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Wednesday, July 11th
Wild game eating at T Pittati's ain't there no more.

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This is the saucy voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris I hate. It's great to be back here again ready to go with another program. That we call simply the food show because that that really says everything that needs to be sent. It's a program about eating and drinking in restaurants and cooking and wine in seasonings and going to the store and buying all that stuff and raising your own vegetables a few. Have. A lean lean towards that. And we'd love to talk of the about whatever it is on your mind today. Having to do with that lunch you had today or the breakfast you should've had today beach forgot about it and the had dinner tonight. Who knows what's gonna happen and we we hope for the best. And people or we actually take another step a little bit farther than that and that is if you're looking. Especially for something specific. That you feel like eating tonight. Called the and come what you're doing here is not just calling me. You're calling me and your calling all the other people who are listening to hours station here and on 105 point three FM HD two. And oh they are ready to go to fulfill whatever it is you're looking for. And with all the people listening to us we can always find somebody who has the answer to these questions so. We love talking about that that's that's the long and the short of our show. The number is 26063. Six date that's the one and only phone number it's that when by the way is not new at all somebody asked me couple days ago in southern new phone number and no. It's the same phone number four. Gee whiz Howell he's got to be at least twenty years. It's same phone number but they're who cares. 26063. 68. Before I begin the program every afternoon I sit in my office and I. Fill in a bunch of little cards with with thoughts believe it or not if you can imagine me with a thought. And I always have the idea that oh sure everybody wolves have something to say about this and they'll make for a wonderful show that never actually works. I don't know why I bother to do it anymore. But dot I do love talking with everybody who is seemed to food and who likes talking about it especially seekers people who are looking around. Four something to. Try out tonight something new maybe. Or may be an old dish that you haven't done in a long time or maybe a dish that's been around forever but you just have never made it or. Never even tried it too which is all right but you know this so much out there. So we are just sitting around waiting for you have to call us it's. Who think that whatever else we can jam into the into the and Leo into the what am I trying to say here. Well it the the the list of what we're gonna talk about 26 so. 6368. Is looks gives me is the telephone number. 26063680. I was thinking a couple of days ago. I'm trying to remember what the connection was that would put this in my head. But a long. Time ago. Highways. As he put Harry's restaurant. He put Terry's if that doesn't ring a bell to you. Teepen Terry's was a restaurant. On Claiborne avenue but to a three blocks off of Napoleon avenue who's a big restaurant. It was a very successful restaurant for a very long time. And they were. Of a boat as aggressive a bunch of marketers as I've ever seen in a restaurant. I don't say that the put it down but they were always going after something new something than usual. The the dishes for which they were most famous and this is gonna strike Q is weird or something I just made up I guarantee you. Well maybe it's weird but I didn't make it up. That carries for a long time had wild game on its menu and I'm not talking about deer meat. And cantaloupe in things like that. Or Quayle. I'm talking to buy a hippopotamus. Aways. And you're chuckling well hope you are. And yourself here right here hippopotamus. Yeah I you can buy that in any store. Pete you can't buy it in any stores maverick nobody can get in all the markets it's. To take that out of the environment as it is to bring down the species we don't wanna do that. I held off Q you held off going you know. I was waiting for the blubber show the blubber I would of imagined that would have some consultancy. But I have a photograph hanging around somewhere. Of the chef at TP Terry's who actually had a hippopotamus fully. On his cutting board. It it and it was the size. Of of way. Couldn't pine tree and in a pretty big one at that and just said Leeson circumference. Anyway and the reason I bring this up. The well let me let me establish one other couple other things about them keep a Terry's. So they had all the wild game this is what they've became famous for. But that wasn't all they had other things that they became famous for one of them was lobster. And in those days this would have been in the 1950s. If I remember right may be the sixties but I think it actually started in the 1950s. They were doing lobster dishes. Using lobsters side of a big. The last tank that they kept at a very low temperature and they wanted to see if they could keep the temperature in the in the pink there there and it this could come in and balance off everything in and and make it delicious but in fact. It turns out you know lobster was a pretty easy thing to sell once you have it. The hard part was getting it out of the ocean and putting it in these tanks. Anyway. It it's what made to keep the Terry's famous and they became. Famous and state famous for a long time until. That the Terry finally. Dot decided after three. Times that there restaurant had been immensely. Flooded and waste this was sick in the the famous. What was that the the on February 13 flood and then there was seed may eighth that's that when I remember too and in both of those. But Terry's. They had hot just a lot of floodwater in the restaurant. The first time they went in they said well you know we're here this is gonna happen now and then. And they went in. And they've brought in all the way back and then they got another flight. And then it happened again about two years later and that's when they said that's it this game's over. And they used to they stopped. Really everything they shut the whole rest went down they re opened on the North Shore. But it didn't last long. And it was not the same restaurant it's a put Terry's. Downtown. Was so. Interesting as that to people. Where we're always going in there are people still talk about it to this day. And they really did have all this all this wild game and it was some very peculiar items. And you can't you you can't serve it anymore it's. When power. American government. Put a a lock down on some of these. Very well known. Various kinds of ingredients. They would just you know it's it's like certain fish these days there's still quote though on knows if it's not an outright ban. But anyway. So. We come back to that the minute this I have more to say about the lobsters and keep the Terry's in general. But on the phone I IC over here whether it's among reach. And it is who is it and is Ron Ron welcome to the food ago. Hate armor on the lament waiter Ron. The gourmet waiter ladies and gentlemen now Iran is going to be sitting in forests. On the eighteenth I think Orangemen. I believe July 27. July 27. Oh yeah yes that's that's what you're exactly right. And I'm looking forward to one election ought extended an invitation. To guest to appear on the show oh what might. What to seal it is but it's going to be because this fight it's gonna give away what type of quotable we talk and I don't shelved. Yeah okay but I'll know within a week in essence this person says yeah and there are certain told me that course they're gonna do. Will we get back what you earned it will be I don't know well who do you win you can eat any cats are we. Now that you are you after you left them out of the bag like that I mean. To marry. Are gonna love this because I note that they happen to like this type of cuisines because our earth and many many are hamburgers. Now had to. Work and we're gonna dedicate the show a hub. 2 o'clock McCormick truck driver oh there you go that's a very. That's silly capitals suggests. So if you would please make sure that. Warm avail. All I think we have that handy do we still have our. You know we do. Yeah. I'd much yet thank you are for grilling by its it's a nerve wracking thing to do I know believe it. Believe me but with thank you very much for doing it would we. We haven't had mainly because that meant taking any time off but we don't we haven't had any guest hosts on the lately and I miss some. All they'll marry and whenever. You all need one I'm always glad to do. Well thank you very much I remember hearing from everybody who is listening that day that you did quite a job on and I was in town and so I couldn't say that but. It seemed to work out great. It was fantastic that was such Upjohn always. And it turned out he's quite the media man Ingraham show. Yeah he's he's a great talker he's certainly got them a mindful of ingredients and and and recipes and had just lots and lots of the culture. The cajun country and all the other places where he worked over the years. Yeah out what to try to get him back on the show sometime in March that's because what he's doing right now is doing something where he's going to the seven countries that helped. Settle well Louisiana. And he's. I don't genealogy records where. The country's going to be there at TPC. Don't want money when it's going to be in 2019. Is what is going to be. But we could get back on the market why not sure. Yeah I remember hearing that. Will it though that's terrific and you noticed there were people in New Orleans go crazy over. In Ramallah and the mileage he says is that when I went. About a how things genealogy thing and my my middle sister sheiks he keeps track of all of this stuff and and it's fascinating. Yeah especially when you discover your somehow related to somebody that you wish you weren't completely it's who put it let's hope that doesn't happen. I think that was what he's trying to do was trying to figure out of these people work came open. Via via. From seven different countries they all have different stories that's for sure. Definitely anyway I'm looking forward to very much against immigration and you lecture notes in it I guess so yeah. According to a terrific thank you. We're out by the way those of you who are listening tomorrow and hear a guest host. Might wonder what wait didn't that guy just talk about this just yesterday. I missed it now no you won't miss it that doesn't run until the 28 that he says it. But the 27. Abut the actual. Host on it'll be sooner than that will be tomorrow. My wife Marianne is going to. Guest host the show. If you've never heard her before. It has certain aspects not many but certain aspects. Of some similarities. To what I usually do when we sit down and do the show. But she has it in her own special way and I'm taken the day off tomorrow and she's gonna do it. And so give her a buzz and and have a conversation with a sheet. Can really failure here and fill your brain with things let's see. Regina is over here on our green phone Regina welcome to the food show. Good afternoon apparently calling it today I'm moon. I'm OK I'm fine good. I was an outfit today it would just normally Halliburton offshore and then you call that one of the hanging in his right hip like issued. Yep I know nightstand. Collected what are we talking. Anyway out of their houses which is. The plate and do most of much. And I did happen to really take something and today. And I and I hear on the radio. You make pretty regularly. Talking about. I don't know whether it's Sonia. On according view. Everything is fine but that. Restaurants. The businesses jail someone like Leo because people just like dining out the way did. That. Being houses and that it conduct that say it's an upper scale grocery. I don't think that's fair enough to say that. It's my my my place and that I she actually shot it because I feel like the items that I can purchase there. But time can tell you. These grocery stores have really gotten competitive with the national. There's no doubt about it and Nate you know that that has been something that's been talked about it. Since the 1980s I remember going to a food writers conference in New York City. And the whole thing was about the way that supermarkets. Could move in to the scene and get people who. Customarily eat. In restaurants. To to go by their all their food over at the supermarket and then bring it home and whip it up then get it done well service. And time and they even have certain stoic even have them dining area. That really attracting people that may only get our alliance. And. I had other people tell me that I have never actually seen one. Well for the anthem we're which one. I hope that you and slide out and they have that we each separate dining room you know desktop whipped. In making your drink and everything and anything and it constantly cleaning it and keeping. Well they've got to I will give him credit for yet. You know they've ATP is right beer and play well. And and that they don't impede his hand and I'm here promoting well it's but it just really well again today. How they're competing with restaurants. In oh yeah it's true that constantly updating. And for myself. I don't get the opportunity to go we don't want to eat a whole lot. I can tell you won't go there and it's that the beautiful ballad I think we have a debt that night. Anyway I just can't really it was looking. They had the department quite there yet. And I'm thinking oh my goodness I want this could be having something to do. But and what the other thing is I was just wanted to get I'm sure you're aware of that jet baby has announced that there clothing. I heard I was very surprised to hear that and the only thing I can possibly imagine as being a cause for that. Is so. A lease change of some kind now betcha that's what it's about. Well I was really really again the Brennan just tell me they set the standard yet but. The they have. He came out publicly and announced that. The employees. Will be discharged that they have made availability for them at their other restaurants. Yeah sure I'll have no problems with that at all I think that that is as we like you know the idea that it's typical. Find good people you know not elect good people go that's an album gets really surprised and I just wanted to get your reaction to back. Now that it has been going on for quite a while it's something I've ever subscribe to Fareed just doesn't seem right when I when it I get hungry. I like going to a restaurant as a place to go two and a place to be served this is. The good part the best part of restaurants and it's what I love about pressed. You know I don't think it's really geared for people such as yourself who really like to go out. And have a nice meal I think it's years more for missing maybe a lot of professional and the fact that. Ending up where it could be good gains and yet. And that's the way with him as a hot meal on the table without doing any of the trip themselves. That's what I'm thinking. Well you know this there's certainly nothing wrong with that and also. This really ought to be pointed out and so I will. There are a there are lots and lots of people for whom getting there weekly or believe in. Food that they get from there local supermarket. Who are now eating much much better food than they were before. Cause it's still had those still are put together reasonably well by real professional bakers and cooks and all that so. Well you got taken advantage of some of the things that I have to tell you. I think quite impressed with it but you know a lot of things that pat yeah but anyway have a good day we ought to thank you. My pleasure to see you later bye it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris. Our number is 2606368. Random Gannett and turned a couple of pages back here. We were in the middle of it a brief conversation but keep the Terry's. And this is an anecdote this is not a story it's an anecdote what's the difference I am oh think about it now and tell me. Seoul. Keep the Terry sewage system catch up. This was of a very. Very well attended restaurant on Claiborne avenue near. Near Napoleon avenue. And they. We're aware famous for doing lobster and they were also famous for wild game and they became very very well known for both of those things. But then. The date came. When they had to make a change in that if it was called the flood to the school high. The floods that happened over about a three of four year period. It just wipe the rest and out basic political. They. Fixed it all back up again after the first time and after the second time but after the third time they said without adequate this. And they just moved out. But to. I don't know why I brought that whole story in there it's a little too much but all I'm focused on trying to kill time none of that so here is sub. I'm curious what really was on my mind. Ocean there one day and I can't remember if I was sitting there talking with Tom but Terry who was third generation I think in this family. And but I I remember talking to him before but one time or another. He said you know things have changed a lot in the restaurant business. And I remember when people used to come to the restaurant. And they would have one or two cocktails some times before they even looked at the menu. Now people come into the restaurant. They sit down and they ask for the menu immediately. And they want it to be served pretty quickly to. And he was really put off about this and thought that this was a bad trend I couldn't agree with him more. But it sure showed the way things we've got to change. May I took a long time that happened actually buy it. We finally see a lot of that around town and I can't tell you it's my favorite trend. But they Ares. That was going on then. And I remember that just stuck in my mind that his this would have been he was talking about ho. Some time in the 1970s. Maybe in the 1980s but I think it was more in the seventies. That he made that statement that about restaurants. But customers of restaurants coming in and only having. Like maybe one cocktail but not to like they used to and then they'd want to menu right away and get everything else going everybody was in a hurry. And he thought that was a crying shame but I couldn't agree with him more. So why am I run into Tom to Terry every now and then it's always at the same place he always. Whenever I see him both of us are having with the speed of different tables. Dinner over at that Keith young steak house in in Covington which is terrific. It's the food show. Well beyond my my top note 260636. It is our telephone number we talk about anything having to do with food. Cooking wine cocktails buying food at the store. Are anything else you wanna talk about it that's delicious and and makes you are mouth water and makes life better we'd love to hear from you about any of that 2606368. And remember. Be if you wanna call about something. Or ask a question tell me something. And you listen to the radio and you hear that whoever is on at right now. Is to right is talking about something completely different. Don't even pay attention to that go ahead and dial the number. And assumes they're finished we will pop right over to you. You are more than welcome to be at any point in this program he used when it would be convenient for you so give us a call. And we'd love to hear from you but that. Have a couple of random questions that came and I don't know why well it doesn't. Happy birthday. Okay you've been to restaurants. Where there's somebody usually a waiter who sings the happy birthday song that we've all known about since we were kids. I don't think it has a royalty anymore so it. Not to worry about that too much. So here's the way it goes on yours dining. With the birthday boy or girl who's just whoever it is. There are celebrating a birthday and of course you go right along with a because it's fun. Do you want those waiters though to come out. To your table I mean really. Because. Well. It's saying the familiar side I mean it it is this something that he you. Actually like or do you think it's a negative. Or. Do you just like totally hate it. This is something that you will strike you as odd but it is true there are. There's a fairly large number of restaurants that have a no birthday song rule. And then there are some that recognize that that's a service to their customers and so they will just go ahead and keep on singing happy birthday. But in order to minimize it what they do is they make sure that the waiters and whoever else it is. To whom it falls this task. That person. Should is supposed to. Sing it really really badly. I'm I know of one restaurant in particular. That. If they are not doing it the way I just described in other words if they were actually trying to make it sound good. They kept fooled me or they have failed dismally but it. But I'm telling you they're there or there's a couple of a couple of major restaurants. Cool when they sing happy birthday to any of the customers. They've got to be kidding and in it's so terrible. At that date the only explanation for it is set it's to prevent other people from getting the idea. Now and it will be a few one if you if you just yelling get rid of that whole thing he all the way what did you do you have you have the waiters singing the birthdays you know at birthdays. Then you have them ask. Whoever's birthday is how old they are. That will dissipate the crowd yeah it well. Not a bad idea actually. Do do you like it do you like that done or is that something you prefer they did I don't really care. You don't care I don't know why don't I eyes are going on to say now a year. Don't ever do that again you're flat flat as. Well. You do have to put up with that if you're a musician. That somebody's got to tell you that your flat. This is the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here was he talking about food and restaurants since. We're listening to the food show. We'd love to hear from you but food about restaurants but cooking and I just too good not to leave this behind totally but if you. Are in a restaurant. And the waiter who wants to sing you happy birthday because it is your birthday. Do you like to do it or do you know like to do it or were you perhaps thought of think about. Throttling the person who is attempting to do it. I have one family member of mine. Hole and I'm in love with her to my a my daughter my my beautiful daughter. Can't stand to have any kind of singing going on anywhere rounder which you know. We just let that play out as it does but anyhow. What you thought about that if you have thoughts about something else in you don't care about a singing happy birthday. Call us about the other thing we don't care mixes it's all good to us to six so. 63. Succeed is our telephone number. Close right now you'll get right in simple enough. And I will not be here tomorrow on taking a day off for two tomorrow. And I don't I don't think I have anything that will come out of this that would shake. And he's outside. Trees or anything to 6063682606360. To be cute cute cute cute oh gosh I am for getting totally. And that we have of a major. Each club. It is. The eighteenth. I think yes it's the eighteenth. That's a week from today. It's certainly as you. And here is what we are doing. Hello we are doing. The celebration. Of the thirtieth. Anniversary of this radio show we signed on the air and eighteenth of July. Nineteen what a you know every time I think about this like forget what that number on them on the date was I think it was 1988. Ando we have been on the year ever since then. And are very proud of that so we decided to give in each club dinner which we haven't had in awhile anyway. We're doing that Bruce guards and under rated restaurant if ever there was one in the quarter. They now have parking they. The valley parking available right next of the restaurant and no we're doing it a five course or is it for. Four or five courses winds all the way through. And unusual. And the bulls nothing really far out. But does some of very creative work by the ship. And it's a hundred dollars and includes tax tip winds and everything. It's on the eighteenth again I tell you that's a week from today and we will be there and that. Broussard it's beautiful restaurant wait till you see. You know I'm I'm I'm hoping we can somehow figure by the way to do this dinner out on the court yard it is really lovely there. But we have a fairly good number of people who were coming to this it's not going to be huge mob. And I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 2535. People somewhere in there if you've never been one of our. We just give big tables and we sit down with the people you might not know what you will get to know him very quickly. And I'm mover around from table to table and to shoot the breeze with everybody who's available. And we talk about the food scene and about the the way things are going in you know all all of all those matters that we spend all our time talking about it on the radio. Again I tell you its next Wednesday night. It's on the eighteenth this is that Bruce yards and their phone number. Is. Oh brother. If glitzy 5813866. That is the number. 25813866105. See page 504 rather. So I hope to see you then. We haven't been doing news the number of that we used to along time ago back when we first started doing these things we did him every single week how I was able to do that I don't know. But anyway we gonna reminisce over that and hope you can make love to hear from you where. Oh where have you been eating lately and that was. What oh yeah yeah I had a recipe. On my website a couple of days ago that involved to mourn they saw us it is very effective said. Our oyster more Nace office. That's about that and in. Just mulled over for a minute. Knowing that I couldn't think of a single date no wait that's not exactly true I can think of one dish. That I'm very familiar with that is made with more an ace office. But that's the only one unless it's being hidden pretty well the one that I know by. Is if you were to go to our nose. And get that five wave baked oysters. Appetizer that they have to find that on a couple of the oyster dishes like the Rockefeller in the begin built to beat noteworthy about it. What they were making this with was. Morning sauce on top of the oysters Rockefeller etc. which is unusual. It is what the way they make it everywhere else in America but. Oysters. Oysters. Rockefeller. Was invented here in New Orleans so with the way we dole a do it really ought to be the official way of doing it. But it isn't. And in that that the main difference is that they put this morning saw switches you've been waiting for me tell you what it is I think. It is a it's like a basher males sauce which is basically your basic white thick sauce. And to it they add cheese and it melts into. The the basher Mel and becomes a thing unto itself and it adds a little richness. You don't want to add tons of she's to this a little bit of parmesan cheese will do it. And you certainly don't when he used anything like chatter. Any way. Next time you see a run of recipe that involves more and they saw us. Trying it out it's it's. It's something we very rarely see the only other restaurant I can remember. That had it at all for any reason was the old Christians. Restaurant at the the rest but that was in the church remember that. And they were there for ages and and they had a couple of dishes on the menu that were pretty. Generously served with morning starts but that's what it is it's a basic basher Mel's very light white sauce. With she says. And the cheese is melted away totally took. Well we are creeping up to the news here and then though we will hear same. And then we will return with more of the food show a few minutes after that I hope you stay tuned we have another couple hours ago on this half of the food show. But did you know we have another half of it that begins. That 5 o'clock. And goes all the way to 7 o'clock so you talk about service. Compared with other radio stations ha. We got it.