but the question turn off the listing on the news on the evening about the boil water. Saying how does that affect the restaurant they would say that they need. Disposable. Utensils. And you bottled water even people watching. Issue. Yeah this we have seen this before in the weeks right after Katrina. The restaurants that were open that's what they were doing paper napkins. Plastic forks and knives and. But you know I think we've been seeing more and law and recently I remember. She do before he clothes. Talking about the expense involved in it. I can't even begin to imagine. The extent that got to be passed on to that restaurant. When this situation should Athens. And broaden. My SP. Yeah well fortunately. In most incidences of this. They they knew of this situation we elect a pipe broke underground and it was gonna flowing around up there in May be mixing a little bit with. With some of the sewage water which is do what should never go close to. But it turned out after they did all the tests around town. That there was no actual contamination. This was I'm I'm I'm going back while that is and how things are right now I don't know how they are right now. But. They went. Down but it is divide the term fine. India and it didn't backs up this is the problem but sometimes that's a problem and sometimes it isn't. I I would you know I always play on the safe side is my. It out of Japan expected via a nightmare for any yeah in the restaurant is far. One out. Back they were easy they where they were good at doing and at the beginning I remember when. Ralph Brennan opened the first two restaurants in the quarter after Katrina one them was the it was bako. And the other one was the red fish grill. He did one day. At one and then the very next day at the other but by that time he had it all figured out with a plastic stuff. And he also was getting consulted by everybody else around who wanted to know how he was able to get a pink slipped. This is what they do with the board of health would put that up there. And though with Intel you. You know what was going on. But today it's. I'd it's I can tell you this it's a lot worse than a lot of other cities out there right yeah like Flint, Michigan check. Oh well they have to do yet. But I'm standing beside the new war indeed well that's true but you know when I heard him say and that you know. Do not even I don't make I. Did that yeah yeah. But anyway I just want to ask your opinion about that and when in doubt throw it out have a great. YouTube C. Guy yes. Well as the name of the he book about my case yeah it's a it's a little cookbook. Out and ain't very nicely done a scolded. RK family cookbook. It's as simple as that. And the and if anyone would be interested in getting the the publication number which group who. Would that we could probably just go to any bookstore and ask them for they'll get it for you in a day or two. Well anyway as a service to some of our listeners who suffer from insomnia. Via the idea would be eleventh edition of the National Association of Broadcasters engineering book is just Les Paul has it been. Yes was Dominique didn't. Bill Black tie it takes about ten minutes with Ralph Lauren behind it out. It would be. It's edit oh yeah that it was did you happen to notice a guy by the name of Ralph Hogan. Ralph it's not a partners. Know now okay aliases skip Pete seat skipped PC yeah room. Relish the fifth a could be well thanks for sharing all that whether it's a problem. Let's see when those who analysis. On them and before we go away ought LME's I I I just some government gonna control cajoled you about this until you finally go do it. Get an HD radio you will really really enjoy having it. You can get one for Europe. Desk at home or your in the kitchen fuse spend a lot of time in the kitchen wanna listen to some different. Our show being part of it. You ought to do it and it in the price of radio's news they've never been high but this one news. Pretty upscale in terms of for the fact that it is. His made largely. Of dishes that came from. I'd have some slipping off into the ditch here. I into the trend us excuse me I I slipped into the tree not I was distracted by something that flew by. Anyway doesn't that 260. 6363 we have a minute if you wanna spend a minute with me. Oh yeah yeah the HD radio give back to that goat to. Mobile. One. MO BI LE. ONE. And once you do that tellem you want the WWL. HD radio they will install it for free the radio itself is also free. The only thing you might have to pay and you might not. Is say. It is anything that they need in case you were wiring or Europe brackets are not the right kind your Samie. You won't spend much thirty dollars is typically who have heard a lot of people don't have to pay a dime for it. But get an it will enhance your radio enjoyment. And it's the future of radio.