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Wednesday, April 18th

"Why aren't there enough good restaurants in Metairie", Tom asks.


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Bum bum bum bum bum bum and a bump bump bump up. This is the smoky voice I have no idea why. But this is the smoky voice of your local announcer BCI don't smoke I never did smoke. Not ever but. And then you have smoky meets in that kind of thing for so maybe that's weird this came from but I still don't know why I'm saying this is the smoky voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And it's time for the food show the food show. Is uniquely. Yours do you will not be able find a program like this anywhere else in the world not even close to it. They own it but about the closest any of anybody else gets is. In I've I've seen this in in California. And once in France but never any other place and both times it was a one hour program that was on Saturdays or Sundays. Here we are four hours a day seven days a week talking about the food scene in New Orleans and why do we do it. It's because it's that good and it is so one of our crowning achievements what we are able to do in the kitchen. And it's something that has made a lot of people happy for a long time. And so I offer you with no confessions and no I shame at all. Our radio show about food but eating in restaurants cooking wine and everything everything that fits in there is good enough for me we'd love to hear from you. 260. 636. It is our telephone number 2606368. And if you call right now you'll get Reagan and we'd love to hear from you. Which they need to know where you been cooking you know. I have a little problem. And it really is a little problem has compared with big problems. But. I. When I leave here every day. And I head up. And just it is under my general rout in the direction of home there's really only one way I can do it and that's basically going across the causeway. I I guess I could go through slight tail but it's that's longer quite a bit longer so anyhow. I hear AM. Leaving the downtown area. And going through Metairie and then crossing costly well eight I need to write a lot of articles. But about food about restaurants and about all the things we talk about here because that's the other half of my life is writing about all this stuff. And I keep getting caught by this thing that I want to know very well. Is in my way of getting a great supper on my way home. And that is. Metairie. Ain't got restaurants worth wide. You pick your word. Them the scene the dining scene in Metairie now there are there are exceptions is quite a few of them. But there are not enough good restaurants in that area okay well I'm get a tick off a lot of really. Good and restaurants that are in. In Metairie. And just just to make sure that nobody gets the wrong idea. And the stocks. August. Weighs in August. Yeah yeah. Vincent's. I'm I'm already running out on mr. beat not mr. B it's a beast and bistro OB. How would you say. I'm white. Mr. Ed's mr. adds mr. Ed has actually two restaurants in Metairie and one comes in Kenner. He also has a restaurant called the mr. Ed. Oysters and oyster bar and fish grill. And that's very good and there's Andre is most of the time. And who else have we forgotten. That the mr. Orleans all bistro Orleans bistro Orleans yet. And there's one other win that I was just on the verge of. Spit not of the Rick a Bono family. And it is there what's what they call it place. Anyway that's the Erica Bono family image pepper mail the pepper. And now once they get to that I am truly running out of restaurants to go to. And I'm not putting down the ones I just named and there are some more that I just haven't thought of that are really good like go Fausto Fausto is this great place that new restaurant where Tony Angelos used to be. Resume toes that's a great place. It sounds like what time your your thesis is falling apart here. Because you just naming one after another of all these restaurants that you say are good but where the dogs well they they're not there at all the dogs. We'd they don't they don't show up somehow. Anyway you get to the end of this and having made that trips as many times as I have. It always is drives me nuts to be on my way you know here I am on causeway boulevard again I'll have to turn around and go somewhere else if I wanna. You go and have a really interesting dinner. And I don't it just never comes up. So I wonder why that is. And and and I'd like to get an answer from you if you have any thoughts about this or if you have also had the same thought which is just to re capitulate. I don't think there are enough. Really good exceptional restaurants in Metairie not enough of them I didn't say there aren't any of them because there are quite a few. But they're not in there aren't enough it's as simple as that. MI wrong. Have you had this thought to. My wife says you know whats the point I mean you just you just drive through Metairie and then you finish when it's. So. If straighten me out if you think I need straightening out and you'd it may well be that you will talk me out of this. This question it and it it came about because. There was somebody who called me yesterday and wanted to know about some restaurants in Metairie and I just started you know I did my best but I. He just can't go all that long within its just there's not enough. That's it that simple business. Call me would you or about anything else in your mind please know that no matter what else where ever talking about on our program here. We will stop talking about that and we will start talking about whatever you wanna talk about and I'm not saying this in an and an NN and its marquee way. I really mean that if you have anything and all of you if you been to a restaurant lately. That you really liked or you really hated. Or a few. Who were cooking something or other at home that you would never of guessed was going to be any good at all it wound up to be really really really good. And really nice place to get ice cream. I just whatever comes into your mind. Could tell us about it because we're all interest and that that's that's how come we have this show. Is that there are so many people who are looking out for the really good food and it's there it's there. You just have to go looking for it. 2606360. I hope did it sound like I was losing my net their Furman. It's possible. 260. 6368. Call right now you'll get right right in this is one of five point three FM this is HD radio. Digital radio. It is radio is it was meant to be on the cutting edge. And it gets better all the time. We're one of the Villa on the forefront of local. Radio stations in having HD radio it sounds so much better it goes off for a long long distance or you don't lose it quite as soon as you would lose most stations. And and we just have a great time. Talking about what on this show is topic today. But we have a lot of other things to you know have a lot of sports on this forum on this frequency but we're here for talking about food for three hours four hours a day. Over here on our purple phone is Mike Mike welcome. You elicit. You know it's a beautiful restaurant. And all. In which he announced he remembered well. Bat. An option. Ally. Old. Bear. Is that you liked yet you state I. In the two. I. It. Affects. I want. That court. Black life. Well close enough. Well black. And where. It. Wait a minute you know I just I drew a blank hear what references. Revolution yeah that's right they did they do indeed put on a pretty good steak it's kind of expensive though. Yeah. When I got the right. Low pricing. You're joking right was. A little pricey yet it is certainly a little pricey is no doubt about that. I know that to be true because my daughters of what that's her favorite restaurant I think and so she loves going there and that's she always gets state. So so we find out about it but a full but for her I would do it anyway. But overall. Orders wonderful. And. Well thank you for calling the next hearing from. Financiers of food show on opening and 260636. They decide telephone number. All right now you get right in today's Wednesday isn't it Wednesday. And special going on on Wednesday. We have no jazz and heritage festival yet that's coming in a month. On the thirteenth now let's start on the fifth starts on the fifth may third may fifth. And the French Quarter festival is over huge success I hear although I haven't heard the statistics you know we like hearing. How many people they think passed through. The gates. Kind of hard to see this because they're scattered all over the place the people who go to that. But. Once you get a look at it you're told that. 75000. When it went mice 75. On its 750. Dollars and that's what could give that number straight. A that's how many came last year and they're expecting it's gonna be about the same except they had a little rain issues took them out of business for one day. But well. I'm sure the people who Europe who have food booths or nets and oh well I you know like it's doesn't mean anything and it's a tough to take. It's a little dangerous for those guys those entrepreneurs to get out there and do it and I do I think we ought to appreciate them as much as we can. TV and hunt down their restaurants the rest of the year though that's a little hard because just about all of them. That are in the oath. In the French. French school quarter. The they ought to hold the event is of the people who go there. They tend to be of the people who are the are actually cooking the food they. Are supposed to be connected. With a restaurant although that this year they have gone away from that theory and they gonna see how it goalies. To see if not asking were the vendors. At the festival. To be it to have restaurant connection. They've always had it. Bossi I wouldn't tell you one way or the other is I don't know will be back with more the food show and now hang on there widget. Whoever's on this summit there was somebody on although they went away. Well we'll be right back the food show thank you at hello you're listening to the food show I'm Tom that's Morris. And over here is. Soon voice of an. Audit neglected to write it down. Clyde welcome to the food show come on and. Next week. These Zurich classic PGA tournament and it happened. Anyway we've got a group of people that we can all means good or or Marshal in different parts of golf course and there are fourteen year. We're gonna being cutting this year oh yeah wow why. Well. That's a long that's a long trip. Well what is that like it for a minute or now are like that yeah. Yeah so anyway everybody why they're there because we haven't interest in everything. Friends who live in my. So. Edit group a neo moderately right Covington. Fish. Should I make a reservation. Yes no matter or no matter where it is the that's the answer to that is always yes. Okay so. It means. But suggestion okay recovered. Now you're you're it's. You or your hotel is in Covington is when I'm. It I don't Hayward is that a no go ahead and saying it's okay. There. The holiday and well you do better than that but you could do much worse than that to. Oh we. Go yeah that's the place. I'm. We've got some people in the group. Flush with cash. Sorry yeah you know that's that's that's OK and union and everybody does you know it is an. You know well who could blame yeah. Oh moderately price is a meaningless expression because it's one person's. Moderate prices in the of the person's total rip off. So. So I give you an idea. On a per person basis how much you wanna spend for dinner so. It you know. I don't know. Without her knowing that it's hard to say anything. Okay so in that really matter on the you know edit mode on you know we've been out of bed. You know get up. The more authentic way you don't you don't want to it's used to. Be limited to hotels forage for dinner right. Now now now. Don't know that the it is the folks that are imminent. And money. The rain and you know staying in the beaches. Date Jack price that it is yet. And the well this. You know that you know Annandale across the UUEP. Long bridge. So we've all decided okay Huntington is this new program basic. Okay. Again I ask you what kind of float give me a number here of. Tiny but okay nice. The matter on money. Nine the ninety okay that's with the blue Monday and ninety you're in good shape. The first place that comes to my mind is a key young steak house. And it is not entirely a steak house they have they also have a lot of goods. And seafood there. They have one of the best versions of a crab cakes at a panel long time. And they they actually have an oyster dish on their menu that is they say I was told this by Keith young himself. He took the recipe from my cookbook so and oh it happy. All right that's one now here's another one that it is somewhat similar to that when and know little bit easier to get a table although jump right on this. I Gallagher is real there are two of a once in Covington the other ones in May and built the both almost is exactly the same in terms of menu. And up pat Gallagher it was. Patrick. Gallagher is real it's terrific. And they they really do a nice job and I think nine he will get tree in and out of there without a problem. A scapegoat and that. OK so you give me a couple that did because rubbing it and they're like 7:30 or 8 o'clock united. Probably will be yeah her. But let's see it grow. Up. The to a certain extent yeah that's true. Let's see here or you'd. We always about this say that there is in the in the the hotel in the southern hotel they have a restaurant in their that's called the ox like nine. And and it's at JC it's actually in the buildings so why that's so very good investment. Right across the street from there is what I think is the best Italian restaurant in the entire area. It's. And now I'm gonna screw it up by from a failing to remember the name of a Dell port though that's the name del Portillo. It's Italian but it's not here but you know red sauce all over everything kind of Italian this is more like Tuscan food. Letter roasting led stakes. A lot of garlic Kim and herbs in and various kinds of peppers and it is to respect I would love that play. There ago I did get it drives from. Saturday we're gonna leave after the tournament. Like after 5 o'clock and then drive nor. And stop and Metairie and stopped somewhere there are Italian food but it each day dealt forward is the place. It's really good and this is one more I excuse me that I won run past you. And it's of it's another 88 it's it's a very inexpensive restaurant but it's very good it's in Madison bill which is. If you're in met it in man to bill. You would be heading due east to go all right the that the river there. But it's a little place and it's called cram these Shaq. Grammys Shaq I know that's a goofy sounding name but these guys they have a lot of really good seafood in the air and very inexpensive. And they'll do anything from a seafood platter to he took a really nice piece of unusual fish that you we don't see around here too much no matter what that is. Yeah. So. There's going to be an like 6:7 o'clock at night. Yeah well you that you would that would be a good time to go there actually and they're there are. Crap b.'s Shaq. Crabby check. And it is and no I don't think about it in the middle of man in the middle of Covington is at a restaurant completely forgotten by the even though him one of our sponsors. It's. The Shaq just simply the Shaq it's on 21 street. In downtown Covington easy to find you just stay on 21 street you'll see. And they out of everything under the sun over there to real fun kind of a place very casual. In Covington yet it if you're an if you were in them a little like or right in the middle of Covington. You could. He you can just walk there practically it's it's it's pretty close to the middle town. Everybody knows where it is just ask anybody. OK I'll put that up of the group Fabio mr. score and movie you know yeah a good book but please do let me know. Yeah I let you know see if. By its people would show this is Tom Fitzmorris. I began the program with this thought. And I hope you have a reciprocal thought. I I I had for home every day. Because it's the only one that made only wrote that makes any sense from downtown New Orleans across the causeway and back to me cool water ranch. And in doing so I'm always hoping well let's see where life stop for dinner and the answer is. Usually in a weird kind of way there ain't no place well that that's not true there are. A lot of good restaurants that are worth a eating in Metairie but there's not enough of them not enough. Different variations on that. And soul of having put that senior year. May I ask you if you think that's true or not or is it just some crazy thing I made up which is certainly possible what would you say. The move. Away from the somebody's on hold over here let's though it's pat pat welcome to the food show. Eight. You know I'm good you. I'm OK okay I a couple of restaurant so one day at analyst and Metairie OK and you just mentioned one of them which is furious furious I love your eggs yeah you didn't have a Narnia. Well I was making it up as they went along and I'm not that good at that anymore. I don't worry about it's made. It'll give you I wanna see me fall on the floor here or go to. Don't want want a strong we really like lie Anna is. Prick and and I know and cannery but he can you know. Yeah they're they're better than you think they're going to be and they've always been good since day one and I remember day one so I'm matches you know make him an up. And a little chorus the in the strange sort of way because they are one of the few restaurants that's really close to the airport where it's conceivable that you could just dump in there. And I get a quick meal. Yeah did. And you get a couple on and not really crazy about. It I'm not good. Can I know which 11 of them news. I don't even have to ask. Via if you ever run in to be some way to tell me what it is LC hi told you so. Okay no problem. Yeah a good day. Good to see the food show on top it's more us fun to talk about food restaurant and cooking and stuff. And so we'd love to hear from you but what's been cooking. And wherever it is you have found yourself and I'm looking because I lost it if I ever had it which who's our next sponsored. Does Metairie. Not have enough good restaurants. Or is it just me. Filling my head with something I made up. Station six is not a bad restaurant and all that's good good restaurant. Oh you were that's that was your point right. Station six is in bucked town. And its name for the pumping station that either failed us or it was the one that didn't fail us like the guy. Can never quite get that straight Allison Vega is the owner Earl hobbyists in there too. And they do mostly seafood. A bit there up five or six times and what I've mainly noticed is that the when they've placed their order for seafood. They don't get the typical nothing kind of seafood that a lot of restaurants do. They're bringing in pompano. And things of that caliber. And right there it's worth going to adjust for that. Now that we're getting out of the cold weather is that's as they get a little chilly when it's cold out there. It has become a wonderful place to dine if you haven't been there yet it's very casual. They have a big menu full of more things than you can possibly imagine. And they are there all the time pretty much it's called. Once again it is the pumping station Noah it's station six a senate. You know when MB of these numbers is part of a name and only groups via. Anyway they are right there in the middle of the marina more or less it's or closer to where they've pumping station used to be before everything got. Torn up and redone. In that area 260636. They call me in and tell me about any restaurant experience you've ever had your life. I was I have in the back of my mind. One of these days talking about all of the many restaurants. That were forced somebody or other of their first experience. With a restaurant. Do you remember. Where you went the first time you went to a restaurant on your own nickel. I imagine that a dinner for a nickel. If and if if you remember restaurant that was that you were able to plunk down the money yourself. And you really felt good about doing it or whatever recent was it you pick to go there or. We go again or not go again. And I'd love to hear that. And media anyone will do. And remember. What we're trying to do other our program here is to let everybody else out there. Who maybe has not been to all the great restaurants in town which is actually a pretty common thing because. Who can keep track of I can't and I've been working at this this is what I do for a living. Four since let's see 1972. Is when I first started writing columns but this. And I couldn't keep track of all the restaurants than in I can't do it now although it was a lot easier back then. The first restaurant guide I ever wrote at a hundred restaurants in that night but this ought to do it. I came back and redid it about two years later I had to make it 200 still wasn't enough. Everytime I upgraded it it got bigger. And wound up with a book called the eat book. That tie you keep thinking I may be on the right then again I mean it's been too long for the rest reviews they don't you know there out of how to joint with time but one of these days and just might you know if I have not been better to do. 1260. 63. Succeed somebody called me hello we just did it the weather what do creek show this would be with all the the wonderful people that call us all the time. If only we could have people on the phone all the time to keep the pressure going you know and I mean. So clueless would you if you don't even if you don't have anything particular to sail betcha as soon as you start talking they'll realize you do have alike the say. And I wanna hear and so does everybody. There to cause a no we're all hobbyists. For food that's true. But. 2606368. Mendel seafood is our sponsor amended bill seafood is to restaurants. Where two businesses maybe I should say in one they're owned by the same people. There on highway 59. Let me get your oriented on this highway 59. Shoots straight north. Right out of downtown old talent Covington. Amanda go rather they go perfectly straight on Jerod street then they changed the name to. Louisiana. 59. And you just follow that for. All about a mile and a half and you'll see it on the on the left what you'll see is a big round of building. On one side of it they are processing all their fish in there they they buy fish from the of the fisherman every day. And they get him in there and they they do their own. Trimming of all of the fish that they have over there they they give and Aaron and get ready view to roll so fresh. And you can take some of it home with you. And do your own seafood cooking with treason a bad idea that you know what the main reason is that more people don't cook at home. Getting the seafood is so hard there was so this so little seafood out there that you can buy. So a lot of people just say the heck was that I'm gonna walk next door. And find that there's this little neighborhood restaurant that they have going in that exact spot right next door to the fishing plant the fish plant. You are there and able. To get anything from Bob Hope Classic seafood platter fried or however Leo like it. Or you can dig into was some of the other things that they. They make all the time elect daily specials and neighborhood restaurants where you get the bell pepper with the of this in the bad on the side in the this salad as part of it and you know what I'm talking about though it. That's that's the other side of the place. It's man DeVille seafood and it's all family run and feels like New Orleans that is for sure. Highway 59. But the mile and a half north out of man to build you'll see it easy enough that lots of parking it near really nice people. Men DeVille seafood was this over here looks like Dave Dave welcome to the food show. And thanks for call and sure sure I can about Russian arms. In Metairie you know and that's common in and I think you're right. Overall that they really are enough and a bar no one of the great ones that are read it it's like arguing our. Because if you pick or. Is. If you're Cyprus as well and where. You know that they're not easy. No I mean did just that name one that we haven't thought about it but definitely belongs in this list dried knows. And even though they bought all whole lot of parking space in the last few years it's still not the easiest thing in the world. I. I go anywhere it through anywhere is it because it's so good drug court. Right I think the idea of you know other that area of the current quarter. Where you can literally walked and hit like ten or fifteen world places and walking distance. It's not currently in the early to know. That it does all the players in the tropics servers that it. You know in the in different parts and it is not. Like this this tourist thing where he just so you know Brandon could be arms and we have. A short so this could be addicted weapons. Or carbon. It's you have to go on and whether the industry is. I think ago. You know other than the trees that have taken over you know what I don't ever go over the trees other. It's it's amazing they pop up. And and built these things. Oh this is one of them. Quite slow and to do. You. I kind of sucks all the wind. Yeah well. Away. If this it interesting anecdote about this there that took place it was march lows for awhile and before that it was like a wild. Some kind of wild animal forget what is it that kind of a wild west sort of deal to its right. Right across the way from. The the seafood place should just name the chain please vote bonefish Xia. Anyway. The guys at Marcello is and they were doing pretty well and it was Suri actually pretty good a place. But somebody walked up to laments says though we want to buy or lease. And they've put a number in front of them and the guy who who owns. That said yup it's a real estate market in Austin and then there it happens and so much for that. Well I was in the regarding the quality and our dealers were that way and they got. Yeah there's one very famous one you know these are not very good at one point basically setup all of this as unreal that's true that. Daddy ought to cargo ships in memory of them out there and I think. Under the side of that you know that there are just certain number of this property for more than. I cannot think you know you don't get so so it was yeah optic. Imagine that. We could move him. Well thanks for all your thoughts about this hour stop in again Sunday it's the food show but see over here on the green phone we have Stephen. The couple cooking shows more you have a one. Oh July 22 run in the dark tale yeah. So anyway they've been baking cookies. And they always say use unsalted Butler. In the day. That song for a bit and assault and so I mean why wouldn't you know unsalted butter but lasts very long. That. Is. So you don't those people keep search specifically. During baking something. That we can take anything. Alt two or so war which you not use. All the barber. Boy. All. It's it's no big deal what you have there is just a deep fault. And in in most baker is most bakers our civil. Very meticulous about their ingredients in everything you can't be a good. Baker unless you are measuring the exact amount of everything your putting in and that's just the culture and that's the way they do things if you're a baker. But and they all every single one of them is that what they use is always been always will be. Salt free. Unsalted butter about I never use that can't stand it it's in has. It's missing all the things I like the taste out of so but. Here I mean it's not gonna make any insult to salt no more that's for sure yeah. I mean you're not much and it's an uphill preserve it and keep it longer right that's the whole idea. You equally to honor our power for days and it's solved it. Yeah that's right you could even put in a jar and put it on the shelf and forget about it that that that's key and and no not too many people have been killed by the know where I can't solve every problem yeah I thanks for calling anyway sorry food show. At best note twenty minutes to the you know our. And that happen. We'd love to talk review and if he got called right now. You'd be first in one room that come off of our little message collection here after first please this. If you've been anywhere good lately please call me and tell me about it if you. Are going to a place that few you think is real good but you're afraid that if you. Let the word out and tell everybody else about it then they had the people who love. Who work there. We'll have too much to do and is the restaurant will decline. That is not shrew I have never ever seen that happen. And that the the only time when a restaurant that that kind of catches on this city. As almost a phenomenon. As and it does happen once in awhile. It doesn't stay that way and win. It ends it ends. Completely. And then you never think about it again so if you really want. Your favorite restaurant to stay around and always be there for every time you get an urge to eat whatever it is that you like over there. Please tell as many people as you know about it because that keeps him in business if you don't tell him. They go out of business and then you're screwed and you see it's in your own fault. Are there not enough restaurants in Metairie good restaurants in Metairie are there. Far fewer than their ought to be utes may be the way of looking and that's the way I comment I don't think there are enough places to dine out well. In Metairie now there are a lot of good ones I'm not saying there are no good ones. I have plenty of friends. In the business. And even if I didn't. I would have to tell you that there I could probably come up with a oh and easy list about 1820. Restaurants in Metairie that are indeed really good. But there ought to be like 36 of a more maybe fifty or maybe even a hundred there are a lot of people in Metairie. And a lot of them have. Enough money to go to nice restaurants on them don't even mean the really expensive places but we don't have anything partly. Very casual. Nobody dresses up both of course that's another hopeless. Task to a 606368. On gosh we've all but run out this or have we. Well don't worry about it because we have another hour of the food show to spend together. And I think is something to bring up suit to me and I I've I wanna hear from you. You don't have to of course but it's it's a much more fun when you call us. And I hope but to hear from you sometime during the next hour. Here on the food show on 105 point three FM HD two HD radio get it.