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Tuesday, September 18th
Brennan's, turtles and a children's book. 

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Into the room pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump. This is the eternal shoulder. Employees of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we sit down in our studios and we proceeds to do something that is near as I have been able to tell. Is not. Performed by any other radio station in the country or maybe even around the world bomb I'm gonna limit my area claims on that and just tell you. That we are now. Caylee you'll you'll of this. Thirty years and doing that show. It's that insane that's amazing that's almost as long as you've been with Ralph why is it. He's yet to basically here's all you I was gonna was kidding but yeah they are you there it is. Haley is the executive chef. Of Ralph Brennan whole empire is a you know I know other people in a restaurant this is hate that word the empire but they get it does capture it. Any way exploit that that has become all lot of restaurants I remember you when you were doing like to Obama he. Well all all he has a I especially that a special yeah I picked Chichi. No bread no all of fed red fish grilled for also in the park. Which you every time might tell somebody about Ralph's on the park. I get the same answer from them they say you know we were thinking of going there. And I don't know why we didn't. Any 'cause it's a perfect place for. Tea Party. Or or a wedding reception or some. And I should put you at a funeral home pointer but there it is. Ralph's on the park. Napoleon house. Classical it's gold bar in the middle of a quarter Brennan's own royal street. Cathay B which is is still open to answer to this till the end of the year. And I will miss it after that that had become one of my regular places. I don't have too many of those but that. It was always the kind of restaurant and it would just. Be the perfect thing for whatever mood I was in the net at that time it was a bird and still is a great place. Heritage bill that just like god that's gone yes it's and it's a steak house now that is correct yes. And then we have Jen as kitchen oh this is the place on the West Coast and property and Disney in Anaheim yes. Cafe gnome is in the all of this the museum the museum. Of my authority in the miss in the slam him not spitting on a word here. Anyway and then Ralph the Brennan. Catering and events. Well you think that's enough going on we actually have a commissary acreage and we think for doing restaurants it's not well that's helpful here. Let's see wait I attempted on sea Brent yet here it is over here so it's 123456788. Restaurants now. Well who would guess that when he first started it it's amazing and a via his apartment to keep up. You know. I've always like Ralph. ADT I remember when they first open mister b.'s. He and his Brothers and sister brother Shia. And Cindy yeah. They they got in there and they've really created a whole new Russia. And ever since and he's done that a few times but you know it 82 restaurants. And even for the Bruins. That's you know pretty impressive it is now it's a lot of plates to spend. Parton on. Tell me it's only what your career has been like we're just start. So I started out mister b.s as a C there is an extra from my culinary school oh yeah yeah. And after Iraq it went home to Cincinnati and graduated. Came right back. Well who could blame him so I've. Worked and all the restaurants multiple positions if you will fill gaps spent the most in my life in the back of the house and it. One point Ralf convince me of bako to. BA general manager Terry. Fox. But what a great experience I was learning learning the front of the house and. And learning hospitality with the guests it's it's made of being kept big impact. On how I think about restaurants and wish. More chefs had spent time in front of the house. Yeah I did that's a good point uses the there before they are looking in different directions which would. What what. Interest in me is that I had the first time I knew I brand in view anywhere. I think it was it bako. And it was when they were doing that the white truffles at triple Axel which was really something in the long gone unfortunately but two with too expensive to mess with it yet if that was. It's all a little ordeal was in I remember you there then and and here you are after all these years to. Woman right along. Hey you would you believe we have the author of the book but turtles. It's clear we do and and it's. Actually we might have two people at who we do. We do it what is this Tonya I'm speak. Speaking with. And Samoa you're on the same on the same phone. Oh well Tonya I if we've met I've I've neglected all of the fine points. But Simone and I know very very well from a long long time ago over at the Windsor court hotel. Brilliant back then and brilliant now. Also they're all doing. What you say. Their aging you who. I am you haven't seen any lately. Anyway so. You or the author. Of a book that I will tell you made an instant impact in my home. I got one in the mail like I assume it was from view but. I brought it Hollande and we have. We don't have to have what we do have two grown up kids and they wouldn't be real real interest it. In little story. A very harmless and and delightful story. And but and if my wife is nuts about kids and she's working on project. Doing a video. Special. A whole bunch of different things and this one the first time she saw this book. A topsy turvy. History of New Orleans as. Read aloud by turtles is christened here so I can tell is that a by this. Yeah yes they are day Italy here because he leads the keeper of that your it all. You did. Hey there is that we wouldn't. Turco. No kidding there must be story behind this. Hayley what what are this so so we when we went into two Brennan's originally. And started doing construction the construction company was like at some point you know the terps are gonna have to. Go out there somehow somewhere pocketbook well and that might be. I volunteered to take the turtles now I'd been feeding turtles bottom right front was empty going in and and feeding him and. And now I would go in on Sundays with my son. We would go down all of them out in the courtyard feet turtles and spend looking at quite well yes or now. What would do you feed turtles anyway is there of oh so apparently from what I understand natural reached eating shrimp and crab meat hook. The focal is it. That's what a show. So I kinda I didn't have cracked me but I did have an abstract form and then I had. A bunch of different vegetable plants on them back here it in the numbers cherry tomatoes and. Lettuce and and that and that supplement with some Terrell but basically ahead. To kiddie pool set up in the back heard in Africa and. This was up by the way it had Brennan's and royal street at that time wasn't yes. And that boy is just call it a rather lengthy. Renovation. You always are really lengthy one once but there was a lot to be done and what came out of it. Although what a place I I fell in love with that the first time outlook that it is spectacular really is great and the turtle. The Blue Line. Keen mind Haley. Yet mind you remember coming home and telling my husband's. That I had was bring in some turtle sound take care of and that. I assured him the construction companies you know it's going to be like eight weeks maybe twelve weeks I had for a low locker. Now. Well I it it seems to have worked out OK let's remember and a I have they reproduced they have not reproduce its. Is it something wrong if we check this out. But it was it was funny because my husband on the weekends would have to and the apple ponds and the pools actually. And so the turtles are right around the backyard and it was a lot of fun. And a and knew it was allowed to continue being a lot of fun because as far as I know nobody was eating these two are so bad time now because I don't think anybody could've gotten his or her head around that this. Because but it after I mean it that there is this parade that they do with the yeah it's turtles every year debt tellem what the name of this I just I just love that that the hole. Oh yes it's the slowest second line on. It's perfect fifth that is. And they were actually due up a walk up and down the streets of the French Quarter so we yeah we we gather better corporate offices which are on nappy and bill. Now hand we have ten floats in those who cracked the top managers with their children from Brennan's decorate their own wagons depending on what sterling again. And you know we have a police escorts. We have and we have packed high class and we march our way from the offices up to the squared around him back down royal street into Brennan's. And we had a big red carpet out front but that's everybody for the turtles raw land and we have a party in the courtyard. Okay let me say it. So there's a whole collective group is the amount collective group. Out with a turtle turtle race. Charlie all. See I. Lately and marking our twenty. K here I know she's she is she it's appropriate to call her a fixture Villa in the inability of Shakespeare you know. So. We like we rule name knee jerk. And thinking. Because I need to take it and yet the journal our name but they got there back when. Brennan does manner class. So don't miss you know wide pool hurdles help. Also did. With mariner and that hurt rapper utilized. Character. How best portrayed as you know. At a proper words you know restaurant like friends. Well I think we could use some some programs like that for adults to. I don't think we let that it was for kindergarten or grade and Brandon does it for very. Earth elect kids ran. That day. Center City. But so we gave them money which was perfect partner Haley let me quote here in the oil is. The mother bought in and film and other off. That allotment and they are a lot half. Can hurt. And all. And that he had and now of the day I wonder how many people named by mother. On that's a tough thing to do because that there are a couple of them that are controversial as to whether they're considered a mother saucer or. Feeling really. All I ai she probably could. You wanna give it a shot hailing so fashion now ask men yell yeah island ace. Tomato. And believe. That's kind of holidays is controversial one. I've heard that they go back and I heard that tomatoes may tomato sauces also I've heard that those were. The vacillated back and forth. Well who cares you know it's this is all part of it is this is the you know the political scene of our city as well as you know France and bunch other places that nobody thinks. Why tall. Auburn needs. Yeah. Are there. Except but truly. Are no one really don't have buddy who it was. Yeah. And there are. The other run hot topic four day. Long and other girl outfit that wind ball why is how. Up. Lou who's fun. So. That's going to announce the black and blow into the players represent what another thought. Lesbian or maybe. Yes so he would brand they get re. In their old way what records and that particular mother or other than. Now it can be quite colorful. And and very creative they could mean yeah there a better yet creek and it'd be. It in general here. I ran. He had cocktail. For. Haley isn't it not creative excellence. It is a whole bar I reached into our brains basically in an upload it fits on how you call outs buyer for now. This is the food show and Tom Fitzmorris Haley Bittermann is here with does she is the all round general manager of everything. For the Ralph Brennan group of restaurants around town. Also with the Simone rapidly who has a PR lady although she's married to a guy who Bakes is he still in that. Still baking OK good deal as we need more those. And Tanya Lee. Is also here she is the person who wrote the book and did you do the illustrations to. Tanya. They're beautiful this is I tell you the first time I saw this book. I just flip the rule it about four to three pages in and I thought. This is brilliant and everybody is going to love this and know they're gonna be a few of them under the Christmas tree this year at our house. Yeah my only experience with a turtle at the level that we're talking about here in is that one day you know when I was living in mid city. I was walking out into the backyard and who should be there but at turtle but this being via. This is named those guys success kind of domed over there almost Steve do you most beautiful perfect sort of turtle you could see and he lived Beck's Beer and I could feed him certain things and not others he was really picky about Wednesday and I did I assume that was a key I don't know. Anyway. We want to make sure you know he turtles better and he oh snapping turtles that line and acting as a that particular kind of hurdle that you eat do not see little bugger. Yeah well. We are ready its fighters ready years sliders now may cause they'll take your finger off. If you find one of big enough. But that. But typically turn facilities snapping snapping turtle on all you can get anymore. Yes I mean we've fit it used to be that you could just pick them up all over the place here but not anymore as there are most aren't most of the turtle meat we get in RS guns. Comes from of all things Virginia. Yeah where Kansas Iowa. We will hope where hope how'd they get there turtle farms turtle followed I think you can get most of ours come from. If we can ever get wild it's Louisiana but it's very rare that they know and that the majority of income from a farm in Maryland. Yeah that's all of that that part of the mid east I'm is that the mideast know that's the eastern seaboard and here there were no god. Yes go out. Bring in the day. You know now operate in a tree and our lady you know tree out of her and buried. Much older then there even older than dinosaurs are. I I've I've stunned everybody by saying method that's actually true. I. OK but. They are better around our needs 300 years an animal or. Men at any app that. Really practically ran out because you are and that it color story history. I hardly need to tell you know but we. We realize it could be. Eight or we can't read the in these turtles out there and Brad. In an error on page and they are you a and here at. Our founding. Building it. We're ending around three. And then 1895. Am and I'm. You. Out that. There let on about city for. Sun the pink building. Hey bill you know how can you mrs. It. And it would you know I rate Koran. There are Edgar Degas. Know that no I didn't know that I know that they were connected mainly. With the the famous. Chess player. Who's. More feet. Paul Moore he was his name and. Call or what kind of money they let the next big big car and Atlantic. Another. Before homework he grew up there it would be very. Or. It became prime hound her big Andrew and Rachel and Jack and stayed there overnight guests on an anniversary of the Adam aren't. And that's why are these acquired its bill and saying all chant. Prodigy who didn't let the world what an amazing ability ethic that it. Yeah there's an amazing story about that guy heave was just brilliant to extremes that you can't even. Begin to figure. But. And actually he was the what don't expect it in. The US. Winning track tonight but whoever we elect so and CNN we live our senior. Champion amateur even more prestigious. I don't know probably so but we have a way of being number one and a lot of facing human might not go think about like could the opera. In New Orleans though it's stands up to any other in the country in the world. Back in those days into presume this is. A much begged a better talent than that even those of us who wave the flag all the time thinks they came Tonya is that you I'm talking to right now I'm not sure. Yeah. It didn't tell me what moved you to write this and draw this it's so well done and and the whole idea of it though grabbed me and thinking. Boy this must have just hit Chu in the middle of the night and you couldn't. Stand to even stop and think about it do you got up in the middle of the night to write all the notes down and it was it like that. Well I'd tell you this story is right out. That you can't make that. It here hit. And marlin and it is. It's a wild ride our car I cannot take credit for the whole concept. Went. It but it is not a high came up with the idea and Charlene Williams and wrap my mind. Realize it is a great opportunity and that threat hanging out the city Q. She used that deterred you are already Hillary is that character. None you know are well. Manner that we put together a brat and and and tell that story true there I made they have a lot so we capture edit the mountain. We can definitely agree Charlie and I is now under going back and for me at a proper manner books for children and all of that and a light ball went off and crying and it you know we have to do well. It 300 years that the trite and then shortly I would the other helped write. About 300 are. Are you more in these Turco and having children. Brilliant insight all the way army who those of us who have kids. If you if you'll just opened the book and and put your finger anywhere in the book you just it's delightful. To the Max. Out differently and then and I had a car. It that it was a real tree and a turtle and you can see your gorgeous Diddy account and children. There's nothing there that. On for children under end. The importance of our industry so it was great should be able to walk through where they went in her Holler oh man. That is it would be easy trip and to maintain. It like we are trying to create. Campbell seen in a book. Then as well. Oh well I hope he did meet up with that other guy I was at the is that what do mr. market we don't even wanna think about that. It's not out yet but think and metal a little bit about our industry. Certain benchmark through outfit 300 ears through turtles. Why not I mean we've come up with some not your ideas that's for sure. But but everything about it just it's it just looks at our city with a band puts a smile on your face and justice is so terrific. Why what you're favorite part in the. Yeah but my favorite part in the book yes I can tell you can tell you exactly the least if I can give to it quickly now and it tying it favorite part in the park. I think my favorite part of the book. He is. Let's see it while he blitzes I just realized that there are no page numbers on this book off. How could that affect. The picture. It's starts off with a guy turtle carrying a banner. And then there's a guy or it is that a girl toward detail it's a girl yet with a fork in a spoon. Award too and and then this one that looks like hot dog inside of of I'm a the turtle. And then finally you have 11 piled. Stocked up with celery and onions. And then we get the Brendan. The Brendan. Rooster and we all know what the roosters name is don't we let's see if everyone does. Do you know you don't know only he has a name and it goes back. To the seventies I mean I'm sorry the forty's. What. Not Tonya you're still there. I'm I'm here and I. You don't root for get ready for this via his name was shot the clear and it's still. Shot the clear. And I've over the years I have run into a number of restaurants that carry that name to mostly in the northwest. I remember being in New York State depends attending this big hotel. And they have a gigantic logo exactly the same as the one that's been on Brennan's for a long time. And they could didn't add a name for a shot that clear in fact that was the name of the restaurant shot to click the name of our main dining room is this yes concept there yeah. Well Asia just judging by what I just told you I can almost claim credit for. And good the IA ID on all iPhone was somebody else that was doing so that so no this let. I'm like you're. Right what's got food you know it's got to food connection this is an. And in fact if you. Act three. And then in parade. You may recognize. It and it. That's just an example where the salary. He had the garlic in the soybeans CI and that's. Yeah. I am sure you get asked this question a lot one of the answers is really easy go to any bookstore in town and you would find this site suspect. Or. Most bookstores and now that bookstores are on hard times sometimes you might suspect that they don't have a but here's something you need to know about books in general if you. Want a particular book. And you go to the bookstore and they don't have that they are on display or anything. Ask them they will get it for you within it one or 22 or three days. Bookstores do that routinely no problems so I have no doubt that you could get this book at any bookstore in the city. What we. Or. Hi yeah that went to the name of the book it's I don't believe we've said that his. A topsy turvy history of New Orleans with ten tiny turtles. At cute. And who wouldn't want to. This is the food show on Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here are you talking about these New Orleans things and you know why. That never gets far away from my heart because. I talk about this all the time about a gonna say it again did you know. I was born on Monica. That that got a bit higher really was. And I was delivered by Doctor Who was also a jazz musician he's a very well known his name was doctors who shall. And he delivered. Me you know and I in 1951. And so I've. I say that makes me is just as stiff for New Orleans coming guys could possibly be the with a hook up and I eat red beans every month every month. Ohio it's the food showed us is Tom Fitzmorris. We are hanging out today. With Haley Bittermann who is the corporate executive chef for Ralph Brennan's restaurant. Tonya Lee is here she is the illustrator. A book called. Topsy turvy history of New Orleans and ten tiny turtles. And I just well during the break there I was looking at this little book that actually was the predecessor of that is understand it it got. And it's. Table manners and Brennan's and beyond and it's a junior editions so this is if you're a kid and you're just learning. And you you're through especially if you're one of those very fortunate kids that. All we're going crazy about response from them the day they first went and continue to do so so anyway some of the rules they tell you here. Place your napkin on your lap. And up to a tube which I often say where's the damn. Napkin figurative linen napkin please what went all this they know hats at the table of course not. Turn off that TV phones and ipads yeah sure use the up proper table utensils. Who knows. Of the three ladies on the phone with me there's an answer a legitimate answer to this and I could quote choose these authorities. Using the proper table. Utensils what should they be for dessert of any kind. Us Bowen okay that's here's your right at the top. While. Yeah top flat it then it's a little little flatter. Curve it right. Meg. And yeah out more or less. Anybody else. Who had to weigh in on this the the the answer is. That view but they serve it with a soup spoon. And a salad fork. I guess that cuts you through all the problems you you might have actionable what do you mean like for ice cream. Have you ever had over a one of those wedges. Ice cream that you get from inch Lowber condos. And it's hard so hard frozen that with a spoon you'll go click in the thing will pop off and rolled to the floor you know that's not what you want. So if you have a fork though they'll go right through the ice cream and that solves all those problems then Vanderbilt what was your first. She was someone who Amy Vanderbilt broad of a book go in this subject and I some of them stuck in my mind because they have all this time to kill on the radio issue. Could it anyway let's see what else elbows be long off the table. Wait until everybody's been served before eating although this of alternate route. Rule for that too. On if there are six or more people at your table you are to eat when served. Because of who the reasons that the chef will tell you without. Hesitation. I know you know the recent days go on the food gets old that's it that's written and no chef. Once that to happen so you and certainly not insulting the chef by doing so they say this is a great little book can be what we have to see to. To get ahold of one of these table manners have Brennan's I guess just going over to Brennan's would do it wouldn't it. Breakfast Brandon CN. I'm sorry did I all I do we can try it I hear go ahead. Burnout threatening that we have those of us but. We like to get is that children kindergarten and the moon craters that comfort there manner what happened. That's beautiful day it's and Tonya did this that the org on this to write. It out then. Yeah I hear there you ago. Well all right this we are heading into the holiday season it's not too far from now anyway. Seoul on and think and if you have any body any young people in your family. You're trying to figure out something for them to enjoy. This book is there is just don't laugh a minute and I would say as a book that you would. Put your child on your lap and read a story who Europe to your children when there'll still little enough for it to mean anything. Do that you'll be you have tears of joy in your eyes totally. And I think. Tonya Tonya you still there. Thanks spending. Spending some time where this if you it did you have anything else you want and before we head off into the hinterlands. Her eight RK. Who whose favorite page. Tiny things all the time his favorite page what is it. I mean I'd be hard wrap it here we are being it would treat dry. Portrait. That can rate them. Scalia. What page is that. I don't. The heart of our. Towards the back. And Haley is actually in the book I am. Wrong. Wearing a blue apron is issue right in the middle of things here yes okay. Where you look like you need a solution here that's the fact that. A he never can tell. One of the war. Yet among them all yell what what what. Gee it's a huge they want to spoil turtles you know losses and not spoiled for being left out either. And what this is that the whole thing is just just so. I would like I was like saying. My bay. Near you know in the hurdles. I loved how all the turtles are all more speed on thing eight. I love each of the journal they got like a chess players. And I love her or is it you know. We need we think and believe there is the tunnel that is our older brand. All that Vernon that title they currently built that it needs credit gate. From order to eat I'm more than. Get to her in every week for pirates or how. He took money out of ha ha a ha or can't eat the hurdles are eight things during that time. No kidding is that what this is here. I think sort of looking at that's that's really kicks off a. Off. Haley say that in the bar there is. That the doors you can see where that kind of beginning. I've I've heard of this tunnel before it wasn't there though but it was very close by. By the half a block away. There are no sure right yeah well there's a little. There is a little secret place if you underneath the main staircase which as adore you and her. In the bar area it's pretty mean ya well. A lot of things are transacted in the bar yes no matter what is it. Now I liked it quite. Probably one of the one of the funniest things from me is is when and that Brennan's and there's especially during brunch and there's a lot of. Children are there hanging out there was way out of the pond to see that can find the turtles. Is to go out with a bowl sliced bananas and they just hang out with the kids and I wouldn't against an enemy like finance real yet is that funny yet there's been entries grow right over them that trying to and I forgot to even think of what do they like that kind because they are those who are very usual banana trees and they are and and they'd in the past when some of the bananas of pollen they they disappears and they must be somebody must let that I was I was also told once that. They have a suite to. Oh that have to be careful how much for you feed him because it will go on strike. The hook for book for fruits and stop on our regular food but now it's so fun to go out there with the kids and and that. And toss him in the bananas Marc from come out month in Iraq and. You know to add a really. Genuine historical. Aspect to this I'm looking at a spread in there's this book. On one side it says 1 August a mighty storm named Katrina washed the turtles clear out of the French Quarter. And opposite on the on the page. And it says they all return to thoroughly topsy turvy courtyard. That this so I just love this you know it gets me in so many different ways. So cute all right. Any bookstore. No problem. You'll find this anywhere you look of course if you were to go to Brandon he could probably pick up this man outlined it on and an online when it Brennan's restaurant dot com I think it's what you as far as remnants of New Orleans dot com okay. But topsy turvy history of New Orleans. In ten tiny turtles it's it's just too much to to go it. What do what a great all our eggs effort is just terrific. Well it's such a pleasure talking to thank you very much I know we we took up a lot of time talking about some pet turtles that that's. It's kinda silly in a way but then again. He got you got to live and you got lighten up you know and so this is it it's New Orleans for sure. But that thank you very much Tonya I hope on the news somewhere. It's been like magic and thank you. Are honoring. That beyond that and wit you and just talk about something very special. Well I love to. And Samoan friend who it's a friend of ours who she was she ran the Windsor court hotels. Pure business. And we we still go there all the time. You know him. Think it's a topic there you know that's like been thirty years. A blunt. I mean that's it generalists like thirty years since they opened up. Iran I don't actual eighty saw him I live out her well they care what they go way out. Early 1980 so I'm sure of that because there were a bunch of a major hotels that opened at that time the Windsor court or right 84. That sounds right. Well I it's still there and it's still real pleasure. My wife and I spent their wedding night there. A couple of nights before we took off on our honeymoon it was just marvelous. And yeah. Well I. Okay yes they are. Thanks for Colin thanks for taking time to see it. We have full about dual five minutes here you when you have a few more things and sure we can get a Haley Bittermann. That you know that's a great name every time I hear it I think that's that's the name of wicca. A very suave. Singer. No you're you're an aerial. Is there somebody with a name that famous. Haley Bittermann I mean it just sounds like it it belongs naturally in the middle of a record album that I mean I don't know why it just he can get away with a. Yes it was that I was Haley gable for forever. All naturally how to go about before became. Bittermann if you will look a bitter ma'am yes. My husband actually hurts in the restaurants. Does he act yet what's he doing that he's decision he said where only announced. Right all the Napoleon house yeah that is here's this some undergo undergoing a little bit of renovation over the there's a lot of renovation one who we're just finishing up we actually read the kitchen this summer and we've been doing a lot of plaster work on the on the building to. To keep it up. Those up private dining rooms up on the second floor. They're highly sought this is a complete waste of space for this wrestler coming because state and certainly needed the space. And hero was just practically empty most of the time but great place to go for all the things you go Napoleon house were anyway which include drinking anything right at the that we do a lot of private parties upstairs it's. It's a beautiful room and it really is and talk about a lot of tradition and a lot of yes let things that happened over there. Over the years. We have lost cafe B. Boy it's soon to see this in December. I'm gonna miss that one. I really am you know a lot of other people have told me that it takes exact same thing that that they're gonna miss that restaurant. And because it can really have a little bit of everything. Just my kids love going and I'll bet favorite holes they say at what we went with our kids early on. And we were kind of taken aback by the fact that there were more hamburgers is that we expected to find but then that that changed in hand and then they it got better and better and better but. Yeah I think Michael Lugar does a great job. Offering a very wide variety too to the neighborhood. And they do an excellent branch out there branches whenever busiest days yeah yeah and we we do brunch on Saturdays and Sundays now. Although it's good to know yes I did not. A good idea you would do a breakfast for awhile there we did we didn't practice for Africa quite awhile and then. Fossum that wraps on the park. So it's just four miles down the road easy enough yet still doing that. Two for the price of three yearly that is a gaps and a glass so why and rehab three appetizers and just wrapping that up here 33 dollars and I remember. And iron a popular I've had many people call me and tell me what's what's that restaurant there where the 433 cents you get parents. If it with either you have almost you have it right. And it's it's really good odds on the big fan of that they've got enough for Saturday's two for branch all they do they do a great brunch on Saturday so there's routes. While that's the it's perfect place to beat us after you finish you can take a walk through from the park him make him he might be a little cooler there than anywhere else. Then of course we've got via. All the lights that in the holiday season two on a lot of wonderful things coming up in that area more a full show coming.