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The Frenchquarter Fest food was served.


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It's. The. And then. Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump of the pump. The content of this is the the formal. The voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris and it's time now for the food show every afternoon we are here talking about eating. And drinking. And everything in between. We do it for Pletcher. Who we do it for tradition and we do it for a million other reasons. But the best of them is that it makes you feel good and makes makes it taste good and new taste good they are going to Matt no you you. Enjoy the tasting process well yet there you go. Or number is 260. 6368. And as always. The main goal of our radio show is to somehow persuade you. Two call us up and Telus. What you been eating lately. Particularly. If you have recently had something really delicious. Because even though you might think that everybody knows about this dish viewers. Because you know everybody eats different things. Really it's not true and the everybody has at some different ideas about what's great and what's delicious and what's not so good. And we throw this all into the hopper. And talk about it every afternoon. For a couple of hours. It's a program on the radio that is as far as I've been able to find out completely. Unique. And so well we'd love to to share that we view. And anything else in your mind. Off French Quarter festival. Huge day event as always I don't have any statistics yet too little too soon. But I can tell you this that along. The bold and Bert Parks stretch which starts around though the old international hotel glee but it was an hotel wasn't knows the the international trade mart yes that we yup that's right all down there at the end of pointer street. And go from there all the way over to. To the the U the old US. Bit mint over there. And it just stretches along and there are so many people there. That went the last time I was along that stretch trio during the French Quarter festival which was about maybe ten years or so. I said to myself I am never ever coming here again just because. The fact that I don't like big crowds personally I try to avoid them cassette and I don't learn anything from big big crowds but. Some people love them and I can tell you that many many many people indeed were enjoying it big time. There were people eating everything you could imagine new all the vendors will putting out terrific food that's what they broke the people were telling me anyway. And you can get yourself a snowballed you could get a glass of wine you can get a beer you know it's just everything was it was happening and as a great event as it always is. I was parked as I always them over by the right in the middle of the French Quarter. Really just across the street from the cathedral. And also surrounded by more than a few restaurants in that neighborhood it's good went to look around and and start talking with the ships may be because a lot of them sit there and and watch it all go by. But. Ida for some reason I don't know which he had in mind but it you know probably was something intelligent. My wife wanted to just stroll down the that part of the festival. And it was amazing how slowly you can go in how low grade period. But anyway that's neither here nor there which document in a fantastically successful festival. In every way too not just in the fact that a lot of people came there but also that. It was a lot of fun and prove everybody I talked to was really having the ball. If you were not there. And if you if I may I tell you a story. About something that happens. In the first couple hours. Over there right across the street from. Saint Louis cathedral. On there were there was a lady whose whose name. Is low Brenda and she has been in the business and with her name all over it so that yet it is the same. A Loretta who. Has. For years made probably means among many other things. She brought a big box of stuff when she came overdo it to pay a visit to the program. I didn't tell it to do that but she's a very nice lady so she did and so what did you do but enjoy it one of the things she had was. A crab meat being in the day to think about that for a second. I mentioned a ban DA made in the style. That comes to where it is kinda. Hollow in the centers and I'm sure you've seen this before. Most of the time but it. Being the gays. Are a kind of crusty run the outside sometimes they're full all the way through but sometimes say this actually a hole like it just to complete. And the whole. Right in the center of it that I think just makes them even better because if there's one thing. That pennies and I do not need any more of its. Oil and bulk. But anyway Loretta filled that gap with. Jumbo lump crabmeat she said. And with some a little bit of onion in there and it was a little bit of cream or it might have been a sauce made like Elmo so. What he called old on. On density to eludes me at the moment that out of thin white sauce it's him founded mainly. On mayonnaise although this let's but the stuff in there. Anyway she said trying to place I said okay. And being the eight. With crab meat inside. A whole lot of great. Thing. And I would say if you were to go to a fairly. Ambitious restaurant. That is how to please you with some interest in cooking. And you wound up at the restaurant where this this guy who every is wise and you had. One of those manes stuff with crabmeat he would take one bite you would say if they just use this as an appetizer just threw it on the plate. With no other. Any kind of guarding this or anything else. I think everybody would just lost it in any would get away with a even though it's a very casual kind of thing well. That is in fact what was going on because I couldn't stop beating these things and I told him about everybody else told the people who were passing through that they ought to look forward as well. And we it's just stay if you go to the French Quarter festival to eat things like that. Not just good food but unusual. Good food that you don't find a whole lot around here you find itself full. Of all the other things that you you look for in an in an appetizer and there it is and you could just actually pick these up with your fingers and just even. I gave them everybody who came by I think you about five for myself so anyway. If I were gonna give you a high point of the French Quarter festival it would be that that was a delicious thing and they achieve a few other things on top of that. So. You have my. Encouragement to go visit Loretta and tell her. That I said hello again. Herb are Benny gave with the filled with crabmeat also she has some that are suite on the inside but but most of them. And she what a teller you heard about it from the she's in the 2000. Block of rampart I think. Or is it one boy it's it's this this two locations once on rampart the other one is I think Cohen. Saint Claude and there are both obviously and at the outskirts of the French Quarter. But what do what do product one that great dish I'm I'm gonna dope of the recipe for that. And do something with a power number is 2606368. Tomorrow is the day that you have to turn in your tax return. This has been. Big. Very unpleasant in the last couple of days for me as I try to get that you know liked I didn't do from now on and forever I'm gonna go find somebody who actually knows what they're doing. In terms of doing bookkeeping and get somebody else to do mine by Texas for me because I am sick of doing that. Aren't you yes sure yeah 2606. That we live in a wonderful country and that's how it gets paid for by it. You know there is say an upper limit to a 606368. Call us up tell us what's up over on your house side what would you been cooking lately what you had for lunch today. What's it like to cook what you don't like to cook what you like to eat. And tell me if you went to the French Quarter fast or how it was everything I saw was fabulous. There were lots of good young people there were a lot of older people they're people I talked to quite a few of them who have been to this festival. Every year for something like 25 years and it is that old. So bit part on the calendar next year. It's usually a week and a half to two weeks before the French court we have before the jazz festival so that's when that happens. 260636. Say this is a program that has hardly anybody calling it ever. There are lots of people out there listening to us. And talking about the things that they would call me about if they ward called me back on the phone. But it's all puzzling to me. Close though if you're listening. And let's let's talk about whatever it is that you use has been making a field wishes lately 2606368. Hello let's see if food show. This is Tom Fitzmorris they. There was a guy who who was at the French Quarter festival what what I liked most about. Doing that every year. His son that I get to a chance to meet a lot of folks who have been listening nor shall for a long time. And maybe have come to win a very club dinners is something. But it it seems that for a lot of people. They're not gonna get into a conversation with me unless it's like face to face and a token would mean you'd just show up at any of the things that we do. And we'd love to talk with you but anyway this guy. And walks up to me says you know there's something I've always wanted to know. And I wonder if you can give me the answer I don't know myself and I said well what is it. And he said what is eight court cage see. And nice side of the other side of relief because so what an easy thing answer. But it's an interesting question anyway. Ape a it's a line term. And it has to do with the fact that today Yi in some situations. People have been known to bring in their own wine. To go out to eat in a really nice restaurant for a long time that was very much unheard of although there were some of restaurants that we've had as to where one of their customers are. Borrowed one of the owners so whatever actually has bottles of very old very high quality wines. And though. Though restaurant might now want to keep that kind of expense on the shelves and not all that many people wanna spend a hundred dollars to 200 dollars on a bottle wine. But to help them. What has come of it. And this got really wild for awhile that we're a lot of people do and a lot of restaurants doing. The court pitch the end and the way it works is you go to the restaurant you bring your bottle of wine with few. Your line. And then the waiter tells you first of all if if the management even allows you to. Drink the case at your wine in their establishment in a lot of them do. Disdain that. Odd day low really want you to know that you can do it into your welcome but it's. You you have to pay for end of the payment is. But it it's different from restaurant to restaurant but a popular one is 25 dollars that's. That's one that you see pretty often. But there are some. That are way higher than that some that that we are zero. Or you'll find no Corky tree at all in typically. On. Restaurants that have a bistro quality to them because they tend to not really the the people who own it such places they are really good. In serving everything. But they don't have quite the amount of money it meets to stack up a really really outstanding. Wine cellar. And you might of heard a couple of commercials ago. The G induces in generate the middle of Kenner. They they can't sell wine there because there's a church. Actually as school. That's right across the street from the from the Brit a restaurant so they. If he you you're not supposed to do that. So audacious yes sure bring year old line no cork tree and some a number of other restaurants do yet. Oh on a really good win. That has all had that hold that concept for a really long time. Is the maple uncertain at the maple the but Lebanon's cafe Lebanon's cafe they do not sell no wine or anything like that at all zero. But if you wanna bring in a bottle wine or if you wanna bring in beer if you want to bring in even you know like some. Sports. Suburban or something no problem no court could be either you're just bring it. It. It was there was a huge popularity for this about two or three years ago and everybody was asking me who has no cork tree. There were a lot of them at that time but it's kind of backed awful. You anybody have a favorite place to go to bring your own wine and have a great dinner I'm over here today even though this home mean I'm going to miss my rehearsal today. This is the amid a chorus. And so I I can't do that to because I've got a couple of of thinks this is just been a breed. Q mostly busy weekend for some reason I don't know I just couldn't keep up with him. Everything going on all at the same time and not not the nicest of which was that dust storm that we had. On on Saturday night. Lordi that was scary I mean at the cool water ranch on the North Shore we head. A lot more much more rain than anybody was saying and it was moving more slowly to. So. That just it's a good thing that the French Quarter fest or shut down for that day because it would have been probably kind of unsuccessful for them. But. Anyway it all worked out it always does. 2606368. Tray and us is our sponsored today Petronas is kind of a little man made news. Kind of path through of the through the watery inlets and bays and by use of Louisiana's where you most here by the cassettes of French word. What you do if you have Leo. If you have true knowledge. Is that if you you just put your. And so it's kind of a cajun expression. And it I thought it was a colorful thing to say about a place. That when it first opened here in New Orleans its name wise. Let's east yankees would mean what was the name with the eyes. What say it again. Stingiest fish camp which is in. In. Florida. And as they opened up a location here and they decided Dave everybody liked the idea and the kind of food they were serving. But not everybody said you know this this place is too beautiful and it is of the building their rings in the hotel Intercontinental. Right on. Saint Charles avenue that they should you know let's let's say give a little more sophisticated name and they did. But they didn't get stuffy but it's a casual place you walk in the first thing you're gonna be absorbed by. Is the tremendous. Assortment of oysters that they have there all the time brawl on the half shell they grill and they'll broil and they. Will output rockefellers saw Simon just all the classic things. And that is there. All all the time that's nothing nothing new. And they saw go from there it to have a very substantial. Collection of of a dishes made with seafood of all kinds. And then the menu believe and I just keeps on going there are stakes aero lamb chops there's all kinds of things on the menu we did a couple I think we've actually done three. And they were really outstanding and it didn't surprise me a bit because the times that I eat there. I saw the same thing so you try it I think you'll be very pleased by the name of this trend now ST RE NE SS he trend us. They were on saint Charles avenue just off pointer street. There right in the middle of downtown across the street from the more one shall square. And they were open seven days a week lunch and dinner that you brunch on the weekends trend ST REN a assets but. But up. The food show who's on hold nobody. Darn it what a great show this is in nobody's nobody's calling their listening yet they are but oh please. Call us please. Men make it in a fascinating for everybody a bit to the breast and you eat in are among the most interest thing that you know. Our room whatever that means 260. 6368. But see what else do we have to talk but if you. Anybody go to the to the French Quarter festival with a group of people I noticed that there were lots of them. And also lots of very young kids. Who were having a great time all the ones iso. We're really just having a ball. That. Is a really nice thing go what oh what a wonderful. He event. On duplicated by any other restaurants in this city I mean here or anywhere else you might want ago. If you haven't been to the French Quarter festival put it on your immune list. It was just a great weekend of that and also the the music was incredible to. You couldn't take 23 steps without running into another band. Disgrace. 26063. Succeed is our telephone number. Call us William and column tells what you've been eating lately what's what has been. Moving new. In terms of wine or cocktails or. Toast and butter. All kind of little sneaky things that we like to eat you that's what actually. One of my favorite things. Is sound stupid I'm gonna give you that right on the front end. But to have a slice of toast just popped right out of the toaster. And with. Butter that is not hard as a rock you want it to be spread able. And everything is is very is piping hot or what is one holidays something cute to be hyping anything commit thing. But anyhow it's just a is a wonderful little static or Rooney. And I find myself eating in a little bit too often. Do it anybody else besides me remember there was a time when it went to a a while. Where I would just. Make an English muffin. And loaded up with the body to the point where the body was kind of running down my idea my arm. And it looked funny but it sure was good all speaking of of delicious stuff. That people have bumped into lately or have won a wanna tell you about it but I'm a much hang onto it for a few minutes 260. 6368. Is a telephone number. A call from you would just be so delightful boy EC we have somebody on the green phone there and find out who that is in the second. Let's see what else. This so of course the French via. Excuse me like it can't remember the name of love. The French Quarter festival but no it's not that though it's the jazz and heritage festival which is coming up. Shortly I think the sixth is it noises of begin sooner than that thinks so Gary welcome to the food show. Telecom billionaire client that could wipe out. The other day you know reports coming from Clearwater where she works on weed them out and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon so that they. Oh. I love that idea which one and those uptown to the one in Metairie note I want him. Yeah and we got there are ordered but there might be. SATA and armor and are. Complex corner yeah. And they. Did and Harper's do. Colin what that was like did you try it. I was sorely jumped at the time there. Are made it. For. And they have you. And so that it. It's just one. And that sounds good but you know was Vincent who's a friend of mine going back. Decades. This guy and he came from out of nowhere he was a bartender basically. And and he was it really easy going joke around kind of guy. But the more he got into the restaurant business the better he got and I think his food is just great. I it is its solar original it's not the same old things everybody else is doing. We are still also a Napa they point since. Well you know well that better be good uses name for the boss yeah I. Am. And good stuff. I don't know and also it's a funny little things like he's never really done bread. None if you ask him you he has it back there the usual Italian bread but what he has is those of Greece genie which is. The little. Breast X red red stakes and boy do the kids love those. Are. Sticking them and could cut that. Well that is pretty that is pretty big clot say I. Didn't. Old all know that's even worse. And a I urge you. Mean. It's clear. Well glad to hear that that's that is really genuinely are you very very good restaurant just for taste alone it's not much on looks. But nobody cares it's really it's it's nice enough for what it is and and the food is a solid total no that's good yep. They've got a lot of young guys who've been work in the air for a long long time. It's amazing at those are hard to hang on to. Yeah well thanks for the report. He's hearing from. I wanna hear some more restaurant reports from U haul out there. Howard numbers 26063682606368. Call right now you'll get right and and we'd love to talk with you but food about restaurants cook being in a whole range of it. So call us would you 26060. Twos 6260. Whatever. Let's see where are we. Cellular Panova Leo origin of hyping. The origin of piping high it went guy you know I don't know. What it is say well tell me weakened it is it has nothing to do with web pipes piping in the food like they'd do it in Scott. All but with the pipes. You know election they had nothing to do with that and it kind of piping on bring food ownership. To simulate the captain's table Leo and but it goes back to plenary. Clooney in the the Roman. Yeah philosopher filing and Hollins. Translation. Was in 61. And it's please history. It was beings fried whole as Davy. So cast piping hot into sharp and bigger but wait a balloon we're not done yet. Who costs are Chaucer in the Miller's tale which was written in thirteen. Ninety. The lead DIA it's it's a book that everyone should have in my best middle English EC and had. Pavement wreath that's placed AL. And while freeze pipe but who the lead which of course translates into he centers sweeten line. It will spiced real waffles piping hot on the fire so piping. Means that those solar that the food makes as it cook's little you know little zone. And that's what the likely miss that right so they knew that I'd say this is a reference to somebody playing them on the pipes no it's not that okay well yeah it is an Emmy for bringing it up no. Okay sinuses it's just a random musical instruments have. Nothing to do nothing and all that well how this zone of the food makes as books and that's what a I think from according to play anyway. Long time lie. About it when they wrote in style well they they did. Will global thanks for sharing that we we had I had earlier and off ever heard middle English on this program before Noah Noah you know and I heard a joke on its it just today in fact. Attributed to check many able people. And he made a reference to Scott somebody being Scottish because he had. Some kind of food problem I forget what it was exactly but it didn't quite get it until just now that you gave me a clue. Whatever that means and tired by the musical fruit yes boast sodium than its rodeo that could be. Thank you thank you for all that this is the food show in town that's more 2606368. Call right now when you get right in. Date do you know all the many ways that you can listen to our radio station. You. Be having heard that you may well and I don't blame via. Let's say well. What else could you do but the what we're already doing well. I was so. Was thinking of something totally different that just slipped out of my mind I'll tell you what it was later on when it comes back to. But 2606368. Never had that happen to you. We'd love to talk with the about food in restaurants and and all that what's what's been a terrific over at your house. And but you know of that's the French Quarter festival. Had. Ol and it is the place where it gets its. Talent. Is and they've been doing that's pretty much since it went into existence in order to be a vendor at the French Quarter festival. You had to. Our prepare all you had to be in the restaurant business. So you you wouldn't be just like a caterer or somebody or knows someone who has that. Food truck. But he actually had to have a restaurant operation. There were a couple of exceptions to that but not very many. And I learned that this time around and they decided let's take a shot at this. And see how the food comes out if we don't insist that it be made by a restaurant tour. So. Nearly as I could tell it certainly was no worse. Because I thought the food this time around was it was actually is good is ever. But I wonder. But that's but they'll on the other hand you have at the jazz festival it's exactly the other way around there are few restaurants involved in it but it's mostly caterers. And in some cases. They have. People who was due this may be 11. Day a year no pretty sure. That the people who have the red beans and rice a Booth at the at the the main festival the jazz festival. They. Are. All of them are. The caterers. That the lady she it's it's a lady and a guy I think if it's the same people that opened it back in the 1970s. If it is. But they've they've always put on a great products and who cares. But. They don't really have any kind of restaurant connection that I know. So why this is something. About the these festival says no it is worth keeping your mind on because it you get two different things there home cooked food. And restaurant food are very very different. From one another. And you don't believe me. Do little investigating and you see. 2606368. The food show. So lovely day outside and I have this good news for you. It is going to be very nice in terms of whether all the rest of the week and it has been today and that might be a little windier than you're used to it's it was certainly a chilly day today it was really. Good chili at the at that festival just yesterday. And but then again they probably needed to Chile. What do 2606368. Am looking for a pay somebody to talk to right now time wish you'd call. 2606368. But that was one of the things I've wanted to give in to win eludes me steal 260. Six the Reese exceed what's what's cooking over to our house. Or. But when you feel like eating tonight you can. The the city was jumping you had a hard time finding restaurants. He even after all this food being doled out at the French Quarter festival. You. If you went around looking for good restaurants to dine in you might have to do it awhile before you turn up one that is. Is pretty good so. There that goes it just keeps on Roland. And I still with the is that this little. Question I have a but the formality of restaurants and how we are losing a little by little by little I know. Two for a lot of people it seems to add up that you know you're going out to eat dinner. What about that says that you ought to get. Expensive ingredients in. And everybody dresses up really nicely instead of just eating at random which is the with the way a lot of people do these days. I don't know but I don't know I don't and I I don't think I ever will now but it's something we think about. 2606368. Please call us we'd love to hear from you mean really no kitten. We have arise and eat club dinner I hear coming up. In. Leaders you know if it'll be in May and I'm pretty sure it is going to be over at evil. This is the new who VO OC I start off very badly revealed. They have a a really. Wonderful menu there. They just redid the menu. And I got to talk and with a minute and I've finally broke down and templates to any club here so we gonna do it I don't have the date that don't have that the time is via. Or they've. The a menu or any or the price or anything else but that we have that coming up. The way because a number of people been asking me about it when are we doing another one of our dinners. That's mine non answer to you I mean is it but well we'll we're gonna do it. Hello there you are listening to the food show on 105 point three FM HD two. Clause which and we are looking for people to talk to about the for a talk with about food in restaurants cooking and all all of those things. 2606368. As the telephone number. After the supposed. Aaliyah and I was about to start in on this and get distracted by something else. Here are the many ways that you can listen to our program one of them is to have an HD radio. Which you need now. And it's kind of the same way it all work when FM radio just got started nobody had an FM radio back then but everybody who heard it's a while that's good. And so of people started buying HD radios and then one day. They. If an FM radio and there once and now it seems impossible that we could ever have lived without FM radio but we're trying to pull the same thing on you now. With HD radio it's even better it's. Is this the sound quality is fantastic but even better. Is that the signal gets up much farther than know what we may be used to listings certainly. In AM but also in FM. And you know what it costs to to get this installed in your car or at home. At at home. You can buy one racing through about 3040 dollars of that much and they will last you for a very long time. In your car it could be that you're already. It taken care of in your car a lot of new radios. None other new cars. Have this built in and only have to do is learn you know which button to push. And does then you've said it and then from then on you can listen a eight to HD radio anytime we want. But and also was you can get. Talk to the guys over at. Folks over at mobile one and they will tell you all about. How they can install it for you and that's believe it or not free simplest we've run out of radios I know that someday that'll happen. Anyway one more thing about this. You can go to WWL dot com and just start punch around and it's things that say. Or out on the air now lawyer I forget what he exactly says but it. It has it coming through loud and clear. And it's free. You don't have to pay for this at all like you do for a lot of those Internet. Programs. And so this day and is planning to be explored with there too so. Just. Get your hands on on an HD radio and just start listing and I think you'll love it. And you'll even who who witnessed algae in your heart you'll remember the good old days when you had to listen to it on your radio. Ha. 26063. Succeed if our telephone number.