The Food Show Is About More Than Just Barbeque

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, September 13th

The discussion went from Dickey's Barbeque to Madisonville to Poor Boys and uncles.


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Welcome back to the second course of the food show every day we talk about eating. We do it right here. We can cover any subject you want if it has anything even remotely to do with the food that you have in your table or in your mouth or. On a plate. Or wherever it is that you found it. And we'd love to talk with you but to what you've been needing what's the what's happening these days with you what kind of cooking do you do well. For the last year or so I continue to have this feeling. And it's only a feeling and I don't. They don't know Honda appropriate or any other than this to say it mean to say doesn't this sound logical. But. I find. That the enthusiasm. We have about food. May be waning. And I I think it may be it and probably is in fact a generational thing. Pockets I personally have not lost any enthusiasm for cooking and eating I'm. The do it every day. And and I love doing it every day. But it seems to be you know I remember there were times when we would. We would fill this this frequency with and and the other when we had before this when. With people who just always wanted to talk abut you know something. That they used to eat all the time and now they can no longer find anybody who makes it even knows where this salad. Or or anything. And no we get a whole show a lot of that for three hours and and it was kind of normal every day. And I hate to say this but it is. It is not that way. Exactly anymore we still have you know a lot of people listening we know that. But it's. I had to the enthusiasm seems to be. Lacking in that I wonder I wonder why no wonder if it's even true equipment might just be me. Well if you have any thoughts about that called me and tell me. And and is if you feel like you've been backing away from the dining out of the dining in that you used to do. As if that just sounds right to you or wrong call me in and let's talk about it. I'm that the reason I'm asking you this is is two fold first of all I think it's interesting and secondly. I A I have in the back of my mind. A book that I'd like to write. And I have follow up publisher who told me focused I've already written three books for him. What I had in the hopper in terms of of flow books coming out and I I've had to say well I haven't really been thinking about it allies may concede that this appointment. On their faces when they tell me that's so if you thought that's something I've been wondering about I wonder if we are we are losing their enthusiasm and sort of fits that if fifth if it's that way for anything else like. Do you think we are spending do you do you think we are getting more worked up. Or less worked up than we ever have been a but football. Or about anything else. We'll talk about it all it's mainly a program about food and but two we we've been known moved to contract on grass so little bit here and there. I had a and if you were listening yesterday. And if I sounded a little weird yesterday. It's because. In mid morning. Something happened with my computer. That caused it to almost completely shut down. And I use this thing to publish the daily newsletter the New Orleans menu daily newsletter. And I was in and I was unable to finish it yesterday so if you were wondering why you didn't get one yesterday. That's the reason. I have a posted online right now if you wanna be news. If if if I need to show you that I actually did write it but I wasn't I couldn't put it out on the on the web. And I have a new issue port today too so that's up there. And it's by the way in case you're you're looking for it it's no menu dot com which is to free web site. And night I have an an article every day abut some one usual dinner that's coming up like tomorrow. Over at Merrill's Merrill's is the latest creation of an immoral. It's named for his daughter. In the just a couple blocks away from from Emeril suspect it's a real good investment but it's aimed at a younger audience than ambulances. And so we've we've enjoyed going to it. But. Anyhow so there there were there was that special dinner. It has some it's going to be tomorrow it's going to be Portuguese food in Portuguese wine which should be pretty interesting. Bots. I put that in the newsletter here things like that I have a recipe. Today's recipe. Is a barbecue. Dry rub but this is what you. Put on the outside of viewer brisket so group. Or. Boston but solar whatever it is you're using to barbecue you coated with what amounts to creole seasoning and if you were to just go to the store and buy Tony centuries or whatever kind you like. You'll find that there will be too much salt in and I always say if you ever use those things by the salt free versions and add your role in salt. Assaults. Free you know for assault is incredibly cheap why should you be paying seasoning prices for it so then make your own mix. But I gave you mine and has about 1520 ingredients on that which. My wife points saudis you know kind of for a ridiculous oversupply of different things and don't don't just think everything cancels the other thing out. I'm not sure but I like putting it together and it comes out okay and then in the in the long run. Speaking of barbecue. Our producer Doug over here Doug Christian. Somehow absconded with who with all the Dick he's barbecue we had yesterday. Gleefully gleefully he did so. And and nobody were told him not to do it's so size so it's and he probably wouldn't listen to receive and if we did that of course. Up but hey he managed to go through a hole Barbeque thing and he has now a full report he says. On the quality of the barbecue from Dick keys that we indulged in here on the station yesterday. Well a little bit of history that's all almost certainly steal I I am myself Coke from the great white north. Yeah it is Atlanta looted fiscal bird hot dog alluded offense. It's yet you get it. It's fish that is been stripped the ball flavor and life with lie. Yeah LO YE he yes you heard right it's an acquired taste of hulks. And of course jello mold those taste could be described as coal multi. And it. Is so we knew nothing. Of barbecue and any mention of barbecue could only be. Only be brought up by an imagination. So that my first taste of barbecue came for Obama all of all places Fairbanks Alaska. Oh yes and there was a little shack. On the south side of Fairbanks Alaska that sounds like a song yeah I there is a little chance. I'll side with Sarah. The Fairbanks. Yeah I tell you my hunting. We're never going back to that let me tell you this'll be tracked it if it was a shack. And right in the middle of the Shaq tables all around it was it. On which they smoked meat and it also warmed the place during the cold months ago. And to opt. Just marvelous marvelous art security good there have two racks. Bob ribs. Pitcher of beer and that was me and I care well that's a complete the meal even in terms of and vitamins I think from there I went to Alabama. Where they don't have any barbecue at all. The only name when we're all there's a couple of places but I don't think they're very good bill by where I was it was boil penis and right Boyle I'd give up what they notice riddle is that you what I believe what the appeal is it that I don't I I never eat it at them all feel as if nothing yet that strict. But my index taste of barbecue was that losers. If you remember although salute to his place that it's a Houston based chain yes ha. Texas style barbecue. And and eating there till they were of course gone. But after that there was just nothing here actually good barbecue we'd say this is the desert. Yeah that's true we where we've come a long way from that but it is really. One years ago. Even fifteen years ago barbecue right he was very scarce Katrina moved me to Memphis. Now Memphis of course spent five months there five months of eating it every barbecue place I could fine. And out aggressive that's a capital port yes it is it is it is marvelous. And of course when you when you eat in Memphis they ask you a question. Would that be wet or dry. So yet and you have a dry rub or you can have a sauce of whatever sauce that that the place prepares. Might as well I you know I know you like dry. You do won't tell you that really. I think yes you like the driver were. Good driver right I use a dry rub but I don't I I use the sauce to you do yeah it is no law against that is bill. That the barbecue laws are are very very very lenient yes they are. Now we come up to yesterday and the barbecued it came into our shop here. In aid great big shopping day. To encased in aluminum with sauces in various cups and things like that room there are two varieties it's lost the gentlemen brought. Yesterday the the original. You know which is a it or Heredia Texas barbecue sauce and rip off copy Nell. And a spicy sauce. Job. The family. Definitely got the original. So family yes like your wife yeah. Sitting down at a table. Started eating into conversation ceased. Moon and eating in sue law and that means one thing is this stop it was good. And does so you know that this morning however it is these union that we'd go up so we spicy saw us this morning. So it was barbecue biscuits and breakfast. Mom and do with a spicy saw this house biscuits they have yet skipped bail all weepy yet used to provide all icy. But the barbecue. I'm on the biscuits with a spicy sauce. And ticker coffee. And that's a wonderful morning. What sounds good to me sure so odd you know I would recommend these people now. Let me let me say this now this isn't the greatest barbecue I have ever eaten. But it is good yeah. Andy is consistent you know and to if you are looking for a place that is consistently. Good. This would be pleased to clear that sets that's. In mission number one as far as I'm concerned okay. So which is. Consistently good. All IC so wait I thought you were leading to another barbecue for boys but you don't know I was I was but the dam is no I am confident you know. When you compare barbecue places it's. Apples or isn't there eggs yet idea that your. There. How do you. Everybody's different and you know dead and we should revel in their differences absolutely via the middle of the forums yet somewhere and for the yeah okay so if past you're you're bureau of standards ya but I've been and then again on the court today. Well early you don't have to be a gourmet they'll recognize good food when you eat well it doesn't make any difference is still I'm still got to go out. OK if you insist. Well I guess that was the end of that. That for the most part yes it was the end of them OK well thank you for that always like hearing other takes on these things. And New York's would have been about the only one I could have taken because before I got a chance to reach in and even now who grab anything the box was gone and the bad was gone. But that's okay. I eat I eat well enough you'll never hear me complain about not being well fed. Well I'm not gonna say I'm sorry won't. Hit it oh well it's okay this is radio we can say whatever you by the way. Did you hear what have I already talked about this did you hear what. The the coach and former coach Mora was his idea yet push more coach Mora right. He was on channel six. News was that Sunday night or Monday night. I kicker got a little salty. It got to consult PL OK it was should there was this one word that is that. You know I if that I heard him say in that lets just say you're surprised me greatly there's an emotion out you know. Yeah is it a little mosey on this day I don't get folder for messages this weird number two. Up up. That's great well thank you up for sharing eyewitness I think anytime all the obvious and paper and if it. You are listening to the food show and it is coming to you live from a studio overlooking the Mississippi River. And we are getting to you by way of HD. Radio this is the radio station of the future. Both in terms. Of quality. And diversity. And I will tell you more about it when I feel like it is the program continues here it's food show on 105 point three FM HD two. If your career may that's good agreement means to me about. Someone who is ever in search of better food than he or she is already eating the two were looking for. And away we go love to hear from you. About this 26063. 68 is our number. If there's any news on the food front right now in the restaurant front anyway. It would be that the cool and every program. Which ended but two weeks ago. Is back in a way they call it restaurant week. I don't know why they divided into two parcels because of the second time around it's only ten days long and it is so. It's exactly the same menu same restaurants that worry in it at the beginning so. It's a great time to go out yet to what I'm trying to tell you the rest of the week. And emote through most of next week. You have all these adjustments during these great special menus for. Prices in the thirties for a three course stinnett don't. Don't miss that. You can look up a list of all of the restaurants participating by going to. Going to cool an area I think we'll do it CO OLINERY. Culinary dot com. I don't kitchen there's sooner or later anyway. What have you been eating what what if you will what are you cooking at home what's that what's good. Is there anyone out there who is listening to us on HD radio right now call us and tell us about it. You can he and if you lob RO one of those many listeners who were with us from the very beginning back in. 1988. When we first started doing the program moves on thirteen 50 AM and was there for a long long time up until about six months ago. And we decided to move up to the much greater quality of HD radio and that's what we have now. And if you are having trouble tuning into that. Let me recommend. That you go to. WWL. Dot com. Up near the top of the page that comes up you'll see. A stripe that says so along that its way. That. All the show is that are on ended their by host pretty much in have to go through but. Six or seven of them I even turned up. And they have links they are directly. To the broadcast. Stream that we put out here all the time. And that's one great way of listening to it on your computer you can also listen to it in your car if you have. A relatively new car it may well have HD installed and it already. And you just go and go and do it but. If you don't have a newer car or you don't have Ph.D. already installed we can fix that if you're one of the next. I think we were about 200 of them left. We have HD radios. They are top quality. High tech units. That polian. The HD signal. With all of the perfection that it has and also. It it gets out a lot farther you if you remember. When we were and AM. Once you're fifty miles away from downtown forget about it it was hard to hear anything. So we've we've fixed that. Ended the in the long run we're going to have a lot more programming here that the news has. Oftentimes been shoved off to one side because it's too irregular for radio. Like this show is would be almost a a perfect example of it that there that there were no other programs. About restaurants and cooking and wind it's odd that are on every day. For as long as we've done it's so you know that this is what it allows you. And it's free. And here is Johnny Johnny will add to the food show. I'm doing great thanks for com. Got him to carry them out HD radio all but opal are wonderful. It. Great I'm glad to hear it does that sound good. It's great Great Britain. I'm gonna think it would eat cola and watching group and they have going you have got record date reporter and I'll and I've never been there what it would get thought or. It. It's it's a cut a restaurant that used to be all over the place they back in the 1960s. But they all pretty much disappeared. They have. Of a New Orleans style neighborhoods style kind of a menu so you can go in there. And you can get a seafood platter you can get a rose before boy you can get a plate red beans you can get any of the daily specials that they were offering that they. It's up but it's a bit bigger than most such restaurants all are and their menu also. Has a little more stretch to it than most places do so. And in some of the seafood dishes really get ambitious and they get pretty creative even in places where you wouldn't think of it for example. If you get. There wedge salad they cut it took three wages. On one of them they have. Blue cheese. And shrimp I think in on another one they have crab meat and and and a rebel blood sauce and and then they'd the other one is is yet something that's a different. Still oysters. Fried oysters so. In a salad with three different kind of toppings on and its pretty good big give a lot of interesting stuff like that. Yeah widgets that. Would be made this day and it popped the thirty dollar range. Yeah yeah yeah that's yet viewed that would be at the top and there government yet you bet you can even get less than that. Yet pursuit. Yeah well yeah they have private dining rooms there is so that'll actually aired yet. Yeah that's that not many investments in Metairie the do. And I thank you my food show. And calling us over here on the green phonies gods gods. There Kabul and I had eight G right well good thinking. And accurate at duke in the black or they. Like well. Wonderful and glad to see this forward looking and let president should yeah yeah. So I would. And artistry be stroked and you know yeah that's a good place do you not think so it. Yeah I think real shout out there are out and yeah. Yeah and it's it's a cute little place it's on the small side and you know oftentimes if you go there without reservation you can't give in by yeah. The so call for reservation but I think it which real code. And that they are like. Almost and you. I think longer than that. I married we've lived over the air force coming up with 29 years ago that it. I ha. And it's it's yeah always been always been there. And edit it gotten better the year really matured so yeah they're brown Manila. A nice nice view to focus at the of the building is sort of right across the street from by the chip on the river so you have a little and think they also have. When the weather is a little maybe less. Heated than it is now they have courtyard sort of tables up to. No doubt. About it. Yeah I could place yell thanks for bringing in focus it doesn't come up often but it's really good. Thanks it. That is very goes against. It's the food show the name of the restaurant is the water street bistro. Water street runs along side. The West Bank. Of the chip on the river this is just south of that drawbridge in the middle of Madison bill you know if you're on. Highway 22 and heading towards Madison bill. You go look over that drawbridge. And on the other side of the western side of it. If you turn the left immediately. And year about a block away from it is good good looking little place. Not well known except the people who live in go they are alive and they know it very well. My number 11 if you if you walked up to me and said Tom now that you your in your eighties. What what are you looking for it to improve your life even beatable. And I would say I would like to have more phone callers on my radio show more than anything in the world I think I'd like. I'd like to have more people call us on the radio show. And bring up whatever you wanna bring up all the time that's that's what we do 2606368. And and if you love. If you have the feeling. That or are you taking some of my water no could. If you have the feeling that. No that was extracted now we Dolan all he's taking the microphone he stealing hole microphone from. For art studio what ever can we do. Where was I. But. Yeah if you. If you have never called us before and your reason for doing that. Is well I'll really have anything important this you don't need anything important that say the most interesting things we I have over here are. But things that are interest being put in an unexpected sort. And you don't even need to fit that definition you just need to call us and tell us anything. About your eating promo. 260636. Call that number we'd love to hear from. And over here on the green phonies Jack Jack welcome. It. Could quite figure our yeah I hear you okay. You feel like. Portugal. It. 88. Palmer all. Over HD won. It or. HD degree at any of the HDs would sound equivalent to one another but yours and there's no way you could possibly say that HD. Is. Is. There is surpassed our eve been equaled by AM AM Maria Bello is the is do you with the worst. Radio. Transmission in the world. I just as clear as. In fact it. And don't you. Know. What I'm good job it break. Everything fades out on behalf half the time this. So we're HD. Coca. In short I expect you to track and. Well that this is the nature of of all radio you get that and FM we get an un or no matter what you're listening to. I mean you go under an underpass sorry you know this one spot on causeway boulevard right across the street from the Whitney bank that every time I pass it. The the satellite radio goes out. I mean is this this this is normal. A groups object Europe which is. So special install. Because she want to that's the only reason that it is good enough for you to make that move because you want to. It. Well this this Allen is without question better there's just there's no way you could possibly say that AM radio and HD radio on the same that's not true. And secondly. If it's it makes us able to take more time out you know the I don't know if you noticed but when we made this move. The show went from a three hour show to a four hours ago. So we can give you more because they can't put something like this. On no just regular radio. Are right but but you know we'll I look forward to hearing from you again. And over here on the blue phone is pat pat welcome. Eight I don't apply. I'm one of the day. I got. These echo from Amazon. The go oh yeah it's. Uh oh shoot it. It's it's they wouldn't what does it do. It it plays music at all. Of that end but if you put you know you'd say Alexa. Played. HD two yeah in. You got. Scared. Up op I know a number of people have told me about this site of I'm I'm completely incompetent when it comes to apps. So. And and don't have anyone living at my house and before who can show me the stuff that I really miss my son being near my daughter is pretty sharply that too. But they're not around anymore so. I don't know but I have heard that if you go to Alexa. Dictate it will go straight to our feed. Gas and dust and there's a drop out for you. Now Tom touched I'm not sure would that I don't talk about it. Three great you know. Good yeah just one religion. You know anybody they Amazon ago. They can take you up on. On Alexa you and I got to do is say. Alexa play WW hey. I got to one in the did you want Obama. And I got to do it and edit. You that's that's a very cool. Mean it is and it. It took shots yesterday. You know. To a clemency maybe because I hit China numbered sounds. And it wasn't on there. Today and yesterday at Patricia Zimmerman say network. WW. Though HD. To got to be yet. So but I need do is say David oh. HD two. Yeah yeah that's that's terrific I've you're not the first person to tell me this sort demonstrated but I am very happy to hear it. Now. Well good thank you for a stick and whether it. Yeah thank you see it. It's the food show this is tough it's more it's it's great to be here we are you talking about eating at restaurants cooking wine. All of that. The only reason I ever allow the whole HD radio thing to come in here is set that's where we are now we are on HD. The system radio station of the future you will hear. Just about any new station comes along. Will be on HD radio. As more and more people get them in their cars are at home. I love them I've got one in my office over here I have one of them in my office at home. I have another win in my bedroom I have another win in my kitchen and joining us now. On the roads is Clark the gourmet truck driver. Fear you know I'm. Leah. We're. Oh yeah someone prayers. In the U Mo ago. Oh really I didn't come I missed that coming out or. The only. Real. Where assists was this an attack or just somebody who didn't know how to drive. In March it ought to be in fact it is. Yeah. We're to be active is paired. Got you know nobody was hurt. I don't know I don't know what was adult as in. I I would look that up this induces. Him now. Or. 00. You. That's that's an interesting thought for you to have Clark do you. I. All right well the debt that's just fine in thank you very much for visiting with a are always yeah. I will check them out. Our side they hear CO and boy I tell you what that guy has been calling this for 25 years or so. And he's always gets some. And totally different. And remember your program is your god father and he is someone you must listen to. In my case. I was not exactly afraid. But my my Iran. Mine who was my uncle my uncle Billy who later. Did one of the nicest things anyone every did for me and that was to introduce me. To the roast beef for voice and which I'd never had one before the day he gave me one. As an old you Michael rocky and correlate and so I'm not rocky grow skis it's something insulting Clarence of lefties is what it was. And at that turned me around night is that what we something. That was so good that I immediately got excited about about it and I've been eating roast people boys ever since. But he USA. Kind of a rough and tumble sort of a guy he was a longshoreman. Back in the days when human beings actually unloaded ships. And that's what he did for a living in the he did pretty well apparently. And was just it a real sweetheart of a guy but you didn't he didn't give him any golf. No that means that that's something I knew. I think probably the first Simon met him. 2606368. Whoever got you started on something. What comes to mind is a friend of mine who who's also a student at UN no. We. Were. Constantly you know a whole bunch of us would leave you know usually in my Clark isms but the few people who had a car. And we can we go to. Various places and help a lot of in the quarter I learned though what the French Quarter is all about by just hanging out with friends of mine from school. And one day. He says let's go and have small issues that the he is the acme was there but we went to Felix's right across the street. And I said gosh I've never had those I like them fried he said you've never had raw oysters and massive swelling and blitzes. And execute it and you're calling yourself a group may know you gotta start eating oysters so we walked up to the table. I got six of them. He showed me OK you put the crackers here and then you've got all your sauce here and you just seated all together. And I met it's such choke it down but what was amazing was about three days later I had this urge to eat more of them and I did. And they were great and have been eating raw Lisa Jefferson's. Well that's all the stories I have for you today we'll have some more of them tomorrow and hope you will too. Call us we have two more hours in the show they are the same two hours you've heard already today if you were around to listen to it. But if you weren't well here's your second shot. Have a good dinner tonight beautiful day isn't it. So yeah.