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And it doesn't bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump up 105 point three FM HD two on WWL dot com. And it. On the web. And on the stream. And even on a podcast all this. We can't wait long enough to we can't we just won a certain view we want you to hear our program. And no. And not to brag or anything but this is the only program of its kind in America and if you don't believe me. I can't really prove it because who knows. But by this time I think somebody would have called me and said you know you say you're the only guy who goes a long term show on food anywhere in America. But this is one place in nine Chicago. And they do it for an hour. Every Thursday. And that that's not quite exactly the same. Challenge but. If no one has ever called and said even that so why keep keep asking. In the hopes that nobody's gonna topping until until like him to do it anymore. And I don't think that's happening any time soon so. It's great to be here we are you talking about food restaurants cooking wine and anything on your mind that made you happy. In your eating. An adventurous and they can be adventure sometimes some of some of the restaurant to go to a who it to an adventure all right. Our number is 26063682606368. Call right now you'll get Reagan. And Stephen this year welcome to the food show. Hey news reports are it's ninety dollar course meal. Yes well too course it's nineteen. Nineteen idea the Rio you're right nineteen. Hundred no well nineteenth nineteen dollars and twenty cents yeah. But said it was three if I remember right you know I think that's right. What a deal. Beautiful place. Our thank you see it. The food show lets you know and it's something I want to bring up today then all bend then welcome to the food show. Thank you. You a couple of oh. Portugal call in. Europe in the club Fleming's structural. It. Are. Up. Well I urge that we did you know let there. Are no it. Some. But to be up so much above I'd go back. A couple of other. Why it up yeah serve very. Well. I've really up but that was. We got out. Where much time whatever you know and it was. What I got so. But at the but I'm not sure you know it is it is. That's what you say OK I think. Perhaps what this sub grant the couple young veterans. Insult Brad staked their stake is every bit go to better. And and it would. You know that's what would you actually stake action outside observers. Compare. What about grass. Over. Well it's interesting I haven't been the salt grass yet they're still pretty new but what I have seen or tasted. Is that most of the steak places that really have a claim to being prime beef and that they you know. It sometimes aged. And and you get there and and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't really sometimes they over cook I find this to be the biggest problem with steak houses he's facing they are over cooking everything. And at least in my taste. And so we're watching it. Very. Well. What what was the price what do you remember what exactly the price rose. Oh. You know. Well yeah you know obviously that is about normal for major steak house these days. I I could name you a few of them that errors 67. And it wit and out talk about anything weird either purchase. But it that you can get away with a lot would stakes because. People who don't know anything about food who they they go out with their friends. But they're not really into food and you have that right I mean of course if you are not dig in the expensive. Stakes why should you got to know poignant that so. But what happens. Is that that you turn around and you go to another win. And you find that it's it might be even more expensive I'm a the day there's so much flexibility. In demand for stakes. Because everybody knows where this you don't have to explain it any. And the way. Went up jar. Jar salt. What we did there and the iron out the vote. Yet. What's going to. The location. Well how was saw it all. Out in a couple of spots and actual Al. You like Shatner where everything closed well I really. Futile but what is going there. No I ate I don't know but I would like to know maybe somebody listening to this will have the answer to that. That's that's a great location that has never had anywhere near enough restaurants for the number of people that live around there. So little little guess will plateau let's put the word out all of who. And now and then it leads. And there were like four or five other names that we the year before that. Yeah on the new restaurant. Or. So in a pro shop there just way. You know I don't go. Well you're maybe it could be. It could be that the restaurant is is putting forth they've good offer. You know that that. There was that Italian restaurant on veterans. New year trans continental name whose vote Marcel march lows they still have one on Jack on Lafayette square. On downtown but they had won over there. And the owner loves another big chain. Approached the guy who owned march yellows and says it's. We would like to have this location. Two. To put in one of our concepts. And the march lows the Marcello is look at him and Sybil what's what's your way which you're going rate to what. And it and he's got a number and he said sold. And then he looked at me and he told me. The restaurant business and the real estate business have a lot in common. Group of what he said. And I don't want our job that's true. Oh well. Where. Credit is now yeah yeah I know. Are just bought. Now a close up soccer games so there you can. Well somebody somebody at some money. Under a will blow open the word out and see if anybody does appalled yup Paul is over here on the yellow phone. Or would you call that yellow kind of a greenish yeah kind of agreeing to shield. Paul. Green would think he will be his degree to eyelid I would go with the former. Yeah here yeah. So. A couple of questions in that a comment or question is what are is that right doses you guys are talking about that you're shut down old chuck answer. Well it was it was a story that I remembers being in national canal Hillary for awhile because I used to do some consulting work for him. And then at ways then it became one of the AMP spin offs. For awhile I can't remember the name of it and then it then there were the Rouse is people. Today they wanted to get the location just so they can expanded and in to a bigger. Supermarket which it was for quite a long time they also had though before that they had its couple pet stores in there. And and you know a bunch other things who is of between the transcontinental and green acres. OK. Go out and figure out where. That couldn't police. So. The the opportunity to go to swords this wicket all Nokia. And you already did or Euro about it I did it I was. It was once all issue is. One of the orders. We order some lamb chops. And basically came out wrong. Sent them back in the came out wrong and you know vote that you vote on the gotten. Right the third time about is finished eating. They made them for. They decide on the bill regards that and we appreciated. The media. All of you and I guess this it is an issue. Neared beauty your heart and probably see. The only police face in it. You know we under. Dressed like we're going to eat and you. I know where you go on. To get there. One table as a group. You know and yeah. Where they suit in a teacher. A unbelievable. Well. IOE. And so could today. Appreciate the fact that you have chosen to. Wear it and it. And now but it would think twice about. Yeah now an and what that nobody can do anything about it the rest on can't do anything about that you really can't do anything about it and any time. One customer starts banging up on a different customer you are asking for a all kinds of trouble that you she really should forget about but it. Bellamy at a restaurant and impose addressed it. Now they can't dwell they they could but the kind of person who would need to dress code to begin with. Is probably so far gone in terms of how he or she is is dressed. That the UAE and go you know the I guess you throw a mild or something but and then. All kinds of other things happen so. It's it's a very difficult thing needed to do I'm glad it's another reason I'm glad I'm not in the restaurant business. Well I wish there or go away by it you he that you. You can you know turn I don't. A way I remember years ago. We were at commander's palace where a couples from out of ten don't. And he showed without. Without a jacket yeah and somebody. Delicately Campbell which serve. Perhaps you might be more comfortable with this jacket on and it and basically told him where it. Yeah and I thought that was very broke. That is. That is something I remembered not all that long ago and it was some. Where was that. And those one it was a it was a major O commander's palace I've seen people Wear and all kinds of jeans and all and baseball caps and all that stuff that really. But the but the problem is there were only two restaurants in the whole city that even claimed to have a rent a dress code. You know that they it's just it's it's too late the the millennial generation has won this one. And they'll probably keep women from winning it for a long time. I hate it believe me I hated. It. Market send a message to address structural era there we just. And in you know no audio or whatever just will they didn't soups no flip flops whatever. By. If you're in the business. You would not be able to do that as swiftly as you make it sound to it. You know I've seen him in a different rumors something. What do you know about being a great way to do it in the I remember a time when aren't we used to do that. And I'm talking about the old are no is not the one that's wrote ruling the roost now. But they had a special dining room and if you Warren dressed up they would send you back there in fact. They also had this deal where on Saturday night's. Ford gentlemen you have to Wear a tuxedo. This was exhumed this was the dress code. At at our nose at a time when you might have mistaken it for. Oh her cure autism let's say some unsavory looking old old old restaurants. Hmm I don't know where that takes its but. I don't think you and I gonna solve it today it's it's. And well that's nothing new for what that's worth. Well listen thank you very much for the call and I I'm I couldn't agree was more a totally totally capsules. All right it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris. Norman welcome to the food show. It's a pretty good today actually. Got. It back up you. Years ago developers gave it. The thought about contention. Later burst out and out. Spiritual body. Each year. That it was Cuba IQ. As well can you. It's. Just. What I believe you. That's why it's so funny. Now. I'll. B I'll wait at college. Or what positioned well. Sure I'll outside. The door that dark. Fish. 00. Elbow or in or out caught. I'll wait a bench. Yes they do debate debate well I don't here at the actual. True potential scenario what. Fish Jack. Or. So. Or so ago we want to get fish. Yeah acute we're. It actually I have struck short we're gonna fit. You thought that. Everybody. What. It. Such huge. Traders and you and the Euro. Mario. Well noted we will send out the report to Washington and let you know while when we've got to figure out. I don't thank you very much it's the food show and tell that porous. Mike is joining us over here on the blue phone might get an answer I'm doing fine come in and. They went and where did I re moved to. I haven't checked on this myself but that what I understand is that it was in the 1000 block of BN's bill I think that's right. But I would die we checked that out again. That's a that would be right off of a royal and con time around there somewhere. It's it's it's not in an off beat location I know that because I've walked in front of it about five times already in. I was trying to impact need the other day thing was boarded up. So entity. And move. It was largely alike and yours while they're there if food was wonderful to. He walked by no water little. Yeah edge she was she is just a terrific person I always did do wonderful food. And and I have a soft spot for that building that is the old what place used to be and because my father. Was the bookkeeper for a paper company that was right on that spot and so. Whenever my dad had a go big go. Birthday coming up we always celebrated there. If we're now what do later. As a side note I was walking in the stroke Felix's in and it got to play to red beans and I haven't beaten all over the city but there are these. Unit as they do a good job. Felix's has always been good I think I mean every part of it I'm a big fan of Felix's. Well you know you walk by. That's only on what the review and forty people line go. And act need to get role in the Wall Street you can get. You're going to play they'll go what is the power of the Food Network or at. Can well I've been that have been eating night raw oysters from. From their for a long long time that's a great traditions. Tale of your favorite subject of HD radio yeah I like travel and that's the podcast. And so I'm sure there agent is great. Collect lending may may. Two HD. Running down on the part. Sort of become a little bit. This recently dug in jail to radio com so you got go to zone difference there Rick morrow used to be. Just go to to the don't need to real. And find your wife and facing critical. Race ago. But that was that's one. That did not. They're not improved. Every aspect. But that the part yet none of these. The quick on used to be. But well I I heard that before but I last NC now appears Wednesday. And you know whether you quote there will blow. Artist of mine on my computer and I you'd get used to be able you know be used to do this to go to. The. It Avery yeah well listen thank you for all that amnesty around. 2606368. But need we do know how are we done at all. Well congratulations to us and if it thank you very much Doug it was a an amazing. Show today think. No yes works army buckets at the period well I'm glad you're enthusiastic about it anyhow we will be back with a another edition of the food show tomorrow. Or you can just continue listening to this frequency. And we're gonna play everything we just played with in the last two hours again in case you're busy doing something else at that time. And have a good dinner tonight and will blow all bring it together and Le Figaro what kind of other sort of eating trouble we can get ourselves into. And I am not going to be the one as much as I dislike. Restaurants not having dress codes united forcing them. You'll never see me. Tell somebody at one table that he can't do anything. I think that's in the constitution isn't it. I think it's I think slow it ought to be maybe. Well enjoy yourself have a good dinner tonight. When a five point three FM HD two Kennard New Orleans. Good night.