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Wednesday, July 11th
More restaurants that are gone.

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105 point three FM. HD two. There's the rub. This is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show its program of eating. And drinking and restaurants and cooking and wine. And all of that. And we just trying to make you happy and to make ourselves happy at the same time because you know what. I love being host. But if I were to break up the portions of what it takes to be a host. I would say the hosting part of it is more. Agreeable to me and more fun then. This serving the actual delivery of same and said. So. What does that mean I hope they'll yeah I had to ask me that. Anyway we love talking about the food scene around the world went anyway you want it is good enough for me although it. Erode one of these a couple days ago that I like cover my desk with a million little index cards things. The cross my mind this one says I like soft shell crabs. There's no doubt about it and if you like soft shell crabs you have picked a good time a year to eat social cramps is they are very nice right now. They are not cheap but they never far but I think they might be a little less than usual. And OK after making that statement I say here on this piece of index soared. What else is exotic to you. In terms of eating. Because yes in most parts of the world soft shell crabs are considered. A really exotic. Food item. Or perhaps. Erratic. As opposed to exotic. Or maybe you can have both at the same time in erotic food. And exotic food and think about that for a minute and be in touch with me later in the program would you. I'd be very police to know about that. 26063. Succeed let's see yesterday. And who do we play this yesterday I think I. I think so we talked about this unless I'm gonna try anyway. Yesterday. Was my a middle sister's birthday. And she was in town she lives in Lafayette. And we decided to get together for lunch and it turns who was all four of us I'm I'm the only boy in the family. And I have three sisters. And I'm sure it must've come up at one time or another that the the whole four of us were sitting in one place at the same time. But it doesn't happen often. And two we had it yesterday and boy we've we've run the gamut in terms of ages I'm not gonna give any of them. The except to say that. The lady them on my sister. Who. Is all I'm just realize what I'm about to say. Is begging for trouble but anyway she is looking feckless. And she is the older. Oldest. Member. Wow. Coach you love it. Anyway where were. What went to bring them back it's like I can't remember what that was set it brought that up for a reason. Why. Anyway. 260636. It is our telephone number all it may be the social cramped thing. All I remember the yesterday. My EF three sisters and my daughter I mean excuse me in my in my in my wife. We all went for dinner at cafe Adelaide. You remember we talked about that Doug yesterday. I don't think we did. Anyway went over there. It one of the reasons is that it's really convenient from our radio stations just across the street basically. It's the Loews hotel big major hotel there. And a really nice looking place to. And so we we gathered there could do would you know help everybody's motions around. And sat down and the of the restaurant was not particularly busy when we started it although it got better as the as time went on. And there was some interest in bunch of menu items. The most unusual was something that I had foreign on trade. It was as an effect of tell you my whole meal. It was a tool for one. Appetizer. What it's it it was a tool for the price of one. Offer. It's it's it just pick out which your word to be about this but. What it the way it worked. Boyce. For me I had this white. Being the soup. That weighs very good. And then I followed that with a hand at. Pie that's what I'm trying to remember what they called it and the minute I hand it a change in the high. And the way you make peace is that you have these little puff pastries. That will look kind of like cup cubic spies but smaller. And they were filled not with sweet stuff but with. Some completely. Savory. Items of im the one in mind was was lamb. And there was some -- meet sure you saw us in there which is a strange thing to find in two NS something like that but it was delicious. And this was a nice little therefore I think it cost 21 dollars or something in that neighborhood. Anyway it's. That's an underrated restaurant we only rarely hear talk about it but every time I go I always walk out saying yeah this. Better than I expected it to be anyway it is. Cafe Adelaide. It is named after. One of the members of the Brendan fit the original. Group started it all back in the 1940s. Family there. They they started that in that era. And Adelaide was was one of the one of the members of that family and it was from there on that the Brennan's just took off and really started making it happen. But it's great to to see some of these old issues that go back from a long way although what I just told you I think it's actually pretty current. Anyway you had a nice time over there keep it in the back your mind you know what the one of the things that they do over at cafe Adelaide this that they. Have a really great. Breakfast menu. And I think it there was one time when it it used to be even better than it is now I remember. Though when my daughter was going to school. In downtown. Used to drop her off and then I'd go over and have not all the time but once in awhile. Over at cafe Adelaide and just love and it admitted they were doing things I agree odds and grits and boss bread and and they knew gays and chick great coffee on all the great New Orleans stuff. At which I never get tired of idea and I'm sure some people to put love it. 206063. 68 is such telephone number. We've had a reasonably busy show today of until now within a and I have to tell you about all this other stuff that night. 26063. Succeed if there's anything you wanna know but anything have in the do with food restaurants and stuff call us would you we we have a lot of info here. And it's not just. Gourmet stuff we can we cover the entire range of all food items. Start to finish. And we'd love to hear from you. Even if what you want is not. Exactly the same thing that you thought you were gonna get what does it I don't even know what that means. When he way come join us here on the program it's so much fun to do this every day. And we'd love to hear from you about what you like to eat and where you've been getting it done well lately. One of my favorite quests. To ask listeners of is this you know there are. A lot of under arrest and so there. Who is. Favoritism. It is is such that they they've they believe that. They. That the restaurants that they go to these are people who go to a certain restaurant and could be anyone. And a when they get there. They they dine. And they bring it to an end. And then they who wore a roll out of the place with the idea that well gosh I mean I know I know everything that's needed to be known. About about this kind of food. But it isn't and here's what I would like to suggest to you if you went to a restaurant or you even if you go to one very regularly all the time. And you think it's something and everybody already knows about. I can tell you they don't. And they would love to hear from you about these wonderful restaurants that you go to. That that that most people honest to goodness dueled not know at all they've never had it. Or maybe they've had a good and bad. Versions of it. And what I love doing is turning up these restaurants and also the dishes that played so well with people who find them. And I wanna be one of the people who find some and passes them want to use so. You want to get stuck on the same mold many many issues that we have available around town. In New Orleans New Orleans. America's greatest eating city. Hello there you are listening I hope yours to the food show. On 105 point three FM HD two what is this HD two stuff what is all this point no moderate just plain old regular radio. You know that's what they were saying to win. AM radio kind of faded into the distance. And FM took over and we all would agree I think I can imagine. That there's a whole lot of dissent. As of book has agree oppose of FM radio it is well obviously. Much much better. A way to carry those radio waves. Well it's even more true of HD radio. And oh we I think still have access to some free radios. A let me tell you what to do it is to check this so. It's called. The mobile one and it's a local outfit. That repairs car radios and there's all sorts of electronics in in automobiles. And they have the HD radio. For free I think this is something that we've been giving away for quite awhile in their Sunday it's gonna happen that that we don't have anymore of them. But I don't think that's happened yet I haven't heard that it. So we've gone over there and tell me what the WW LHD. Radio. And they might tell you what's already in this car and because a lot of cars that are about 345 years old they already have HD radio in Somalia have to do is to find which button to push and then you've got. And then if that but if they don't they will install it for free the radio itself is free and you also. Might incur. A small charge if fury if your. Cart. Has some of bad antenna or funny antenna or something. And I've heard that that goes about an extra thirty dollars but that's not even much hi all long has it been since the last time you bought a radio. It's been forever is how long. And they'll wind that you may as well get this the sound quality is fantastic. And if you ever find yourself driving out in the countryside a little bit like to beat this. Brings her a place like that. You would. You would notice right away. That you can drive for pretty far distance away from downtown. And find that this station can be. Heard very very well. And it can so. That's a great feature of this and it's all. HD quality. It's it's just unbelievable. I have them I have four. I'm not bragging I just think they sound so good why would I listen anything Alaska. So I checked it out they have a couple locations have of mobile one around town. And really you ought to get one he says HD radios. You will you know what you gonna do one of these days anyway. Because it's it's one of those items. That little by little like. For example. Having. He in in every car in the world you have the belts that hold you in place in case you hit something and go flying. This presents that you know there are lots of you would be an idiot not to have one of those. So when I'd get it will same is true of HD radio maybe you know less important way. 2606368. College William we'd do we'd love talking to anybody out there who's having a good. Time we've anything. On I wanna tell me where we went yesterday my wife and my daughter and I. We went to a new place that's not really new it's the lake view. I think it's a lake view cafe and not positive of that but it is. On Harrison avenue. Abut two blocks away from the the canal that leads into city park. This is a sort of across the street from the steak knife in case we still trying to figure witnesses. And anyway. It is this will replace. That hamburger place it'd been over there for quite awhile and they did nice job of re decorating it. And it's called three b.s. The risk that number three no notes and letters through TH RE EDB's. Be apostrophe yes. And they have burgers. They have. Some ribs I think I saw that on the menu. The and a few other things even they had and a moves bush which really surprised me. This. Breast front. Again I tell you it takes the place. Because it's new owners from what had been there before what's the name of that somebody called me and tell me I'm sure this people listening right now and I know it. Excuse me exactly where we're talking but it's it in the same parking lot as the MacKenzie use. A bakery right there on Harrison avenue in a downtown. Lake view. Called me up and tell me. The exact though location of that so I can put it to its its its. What is it lake view cafe recently cute something else knows one the other they were they were really hugely busy yesterday. They have a small hamburger that's as big as the big hamburger get that one and two will be better. To 6063. 662606368. We'd love to hear from you but what's cooking. In in your life. Tell us what's going on we'd love to know. Let's see what rush on here we go this is this is an item have been meaning to bring. What restaurants. Do you most miss. That are not here anymore. And earlier in the program I brought up by an anecdote about Teepen Terry's restaurant which was the very exotic very usual. Cutting edge sort of a restaurant that we used to be on. Claiborne avenue near. Napoleon avenue. Long gone. To bed. Today it always really distinctive. Restaurants and I always like going there. Because Steve Pate in a lot of ways they cooked things differently from what anybody else did. And part of that. Was that day I can remember one item in particular they had this great soup. That was made. Kind of like crawfish disk where you put in the the stuffed heads. You know I think this one big flaw in that dish. Crawfish. Crawfish disk and that is the stuff head I mean it's just it's in the way it's hard to eat it's hard to put stuff. It just takes up a lot of time and it doesn't add anything to it but what they used to do over it keep it carries as they would make these things. But they would make him and the balls there was no. There was no. Of stuff shelled to get rid of port to deal with they just pick him and what they use it to make the stock but that was about it. And what would come out of this is that they would make these little boom let's they were. Like about the size of ping pong ball. And they would try some of these up and put two or three of them in in the in the disk and boy with that effort good that was a very consistent issue over the air and it's one that even the customers who loved it. Rarely mention it but that's if you ever see that. Try it out I think you'll agree that it is a major step up from doing the crawfish biz with with a stuffed heads. You can have all of my stuff Ted's. Every single 126063. 68 hello somebody out there willow wanna listen to us or talked to a sudden I would love to talk to. Or listen to me either one. What's cooking over at your house. What have you found lately where review where did dine that it was really way more. Enjoyable than you thought it was going to be good. Going back to the bottom mention a few minutes ago. Which restaurants. In our area. Are the ones that you miss the most. These arrest sensitive been around for a long time but they're not around anymore. And what do you think of you know what which restaurants. Has triggered that. That feeling that you have that kind of a nostalgic. Feeling to lose arrest and that you always loved. It happens you know they go broke you know they have problems with landlords. All kinds of reasons. Such things happen and over here is Gerry Gerry welcome to the food show. Our top Jerry. Just Medici in Q. To start it today. No question now quote. Favorite restaurants that are gone are you know party all Bernie and there. It can't you order Friday night out this morning. Just. Yeah I am I still get calls from people who say that they. It we don't whether they gonna reopen. Well we've seen no evidence of that at all it's too bad. Yeah and it it. In not only was it of a terrific restaurant but it was around for a long time they they went into business in. Nine and eighteen don't know in 1953. Good lord that's so long way to come for that. The yeah we need more fortune out there at the Il before. George. Brightly and I believe George immunity is Saturday urged the Euro and Euro hurricane. Via. Jewelers. I don't want to that they did it again opposite. To your conversation that that's another. You go hey. I am as a he would I'd it. Used to bring all of this and it NS special taste accurate Tuesday. Ever been able duplicated. But the club acted on them or LI PO this case. And now what I'd do it talked about eight it and it came. Never really took you know you know. Want that trust me. Oh that's that's. It's it's really. A what you do where they wouldn't of a pork picnic which is front and it's just I I I I've never found anything. That I liked and my what used to happen is that my wife would see that the store and say what this looks good and she just grab it bring in almanac. You know say this this this you did it again. But from money. There is there's one him hug there that day you. Your description of the one that you like is kind of the same as the description for the one I like and that is just Stacy. Oh yeah it has never changed I've I've been eating that since I was a little kid and it them in amazes me every time I'd take some of that and make the sale which out of it or do anything with a and it always comes back to music I'd remember this this is exactly this it never changes. Well you know I don't case but to change I'm in my mid sixties and I just I don't know if I'd I'd you'll enjoy it just say that it just you were. As they're very consistent. And they're even sheep I'm I went and got a half a pound at the grocery store last Saturday. It was three dollars and nineteen cents that's insane. Well well look like Joel problem with the reality you have to watch for the fact I think there. It's it is a little fatty but you remove it it just is so good but. Anyway I just when an issue that the earnings by all are being done just that more than any. He it was especially that flounders that they used to do with the stuffed flounder with the they they grow. Oh boy cry you know they broil it'd stop that with crabmeat it was just terrific. It was just one place in which you. Billion on the lake front and but it was good I do that consistently good at. The people friendly. The front bar you'd go and it just wait cable you did you know them. So just enjoyed in joint mission. Well good by the way if you if he over one look at the bar I can tell you where it is. Where it's at the U Luis elated it's the so fab which is the southern food and beverage met museum. Which is more or less on the cut on the intersection. Of air heart knowing nightmare right it's. Give me a second. And it all a rat our reps that castle Haley is one of them and then. The cross street is Martin Luther King knew there it is oh that's where indeed the food museum is and it's really it's full of interesting stuff but one of them is. They have that bar. There. All my dear. Yeah and a lot of good memories right there yep and how well thank you for that appreciate it always. Load mutual. What thank you very much for dropping them as hearings nice hearing from view it's 44444. Right now and here is Sydney. Eight on. The game dot who brining. And your wrap up. He's not a really good at all really so now we're the only compliment each. Yeah I doubt this morning a lot but I got we felt. While that. Juries makes you know that it all the terrific. That you are applauding. As well it probably right. You are good and you have found one of the secrets. Now are very obvious state yet it's obvious keep the Kerry. This plodding well I don't wanna deal. Is capped HE bond. No kidding and they just moved like six months ago. Well. Did you know. Well he's working for somebody but he's working for somebody at a very high levels so he is he is being in the shaft. And he's done a lot of the the menu himself but you know that for the customers it. Have been going there for years they also have some of that menu one on there too it's good enough and it's. May be better than good enough. My wife is nuts about it I like it. Got ago yet I I used to absolutely. Walk and shall beat me. Yeah let's look at the way all over the best seat in the city. He he does indeed. And and it it sets him up better to be in man to go anyway because he lives in manned bill this is from. I shipped to closed accessory. And he. And I don't know exactly where he lives in less in. In Vanderbilt but it's not far away. The difference between that and coming home from the French Quarter at midnight or later it's due I would. I would go for the one in man of the NATO. But you afterward but the crop. That tub that was 100 things that. That caused him. What all of our deuce he was really put off about that. Yeah a lot of quick go yeah yeah that's true. So I don't know not sure. Well everybody in the French Quarter to us. Reduced that there are a lot of restaurants that have a lot of local people like mr. Beason gala toys and our nose in places like that. But when it boils down to you know the basics you wind up. Which mostly tourism there but that's that's done nothing wrong with that we've done very well by that. It's it's one of our meeting streets yet no question about that. Yeah but I don't know I really miss him but ballot though an outlet made their nephews. And now. Idea I was just talking to. One of our guys who was sitting in for improved. Spud to and that's buds half scoot today. Was talking about it and said that he went there any got the he got that tasting menu and it was eleven different dishes and it cost 45 dollars I think he. I've got it all white and I wish we would shed. We got through march 3 call it's okay and with it could lead at war I know the only thing else to go ahead. This is so it was our theme for the last two days over here the restaurants are making. Food that require that that they're. Giving you too much food that's what I'm trying to say in and stumbling all over. That what the port and wet cubic. We went on Saturday. At bop there will carry our our got a very courses spoke out we hate. Boom choke Tuesday. Well it obviously works. Good. You need to go. It's on my list but it's a little too soon and from all reports they are just pack in that place in. And Heatley you better get a reservation but that's not gonna help the entire leave you it's tough to get in there. You know I'd that was my third. Go before I finally stood second powerball win. Reservation. Followed weekend I am you couldn't I mean it's true. It was Pia. So they do at all. Well that's helpful I'm glad to hear that and you know by that. Yeah that's so funny thing about Metairie you know Metairie doesn't really have any parking spaces anywhere. It just unless it's on its own by the whoever's doing like Andrea. Andre is. He he he's got. Parking lots all the way around soul rest. What he also built in and out of that helps him. So you know I know well actually gave me wet structured. Really invite in 1986. No kidding well you beat me or even did you know no you didn't BP. To go he also did our wedding reception. Great guy you are a lot that's for sure the it to put it mildly. You wish he does this guy gonna up Noah and it's the all right well nice talking I think you know it's food show. The question it's on the table hero though you can bring up anything you want all the time you never have to worry about that. What restaurants. Do you miss the most these are restaurants that are no longer around. And you look at him in two point that police used to be so good. And then you get that wistful ness but restaurants give you that problem. If he could even call it that it's Jane Jane welcome to the food show. Well I thought I am IR. You know where we talked. Layer. Did who looked bleak well you know. Crawfish this. Not too many places have crawfish biscuit the moment. It's that you know it's the crawfish season is kind of played out. Rides high I had ever bother you stay at the. Separately ultimately the worst thing ever ever take it and it was not appropriate to. Yeah you know I like that place I go there pretty often but that is one thing that they do that I don't really think. Not a real. Then back can aggregate talked about the rain being in the air did you like can't. I'd do it was pretty good my wife and daughter were there and they they like the burgers in the front of Fries look to be fresh cut Fries. Which is pretty good. It's actually. Here and think. It's. All picture. It took so we knew everybody there they had their holes after just open. It it's on Harrison avenue. This is they you know between. They'd be dead canal that separates city park from dead. Weight. It's. It's been you know way that rail not real world that that whole big. Canals that is separates the lake view section from city park. And and just on the inside of that on New Year's. It's. Trying to produce it and it does does not. DB ha what is no. It's about six blocks from Cobb. Heading toward the heading toward the the the river known known at the rip my guess it would be come to think of it but. You. In the end I am about. Yeah. Hershey store down by ear and out there. Get polish and they. Shot you know of the in order to the markets get there. At best and that there are about but it was called show me. Always that's the same thing. As such is facing him minutes and they they bought one another voters something like that somewhere else. It's. Actually. It was across the street from. The opening up a lot but mother. Knew about. Try to mail it all came from the same place. And that was sued that was it. Yeah and we in my city. Cricket and I am about my mother was gunned down. And that's our. Program. Bruno would. General. It's generals you know they don't block. Our. Thing. Ship it out and earn everything. Share. In the quarter and. I'm not sure I remember 01 the whole. Oh chef duke oh I'm sorry. You do you did you ever noticed. Two. She Jeff Duke's place. It. All okay that used to be and in the first block of Decatur street. In the French Quarter but he has. Taken over the management. Of the restaurant in. In man to go called. Martinis. And apostrophe. Yet and apostrophe TI yeah that's it. Well good you'll you'll get to eleven again Casey's there part full time. You could. I think so yeah. Thank you for calling. Well that's. Porter Luke and that's meet Tom Fitzmorris. I will be back tomorrow. All I want tomorrow. I'm not gonna be here my wife is going to sit in for me. And whenever she does people who call me and they tell me hmmm how good she sounds in and that they. Really wish that I'd step aside and she could take it over by it. You know. I guess I'm too lazy to get a move on. Have a good dinner tonight talk to again tomorrow here on one of five point three FM HD two. The food show 33. Excuse me thirty years I'm jumping the gun.