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That this is the breezy voice of your local announcer. Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time now for the food show. And every day we sit down and we talk about the food scene around New Orleans. Which gets better and better all the time if you ask me. The point that this is about the fourth the fifth time I've brought this up and I don't know why it expects its me so much but I just lately I have read. Three different articles from various publications locally. That focus in on the fact that a few restaurants have closed during the years so far they say yeah twenty of them. Five the and moral divide the statistics that I keep on this that is not all that much out of the realm of a normal. And only a few of these restaurants that have clothes are what I would call really a big deal important I'm gonna miss at the rest in my life kind of restaurant. But they have been pasted like that night just. Knowledge is seems kind of a strange thing to say to me. But then again it gets everybody's got his. His outlooks to six so close 636. It is our telephone number all we do here is talk about the food scene around awhile and and we'd love to hear from you about where you've been eating what you wanna eat more of what has been a cooking grade at home. A little boxes of chocolate that it turned up. In the back of a little box on Europe kitchen counter and you didn't know was there. But she if you went ahead and and ate it anyway because how bad could it be right. So yeah you never know what's hanging around your house have you ever found something really delicious that just. There's just something that you bumped into. It happens to me in the refrigerator a lot but. Called me up and anything on your mind is good enough for me we talk about the food in our town. And we do it from every imaginable. Point of view to 606368. In the fi calling on you get right in. And oh well let's see what we do today. Today is Wednesday. Isn't it Winston. We have yesterday was Tuesday all day Acadia just check and make sure. This being Wednesday. It is soup and salad days. For a lot of people who keep very good tight culinary traditions. Soup and salad night it is also. Pour voice and which night or day either one you can be either one. Poor boy night or poor boy day. Favored poor boy placed in your experience lately. That's CO tell you mine when we give just give it a little bit of thought but I think I have a pretty good idea what I'm gonna stay here any second now. Yup I think. It's on the North Shore residents and not two convenient. But I like it anyway all our I have 20021. On the North Shore. It's. Punch train poor boys. There are just off of highway 22. They are always busy. And they do a terrific job the guy who owns it is may affect his whole family. They were living in saint Bernard parish that's where they were from. And you know what happened there in 2005. Saint Bernard parish. All but one hosts in the entire parish. Were rendered unusable as as a home after Hurricane Katrina so these people a lot of them move. Away from Saint Bernard and wound up a lot of them. On the North Shore. And a lot of them are still there and seemed like it well enough. And quite a few of them have opened up restaurants over there so it's it's been a good thing all over if you win you know what you wanna stretch it out that long but. I don't see why we shouldn't. So anyway. They have a great core voice in which over there at the punch train poor boys. There roast beef is terrific. And all the other ones that I've had have also been very nice but. The the one that I was not thinking of at first anyway. Is one that will come as a surprise to you because it came that way to me. Dell. Oh gosh wooten here we go again the first I can't remember the name again. Kind of a place it's they receive arrest on on the West Bank to locations I think two of them on the West Bank. That specializes. In muffle lettuce. It'll come to me the name of the walk on the mean the second with any kind of luck at all. If you know. What the rest and is called me and tell me. So we can move this thing along a little bit. But they they also have one in Covington I guess we're back on the North Shore again but that they since they have multiple locations they all are. All exactly the same nearest I can tell. The so anyway theirs is I think really terrific and but I feel like immediate telling you about it and I hear him Ed's on the phone to it to save us from this dilemma I have put myself in wolf we'll find out. Ed is that you. Yeah actually feel welcome welcome to the food show. Thank your I get information on the social around who are not that weren't sure they have onshore and yeah. We're loading up their well. It is one of the very few buffets still around anymore feet even if you go scouring the of the hotels. Which is where you used to find these all over the place. You would become very disappointed to find that almost no. Major restaurant in the city and still does buffets at all. And once in awhile though the doom kind of low key. And and there are a couple of them that are so. So locked in like the court two sisters you know they've they've all done it there for awhile. For a long long time so anyway it is. A nice looking building it sit in and an old hotel that has have been kept up pretty well. The prices are lower than I would expect to find. Right now if you were to run in to a of the face of where. It would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3040 maybe more than that. And this one last time I looked it was only about 25 or so. Fifteen well I can't say I'm surprised by that because of restaurant prices have been floating up a pretty slowly but it's nice enough it's not a brilliant place I wouldn't say. But it is. It is about all you have left if you wanna go into a buffet you want. You have to look around pretty good but again I tell you a nice looking place with a reasonably decent food. I'm just aren't. You. Of course standard for all gun shy haven't checked today. So life I don't have a good source of that ammunition for that but don't give McCall I'm sure they would tell you. Why did I call I'm gonna affect our camera it's actually different pitcher and 10 really well in that that that happens. Yeah okay and that's reached up and and shrimp and an art I think. Shallow. Sort this out if you marry. Yeah I didn't think about it. On the save it ten or so times over the years. What it and it's pretty good but again I tell you it's and it's not a place that would be violently Lisk is I don't like a face to begin with. A well ultimately I would like to hear back from you whenever it's convenient did tell us what you thought of it concise it. I. Am sure sure sure well I don't know why that it if I. It likened I know about the market could. Listen thank you very much for calling. He would approach showed 2606368. So let's seizes the Christine is that splendid it's the Martino is that's it di Martino whose. Is one of a small local chain of restaurants specializing in multiple letters but they cause some time ago. They used they started expanding their menu to include a little bit of Italian food. And they may be a lot of Italian food in fact. And they also do other kinds of poor boys and their roast beef pork boy I think he's very close to his good ones I have had in ages so. There is your roast beef scoreboard for today today's Wednesday which is suppan sell a day. And it's also pour boy night to a poor boy day as you wish. So what's the soup of the day. Let's see I ran into a good soup of today in just a couple days ago we want to I went to end ones last Friday. We and we've mentioned this before but that was another aspect of it. Didn't Covert and and it's it's one of my favorite dishes over there it is not on the menu as far as I know. But it has been a specialty at and ones for so long. That I would be very surprised if they told mania now we know have that anymore. Actually that did happen a certain amount to win right after they got back going after the after the hurricane. And I thought boy I hope. These guys don't forget how to do all the old classic dishes but it's a trial Florentine. Which more likely than not at this time of the year would probably be. Red fish or are black. Black could not black fish which what's of two black drum media and that is in fact they did it. And it was a very good and I keep getting that I think that's my favorite dish over there at least among the seafood dishes. He used two kinds of meals you can have an influence you can have an enormous meal with which would start with six baked oysters. And you know even eating one or two of those is this kind of filling. And then having for an entree. A stake would be good chicken Rosh limbo would be one of my favorites it's a half a chicken. But my favorite of all. Is. This this other thing that they do. With the lamb chops. And there are big thick lamb chops I'm pretty sure it's American lamb and ought to be for the price it's pretty high a price but it's the kind of I think that tells me that they're buying really good quality stuff. And when that comes to the table they have two different sauces one of them is a little it's a brown sauce but it's a little in the sweet side. Which might not catch you I think it's a ticket might be a of mint Demi gloss or something along those lines. And then. Let's see while one else's it was in there too all on he the bare knee sauce over the top. So this is a really delicious thing it's kind of expensive. I hate to even guess at what it is that something like fifty bucks or maybe even higher. But it's worth every nickel goes is that the quality of these lamb chops to get over the years is beyond belief. Not something you gonna eat every day. Where every weaker every month even but when you won a put on the dog this is due a week and by the way you know when they eat the dog you. It's something. Pretty serious that you can enjoy. And it's not the millennial dish it's real eating for a change. We will come back with more of the food show in a moment after first -- this -- there you are listening to the food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris and it's fun to be here with you every day talking about the food seen around town. What were you eating last night and was in any good. Tell me about that. That I can help you with a recipe something new trying to cook that you can't quite get the hang of believe me I can barely get the hang of flow lot of rest these myself. But what I offered few. Is a little. Brain squid from what little brains I have all also. Combined. With that what some other people who might be listening to us right now will know that's the best part of doing this program is that. When I don't know the answer to a recipe or or a restaurant or anything. We can get somebody on the phone who does just but always might not happen automatically but it does pretty quickly. So call us 20606368. And joining us over here on the on the green fallen. I can pull everything for years I can actually east touch there we go. And this is Norman. Norman welcome. They're stuck in there what's going on. It. Israeli jets and all yeah there are rules flops. It's very. You don't go there and vote right now. Not would want to be on the water in the oil on the water in a vote at any time. And always what you like what you like you know. Our board raise. Pocket aren't it was so. All of the jar of there. There were here they are public order law. Sir today lock them well. Here suggested. A split them that it. There are drop out. Am not and start torture you judge to block it's it's. Well trot out expert crops now that are really like. Flat out war now. For better or cups salad. I thought all okay so in other words it was cute I was trying to figure out where you go on with this so it was actually good. Are okay. It. It it is a good thing and is that it's not something you see very often around New Orleans it's it it's a West Coast that more than anything else. Yeah everywhere you go on the West Coast they've got to. Watch that. I say for what that's worth which is not much. All guys yet well. There are others that George. Ball. Weird. Thoughts here or. Well the great George. It's just let. It rip. You. Can you jail. But. It was time for. Google. They're there. They're out there. Well well I'm a big believer. In them when I'm going to the butcher shop the right I want to look at the beef. And not I ordinarily. My thought is get the whole thing and cut it you know in when you're in your kitchen. But I would not say that is a good idea for stakes Chris. You won't see them the marveling. Unless she kind of cutting into it a certain amount and butchers and that really all that crazy by two and that. So well. I I wanna look at the stakes before him is what what I'm trying to say here. Oh what I'm looking for those little more Boeing's you know it looks like a little strike nation that runs through the beef itself that follows the it follows the line of the the what do you call that the. You know the kind of the line of the fact running right through lean. And and and I've find. That if you just go by the by the grade of the beef over what it says so on the on the wrapper. You usually walk away with something that is kind of a good idea but maybe not as good as it could have been I'm I've had lots and lots of even USDA choice which is not particularly good. I'd final some of that that just had a lot of fat running through it which is which are looking for more for. Via that. And and I've also bought some steaks on time. That said that they were US TA prime I start slicing into it and where is the brief I mean where is if the the fat here. Which is what you want that's the big difference. It. They are ready to. Russia and you know what. No one has mentioned this that I can remember anyway. On Thursday's. Around town in quite a lot of restaurants. There is a steak night. Like one that comes to my mind immediately is Katie ski these restaurant uptown but. They are hardly the only one doing this or a lot of restaurants. That are doing Thursday night on and off on Thursday got started as the day that it happens. But at Thursday night dinner. Featuring stakes. He I'm or keep listening. Well I'll betcha there are people listening to us right now. Who routinely go to stake nights wherever it is that they live around guru you know win over one they like. If that's you if you know the stakes night somewhere around town. Call us and tell us about it you don't have to go into a lot of detail much you want to in which case it's welcome. Terrific you know are out of the good. Thank you seal later buys the food show this of that bonus it's fun to be here talking about the food seen around town. So yeah cool to who else do you know is doing a steak night. These tend to be very generous they are typically more about re buys stakes than any other content. Although that is not a universal thing. And it will give you an idea. -- what their beef is like to begin with but also the prices tend to be very very affordable so. That's worth checking out if you know of a statement NE where please call Alice which. Hello hello hello it's the food show on Tom its porous it's so fun to be here with you talking about the food scene around town. Which have been eaten. I don't president announced yesterday was Tuesday. I was concerned about getting stuck in summer daily ferocious. Whether. Which I actually got in the early afternoon but. Not too bad going home actually. And oh win in Iowa in depth so we went over to. Over to the bistro Orleans. And I just was checking out their new menu. And just intrigued by this part of grilled stuffed mushrooms. Again maybe the icy that they have they have something that's kind of like it. Parts of artichokes. Italian bread crumbs they fry all that it kind of like. A boo at net quite a ball by the little bit this sort of in that direction. And they serve with a marinara sauce of all things I don't know if I would have put a red sauce on that but I sure what do tried it. And it went very very well. With the sauce that they were serving with this. Spinach thing too so few few new items going on. Chef. Archie. He was there will lose a bird upon. Upgrading me on what's coming up but the rest of these days you always got a few new things coming up. It's the food show. I am looking for. For you if you either work at a restaurant or a few. At a restaurant right now. Cooking something. What thinking about cooking something. Call me up and tell me about anything you might have going on could says that's only we get to the as much information as we can give you. And but. You can't go to every restaurant in town every day which is about what it would take to get around it felt. Anyway today is that Wednesday its soup and salad day you have either or both. Where would you go for that and there's this question it's always put before you. You go on to eat. You have an entree chosen everything seems to be cold there and then the waiter says so you can have a salad. Or you can have the soup of the day. Which would you get. This time of year it says that would change things because it's. It has been cold for awhile but obviously is not cold anymore not for wild yet. So. We're looking for some answers to that as well as say anything else on your mind it please know that no matter. What time of day it is. Or what you have in your head to talk about it. You are more than free to give a skull and no letter rip. We you do not have to. Wait until somebody else brings up this the subject that you've been wanting to talk but just call us right now and we'll catch on to six old. 63. 68. 2632606368. That's all you need to know to get this going over here and if you. Have this idea in your mind that what you would have to say about the restaurant scene wouldn't be that important and would be. Maybe silly or even stupid you have heard people use all of those adjectives. Trust me. We would love to hear from you no matter what you have when your mind to talk about it is wide open to you all the time. That's what we're here for and joining us over here on the blue phone is Michael. It's a great big ones. Are great. Is there. If you that should make everything. You. And it's breaks and makes the grass grow quickly to you know be it is the but it. Visit you up for that as time goes that bag to experiment the artist but it. Sports team. Are set our sport. Stay out. Who. Up out there. You know you know I actually I know just slightly more than you might imagine basic yet I don't I don't follow sports too much and I sure don't do hockey. So what. Well that's what I that's what I keep hearing. But I I learned a little bit about it because my daughter. And I was always I I couldn't exactly figure it out but she. As soon as she saw hockey on television she just fell in love with the sport and just became an avid fan of it. Oh. Slight correction. It is it's not hockey. Because this basketball goal a good then now you see a hall out of that I am. Us. Okay. I. But this city went out and one which origin. Of our. But it did but. The book. Which book. That professor. At the book at all Richard Collins. Yet. So that was the. And it it always considered a well it was an unusual thing let's see it was say. Yeah it was. Oh darn it because it's because I'm trying to think of that I can't just seeing the dragon in in my head it was a platonic fish that's what. A lot time. Yeah like oh yeah yeah I don't like it step anyway. 870. Greg should when did that happens it. By the 66. My. Lou but anyway. That dish. Like fish and red and fish in this city. On the it's a little Tokyo cause. Anything that there's down there feel about Shalit is oh. Am. They they started out they were on causeway boulevard do. Closer to airline they then they opened up a much bigger location that's right neared. And on Napoleon. West Napoleon. Yeah you know it. That's the one we're talking. It's pretty close. Enough. Federer is between but it that is spectacular. Put on the edge. Of oh port. On the bench in this good idea. I am that we'd love. To hear from you about that moon. Sounds good actually it really does have had that there and it is good. But yields sounds like a funny thing no matter what you put in it but there are a lot of Il dishes around. If you ever find yourself in Europe particularly in Belgium you'll find that. Eels are everywhere you go on every menu and there are really good I have a joke. Not a joke I actually have as an anecdote. That dates back to the honeymoon my. Wife and I had back in 1989. In the meantime here is Stephen. Steve you dare Lowell Michael Mullen is okay. Australasian. Sorted and how are gamers in mind. Well I still do because I had I had the best one that I had in ages and and have only been once and I will admit that that's not enough but. I. Even know. What go ahead. I'm just up over. To grow. I remembered that didn't. But I have the Donald's quarter. Of big Coke shouldn't order. They don't want my point about there they say that. You actually wait for. You pay for him to go you go whose side door and every city. So but it is true rarely do they were about dollar. They would tell me much race suit but I think it's about a dollar. And I go to. New Orleans hammers seafood. Which bit disappointed because book here please. Cause damage all our enemy took the federal. And there. To me was an enemy actually. Gore amber. Well. Typical. Pretty creature are. Lol. Well yeah he had a little rain hamburger. And only a better cars are role worse. Yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm in full agreement was beyond that but nobody seems to touch it. Yeah delighted to order only you know probably charge. Do you gore are more. Jeweler who crossed the bar Karl Rove or something like that Joop. Europe is that you know typical truck. I don't roll also Arnett. Yeah sure it's like poor boy bred to announce that we leave I always ask for easy on the gravy of because if you don't. You you can no longer move for all the junk it's on your hands this point it no matter how delicious it is. Well mark Karr was shot yesterday and they go to the North Shore unit ships at. Well. Anyway anyway it was an actress so that it should be redone so oh or down. Or for law. The payers. Bears yeah go. Lou Covington. Excellent really one of the best around. Yeah I am. These four boy did so easy great idea to use these sneakers you work you. The global. Question all the way true be the through. It also. These were which. Big east. Yet all the really good places have always done that. I'm I'm I'm still trying to get my head around the idea of of that of renovated. Big Mac. Yeah. Well it was really. And they say it's fresh. And a woman like complaints about quarter parameters on a lot of home and do do do do it. A quarter counter they had put it is true war. It was always are. So this who's there Campbell is an almost equality. The numbers are right. Hamburgers chief. Well. Good to me now bill. Right not the rest of it. You know sure it well go glad to hear your reports. You see it's our food show on Tom Fitzmorris. Our program is sponsored by amended bill seafood. Remember this always.