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The Food Show continues on the subject of bread and claw machines.


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105. Point three. FM. HD two. This is the food show I am its host. Tom Fitzmorris is my name how could you possibly not well now that was that was presumptuous on my part please forget I mentioned it. We talk about food we talk about restaurants we talk about cooking will do hamburgers will do prize. We'll do Chinese food we'll do a Vietnamese food will do Mexican food. If it's about eating and it's enjoyable. Or even if it should be enjoyable in case it wasn't. We just throw that all into one big paper bag here in shaken up a little bit and then come back. And indulge ourselves in conversation about the culinary arts or just plain ol' eaten. So give us a call and tell us what has been delicious in your life lately there's always going to be something. And in case that seems like why should I waste my time doing something like this. It's not a waste of time and here's the main thing that comes out of that the people who were listening to a switch it was a fairly substantial number of more than nine wins it's done ready to hear about recently. And we can move fairly good number of people. And that when they call me they are interested. In finding out better. Versions of some of the dishes that. And all of sold for a long time in in in New Orleans in in Louisiana. And I did this introduces a lot of people to a lot of new dishes that they have never had before I know I've learned them all but a lot of them. And those so if there is something you're trying to figure out may be a recipe that you have a kind of an idea of how to do it but she would love to know how to make it yourself. And get it exactly right well call us if I don't know somebody listening to his will. And that goes for just about anything else you can just start off 40 where we aren't talking and all you can justice start the conversation yourself. 2606368. Is the telephone number and if you call right now you'll get raided we'd love to hear from you but. The food scene where you live endo or may be the food scene where you don't live. I went. 2606368. And so we know what to witness today today's Tuesday its net. Pressure to it doesn't feel like Tuesday but don't ask me what day it does feel like this I have no idea. And the UA we've had a pretty interesting and shows so far. On a Saturday. After I did do of the radio show on the big 870 which I do on most. Saturday's although not this week and as Susan we've got the football draft happening and always knocks me out. Seoul. Anyway. I was oh on the air and then when a candidate. 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock whenever it was. I went over to Barnes & Noble on the West Bank. And they allowed me to is in effect they were very hospitable about it they put on a big table. With but fifty copies of my cookbook. And got a chance to talk to a lot of people who came into the store. 21 there was one guy who will stick in my mind the rest of my life. He. Was heat he explained his main problem right off the bat he said I'm media. Idea. I have. A stroke. He had a stroke. And he had he had a little bit of a tough time getting them around. Who's moving pretty slowly as some people tend to do you know. And he came over and bought one of my books and I was so flattered by that. That that he would care enough flew with that with these other problems he clearly he had but we talked for a couple of minutes then. Who this interest in just complete stranger and well anyway we have sold a bunch of books. I have that this book in case you haven't heard about it it's very simple. It's the same cookbook that I have been put out this is starting in nineteen. No sorry. It's who 2005 through right after Katrina. I said the book was almost finish at time Katrina hit and I finished while we were away. And it has been around ever since but every few years the publisher comes in and says let's redo its. And this time around we added a lot of photographs to it would that we hadn't been doing before and a few other things. Pretty much the same breast pieces before but they're the ones that people ask me a bottle with time that's the whole concept of that. But they did I notice this they lowered the price a little bit just like a couple of bucks but I was still kind of surprised that that. Anyhow. We're doing some more. Book signings. Pretty soon I think we have won this weekend in fact a better check with my wife on that. She's the one who knows all and over here on the green fall and is Stephen. Or how about it. Peanut butter jelly toast or English you know the wind. I have a famous quote on that subject to. The late to Dick Brendan senior. Who weighs one of the the original. Family of the Brea family. Anyway. Dick Brennan. Ask me once at the get deep was apropos watch it but I think we've we've just shoot the breeze. He said do you do you know why kids like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And I said no why I mean why do and and he says it cause state takes that. Yeah you can't argue with that. When you put it where toast. Horry and yeah it. Sort of milk should be a little bit not completely but it and it we're pretty. This question a little bit and I think you like you'd better change during which brought him in a strong it'll work. Oh yeah I would think so I I ran into another I do manifestation of that. A few weeks ago I went to Meridian, Mississippi. And I took the train up and it took the train back all in one day. Who was kind of weird and long story. Anyway. But at this a restaurant. In meridian. The name of which we were talking about a few days ago but I can't remember its name it starts with a W would. Anyway it's it's a restaurant that has been there since the 1870s. So long long running restaurant here. And we went over there and we had lunch together might my daughter and I. And they had on each table kind of a rock that was filled with their homemade. Peanut. And and it was kind of like a little special appetizer you can just go in there and they had read all cut. And you can just spread it need as much of that you wanted and it was pretty good I gotta say. Yeah I know they've made it in a hoax and a salon pretty good thing. Important. But there you are there. The simple food yet. You know I'd pick up the waters through hard behind. In Europe and England you know. If you didn't bark get it didn't look ADB 82 hours. You know you can't find aboard a monster. Scissors and. Royal life life really does suffer. You're appreciation for things don't. Yeah. You know because for Pete but it was. You know here. Involved where it. That Glaxo scientist. I think in the editor. Did blog HP partner. And maybe that all you. It here the GDP announces. That it. Has changed a little bit or this generation. You know I don't remember anybody having a tree would you were an. Today some kids she Kenny would have peanut butter sandwich in the rule is you know. They're the lord are true. When it's amazing. All right well I saw Camilo thank you it's the food show this is Tom that's Morris oh. IE I do believe we are about to be moved in on by ship on trail. Oh well they are welcome to our show hunched Roger weekend go to you were you let the we with the jazz festival though it was not the jazz. There was some oh that's right EA EA in Kenner. How did that go. It was beautiful audio and try to it was a great day. It was a great day send it was a great day very good way to open nine. Lots of nice beautiful piece. They are out for those who might not know we're talking about this is the the Italian festival. Tested deep a deep Taliban sentiment out. And it's it's. In the old old part of Kenner a right on and will leave his boulevard between the railroad tracks in the river here and it draws on a huge crowd there's a lot of people who go to that. Yeah great music. You were and you were serving your food absolutely yeah wouldn't deserve. 78 the income generated you know yeah there's some wonderful and he says you know people of that. Does deal socialist my mama taught me. And then they count and Graham talent to a terrorist conduit or it's constant threat to two hours. Yeah just hours. Like committed Bissell saw. And then we have the I guess these conditions Crimea. And any anyone wish who had a crawfish. Hello hello hello welcome back it's the food show this is Tom Fitzmorris. And it's a nice to talk with you but food but restaurant so you know the entire scene. Every part of it. You know even little tiny things that matter a lot to some people. Like for me. I'm just picking myself because I'm the closest one to watch me. 198 and in a restaurant where dessert is gonna run and a natural thing that. You might skip that but if you really want the best of the complete dinner you you would have it. And there is a classically. Chris scripted. Wait to set up the table. When you have play. When you have a a with a dessert course. And here's what that is you it's requires. A salad fork. And a soup spoon. All desserts. According to all my best authorities. On on etiquette. That that combination there is perfect for serving a dessert and he here's why there are certain things. One when it comes to my mind right away is. Sport ammonium ice cream like they do over a financial Brooke condos. If the if you get that it comes out and kind of like a crescent shape. It's ice cold because it's right the freezer and it's really kind of hard. So if you take your spoon and you try to eat that the way it came. You'll find that it may well happen that. The spoon will turn over a little bit and then them knock out pull the little piece of ice cream and head grabbed. And then. It's gone. Or war itself on the floor or it might be on the table. Whereas. If you had the fork there you also have a full fork. Salad fork and soup spoon you can take the fort and go through the ice cream and it will hold together in one piece. And you won't have that problem. I mean there's a whole bunch of reasons why you should do that okay. That's such trivial. Little extra. Touch that I think add something to a restaurant near him just a whole bunch of those. One that I hear from from people fairly often. Is that they they like to go to a restaurant and when the hot bread comes they find that the the butter. Is either whipped butter or it's softened butter and what they hate defined is when the butter. Is our hard as a rock and and in becomes impossible to spread on the break. And I have talked to more than a few people Mina this is not some fleeting little thing. I would say over the years maybe as many as a hundred people have told me I can always spot a good restaurant because in a good rest front. They always. Give view. Soft but there. Not that hard hard butter. Now. I don't think that's a legitimate. Recent too either curse or to put down. Or two except the restaurant as good or bad it's just not enough information really but he is it's one of those things that people. Who go out to eat in restaurants they like to see that's such things are done. The main reason most people go out to a restaurant anyway is to go out and to be hosted by somebody. And that's which you have when you go to a restaurant that follows those rules. What do you think his hair some little thing that restaurants do that he'd that just drives you crazy. Or that you wish they wouldn't do you you think that maybe if if only use somebody would give a moments thought about this. They would get it would just come on better. I'd call me about that all are about anything else on your mind it that you wanna know about food by restaurants if there's a restaurant that that. That you used to go to all the time a long time ago and you don't know a if they are still in business be if they are still in this and so they still serving the same kind of food. And see. Who's there who's running it now. That is a big question there are a lot of oh restaurants that are. Always an influx forwards such things and I think it helps to know bottom at the very least. And it's its interest to I find it interesting is to see what it is. That certain people have in favor of war against. It's certain kinds of issues certain kinds of foodstuffs. If that's you. Called me up. And asked me where chef so and so is these days. And now be happy to tell you what I know and if I don't know any more than that. We'll get somebody listening to us right now who will. Who will know the answer to that that's. Bistro Orleans I am told we are sponsored by this go round. I was at bistro Orleans about a week ago went in for dinner this was right after my wife left talent to. Go see the new baby in the Los Angeles. And you know kind of alone what do you do so Dave Dave welcome to the food show. Have you ever been to be there's elements Turkish special arrangements a long time ago it's been there for a long time. Still going on I know that. Oh yeah Archie Bunker summer and what's funny about it is that everybody in. The theatre all of these groups Earnhardt but it's an hour or blog. What you never Q are you just go this year which the territory but this. William did different the different chefs make it different ways you know and that's an interest. Now and and Mario are brought the most. Parents or are there and there are a restaurant that is India a war. And I remember watching her. Cooked catfish oh some and it's or somewhere sorted by you know from the vehicle to cap the yellow mustard. First oh yeah I I do that all the time you know and a it get a few things in years later I cook's character than others whose mother that was. And she was there should sit working on how to do this so on this from you should do which should. You know the yellow mustard you know the cart court be honest. But it was you're right it is. And and I can't DB it's. It's so much better than the alternatives. Now and it's an extra circuit and its corporate. So you know that you know and spoke to what I agree. But yeah you're. Yesterday about chain restaurants yeah. Waiting areas that are bigger than you. And its body because of the art this is estimated sort. The idea did try to ignore until the end oceans or where it was so he could appear reservation you know the way all yeah. He had that they would come around with like bingo steak tips or or. Peacefully it all lea. And I our. Yeah are sitting at a bar in certain marketing. Eating grease state because of what occurred that's sort of yeah yeah that's not the end of the world know. Now cited it's it's maybe just ignored those. The element will be in there one is. But yeah it's it's that it would report tabled a sort of and yeah. Well well you know if it it doesn't grab me if wells some of the kind of restaurants I was thinking of where. Like dreary to begin with if you ask me what that's and none of those that you mention. No no but anyway they should that should welcome. I like just on the. Oh thank you very much for calling. Tia it's the food show and Tom Fitzmorris and joining us over here on the orange phones. Is let's hear. Pat pat welcome to the food show. They've done right I got a couple questions get term tax. The crop is bred the guess yeah I looked quote you. He that comes from an outfit called. We'll cut. All the time it's on the tip of my tongue never mind. What that was and that's sort of sound a bit there restaurant like. That you get dead in. Doing a year yeah it's out on highway 71 a US 71. In an. Coal ash. It is another little tiny town I've forgotten. It's in oh boils parish. Yeah Alec and Alex no. If if you if you will keep listening for the next few minutes. When we get a break I'm just gonna I know exactly where this information is on my desk but my desk is of but five minutes away from here at 60. And and I will willow and I don't mind you disseminating them good information. Does this second course and it is no. I do like. The only. She. I'm getting my. Astro Orleans based I can't fish yeah me too and I also like do it. It below what the grid yeah hole boy that's up from the past. Yeah you can only basically to everything else so. Hope this week yeah it's huge its spot as our I haven't been out highway in the probably it is this sport still open. As far as I know the last time I went out that way it was but 202. Years ago and I stopped there but I was on the a cookbook signing thing in that area and Nate they did unveil that's what everybody was eating anyway there was catfish. Oh. Well that's. I have to goat to let yet I don't like going to vet visits to pay you can be dug ignited in well lately policy. I just got the information you were you were asking before it's called panel Romo foods. And they are located at aware. The marks bill marks Phil is right that's. That's easy enough but it's on the main road it's on by 71 going through talent. And a pen aroma of foods and they make those the crawfish bread in them I think they have a couple others. Yeah I got a good they're gonna treat for the few weeks so. I can jobs. Sausage read each fish bred in shrimp bread all of what they can. Thank you CO by it's the food show. I thought we had some people there but we don't so if you are a people and you wanna be there call us 2606368. 2606368. Call right now get re in love to hear from you about the what's cooking. In you're. You're pulls lifestyle. And what that I didn't say that that I know okay good 26063. 68. I actually had actually people have responded. Today to. That the topic I you know thought I'd take a shot at getting people interested in and for once they did. Talking but bred. In local restaurants. How do you like it is or something about two but one restaurants bread that you like a lot better than another restaurant bread. What kind of bread do you bake at home. You know anything like that share that with this William could you probably have an answer to that may be you have more than one answers so. Will talk fuel but that if you too but one little thing for me and that is to. Go to 26 so just dial it up to 6063682606368. If you call right now. We get right in you'll have to wait for anybody. And if you like waiting for somebody well alone I'll make you stay there for a long time if that's what you want. But where were were pleased to be here talking about the food scene around New Orleans what could be more interesting topic. To me nothing I love. It's evil and Austin we have talked about since victims with the was one of all day. So of amid Barnes & Noble. This past Saturday of signing though autograph books. Tom Fitzmorris is New Orleans food is the name of it and after we did that for two hours. I went across the street moralists. Not far away anyhow. Went over to. China doll. Which is the of West Bank Chinese restaurant. That has been around for quite awhile they have a very cool eager. And loyal clientele every time I've ever been there. No matter what day of the week it is no matter O whether it's raining or you know they are always pretty full. The bar is almost always why that would really surprise is Mika said I don't know too many Chinese restaurants that have a very substantial. Bar to just you know have a drink or something. They do over there a window when I was there a when did I get there around 6 o'clock. Packed. Bowl place and then to find it a table. They had won and they took me around it was quite a trip to aid to get from the door to to Wear the table once. That that was nice to. So are off with some hot and sour soup. It was hoddle right but spice but. It's bestowed chip stove pot. And up pretty good and then I got a dish called oh golly what's the name of it while I'll tell you what it wise it's it's pretty simple. It was odd pieces of chicken. White meat chicken and I'm pretty sure it was wait beef chicken and they code and it. All all know they would sort of cut through it and almost like making a sandwich with that but not exactly. And then in between the two halves of the French bread. I'm sorry none of the French bread the two hands. Of the of the chickens they were put in a vote on line or two of of ham and then that would cover it with a sort of attempt Cora coding. They would deep fry it. They gave you six of them one of them would have been enough. To wit the absolute most I don't know who eats a dinner like that. But it was enormous. And it was pretty good. It's not addition I think I would get again. But then again there are so many other. So many other dishes in that place that there was a time I remember when if you went there for lunch or for dinner. There would almost always be a line outside but that's nurture you know and it wasn't that night I was there anyway. And besides that though. You don't see the kind of enthusiasm. We used to see for Chinese restaurants in general. There was a time when we had over a hundred Chinese restaurants in the New Orleans area. And I don't know how many of them we have now but it's nowhere near what it was in those days that a I don't get my book god might I wrote a book back in in 1990 I think it was called the New Orleans. Eat pork. And I was going to. Get in there and and count them up and see what we have there but. I don't know why that is at the lately I'm maybe I'm just paying attention to it and I didn't before. But I keep seeing. Kinds of restaurants and kinds of issues that used to be very very very popular. And very good most of the time. And that are not that anymore they just bear. Although once again I tell you the bar was really busy. And the the restaurant's tables were also very busy so I guess I shouldn't. Throw any rocks at those people they they obviously have something going on it's good. As said the China doll ever appreciate a claw machine. Bring it up book there restaurants with Clinton claw machine room. Festivals are coming up still boy we've we're in the thick of a now and we. The jazz festival. Begins on the 27 I believe. Is that right. So of this month I mean. Aren't him yet but yeah yeah I think that's right. So love anyways jazz festival. Coming on. And than light. And then some day it's gonna turn summer again I don't know I can't seem to get summer of the kind of weather that we've had lately. But. I'm sure I'm not the only 12606368. Call us would you we'd love to talk with you but anything on your mind about eating. Anybody have a good wind slightly. Anybody paying any attention to one and remember. There was a wild there starting around in 1982. I would say. And it lasted about. Ten years. And it was all but people were going crazy over wind that would wine tastings all over the place all the time it was just a blast. And then one day just stopped. And have always. Hated that that it's that story well anyway mark is here mark welcome to the food show. I. That we bought for but. Yeah. It's city. Love it. I love it to you you love it. Which again. Fracture fighter all that's not big enough visit. The trip for work that. The court. More true. But don't. Did you go element that. Well I yeah in to get split there seafood platter. It car. There is that a thick but I think ON com. There were caught or is that Brett. And I was really wonderful. Though. It is a ballpark. They do have a bar yeah. In infected a couple of times and I've been there for dinner the only place I could sit was in the bar the bar is very popular in. And the ban all restaurants pretty popular. Yeah I definitely will go back. Divide. Here. You know 040. Yeah. Talk. You're currently expected. Look at. If you live there you were you would know all about it who say they go back a long way. What what works there. But I have a question. Why not go to the wreck didn't get it out. Back. We're got our marriage about it you know it. Or public yeah yeah what happens. He just disappeared one day. I don't know who the owner was at that point. That that breast but this is the one that ways and let's give a can remember eighteenth street and yeah I was right across the street from drug goes and the year exactly right about that. And it was they are we. Foot same shaft for a long time but before that there had been about three or four of five or six I mean that there were. A lot of people going in and out of that restaurant and once it was running is as long as it had somebody good running it. It was it was great but then if they had somebody in there who was a clinker the it just would go nowhere. I I was not a big fan of. The let there. It. That. The current RA but if I remember right his name was sol. At yeah. Yet so all it's a ULERC. You know him. It we added it could be like that thought there and get it at tickets are. So what. I. Yeah it was a pretty good he was a pretty good chef and and I wish he were still around and a no well. Well that's enough thanks for row remembering harassment that we don't hear much about. Ohio it's a food show on gosh we're almost at the end of this thing kind and we do that it was your doing Doug thank you. Well we've done I would say that this was one of our better programs in recent times of course we have a lot to compare with. Over the years. But we have two more hours of the show. Left to come. Four hours about nothing but food Khatami you'll find that nowhere else in America what is it about liberty little. I like is I think it's a rich in trusting taste is it's onions or deliver its the whole thing I owed no matter how you give me liver I'll be happy. Unless she's doing really right job. A but it's it's it's a distant ever ask me Cutler OK I won't I want you'll do you like it or Nell says sounds like it. Well it's what those things either love it or you hated it's like blue cheese it's like. You know Tommy Tucker and a known him line. All right oh we whose state tune because we have another two hours at a gonna come your way the same two hours that we started two hours ago doing you know yet another shot at it in case you missed. Have a good dinner tonight talked to you tomorrow on. The big something or other that we that we ought to become the big something. HD radio. Rules. Good night.