The Food Show And The LRA Hurricane Relief Effort

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, September 13th

Wendy Warren of the Louisiana Restaurant Association and the effort to help restaurant workers in the hurricane effected of Texas and Florida.


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This is the sunny voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show here on 105 point three. FM HD two pie a squared. Minus fourteen way to men die I'm sorry I read that wrong. When a five point three FM HB two. And it's nice to be here when you every day talking about the food scene around awhile and which I find to be an endless topic. We just keep on going was that there are always things going on things changing things all things going the way new things coming. And that's what we do around here. My my greatest. Urging and the greatest favor you can do for me used to call up. The show 2606368. You can call any time you want. And to give me a report on whatever restaurant you've been to lately you know what you cooked at home this morning that really came on good or really really bad. Or anything else in your mind about food. And a please know that even if you think it's a stupid question. It's well worth calling because we've found that the stupid questions of what people think this stupid questions actually really really good questions and those are the ones I'd like to get more than any any house so we're always eager to hear from you 2606368. We always begin the show at least lately. Ever since we moved over here 215 point three FM HD two. Is there are any Boyle another paragraph fails him it's. Anyway we ever since then. How we have decided to do something we used to do back in the early days of the program and that was to have a guest on at the beginning in the and we talk about whatever he says she's. And we got away from that I don't know even know why but we're back to it again and today we are very happy to have with a Wendy Ward and who is with the Louisiana. Restaurant association I don't know what you're official category. You're official title or anything news in the vice president of the mean vice president of communications. I wrote a little article but the event you did the last this Friday was that there's Thursday a close. Hit it in any way I gather it was over and our nose it was really a great event. And they. They had some people who are being honored for basically lifetime. Achievement. That two of the more Leah chase. We chase has got to have room in her house somewhere that's completely filled with trophies I'm sure we she just gets every one that comes out everybody lobster and with good reason. She says they keep her grueling that it yeah well. She she was one of the one of the people who were we will inducted into the logo I'll all right Ali name okay. And day. She gave a little talk after a witness at a and I asked you what I think she could do a comedy routine television she is this bill and achieved so. Funny at at and she's got a million things to say a but everybody and everything I mean not many pernicious sort of way but just. Just a wonderful person when you get to be that age I guess you can say whatever any line you want and yet especially when you've you've reached a certain age. And you've accomplished what she has cut English over her lifetime so I you know they get whatever they want. And with good reason so anyway so Leah chase was there and then there was a little business about wore a little Ruth. Ship war in laurel who. For people who started getting into restaurants in the sixties and seventies and even into the eighties. That was the best restaurant in town and he was the best chef in town this was taken on basically on faith. Although he really was good he was a personal friend of mine he and I used to. Go 20 and retreat at me in recent yen as same retreat every every year. And it was always fun talk and him and his son and his and warrants wife except that the honors. And get it gave me a chance to talk to. Talk once again to Larry Ruth now Warren's son. And I I know him pretty well because he and his kids were going to the same school that my kids were going to add that times are used to pop in normal. And I've been beaten on him every since then to get them took to put out a clue what a blue Ruth's food. Because there is no such cookbook not really to have a couple of little cooked books that don't really tell you anything. And the actual recipes they used in the restaurant they know them they've got him in notebooks and stuff. I think they would do real real well that will one of the things that I got to do in preparing for this event to honor oh Warren lorries. Woods driver ever to the house on the North Shore. And rummage around in attic. And boxes and boxes of a war so hot one and photographs. And there's a room in their house that has all this our work of him home and photos of him and it was just a really grates. Way to. You know meet a man that. Was around before I was in the industry and learn a lot about his influence I mean he's the creator of pop eyes red beans which I thought was fascinating who has been out of 20 in the disk yeah I cracked. And he was a scientist. As much as he was a culinary end. And he made his own bread every day and he had his own recipes and they had truffle fast and Ayers. All these photographs. Black and white photographs of them. With truffles on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and just they put truffles on everything. It was pretty good nap anyway we miss him I know I miss him. And a lot of other people do too but as he was honored in the in the thing that's so or knows. And then. Gave a Tommy Suton a bitch the infrastructure here here and that's certainly richly deserved. And it's funny at this time that he should get something like that because I remember very vividly. After Katrina. And and we're talking about a matter of days. Not weeks or months but days before they had this rolling. You could walk up to the front door of drug goes. And say I I need something to eat. And they would hand you a local box of lunch eaten and they gave it to anyone who walked him. In no questions asked. If you need three of them Casilla three people at home me give you three of them and he continued doing that. Until he had given away 77000. Of these launches. And he didn't have to do that if he was 01 unit family owned restaurant that was not corporate this wasn't part of the chain it is Leo now he's got several locations but it was just the one at that time. Then you are talking about one of the people you do give trophies too. Absolutely. And heat for that effort that he did after Hurricane Katrina with beating the community at large. He received the National Restaurant Association restaurant neighbor award which was the first. Award given to Louisiana restaurant tour incensed and well what are we the rest of the and a bunch of creeps. Well you know there are other well Philanthropic Russia turns around and countries that we have to you know share sometimes. But the second hour restaurants were from Louisiana with Greg Reggie who's analyzed. Bringing his Blige as he calls on his restaurant fellows. Over to areas that have been hit by tornadoes like Tuscaloosa and Joplin. We did I know fans for than in wallop a loose or a liars are the only real values of the elusive policing garage all sorts of funny things but they'll always did the job yeah absolutely so it's it's Mary. Rewarding to work for these guys out and now also. It should be said concede you have to be there in this no way I've I'm getting to try to repeat which he said but that. Leah chase I win when it was announced that that. Greg Reggio. Had also know he was the he was he's the chairs this year against NC and and she she took a small piece side of you know his. Somewhere on the yes there's assailants. Good lie there at about negative say what it was and it it wasn't so horrible it. Not very funny yeah it was very funny all placements missile area. So law anyway the restaurant association. Is swinging back into service because. Two after Katrina. There was an active program but whoever came up with this was really thinking. You do we see an arrest and associations what we talked about it's been around a long time since 1946. And me. And today. Had this program where if you were an employee in an in a local restaurant and you were. More or less committed although not with the you know shackles or anything. That you can stay in the market and continue working and don't worry about it everything's going to be all right to the point of like giving people like 3000 dollars just to. You know settled down and get you like put back together again and you know we can help you we've known to to do this and it was very effective. One of the things that we found straight away after Katrina was that we can't reopen these restaurants without our employees I mean there is no way. So. People from around the country were. Flooding the phone lines how can we help how can we help so we set up the hospitality employee relief funds. And we collected over a million dollars and we did in conjunction with commander's palace mainly restaurants because they have a huge network of folks that wanna help and things like this. So. Wind recently in the last few weeks when Harvey. Hits Texas. It's an opportunity to revive the hospitality employee relief fines with commander's palace. And pay back. The generosity and hospitality that the Houston community showed us what you know you were down our luck and at a you know out of our homes and out of our city so it's been really. Marketable and and now we are returning the favor yes. They would get somebody on hold your mind though let's talk to him to Norman Norman welcome to the Puccio. My uncle Norman what's happen. I. But what does literature actually is she Leo yeah Leah L eat and he each. Cheney is spinning. I. Children that there are a bomb on the marble from oh yeah. Children and now. They've got the same. Same. What it's. About you terribly well. Oh so far. Richard what about yourself or. You're probably throw the book which is your. And forgot what certainly aren't there they'll. Just very delightful to give it sure is yeah. Or they are major we the for crooked street. Or is there anybody I. Can't think of anybody who's been at it longer she started in 1945. And she's never met a stranger that's true if you hit it. A. I'll say it. Chip deal DO zero land. A what about. Or it will play out that your very anywhere or were you enter a real. But they'll bring you actually slowed up. Seafood and seafood platter like you know a lot of fried shrimp fried. Right. Oysters and all all the things on and on top well the the money money first pick. Actually have two picks are very close to one another and they I'd like them by the equally well one of mistrial goes. And the other one is mr. Ed's oyster bar and fish. Grill I think receive full name of it. And and they have Leo full. The the entire huge pile for this sits at that floats for. Like twenty people speak there it's it's a lot I seem to recall its something like. 3040 dollars but it's very ample everything prepared to order they really know how to fry fish. It. It's quick it's the all bozos right exactly they also at other locations now they've got one in the quarter they've got one. On saint Charles avenue they go one in Carrollton right off the beat until street. Right on I think actually more appropriate and as well more I can never remember that it's back there enough but now. Our neighborhood now now on no that's that's mr. Ed that's mr. that's steps are different. Just say advocates say people tick the same mister and a bunch and yet or that is true yeah. Chart track ball with elbows to the you know what people don't talk a good day. Thank you you to see the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris. And when he Warren is with us. That's year old man who we've seen creep in around here sometimes don't get me you know on thinking of somebody else my husband plus dust that tells us. OK nevermind skews me I have I had you confused with somebody that. Just just for a second there won't happen again I promise really. And we're talking about among other things. The restaurant association the restaurant association is it open to. People in the business but only directly so like for example would they take me as a member. Would take yes and and I keep thinking about joining. But I wonder you know really I am I'm not there on the the year consumers. I'm the consumers interface with the businesses that's how I view my what I do for a living. And I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do to be part of a business organization and as well at the same time. Because it's really mostly about. About the operations in running a high you keep everything going in and of course you've great programs like what you just outlined. All of that. That is is a big big deal. But still and so I feel I attended a few of their meetings after Katrina. And obviously you know in about twenty guys who just sit up there and they would throw out ideas and it was interesting yeah. Can do a lot of fund raising our chapter here we have a golf tournament coming up in October. That raises significant amount of money for our education foundation. Which has. Administers 65 programs cult per start in. High schools across the state and it's a culinary arts and restaurant management curriculum move designed to attract young people to rural working careers in the hospitality. You know what I think that I don't know which ones you're talking about a maybe they're more on this night no god but so some years ago. Train remember who it was he was somebody in the restaurant business in saint Charles parish and they had a pretty significant facility over the on the West Bank. Saint James technical that's it and they had two things at that time anyway one of them was a full fledged. Kitchen I mean no real kitchen out of play kitchen but actual commercial kitchen yet and and coolers and everything was there. And then on the other side of the building they had a television. Broadcast studio. And of both of those interest in me and I actually gave talks to both groups have been the videos the day I was there like I'd have anything to tell them into a but. That that was a presser that bad press harper wise. And I spoke to him a number at times over the years and you know you even think I gave them a cooking lesson once. And I think boy you know if only we had this around say twenty years ago. Our response would be even better than they are now used to imagine and I think they're pretty darn good and out. So it was. Is this something going on there and now. I hear a great example my daughter. My daughter's an artist. She's pretty good at that she's good enough that she can make a living at it issue but which the college was rough for her because college made no sense whatsoever should those are complete waste of time and money. And couldn't wait to get out of it and never didn't graduate or anything she's too real real well as an artist right now. So and and the reason I bring an opposite there are some people for whom college is not really. A sensible. Alternative. Because. It's it's not that there. Not Smart enough stage you know to take homer in all things not for everyone it's not for every one and there are a lot of people who have a great life based on the culinary arts it's something that you can do. As a job beak into this hobby you can do it on every night basis to keep all the people when your house is happy and full of and I I think I'm all for that I think it's a great program. Well we're still one of the few industries out there where you can go from the dish into the boardroom though normal education and that's. A testament to. The on the job skills that you gain. Mentor ship the apprentice ship that's still available in our industry. Now well eight yet and you hear variations on that too. I remember once -- can't remember who it was but he said that he. Knew what who the best shelves in America war. And I said okay I'll by who are the best chefs in America. And he said it's those guys that make the omelets and everything else on the in the buffeted. In Las Vegas hotels. And casinos. He said you will see. Breakfast being produced at a speed and accuracy that will blow your mind and it's and then I started paying attention to this and you know I have to stop and really think can be very careful about making scrambled eggs scramble that you know I don't make that much but. It's something that TV you can ruin very quickly camps. And I hear these guys are bank and another win here comes another way and about one after another absolutely perfect they told me that. On some good days they'll do 15100 people for breakfast picked it. So they've been right by that. But well a lot of learned on that on the seems. Isn't there that that move. Shifts where has that people's but it doesn't it has its original and only buzz. And makes sense it's. Mears the 52 different ways you can cook and Exxon remembered that photo op. I originally like if you were chef and you war it's Coke. It was because you were. Good enough to click X fifty sacked fifty different with it the well. Buy it works out against Ollie thanks anyway cook them you know I give a kidney eggs there are very hot right now that I approached. Thing you know and I'm I am I've been part of it business. It's you we were told for so many years that especially if you eat the U oaks now that this is bad for you it turns out. And that was true to begin with and now it is unless you eat a dozen government that would actually affect anything you we older I get shares slightly movie theater popcorn guy who often are we really yeah I'll let you know have to worry about it too much right. Seoul. Anyway that's. We don't press as yet we believe it's a matter of fact we've digress so Florida Barack at all today hardly know well where I'm going. So the the organized approach to helping out the people in the restaurant business in. In Texas mostly in Houston and Houston area and then never comes out about that. I happen to know discussing got a friend who is from there. That they don't have to worry about pumping stations there they don't have that. At all everything is flowing out by gravity and if you reach the point where gravity is taken all it can. It's discuss the sensitive there and he seems like they're missing a shot there. Some kind of way but what do we know. They are. Have you heard any any word from any progress about this view that well it was racing thing in in force. Well we're still raising money where where. Communicating with our friends at the Texas restaurant association and now. Florida restaurant association. And they are starting to put the word out through their membership if they have employees that. And then I negatively impacted. And we're working on the correct the application process that's our right now with the greater New Orleans foundation. That's terrific. Well you know if we only did things like that all the time like would be so much nicer well and we do raise my Wii to raise a lot of money for a lot of non profits in this in this yeah Sam. Our industry is very felon for it and it's it's so true. And it and is so lost a lot of people but about once every two or three weeks of get a phone call or an email from somebody makes me. You know weird that we are doing a fund raiser for our whatever the organization is picked on and we've been trying to get some interest from the restaurants because you know they always come out in the they a put the food out everything and we're looking for something like that but we can't get anybody. To it even talk about it. And I told them well let me give you a piece of information that typical restaurants especially if it's a prominent restaurant. 345. Times today they'll get asked to constantly and you just can't do everything and they they do so much to begin to. Well hard to tell people. One of the things I'd get those requests all the time too if I had a nickel for every request like and I got Howard indecent airing now. But I will tell you that if your in it in a nonprofit environment and you think senate tasting event is something that you. Once did embarked upon and then you really should budget for a stipend for those restaurants because. They not only have to pay for the food that they're serving your event they also have to pay for their staff's time yeah and also the prep time. So it's not Alina and the cleanup time got to so. That's one of the things you know you budget for production you budget for musicians you budget for everything else and it. There seems to be a little. You know lack of. Planning when it comes to how your going to feed in. Water your gas stuff I think so. You know there's we often say people keep going back to the way now the other thing that's also important to remember is that. When you are we were thinking about who. Would best fit into Europe then it's always good to find a connection. Rushed shots gift to people and they know that they know and causes that are close to them. So for example field agree feels grill. He always gave his burger. Burger bowl proceeds to the miracle league. And he always thought you know what if I had a child. With special needs that you know I want it suits you know put in a program like this the fact that there is a program like this. Meant a lot to him you know so that was something that our remember him telling me and that's the same for. Any number of restaurants it's people driven and it's the causes that are the closest of. Them well that makes cents you do it too if you don't you know we all do it we all do it all the Somalia pure. Well. All of that is true. The restaurant business. And of the you guys get into this too much or maybe your end of the operation. But through this been a little more flocks in the breast fronts. Population. I it seems to me. I need to update my lists noise I keep the list on my website that has what I think is every restaurant in town that's open but they've been opening and closing a little more frequently. Well I think at this I don't think that this of net loss are net gain to tell you true. It's. Kind of hard it's Halloween used to follow about a little bit more closely based on permits. A number of permits that ratio to kind of sell like his. Let their permit expire is opening and they pass their health examination that's exhibit that that the. Well it tells you that there's a restaurant that I don't know what our idea. Or they're not open and so one of the things that we're there we're seeing right now particularly were coming off the summer. So depending on when restaurants opened like if you're opening right now you're about her ramp up. And you won't see it downturn really until end of may Jean yeah. If you opened in the sparring. You had just a few months. Suit to get going in the and we go into summer so. It's it's up X it's a pattern. That especially if you're new to the industry you may not realize the seasonality of our business here especially in more balanced. So that's something that if you're considering going into the restaurant industry definitely want to think about timing. And we knew a pain because that is critical. To. How long he can carry you you need to bank as much as you KN. To make it through this. You know I called from some paranoid guy who a few years ago two who owns a restaurant. And he said that the toughest thing for him the face and the one that made him wonder was this a good idea to begin this anyway. Voice. When they got to the summertime. And he had no choice but to go to the bank and borrow money to make payroll. That's a tough one it's a tough call and any said well you know on committed to it so Lou we'd better do it. And this is not something you expect you know you figure out how we doing great the first these ten months that we are around but hole what this is gonna happen every year December. Ella Brennan and then once said. That. It it I don't have the exact words but it captures the that would what was the essence of it she said that you know I've seen this pattern. As long as I've been in a restaurant business since the 1940s. And I all I know it's coming. I know what it's gonna be like I know how long it's gonna last and I also know that it's going to go away. And still try actually out of high. Well I can understand why to combat that. In August. The convention and visitor's bureau offers cool Mary yep. And if that wasn't enough for he and he gave it a little reprieve from culinary and then. We. Kick off into a restaurant week new Marlon guess we just this week on gang up. In ghosts are signed and. And is designed to. Q of a shot in the arm to all the participating restaurants. That to get them over the hump because September. Set remember is as bad as any other days with the new. Instantly knew my dad's hit a five. So that's really why we started our program seven years ago when it and we have the most restaurants ever participating machine a 102. It's what I don't 15115. Allen had some people add on in the last Ayers. They are to get us there menus and stuff. So we'd definitely. It's by far the the biggest number the biggest number ever so if that is any indication of how. On and I are so I'm very well this year yeah entice. Locals to come out as school just started back. On their some competing things going on so we really. If year. One and to take the girls out or go wanted to date her clients. Or get together for lunch take your co workers now we have twenty two course lunches for two point knowledge or last. And we have three course dinners for 39 dollars or last in some folks are offering for lunch. And that's as the last out you know you can like I said to throw and and on an up and they're. It's say I I wish I'd doing a daily feature in my newsletter spotlighting one of the culinary menus every day. The but the most interesting ones having to fight if I took like the top. 25%. It with some kind of good I mean it was not only more restaurants than ever but but better restaurants and doing more interesting menus. I was surprised that the number of them that did not copy what they have been doing like the last. For five years most of them did entirely new menus that is so great time for restaurants to really try things out there that might want on their nominees. Yet they can really you know express their creativity on the menu. And he. People are willing to come around it. Well that's that's what the story is all about it is him it's the food Schoen Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here were you talking about eating. Drinking restaurants cooking in the wind and all that. Since 1970. Here's what my favorite pieces of local Christmas tree. There with three restaurants that opened within a week of one another in 1990. Pelican club. By yo ma. And morals. The all in one week all of openings in the middle of summer. On July. I like that. I don't know what that means but you know just you go with you wait you don't need a break now do you. You'd okay it's the food choked by the way how was the how is the barbecue. Yes it. Well you gonna tell us later. A full report are already court you know is. OK yeah we have here we had to barbecue over here yesterday. And it came in in a pretty big box. And but I saw it when it came in and I haven't seen it since where is it now. It's rare earth eager and zealous guy is gonna tell if it is he knows when I had a field. But the anyway OK let's see what else have we forgotten the cup. I it. Am the about barbecue into a CC well you know we're getting more and more time and it's. It's MIA. When it comes time that this irony. It's between Vietnamese amber picked it up. Half an apartment one to attract market. If you get into this kind of thing at all but a but to a three times in the last 66 months I was I've been talking to. Restaurant owners. I just you know people that I know usually while I'm that there restaurants and to come over to the table and they shoot the breeze which I don't mind at all. And they. They and they seemed to be a little. Perplexed. And a trip that team in the rightward by the number of restaurants. Lately that have. Kind of pulled together into groups. So we have rest until have like. Five or ten different residence all of they're not chains because no two of them more alike. But they are. On there comes a new force in the business it seems that they have changed the business a bit and I'm I'm. I couldn't tell you whether I think it's good or bad I don't think it's bad. Well there it's it's so they're servicing different audiences. Through their concept is well that's true so they have casual fine dining. You know. Other specialty food. Divisions with and I'm thinking of one of them in particular. Yeah I mean that's. The way to diversify their business when one of them might be you know 11 segment might be doing really well another segment might not. Be that busy says it kind of balances out across the board. What I'm I'm just hoping and I haven't seen any evidence at this moment that I can think of where. Let's say you of a one unit. Restaurant. Operational ship phones did his wife runs the dining room you know that Obama kind of thing. And then along in net is it's bases but maybe. Twelve block square feet in some part of talented magazine street just for the heck my immigrant. And then you'll have flow like six or eight other restaurants that are part. Of one of these groups. And have a little more flexibility. And they don't have to really borrow that much money to make payroll and and all those other each effects. Is that something it anyone has thought about or what talked about a resists. Why am I just making this salt. I think. What you're probably. What likely is more being discussed is. The close what we call the cluster effect yeah you'll have you know I'll live between Washington and Louisiana off magazine. And there are like fifteen different places to eat before I think it's more than that might be more than married now. What they do is they tend to open in. It's near other restaurants. Get restaurant row and you did the critical mass. So you have a lot of that traffic variable lots of people going shop thing you have. Lots of local slots of visitors so if you're looking for a spot that's the spot but that's also the most expensive. Real estate. On areas when you see them so that's something in the you have to balance when your determining a location is. You know I can get a really inexpensive location and a neighborhood. Off the beaten path but then I have to worry about how to get people mayor. Idea the make up for with a advertising right in it that you don't save any money now it's it's which you should decide to spend your money on by the way I I completely endorsed the idea of spending the money on advertising because you might turn up over here. Well that's one of the things that I'm now is often. He's not considered I know. Well you know we are opening a restaurant Paris that's the funny thing about it the whole restaurant business you can do it on your own you know with your own ideas in your own everything. Until you realize that there are some things that people already tried it. Maybe did. Well that's one of the benefits of being a member of the associate. You have a point. You have. Your peers and are random and you can pick their brains out and you can learn from others mistakes or other successes. And that's one of the things Tommy the candidates or he certainly knows he's big on saying the first meaning he twenty Dickie Brennan was there and he made the statement. There's not one of these meetings or one of these events that I come to work I do not learn something I'm sure that's true. There's so much to now honest and straight boys. That does so much that's been forgotten if you do not have your HD if you have not. Graduated up to HT. Please call me anytime you want and I'll tell you what to do you need an HD radio is what you need and guess how much it costs. Nothing it's free and it's really high tech great equipment. I have four of them Mario actually four HD radios but. They're all different is is really the thing. And of really enjoyed having this I'll tell you more about that later called me and I'll tell you all about it really no joke it's free it's no catch to it. It really is. But the best listening you'll do on radio you can wonder why we haven't hadn't made this change. Fifty years ago no kidding. 2606368. When he warranties here. And we're talking about. The efforts of the Louisiana restaurant association to help on their brother in. In. Florida and moved him to a lesser extent and then two. Oh over in in Houston and that part of of Texas. So. That's that's in the works. Wedeman you'd just handed me a note here so you're you're you're I'm competing come. Heating. Whip Michael with a lot of am in a caller. One a fellow cook. In top chef reconcile which is Sunday October the eighth. And it's six teams competing against each other with a mystery ingredients. And I don't know we're gonna cook everybody gets the same ingredients are everybody I don't know but Louisiana seafood promotion and marketing board as a sponsor side isn't it I think this edit my people would think that they've been doing for years so no no system first time they're doing this of men Dickie Brennan as a judge. Air embargo is one of the celebrity chef says participating cities Emma neck. Scott Cragg ever feel where is she these guys you know I was track I don't know that she's. Jeff and shaft and right now think she's. I don't know on well this saw. Listen I don't know I've known a few women. Over the years who were working in restaurants and can think of a lot of more chefs. And then they have babies and they keep on working home do they do I think you know it took. To balance it say it must be able to advance their hero basis for a puzzle and that's tough on a plan a funeral from the actual what it. I admire him greatly and a so yeah that's October that eighth and now we're all were each team is raising money via. You can get a top chef reconcile that Oregon find out more information. And so we're hot chef reconciled dot orgy yeah okay overeat down. And this is open to just chefs or two every. This is open to the public on you'll be able to say ample all the dishes prepared by the team's. As well some fare from Kathy reconcile. And this is particularly important to me because recently I've. Met a gentleman to. After career fair that I have a suit with job one. To. Gain more employees and hospitality industry in he was. Ninety days out of angle on serving. He served nineteen years of a life sentence I remember hearing this story. And I saw something in him in immediately connected with him. And he got a job at a very prominent crash on he's. Doing very well and I've helped him get. His wardrobe together and his driver's license and the things that most of us take for granted now now he's in his mid forties and he's basically. It's starting his life. That is to say is this effort going on through cafe reconcile but no this is something that I'm doing but the off the reason I. Immediately accepted an invitation to. Participate in the top chef reconciles because I wonder why it. His life would've been had he encountered a program like reconciled his formative years if only is the functioning worry here we have come to the end of our our.