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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, June 20th
We are visited by Chef Carl with his famous "Lip Lickin' Fried Chicken".  He holds forth Mondays at the Roosevelt Hotel with his fried chicken with red beans.

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That this is the drumstick voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time for the food show every afternoon. We sit down here in our studio and Luis gaze out over there over. The Mississippi River in seize ships coming in and leaving. And having lunch in men may be having another luncheon and thinking about how good that first one was and why don't we have them more often than. Anyway what we do over here on this program as we talk about the foods seen in our town. I think and I put it on the all of my books and everything else that I do this phrase the best. Food in America I think we are I think the food we eat here in New Orleans is the best. Food. Eaten anywhere in this country what do you think Carl. These wonderful piece of food at least via. I'll look at understands. Rice food that we do they. We put we put time in a foot into the food at least you know. You have been over at the Roosevelt hotel for a long time under two different names if I remember right correct. Roosevelt and the Thelma. Yeah I don't know tail him. Both of those who first class operations. Was there in my foot so you know I yeah I got to be pretty good friends with a lot of the people who work over there especially the shaft side notes see we have a couple of months appear in this. On this poster. Here there is. With his. Top. Oh giant lukoil now bitch you. I've heard of him level where it would all you know Clinton. Shifts have basically it would mess it's the up you know rose business technical details. Now infamy. Seen televisions now have what am acutely and you know what what do what is your position with the with the rest and anyway our commitment with kitchen. Well that takes up a lot of time a case of a lot of time on Al but it is the maybe two or three people to the new basics so people. No cannon. 700 people we've done a banquet for 700 people that we normally am really is this this is so full. I think it's just that one please mail all I am I hope you have to they've never had this year. Of breathless and dinner. They announced it on steaks and chicken. Anything good and this is those two to three people two maybe you know some people and a do adamantly. People did you Wear Muslim. Project and I ticket that's. How I just took a shot at it as we have on our county here a large. Pan of your fried chicken which died during bike before were in on the arrived was able to jump down a couple of them. And homemade biscuits do correct the whole thing and I don't think as we didn't and rabies today all well it means so. Boy Monday yeah well yeah who doesn't. I mean I babies if I singled again they certainly do much I remember I you know the first time ever ran into that. It was in I just looked a little neighborhood restaurant a long time ago and that they. They served up that the fried chicken yeah half a chicken. And it came out with a pretty good pile of red beans and I said you know I've loved both of these things my whole life but it never heard it put them putting the two together and I. Haven't stopped beating incidents Nagle yeah they really do go Britney isn't as if it's you know and a Yule have been. Working in what what so what is the place where you most of your food turns up. And you'd see you've got some big banquet rooms but. Do you ever get into the in the restaurant side at all. Where residents. Is to. Attack and and Visalia and quit this. Yeah we you know what's gonna happen you kinda yeah you can focus on what you and then you can look at him penalties but when you recommend a mess like this it is. Beyond what to tell you the truth I don't know how anybody in the restaurant business can ever keep his sanity longer than a couple of weeks obviously witchy woman you did if there is nothing about that business that is easy. I love the course is that a word monopoly as Molitor and aluminum. Polarism flawed. And often as anatomy. Where you are pretty young man you've been at this so it's hard for me to believe that you've been around there as long as that's forty years the boy is Leah. You don't look forty its nature of my goodness and his handful of days. Now face he brought it. I am I couldn't before is his commitment to unify all know that that's that's close enough. Yeah you know on us or connect the rules of and as. The pouch. Man I is to help the cooks do immediately got busy because they shelves today in. So it is you know it's up. To mean to cook because not blow it on the would don't quote already so available. That was essar idea. That I'll say because that a lot of stories have been told that are basically that same story you just told. I'll talk to how long can he come out to be quote. That's right that's what you gotta start somewhere as a lot of these guys these are off by you know washing dishes and I mean it is absolutely and do. They don't remember chef Michael over a Brennan's that's was certainly his story and he knows he wound up being a chef for fifty years has it and and lots of other guys. Who have done that over the years and it's you know we're would we be without him. OK I'm all right what's your secret recipe tell me the whole thing. It'll look at he honestly look on Karl space race and well I mean as justice it's the same thing and a yeah it is now I'm on on the radio. Show you. And Adam kitchen. The basic thing is my good chicken is now and mean before. Yeah and got it up Leno clip all year that this is an autism that is not act is laws. The UC that a lot in front of trying like catfish and stuff to worry if it's if it's starting to get brown and dark. If your management times and move on and have had been told that many many times now a lot of chefs is that this is such a sudden you've got to do. Well I'm glad that's being done the right way it is is a problem and a oh and I got work to. You also chicken is agrees if a company owns Ngo and this. Because is this a necessary thing and do well this isn't a there's something who is being asked to say something is. Rona. On one point I never mind. You're the PR lady with the hotel like I'd I'd have leverage and snake every single Monday in the found and others not to be dedicated to mr. and. Well I'm glad. You said that because so my next thing I was gonna ask is exactly what is it does that you've you're doing over there that's something kinda new lately right. Yes and you know it. It is 125 birthday of the guns out of the properties so this year a 120 yeah and then lose lose. And I you know this year we really want it to. Celebrate the locals you know we get visitors all the time but you know we made the whole week. Mondays are. Carl's fried chicken Monday Tuesday Thursday is happy hour for our locals and visitors 5% and you rarely get happy Aaron that. I'm Melissa and cities are pretty. That you can't she just said something that triggered a thought in my mind but it that it flew away I mean I hate when that happens. But. This is. I know you've you change the menu pretty much and they've been talking about it. For about the last year so I mean is that the the men who or I am assuming their men I have no idea but they. But some of those some of the changes in the menu in. And that sort of thing have. Have been paying attention to you know have been coming out. Yes and this and this artist and you'll see us roll out. And you lunch menu and you dinner menu and the coming months. Witnesses of property we're talking about is if you coming in from the Barone street's side of the hotel. Of the Roosevelt everybody knows with a hotel itself is. It come in from that were on. But I just said to Maine and not humane. On one Burroughs street yeah. When you come and you go up some of those low short steps that they have there and then there is what it has been called the sensor rec room. Or variations on that then they stop calling it that they made it to the the fountains again. And then it became this as a wreck again who are we going back a bunch of years eyes I'll warn you. And I mean. I've. I've been around watches and so I I've seen this but. But it. I started hearing rumors to the effect that they were really gonna do something different at the dinner hour. If you say you know you're doing lunch in their already right yes yes. In in. What are William Cohen anyway this as a wreck or the ago when this is aimed at the foul line and it found that. Yeah yeah and yet this apartment there it was approved for a long time there was some restaurant called that's it that same thing. I area yet I you know I go back a little too far from my own game a good I mean I remember. I remember all of these all these times in that Tommy and Roddy have you met him yet. They do you know about him. I'm. Tommy on Friday was I'm sure you know by Tommy and driving I know you don't. Mine he weighs he's been a pretty much managed the what is now the fountain lounge four years and years and he he he sold his restaurant not too long ago by the year ago. And but he still working there it's the strange thing you sold the restroom but he still works. But anyway he was the class used. Most of the game involve the shelf. What he was on the ship they. Waiter in and metre deep I've I've ever seen the front of the house. And he was he was just terrific but he's been gone a while so pardon me for bringing it up and I can't think of going to that building without thinking about him because he he was such collapse connect you know colossal. Guys up front. But. We were there last week some friends of ours my wife and I. And they had a guy playing music in the bought I guess it was the new restaurant actually because we ate we ate a pretty boldly match. And this singer was really we thought very good. It that is named Tony name and I think. Oh well I I get a chance yet. But you know it's sometimes people say would you please maybe change your mind about ways to tell it to the griddle now. Tony what's his last name. It's an idea at the ID. I'd be okay. Anyway. What they put out on the stage there it was who was really great that we we stayed for a long time had sped around cocktails. There was a guy over by the cocktail bar who was basically making up things where you'd try which I thought was uninteresting. Ways I don't know none of them we create is that I cocktails. Every learnt that it is it's Thursday and partner that he is spot. Yeah so we can go to the station take off for its that you lines and some for his varies his numbers oranges. And then he also inspired seamen you're making your and drink with the help of the art and so. You picture of fruits and herbs and you get into the arts and hair and they make inquiries as a vodka bay street and then topped it took Chico and. And now I got the impression that this and how could it be that this doesn't seem like something that would go on for a long time. It's just like one shot. Or is it now or you gonna do it and Ohno on game no kidding well that's great news five now is far that's. And I can't beat them on the menu on us at street. Yes that's an appetizer. We were picking away at the appetizers. We did some serious damage to a while we were there but then again there was a full menu to. You we're I got some steered scalps. That we're very good. The I was with my wife and a couple friends of ours we were there we just had a great great time at that time and pass it you can count and yeah he and I did a duet. Yeah really say it loud and all but that definitely did yeah. I don't judge try to convince anybody that I know how to sing. Although you know if you give me half a chance on. Oh there you are listening to the food show 1105 point three FM HD two BH beat two HD two. Means that we are. High definition but what's your definition of high or what your definition for definition when you commit think about it. But we don't we tried don't not to stick it to the such thoughts are. Very long and very long anyway. We are much happier to be here with Karl cushion berries that makes him right correct. Karl cushion Barry he has worked over at the Roosevelt hotel. Hardly need to tell you where that is. Four. 35 years you said. Dana stand by we gotta get down to the nitty gritty as Leo all right. You are known for your catfish. Caller I'm sorry with what did I said catfish did things pardon me you are a UN known for your fried chicken. You have to try that too I guess that's yes he got mixed up in my brain. Write to me lip licking him fried chicken this would've complete line and I love. All right let down an editor limit at Wallace. You know that's when you gotta keep you get to a T sure it's right that say without my yeah that's the hot but I don't doubt it. And he. Yeah all right so you're featuring this huge toll on Monday right corrects Monday. And that you can come and how much does this cost to send it. Like a pretty good deal yes it 18983. Per purse in 1993 hats what's that three fourths that a about it. It is a year ago but rules are open only is it well that explains it. Days ago now at. Peace actually you know and three side. Oh okay. You what's what what time does it start. On. Dinner tab oh OK I had I had the impression that this was a lunch thing. Snow noises. OK nine we goes in and assist us at five to nine. 5 o'clock. And you're there the whole the whole time whole idea I'm not valid again some of them and I've done about it chicken and some ingredients that. Lillian and yet you won't give us. Any hint of what it what it is it's make it that other than that is one thing I could pick out without B and all that Smart it and it moute EU Ahmad patent. Are right here we go lay it spicy. You if the. I'm so glad I passed the test yes it did that's good. Well op. I wouldn't hazard to guess as to what is making its spicy but what ever it is it is a pretty good bit of it thank you rare and there and that's my kind of thing that I mean that's what I'm looking for. I mean you we don't live here. So we can he issue bags and right now the rhetoric. Well you see that this. This this this it would immediately. It is Tuesday mentally it is we regroup and move on just from a picture. But yeah it just over it or you like this all the time. People must love via do I recognize it listen. I can't walk through I mean you didn't Galen. And elements on that it is on the right cheek in a big it's big it's now that you feel it big in the I mean did just that exist is isn't. Well. I loved him unload him out of them man and match. I want to continue on the chicken man I'm it would boost. From that group employs. Base Matta from the forest below announced at a base it's. Just an amazing thing. Any idea I had sick and it comes out the refrigerated and mag that I don't know Ivanovic. Kept my in my mind. The only you you have brought up a question that I have taken on the air and off the air many times over the years and that is if you frying chicken at home. And he's doing it from scratch you're doing your own. Should you let it come to room temperature before you fry it or should it be cold going to end. Well and chicken is. Look at bill until. I Italy adds another streak in recent so four coast through treated him for a but it yet Thomas. You know a little while mostly good you know if you take that route for you lately idea so if you were doing it for yourself. And you you can obviously do whatever you feel like doing if you're doing it for yourself its use say it's okay to lie just have it. Maybe not ice cold but but chilled out of the refrigerator as opposed to. Just being at room temperature. And now I've known quite a few ships that are on both one side or another and they've they've very. Strong that. Well I'm via a mid and Leonardo of well as a solo let's say evolved. Inability. It was that's an individual now as they can do. Secret that I got one now it might become Aaliyah I was suggested to class and shouldn't we all. They'll actually in India France. I had chicken up all right now so therefore it into it and more than half enough but if you can take out a refrigerator handle it. Gonna send a good amount before and it makes you sort of grown via it's fine if not even in refrigerated. It is time now I've always I've always said that that's the way to do it not that I'm all that Smart but today but it's always been my picked. And I have enough. Friends among chefs. Good to know that some of the more believe this and so Momo believe that they don't agree on this subject at all I mean I've seen. There was even one by two written by the same guy wrote to cook books and in one of them he says. You do it at room temperature in the other book says that you do it that when it's warm Malone. And I guess so and it's kind of a strange deal. But. Anyway so the the fried chicken well it's just sitting there folks we have we have to get this out as always I always opposite. Well it's out the case you don't know we can just he'd tell everybody here's how we do right to say OK just. Don't take a big strong dipped just just. Just a little religious going you know is in. And they knew you got here comes the project area you know what's your favorite cut. Or piece of (%expletive) and what we call that we don't call that cut we call it a piece. A piece of. Right. You like thighs yeah because you median Jews Jews hero it is that knowledge often. People might wings because in Italy and things. About him. I agree. Chick and I don't. Honestly. I. I am I haven't seen. On the summer. Yes go right ahead at how. Now you you have. Or yacht a thigh the other you. Enjoy that from from my it depends at what angle you turn it to. And out. We're trying to decide ladies and gentlemen that case you're just joining us we're trying to figure out which is Diane which is that. Breast of chicken. It's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris and it's fun to be here would you talking about food restaurants and stuff. We have a guy here who knows all about fried chicken I mean I'm just sitting here watching him and I can I clearly can tell that day we in America it. We we're getting requests from people who are interested. In having look at this week filling our studio hook up. We're filling our studio with people who have a who heard through the grapevine no doubt that there was some off fried chicken being put out. In the food show studios. And and not only that but you you're not only have the the chicken and biscuits and all that but also. With few to add even more fun to it is Carl cushion Barry who is quite a character any of us athletes and he's. That's and he does the go fried chicken among other things over at the Roosevelt hotel. Which is where you find it we have. A wonderful rose wrote a wonderful just not the plain old but they've wonderful Roosevelt hotel. And maintenance chick. You can't now there's another when we need to write down I can do a million things with chicks. I'll bet you can't and I have no doubt yeah not for a second satellite down. Yeah. You walk on them feel like waffles. I had a I thought I chickened out. So well thank you ladies and you enjoyed. We will return with more of the food chill in a moment after first police this. I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here every day talking about the food seen around town but every now and then. We get really lucky and some people who come from the many far ones. Sites. For cooking and for eating they all converge on our studios and this is one of those days. And we have Carl cushion Barry here he brought in a large. Pile of fried chicken. Which despite the fact that it's been sitting here on my desk for about the last forty minutes. It is still holding forth with people who is coming into our studios in walking off with a piece or two. And also. Also you've got the homemade biscuits you make the biscuits yourself showed a little bit but this isn't a bit grant and at the beautiful Roosevelt. Yeah. Yeah and do you do you get involved in that at all notes. Because I'm a biscuit kind of guy. I'm not I'm I feel really strongly about though buttermilk biscuits all that is so good they Uggla yeah Ali and his. This did happen it. Yeah in hand and honey please those noses or you use this set normally what you do anyway is this them. It. I. Mean a bit I don't vote of government goes on news. It is also. Or that the coleslaw and and fried chicken goes together Micah nightly news there exactly a good to put it better myself I agreement eyes yeah well what else I'd do is yeah both right cheek and now now offense has come around us. So Bob there that wasn't nearly as bad as it's but if it. We are there's a little switch here and I bumped it and it's what did that. You'll you'll live it will it water action. I every now and then that happens I think it's this this is sitting here in the or a bad spot but yeah. And they unlucky I can still talk to you now in loses effectiveness. Than what we don't worry about that too. You know on early. And when might might kids were little. Especially my daughter. I gotta be interested in baking. And he got down to where my daughter and I we would make a batch of buttermilk biscuits every Saturday we as we've we've it is a good thing. And we made a bunch of them and she got to the point which she got regal good act. And she started doing wedding cakes and stuff she still look good baker. And she. What she did biscuits is as well as I've ever had them before they're not that have been hard to make it's only really three ingredients. Easy enough. Diallo. But I'm glad to see when cool you included that with the biscuits. Did it would be a full meal would it is yeah I agree but Ellis and is now. And if they come out each and eloquence and you don't think so. Some of them do. My daughter likes of isn't what she's in her twenties now go and speak mommy files you know. Via oh that's different we do to mechanisms. For those accused. So yeah. So it happens is the couple weeks ago it'll that. Two. It'll a couple of beautiful pricey India and it'll come one of these parties via the mountain. All right. So what there was system party you guys did about a week or two ago but with the chicken. Is that ever gonna repeat itself or who do we just have to show up on. And it's it's Monday night to do it that the chicken in the beans everything every Monday. That media party is. Well led there's there's one problem with it and that is the these are. These media people you know. Speaking as a media person myself it's and on just getting. But there it is and yeah so is there is there a different team every week got to tell you why this one of a mummy entrusted in his book I'm writing an article. And it turns out for some reason. That all around New Orleans but also in other parts of the country to. List of restaurants. Will have a special. On. State on Thursday. And if you'd you'd be surprised how common it is it's I could name you probably about a dozen places just in the war on. But out of bumped into a bunch of them also elsewhere around the country. And I keep thinking there must be something behind this they know that brings that to happen I was wondering if you guys even did it doesn't sound like. No we can't do everything. This column focus on the chicken right now hello. Once this problem in the it related. Let me focus on something else about it. Means in the pool. And in many ways doing seeking to be unhappy for. Things she. What how well what what are some of those things so what are how do you like to cook chicken other than deprive. Like broiling at that's when a mine favorite you can achieving these teams and you. About the and a and a true. We may. Yeah I mean it's when you made 68 pieces you can be created waited. Like this he. That mean to jump in myself. It's. Oh there's a contest coming. We ought to fried chicken festival this well it. It figures that there is one because as of four a festival for just like everything yes. But we don't know yet. Do we know you're a. I think it's it and actually. What ethnic China India and. In it it would be it was definitely. Pratt weren't sure we'll make me because I'm I'm no I don't know I would like to present to the judges this. Perfect chicken Issa it's. There's a fried chicken via. Maybe isn't rise and a mistake on the stick all know that something is right. Boy that must be tough. In just wanna do you put on one at a time I went around this note. The chicken is on this is this that it's all inside the chicken. This. I trick Obama. It is the ill and a why you never know where that ago. And a yeah. This is the concept but just. Does it put some of the past. Two that like eight up. On doing those things I they are used to judge a lot of he offs like that but it just this such a thing as too much food in your life. And I am I ran out there are certain things about I mean what they did this as this indictment is just but judging. Yeah I guess that's that's. Just a judge as well but the difference. Then has ever gone beyond in this this region ladies he's been the answer you write it into creativity with the chicken Amanda. On the closet that you abusive attitude here and that's in September you sensed it too much of is yet to innocent answers on the oil will be on the look out for them will luck. As the Palestinian. Yeah all right our before you go when we talk about these other days when you have specials in the evening. Since I only got a bunch of things coming up and we were the benefactors. I mean excuse. The beneficiaries. Last week when we came in there and we were eating this that is the yeah. The grilled. Scallop uses what I had we had a couple couple people having steaks we had homemade. Barbecue a stir up sorry amassing everything on all of today. We had the of the the the cocktails and all the rest of it. So in his actions and then from. 85 cent. Happy outgoing and sent a specialist the highway cocktails on. The Who. I like hole with the I would do it yourself yes. I was out you this issue and you pick our fruits he would line your album as well as errors you want. An and it's going to Phoenix. Crashed and next it he has on him and topped off at the tip which Mexicans. And. Ho ho chi Ito separate until they're cheap show. Chico is made. Soda hall you have to use I mean neither I never even heard of it before I imagine it's pretty good it is they've got to in Europe place that. Popular soda water that we use. Cutting of funding about says is you get to. See what your friends enemy you know my they're trained alma commentaries and again and act ending the last and I made was. Strawberries. Grapefruit cucumber. And Rosemary. My Hawkeyes concoctions. The I can imagine it's endless and that there's so many different things you can put into the into area a cocktail. I'm looking at something it's as three dollar part teens. And these are little little appetizer it's kind of right. Now excitement but some of them I mean caviar. Is the first item on the list. Crawfish goat cheese avocados caramelized onions muffle latter where the muffle let it come from. This is going to be image and all cats at. It is actually like a ground uncut French bread and then. These toppings on top. Yes all kinds of concoctions they can try out is your Fanny caddie are if you wanna go more traditional New Orleans rallies across. And it's only three bucks yeah yeah so what time does this start every. It's ours. At 5 o'clock. On net with what's the what's the day. 20 okay so Tuesday Wednesday and and others. Went. Home and yeah well you know in and everything. That's good. And go live music yet. If you wanna get up there and dance I think I saw some people dancing I'm not sure. I I know why wouldn't be caught dead came to America I would probably be caught dead. Well I don't get away when. So anyway so that's things going on and it to make a long story short over at the Roosevelt. One more thing and this is. Kind of a dragon kind of a subject to bring up but where does one park. It's our time yeah. No kidding me and you know we were there last week we were right outside the main entrance. And somehow we managed. It's not too not to see that it was valley parking for free. And a this is different as you lose and I. Well. Organized it's that's really good news so we are we you'll be seeing more of laws. Via is. Yeah. Well. It and it certainly does sound like he the hotel is not just sitting on its hands or anything news was a lot of fun coming down we try to move on him and the big and bright things. You know well. It sounds like you got it probably you know pretty much figured out Hillary. Good for you yeah. Well 35 years. Carl has been cooking at the Roosevelt. And happy to have you come in and do it again for thank you so into it thanks for coming on the show he's doing on Sunday and and terrorists and those we might call you next week. And it depends on how bad my show gets that then then then they call in the substitutes. Leo there's no yeah. I. Yeah that's about it. Hang on don't go anywhere our program today is sponsored by. VN. This is so a little restaurant which when you see it from the outside you will say. What could possibly fit in a restaurant of that size and what you need to do is just penetrate the building a little bit and you'll find. That they haven't just a lawfully dining room. A couple of them actually one of them he's on the edge of a little courtyard. They're bar is on the second floor and it stretches out and there's always something going on there oftentimes life music. And the food is that which you may remember if you ever went. To the flaming torch uptown it was pretty close to. Jefferson avenue and they had a fire and it went away but the lady who who owns. The restaurant has been looking forward to coming back. From not doing it for quite awhile and she is there and it is time for you to go and check out this stuff it is French oriented. A lot of foot classic French French dishes like Cokie son shock. You know that's that's one I never get tired of doing they are doing their French onion soup. They have some some nice. Bull give base there I think is is very good lamb and Rick caught that would green olives play anymore and the prices are affordable to. This is the yen and it's on a fort twelve. Jerod street right off of jump that to us and NATO open every day except I think they close forward. For lunch on Friday by notes that Friday I think that is that it may be night. All right. The first hour of our program is done with. And we will get into the second half or the second what do what do we got this third or fourth so. But then we'll have more of it and will get in the something else I hope. And it and will think about and remember this fried chicken for many years to come. Maybe. Stay tune thank you.