The Food Show 6-20-18 4pm

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, June 20th
More fried chicken reports.

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Stephen is here welcome to the food show that was quick. You know what are. (%expletive) didn't market is really choked or is Jacob a lively debate bill. At least six. Stores. An average lately and you. Asked last year's. You can malls and Allen opened doors. Tree in memory. And let me. There drive up window. Doubled. Udoh are. Normally. Urged and hours. In line at the. Blushed were useful. So you are college ball so what are. What are you do you like him. Well why do you are and there are chicken. Cool beer you know. I would say. My in my opinion you're two hour it is that a regular. All purpose flour that most everybody else she's. Only only certain. Who could. A certain uses when it. You. Know some people use this. They old. Yeah that's that's what you can use to make biscuits with and instead of only need instead of needing three. Ingredients to make biscuits you know only need two. And why anybody will spend money for something like there. Well anyway I can ancient flowers that you use is like good or equal. You know so it's a lot lighter. There and regular. Us Greece everybody. I tend to treat or at all. Jack very horrible as our guest from the last hour said. All right well thanks for all that. Nice hearing from you it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris let me say hello here's just the second Sydney you there. Sydney. I want. Greatly can ever ever can unite Kennedy can put you on hold for us all okay well I've just been giving you the cleared ago was. Go ahead. Go hero. I want to do horrible war the new version of Dunbar. Fairly reform of the million that are here on their yards. It apparently both play in person driving for has been doing that took control of parliament this sort of political on our powers should go home. On the congress Howard wrote more. Fumble but it's like. Troopers are there on parliament. Order our Ford's character on the it was close street but it. And what is the what is the restaurant that brought this to your mind. All of a vote of that you would probably should have been in Dunbar the Dunbar and our subs to remember which one you would talk about. Quote. I think they're very Google. You record on four are you go along with but what the vote. Also going to see where you're in the court it was still want to put aside. Well look I'm Bernard raiders but rather in the relative or. But I've heard and represented reduced to a board reject it was well done well on to note. In a great. Well that's good I'm always like both of those places and and I like Dunbar is mainly because the red beans that she made. Where exactly the same asthma the ones my mother made. I mean it really had I remember going there once in taking one bite and saying this is my mother's recipe. And on. Because before Prague Peoria or are but at Cleary then there are a lot of weapons. Version yet they've made it. Truck chicken to forward to seventy and I can't. It would hurt her but it took ten minutes sort of being that you do so. A little that's the way it should be I think. Well thanks for the report and I but I appreciated.