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Wednesday, May 16th

Vyoone and Zorae from Vyoone's Restaurant paid a visit


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This is a afternoon voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and it's time now for the food show. Every afternoon and we sit down and we talk about the food seen around town all the restaurants that we have all all of the cooking that we do. Of our own style. And we can we just to talk about that endlessly here. We'd love to talk with the U about it and our numbers 2606368260636. 68 now the most exciting and interesting thing you could possibly do especially in coordination with our program. Is that you would attend one of our eat club dinners which we don't do anywhere near his. As often as we used to in the old days it's it has mostly to do with. Tom is getting a little old to be doing this for a maybe not. And but we we thought it was time and we had the perfect restaurant Ford. There's a new. Restaurant that as this excited a lot of people I heard that you that you just got to. From a New Orleans magazines. Oh pretty good review of from. And we says that that's just one thing there the story is here she is the lady who you might remember from the old. Flaming torch days but we if we don't we don't even think about that anymore do we. I yeah I could just oh I'm sorry did I say the flaming to a what did I say. Oh I did OK yeah have to look. That was making sure that you know. And that is with us yeah yeah yeah I'm sure it is. Well that's where we decided to do the this is a strange thing power or third course of the dinner tonight. Excuse me. Is cookies send shock. It's a shock it if he's saying shocks name appears underneath. Just about any thing that involves a scallop shell because for some reason that is what he was always holding when he used it for a new. It turns out today is his feast day. Yeah I mean and and I don't know if you you did that on purpose but that was just now looking through would you know what kind of stuff is going on today. And that was indeed the case that. I'm married yeah so six hypocrite. But this is that the way you do it it's it's a French style dish pretty much but it. But once it has been lost to most people are not that anybody should know this anyway. But the that. If you were go back in time to let's say 1970. And you went to a first class French restaurant and want to grow tours our nose you know any of those places that at least had the pretense that. A pretense what's the word I'm looking for here. Pre emptive pretense that that's not it either. Well whatever it is the propensity and propensity woodwork justified that wasn't the word I was after but that's better than I was coming up with which was nothing. So anyway. If you went around to any of those restaurants any of those French restaurants where they do upscale downscale every single one of them in talent. Head on the menu as an appetizer usually Cokie Sunni Shia and they just assume that you knew what that one's. In those days they were little kind of salute claim he's develops that I think are stupid future I don't. I don't like if you use in the nice big bees eat. You attendance being over over ten to the pond yeah. Well congratulations on that because that's you know that's the high end of that seared sea scallops. Well much from Shalit swine. Kreme grew year achieves its interest in there. Whose idea was. Yours. So who do you remember this from the old days that all goes I just barely could. In. Mind. On the night. But. In different. I don't think the economy will now use it's you that's not something you would have been able find you know a couple of months ago no one was the French cuisine is keen. Mean it's an excellent. It. Means. Are you French. In any way in. But I. Total has it been. Yeah. Well you just heard from Missouri there. Who is one of the two ladies who owned this this restaurant. They opened it up in. A place that you could call. You can call this the the CBD you could also call it. The warehouse district is. And and still you have this kind of French quality to a lot of the food here which is to what type something I think is. Is very welcome here because this is sort of a French city you know my mother was you know pretty French. But anyway there we go. Your partner over here who who's a doctor I'm told us. And she's the one who's been causing me all the problems of been having here for the last several weeks. Doug is our producer Doug over here Doug you there. Morning bill. Ha what is there still are he's still around okay think that it. Every time I don't quite get it. That the name. Via all or anything like it. He corrects me for me which I appreciate because I'm but it's just some reason that part of my brain hasn't grabbed on this ship. But opt for once and for all consists your name and whenever you say is the right way to do it so. How do we say my name is beyond and beyond and beyond just like that yes and I think vis on the idea. Well you cat you'll. We've debated today quite a bit brouhaha this item in the rest of and we were back in four with different names. And leave the island with very unique in that we can teach people who Jackson's job that's who if oil and secondhand teach him beyond that is true that night he got any idea dynamics. I don't modify every new year first your last name. Sig do you see do you know now I know I've never heard and is that it's how you spell that SE as GE GUE. And it's French my that's and Segway is it's like it's not sick we put it that French the area where he companies seeking. I like that Doug it outside of the radio business someone who pronounces his names or her name segue. Segue is kind of a broadcasting radio. Term we use constantly right. Let's say let's say let's say do this let's segue into something that makes cents. The accident anyway so now we have both names all figured out and ready to go cut Leahy we have that went to a it's safe to say that say that for me again to. The first. Your last. Eight colleague PK KHL. I think it's highly T. Well because it's an uptrend on apple paying asked why need to cut cake. 00 run that by me again I highly at the pilot the is that how you and me. The key cabinet and trains arms I hit it and you're probably right I IE does not affect I'm sure you're right he has have been trying for years in the area. But you what you what was terrible and and this is what I big forgiveness for. Is that my mother. Who was one of fourteen children. Raise doubt in the countryside. In the middle of Louisiana where everybody was speaking French when she was born. And when she grew up and started having kids of her own and they moved into in the war Owens. And she. She spoke. French all the time but only with our Brothers and sisters not that kid. So if you if you had a French name she wouldn't allow the kids to speak. Of French she won and speak English. And a lot of other forces were making people do that too and we lost a lot of our French heritage as a result of that I thought absolutely. From generations generations you see that he could lose the dialect because we don't teach our kids that connects to America aren't an extension I have a lot of France and Paris. And Leo we see you guys speak a different type reference in Lawrence if you have the curtains and play. I expect that we speak it's because we've lost that from generation to generation the diamond and how we communicate. My it is actually I am fortunate ration New Orleans he laughed in my day it was actually French Trace his family back to Quebec area. And my mom is African Americans Cherokee Indian so I'm creole and met Bonnie. Raytheon all you had to bet I'd say you have it covered there yes company TS. Florida we've got a good but possibly could we have left out I'd write don't take any different now. How did you get in this restaurant business solves and you two are buddies for a long time there we are best brands become so kindred sisters where fun. It took a toll that. Plus the world but we have so much in common man I'll pull it. And I worked Missouri when she hit the flaming torch. And Lisa develop this idea for the rest runt in the warehouse issue because we vote with a neck area. And we wanted to bring French something authentic French bank to annual and so we've law is not like you just mentioned not just a dialect. But love a French culture now and one that is a food and so we want to bring it back to the warehouse district and so we decide to pull out now. On this restaurant and when I coaches Horry actually with the idea she was actually write a book call 86 when we thought she was gonna get back X arrest and that's it none on though you have many a lot when you recipes. Too much talent it's is seen on the shelf let's get together as friends and sisters. Analysts who kept this estimate for the neighborhood and we're very proud of what it's become this. And only four all of that you have been and I must tell you I've enjoyed it tremendously I've been there I think five times now and had dinner there. I have done a launcher anything yet and what what I have found to be the case is that. I I get I don't get to know. You're chefs are you wine guy or whoever else is back here because I've wind up. Talking with you two guys the whole website or by calling you guys that says that ice at the etiquette at the at the beginning in that because you're you're so such terrific. Hostesses. Or should just one week Australia hosts you know you're so I think that you're so good at that ends from the moment. You walk in the door you and you are both. They have and making everybody smile which is what this businesses Apollo it is in the Asian American people happy. Tom I night long time that he thinks they can act you know and being the type of content iris and can be. This. Tom haven't collected in unison I know you played for six months or seven months that screw up by now you are fights and it's. Mean and lot. And be what you're hot. He going to work every day at 9 o'clock and sometimes at 1 o'clock the night. Mean is mark lucky. But is it me that you need to. And especially our thinking at this coming. At me until I needed time. Then and they should only be if that's fantastic experience for. Before a couple of that we one years two years for a animation Amos. Maybe it took that line yet. If a city's core there they know how how old is that building have been wondered about probably eighteen hundreds yeah yeah it was actually cost nailing down grilling out and definitely on and he's a little bit there. But it was applied it. Property you know we worked with the person who own the building that would explain why I lived here for it lived over there for quite awhile yet. On a camp street more about a block away from where you are now way. I don't I needed to pass this at 29 years and it's a it's a great neighborhood lately is even and I have been pointless and it only in India is not saying it's not my habit and everybody right now. Once common. It was a little spooky because they were not a lot of people went up when I was living in this would have been in the early 1970s. At night. You couldn't you didn't hear a sound. It was so quiet. Now it's different. If but the always have to hit it to everytime I think about how long or his live there because she was there before the season. I thought about it but I have to play my I'm not arms around him. My wallet. Don't I liked it weakness and it is. With your information comes in and it is transforming I mean as you know we still have a lot of construction and more commercial. I'm and colony but. This is one of the good developing neighborhoods that I think. You know there's just no downside to it at all just side and I wish I could do's and moved down here again and I miss it. Well well. Those and he can. He hang on to Canada when it could have affected. It won't talk about what we're doing that they eat club dinner tonight. Wait a minute wait waitress I just for a little bit of music you which tells me that the stopped for a I'm not keeping it too long in my not okay we are coming to you live from our studio overlooking the Mississippi river bridge and in another kind of way where is sort of while overlooking. The rest but that is now known as. Let's see if I do it right. He done. BI knows. How to get that one of these it. Beyond. Beyond that they get that yes you're beyond okay as she beyond is here and say say it just so they know beyond beyond. And also here with us is already on my that he and his. Ethics. Yeah I don't act as I. Anyway what what we're doing here is we're talking about the on. How one. Jerod Jerod Australia I drive it to fort twelve and it's right next door to admiral's new restaurant. Merrill. And right around the corner like half a block from jump into this it's really easy to find this lots of parking around there are no problem there they're open for lunch and dinner and I think if you don't Brett. It's a little bit to want to lead this sadness I said in Atlantic and in its field all right let's talk about the dinner we're gonna have tonight Sheila. We're starting off with what. Yes suddenly this loop which is an impetus to pick her so we think chieftain. It's very if they kind of pure raise the good news into the pampered stars and that fact that particular she's competed in hole oh yeah. Mean I did and Thomas crisis and an advocate there and. And it that's it's going to be our forest cops that's a whole a warm soup watch you know. Second chorus you're doing eats. Beet salad with these are core what we're going and a little in golden beets so their golden in color the they're not red notice that it cannot mocked his uncle rockaholics. Well I mean that sounds good to me and I was asked by one of the people coming to the dinner tonight. There he's actually the big boss here on the radio stations have to take care know and I don't I'm joking around but but anyway he wanted to know he says I really hate beets can I have like this little green salad and a problem a kiss and I'm sure yet that would be no problem at all because of such hospitable things that you get around here so we have that. The next course is the Cokie says shop that we we were talking about that earlier. They usually service and on trade which could have Edison this will be an an appetizer size as. Ties aside for us you wouldn't be able to finish at all. Click. Tennessee and I've noticed that it was pretty nice. Do you know anything about the winds were having tonight he added that uncle luck it's going to be patently and had. And we. If OK he's coming most of it is different morning. But I motivated why do we have any chablis and there now I know fortunately enough I mean you. OK Ali I'm sure you and no it's it's chef believe it was very very very popular back when they spurt started drinking wine. And then everybody stopped drinking it until completely and for years and years and years nobody team that wanted to touch it but I do like it I think it I think and you know I'm Manny undermining you right now writes it and drag you all know what you're stolen knew that we had hunted to any wind direction it's going well it's going to be I think twelve weeks yeah. And and we decided to let him at the line he's 861. In the latest thinking of him I knew it before trying to put everything in that means that. Crap and everybody's in and it and but for tonight is the most of the French. And Hamlin it's actually bought to open. That sounds good to me. And then the next course we're doing is. The it's been I think we're going to the through the rack of lamb now Theo. That club and it's gonna be we. A. Chocolate coffee. Hickory coffee in the oil and not what a great idea whose idea was that it is not nice. Who on our mind is always your recipe that I'm all right well that's a plus plus trying to a write a book. Clearly he seeks. And you you have to you have to do oaks and creative thinking to go from lamb. Two should grieve like Q you talk a much trickery like you haven't coffee. And I I'm of a lifetime coffee drinker of it should greet coffee that's all it was drink it. And it's it's not the first time I've seen that but it's something you don't see very often and that and the flavors are really nice together it doesn't sound like it's going to be but it is. Is very good to get there and then you end up sometimes the people coming and masses that coffee and and trying eaten enough it. And sometimes there is seen something in him anyway doesn't make Fenton but I think they click that people try and to see. High school and I have a special place in the Davis on a put all this crisis. My heart and every time you make in Fontana go to MySpace and and and makes this crisis together and being get out and give it and put in our. Any paint and I am happy ambled. It's an amber did I eat diet things I didn't hit them on the and in it all the special spices that number can. In many that sometimes we have half that tonight. He had that fund we did rights. Which is that rice is not France but. Trying to put that he frank kind. Different and you feelings. From an entry. And put in that pitch and that's one of the interest thing and tonight for you could get there. For those who might. Do you trying to go about this restaurant and figure out what they are about the rest of this the time. One of the best issues I've always ma one of my favorites that you have always done is the the cocoa bath. Which I just I think it's delicious it was another one of those dishes that. Was very well known then all of a sudden nobody ever served and again for like fifty years. And come right now most of it has signed and blame to go. What the people looking on the new hole that I change that's why it's just for that but they have the undecideds who. Reading the greens if France. Influence the French cuisine today CD now and then you have some special which is it could yield inhabit because that people like to have back. But there harmless and all that if you see it in the artworks emily's friends. You know and we can end is it just I'm being there I mean he. Even dominance it's like a French be shown SEC I'm not cost from the sale feel like I'm in Paris in a little French beach Jolie and that's kind of beyond that we want people FBI agent. Coming in feel comfortable BS home. And have a authentic French I knicks. Period I think Cuba have been very successful and asking him and to really works a program today is sponsored by care restaurant supplies this is food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. We are talking arc arc cocoa men and Lucy will so welcome here. Fried oysters book I have I don't think I've had that upon me of of but this must be offered some lunch menu hold on no one goes nuts and I felt I think and just become president so that's a good thought he. Anyway. So. We we've gone through all the of the menu items that we're gonna have for the the one thing we have gotten to yet is a very interesting posts made ice cream when you make in your own ice cream. And what's in it it's an unusual bunch of stuff. Especially the south nice in which it's something to its haven't and a fifteen years did you really yes and because you know most of that would be making a seismic fat. That means going to come from and fabric of Turkish and not not to expect and is that Turkey should deploy him you can't have. The only reason I say that is so we've we've been that Turkey we've been. 43 times I think. And we start wandering around and all those spice shops and everything in. And the staff from the you can actually buy it and afford it in and play with this home. Actually saffron is coming from Iran my country oh really yes and in my country most of the Philippines. You know he tested me half to be front and why that is and I didn't like it expansive. But that's the but in fact tenth peak holiday you know yeah AppleTV. You know demand and feature its own staff front. And then that's what. And the average net tonight we have that the factions have on ice cream and I can't wait to take the keys says one of I've been sitting in Davis home right now I can believe it. And did something that he had a long time and get people coming and that split and I also. And again let's of so me is on the hook you know eating well house to me. And she's been very delicious yes and accusing him in the profits. So expect that the deal look out tonight onscreen and bring it right on down. And ask you what it was. On teeth counties that I guys I think if an agreement. The fence you're on you know I've. I know I've met him a couple of times when I come in because the hospitality again at this restaurant is tremendous. Went and the waiter you to under the Tories the the chefs usually emerges from the back at some point comes over and says hello and tells me what's coming up who is the I don't I don't know if I've ever even mention this. Are they because he's Romanian who it says for gaming products maybe you know and there you have. Four. Maim people in the kitchen. There I mean. And two of them nieces and shift and Tweety is. And assists. And did. If running this place. Did its job is just running this special I am name king's you've seen it eats at framing poets and artists at. So and the source of a lot of that was fewer of late husband who is. Just the sky high heat. He I have a sometimes be sitting in the dining room and it would realize wait a minute he's not. Running at the front door anything he's back there working in his ankle and I look. And he's cleaning out the grease trap or it's just this. He did absolutely everything youthful waiter didn't show up for a full bus boy did show up he was back there that. I do it all washing dishes that he was in an incredible week. And worker when you are in dentists around his and that's it doesn't matter you know he is that you can be on merit and you can be impeached. Now you know he's sometimes and beyond and I you know if they have to go to keep some difficulty keeping. Sometimes I have to be bartender named uncle into the box and back McCain if you're running it successfully. Grew up there you know to do what you have to do that is and if there's anybody on his baby peacock because she. Is me you Indies abuse and then I think I feel fine he hit hit hit it made me bus tables it's horrible. Well I I did just enough for that and know that it's real work at the very least. We have story here and now we also have the yen today get it right it's beyond she says that's. Hunt on almost. By one more time beyond beyond. Beyond that beyond beyond beyond. Beyond the via an ounce mine and it's always been difficult in nice and easy. OK. But. Well well I know we have to get back to this to do restaurant to get everything together for the all right you'll see them when you go and eat breakfast or lunch Torre. Breakfast on the weekends at lunch and dinner the whole rest of the week. This is a very cool new restaurant. On. Drew broad street right off the chop to list and its name is one more time CN. Those who think I'm not quite how well. I get a 92 the busy and I'm Obama. The time I didn't all right our program on. Thanks for coming on girls and oh it in my in trouble for colonial girl no. Ladies. Thank you for coming on with Steve tonight I can't wait and yet and by the way if you said you I kinda halfway like to go to that he club dinner viewers. You can probably still get a spot in that I would. Just called the restaurant directly at this point what is the number over there. If they if they want it to 504518518600007. And could they take another couple more. Humi just after the oil it's something like about forty fully and a totally right along okay. You know in the first come first serve. Just in case it sounded so good at which it did to me on because I mean I mean. If you can think oh pat I. Yeah and will all have lessons on how to spread notes. For veal. Vienna via via the end via via. I ask you I'm. I didn't need to change and the Gaza is now look at it. And later today in our brain dead portion of our program. Thank you ladies dealer and it's up and I think tonight. And if you can't make it to that tonight just pop in there any night of the week on my luck has been nothing but good there and is also. The fun. That I had with the customers I run into their eyes seemed to know everybody whoever eats there I don't know why that is. But anyway. 260636. Say it is our telephone number give us a call and tell us which you've been eating lately. How things are going on your food world whatever that may be would what do I do yesterday it was something a little offbeat. If you think it's with at least what do you would it would remember is just a day ago but and it did work that would. It's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris tonight we're going over to. Here we go again VN. The hand OK am open DN nor was this not what is. Could you do feel far beyond you do and. All via YouTube I do all is gone it's all on the phone now feet. V and or. Beyond. Okay put in and Iranian and the end of this beyond. Beyond the node Deion just demand the beyond not. It in my closer days ago OK now. Are you seem to have cook keel saint shot pretty well yeah well why can't you do feel I have no idea. I've I think it's just you know brain sections of are taken the day offers something. And yet but he certainly could be 260. 636 it is our telephone number we are very pleased to talk with you but anything on your mind at all having to do with food in restaurants and cooking and wind. What oh my wife and I did this last week and I don't think I ever came though with even a moment's reflection on it. I hear on the radio have written something about it in the in the no menu daily. But it was this week if she wanted to go. To a means. Meetings is a it's an interesting building first of all it's out in west and it's approximately. At the spot where the old mass sons used to be but it it's. Close to the marina as well. And we went over there and she wanted to try it out she was in the mood for us and Chinese food to begin with. And as you know if you're a fan. Of Chinese food the Chinese food. Resources are not especially good we have some that are good Americans say that all the restaurants in in New Orleans. All the Chinese restaurant or bad that's not true. But there are not enough. Really good she a Chinese restaurants. It in our area just they all seem to have gone over to be coming. Places where you get taken out. And if you jus go to almost any of them even though the this serious restaurants like Trey yen which I think it's easily the best in the city. Even when you go over there if you find. That there is. And they their there is this completely huge. Service of of the take out stuff and nobody is staying well and some people are but not very many not as many as you would think. Two just order right there and sit there at the dining room and enjoy the whole idea of being out. Somewhere and enjoying that. I and I don't understand it maybe it's just me maybe on the wrong nature something but that we are losing. The pleasures of eating in Chinese restaurants and other kinds of Asian Asian restaurants to its all the stinking up the the take out stuff anyways it just me worrying about that. 2606368. As I've seen them in getting in the habit of coming up with some little. Little light chasers year or challengers. Here is the one phone today. Might get a loaded let's see if this is even possible it's happened to me a couple of times but not very often. So you're seeded. At your choice of four people per table. Or two people per table or six people per table or eight. And then just for for good luck. You also have one person who's by him or herself. And let's also say. That you might not know all these people this would be a lot like the way our eat clubs function most of the people the who come to our. Are doing so for the first time they have they have never been to the rest but they've never been with an. Now what's nice about this is that they do come back pretty quickly. After you've been to one of our dinners. You are very likely to come to another win. And so I just put that to you it's stupid all this is the long way around to tell you about this means. Restaurant that we tried last week. Which had a huge menu. A lot of the people work take out but I would say more of them were actually eating in and and that seemed to be the majority of the people where they are so that that's. A nice thing deceit. Also I was pleased to see that the kind of food that they are serving over there. Is not the same old you know. Exclude young. Low main channel mania all those those dishes from ages ago that hardly anybody eats anymore. Now we're getting some of what burst onto the scene back in the 1970s and 1980s when I thought. Should Chinese Rezko was at its peak here in New Orleans. And then it seemed to quickly decline. What do you think of any any of this call me up and tell me to give anything else on your mind call me and tell me that too if you're looking for something if you looking for a dish if you looking for. Of all restaurant that does a certain kind of dish that you would like to have again because nobody does it. Call us Telus what that is and we'll see if we've don't know where it can be found in some restaurant talent. And if you know these things pretty well not you're more than invited to stay with us and nothing else. 26063. Succeed you're always welcome here on the pooch but he. OK what do I do now. And my located just gone down. I can Condo market if they hear that lets see one post that was something else that wanted to mention today. We were coming up on the French on the New Orleans food and wine experience that's not long from now. And then whenever you see that starting it it means also that the Greek festival. Is a soon to begin. I think where a couple of weeks away from that week and a half for something. Anyway. Then you really in summer time after that. But quote put that on your calendar and if you've ever been to the Greek festival. If you or thoughts about the idea of a Greek festival is that went to bed and I'd Greek and I don't understand Greek language and I don't know Greek food that much. Forget all that just just brush it off. The food there is really delightful. No matter what feel like you'll find some really good things there. And it's it's. Almost ridiculously cheap to attend this event I think it's just five dollars it's and and you can stay as long as you want this all kind of stuff going on the slots for kids has lots of food. And you can also. Welcome one of the best things have come up with in recent years. Oil is kind of what do ma would amount to. A slushy or you know whatever that echo those things he faces or off frozen directory. Except that it's made. With that blue stuff. Which it's what I can usually only get that. And it's. That's. We know what's what's the name it it's you see it all over the place in Greek cooking. And I just forgot about though with the name and that is anyway if you know call Meehan fill me in again to 6063. 682606368. So we'll give you this this little challenger. So you're you're already seeded at a table. That is. Has people sitting at their also that you might not know OK for a how you got there I don't know but. They don't know you when you're sitting at the table. You have a choice to change this would you go for it instead of a table with. Four people at the table you could have two. Or six or eight or even one. Which. Table size would you go for you have to sit in something else. Other than all by yourself and all and with the people you're always dining with otherwise. Will dig into that and see if there's actually anything worth talking by the news that may not be I'll grant you that.