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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Monday, August 21st

Tom's guests today are Paul McGoey, CEO of the Good Company Food Group, and Chef Robert Bruce Executive chef of Legasy Kitchen Restaurant.


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This is the eclipse voice of your local announcer Tom that Morris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon I mean every 17 days a week. We are here talking about a subject that wouldn't command anywhere near as much attention as it does round here. If that word somewhere else they'll people eat but the rumor really. Eat in Millen I mean. You know this if you ever traveled anywhere in the world in your life with the possible exception of Italy. Where they they really do stand right up to us in terms of there they are involvement in the food end of life they really do but other than them I don't know hope. The so here we are everyday and we're talking about all this and I joined by the way I wanted to ask you this is off topic and I try to not do that very often but but this is something. That are really feel strongly about and it's this. There are too damn many eclipses around here now I know he'll agree with. Let's see who's really hear that. Paul would go. Paul are you there in the building I'm here impartially shouted right now from the clips Tom 90. Good it felt funny and it did did you see. I did not see it I was instruct him on my wife numerous times not to look at some. We that's postal look at it you can replica but the but there are tricky ways of picking up the the funny things that does one of which is put ripples on the ground losses saw a great view of it on the Internet. Oh you know that would be the placed the wildly. Yeah yeah yeah it came out on you know one time. Didn't cost us anything yet no one of those good things to death of Paul you are as I understand that the chief boss man guy a head in charge of the legacy restruct the legacy lesson tonight ministers the legacy collection is that after calling it the legacy election is that you. We you know how they EF five vote yes I guess it's good to its knees since we've gotten from two to five. Via. Well. Which you are and the last one you open is one that just by dumb luck for for me. And for my my wife and my daughter. Happens to be within the range of our going there often. Well I appreciate that it's tough for dumb luck for me because summit to Covington a year ago oh you know whether you are. We we have lived there a lot longer than that but we are. Oh week are always looking for places that everybody likes that you know what it would it short that is. I like everything so I'm not a problem my wife likes everything that she likes and that's sit. You know and and my daughter it's well if you don't show its seafood down her throat she so. All but we've already been there four times at this summer when you have it's. Over there if we're Martinis used to be correct on how well officially highway one and I need that right next to pelican. He. Jim while I'm glad you had a way of looking at that because. Know that that road doesn't have a name really. Well I'll highway 22 which is not completely incorrect. Completely incorrect but you know I just feel like that means dragging Covington is highway 190s so for to split off and go to the right. And still be 19 need to seems odd to me. Yeah it's strange it's you know it. 190 is everywhere. No matter where you if you going to Slidell you'll go that way if you you know it's all over the place that it needs a name somebody ought to be given how about do you north way. Nice try Aaron anyway so the name of this new restaurant that you have put in where it Mateen he's used to be. Is called. Do norte. Do you north by legacy kitchen is geographically. Dead due north of our first location on veterans that that was a lucky break because neither one of those locations. But were built exactly for you mean they've both been there as restaurants for quite awhile to have I original location used to be a Shoney's. Yeah I remember I remember it I don't remember going there Iraq that it me up but it it's nothing like Shoney's now. I know. Well I'm I'm really glad you're there with that restaurant that restaurant suits my family. To a Tea Party and it at X we think you've got the seafood there you get the really really might my wife told me to tell you this that she says. The best grilled oysters and now. I think so those are good I I got the cup the primary and last weeks and it was very nice of her as she really meant it to get if she gets if you shift she told somebody twice lord knows I mean. Well I you also have scored. Something. I think of as a orange guy and calling them things gives me as really a treasure. It's a Robert the Bruce as I reflect the column being the naming him after the the famous. Scott's. Tough guy. From a long long time ago and in. In English history. But what I know him from his all the restaurants that he has hell unheralded heralded that's not what it wanted. At that are all at the Helm at that home would be good yup that one when it was after you but it's but okay we know we're talking about now and he has been around two it's me it is an effort he's there is any Roberts right. Yeah and I know of from enough context with a that he likes to be called Robert not Bob. It. Or shot. They chef you're not on the you're not on the a microphone but that might be and other problems so we're. We're gonna fix it for in the sector data come back to him because I don't think it's it's microphones work. So anyway back to you Paul. The original was. On veterans highway. In that greatest of locations to have fun on veterans highway admin via veterans highway which is across the highway. From door and acts correct and I often wonder. What would we do we would all be lost if there were no Doran acts is how would you find anything I would agree. Yeah I would agree so. That's where it is in this and as you mentioned it used to be a Shoney's in the and it's I think you something else there for a little while but Cameron. We've been we've been open that location for about four and a half years yeah and it's right across the street from another of your restaurants but kind of new worlds and basically company now he's a little nor on Stamberg and seafood so correct this is. This is getting to be serious. It's it's very serious we have eighteen restaurants now so do you really do we have a great way to reach where the other ones I don't we know the five. Five legacy kitchens and we have thirteen new world standard TP company with a with a few new worlds cough in being a company splattered between them. Well we're already this so let's see if I did in the last we have clear view L Lloyd. Clear view on this the original that is that is veterans and David drive via around by door next. Have whole month looked loss and they'll Slidell. French Quarter. West Bank on Manhattan we just opened two West Bank by Oakwood mall Monday of this week. Saint Charles avenue classic 4141 location. Them. That's right and forgotten about that one in this it doesn't seem to. So it's not the same kind of restaurant that is that there historically. We opened in 2010 ya tell you yeah cans before that and Steven martens and 4141 back in the day. I think a case could be made for saying that the 4141. Was the original creole bistro. And in New Orleans which you where everything changed in the early 1980s. And they were really on the front edge of that I agree I would I would tell you that the if not the first the second New Orleans beat stroke was chef rabbit the group's act. By you by domestic sent out via. Well that's that sticks in nine in my area my cross to focus. Robert you probably notice where they got that name from. Well the building is located on the ridge the Metairie ridge. Yeah that's right that's the most that I know. They got it from me against the other idiotic as they I would I wrote an article about the of that very thing you just mentioned to him. And it and it was the it's the Metairie ridges you notice or that or the and I remember I wrote an article on that subject for somebody. And whoever owned it at that time there was a lady who will wielding Cleo Cleo tires there that's right. She she read the article she says they'll wait a minute that's where we are who are out why you rich that's perfect. So that's what they got it she told me that I didn't make that up. I believe nobody's listening nobody's everybody's quiet heavily. Robert you hooked up now I believe so can you academia. There we go yeah I heard it I'm hooked up all right. And robber also is. Is the grandfather. Grandson of the guys who. Ran one of the longest running. Restaurants in New Orleans may release open in 1876. I think. And then stayed open till. Eighty G 90s98. In 89. And IE eight there are many a time eight many slices of brisket. Douglas any. Many piles of double bigs with Romo once Austin and so that was a great dish. Really wasn't that was a wonderful little restaurant in its own funny you little way you know you have to get that they've really enjoy it. But dot I I was when I just always. The word on the street is that one night they were to launch from. Sure from a lot and they were out of shrimps so anime set to to the eighth from on and that's about it started. Yeah well that makes sense. Let's see you then you've been at a number of restaurants since last time you and I have been that have had a chance to talk. The Q where you were running the kitchen pretty much read across the street from me police believe that the jazz a little Jerusalem. The little gem yeah and yeah yeah that that there and let's don't do I remember you be doing Catholics Isa at one point. Nine or kept his eyes that forward yeah there was journalists I was journal there's. Droid Marist yulia all IC yeah that's probably. So tell me. So many the the other restaurants you've been through Sicily and get my facts straight. Well there's still many remember rattle off view Christians which was my favorite of all what a great place I've spent we'd really miss that. Three years in high school working there for rely on Hewitt who was my mentor learned everything I am pretty sure would learn. You would certainly learn stuff from him because he'd. He knew it he upside down and backwards and and with his eyes closed taught me how to make the best in the Los ever we call it Demi las gold. And a very very good stuff how to smoked salmon how to make ice cream at a smokes off programs. Was amazing it quite a guy I am still finding myself quoting him. Or using one of his recipes. Ma pretty often conceive Issa who's really a classic French chef Nicky he came. He came to town to work it gallop towards right will Chris cancel is in California and he was on going. And so that was pretty good start right there it was awesome but. And then. After I graduated from college I'd move back to also work the C show up at the upper line and also work to me at least at the same time. And now we're did commander's palace on and off for six years opened up animals with them there at two years I was there palace cafe for six years. It's been the Lewinsky for nine years. Royal palm gosh you're that he can you were there for a long time which you know. Yeah eight he can I stop you they orange system. Insert something about that we my wife and my daughter and my son to be conceived Houston still around at that time. He we we still are talking about smitten Woolen ski even though was a chain of steak houses I thought. Especially after the first couple years you know it's kind of who we are where people would just figuring out what the heck it was. But it turned into a really good place with a with a distinctly local quality which is hard to get you know in notice chain restaurant. Well I convince them that we had to do after. Several years of doing the same old kind of New York style stick to we added. Read this to occur on time. We wanna turtle soup. So they allowed me to be a little more creative. Yeah it was cool place to I. And a well now that we've introduced you to the world again. Hi it's the food show. On 105 point three FM HD two old Louis HD two people who rolling in I can feel it I can actually feel the number of people who are. Listening to a song there HD. Radio connection so much better Austin gets out so much for. Anyway we're talking with Paul the gui. Our goal public got how do you say it's Mannelly McGinley I knew I knew a guy in high school who crusade it. The goo you know while he must onto it different I just let me. Yeah I was just south and a comment Falwell that explains every day. With whatever that means that's. Anyways so poll which you come out of what a knife I cut my teeth with the greatest restaurants or in the country LaBrandon. I just finished reading her book I have you seen have you seen I've read the book I have seen them documentary it's bad us. Yeah at that city that's quite a piece of work there and I'm so glad she did it because somebody had to do it and I kept begging him to let me do it but they they would go for that who could blame not remember back when yeast do you ship there in about 19899. I was there and outright. You know well. It weighs certainly a wonderful place still is when wonderful place to be. And that the book is terrific but mainly it might look out on it is that. There are a lot of stories that I heard but never could confirm one way or the other but she just came out and set him so now there's a lot of love. I can write my own book now. Right well I think I will let them watch the document it was a flood of memories and you know I even learned a few things and I was with her for thirteen years but I still learn some stuff. Yeah well there was much to be learned from Hershey had it figured out backwards and forwards its second term that second person who would it can claim that that yes. So anyway. So but what you do and though Paul so I was a manager commanders. Open palace cafe with sticky NT and Brad. Opened fit what his job that once it was skin. On the duties with C. And about 899. What a tragedy ahead of its time it it was ahead of its time it out. But I had that was that was like birth and it's count I was very special to me you know all of that this it if it did go on the way everybody thought it was going. It was who's gonna turn out to be a major force on the on the scene and you know it was sure to be copied by somebody but it never really got off the ground for some reason I quit not even hazard a guess as well you know it's tough. Force was. Get a big market darn axis Q well you have a big wave big market new world of people that love to Coke. And that and and the best part of the duties experience was the convenience of getting it too easy. And quickly. And you know we just. We don't have we didn't have at the time. The workforce. That was like in Atlanta or Dallas or Houston where people work until 8 or 9 o'clock at night now as a hustle bustle to have to get fed. It's news a little bit slower and I tell people that that city still exists called the right hand side of whole foods. Yeah I guess so it that were that actually makes cents. Are well. OK bill let's talk about this this business that you have with all these restaurants all the sudden with specifically. The legacy. Kitchen my wife probably talk to you about this and she she did. She sets things up sometimes and she doesn't tell me about him which is why am not there with human rights. But. Odds of the first one that opened. Over there on veterans highway I thought it was interesting but not quite fair. And every succeeding one you've done since then has gotten a little closer to a but the the interesting thing about this to me is that although O. The restaurants in its a lot of ways seemed very much similar like just. A restaurant chain really. Until you you look over the menu especially if you had anything that you found that you liked. And you you find really the difference from one to the next they're not all the same. Well they never were intended to be the exact same and that's why I called the legacy collection. They all share the commonality. Of quote unquote the all star dishes of legacy kitchen chicken and waffles and smoked salmon and ribs and limit icebox pie but. I'm I didn't wanna change because we have a chain in a world Hamburg and see my company so every location. Has a little bit of its own personality. So Tony five to 30% of every menu is unique to its spot so. We opens legacy kitchen staking chop on the West Bank in December. So we it is kind of three quarters legacy kitchens one quarter prime steakhouse. We don't spend. Oyster countering tap room by legacy kitchen in the peer Marquette hotel in November. So we it is legacy with a full oyster count our oyster bars spin. So when we have we're shocked and oysters and char grilled then. Ten different ways to have oysters they are along with a cough him in a shop as well so we have tons of ice coffee untapped and crafty or you can tap. You have ten ways of doing always troops we have ten ways of doing oyster men intact somehow that has slipped by me you know been there enough times who have. Pounced right on it except the or go well Lou the grilled oysters really current. But thanks guys I and so there obviously some other ones in there haven't got gas and Roberts actually work our new extra menu we have a outlet that location and so good idea that location unfortunately. Has felt the wrath of our flooding from two weeks ago. You'll flooded over there the hotel took twelve feet of water in the basement of the hotel. You know Italy with which hotel we talked a pair Marquette. Well the pere Marquette polls Hillary took twelve feet of water in the basement hood and shut down all of our. Fire pumps and air conditioning units and the hotel and the restaurant has been close for. Two and a half weeks and we look like we're going to be open reopening around September 1 so. That little rainstorm. Cost us about a month. You know it's the funny thing about that now you think this is not the show to talk about the flooding in Iraq that although it too we're all shaking a fist over. But. That's the part of town that Houston aggregate. Well I mean was I want you know the saying we're that our craft tavern on chop to lewis'. A mile and a half away as the crow flies and we have an inch and inch water in the street they airing common in Barone was three feet. So. Go figure. You know that stuff. Oh well. Those things will keep happening yes yes yes so anyway so Roberts working on chip bruises work on any menu. And we're gonna roll out something new when we reopen in about two and a half weeks. Okay now who I said that these are similar in yet the same in in a lot of ways so let's do this the first one legacy kitchen island. On veterans highway that's the original. That's the original. I went there pretty early on. Which is funny for me but I hit two things that stuck in my mind one of whom was the turtles who I am a big fan not a guy that everywhere you run into it. The NC it was good. Mondello ai that that was a joke. So what I've I got that and then there was a special that day. Of loved. It it was duck Dunn poached duck Chile. To actually be stuck shall we still run that dish on Saturdays usually is special. And I thought that was so good. And and that's the only time I've seen it was that first time well there we we we do a different version now where actually we have loaded duck notches so so involved in. Invasion the duct Chile on tortilla chips with guacamole insolent reliance on dream and things like that. Yeah well the good work. Will who will certainly get to its one of these days because. The Mary's who did you tell me what to do every move right in my day. They they vote they love things like that especially with the Mexican touch to it. OK so what and that's just all the legacy kitchen nice legacy kitchen okay. And then the then we move from there to which one chop Tillis in the way has jumped to listen. All all the one in the hotel in the red wants our sports arts hotel owner it's called legacy kitchens craft tavern. Yeah. And what what's the difference between those two wells has a slightly smaller menu from a large plate. Perspective it has a much more variety of small plates. And it's lounge and bore area. Is significant almost 50% of the space is borderline edge. So we only more craft cocktails and more craft Beers and more cramped rooms at that location and any of them. Now. The place that. The space that that took over was up pretty darn good restaurant for a while on Sheppard knee was running it for awhile and soup Serbs who boom. We we know it. It was an there was an ownership there chuck super chuck super I was close. And he was in the kitchen there and I kept wondering because I walk in front of that place almost everyday you might mean the radio station you know just right here on the street and up and down the street. And there is that crowd that hangs out over at the Lucy's retired surfer place correct spilling out onto the sidewalk all the way around in no you don't balconies up stick this as far as I know. But I'd just doing huge business and then I kept seeing the end of the southern restaurant at the hotel this was before you. And doing almost nothing. I know Chris least eat near fairly often and no there was never anybody else that's what this what's the deal it well deserves what this one obviously better. Restaurant here. And it's that it you know everything kind of closed and opened again and then you know well that's why I knocked on the door because there was nobody in there. And odd that so you're kind of going after that. That millennial group that's what it looks like. You know. Whether we're going after the millennium group of the millennial group just likes to hang out the warehouse district I think at some. 5150. Dollar and a will. How's it going it's going great we've been there two and a half years we do. We do breakfast we do we have a coffee me a shop there as well seeking get top of the new gazans. A cap Pelé every day all day. But it's gone really well you know well oh that's good to know grace the bully bit in the air a couple of times. And up remember the cocktails were good and generous to which is something they dress and look for via Yahoo! wants a little trick that's right. Yeah it's good if you get in the pulled get west. Yeah that's about right. It woods what are you haven't way of food that is different or is or that this puts a different from your other places. Well state there is. You know being the restaurant in a hotel. We also have the ability to be the hotels. And Paul. So his numerous bore snacks and things we do at that location that we don't do with yum restaurants. We just started doing the column smoked chicken wings. Wish Jeff just does this unbelievable process he smokes a wings for two and a half hours of work on would. Men and we fry him and and toss him in a rub so there's no sauce comes in Alabama like barbecue sauce on the side. White and barbecue sauce Dwight barbecue sauce I don't think telethon has run into a lot of barbecue sauce it's in my history but that that's a new one on you what eat what you need to have the call and check wings in the white part. Although IC. But what is what's in G a mullet shafted you this the idea to idea. So white worship spoiler what are other ships for other than that tell us what this is for a what barbecue. Is kind of a beast that he used to finish smoking chicken like all chickens and what it is is vinegar. Man names like pepper garlic onion. And hot sauce so synonymous in. To that you this not a fake red. Our parties we saw what what is saying is that what what is the white saw what's the white part weird where does that come from. That's from animals defying case in oil when you most fun also went into place. Right right yeah hook up while. Knowing they'll. That that there's anything wrong when mayonnaise and it's like Puccio yeah I know people Lola thank you it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris. And the guys were talking with today. Who are Paul would go we. Who is the what's what's your official title. CEO of CEO a catastrophe group. Of oh who company good company for the group good company food group threatened. And Robert Bruce here Robert is a long time. Creole. French creole shelf. Do you accept that to designation absolutely and that's yeah that's what I've always gotten out of it. He and he has been that for quite a year quite a number of years here orders somebody. He. In fact just wrote me last week wanting to know where you where. And somehow I didn't know so but two weeks and I Mona. Yeah now there you are I met Broward at pals FA in 1990 needs. And but it would get that we get it back together again gets a general idea and a hit a good idea. Toll Tony some other stuff on the menu. Over it will. We haven't finished the other locations yet have we have you have one on the way aspect auction the West Bank legacy kitchen steak and chop. Also it's a state house it's our legacy part steakhouse. You know. Saw what a film we find there for mistakes standpoint you know Fuller a rabbi cowboy rabbi tomahawk grip I'm. Come on smoked. Bone in filet. Only in Fuller lips would return in and talk about that some more in a moment at. What else shift statewide warehouse courthouse 36 sounds more house cramped shop. Bad job as popular dish so you're really into this jumble our I mean with Laura Milan and some pickle bread proms. Pains here on a sizzling play so it's clarified butter all the all stars of legacy along with a whole kind of prime steakhouse election. Well that. That's more thoroughly a steak house and I was thinking it was at its. That sounds great of totally different menu from the other ones is that it just an overstatement part. Yes it it is that the that if you have got out of power. And so blah time but it's it's it's got 75%. Of the legacy man. Along with the prime steak has been okay. Are you doing stakes over at the Metairie one for a while there I remember it was even aged beef at a price that I thought was almost too low. Well thank you for that now that we. I think we have great stallion stakes and not everybody can go out and have a 45 dollar for life so yeah no that's really don't sell 45 dollar LA. Well you know there are a lot of them being sold for whatever that's sold about directly. You dry aging oil paging and boldly of beef. And really interesting way. We'll run some bombs specials at the state house where we. We ate some revised for about three weeks and then trim those up solos as the special. And also wrap some strips in. Cheese cloth. And soak them in brandy for two or three weeks entrant that often do area kind of a brandy soaked New York strip. Mum and they sell pretty well I think it's. The the clientele is slowly learning that it's. Different style of state counts that can come and enjoying get a hamburger and a great state. And well sounds good to me and Charl and Louis tea and char broiled or just problem which should. Is the the dish that will ultimately you the will define the period from 1980. In and in 1995. To the press and yes. Everybody's the yeah everybody. Everybody's doing it. It's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you talking about food and restaurants and cooking and wind and everything. This is a a note to our producer. A doesn't that I I'd shut down on the on the little assistant produce over here so I can't do anything that took tell me if anybody is on hold. If somebody would like to talk to these scholars from the legacy a restaurant to a group Perini. Call us up our number is 2606362606368. We love to talk with you but. Cooking about eating them by. Anything you and anything open your mind. And you know you wouldn't mind listening to some of our callers Celtic would love some calls here so I'll give us a call. And you could talk to appall the goalie who is running the the rest of the legacy. Group of restaurants. Or Robert Bruce who is they have been around for a while. So let's see where do we do we're that we wanna go from here you've got we've covered the one of the West Bank have we left of the hole and painful yeah. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up. Are. What is how do you make of a bone in fully I have seen three maybe four different ways of doing. I'm again Emily that definitely that shift. So it we we get. We had a cut for us. It's twelve ounce bone in filet so down bone is attached to the filet. What you what bone is that. It's the backbone. The back bone and it's the backbone right we're in the the folate the tunnel and goes right down back via. So yep these advanced software that we don't have a panel and so and I my meat purveyors cuts and forming. And then what we do is we the sweep season them with a salt and pepper and in weeks cold smoked them for about an hour all over the con would book that's an interesting idea and then with debt. Specific kind of mean we have to. Let it sit out for about ten minutes before we cook it. Because. In order for it to cook evenly to the bone if it's cold cold cold. It's raw by the phone wrong and medium by them meat part. I'm so it's a little tricky and we were animus specials. And run out of a so so we kind of roll with those. Well I guess that's that's the thing you need to do. Now that's wild well. And now let's see that takes care of the state house and no we have via. The original. Onstage as utterance they have staff tavern. Craft we have pretty quickly mentioned oyster pattern tap room that's sort of Caremark cat that's yeah those particularly out of via Adam action this and that we do north. And through north via so that's on which. Which is pretty pretty much a lot like what you're doing elsewhere unless there's something on that menu that's different you north actually is. Maybe a combination of the other theory so they are additional half from the stake as their dishes from a scene tapped. It's appetizers from Kraft tavern so it's really kind of a combination you know when you're if you're living on the South Shore and eating on the south sure you have a chance to get tough. The four different restaurants on the senate sure so we figure we went to the north sure. Take a little of each. And that's where I wanna know. Well you know the North Shore is a much more sophisticated dining area than it used to be when I like I've I've lived there. Since let's see no in 1990. So who cuts to so pretty good run. And when we first got there it weighs hit to city yeah I mean really it was tough it was take city and Dakota. You Pentecost exactly. Exactly right and I know. This is a pretty fair amount of of really good restaurants there. And yours is one of them thank I think we've got you know especially in the yes in the in the department of the things that we were talking about it you know the oysters and right while you know you can slowly got oxide nine yet they'll put you got with pat Gallagher is deal with Ki -- is Dylan. So we've we've. With catch and our stride. Yeah yeah. Well this this sounds good so far so I'm I'm glad to good to have you in the next thank. Let's see and I I did I ask this question or not I wanted to fight it. Robert we have what else do you have on the menu that we haven't discussed yet. Well a couple of things like to mention that I'm doing sure it's trying to help people eat healthier. And a couple of that this is that we added to do all why bother we are at Alfa. Well because I think it's good for you to know for sure it is so what do that this is that we don't as a healthy greens styled. Did you decide sign item. And it's made with key law and golden reasons and some nuts and some vegetables theory delicious very fresh. Especially for the ladies out there we have green greens and and we have visa or green greens greens which is that it's kind of a chopped. KL in Brussels sprouts shop KL I knew we had to turn up some tales some kale cabbage Brussels sprouts carrots chopped up. Pretty fine with fresh days or fresh mint. And and Canada saying the eastern style vinaigrette. We tested out there garnish with those arms. So does a couple of things that I'm that I really enjoy doing because a guy as I get older like to try to eat healthier. You're getting older while 55 and I'm so. Your 55. And I've been cooking since I was fourteen so it's been a total long road. Yup we must like it a lot after forty restaurants about a lot of things you've done forty restaurants that's correct. In Europe that would have been thought of is nothing that have really. No I mean really every number the one and only time I've ever been sued for a four over for review long long time ago. The the chef involved. He presented his resonate Wendy's in the court they keep you want to show that he really knew what he was doing and he just kept. Want to have one after another and if he had done something like fifty restaurants and the other attorney said well this guy can't keep a job yeah right that but in Europe that's how everybody is ships are constantly on the move. And that's different kind of a deal well you see a lot of that new loans to yell yeah lately it's certainly been true but you know the legacy if you if you. Look I'm no pun intended but it fury go checking things out starting in about the 1980s. There were a lot of chefs had been around for fifty years and then more yeah and so it was different time. I guess I it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris we are coming few live from all over the place today. And it's nice to be here with view in talking about food stuff we have Paul would go we hear he is the CEO of the legacy. Hello restaurant who legacy collection. Now Andy you go there they have their hamburgers. And they have diamond rings. And none no I've known of skipped that last. That's what it sounded like in a collection. Through our call ourselves some food show local radio collection date of a. What's what's the plan for the future with these guys assists could just gonna go on and on one after another every year. You know with had a lot of growth in the last four years now you know. We have a great company we have great staff and we wanna keep the team excited and you know we'll so yes he'll do yet the answer is yes we'll do more. Well that's good. You know. Here in the air I hear people complaining abut the restaurant business being the kind of slack. This year and especially this time of the year but I talked to enough other people like cute guys is in effect more of them. To know that it's it's really not bad at all I mean what most of the restaurants I go to a pretty full. I think Maine maybe it's an illusion but I don't think it is well. Look. I remember being in palace cafe in 1991 and you hit Jeanne it and we would hold on tight gene in July and August. That's change in New Orleans now mean coat you know this summer business especially with tourism in the French Quarter. There's people to and the French Quarter all day every day all year long now so it's it's this if you know if we're not messed it up ourselves with the street construction then there's a lot of business to be that. But. I think now we're really in our slowest time of the year right now the last week and a half. Going for about another two and a half weeks. Is cells really the September's pretty gotten and that you know and that and I think that got. Exaggerated if you will with Katrina hit and you know August 29. You know half Canada everybody kind of doesn't make plans at the end of August has not really sure where unity and what you need to do. Sure so. Well could be. But the other makes sense NASCAR looks knock on wood. You know don't have any major storms this year not. Nice to tell you the truth I feel totally good about that not that I know anything now. Let's see what that there was just something that caught the in my mind here for a second and oh yeah you were doing. A Albania A in cafe only in other kind of stuff that fits that. Category. Do we have a concept called new world coffee media company and we have items in the in the hotel downtown in the other and I think it's in Metairie is that we have. Two in the current lead is a Burger King right. That we don't have that location anymore that's gone oh yes that's gone we have the two in the hotels downtown one appear Marquette won in the Renaissance arts. And we all are attached to our new old hammer in seafood at 4141 saint Charles Obama. You know for a one hell. And this was going on at the original. Legacy but also at the New Orleans hamburger they had a complete list. Of the music that would be playing in the background. Which seems to indicate that there was actually some attention paid to that which is something that makes me happy because I but think his. Most of the music that's played in restaurants is pretty bad well I'm old and I appreciate unit for notice an Arab. The legacy collection plays American artists who have left a legacy and we take a lot of pride won't work in on our playlist. Well. It's a very important part of the concept. But could you ever tune into it yourself. On the line you you can't just freezing on it yet you can it's currently down who's been down from a two weeks but he will be coming back and you'll be able to actually hear. All the music in each of the locations. That's cool Ka. Yeah yeah yeah reluctant guest disk jockeys come in in the pick the music. Now if you ever decide to do that out of school now I will via. Please call me Kazaa I would you know. And we take you know who else it would do this our producer here at Doug he does. Musical. I don't know I have how would you describe what you do Doug. I flew on water Hillary if huh. That was what I had in mind exactly and it hasn't done probably would place some pretty good stuff from a little concerned that Tom you might play when hammer something like that so none no none none on me. I'm I'm I'm strictly a 1930s. And so anyway all right if this is 01 more thing about the but that the being gain and coffee place. I had gone into there a couple of times and I decided that that was the best big game being made anywhere in talent even though it was enough. For three people each one of it was it was the classic Pena into reverse this you go and get big news I don't know who can actually eat three days and an elite. You can eat three of ours because their lighter and fluffy and in any other than you were lighter but they were also three times as big which could kind of made up for Iraq but I haven't heard anybody complain about a larger been yanked now but we have been gave bites if you want the small loans to get the bites them. Booker. We'll do that in anything else you Telus to strike no I don't really mean. Anything else got any good specials coming up or specials that are running but before happy we have culinary going on right now for what about another ten days. Eight days and days exactly and so we have three or four different specials and every restaurant. What are the that's been nice chat. They eat the culinary menus are. Two aces from. Different categories on the mile. So. For example steakhouse is doing. A shrimp and crawfish rather got salad. That is really nice that little part of the home. And mustered the terror on addressing threats to break him. Classic French style was the whoops. We've run out of time. But Doug thanks for spending a whole day was this and I'm sorry a wasn't there with you in the studio but I'm never here on Sunday I mean on Saturday who quit what day is it anyway. It's a clip off dead. It's eclipse day. Thanks temp almost always end up.