The Food Show 3pm 08-14-18

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, August 14th
Tom discusses the new Food Hall concept with the folks from the Pythian Market on Loyola Downtown across from the old library building.

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This is the brilliantly bright voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. Not all that bright but it's really bright outside you know what I mean. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we sit down and we talk about all of the food that is around New Orleans and that is of course. A whole lot of it but not only is there a whole Lotta food out there. There's a very great quantity of excellent food out there I go on in all my books and then anything where it seems appropriate I always. Put in the slogan America's best eating city I think we are. And if you don't think we are call me up and and put me your your case in front of me and Willa Ford drink the case and then will you figure out what to do after that. Our number is 2606368. And if you call us at any time we will be very pleased more of them more likely than not. That we will put joined the air and shoot the breeze with you but we have we have an actual crowd in the studio today. And let me tell you who all is here let's start with the ladies. I don't think I rightly Brooke yours down. I can't pull it will we have a lady. Here. And who are you I'm healthy Reid Pelosi Reid no ice I did have it here but I forgot to write down. And squeeze. Yes what is what is squeeze in what gets squeezed. Well we squeezed juices and Rihanna silent since news of these our tagline is the can match. Not finished yet so it's not really. Not well not all the way but it sort of it you can pass for it yeah yeah it's really added acrobatics. One what does that mean so I get a natural enemies and argue it just really I don't have a clear idea in my mind what. Oh what did you just say it was is that macro by macro bionic via. So it's it's a diet that centered around pretty much being beaten besides fish a couple of times a week. Now so being in you know New Orleans the land of CC and that's my indulgence and that I issues. And after talking to a lot of customers that have come into the stall they didn't really know Mac about it was either can bomb but days. Are kind of the missing votes people that when it are begin at one eat healthy the one thing they do you kind of indulge on his finish settled. It's it's kind of a new concept here is think and I think the trend is coming up especially list. We have please don't me because I'm always trying to keep up with the trends GAAP but I'm not exactly the kind of guy you could call trendy usher so why. Well you know we've we've we've we've kind of kept up with things just. Who do we it has mainly caused us to have our program on the air force for thirty years I think it's all right so anyway. Aren't. Q Kelsey read squeeze yes okay. Where does this show up. As a product that we might not be able to buy or at least look at so at the pits in market we're at the end market let me let me stop that right yes. I mean I know where it is because we had we have a couple of people from their before but I don't think most people who were listening that they caught it exactly. So what is that. The pit CN Marchionne is new food hall on the oil and grab the day. Spread across from City Hall we have fourteen vendors. It's a beautiful space. Opened every day. Kind of like a saint Roch for auction house that's. A stalls you know all around each other what we did give me aren't you we are reading on exactly where that is. It's 234 Lille. Three for a Loyola let's go and that's kind of over by the old. Feel library isn't a threat across the street America one thing right today thing that you can think who got the football it feels so good when you do. They wake pithy and this has appeared on the the debt that whole installation there and it's quite a few. Are organized. Silly and you couldn't exactly column a market but that that kind of like markets. Right well and the building itself as lake historical and Martina. And then where we're going to be the food all the first floor and then on top. And as we're building out a jazz sinner and an event space so. Who's gonna be a whole situations. This all of a sudden sounded like a much bigger undertaking then my image of a five minutes ago. Unaware excel but the or Opie coming out and fall via. We is that the put the closest I've gotten to the pit the end thing. A two sorry for these guys can fit I don't think about it. They set up those guys who do the bagels the withstand names. On style mean something's yes that's Stein's Delhi. And they're doing there Roland. On bagels which is not ever been something that was easy to find around a wallet and still isn't right but they hooked up with you guys. Anyway and now it's they're not have to put us but we do you have. Crude has been little boy which is another guy it's all going to bagel thing I think I'm. I've always thought bagels here's generally. Agree but I also think I'm pretty obnoxious apocalypse different and I get Europe and all yellow and we felt the and I you'd think. And you legal movement is this people are coming across in law and it. I can tell you that's got I haven't even seen it but I I can tell you that that's true because we have at times during the years. Had some babe bagel guys bakeries and all the rest of it. It here and there around town but they never could make it last it would go on for a while and then a few months later. Gone what happens to a hard. Well yeah it's sooner in La Lotta fun usual. Equipment or humid here. The net to that yet different and so pro leg actually get to this in mind is that bagel kind of sandwich Carranza. So I'm I'm in my mind them trying to figure out exactly what it your function is in all of this in on one thing that comes to mind immediately is. Lunch break. Another one would be. You're driving home and you wanna have something they're good for your kids to eat when you get there instead of going straight out of this too Zia. Fast food place. Is that the kind of thing that we're talking about here or is what you're doing gum that Catholics to fast casual. OK well I'll have to write that down a chisel it stolen more likely. Let me shift over to your other buddy here Micah that's me my Michael. You know there I think I know two other people whose name is Mike that both girls I don't know you know of mostly out of Mike is that government and do what it tells you when you run into an Italian girl in that's if that's her name that such in my CA yeah and it's it's it's a short 121. Word jump to. Micah means all Micah which is. Amicable. Bluntly right yes I mean certainly locally here. I am SF halo. Obviously. As we're really getting foolish here but and I apologize for Paul what exactly does Michael Marcello do. So Michael Marcello owns. Federal such trickery that all. Fat yes so we're talking and to see everybody can get their spelling correct FE eat FE ETE and you go well all things there right at that age you. All that is French for wit. With I'm sorry to to to get my language is mixed up. Federal and if ever grab that microphone and just knock it over a little bit that way they're they're perfect a gotcha. So a fat is an old English journal French term before RD party celebration joyous occasion. And we started ism as a food truck. Now and we do a lot of catering so we go from festival I was waiting for that word to come out cassette his duties immediately what it sounds yet part of a party that's that's kind of what we do and so now we're in food halls we still have the food trucks and still cater bullet we do food halls as well food halls were introduced to me by my wife actually she wrote a little article about it form for a newsletter. And since then I've seen that expression used more and more increasingly. All the time. It is food. Wait wait and I've lost it already food hall food hall yes this is different from a food court doing for the it is food hall what is the difference anyway what he's so you get enough food all that you can have been in a food court you have it's surrounded by a big terrible mall. Cricket and and got a lot of fast food and aha okay food Hulk is like an upscale food court without the mall. And live locally owned and really good food. And and a a lot of power yes a lot of it pretzels. Cookies you. I think network. Every food court at the great pretzel in the coal I don't know really war. Could all actually moved right and you know what I keep thinking every time the subject of the of but. Pretzels did you just mentioned pretzel yes yeah. Every time that comes up I'm I get the same thought and I've never seen it done by anybody and it's although it's hard to believe I'm sure somebody must have done this at some point. Instead of putting a sandwich. On on bread or a fund of some kind to put him between two. Bagel it perhaps it's pretzels. And the ones that they activity there it's already the very OK I've what I've never run into it but I everytime I see it at the airport replace a continual that would make a great. Thing for us to make a sandwich out of instead of just what it is. So your telling me that it's happening candidate who can. But not by you yet so all accounts that. I thought oh that it listen. Does I think I've been asked. Throughout all of my eight long years. Why it is that I never got into the restaurant business at fight talk about it so much in my answer is. Because I've seen it up close and it is difficult and it is real work it's terrifying this. Guy it's I've never seen it anyway otherwise than that and that's just. But that took Singaporean you know what to do you stand there for thirty years it's pretty well technically it Guitar Hero yeah I don't know what else to do though so the anyhow so where we're we're doing all of this is this just in this open every day at a certain time of the day. What time we were good that with a little bit older when that baby we opened for breakfast Brett stadium and what do you serve for Texas. We do trash groups trash grits coverage. OK I give up what is that. So. Our trash grids we start off with a stone ground Warren heirloom corps regret what a great. Start and I wish everybody who served grits would take it or something comparable because most of the grit served in most of the restaurants around town are. Truly hideous. And because they all use the same same old stuff plain plain quick groups for him from whatever vendor provides it so our roots are reportedly come out of Carol lighthearted yes. From the country itself Carolina all. I thought that sounded off. And a so we cook or agree it's more like Italian polish that we Kokomo little stiff little berm we we coComment chicken stock with a lot of water a lot of garlic. We finish him with a fair amount cheese. That is topped with with a smoke you know some grilled onions some twice cooked smoked pulled pork. Friday. And so Rochus office. Butch fulsome in there to Goosen a little bit. That we it sounds like you have that book. Well controlled and where do you get more color spaces what I think you're probably thinking why. We saw quite a Swedish truck Ingrid sweetie chicken and waffles abroad. Chicken and one fried chicken and yes chick I've never been able get my head around that content. But then again nominal group rose so that's explained it's when we jumped on the chicken and waffles and weigh in Bosnia but we do good treatment awful. We use of Belgium. Build and sell girls waffle. We fried boneless skinless eyes it's nice and she's more than. Well it's good it's good and that doesn't cane syrup and honey butter with a we brought chicken and waffles and do you rhetoric today it's really you actually go to next time I wanted to taste the trash grit which is who gave it that name maybe I should have thought about it a little longer no no it's it's. You know we started this dish on the food for Erica did you for a mine and Morgan City and more accurate from out there and when I first moved back to Louisiana. He was I you know from a food truck would mean he brought smoke pulled pork. And he's let's what so this lets see which ago we can come up with a then this was all the extra stuff that I have on the truck. And I mean this position. Just the name style often people look at NATO trash grids and well and it's not exactly which you would go. And everybody's lips right. But it works works for us you know our low as he did make a statement that really needed to be made into it ended just. I I I wonder how it is that grits is universal you know though the white. Foam nothing I mean it's just nothing going on there at all. And why that hasn't been taken off and carted away and replaced with all of the of the stone ground grits and all that kind of stuff. Global go yellow grip switch. Makes a big deal right it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris. I've been informed and I knew this already but I didn't know details we have another conversation list who is going to. Move in on this using our phones is that correct. She up now. She. Hole there you are. An I'm who might this but he. What screen this. There's there's nothing on the screen from. A way to hang on a second here would you tell me your name again. And oh OK let me only hear that again because I didn't quite catch it there was some a little bit oh ice OK all right. Although it IC here I have been Doug told that you're the owner of a lot coaching Mika. My country. What is that. Little kitchen you know what so as not only who wrote that but the kind of place you'd like to. Smile about it. Whatever I've whatever I mean would that yeah. To. What it will tell me about what witnesses. Luck coach we need to that name rings a bell but I can't remember exactly where home. It. 2011 I had a truck back then. We. Still do. Them. And that's that's what you do is catering honest with you with the food truck. Yeah do we do we greater during Mardi. Our budget farmers markets during. Asset and it's marketed well. Well no kidding. Bill the white market. Yeah. I'm sorry one. It the pithy and the assault case so there's the connection between the other people who was sitting in the room with me. Yes it's funny is an added just the way that this what happens we're we all three food books and we all knew each of you know our styles are all right next one another's you know quote we have. You know. Of an oddity has occurred on this program over the years. And them it's it's pro almost certainly due to me. But yeah. And I'm serious. And that is people call me up in the AC I went to this food truck kiss today and it was so fantastic in brisket they had this Cole's law that was made different things and I've ever seen before it was just great. And an ice hockey where it's and they tell me you know eagle street in Claiborne. Just to pick one the next day I go there. In there. So. The guy calls up and says hire a July that he said well I would've loved it except that he didn't exist. He says oh no while they are and how ports. It's an okay well into next. Give me another address that turned up nothing. I truly not joking I've gone to food trucks around the city since before Katrina. I have yet to find one. Can you tell me where I can find one. I want to I wanna try a food truck but I this is in the ninth me yeah you know typically through trucks. There's a lot of factors whether. Things can you know Leo but if you have to follow other social media and now and find out there but that's. An air jacks. Yeah which hospital. LA all over here Leo weighted training and all yeah. Well bug we're getting somewhere. Yeah. Hello there you're back on the food show on 105 point three FM HD two on Tom Fitzmorris. Today we are flanked on various sides by Michael Moore tell that it's in my mind Korea. Also a Jason King French cheese yes the whole thing. And and Kelsey reed school of squeeze or is that just wait a minute with that I use that wrong to correct a kick and then. We have. Rachel and Keller. And I my case so far. No NY and wash. Away Rachel and then one. Okay. Okay. And we were talking about what coach in neat and as far as we got before we had to take a break aways that this is. This also is a catering operation mostly right. Yeah we view. Mostly catering. Arc around this city. You know the is we do. Late night. Thirty and so on and be extreme hot Iraq Albert embark I know exactly where that is. Yeah that's what we've been part and that you were our neutral. Album Woodbridge wage. What is just area. Friend from commanders. I. Yeah after future I was there and I turn around was an open. And I am we. As. To whether there. Oh yeah well it happens to well. That sounds terrific year and it started in did I hear you say 2011. One mile. I also heard while we were in the break mention. Of any Cuban. Sandwich but but with a cajun touch to a does that fit is though we actually have one here will be gone. So we get a good counsel takes cajun Q Bob. You know we view it's it's it's a little bit of a twist on the on the standard issue Q on. We view. Roast pork loin. Spin slice toss of smoke Buddha. Sweet pickles and how can you girl Galen pressed on for for a you know but give what you woes oppressors so again those are those are pretty cool that. The good thing by Doug is moving in for the kill. I I will turn this win over I have not. Touch this or until now put this. Was that the a wrap for here and everything and so I haven't contaminated this so you can have this gift of this case because this is the one that has the grit studs the trucks that are (%expletive) grip on reality that a trend break the yoke. Is that he'll look at why did allude them polls at all I got this I got Theo at the deal Jessica yellen grits for them chickens out. And what do what do C since he's here smoke pulled pork pearl onions on. Them. Mean it's kind of breakfast. That's exactly what I was getting out of it because. There are a lot of other dishes. That go one way we like to do it to me a brisket brisket two it goes two ways for me. In when it's. When it's cold outside I've put it in the boiler and analytical for a long long time and have a with some nice vegetables and stuff and the rest of the year you go back and smoke it and just get it nice and crusty and black on the edges and and all lives are similar kind of of club other other parts of that and it's. It's it's it's very seasonal in almost this are there almost living things. So. He I think you look at certainly accomplished that with this grits thing. So good is this this yours. That is finished well. You're you know that's actually beautiful near the colors you have in here thank you. You have more than a little bit hot sauce I think some rock Julia pitcher Roger OK okay. I don't think this should keep Asian district Asian ketchup that's pretty much exactly what it just what we needed more ketchup. Anyway. Where do you I turned up. They or is there a place where you turn up on a regular basis there's people you can get that dish seven days a week this one right here William Mark Grace yes and way to get that the European market the 30 in the morning okay so the place we have been talking about the time. Oh gosh this is very adventuresome stuff. Yeah we've got we brought up. Hold on to a Jason Goss but did you Falwell for goodness sake what a French cheese for let's burst in the friends she tries to. Yeah we have surprised we have got some sliders and we have basic groceries for you to bits which we considered to be anything but basic but quite wonderful. But such talk about sliders. Yes there unknown slider since the first time they came around Beckham that. Well not all the way into the twenties and thirties for me but I. But they were still around you know crystal in the and the Royal Castle in the all of those. And they were pretty minimal food I mean dues just. Griese and had another problem but then somebody said why don't we make this in the sub good. And if they they succeeded it's with so unbelievable. This wasn't expecting to see that. So you get into that sort of thing. Yet I don't think it's interesting conversation about sliders. Some of an early Mac user can pitch because certainly onions and all of us but I think fighters are just like any other conduit between values them. You know one of our sliders or person votes or less popular is actually brisket that you talk to mom used goat cheese and he's raspberry preserves them he's pickled onions. You think you have enough going on there I think you're feels that way OK that's happened that's all I care about it. This is the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and it's great to be here what you're talking about food. And this is something we we hardly ever touch on our program even though I always say it's between you want to talk on our show. We're open capsule we have everything about food restaurants and stuff. And oh what we're getting here. Our first of all the you know the Big Apple with that what's the the good the name on the grid to trash trash grits I had to see that no matter what else. You gonna bring in here I definitely wanted to have this in the can really as good thank you could you could really have this in the fancy breakfast place. Yeah and it could just because the presentation is so nice thank you very couldn't. Let's take shall take a little while. And it it's almost like an omelet a little omelet on top kinda yep Friday very very thin yes. Yeah he don't want going on there hello there it's the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here we are you talking about food and restaurants and stuff. We have. And we've been in not doing giving them their due. Rachel and Ben wa from. Look coaching need to from the I don't know I think this still there is still there. Well I'm I'm I'm sorry Leo we we have club and over population of guests in the studio today but that happens. Sorry about that but tell me more about but black coaches need to when get when did you get this started in what was the idea. And I get that we started back on eleven. They're actually checked and I'd get them and I are working at commanders about the time you are were you doing there. We actually average and vote on but I know I. About what he spotted a backpack and and then. He did some back. Some from a that they. Matt working good and I attempted. Well I'm sure you know. That people who have skill in the things you were just describing are in such demand them amazed that the Brennan's let him get away from you what you look at. But you'll get away from them rather. Actually we the only thing and as the inspector. You have paid the difference anymore about it. I don't and I got diverted all but it's it's amazing. UP arguments kills more. There was very understanding and better support. The corner. And so they knew they were very flexible hours schedule of reform. And control. Who put that that's kinda what Paul Prudhomme did when he started with the Bruins a long time you know he was opening up his own place at first on the sly and then than it was no. Open to everybody. And he did well that put it mildly. It. OK so what do I wanna eat over there. Or is it OK and you eat at the yours your place. Yeah are well our events. A concept that's fired him back while and so are important rates and marriage and but you know. You know. By. It being years. And yeah one of Guerrero smashed a little political woes so what is. My most amazing. What should you know long. The so. Well you know way to they have they have a lot in common. New south American food in New Orleans food. A lot of the same routes. It will you know. Obviously during the lately aren't so and as well as our main ports where. It. Com Lou and there's a lot of European orange do a lot of Spanish and prevention work so. Always sounded very. Similar yet very. Sure the pair are. Read the news. Sort of the spartans want them but yeah like you said essentially there are very similar because very similar this. I'm going toe a hard time choking out that the names of them the places but. Cartagena. Cartagena and yeah I think in Columbia yeah I knew was not far away but we we've been there a couple of times. And we're really struck by Howell and not just in terms of the food but how everything looks at the end of all the people act a lot like New Orleans people in the arch I'm sure that's. That they might become first night at the Orleans but that the day of the have a lot in common it's an interest in just to see. Yes no rocket ship now. Well oh where do you operate from soy can find you when I'm looking for. Were up in that market ya. And then we do. Pulling Matt. And then I'm in the gallery and and Matt Greene. And only one yeah. You know been doing my and and you know we did market city. There days. And land. The spirit day Saturday at that. You you know to an hour. Credit. Geeks. Well. That's almost as bad as working for a restaurant. If I. Well anyway. That this guy obviously is good doing pretty well for yeah. So would keep us keep us next time you call me believe me I will not let it happened like this where where we. So live Q&A corner for a while I'm sorry. But that's yes you know. But will see you again in. I can't wait to. At some point. Give a try to you what you're doing there. And sorry about. Help power beyond. Where I had a patent on my prayers are and it's been that are. Especially the matter goes simpler cornmeal. Off we can make him and we tradition and the and the we stopped as well as some long birdie brisket. Out some sort things like she's. That's another thing the folks down there have in common with the while Owens is that they like to eat a lot of beans. That are there now. Yeah rapists that they're talking about right now for you. I'm I've just been handed something I think is when he yours this looks like from my. From where I'm looking that's Hillary votes on a bus OK we we have restaurant here that. Or is that you you guys know and I don't that differently than you know muscle and they are laugh it up. As you have and what from the top looks like a buttermilk biscuit but from below its it's some sort of by tortilla. I think. You know rip off I think. I'm glad you illustrate I don't like him. And then you you've got some some. Looks like pork here from a distance but what else is in here. But the and it's it's it's. It's. The final sees this treatment. And. Yeah this this looks beautiful I'm trying to work my way up to it hit. But anyways so this is this is typical of what Europe of doing every day. Guess there about it but days like back out. And I'm Everett is unchanged I'll let in other Latin America. In our judgment mistake of shipping a big wad of his mind now. And then. Notice that they're delicious tell me what's dubbed. These these. Breads or whether there's probably a name forum that are already talked about it our rep bus so it what is this made out of because it's every interest. They must you know I'll. And it's so apparently there. Entry. And yet that. Yes but texture and instead. And what. Yeah it's it's really nice. And isn't really. Well that's easy to understand Aminu and everything about it sort of says you know you've seen me before you you just haven't eaten meat before going to deal. Well anyway. What things were coming in and spending a little time whether it's and we're hearing a little too. Was CO and I and now CEO Leo. But the new place. This is nice to be here for for you guys and slow walk home. And pulling my chain. And we're out of the kitchen is that as well a lot of the kitchen Moses air conditioning. Yeah you auto. Coming in my office sometimes it's I could store meat in there if you ever need some some place different FaceBook I I don't know how it got in there but it's it's there. But oh well that's life. What's in the future of baldness and here we are we have this a new. Food. Food well food hall thank you gonna take me awhile to get use that holds enough I was in full load all fall full weight that I just here food. Hall hall for all yes that's our sleep gotta love that I'm all the idea of the stick coral Lou and I can where we surely well okay good yeah yeah. I'm an author well. That's it if we can always Arianna is that where you go in. Newton did know yes that's. Hash tag anxious social media purposes back. There's vendor for everybody. The idea that is a joke in there somewhere but I can't quite a ferret it out so not only belongs yeah. Seriously the food holds little ways the future and there's certainly seems that way you know India has a lot of budding entrepreneurs out there. You know its own restaurant business is really risky obviously it's really expensive to get into it and it's not getting any cheaper so this is a great way. For young chefs and off for indoors to test their concepts without spending on. I million million. And on the back and likewise did you have to decide how you wanna be happier now before you eat. And I just don't see why you should be allowed to have a poke people and a fried oyster. And I'll look at some ridiculous if you wanna be a fat or fat or like the meat grinder right environment you know and it may not idea. It makes it really easy for like a business luncheon not splitting the bill and deciding everybody to go to one restaurant and I think it's just convenient. Well I will I will go along with everything you say but there's still an element of dining out that is somewhat formal. Not new you don't see hardly anybody doing truly formal but I mean I can only think if two restaurants that have anything like a dress code. And that the choice to raise it is a choice that you can't I am you you come in suits and taxi and pig tails you know well that's the only thing that helps my looks so I and I just got no way that. But. This is that this is part of the restaurant experience that I personally as I have always enjoyed in a lot of people have to. By the I think could be Malloy schools who get the blame for everything these days I know but in this case I think it's true. Have kind of taken it over and you know we're eating French prices. Appetizers with foie gras should yes that's some of that gets silly. An era that often. You you worked for chef duke I did that work for shifting back in the early nineties I was you ship for a couple years. And CEO weren't who were. I worked at tavern on the park back in the very early ninety's. I was chef Charlie geez for a five years tavern on the park is one of those were. But you think there's five of them have five restaurants from which I have been banned. And that was you remember that the guy who owned it who some things are Jack sailors are very interesting guy. Used to do these. It's. One which called justice and cut them somewhere between a meeting and and accolade. Where he would bring in the Marines. Band yes and and and it was it was really pretty cool actually but couldn't quite figure it out we it's. Anyway he receives an interesting guy who now it's remember Charlie geez. Yeah insurance executive shipped there from five year old milk and eggs. Had a short stint on my own place a town called nautical in the late night I remember that and then when I could say we're two days to cut. Two and a and a you know what are my trainers say again the little duplex audio as an old shotgun was no call no house on maple street we converted it. And and I left Louisiana for us the only likens I think I think yeah yeah yeah. That I remember very yes. And then I just moved back four years ago means. What we do and in in the interim I was. I was corporate shift for Renaissance hotels I was corporate ship for that sort of like right out the window here yes. Or for Carlson restaurants worldwide. Who dat. Carlson wrote thoughtful wise is the parent company of TGI Friday's poll we did we have the another section of the company were we to fund earnings to come so I'll I walked away from fine dining. And started a food truck. Well you know obviously it's working for you it's we're doing OK we got. We're opening two more locations has fallen Jackson Mississippi's 15 locations Jackson Mississippi to food trucks now. An interest in place to choose country get on that. We just go where the opportunity is now them and he pops open. Jackson loves all things New Orleans. So. I think are going to be pretty well there good high hopes its a food hall there also has an interest it's it's him more and more all the time yeah. Jason just realize we've hardly been talking to you at all although you've been putting in your own comments which is just fine with me as well tell me but French cheese. What to what what's that. French cheeses. It's a real she's concept essentially based around now lover Brad she's in better lose the only things you know I personally care about. Food wasn't. An article schoolers and went to law school and I was lawyer and you eat your emotions when your lawyer actually if you eat your emotions do. They give me another a couple of sentences on that subject that is that's that sounds really fascinating about Syria are so much so I fuel. I woke up that went thirty edited and I can sleep from IE six doughnuts. That commie I. Well yeah I like I can see where you come from that's the idea and I think I am. I think you working on their head volleying and you keep on going I think. Francies that's what we want question do you have that choice. Deliberately. Care about the caller's account as a sanctuary. You know look offline just gonna go there fine and does it sound good to me. Do you let's see. This is this apart of the pentium the empire to yes it is it's an empire. That's what it called equipping an umpire that's it's. Else and it every every Thursday they come in and here come in. The soared since I have ulcers or yeah yeah I mean honestly if you can market pound for pound I think Hudson hasn't choice mr. hardy and I mean I don't think many people can really match ties you know people's skills but he brings there. You know I think hokey bull. Yeah I know a pokey is yes. So what would he mean by well you good poking you probably about OK and the person who was good I wouldn't you gotta hires go up and bulk of them excitement level and I think glistening and others. Another item to another group another situation where you're related skating and actually product consistently. Time. I think fourteen care issues. Here is Jamaican food easier for me or we never had a head. Enough in Jamaican food here for the connections to possible connections with the two cuisines are all. They're so similar and I remember go went to Jamaica the first time in my life back and in 1974 I think atlas. And I couldn't get over how many things they are just here I am this is I'm always thinking about a war on but it. It kind of came together that way in the music to him a whole lot about it definitely is very enjoyable and and distinct week foot for the area. I mean they're vibrant cultures and their agriculture's food right up echo actually and I think. I think they units on product as well you know I think we have. An amazing or surprise or shock morrow and him as an excellent chefs who. You know I think eat well is spin around OK now I'm running for awhile but now they have there offset through their son bond market and I think your just gonna do you're really gonna enjoy that bombing here we will not experience. Story can we be you know of the child of the people marketer or whatever it. Whatever catch we're calling it now I can just give you the opportunity to have thirteen. Wonderful choices and where on the line and not to mention a little thing which is. Little fade which is that was on my list but I don't think we got to know was it not for the there a thousand acres. Office all now Ol. As that State's same idea to have that little group. Yes every day they go forward and an aggressive style it is beautiful taste nice I would agree with that yeah. Well this is this is all of a very enlightening and it's a bigger world than night I thought. It would be in Italy REM supposed to know something about this. So but SRI really alleging you came in because you know and we need you need to get your at info from somewhere. Correct and that's if that's the best I can do men you know. Well. I think we have had a reasonably decent time here. Hi everybody happy healer she came fifth and and I'm glad. We got a chance to laugh a couple of times because it it wouldn't be fun without laughing. So. But thanks for coming on we'll see again news and an interesting to see how this might develop over the years you should come Hammond where I really should be waiting for you Paulina could argue that their important you have to track. Yeah that's the way it goes a little bit rates. I think he felt why not sounds good to me. All right stay tuned we have. A little news break coming in and then after that will get into the second course of the food show here on 105 point three FM HD two. The soup the soup the news coming up next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.