Food delivery is booming

A home-delivery boom is changing the restaurant business. 

Growth in the local restaurant industry seems to be coming mostly from those who are dining at home.

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So report today that one of the reasons we have a record number of restaurants in greater New Orleans and that there are more opening and closing all the time. Is that. It home delivery is really helping restaurant's bottom line it's it's Berman. That people through any number of these services. Are now having food delivered to their house from restaurants more and more and more. And that's on top of the curbside pick up that they Ares started dollar insurers ago it was so you've got you've got to services and you've got some of the rational as doing it independently. And then aides at the list goes on Hamas like everybody's turned into a pickup driver in how many times I have had. Restaurant food delivered to my house zero never. Ever. Never. I'm in the past in now I'm maybe had. Pizza or Chinese delivered over in my lifetime. Because usery that was the only two things that delivered from pizza places and there's tons food places. But nagging get food from. Almost any restaurant anywhere on the face on the planet doesn't matter steaks seafood you know any restaurant whether there use than. And yet they there's X three of the big delivery ups. I'm now he's going your phone. You click through the menu what you want you hit them being hid deliver. You know and terror. Yeah whenever you and then next thing and out comes your door we've been donut. And how's your experience has been very good Rios. It's been real good right into the door in some cases things were still. You know like just ready to eat. I was pretty amenities and in other cases not so much well I once and awhile depending on what you're gonna get and we usually shoots or something and it's not that far away which doesn't make sense. Because you won't miss that close to you get button. Don't in the car and go get it. Yes get yourself out exactly. But there have it's close you don't know when the delivery pick up guys gonna get there to grab it they're not sitting there at that restaurant while not all but they actually that they communicate with you election now pick up there's been made. And you can follow one. You know on your on your phone and you know you're right down to the minute I text and it's 78 says only that there David Boyd is that a good experienced. Do in this I'm not insisted it at all if I want you restaurant freedom and go to a restaurant I'm not gonna restaurant cooking and myself without going I just. May because some stock in that old line of thinking it's a pattern that I've always done some always gonna do it. But I've also heard some horror stories. About people who food comes cold yeah me I just about ever to get there. And these orders are wrong and then when trying to fix them is a real pain tangles yet so but. And I hear people do it all up. Text messages coming in an 8787 days you talk about the growing popularity. Of home restaurant delivery act. Apps they can get your food and just about anywhere one person Texas says I'm go to a restaurant to get out of that house. Those as my wife and I eat out four times a week. And we tried to delivery service the food was cold and it was really bad plus I enjoyed sitting down. Talking to my wife having someone bring me my food bring me drinks. And being able that paid the bill and only Ellis says grub hub. Is awesome TV ever I have restaurants food delivered to your house huddle once and because it just showed up in. It was cold and doesn't taste the same. We just prefer to go to restaurants that are waiting for it may be pizza or a Chinese food that's about it ad does of the traditional deliveries but nagging get just about anything Morgan makes reveres and text messages today it's 7870. Some were big fans of grub hub. Door dad how hombre eats a waiter. One person says used Amal overall good experience they are they use insulated bags to keep the food hut. Another tech says my orders come COLT. And wrong and he then what do I do yeah if I can't complain it takes two hours to get another meal delivered and you're going to be real hungry waiting two hours not address it for myself is another text message today 7870 however. My mother doesn't drive anymore so it's useful yeah in her case. It's and I guess that makes sense and as hot as it is I guess I'd rather somebody else's getting in and out of the car and gonna get it and bring in its in my house if I only have to open the door for like you know. Half a minute she did play them and take this stuff up a and I guess on some of these apps you pay at a time anyway so you not even pay and just you're different banks by upload or is pretty much have. Back in the AC so I can see the appeal. I can see you don't have day you know get drastic you don't have to worry about. Load everybody up and go now. I see why people like it I've just never been motivated to try and. Not gotten to that point boy and I noticed a number of restaurant chain is that you just wouldn't think. They would do this and they were kind of you can almost tell they were on the fence. But then these revenue reports are coming on and heard on one hell yes well it'll ever won yeah we just. Tim we just have to make it baggage and somebody else comes grabs it brings it there. Now I'm sure that you know they don't make as much money off of that because of the fact that delivery app is involved and if there's other issues then be and they can't board you know try to up charge people and get him to buy out extra stuff but. Yet it's it's a lot of restaurants it's easy money.