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Tom complains.

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This is the tree line to voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris then it's time for the food show. Every afternoon we east weekend and we talk about food for four hours on our program here. It is unique in America near aside he been able to tell I always. Throw that out yet view and that if you know of a radio showed that about food that has been around as long as this one has. Tell me about it yet you don't wanna stand up to. Our number is 2600. By the way are we back on our our regular number we we're not. Unknown funny number again this today are we dug. Well now everything is fine 260. 6368. Hope had a good weekend. A lot going on this a lot going on this coming weekend the New Orleans wine and food experience it's going. And in the Greek festival gets going. And it's you know one thing after another and so there we are in the middle of summer Honda that gets here. Or number is 2606368. Let's see what are we gonna talk about today. I made a bunch of lists of ball that and then lifted in my car brilliant. That's the kind of the material that we camera here. Let's see. One thing that came up on that caught my attention was that today. He's national speckled Trout day I'm wondering how that could be national. When it is very difficult to find speckled Trout even around here. You're in the you know in the New Orleans area where it's out in the lake it's though in the Gulf of Mexico. It's all over the place is lots and lots of speckled Trout out there in case you don't know what what we mean by this it's a a native fish it is not really trial heats belongs with a funny. Family of the fish world called. One week fish WP AK. Fish week fish. That the sound very appetizing does it but it's it's one of the great finish down here and I would say. Based on the win and I start right but this stuff 1972. Ever since then at least I don't know how it was before that. If you went out to eat in a restaurant and and there was a seafood platter involved fried seafood platter. You knew you and get oysters right choice if you knew you were gonna get fried shrimp. You knew you were gonna get the Fries. And maybe you'd start seeing some catfish in there because that came a little bit later but the news for the most part. What you were getting back then was speckled Trout or something mean they would try that the chef was trying to. Two full view is thinking that it was a speckled Trout. You very very rarely see speckled Trout in the seafood platter today it's just. Very very typical kind of expensive. But more hard to to get than anything else. But it's still a lot of a lot of people's favorites I know that whenever I'm in a restaurant. And I looked on the menu in the specials list as a point that pops out every time. That just makes my. You know my eyebrows rise. Dramatically. And a two while they have speckled Trout here in my next thing is to ask the waiter. And if he's not convincing Iowa talked through the ship than in the order in that in that order is this really speckled Trout you have here. And most of the time they tell me it it news. And most of the time it actually is although it has I have than serve some in the past. That was. Of dubious origin. On the other hand. You have for us something I saw a long time ago at commander's palace. Involving Ella Brennan. Who always. A lot of people say and I'm certainly would argue with this is really one of the great people in the history of New Orleans restaurant. Operation cheap. She. Had the whole thing figured out. Anyway. I was in the dining room at commanders one night. And there was a guy saying that the speckled Trout that they had been serve was not speckled Trout and all but it was red finish. And she and he said I can't believe that you people who spend a you know or not giving me the fish that you say on the menu. And instead you're given the red fish it's everybody knows red fish is it is good speckled Trout. I don't know who anybody is I would say that that the most people would say that but anyway. On each Ella Brennan got hurt our chef to put together on a platter. And on the platter work that the better parts of really big full weighs on speckled Trout and another big fully of red finish. And she walked up to the table with this silver tray in her hands and she tilted it down in front of the guy who it's complaining. And he said if she says. That this on this side of the plate. His rit coach and I've we've bought it today at a dollar. And one penny. Per pound. This other fish over here. Is red fish. And it is selling for two dollars and eleven cents. Now I want you to tell me why I would give you the more expensive. Fish. If I was trying to stick it to. I thought that woods. Just one of the great moments if it shed these two beautiful full lace of fish right there and and the guide to ski couldn't get past that. That was red fish that was Trout and she says I get them both in every day why should I give you one or the other. It makes perfect sense the food show. Our would you consider that insulting if you went to a restaurant and you were told that you might be embarrassed but and if they are clearly in the right to how do you feel. Where do you feel about that. Our number is 260. 63. 682606360. Which you do over the weekend it's the eBay for a lot of people. And I do that Syria had. Had a nice I had a ridiculously large breakfast it was a brunch really. At some Tina Belo. In Covington it's a little out of the way but I think it's a really great breakfast place. And they have a dish over there that I am claiming to be an idea that I had. But it's you know you gotta get ruby ego once in the and know what this dish was as in you can get it if you went there. Well most of the time anyway. And it is. And a take off. On and well I'll just explain to you the whole thing. It's it starts off with the eggs of course you have poached eggs with holidays saw us at that goes into it seems like just about all of the the special the big deal fish issues. But underneath him alongside it. There were some fresh slices of tomato. And there was some. The Italian sausage. And that was a red sauces marinara sauce that was kind of spilling out over the whole thing. And wait in my forgetting something I don't think so I think that was a whole list of everything that was on that and they were serving that isn't omelet. With all of those ingredients and recently I wonder could you do this is like and eggs Benedict sort of thing. And oh and one more thing get rid of the the AM that's on this description. And instead of him when commuted that sausage. And it had this you know spaghetti style red sauce. And runs there are ways that good it was just terrific. And it was also done especially expensive. Which really surprised because I think he could've gotten fifteen dollars and if that if not more than that. Anyway yeah I'm sure he would get that much and but Tina ballot is where I got that. I don't know what rest once might make that but a lot of restaurants and you know we auto address this issue once in awhile more than we do anyway. Most restaurants would be very happy. Two. Swap out as a fish for another Fisher fits within reason. And they would also does have a problem. In Liz in this case take out that he employed in the sausage they'll pay more if you want me to do. Then that it works you know you don't ever have to hesitate to do that unless you're in France if you're in France then forget it because in France they what you eat everything the way they shifted it period the end. And don't shoot dare bring any of those foreign ideas that our sacred French table. 260636. And two we have anybody for visiting us today the beat for once that the little mechanical tool that answers my yeah. Enters my mind. A moment cinematic callers little electronic tool that could that reminds you about six people like you know. That's in the 260636. And Tom that's Morris. And just gotten off the full and after about three hours. Of reworking. 01 pissed. Completely boring aspect of my website but the other way. It's something that has kept me from doing a whole lot of I believe and I I I could not find an apparatus. That would track who wanted to beat The Who wanted to come to that would this dinner and at that dinner what kind of club. We are who they with a six you know and all this could you wouldn't believe how much work that is and how easy it is to get it all completely backwards. And I as usual had done that some of that the most organized person in the world. But our numbers 2606368. In we would love to hear from you about anything UAE over the weekend. That might be worthy of discussion. 2606368. So it's Whitman's own you know this happened in the last night. And almost hate to Billy do hate to do this because. It's well it's not too bad. But you know if if you listened with any kind of regularity you probably know that I think that Zia is actually pretty good place to eat. But. There is something that sliding away from them they can't exactly put my finger on that but maybe if I told you the anecdote you would like it. Or are you would save my goodness a could be let that happen. Last night Sunday night. I had not. A fixed in stone kind of thing but I had become custom. To going over there for a light supper which began with a tomato basal super. And and they that it would get their house salad which has a lot of and usually ingredients in and also has some cheese in which I asked him to remove please. And they do in that it works that out. And let's see what goes in into all of that. And Lou. Let's see there was one other one of the things that that was part of it but anyhow. Now all ol' yeah via the they have these specialty. Asian style oysters there. Local oysters but the Coca with a kind of an Asian tilt to it. And this is one of the most delicious things they make over there of these usually hold onto it and they don't serve and except during lent. I don't know why this plenty of oysters out there. And the oysters they get are really good in the recipe for this day issues fantastic. So why go there on the Sunday. And what I have in mind is to have that yet tomato. Disk. And then to have that salad. And then to have those oysters. Last night. Not only that I learned that the that's the news. Tomato basal soup. It's no longer the soup of the day not any longer the soup of who's did sue who sure it is Knight has been demoted. What is it now it's none around not around it all taken off the manual hunters. OK here's one reason for me not to go there and Sunday. A second one the salad was OK that was cut normal. And India I'll also had a two and a stack which I had him many times before but is this when was sort of flats it and it wasn't what used to be. And then finally. Bring on the oasis. We don't have that anymore. So I go there with Ford issues in my mind. A lot in with waiters and waitresses who know me very well just because they come in their lot. And they knew what was gonna happen before it happened. But when they told me all that in mind that that's all I could think of ways what are we doing here. Cons of this restaurant over and over again. They wanna really think about that but you know while restaurants don't ally. Think about such things. Humility on who they want to see if if a lot of good customers. Get a dish pretty frequently. Even though it might mess up their kitchen a little bit and and a seems to me they could come up with a better idea that as a way you handle it with the youth. 2606368. Week will return with the second course the food show. After we check in a couple of other things but stay tuned and get ready to call us with Juliet in energizes the program when you call. Or when you do anything. And a program to 60636. But first please. Welcome back it's the food show on top it's more it's great to be here what you're talking about. Restaurants and cooking in wine and all the rest of our numbers 260. 63. Sexy. Slow congress and am looking for the name. Although very interesting and very popular. Classical piece. Whose name McCann on my problem is here. Remember anything's name anymore but. Who's at the or PM. And it was really. Fantastic car Mena or run. Is the name of it. And the performance was fantastic. But the music is very grabbing. Any. There if you know what is being said because it's mostly in the German and Latin. And so you you wind up you know it's kind of hard to figure it out but after awhile just the boom boom and hand motions of things give you the idea. And that was if it was fantastic my wife really really love that I was surprised at that because it's kind of a long piece. I actually believe and not saying he and saved version of that but. Six years ago. What a Florida at an event atlas. And then before we we went that far. You know all I know have the answer. To. A question that is very frequently asked on this program that is. I'm going to the superdome for felon like or I'm going to the Bruno for arena arena skis and on a rule. Arena for you know whatever it is. Where can you go and eat around here. And then I throw a couple of them out that I think are pretty good. And but the one day I wind up bringing. Four. Is so. A new restaurant that that we we only now are starting to get used to presence of and well I'll tell you in a minute. But he somebody's uphold as what what is slowing me down here. It is Norman Norman welcome to the coach. They are probably not today. Well it's so far it's it's been a lovely day I was talking to a a calm a computer technical person. For about 3 hours this morning to try to work out. Something in the you know I have a website and it's. It very quickly reaches the limits of my abilities. And now we I don't know so I was astonished couldn't believe we implement. Al thought computers and you turn water off. But I have Nokia. Different they're there for markets were restructured and all that you care not to stop but they ought to be able she's so. B I'll I want I want to petition in Kabul and now. And and bought out real strong launch short shot shall grant that it got them should schools where's that. Are we wearing as well and now I just but it departure. Oversee food fish that grow. All of those guys yeah that's a pretty good place to get seafood. It is they've been dirt and Victor oatmeal though ala negotiations and noble slight mention what. Clinton about what to replace its original. District approximate color. Your activity and the options so it give it some clips. Both legal. And apple all of those problems. What do you know with the with video out to solve that mention Google mail you. Leave and blow them off. Are currently in the American war. Coup for a year or were there enough problems but it which you would that would Burpee which reduced or street. Were to do with the. Well at if your wife freeze them is the end of the is he into the conversation basically because they would increase in if I had some soft shell crabs. I would go to call everybody I know it's they have got some social crabs come on over. And Barbara. Well you know I you have to make these sacrifices. But but yes soft shell crabs and in this so delicate and so many ways and and the fact inside of them I think accelerates. The speed at which it goes bad. So I just one of them is I want him as clean as possible and as bad as recently out of the waters. That's speculative and likeness are that Chile should put them on did you bring with me for a co op on don't expect a child. Della Karl I'm sure they'll collect about that should dial numbers go through the. You you know this and sure but everytime I hear about they'll grow. Whip or Dell coral island is that you might Mike Horan used to describe it. There was a bar. This kind of half bar half grocery store I think they have poor boys that. You but it was at the very end of the road and it was a cul-de-sac at the end of it. And beyond that there were no roads of any sign that the net even vaguely reads resembled a road or Brisinger anything you had come to. What was the name place. I. No now might have been might that a place called the like well. Operated. Operated through that try to about it Hershey store. There was no air above the. But the name than that that place that joint had a name and I thought it was the most. Brilliant name for a something like that certainly I've ever heard to this day field. Well when this oracle all or you're capable off culturally cute and gone and actually get here we go out. Give give it experience spot utility. And I'll stick and a woman out there yet but I. I was violently up and and their industrial. Cutting board and things are out. Or would think dollar and it was Cuba a little while studio and the Korean fish and digital rebel. And sir Richard. As a desperate to all of the fish yeah. There's been as it did include the but look there are white or about right in there. And now. There was debate. Giving his version intensely. In the picture as to know. What you. That you ought to go into audible companies now are now. Trying to get slow so the water. Yeah the it that it's the Bane of the existence of speckled Trout and he has me anyway because. It has produced a shortage. Into the laws that were behind which were bright political. It made its mated almost impossible to get speckled Trout for restaurants anymore they test. And you say and I just had says speckled Trout for over gala towards a couple of weeks ago. I guarantee you that came from West Virginia we'll probably no way excuse me Virginia. On our cat the Carolinas all products. They send it to us believe that I mean race. We got the option grants. And you know everything even better. Well sure. You grow up or not it didn't surprise me groups. I would on it's it's all crabs too. Combat. You know what to Frisco. And fish were lost and accurate. From English and yeah. And they and you don't feel like. Outback or it would have been successful does full amount Cedeno or horse race. We will explode. We take care of our country through to the violence with which said the respect that you at amateur awhile and centuries of do. Rich dapper fellow Robert public. Q. But so it's a 100% a game Palmer agreeing game finish. There are. Any red fish that you run into news coming off of the awful. Ever regrets snapper. I order model right there even read articles albeit that. How to what she gets the respect he's about it is they're about eight total war or outrage when you pull him out. Do you the black vote for him is that it's an honor. An awful and trying to stop the two. The latter. Generation that it's about guess what did but you people Debra. You can't keep the beautiful away essentially being mentioned initially analysts. Like two years should you know this year fishermen. Steve particular W want to of the provinces if we get to what he then where we're prosecuted a joke this sort of budget or it's out for about I don't get in and out of season you know well. Groove you're that. All right well. Thanks a cut and and he you don't remember the use of the bar slash cafe at the end of the velcro. Velcro island of them the road that goes there. Right well you'll remember it immediately. It was caught. The end of the world. Oh sure. It's. Very good. And read it. What I great name for a place that was literally at the end of the road. The end of lower. There's that policy inaudible law it's not that expensive it's been pretty cart out that they think. You're water. Well listen Norman thank you seal later good luck with this sought shelves it's the food show speaking in soft shell crabs. We all remember what a horrible day it was on Friday. When they'll all that water came down and who's been pretty good bit of it over here at the cool water ranch today come to think. But you remember what it was like on Friday. I know everybody in the radio station was kind of stay in the mail looking at the weather reports come in from the TV stations. And Figueroa what was gonna happen. There were parts of the city that got four and a half inches of rain. You probably heard about all that already. But there was this one more aspect to it that. I think is interesting anyway what. I was one of the people kind of stuck there I just looked out the window and I used to live in that neighborhood. Where our radio station is. Right off pointers in magazine street. And I remember what it's hook. To flood those streets it took coli. And when there was that much as what I saw yesterday oh ointment on Friday. Ice I'm just gonna wait this out for a while. Well if you waits on the go for a while what you need is a really good dinner right sure you do so what I did. Was I walked around the corner. To the very place where we only two days earlier. At had an. Beyond the that's what she says the end that's how she pronounces it anyway went over there. And had the oh gosh it a good variety of things ahead of that scallop dish all over again it's the first time around was so horrific. Had a really interest in salad. And let's see there was one other thing all I remember. Soft shell car him standing about this high up by 67. Inches. Off the plate. And it had big legs and big clause and it was he delicious and it I was talking with. With the two ladies that run that. And it was a great evening and a lot of people showed up I guess what Ian who sit around at home. Watched the cumulatively accumulations of all of the floods though of course you go to a restaurant. And you watched clip you watch all the flooding there. Anyways so went over there and spent about 23 hours. And it was terrific. We're gonna do that one again I'm pretty sure I don't know win and win at some point 260. 63 succeed is or telephone number. Our program is sponsored today is by the maple street cafe. Naples recount thing. Is obviously on maple street but there's much more to it than that maple streets and an interest in place half of the half of it. Is devoted. Two. Really residential properties if you walk one block off a maple street in any direction you cease some nice looking to him pretty. Expensive houses I would mention. Right around there but up and down maple street itself. They're all sorts of little shops and get your hair cut can have a book and you can. Just you know enjoying yourself itself and relax while getting the head that haircut or whatever it is you there relief for. And it's like that all the time. It's a charming restaurant in the sense that if if you go to most restaurants you know exactly what you're gonna get when you when you arrive at the rest. The the same is not really true over the maple street because they can take Q in so many different directions. You'll be surprised by. Other food starts off. With some shrimp or some crab meat wars some oysters all of those can be made into appetizers that are really good. They have good fresh fish all the time I wouldn't say it's a big big specialty but it's it's there. They have quite a few nice little of pasta dishes in my favor too which is made with what looked like that finished. Fettuccine had a long time. The tossed with a very light brown sauce with some wild mushrooms and a very very good fish. And there are plenty more where all that came from. And the name of the place is the maple street at 76 point three maple street that's but midway between Broadway and Carrollton. And if you show up over there are total mice that held lives hello there there really nice guys it's two Brothers have been running it for twenty some years now. The maple street cafe. Up and down and oh it's the food show. And the stomp the Taurus and its great to be here with you talking about the food seen around town. That is national speckled Trout day anybody big fan of speckled Trout. I am it's the I've always thought of it as the classic. New Orleans fish fish it's just perfect for the way we shrieked fish around here. By the kinds of sauces we use. A lot of pottery coatings mushrooms. On commons of course. And it all comes together in very nice thing in the only only downside of having recipes. For speckled Trout and anything it's that. It's hard to find the speckled Trout so often times you'll find some but it won't be. It won't be the the same kind that you used to get when you were ten. When you first discovered whether it was all about. Our telephone numbers 2606368. This is Tom that Morris. It is national. Again and I don't know what where that came from but somebody said it was a national. Speckled Trout today. Slow. But where do you find this that the child this is not easy. If you know the place I'd give us call and and if you or fisherman yourself you know you've got the best deal going what is it 25 pounds. Or 25 count. Speckled Trout that you're allowed to to take home. Compared with who what the whole commercial fishery is for speckled showed you it's it's to laugh. It's to laugh about it. It's such a terrible but anyway. 260. 6368. And somebody. At some point will say yeah idea that was sure a great idea those. Would of those of those. Micro wing of their news. You remember whose real name problem but they always bring it up. These kinds of fish out the Gulf of Mexico this caught with those very fine nets. And they get more than their share and at that it was true and it was a bad idea. What what he one logical gill nets gill nets right. I don't know I'm against Gil ballots. At nets gill nets Iman get a totally against my rilya. Anyway. All just wait there were two other things it would be right one of these and so I can come back with it okay. 2606368. Was there anybody there. There was nobody Nolan. I started in on this a few minutes ago but though weak so I mentioned that. My wife and her sister. And why. But not my daughter because she doesn't like classical music yet. We went to. Quite amenable Rhonda witches they fantastic piece of classical music. And if you know how to speak ancient Latin and ancient German it is also filthy dirty and that the language added it is. Really racy. But I think you're located nothing's gonna when you would if you. You know you you you can't help but if you are if you don't know English word. Or I'm not into Asia Latin and and the other wind what what was who German -- but anyway. We although the three of us who decided that we would have dinner before the symphony instead of after. Which is a good night. Especially given the state to lose the streets were just jammed with people who knows why. Making up for the I guess all the water in the streets the day before but anyway. Born. The whole RG and if I don't know if you've been there this was originally started. By John bench shift on dash and the idea is Brian. Bill I don't know why but on that Portman and they never remember his name but he has been running. On. Running rest it for a long long time and emit low and slow lease as long as anything could go during the so. We went over there and we had dinner. And it was a fantastic only tell you more about it than 260. 6368. Is our telephone or are we okay are we getting phone calls and stuff it was it was a phone that is raining here a minute ago. Lawrence. This is in shock. Rule known him. To 60. 1870 excuse me 26063681. Right one wrong. That this born place league getting back to that. First off the bat they have. Really Greek oysters in a grilled always is exactly but they're not not real voices users somewhere in between Brian. Bryant came option Bryant and also. On the other thing that they had that that was really that was crawfish disk but wasn't the kind of crawfish is that you and I. Eat around here. It was kind. Crawfish this that would be made with a sauce entirely out of out of butter. Almost entirely know dark rue knows stuff heads. And ensure that seed in the same dish anymore. If you take all of those things out of him but it was pretty darn good and I'm like the place that's that's rising to the top of my list. However over here on the green phone we find that Steve is awaiting or just plain wait. He areas. Put up a sixty degree it will and I don't really like classical music yet either no one and a plan that low boring. Oh win. Over the old and since the bodies it was this speckled trapped in the united say an urgent. They would tackle trap them. Oh it's a little truck unit showed that it was back on track data when you are almost which is reporting on and on you know. Sergei. About. More toward. Crowd limit. Yeah it I understand your your that argues that also I mean I just think that the restaurants in the stores ought to get a little more than that yeah. But they're effective that is legal that it would be 20000 dollar boat and learn a 150 dollars more than dance. And here. 2000 dollar worth of fishing gear. And you gotta make it back and you get when it fat speckled Trout that's that good data. Politically there that didn't you get 234. Maybe of. So you know it's not everybody needs to Munich that are going to heal well. Yeah I mean I know that but still. It seems side of all proportion to what it would it should be. Yeah well whose pain in the but it. Politicians more. Well that's sit I mean you know you have hit on me is the working for them with a yeah but. It directly hook it in there and pay the politicians a little more money Uga if you know done a real quick get that fixed. And you know it either a good way Europe and way. Yeah about politics right. No we don't do politics were married we. I always. Who we had several very interesting guests with those of the we yeah Alina when we don't we view no it's not the only usery it's. It's though she told me. Yeah. That it's it's. You know it's rather. CH I don't you did this stumping in my brain that's preventing me from remembering that name. Think. OK but she don't view that. The end the end and that's what you said VNA said it's not beyond though she said it's began. Well she did not spill it's heartening she gets to say it however she wants my name and ate it. And reproductive area. You an idea and I had my name is Alan. Ohio is. That's unique yeah it is but again it's what you can get some very. It just didn't get. Oh yeah oh yeah yeah sure that the dinner. I did we yes we had. One very interesting. Guy at the dinner in it's. The guy who looks to say. Has a certain amount of hand on my feet. And I I don't wanna go beyond that. But. Early in the evening. On there was some discussion of politics and an idea I'm always doing my best to kind of nudged aside. Visit us politics very well that's great but. If you get. I have nothing against people talking politics if I did up my wife would have killed me five times already. But come on now well that's who that too but. You view Kenton. You you you can do it in a way when nevermind that we I just I ask people please. This so much else that's worth talking but let's talk about those things where it. What do you know about that they would intend to get this over and so will. The silver Finn. You have which is Asian carp. They're all guys going to hand it over and figure out a way to get into the bones and it. And today is kind of reminds me of what we're used to which should it. She said is famous for that. The message should sit back and it was you know. Because it was so hard and pulleys and yeah that's a real asset integrity and fish they're very good. Bond and. Does this. Asian carp is very good to figure out a way to get the boat now oh yeah reasonable so that we can eat it. So we would you only election. Well lead it once I'll I'll try anything once and then I'm done. And done Dubuque and I went to the same school in the same class. The world would have. I don't know you brought it up. You brought it up. Pardon me yeah well you know on I would to too high schools. And the first one I did it's well he was jazz with meek rubio and after three years. I am with an end and it was deserving on my part so not thinking you shot that oil and then I went to rumble. We just we're. From recurrent rumble. And rumble was a good. Guy and I probably for the rest of my life. Rob or rumble which by the way and all those guys and I'm gonna go to the recurrence of the rehearsal the the reunion. In fifty years and you get all those guns and sell anyway. That they were Rommel was a lot of fun. To be and I really enjoyed the year that was terrible one of the things I notice is that to this day I have never seen a place with bigger. Our lunches. For our students that night so it seems there it was the you know those Trace that the use your view in. In. Cafeterias writer you know it was. Rectangular and the whole thing would be filled with food and stay active but maybe six or seven inches high. That's how the couple pets they ask me to come over and give a talk and I did. And then they they said you know the ladies would love for you to come in and try their food and I said sure I went in there and man that was. Act up to where you could. You know you could it makes soccer with. The all I don't know why I don't I think it was pretty much like that all the time. Oh yeah. Well I went out which day in jail as Romo didn't count. Oh well I want to I've I want to fortunate tube and you'd like with a three high school there. And chose college they like me out of there with a flute degree. That's right. Well off always a pleasure talking Nazis down the road it's food show this stomp that Warren's. Come on and we'd love to talk review by the food scene we get a little silly with this win and I'm sorry for that and be on the island. The food shows the system that's Morton's. Our program. News sponsored by what we don't need to responses group that we do. We can know we can talk about early. Which of the Zurich film which in its original form. Contained 55 songs of morals and mockery. Iger got 31. Love songs. Yeah forty drinking and gaming songs. And two longer spiritual. Theater pieces of this if that's not getting it what you heard the other night. Buddy when you're you fury aren't going to look at the original medieval manuscript. It came down Telus. In all those weird languages like cat. Read evil German and read evil French which is nothing like what we speak today and of course Latin vernacular. I mentioned that. We. If you could read all of that then. You're doing better than me. Well it was certainly good to listen to and watch over there or freedom it was a great performance. They had on full orchestra out there and some very very good. On a soloist but the I thought that the chorus with some very very good news and certainly huge number of them I think they had about a 150 singers out there. And they couldn't find a spot for me. I know the answer to why that is 260. 63. Succeed gosh it's almost whose time is it. We'll stay tuned we have more of the food show coming. And maybe you'll have something to Telus I sure hopes so. Because it's so frustrating I know. That all the people who listen to a some a lot of them don't listen to a some a lot of them that listen to us but don't ever come into two on here and talk about what they know. They know a lot of stuff. And if you've had some great food lately would you please tell us all about it I mean you really ought to it's a nice thing to do. And also it'll keep that rest and alive is that might not stay alive with your help. Who.