First News with Bob Mitchell - Hour 4

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, November 24th

WWL's Bob Mitchell sitting in for Tommy Tucker talks Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, how to cook a ram (L.A. Ram) as well as eating oysters now or year-round.


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I'm David Blake. Paribas Mechel for Johnny on WW LA MI Berman dot com 10 minutes after 9 o'clock hard to get off the coach today implement all laws and government. I mean I don't know but your hopeful we had great food are it's one of food good stuff and yet a crowd like thirty years yes and the great part about it it was that my house who was that at all. Okay and I mean we had tried Turkey big Turkey we had melts on dressing weird goes string bean casserole mashed potato rolls. Gravy got a red bravery and honor absolutely your rhetoric beat Puerto sausage meat balls and pork to unseat a great Caesar salad. But. In my. Friends have a good friend who says the bust a chip every time. Now you and I know you debuted at tell me online and right are ready go on line about toughness and I every Cruceta anything you call me a lot of putts but what all that food. No gumbo. And no oysters. How can you have Thanksgiving to shoot it turned around and laughs not know gumbo and don't know oyster dressing or nobody publishers. Or that's. You know I cannot. That is stretching it a bit party won every single thing every serve in the entire state. C'mon. And it's is that really is in Turkey. Brad the red gravy at the meatballs Jia alone. My you have to have oysters right no problem. Man I mean not like I'm gonna turn on down the on how. I'm alive to win the same things you are such a Weiner yeah you are such a manner on ago was the wife on this one. Well I tell you want to think it's great to have support from your French you know an asset. But by the way before I go to oppose a little balloon and debit I think I'm gonna with all the stuff going on the world. I'm gonna go back to shaking hands no more holding. Just a handshake yeah I'd might be a good idea might be the Safeway you could be a winners tomorrow you know I don't talk. That's you don't know what that's not well at. That let me from a home depots and McCauley they tell me the shake it you know so. I'll cut that. I'm good I'm gonna I'm gonna go talk to live hi Lynn thank you for Roland WW well all right. Got that good blood got mugged gumbo and no oysters off my chest will want to be at Columbia crybaby. Well now. How caught out. I have to bring Victor. In a I don't wearing and it's it's it's right there nobody. I mean. Well L I. I baked oysters on the tunnel like. Put a take the oysters and put them and bread crumbs and garlic to callable and it is so good. And of yes and if and if you don't have that. At least have a little tumble to throws the voices of the jumbled. Ecstasy that's my and they. Well. I'd bet my my dad George. Heated by eat it like. He'd like. Back. Black article. Probably. In my dirt now a part time. Coach yeah you know everybody by now. You know would range rat with a rising. She is at our. Our match right there are holy trinity. You mentioned you know her. Old and about. A lot or. You know it it. It's delicious. Aliens in the app as it got to have Turkey art in the manner I. I'm trying to. Where enamored and garlic are. Old dog hair and Beckett about hours. You know with the Turkey directed at bear now in the. One of these years I keep saying I'm going to do this I'm gonna take it and and just somebody who could shuck oysters and have all the oyster bar at my house where you can before you Thanksgiving meal you can. Child download a dozen raw. Oh yeah. In fact. One. Declaration. We are under. Global. We can't get Julie and Aaron. You know and I and I thank you good luck holiday. Back in Canada and it's yeah it just. They haven't checked that ash and you know like. You know. It it brings back to childhood memories bad as you go -- treat a bit more. And try to. Everywhere. Picked up at our ticket but she want to pick up the contradiction. To try and try and we can't get our joy and and my brother Juan don't like you know retrieve. Or wherever. Here we started it whoever needs to get their joy on her. Little bulky. Yeah you look at in DC that changes cabinet that I did you bring you know it bring back and every child. That just so we it you do so is your tree up already. I'm not. I'd put up my sisters and her out to have. I aspect you know we're not about last week you're into her Chicago to do it right now being. And I really didn't. Let's let's look at a let's a all right Lynn thank you for being part of the show I was blown. At a great YouTube let's go to Debbie Debbie thank you Colin WW well. And I'm I'm doing fine. Great I'll. It might be a lot of people understand. Eight we now like eight times and optical. We have Richard Richard where we think it's in the backyard. You know. Racquet out and put millionaire and goes in so I think we ought to smoke during. Let me ask you debit I've I've heard that before and of course you know most of my relatives are from racial and then we we never do that I'll. I don't know particular law that we didn't honey you do that how exactly do you do that it. Was the men that do it you know they they'd they'd have big. And they you know put the racks up then they say killed a pig and it's cause I hours. Now actually throw the throw on Iraq that has put fire underneath it. And it it and took it all wrong and I mean at. He would wish. They. In simple terms. There. I liked that I like that Doug let me ask you we also talking about the do you think that of the storm zone and the mauled do you think they start. The Christmas decorations and promoting Christmas too soon. That you are ritual. That we that was equipment into the day after I like to begin that really didn't batsman got archery. The other one thing I want tried it yesterday. My pay given to Ali's they had got in a big ball to Kate. And as the put a group of that there is helping them. All know we started this we start of this yesterday and I think. I think even shove John fold said he doesn't put potato salad no no mom I'm on all record label that. I know we are all on a couple of things he said you can go either way but I won't. Watch the full build a felon. On a bit of a small suppose you're Jumbo is good caught. And imitate asylum was cold and don't vote lukewarm the the gumbo. Pretty quick but it. They and everything is. Addressing and approaching and so long. My my make it and that think they came. Summed along. Where everybody and put oysters in it. As. Some. You. It. But now and the now with refrigeration I think you could need oysters you round. Yeah. Because the reality is that no quite there are unless there's an all Indy. Right but that that was because of refrigeration and now there's refrigeration your round went as far as I know army IE eight Debbie around. While we switched I don't know how many years ago from oyster dressing to baked oysters there there's a great restaurant called mosque deserves oysters Boston. And it's it's so what. We have votes from the moral tone dressing and we have debate oysters except this year because I didn't make them wait in Emily oysters. The restaurant here in awhile they found raw oysters with. I'm he's the best but it's lost. Are you talking about arms drama draw goes. The absolute best absolutely. Absolutely. Lol I'll god shall. We do yeah right about that Debbie. Thank you so much all right you. Are. Now. You know we gotta talk clock ticked up. I'd just 601878. We're take a break and come right back to WWO 944 all the states make it landed a role what's what's the best way to look Coca ram and I'll hub and get to the phones and just a single but upped just answered. Just lace second all right. Did have a recipe of on welcome to read hear about the rams slightly ram rolled load up the whole line with garlic breath. Smith the fact affect. Everybody Julie and on what raw garlic and reason to the defense is nice alike that. And a couple of flutter hill and Coleman a large range of hot and spicy in government to Mira. Lightly sprinkle. Would have thought Thomas and Ginn ramp up and off with an awesome defense full oil on top of that pineapple special teams and of course. A lot of breeze let's go to our phones will go to but Dell have a few years cities how are you. Comes and I just want to carry you population in the month of our our and it. I think that would violations in May June July and August curriculum milk in there warrants but he wants something. Right but. We were told not to eat oysters in those months because of the goes over refrigeration in those days and now. I think on the oyster boats as were four for duration all the time and I think Q ten eat them you around. Oakmont and that we're in the east so we all know she's out of defects and the I meant no lights in my knees get involved you can call it off drugs so I don't golf. Ideal goal for the. In what may be we have some oysters specialist listen people deal with selling oysters and urgent either send me a text message. Or they could not call me at 26 year old Waleed somebody or text me at 87870. Let's go to Larry Larry thanks for calling WWL. Bob in mats and you buds. Parent Bloomberg members with the politically Kamal group. They don't but Charles brown and me with it. Well before. All of my career when I was in music radio whenever. Thanksgiving came that because in those days. One Melissa though in the day. It is at the Ole expression back in the day. Back in the day when people didn't play Christmas music and made. Oh we were all in the first Christmas song we always play on Thanksgiving morning was Charles Brown please come home for Christmas. And a degree in programs and you remember that. Yeah just the thank god and do it out no turnovers we can beat the rant though thank all of you holidays. All right thank you thank you Larry wants quick into the points. Do your job and took a while it's 927. We have not heard a whole bunch. From Black Friday shoppers. Did hear from mole well one way to do so she went shopping last night and went today and said that it just wasn't as packed. And I think I think her early report this morning's salute across the nation wasn't. Quite as well as packed as it was last year so if you did any. Are any shopping on Black Friday shopping in a letter stole halt all the malls were as Fort Worth where you were shopping. And just in it in general are you doing it's much shopping today. How we haven't really had a whole bunch of people. Who have said that it was worth it it was worth it to get in line it was worth it to fight the of the crowds. It took to get the specials. I really have never done it I've never been in line for hours and hours to try to to get some plane. I I'd I'd jump may be at my I don't know I'm I've I shop on wall Hubble go online and and compare prices and just like you I don't wanna spend more money than I have to but to me it's just not worth it to be and and and and and those crowds all the time. It's 26 year old late seventy of if you think the saints are gonna make it nine in a row. I don't know pump pump pump pulley and I'm pulling for the rams but. I tell you are after the Gaza had the same feeling against the Redskins and hope I did not think the saints will do well again and the Redskins and of course. In bushels an absolutely wonderful incredible game. And so maybe it'll it'll be the same thing against the rams. It would it would be great to have to beat the rams of course what I'm really looking for. Is the saints to be in good shape to be both of the falcons. And and Carolina is. We we knew we need we need to beat them what we need to win at least one rams not one wounded when a one. We need tools and a few points seed to win at least one falcons game that's that's what I'm struggling to say much much too much through crude. These yesterday here's a quick a text message. Important oysters. Okay oysters change their sex. During non. Accumulating I had done you can eat them. No I don't think they are as good. Water temperature can create milky oysters refrigeration helps with. Chipping. I don't know I I I eat in the year round and never really complain. Don't have time. But no entrepreneur of the call Kennesaw I'm gonna. Colin and I'm gonna hold you in the tools to light after the news on the WWL. Alone now we're talking about oysters. But do you eat Demi around. Is there a problem with eating them year round I know at one point you couldn't I know at one point above our months. But I was under the opinion that all of that changed quite some time ago. All right we're you know make. Make a break for a CBS news update and then we'll go to a David play for more WW alive and low. Will be used thanks Terrell I'm David Blake job back to Bob natural and for Tommy charter WWL. AMI famine dot com it's 936 do you eat oysters you around yes I do to N I've gotten into little little look controversy on this this morning. I do have a couple of votes text messages one says. I've finished oysters drawing up in my family had leases. There are seasons like the lady says Japan that their milky and not fat salty mostly due to high water stages dumping fresh war into the belly there is that is normally during the summer months. May be going through August that you know were part of the book not having the I I had heard. That that was because of pour refrigeration on the oyster boats of that now that they have vetoed more technology and improvement and and refrigeration. That it's OK to eat mirror. I have not had a milky oysters in my life I don't know I did have one in Portland Oregon it was awful what what is your child has a nor'easter well. Portland are always terrible. They are trying to passes them off by a dog I mean I've. Hated him all summer I do to Vietnam and and and they were just I mean I I rate Mubarak. There that you're right I thought that that this past year as Russia's past on our. It was some of the best oysters ever yeah. Huge nice size salty yeah yes so I'm I'm I'm not sure I mean most of the callers are the most of the text browsers I have. Kind of support them anomalous and saying that you should eat the Miro or that if you eat them at certain times a year you should eat them raw OK I should fry them. Not now in my case. May be some of these people know better than than we do I'm now on I know lately I have gotten some. There there's a place in Slidell and and which unit does Slidell for a long Daria I've got no where your going to give us or eight of ten Asian mania the and and then. And I'll go one of our sponsors the the the silver slipper. Yes they have an oyster bar incredible. To hold and salty on arm. And so I got to leave early pop up so I think that. I don't other open I'm gone through a a thank you Dave. All right well I only have about forty minutes left and. I'd like to hear from you number one and if you bring that Christmas celebration in the stores of the malls. I'll start to earlier I'd like to hear from some of you who have been in the mall do yesterday. Ford today. One of the crowds like oh are you Black Friday shopping we have not all morning long we have not been overwhelmed. With people calling in saying that they do the Black Friday shopping. Are you may be on the way home right now from the balls let us know won't talk about what type of a shopping that you did the Jude was at ports. Was it worth of fighting the cross was that worth of standing in lines to to to get the special and now. Let's for a while this thing about oysters. Do you eat oysters. Year route you can call me at 2601878. Not a whole bunch of time left and in the hour so to me a call right now what a whole bushel lines open Bob Mitchell on WW well let's go to Louis. Most of course of Thanksgiving everybody just about everybody has has oysters and has oyster dressing or some type of a break oyster. And don't know if somehow we got talking about. When is it safe to eat oysters on know what onetime mute you couldn't eat them what during months though that are. But has not changed pinch in and year round now. You can Ali in Mir. This is kind of like. Achievable. Orchard is set so much you can in America it would you wait it gets cold that you're better than they were oasis. Daryn much thought it may. Who August. We got. Obviously a lot no doubt that the rebels come and ask pages and in Dayton. Rat and areas though it's a bit refresh war he isn't a good club for them to grow. They don't it's updated don't expect. There's no quality and just not going to be equality Alex. Children are most is when their batters out but what they're saying. Bush seeming like right now November is not good for oysters. Know what it was all so it's OK to use them. Would all random OK okay you right now he has just been that is good there and some much. A fresh water from the river this just in Dayton everything. In the comments but choices. They don't they don't get it opens up the so they don't grow as much as they battle. The United States is there's not quality and if you like the united athletics by ancient text. Not until they are I think to be the last few months. Bless three or four months out I think or issues than just an exceptional. And I tell you I didn't have oysters yesterday. And now I'm talking myself into I think for lunch a mogul give me a dozen raw supports. It is big. In Beijing for four there's not a problem you found out just so sure because they're not as good you know. Actually my wife likes them small mullahs want to put them all across Kirk. So low bone every now and then we'll go some place and that will have on small and salty and then and that's that's what she likes red. The I don't know I like humanity while I like him tried. I like him date and I absolutely love a brawl when there are cold now. What what I don't like yours are renowned venue we'll go someplace. That serves raw oysters. And they don't they open up a whole bunch of Benetton that they don't open up with them when you order them. They open up dozens and dozens ahead of time and have them stacked up for faster service. And then they can get a little room temperature O'Donnell like that at all. And refrigeration. So yeah. For the no. They still don't always shorten this sort of Irish secondary yeah I am putting my objective enough. I have the salon and what one sack allotment of the sex object would comment and we I'm. Structural refrigerators run like we do not keep on both out of it maybe two days. You go out and and one the government and into trucks. Thank you both let other Woodruff frustration as the consummate this shop would shock and more tough job. Shut the voices of the shops and to rest. When not what allows oh a young boy I had done. An uncle trying to see you didn't vote wasn't British and my dad was from racial and Venice. And he would from time to time I'll bring up the Arab that would have to oysters right all the war and bring a sack right to the house. That was just an unbelievable leading. Two my I've been in what is it. But I'll talk about English. And they know what we talk about. And when we would see Asia. One out of the week it is fortunate practice schedule and it is a choice. For a mob war. Absolutely Lewis I thank you so much really build a Janice. Janice you have a good Thanksgiving yesterday. Yes Leah and I think given I hope you and your family get him. We did we had like as I mentioned earlier today must Sean came in from Houston with bug grandson and granddaughter. And too little love dating great grandchildren. Oh yeah. Ernie that sounds really really. It was wonderful and into little rug rats running around the house and have an interest from all over sure rather than us. I yeah I would tell you what that is definitely had said. About the lake you give about Ali said the monthly. I can't quite differently to a kind years ago. Littler kid went to lunch. Which people at this place and typically this same region and it just wasn't good. It really was and I don't remember what month to life but I noticed something about the conflict. Momma Bali Fitch said that. And now wanted to tell you have been and one at ten if some technology of I don't know it's probably good. I've got a great can make it may only be good to end this month I don't know probably should good it was you know into the idea of people. You hear the outcome I shall infection glee about my a pillow. My bill. I got a couple blows you can't get that tell you we do that I absolutely about the you know got a couple blows. We do and I sign that it just said get comfortable comfortable pillow and not just. I in this people anybody out it was Antony. These I had my doubts about it Kabul yeah. But it is what they try. In doing commercials for no just as yet this is talent he gets clocked. Dealing ought to pump a but he checked for those do or. I got nothing you can attack this fact it would feel. No you're right the at and all you do to clean and destroy a little washing machine and then in the driver. They had been added yet that yes it's already done that yes excellence on the lessons Leslie he gets put it like mission changed its regular Monday did tonight and then and then putted it tells us about that one about you know how that would work. So anyway you have yourself a wonderful weekend and more than likely I'll speak to you again before Christmas all right but it died down had a commitment. All right thank you so much Janice all right let me let me go ahead and catch up on a couple days text messages. Oh yes right all of the war opened them up and eat them right all the shelves. The you can do up I've never I've never been on the oyster boat but I guess that as a kid. My uncle would bring a a sack of oysters over right right on the water. And we just open him up enough my dad doe would just take like little hot sauce on triple a couple of shots on it. And those sucked it right all of the show. Here's what it was just a big reason not to eat them you around is to look the young oysters get established and start growing. I did I have someone called yesterday and again. What when people call in and they give us reports we can't always. Check out exactly what they're saying weathered the real true or not he said that they had removed some restrictions. And that now you can. Fish for oysters of that's the correct word all year realm. This one says warm summer month war bacteria levels are far higher. Then though the of the fifty year there was fifty years ago so please use caution. When you're eating oysters and other what does oysters nothing wrong with eating them any time. They are just as good. Always have odd couple of phone lines open I'm going to take a break so if you. If you wanna make a comment about oysters do you eat them a year round 2601878. Bob Mitchell on WW well let's go to Mike. My how're you doing this morning. I don't I'm just out your conversation right now. And I always this the Kohlberg. I've been years in the back Jericho levels lore. And I know the order beauty shop and that's why all the way off. And you have. There I'm sure as. Well most of them once and again our use of the school year. The actor out almost all the and make comments operation here. Well I mean most people who've called in today have said that it is better to eat it. And the book the monster and are great because so monitoring I'm just simply saying that. I eat I eat at me around and didn't know the reason eight me around because I've I've heard that you know. Chilling the oysters down and keeping the oysters fresh after the Kamal the war has as greatly increased and I have never had a problem. Occasionally. You know you can get a oyster and in the middle of some of that may be. Doesn't have a vote look the same flavor and as I mentioned are two of make my last caller. That the times that but I find that I don't enjoy the oysters is that when you eat them someplace. That opens a lot of them up and puts them in trays and not necessarily keep them Gordon coale because to me and oyster have to be. Cold and salty you know it's like Georgina hot softer and did this not to the Killian. It's gonna taste okay but it's always better when it's nice and cold that's the way I feel about the of the oysters but I I eat them eat them year round. Sometimes they're bigger sometimes they're smaller. But it took hold. And aunt and their salty the the their wonderful. Let me but missy you piers piers ups test measures are you can only eat oysters in the month and the and and are a lot of people think that way but. We've had several calls have said that it won't hurt true it's that it's not stop on the help lead it shows that the taste is not as much and and and they're not. They're not as salty all right it has been numbed and it's it's it's been one of those mornings where you know your color relaxing. After all the food you eat. On Thanksgiving it's it's kind of like. Some of Politico. A whole state of albeit on the culture as we were Hammond relief had the talk about anything really really serious or anything that really challenges your brain. We we have a weekend ahead of us were a lot of people who were off yesterday are off today in the local bank and worked until Monday. So for a lot of people it's been McConnell like go on mini vacation I have no intention of going to the mall and tried to fight oh. Any any of these crowds. And it has been for me and it has been a good week or do we know about culture at home and coming in and talking to you guys and I have a text message I wanna read. And this is it that you all know why I do this a message like this. Bob Bob so enjoy you on the radio the last two mornings thank you for giving up your mornings to spend with your listeners and some of your family. And yourself well believe they. I will have home old get on the sofa but I think since we've talked so much about oysters are gonna go ought to be at least a dozen raw today. Not thank you all for calling thank you for the text busters with. And thanks Hugh Diane Newman who was executive producer programmer here WWL. For continuing to pull lay off a couch and let me work to WWL.