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Wednesday, April 18th

Lobster Kadobster was discussed but not really explained.


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105 point three FM. HD 20. And WWL. Dot com. And this show. It's the food show. On 105 point three FM but. I dialed that up looking for this. HD thing somewhere around 8105 point three FM and haven't found it yet. Keep trying. Here's here's an idea get your manual for your car if it's relatively new with it's eight years old and probably not. And he'll explain to you just how to get HD radio on and on your car phone. In case you're not getting and already most new cars do have it. And what happens with this is that in this program and a few other things associated with it starts sounding real real good much better than it ever did. And as being someone who has been watching. Just how bad a radio stations consent. I've been that for a long time but it's really great to be away from that. And I'm looking forward to. Two lots and lots of people becoming. HD radio listeners it's easy enough that doesn't hardly cost anything you go to. You buy a radio okay Wentz lesson about a radio anyway that they're very they were expand extinct back then almost. A not very expensive is what I really meant to say and so. Get one you can also get one. By going to in a mobile one MO BI LEO. And it's a local company. And what they have always done is keep the sound systems going on just about everybody's car if something's broken and or. You know it's stopped working you would go over to mobile one and they would put a new women. Well what they're doing now for us on our behalf. Is giving you for free until we run out of him and when we run out of a Mets that. But they give you an HD radio they will install it for you for free. And the only possible. Extra is that if you're. Your radio has an unusual antenna or in unusual ways that it gets its power. Sometimes it won't work with them with there and with the radios that we have but they can be made to work very easily. And they will charge you for that but it's only yield on thirty dollars in annual walk you'll drive away from it. With this hugely and enhanced. Radio capability that you have because not only do you get to listen to this program big deal. But there are other stations. You know the with a one that I I meant the album mud and if I am. Excuse me let me start tunnels and so I mama someone who came into radio via public radio. It is on and a WWA no over that you know I was part of the original staff of that. That radio station and am very loyal to him. But they have done they have to. HD radio stations one of which kind of puts up nothing but jazz all day long 24 hours today. And the other one is nothing but classical music and I can tell use that is. Limited these days to services that you would have to pay for but this is radio classic radio. Just with new hardware. And so. You don't have to worry about that it's free you can listen to it. All you want for it nothing. And I hope you do because that's about what this is no way it's. It's 2606368. All right moving on to a some of the thing that was on my mind today. It is within the memory of just let everybody who is listening to us right now. That that time when there were no televisions. In restaurants. And we don't have to go back all that far. For that to be the case. IE. I can't stand. To have. Television on in the dining room. I particularly dislike it if it's sports because I'm I'm just not a sports guy OK but I. Please forgive me and I'll forgive you know. Will be done with that. But still. There there is what gets on TV sometimes and sometimes is that even interesting sports stuff like right now there's a lot of hockey. I don't know who watches hockey matches around here actually I do. My daughter my daughter for some reason thinks that hockey is very very cool. I don't know. And she's all grown up too so. In my my question is again. If you would go walk into arrests have been known to do this and sometimes they'll do it and sometimes they won't. I go into into a restaurant. And they have several of them are usually. Screens. Usually playing. Sports stuff. And it's usually at the bar but still in a lot of restaurants that's when he enough to be seen by just about everybody in the place. And they always ask the manager I asked the manager and I say any chance a getting in bed now that's sports stuff off. And I have had them. Them do it and what they always ask me is OK what do I put on instead of that as at how about food television. And and that's why I never thought about that they put on. And it worked out okay. I just quickly it seems to me that if you're going out to dinner. One of the main functions of going to dinner is to spend time with the people that you really like. What people that you wish you'd like but Q were you working on a real hard and you're not quite there yet. I think that that's so what dining out ought to be noticed I don't have the authority or toys but just barely enough gold to even say that. But I do think is that it is when we got televisions widespread. In restaurants that was a really really bad turn. Don't cheat thinks so call me and tell me if you do. And if you don't. Tell me why I'm nuts and I'll just listen to you and now you know it in other words don't do what my wife does to me. Or is that I do her she's she's just. Thinks I'm Susan but then again. That's been short weeks apart last night. Let me back up a little bit farther than that highways. I would in Metairie. Look it and that's one of the reasons that I was talking about. The lack of restaurants in Metairie is that I actually was in Metairie. And just yesterday. And the same was true I wound up all the way out. To transcontinental. Where. Aside from having vessels ace hardware there but that I was looking for any of that anyway. There were the lots of other things going on. In restaurants that you couldn't get too because there's not enough parking this is a real problem in new Metairie never enough parking. A great example this is it is. Austin's. Austin's is mr. Ed's Sinai think cases that is where that name comes from. And I think Austin's is a really to rip rest in that they have for mistakes. They do a lot of quite a lot of seafood. The reminds me a lot of what we were eating back in the 1980s. When there were all these changes in the way we ate it was a good change to. And I think that that has really. Been a great restaurant except for one thing he did it almost always has no available parking. Unless you go into the neighborhood which I don't feel good about it. So wish that you know but what are they gonna do weary and put a parking lot. I don't know good question too sick to well I don't know how good question it is but it it's one I wish you'd answer any do you have a good answer. 2606368. Come on. If you've never called I shall before it's so simple to 606368. Dial it in even if you don't have anything to say. Just it's out of the blue call me. And go determine. If that's what you're doing is just. To shoot the breeze. It's cool with me. And we'll shoot the breeze for one point nine drama what else do you abetted or do right now you already cleaned up after the dog today. 260636. But it took our program today is sponsored by a trend us. Kronos is one of those restaurants and there have not been a whole lot of them over the years that could probably make a list of about maybe ten of them. And in it. What what I imagined. Is I go to restaurant in hotel. And I know that it's going to be a too expensive. I know it's going to be boring. And I know also that they'll be able serve me quickly and get me done in that I can go up to the hotel room and called code because I've been working too hard that day. Fat chance. But. I did that I was even staying in the hotel it was so only about two blocks away from the on the radio station. And I was just walking in front of true enough us. And I said this to actually looks pretty credible. Who stuck my head in there and sure enough. There menu sounded great and especially the whole page that they devoted. To. To oysters. They have voices on the half shell of course they do on Friday due grilled they do them all the usual ways but the main duel by another eight different ways plus. And you could make a mile any of that and I always sort of make oatmeal out of some of it. But then you can move on and find out about all the other seafood items. That they are or running out of there and beyond that it's not just seafood they have stakes stand they have lamb chops that are real good. Have a good pork chop. And all of this in a charming restaurant that is up to date. In very easy just to relax in the prices are affordable. They make good drinks in the you know bar. This hardly anything I would complain about it infect them trying to hard to think a one right now and coming up but not that. The name of the restaurant is trying to us the story behind it is interesting you'll see a meeting a painting just as you enter. That shows a weather trend Nazis it's the way cage and get around in the swamps moralists to make a long story short. And their food is way way better than you going to expect. It's. They train us TRE NAS SE. Balancing Charles avenue just off point restrict their right across street from one show square tread on us. We will return with more of the food show after first please that's high Euro listening to the food show the stomp that Morris and nothing would delight me more than have you call us right now. I mean really new kitten. And tell us what you've been eating lately in what's been delicious and what restaurants have failed you and what response you. An adult or that you know go to restaurants anymore because they're too expensive. I'm hearing a little swell of that lately. Have you. All right do you think where and in pretty good shape you know what we've been talking about this a little bit at a time for a few months. And I think I have. A theory about this I don't know if it's can hold any water as what do Lionel. But you know how the stock market has been true skyrocketing. In the last couple years. And just going up to him numbers that you would never have imagined saved five years ago. And I'm I'm not making any comment about that or about to how it happened but what I do know is set up. I'm a bitch. That. People are buying stock. And using it as a kind of a way to spend money for fun you know they have a lot of people spend money for fun. If you know anybody especially people who have a lot of money. They actually enjoy a you know underwriting the blue the cost of dinner tonight even though it was way way more than than should be either do. Well. I think that might be that might explain everything. Cause. If you go to a restaurant the worst you can do waste to eat a whole lot of food and then I feel bad about it. But if you buy a bunch of stock. For the same amount or or less. You. You feel like you might be getting something for it maybe you are not on no dawn asked me about any investments and I'm not very good that. But I think that might be it to that might explain everything you see have been worried lately I it seems to me that. Up of people who used to really get off on dining out in restaurants in and trying new wines and all that. Which is you know been not a hobby of mine all aura. Or. A professional thing it's actually both of them but that can really explain it. Let's see who's on hold here this is Paul Paul welcome to the food show. I. Always tell your on the navy blue phone. You people need people yeah. And you're not even a member of the navy Ariel bench in the don't you know who could blame you know him and he all. Let me talk about them some question I think that it was on me better as well. Dim sonar. Yeah it's called the royal China. And you know where a door next supermarket is grow. A well. It's. Pretty much right on the same side of the highway you racing side of veterans. But a little bit closer to the New Orleans parish line which is only about three blocks away. And it's it used to be an old. Fast fried chicken place go plantation chick in the long long long long time ago. And that's they have a big book. If you go they are now. It's a little restaurant but the that the people who owner at their members of the the leaf fan well everybody in China this week. But the they they have this this book that they bring you with photographs in it and it shows all the different dim sum dishes that they can do. So it's not the same as what you've seen NC San Francisco weary they roll up court and say okay give me two of these in one of these and they just have the book and you say I'll have one of these. And it's it's pretty good. When you mentioned they expected the cart but yeah well this is not Al Gore and a world that do yeah. Well. Well. What is called sushi village and usually village. Is that here. Yeah it's sorry to say I don't know where is what pitch it's an artery. Some burden and a source may. And we'll tell you I know it's a pretty big building isn't it. Yeah yeah it's the park and so on those streets or write so respect you tomorrow and I'll let you know and I am. You know economic. Shore yeah. Com or if you get your chance strike you look at what surprised talked to me the name of it again. Sushi sushi village I think I know the spot you're talking about but I haven't been there in the long time if ever. Want to the door to turn you wouldn't earlier mr. That's good. To hear him. I guess. It. What they're for that that's that's a good tip I'm always looking. Yeah yeah yeah me to seal by Steve food trio. 260636. Say this is the food show. The food show it's the big show also where we beg you to call us and and tell us what you've been eating lately this is no other way for me to get it use. I'm not gonna come already house and knock on your door I'm not gonna get should fill out a form. But I'll tell you anything you wanna know you. You wanna go to a certain restaurant or you want to do you have X number of people coming to town. And you don't know where to go. That would not be too expensive and would be really good in memorable. I'll call me I'm not saying that I know the answer to this always without exception. But I'll give you a lead on and at the very least and we have enough people listening to us that will breakthrough. And give a scene answers when we need him so call us. 26063. Succeed it would be so much nicer to do this program with you on the phone than it is to do or you're not on the phone. On the other hand a reach over here. And I find myself bringing select the button. That gives us. I don't think Al Al welcome to the food show. I there I do. So how do we. All right. See you. Bet that. Bessemer Al match just south side of the starts with a Birmingham though that's that's going to be here. Yeah Birmingham at. The now. You know. About what. Think if we're going haven't heard this would wind. The thought. Let's just corny enough. Yeah we do you know well now he he had a bunch of good ones that we can't tell in the air really. The Groucho Groucho is terrific. They could be word. That's right but anyway. So we're. Yeah. Don't you look at it but that was quite a bit battered quell the truck there. Yeah. He'll owe a debt and other well okay. Go bit beat Hillary in there Christine. Yeah if the question abate. They get all. Over it or you don't want it they said. Yeah yeah I think you're right. And it's. It's it's not exactly right in the middle of everything users is their kind of vote on that river a little bit. Though it on its web at. The ripper they're at all. It between inner city. It could be sure. You know. And I. Really. The. Team yell was steaming lobsters makes a lot of sense to me steaming most other things I'm I'm dumb leery about would tell me some other things feuded. It did they could get the blow you away you know and about beer they'd better flopped bit about there do you really. Yeah it. Yeah I wonder if that's the real recipe or whether it's one that. Was passed down or something I have never been off the track that recipe to. Yeah those you know. Could collapse where it would write him a bullet. But let you view probably don't even remember what that tasted like it's been too loaded. That lead out. But do. Yeah it's been. PL say it's a for those who don't know what we're talking about at T but Terry's restroom which used to be. On Claiborne avenue near Napoleon. They had that was the first restaurant in town to really do lobsters at all I mean they've they've had the big tank and everything they were the first ones that have been there. And when they when they did they developed a bunch of other lobster dishes other than the straightforward Bob boiled lobster. And it would involve various kinds of stuffing and one of them was called lobster could lobster and all I remember about it is that it was in pretty much one piece. And that there was a sauce on it that weighs in the yellow area of the spectrum. Yet that the county. Or she be brave and. The well a guy that's why would you you would get a certain taste that. But I've never been able even though a run into Tom Patel Ari a few times here in the air I've never been able to get that recipe from anywhere and so. Maybe you got one. I'm on my way to dinner and a trip not. I. All you'll love that oysters oysters oysters great country to element said it held it would favorite. What is it. You are. The longer. What it. What is that the law. Yet. But love for a Brit who aha via. I had a good billion. Bid it is very. But sure but I've been out there they're there. Horribly. Clear it away. Oh. Crawford had to wait. No dead. Frog legs frog legs. And they were served with one. Buffalo wings so they fry them they fried the legs. Though. I. Was it good. It would. So good so I've. You know that opened up but what I've made any you know Bob below. Probably breast self. Yeah that's a polite talk about two mixtures of a different species. Wow. Just think about it. You'd know that you'd have a lot of probably it they very broad street in order to believe but it. Detroit used to have a lot of frogs but they don't anymore. Probably. That would Serbs in. That room that we looked up. You know they used to say they would like a play that. Detroit but all of way. Who would've guessed. Go rig yeah Harriet. A little wee wee wee weed up over at the cool water ranch we get I hear that the the frogs. And they really they can get really blog but I've never seen one. I've had I I can I did we have a couple Pons. And if I go to the edge of the pond there's no question about it there's some men there and it's big and it is not going away anytime soon. And it's that's it's it's frog legs but there. They can't the front legs on the hook it's a good. I used it again do. That it won't doors what. And at news that. We stay cool and that is spam. Yeah. They actually. That would lead. To go he'd eaten or. Well I didn't and this probably means that they got their by way of Petronas. You're absolutely right. Mainly go to ought to do every bit trip map out there oh yeah they're in the back in and what do my favorite word. Yeah exits has a ring to it. We need we need portrait announces in this world. Am. Food. Yea. Yea ago right yup. Thank you see it it's the food show. Do you save anything funny in your kitchen. Every now and then I'll get us frozen yogurt somewhere. And for some reason frozen yogurt it's always come with. These special spoons. They're plastic but they're looked bigger than they ought to and heavier too. But always get them and always save them because for some reason I don't know they seem to work better when you're storing your coffee or something that he and anybody else have any silly little. Well practices in their kitchen at they'd like to share and be funny little thing you know 2606368. Yeah gimme all your secrets I'll give you all a mind. Viewers would probably be more interest in 2606368. Let's see what away I have to else to talk to you but I have an interesting. Article in the newsletter today go to no menu dot com. And you get there by a man have to do a new way of doing this because it's it's puzzles people. Go to no menu dot com. And then on the left hand side of the page you will see these black box a small black box. That's his home on it that you can barely read because it's too dark. And what you'll find in there though that you will be able Reid is just so in a row of stars little asterisk six click on that. And you get the entire newsletter as it was meant to be seen by everybody. When the season to figure out how to make it just do that automatically by them. Not a very good web master. A unified wanna be a good web master and this something about that that those who. Sit still I don't know what it is 260. 63682606368. Call right now and you get Reagan and wind died you know what more. What are you gonna do we go on for dinner and night here here's a question. Where he's going for dinner tonight so live it and if I have of finish this or even started into it. Yesterday saw it I was over around Austin's couldn't get a place to park there went by Vincent's that was full. Here we have a one block. To really great restaurants on it. And I can't get to either one of them because there's no place to park. It's almost as bad as the French Quarter although I think you put the French Quarter might be able each year. Let's see Brittany and and wound up somewhere completely different. Oh I don't remember what it was at this is easy enough owe it to bistro Orleans last night here's what I had. They had I I like. Eggplant parmesan that's. A good dish to me is very simple it's on the lighter side too so I got. Parmesan of eggplant. And it comes with. Pasta Angel hair pasta and I ask them to toss it with the red sauce but put little. How. White sauce over the top of that Alfredo sauce and tossed those Paula to sauces with these. With the with the past itself and then just kind of push it off the one side. And that just came a really nice there are a couple of the restaurants that do that. The ever see that on a menu or anything that hints after it try it at it's one of those things. That doesn't. Quite add up because it seems like it's got way too much cost and may be too which cream or too much red sauces too much of something but when you eat it you find that that is not the case at all. It is really you pretty doing good. And that when that would certainly voice. So anyway yeah I I think I'm I'm coming up with the explanation for why it is. People are not dining out with the same gusto that they did. Say even five or ten years ago there is definitely a lowering of interest. In know what it was back then. And I think I know what is he do you think you see called me and tell me if I'm just nuts or whether this this may be holds water. I think there are a lot of people now we're taking any extra money they have. And putting it into the stock market. Them. You know again and an interview with somebody about him might look that up seat for can find an expert. Who will let's say one way or the other that if it's just a nutty idea. Well we probably won't do that today as were running low on time but we'll be back with more the food show in just a moment after first please this. What's now it's been over here we have. Who is it shall sell welcome. Are there. On our idea for your passionate about telling Robert conversation I had. From tomorrow on a few years back. Who develops warrant for a strong in the Acadia air oh yeah it works for one distributor. And he's the guy that does all that. And we were talking about the change. A rabbit in there and dining out meat eating and so forth. And or are really did into what we discovered if you could take order credit or blame depending on how to look at it. You know people. Differences. He's. To be. Access to information on the Internet. Combined where it shows on the Food Network. And show or you'll yeah. Now I accept a raise this standard and expectation of the art. And with. Then what that comes here and more accessible. Quality ingredients to cook at home yeah access to good recipes. And when that happens. When you go out. Well if you look at the menu and you say it can do that just called on him. Clarity and won't you know so it's almost like a challenge. So now it now is just that the standards of you know out and you know are urged talk about. Small weight. Or trend that's going on it's definitely a trend. And you know. Well these where you have three big courses. Or six small courses. Here same amount you can slow much more. Pleasure diversity it and so many more flavors and and just different. Sharing them of course. It's. Earlier not just surely a stomach but the sharing of the experience with friends and family. But on it I think you're on the sudden there well it's something like that. A little bit more to it then then just the spending habits and disposal and Como whoever's got money. Now yeah that's right well I think you're on the sort of the there there's definitely something going on in and day having watched this. For as long as I have I've never seen anything quite like it not even that big baby boom. Well answer that happened in the early eighties. I know we don't go out to eat as often but when we do we're a lot more selective and we willing to spend a little war. To get better quality. Well let's that's Smart because set what they tell you that due to foot just for health reasons. And and four last last tip and a guy that was talking about the job. Oh law truck bombs you ought slot on doesn't incredible buffalo probably. Oh yeah that is that is gonna forgotten about that now. Version that oil. That's it lets it all around good rest and gets a bit better every time ago we we there for Sunday brunch more than any other time. But we tried we tried brown water from. For brunch a couple weeks ago in mid city area not really good chip more casual and old. Easier for the kids but. Yeah our slot nine has definitely way up there. The one nice story in every you gave us just the right amount of time to get us to the end of the program thank you. Good evening to you. And let's see we will be back tomorrow as far as I know. Not that there is any reason why I wouldn't have been back but. You never know sometimes and I hope you up picker good place for dinner tonight because after you eat there I hope. That you'll call me tomorrow. And tell me all about it because. It's more interesting. To me into everybody else listening. Then you might imagine and we really appreciate you're participation in our program. All the time it's of food show on 105 point three FM. HD two. Stay tuned. May be if you like hockey or what what are they doing today you run NBC's exports. We'll fund. Another two hours just try we have another two hours of us that's right we get two chances to listen to this program every day.