Folks quitting their jobs in growing numbers

Friday, September 14th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to Heritage Foundation Research Fellow Romina Boccia about the job market being so favorable to employees that many are taking a leap of faith and quitting their jobs without another lined up

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Dave don't interest good on this Friday day celebrating the arrival of the weekend so glad you could be with us to do that. And it just came in half from outside and it's hot out there. And humid and better in America and knows that's for sure we got three great hours of talk for you coming out here on the scooter in the afternoon Chara. Coming up next our new poll finds that most Americans support NFL player's right to Neil during the National Anthem. Americans voters tell quinnipiac 667%. To 30%. That they think the players have the right to Neil. However only 47%. Support them. Using that right so will look deeper and that's a minority texting me at 8787. Needs of that must be a poll of Dave's friends. I don't know why you take my friends would support. Players kneeling or not but no man I'm no one I know it was poll that I'm aware of quinnipiac is a respected polling agency that does national polling. All the time so we'll talk about that coming up next hour in these 3 o'clock hour. The saints a big favorite CL OC tigers are big underdogs. Who's gonna win this weekend will take a look at both those games and how important both games are. To the rest of the season for both teams these can be games that really determine the road ahead. For both the saints and the LSU tigers this hour. Never quit your job. Without having another one lined up and ready to go out you were taken that leap of faith and hope. Of finding greener pastures. More and more people are quitting lately as the economy improves and they feel like they can do better elsewhere experts say the unemployment rate is so alone now. And employers are having so much trouble finding good people to fill vacancies that it's easier for good employees to find a new job if they want to. Or negotiate for a better situation at their current job calling right now at 5042601870. Text made 87870. You ever taken that leap of faith. Or do you think it now. About quitting your current job as you hear more and more about how the economy keeps getting better and better and better every quarter he tankan may be now is it time. To tell your boss either. Take care better care mean our money here or just walking into the boss's office and thanked CEO I'm not here. Call me right now final four to 601878 text me at 87870. To help us talk about this we turn to The Heritage Foundation. And we invite remain Abacha to join us Jeremy now Loria. Quite. Fantastic glad you could join us says here on your bio they Jiri leading fiscal and economic expert. I. Well that's not well let's see what we got to. You must be happy in your current job even their while. Now parent and I wanna ask if you're thinking about quitting because the employer may be listening but. I will ask you are you surprised to hear that the number of people quitting their jobs as steadily increasing as the economy. Seems to be doing better and better in the unemployment rate a solo. No I'm not surprised at all in fact this is exactly what words. Back stating and this that in large part to do with the recent tax reform and tax cuts. That are making it easier for businesses to expand and therefore hire more workers. In all of the president's strong deregulatory agenda that has boosted business confidence. Small business confidence is at the highest level ever and we're seeing that reflected in the numbers but this past time for. Employees. Or workers to set themselves up in a better way to negotiate a raise. Beyond the latest job numbers shell all of this and they've been a bit of a delay its tax reform path. But now we're finally seeing all of the strength reflected in the numbers. So it's working the plan is working the economy is stronger businesses are doing better employees and therefore are potentially gonna do better. And there's not a lot of people out there looking for jobs right now in terms of the unemployment rate a little most people that want a job have a job right now I. In fact we now have more job openings then we have individuals that are registered as unemployed. They've been that really strong sign of a booming economy and is now driving up wages poll workers. And we thought it in the recent jobs report with wages increasing by almost 3%. That is one of the largest. Increases. We have seen in recent years. So on average. People who are currently working now at CNET 3% raise over last year. Yet and this is just in pocket. Just in August and in the 3%. Wage increase. On a year over year basis on average in that reflect people got much bigger races. Are people gotten. More modest break bread that's the astronauts aboard this is the cabbage which means wages are. Wages. On average are going op and that is why we're seeing so many employees quitting their jobs because there confident that they can easily find another. And yet apparently it's 3% as the average that means about half of workers have gotten more than that new Obama got locked up my boss's office. I thought I don't wait a minute hold on here where's this average 3% raise they're talking about. Yet it is able to really tremendous and what so encouraging as well as. The unemployment raid is this an unbelievably low level at only three point 9% less than 4%. And what are also selling urging as. As that minorities are benefiting as well the unemployment rate among African Americans has fallen significantly as well it's a bit higher. And overall unemployment trade. But at six point 3% it is that had very very good level compared to the past so. The economy is working. People are benefiting. And it is it is truly amazing and you're seeing the confidence everywhere and consumer spending is rising as well as people have small money in their pocket. They're buying the things that make them and that family happy. Bartok and with Romeo Abacha a leading fiscal and economic expert at The Heritage Foundation when we get back I wanna confront two of the topics we just kind of touchdown. One is all right if on average workers got a 3% raise in August and it raises are apparently available across the board or by and large. What should workers do now is they feel like they deserve more money and with there being more job openings than people looking for jobs if someone's ready for a better job if they think they can make more money somewhere else get a better situation better hours better benefits better. Boss what should they be doing right now well last grameen of that when we come back we'll take your calls at 5042601878. And text messages and 87870. A big 870 blue runner opinion poll. You wanna quit your current job go to WWL dot com and vote now we'll check the results coming up. In rescued on this Friday afternoon glad I can be here also glad that leading fiscal and economic expert at The Heritage Foundation from Meena botch it could be here with us from in a before our brakes there we were talking about the fact that the economy is so good now. That there are more job openings than there are people looking for jobs so if I am currently not terribly happy with my pay. If I am in a job where I feel like I'm underpaid under appreciated. Should I take this evidence to my boss and say listen on average everyone's getting 3% raises right now and there are. Is a huge demand for good workers out there so if you don't wanna take care me maybe somebody else will do would you recommend that this. You know everywhere has to make that decision planet for themselves because I don't know this specific. Circumstances in the context and leads that might be asking that. But overall in good time for most workers. Two to move on to inspect their own businesses that that's something they'd been always streaming off and to ask for that raise and promotion that they had been working so hard towards and a lot of workers are doing that not one that. I'm art disgruntled they just want to goaded prayer. Russia more Russia passengers. Our dealings battle and the one thing that. Is that in the dark cloud on the horizon however is. The rising federal debt and deficit and how that could undermine economic growth in the not too distant future. And also the Federal Reserve is keeping a close ally. On the economic. That we are experiencing. Which is reflected in these strong employment numbers and as instead begin to tighten. Credits by raising interest rates. Well we'll have to see what apple do to be economy back that cause a slowdown. A few months or eighteen to 24 month Alex it only hard to predict when that next recession and knocked on the door. But we are living through one of the strongest economic period. Right now especially following this very deep recession we had in 2000 at ten and 2011. And it's paying purging to see the economy doing so well and I'm glad that workers are benefiting directly in the pac. Yes so what I just turn it is if you wanna go find a better job. Do it now because of the age there is some uncertainty about the future health of the economy there's always uncertainty about the future of the economy and we know there right now. It's ridiculously healthy. That this is a strong economy and it's an employee ease market right now because so many war jobs. Are open and so many employers need good employees. Indeed indeed it's we actually we did a few workforce roundtable across the country talking to employers what they greatest challenges work. When it comes to their workforce because. This has been a big focus for the president. That they have been looking at apprenticeship. And things they can do to make it easier for and it companies to find qualified workers and across the board the biggest complaint we've heard is that there aren't enough workers around companies are how. Having a really hard time filling all the positions they have open and are struggling with that. And that is the problem. Anti labor. Market is tightening and is businesses cannot find sufficient workers in the United States to do the job that they need them to do. What are some companies aren't looking on to go off shore not because they don't want a debate this year but because they do it can't find enough workers. To help them get the job done back. I think we also have to do I'd be concerned about and one of the area and we are focused on is how can we bring more of that discouraged workers. Back into the labor force those Americans who struggle during the Great Recession school who had some marginal. Disabilities that was able to get on the disability insurance program because they'll. Rolls. Exploded. All the the Great Recession now there's a bit of a slowdown in terms of applications because the economy but strong they are more options for individuals with disabilities. Four marginalized workers but too many are still on the sidelines and now with a good time. Off for them to also come back into the economy and and contribute and benefit from this from the growing economy. You know every time we talk about how great the unemployment numbers are we always get some skeptics who say well wait a minute does this include the people who just got tired of looking couldn't find a job and gave up. Eighty or is this really reflective of a very strong economy and the fact that the unemployment is legitimately this Le. Yep and we actually have there all labor force participation. Especially among. Working age young male all. And that is concerning. And where are where are these men what are they doing. And what can we do to help them take advantage of the economic boom to helped them at get back into the work force. And grow their deal. Earn more money and be able to better provide for the sell it families and their communities and this now at the right time to think about those issues and I think that welfare reform and disability insurance reform will be a critical part. On the agenda. To encourage help. So many of these workers that are now on government benefits. To come back into the economy. And and. And I don't know what's going on gas so people are currently get government checks who may say I'm gonna go to work I'm mad I don't Yang and get money from the government. And if I go to work I'll lose my government benefits may be of those government benefits get harder to get. That'll be more of an incentive for them to go to work Rummy I hope your happy in your job and develop sort of talking yet again down the road but. And more Americans are quit no doubt because they think they can do better elsewhere thanks for sharing your expertise with us I think you didn't live up here. Billing in your bio as being leading fiscal and economic expert. Much more and we appreciate it remain about it joining us here on WW LI. Thanks for calling you're on WW well. Did you ever just not about it just say you know what I can do better money here I quit. Well I don't know that you can do so what but. No. Job you now. You know that's a pretty good advice is up to it but my brother. He. Not as pragmatic as you are well but he betrays one sharp cookie at the wealthiest all of a brother Chester. Each well yeah we know your parents like to do it. Yeah yeah until there was a what are your brother knew he he just he got he just to tells his Bostick his job and shove it and walked out the door. Well he's very no that he was you know pretty well. Time pretty hard you know strictly to of that first child he went into the box earlier on their parade in the event in the good work legally go. And he. Be able totally re pretty. So about a month later. Another company's similar property in the position that he could have. That would delete the company has them a couple of about four ways that could be doing the same thing. It is when it when they said that they offered him a job at the bottom money you give credit he was considered taking it they gave degrade the state. He will we see there you go but he would talk to the other companies that have another job since he was lying. Yeah why he was negotiated. Acting is. That I could never do it like that but he did it looked straight at Spain and it worked. And he's silica and company doing good particularly adept BC but that would. Be actual problem. But you know and I need you still there because they sure do appreciate them and take yeah absolutely stepped up to the plate when they saw the building pollute the employee. Even though there will be real tight early on but basically it loosened up our street and a lot you know. It'll trickle down economics right now. The businesses. Starting this year to evident caddick tax cut. They that they lose their purse strings to operate more Monday and hire more people don't exactly what I'm really. Hopefully the message seems to me if you wanna keep your good workers you better take care of because there are lots of jobs out there that are going unfilled right now the hold do more with less Ara. Has really made people afraid to quit their jobs but now. Maybe they can get that. Courage to do it but I'm with you. I say always try to find something else up first. In last year job it is so bad it just so on intolerable and if you think think you can provide for yourself and your family in the general if you can't. And it seems irresponsible. I note that he didn't do. And like that there are a great kid but my mother that word in support of all of that would separate tribes are absolutely. But I'll tell market order or I'll. I don't know you do what you gotta at least strip for one so today. That in the bank and who does more after the is guys thanks guys.