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And them pump pump pump pump pump pump up. Thump thump of boom of the Pope 105 point three FM. HD two. Yeah HD two this is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show. The food show is exactly what it claims to be we talk about food that set what kind of food. Anything. Got you you like hot dogs a lot Collison Telus but nobody hardly ever does. You like hamburgers allies call us tell us what you know. They'll listen. To 606368. You know where I went for lunch today. My wife I would it's. Leaving town for a little while. Such issues a few days. And we got together and we had. Lunch. At to keep chases. A place at the airport. Did you even know that was there I knew was there but that I am I it it's not a place I've dwelt upon a whole lot. But it is. A real news. The take off of of cookie chase and Leah chase. Is the boss over there and she is. What it's what she's the person that everybody in the business. Calls. The queen of the reigning queen of creole cooking in New Orleans and you just couldn't possibly take that away from Hershey she really is that and then a lot more. But. Somewhere along the way. She decided to open up the second location 21 over on Orleans avenue near Delta's. And but she now has a restaurant food in their four but 34 years now. In. The airport at the voice an airport as we used to call it New Orleans international. Airport. And a big menu it's it's pretty straightforward of a lot of seafood you can get a plate red beans and rice you can get a plate of of what is that that we only two fried chick and kept what that was stuff of fried chicken. Is is there a big big deal over there and it was quite busy. And right there off where all the little bookstores in new and everything is in the in the airport. So if you ever wanted to see what Leah chase is food was like and you haven't been to Leah chases are just ducked duke he chases the real name port. You go there you know next time you're passing through the through the airport. You know level entry dinners over the at least we just had lunch we had. Let's CIA had catfish or avoid fried catfish for boy and my wife had. Some kind of salad I think. All I remember yeah she had macaroni and cheese which she just loves and she also had Collard greens. And she likes that a lot too so that made it nice little dish. 260636. Say it is our telephone number where have you been needing. Called me and tell me about it to Steve function of our program here we are in New Orleans. A unique. Radio station in a unique talent. And with all the best of everything from costing you 2606368. Buzz us and tell us what's been eating you. But what you're eating more than the other. And listen well I sure could use somebody call us up and tell us what they've been needing lately that's that's the whole program here. And so give us a buzz one notre. I'd love to hear from you but that. What's that what's been good over at your house what has it been. Or thoughts about the French. Food of some of it is anyway at the French market. Event that just took place. French Quarter festival via French Quarter festival. Just took place it was a huge hit I can tell you just played by staring at everybody. We were doing our show from there now they yesterday. It was of a busy and bustling kind of day it was kind of on the chilly side it was very. Windy. And that kind of did a little bit more but nobody seemed to care everybody's seemed to be having a good time. Which is what it's all about I guess right. So what if you went to the French Quarter festival please give us a call and tell us what you thought about it any dishes you thought really stuck out. I mentioned earlier. That the lady from. I she has the of the pro lean shop over there. And she hit has been making New Orleans for some like 42 years she told me. And at night he seemed recalls seeing your bank and so there it is. But. She came in there with some manes stuffed with crabmeat and I will not soon forget that and I'm. When next time somebody calls me. And asks me. For a an idea for an appetizer and a little party they're having at their their home. A hotel Napoli. And because it was easy enough to make. Did not easy it is to make big in the eighth they're they're really easy. This achieving way. That saves all the really good. Heavy duty rigmarole. But you can take biscuits from a hand. And and he you know the kind of talk about that you hit on the side of the of the powdered to make it popped open. But before it reaches that stage you can little puff up a little bit and then you fry him. In maybe about an inch shoe flow of oil maybe not even that much. And it puffs up around the outside it comes out being almost identical. To a big year like you have a French market. So. It is a very attractive little things very familiar but what they are doing that's different is putting this warm. Buttery. Little bit creamy of them that might be an illusion. On my part but this visible white sauce in there that Angela to it. And crab meat in the middle of the whole thing. And no kidding you could go to a very fancy French or local restaurant. And put that very exact. Dish right on the menu and find out that. That that they art and they are just like having the Bane yea except with crabmeat in amend and the that it two elements go together really nicely so. Think about that Nixon you wanna do something fun for people coming over 260. 6368. Where is everybody today I think were recovering from the festival frankly. 260636. Chlorine you know you get right in we'd love to hear from you but we're even eating. And and where he would like to go to all of this plenty of that due to be explored. Let's see when those two we need to get over to. I keep I don't know why this this book keeps migrating to my culture top over here but. The it's it's a book called madam B gays. Recipes. Of old New Orleans creole. Cookery. The the author is. And though the lady who put together all of these recipes as poppy Joker who is a lot of fun and she has her own radio show. When WW NO. But if it's a little it's as as cookbooks go it's a small book but he covers all the the what you wanted to be discussed because it is. Based on the food that madam B gay prepared back in the 1880s. She may have been. And what the heck when we just give it to NC she was. The most. Elaborate. And best known. Chef. May be in the world in the world may be adjusted America. But it was something that everybody fell in love with madam B gays cooking she became the first real. Superstar. Of accusing it of cuisine and there you more. So there's this little cookbook that poppy took her and and friends did it and it's interesting because a lot of this. Is. It it doesn't address anything new particularly fancy give me an idea just randomly open to a page. They have stuffed sweet peppers. This is one of the ingredients that. That. Madam brigade was said to abuse alive creamed potatoes like we don't need enough of that already mayonnaise of celery and shrimp. There's an interesting idea maybe that was in the middle of that. Pena a with the grant me the middle and then there was victor's recipes Victor was apparently real. Anyway and filet of beef allowed baron is spelled and a new way of never seen before. But this is a charming little book and if you have any friends. Who. Love New Orleans. And who loves the cooking but who maybe don't go live anywhere close to here and so they don't know what to do. And give him a copy of this little book. And it's it's not too expensive and see it as a price Nazi one. But pelican publishing put it out they are all over the place here in town you can also get a handle on the on the web the name of the book again is madam B gays recipes. And they should just a drawing of what may be she looked like. She probably was a little better. Made up and she used in this picture. And this is not a sneaky way of me bringing this up but the new addition of Mike Cook book he's a vote. And any of the bookstores and talent will either have it to just reach over grab it and solitary. Or they will order written get it to you and a couple of days. It's all my favorite food that's that long and the short of them are trying to make it into anything else but that. What difference does it make if it's not good and if it is good and you do what all that is true by the way. So very interesting restaurant that shack place it's nothing at all like what you think it's going to be in. And then when you get a look at the food and and the aroma of it you say well wait a minute these guys answer. Into a new new thing here. 2606368. You know is speaking. Also about another commercial you just bird I don't often give commentary on commercials but sometimes. I do and I've got one for you wish they would just talking about El Paso. At El Paso grill. If they have several locations around town and I think they were originally from somewhere in Louisiana but it's not. From nearby but it's at least it's not from Texas or. Dallas or places like that it does have a local that to it. But so what I've really enjoyed about that places that they have merely pull blog though which is my favorite Mexican thing. Bully pull blond though Moly means saw us. The rest of it means is a reference. Two. A Pueblo. In it in Italy and Italy skis me in Mexico. And who's this this so lost its dark almost black saw us. Has. Lot of peppers in it and it also has oddly enough chocolate in it although it there's nothing sweet about the ditch. And some from my money that is the most delicious. Combination of things that cuts I've ever eaten really him and that's certainly the best sauce I've ever head. So if you ever run in that place all pass so they have they have it most of the time morally Mobley MO LE. Paul blunt LP OB LA you know. That that's means it's from Pueblo that's what that 260. 6368. Who is who's got Sutton the talk about them but what you. Had to easily any anybody else but meat eating these days to 60. 6368. Caller right now and you get radian we'd love to hear from you but whatever is coconut your house. To be cute cute cute cute cute. Nazi when no what do we have coming up we have a few. And this one in May. And that you do going to be from very reputable organizations and we can't wait to. To get that if you been anywhere good lately oh would you mind calling us and telling us we are wise and what it is and what made you turn it on. Why you like to enough that you would call me on the year. I'd love to hear from you about that. 260. 6368. Give me call amino. Too cute cute cute cute cute cute to do do do. That's something over here but trying to bring up Bosnia. Omnia. The screen here for the last half hour. Never seem quite get it but and UA. Lot of good food going we were getting into the crawfish season big time. I was in a restaurant a couple of days ago there was that. And I had some news I had a soft show crab all I remember way yet it was up Pardo is Pardo is is an excellent five star restaurant for me. Five stars on the in North Shore in. Covington. And took a good looking place kind of like a young ish crowd but I think that only adds to to the restaurant. A lot of variety nice menu. A little bit of equality of like it feels like it's a respite from somewhere else not from here too much that's just evolution I think. But it's something that I've I'd just love going there and we we were there a couple of nights ago. I had an interesting. Fish dish. This is no one you see very often except in one place there is one place that has seems to have all the time Xenia. They always have. That Trout speckled Trout or mountain Trout this different names for it's mostly exactly the same. These are. If I have nothing in common at all nothing. In common. With the with the with the kind of the kind of went in my thinking about here her height and I was distracted by something. Anyhow. It's. Welcome back to that later. If you don't mind I was just distracted. Eight eve fun is over here though Yvonne welcome to the food show. I. Thank you. It out we. Are. You know are. Well yeah. Why is it good. We got NG average gas. No way is the is that resist that what's the name of that place again. Yeah. This delicately right it is and when I thought you gonna sing. It. Do you and eight on piano this this is so over near where the fountain the old. The the the bike route this breakthrough at via okay. I. Hope you. Out but that's me and do you. Well it. I. Work there. Gary air. We we went there right after the open and to tell you the truth that wasn't real impressed by it we haven't been by there are often but you are not the only one who seems to like it so. Back the issue you're or debt that's right. Right after it. Yeah I know well you know I've I've I'm married to. Well. A couple of lovely ladies. And whatever they say goes in netstat. Now huh. Oh sure blowing. It. To him bone no I've heard about it with Jesus also amended bill. Hard right at hair UConn. I. Hear it again. Like it very well. And oh. Yeah. Noon with so so it's just a strictly a matter of looks then it's the problem. And a great. Deal more. Strange currently. Get it. On what was that like I bet that was quite a busy place. Your hair is wet it's well. Course it's quite what it. There is. I believe all the I go our. Way out. But. Our court add accurate. Long gone. Well I'm glad you glad you called with a all of that. I'll tell you about debt restaurant front if you know and I got it. Corey urged a bit like pat. Yeah yeah it's it supposed to be. A oh gosh what's the name of that well it's it it's a unique. All really. Well and it's no good. Here they were doing Brazilian food among other things and I think I need to remember that we're also doing some Cuban food there. But I'm not sure I don't get a chance to go. Talk about the plan. Play. Yeah yeah I might is this a different restaurants are we talking. It. Actually Laura. Oh yeah yeah it and its name had to do with good luck UC have a they have a wishing well in front or they had him via. And it. Mad. That I caught my own. Well. Sometimes that doesn't mean anything because. People you restaurants sometimes close to do renovations and such in a lot of people think that they've gone away but they haven't and so. I'll check that out. Yeah. I think Q. You're always welcome. See. By it's the food show. So a couple of minutes before that clause that caller just came in. We were talking about Pardo is PA RD oh it's in Covington. And we went my wife and I was there a couple of nights ago. And I had this this trial. That the icy it'd Zia and they see that a few other restaurants. It is not the same as suspect go Trout it's not even local it comes from up in the northwest. He's in the lives in the windows the windows the they in the rivers that could go through through the which is saying. Brook Trout brook Trout exactly right could say is that takes in. Things like. Silver. Salmon or whatever it is it is a bunch of names or hammerhead no that's not it is one that sounds like that though. And that it's they run about three ounces of peace in nets with the big skin scales still on them. And there are very nicely. It's not something we get a lot around here. And could we prefer the local fish in this is not a local fish by along shot. But I had that my wife had soft shell crabs. And that restaurant just with every time we go there we walk there. Even. Even more enthralled by it than we did before the name of it is rainbow Trout that's certainly one of them. It is another when it's like I can't remember. Anyway Pardo is is the name of the restaurant if you wanna go there. Our call. Make reservations. At a reservation even if it's. In the middle of the week or you quicktime win it's easy to get tables. That one seems to stay popular all the time this service step is very good. And that there wine collection is much better than you think it's going to be so. That's one of the good ones on the north sure enough that there aren't a bunch more Pardo loses its name PA RD oh. But he pump up to 6063. 68 call right now and you'll get right in and I'd love to hear from you and here which you say about whatever your favorite investment of the moment is. Would you mind sharing them when us we'd. I I'd be fascinated. Already evident don't even know who you are 2606368. That's our number 2606368. To be cute to you to do we don't need to break doing that yet 2606368. As our telephone number. Call me somebody would love to hear from you. We've had picked it up a little bit in the last few minutes but and I thank you for that. Anybody have been anywhere really outstanding plea delicious lately. It has been we seem to be picking up on the raw materials a little bit better the Fisher better lately. I have some sheep said infect twice. But you within the last two or three weeks. That's a fish you don't see very much. And it's a shame too because it's a really good one but it's one that the fishermen don't like to mess with because it's hard to get it to. It's and get it to the table frankly. And it's. A unique kind of flavor and it's hard to two. To scale. It has apparently a lot of bones in it you don't get a lot of fish from from a fish. But what to do it's a good way and if you ever see shape I sheep's head on the menu get it. After first as retaining that it isn't actually a sheep head although it might peak it's conceivable. 19. A rebound was in mister B news. Of a long time ago but twenty years ago. And there was a couple sitting at the table next aware Iowa it's. And they were talking about this of that and and the guy it's it is a guy in and the lady. And they had both clearly from out of town and they were talking about the stuff they saw the menu and they. And the guy said one holes they have they have sheepshead. Here. And she says oh well I mean look at that menu sheep's head. Served with creole spices and potatoes. And they looked at each other in one of them said while these creole people. Will eat just one or anything all of them. It's all I can do from laughing. A lot and here's Julie Julie welcome to our show thank you for coming in today. Yeah well got things that other kind of let Trout that you are trying to think of as you know. Steel head that's the one that if you wanna ever eat some steelhead. True. Who Trout. Zia. They haven't it's on the menu all the time and it's really good quality. Yeah when you water it they say thank you realize it's not like. Right yeah it's totally different now but it's it's like San minutes of it is of salmon and that he. At that route the other day despite that. And Ellen you know what the cases of former days you know it was side is that is the last part of they have big. They have the spot right among. Another kind in that usual state but it has no final. As the beauty that well part Batman. Hinges upon it happened. That. But apparently hit three the equity that yeah mention it does not wish to take like Batman but not Sam. As an apparel that we orbit. Let's get it. I looked at the little labeled a bit out of the machine and it's that CO NC age. Lot of those little things like this like this Gallup they can publish well. Wait what what was it is the litigant. Yeah them. Not that I've ever heard of the it's you know when you're traveling around on the Gulf Coast and you see these piles of shells that they're selling to. The kind where you hold your year up to listen to the ocean roar that's that's a cock. Right is that you know. Well that's witted to. It's that it actually said while our cost so you add in another country they. Could thank. Well my wife every she she loved salmon but every time she orders that she she grills the waiter and says OK now look is this. Free free a wild caught fisheries this. Some kind of see a former a's and it's at its interest seemingly almost never have wild caught fish but sometimes they do and it's worth asking about. An end and besides that the. Think they just tell whether humans to. Well let could be a no no oh no no no not if it's my wife talk and because she windows she would. They would pull back enough. If she likes which he likes and point out that's that's what to this show is all. But if they ever. Former is faster clip which you know the difference. Unscrew a question I'll have to tester and one of these days. He had little this different. A less than what you finding cat fish so the difference between. While caught catfish and just Plano catfish is pretty substantial fund. It. Well I think it. Well. What you had anything outstanding really good by any chance. And I did it'll tell you had that. I mean think about it permanent. I know that feeling that's that's really hard that think and stuff. I didn't. I beat pies a love those. Tiny ones at different flight brilliant. Our I think six dollars. And they would. Crap made an object. Well how bad could be so you know you should. They opened it under way. Oh lead and then in the regular. The first hey. Barbecue place deplorable. And breakfast. Red fish is the very best. That debt really is good and it's it's that the idea there is that they're doing exactly what you do. If you were to get. Buffalo chicken wings. Except you'd instead of doing it with buffalo chicken wings you're doing it with oysters fried oysters and it's really. Almost. Ridiculously delicious. You. And our tour will. Thank you very much for all of that and I really appreciate that who have finally catching up today. A joining us over here on the yellow phone is Gregory. And and yellow Monday yeah little mojo that via the these are on what was it oh that was comment and not pass the mom is in the accomplishment. Thank you picked BA and Gregory and sixty feet. Yeah from what the big hit with your old milk on its title picture requirement to get my mom up and so much Villa. That's song brings back a lot of memories that hole quick view anyway yeah what was your favorite pitch to somebody doing a pretty good. Well it was. At the beginning low revenues. That threat now. Know that movie. Don't want it. Think their allies. Went bride couldn't make it's Saturday in the war. Obligation and you'll Padilla search and much. Should bring it. One. Ayers you know. Yeah. I'll go look in the Arctic front of big story a bit like. I. Nobody. Will be wondering what. We think that the torch graphic or opinion. It it is insanely good and I I expected it to be OK but I. I wasn't expecting it to be like gourmet level. I mean he did in Serbia that crackpot not. Act that would deprive me you you you can get away with a it was Dewey but I'd back who who had been urged her to step at a paper trying to. However what. That was my favorite. And sell. Lutes he correlate a total so was. I I I get that often. When them around the cart court at two sisters them. And I like their turtle soup I've I've had better but that they were on a hot streak this week they had really great soup. Friday that quick idea it would be dispute could function expected. On anxious that's a great word. You're welcome to watch and I act. Get in a couple of little French predicting. There. Well good. With a spectacular interpreted. It did what they are trying to prod. Where are oh maybe it's too soon now. And it shouldn't get. Well today I. Agree it's been a big old. AM Monday is that though I mean you can't do anything on Monday. It would be are about. RM yeah debate about if you're out there and I really like to be Ewing Marion. Well it was it was a really a wonderful on day. Except equity in the it it was really blowing hard out there and from Reverend Wright very cold. And I but that's it the wasn't too bad hole. I'm sure what went fueling Marian bring you kinda funny but we've worked toward Tibet. For me don't ignore short and that way Oregon and I'm not really didn't mind away from my. That helped each coal. You're always really quite a breezy day all the right right thank you Gloria great reporting today. I appreciate that you see your. Hopes. 2606368. We talking about the French Quarter festival yesterday a lot of good food there. And and that it doesn't change a lot from year to year. But there are certain things that I you I love to get over the it would provide I meant to and I just never had time. I didn't get over there but K Paul's Louisiana kitchen which is run by a different shift Paul from ship Paul Prudhomme now. But still in the same ownership and everything. They were. They were there like they always are. And they they had the same issues that they usually do but though with the thing that I. I like most assists this dish I love the name of it more than maybe that's dish although the dish is pretty darn good. It's. Butter beans. And what it it's a good phrase but. Butter mean butter beans. That. Make you crazy that's it yeah but I'm butter beans that make you crazy and they really are. Those butter beans then. Next year when he goes we've. French Quarter festival in make sure you get some of those and also. They do agree odds and Richard really well over there. Kinda cute idea though that kind of sick for a while. Stephen is here well. Or go to the year. We're just call of the weirdest food call of the day OK and sitting it slows you and our. So old now so I put the gray. Grids and watching the little itty bitty picked up. He's a little pieces and new area tree. Saw him walk it's apparently get true. Poisonous but he. Didn't take him back of the net and the city. Blues so and its grips. It's got used to program me just stop quick. Quick what is Ryder you know admit it it features there's been. And Assad. Carry a carry the little itty bitty thing Margaret. Gotta say that is pretty amazing all right. So but they could trip. Fire and been in regular as it is about expansion in the non toxic anything that being. I'm all for that then. The I heard it. Well I had no idea of some years ago by my brother in law mice in my wife's brother. He. He had in his house was infested. By these little. These ants that they had big eyes and they would drag around huge amounts of everything else and they we're. Always in control even if there were other insects trying to move in these guys could do could drive them out. Or except that they themselves were pretty bad. And and he told the story of this and how he you've been fighting them and it was away furious at least I never even heard of these things. But I guess this all sorts of animals out there that need a place to live. Yeah Purdue. And bloody Saturday to take you know a spot right word in an hour ago and now a great at least no one after the fight the games begin. Well indeed do do they do they sting that. Our. No not geese. And sit sit Beijing. How well you fire ants among I'm not sure I have well thank you look at the it's the food show on top that Morris we've had de. A flurry of calls today than a fun show. 2606368. If you wanna join the fun I'd love to know your thoughts about the French Quarter festival if you went to a or. Anything else you may have attended in the last few days or weeks even. Had anything delicious to eat please call us and tell us because we all are looking for a and it's gonna take nothing away from you please know. That keeping us this a secret of a really good restaurant or a really good dish. Doesn't do anybody any good including you so let let us know though cause we we really appreciated when folks. Phyllis in and some of the great new dishes in new restaurants out there this they're always coming. Let's see what do we do know we've got about two minutes left anybody got two minutes worth of talk call us and tell us what that might be. We'd love to hear from you America the food scene around to a mentioned earlier that my wife and I knew where it went over to. To keep Chase's restaurant. And Leah chase is really clear Chase's restaurant. And we we were just stay in the mood for some lunch. And she had. Let's see she had I think it was a a kind of a salad and then she had some. Oh Collard greens I'll think of all this just yet. And also. Macaroni cheese which my wife is nuts about for some reason but then again a lot of people like like that. Anyhow. That's what was that's what was going on over there today. And that's a that's a cool little place. Men DeVille seafood market whether it was such a finish that lets see what else do we need to get to. That's it seems that that was one of the things left hanging. The neglected to. Must say anything about but you know there's always tomorrow and knew we come back and we will. Once again take a shot at becoming cohesive. Cokie cohesive there's no such short. Coherent that's what those trying to say and now I'm going to put my head down for awhile. That festival. Took a little something out of me especially the night before when all of the earth was collapsing in a big way pile. Wit everything will be much better tomorrow talked to you then. The food show on 105 point three FM HD two can or New Orleans.