First News with Bob Mitchell - Hour 3

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, November 24th

WWL's Bob Mitchell sitting in for Tommy Tucker talks Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping as well as how to cook a ram as the Saints take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.


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I'm David Blake now it's Bob mashal for Tommy John WWL. Radio Mount Hermon dot com and its 810 I think double a half hour ago you'll. So were talking about we both thought that they started Christmas sales will look to early yes yes and really grumbling. We've got a Texan socialists as you Glen Davis solid too grumpy old man. Old man that's because we are yes you have to catch it. As it adds that a deer but the discounts on the marijuana. Isn't that great if you go to Las Vegas. And then you're listening to started a couple of months ago they have now forty. Pot outlets in Vegas and their offering. Black for fifth at the front. A test athletes. Just blows my mind just devoted to mail orders at as Dell I don't think you can do that you'd have to go in and sneak it out as. You know what what happens though if you if you buy at their words legal and you bring an end to a state. Well partly legacy here now goes to do that I guy guy you know there are rules on the opera. How but it got to stop every car leaving Vegas coming back this way I don't think a vote. You get a smaller amount if you're an out of Stater. With the rules say boats. I don't know it Argus are gonna pull everybody over and what about those getting on the plane were replied in quick flight out. Black Black Friday guest on grass special rescue special. A it is funny I mean the good of a amid they have to make a living too adult and Mosher they do you know he got in Colorado Washington Oregon and California is getting crazy not not something I want to try to do a little talking about. Global vote probably the rest of the sour note and I don't know do people still use mistletoe. It's part of the reason the reason I'm asking that. Every day there's someone new accused of some type of sexual harassment OK you bring up a very good point I would not be your goes back to call the office ride even though I think we used to do that yeah where instead I'll Mark Gardner so IR one drug I need some phone calls on this folks does anyone. Still use mistletoe and you would have to. Greatly if you. Think about this. You're viewed via harasser. I'm full of political world we're getting duped. Wait wait wait don't win the song that says what I saw mommy. Kissing senate now under the mistletoe around the camp played out of the store Santa Claus is guilty. Hold such old news. On board. All right but today yes and and they've been in the two drum gonna take a phone call okay all right. We'll go to Stephanie Stephanie thank you for calling WW oil. Are color. And that. I am not but definitely not like. Rain. But. Is one and that's what we talk to him on the back. You were taught you know. What I am. Well. I went. There. Ha was. Tender right now about holding them pretty good. That's a good idea pounded them. LeBron. And yet let Mark Ingram just follow them and pound them and piles of just. Stephanie what what do you think I mean if things are getting. A little crazy when it comes of the sexual harassment I'm I'm I'm not I'm not saying that it hit it it is an improper thing but it's getting crazier and crazier. Can offices still use mistletoe. Com. I don't think it would be good I think. Right but how many years. Have we've practice I didn't I don't Lamotte the last couple years but I could that's what happened and I've heard them vote the one of the stations play and those. Mommy kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe also my goodness gracious we probably can't use mistletoe anymore. Right the that it. Must. You pretty funny stuff but he. Things to get a live. At. The. All right so I know I like I'd like you're part we pound the rams will we give the ball mark and normally pollen pollen pollen pollen. And I think Myra changes dance along to world. Thank you Stephanie are right. Thank you so much to 601878. Is it now all completely. On political on political too politically correct. Who played if you don't do is what on politically correct right politically incorrect but so it would be politically incorrect to have missile toe. At the office party to a 601878. And then we'll take a break and I'd come back with your phone calls on WW low paid 3 minutes after 8 o'clock wanna be politically incorrect to have missile toe at the office part of the Christmas office party let's go out to marry Mary thanks for calling WW well merry what do you think would be politically incorrect to have mistletoe. At the office Christmas party. Like to give the I have waited for the door and the nobody is talking about many. Or I want answered my first question the Newton answerable to wrap. Not. Well who and where you were trapped under the mistletoe and. And I can't remember who had been income. No a. Hot I don't think they do their thing or not a thank you because a lot of trouble. So anyway that way to a complete. Programs they detected but denies. Depth animal on Oprah and. And and that moment to take. On. A pretty good put the other day trim down. And date. Who am Dan and. Our hunt you realize you're talking about a football team. I'll tell you. And a man but now. I did dances every little. Every other day and collected doing okay you Obama taught me every rule and it got government again and I know what they do and I didn't. Well maybe it doesn't met met met maybe you can help me okay. So what does what does it mean among when the refereed says throws a penalty for targeting what does that mean. I don't know about targeting. And everything that and then. It changed a lot of count that put the old gal and how much. Our what does it mean now for illegal contact. Ali is it no matter. Pollard below the late dependent on but my agenda could be hit that and I think again it. Got you know but back to the mistletoe but no list no missile no missile till for Merida. All right thanks to. Thank you so much with you know whats with all these I mean it's daily accusations I read something where. The man who appeared that you know this was waiting to happen the man who appeared at the Los Angeles Kings games as a team mascot. Bailey. Close sued if you read that duke was sued by a dishwasher. Four grow open someone's butt. At the staples or because your in this big huge costume and you put your arms around it now now the mascot. Has been accused of of groping. I don't know about you but this it has you rethinking MP3 thing you'd do. In our our our I went the hug a friend the other day and I was afraid to make any bodily conduct of a tribal. I tried to just college hug on the top of the shoulder and back up at at the same time vote. It is it making you change anything isn't as it may continued get to the point that you're you're just overly concerned about about any contact you have at all. With what anyone know she'll be so careful. Of all of what you said. I I want to. Home Depot. Bought a campaign. And as I'm checking out the cut at the collar the lady behind. The the plate. Ask me this question. Would you like me to shake it. Now. For me is not my person twenty fifths. Hi I'm never take it for face value would you like me to shake it. And I said all right let's go ahead and shake it cannot. That as soon as I set it aside all my god it's going to be an in the news Bob Mitchell. Sexually harass the woman at Home Depot but that's that's how crazy. Now fortunately she laughed and she was in good spirits and she's all right I'll shake it with it and everything was well however who knows. May be she may be I may be IE emotionally upset earn somewhere down the road from a I'm gonna get up I'm gonna get a loss to boot. I had no choice but the shape deployed. Now where we traffic that's all right. Well let's shake along and go to that Terrell and traffic. I'm David Blake now it's Bob natural for Tommy Tucker WW well Perry on my from a dot com don't know about you David I am I am so pumped up for Sunday's game whole party. I just can't wound up on the big yellow shoots and now all wanna see the game or what it's like my. Internal clock does is just ticking down for us on Tuesday idiot says showdown is going to be the game of the week they're they're put it on later for that reason you got the first team announcers will be there it's it's a baboon and you I really don't. No off hollow feel about it about listening to. Two to Bobby. Oh and Morton month Monday afternoon doesn't. Monday evening I'm gallon on a Monday is that. I'm was tried gal who knows what they're it is not just for your right T and and and Mike to Julia and both of them felt the saints were going to win the points rustic. There's like 22 and a half points in favor of of the rams adult in legislature going to win and I looked inept of the people there injured ball on the defense. And even in 08 even if you get these guys back up in what what I what I don't wanna say I wanna beat the rams. Mean personally. I brother make sure that these guys are strongly in Celtic as soon we have to play Carolina we have to play the falcons and I'm we need to destroy wrong. Goes to hear yeah we're gonna does all of that the Big Three Carolina falcons and traveler down you know so. I don't know Obama but not I just can't wait of the shall pumped up about it you can pull games out like they're Don it's. I got. I know you cannot have a miracle every week but. I think it's got to be tied I'm I'm big on the saints by you by your field. Don't think so that right among ahold of that I'll settle all right let's summoned to a Ronnie Ronnie thank you for calling WW authorities say you have a a great idea and Paula Coca ram. Yeah it it it is an I mean I just hope our defensive people love like Lattimore. I would like to see him play. But quite frankly would that would put tough games that we have ahead meaning Carolina. And the falcons. Iowa off I would hope that they will hold him back until the is completely a 100% healthy just. We're gonna need even those games try to limit let me ask you a question on a low blow up a lady's point of view of this you know. That was sexual harrassment charges and every day there's something new. And you gotta ask yourself or are we getting just. Too crazy about that and like I like to hold people felt. But now I think twice. Even if let's say to you wanna hog I'm very very careful on call on hug we do we getting just. Too crazy on that or is it hasn't been needed for a long time. All right I've I appreciate your advice thank you take some usual take a break 26018782601878. Do you think all loose. Stuff from volatile sexual harassment isn't. Getting a lot of control or. Has this changed been needed for a long time Bob Mitchell on WW it's 8:47. Good morning talking about the a couple of things this morning trying to. Keep the bills much on the light side is possible number one. Will say it should make it nine in a row and we've been taking some recipes and some thoughts on. What's the what's the best way to to Coca ram and if you muzzle what's the best way to. To prepare Iran build Paolo Milan. Then that aft after after after we pound them a lot and cuddle it. Slice them up a little bit and past the meat around. Hug from me no getting as many players are involved and at 260. 187 or an event if you have been a Black Friday shopping or. We're shopping yesterday because a lot of the stores were opened yesterday. But just. Hope people look at camp can't wait till Friday. It is to be Saturday in minicamp and and then they couldn't wait and ended on Friday now people can't wait to Fridays so they're doing it Thursday just so let me know where have you been shopping. What malls have you been going do and no one of the crowds looking like it is attacked. 260170. Got a quick. Let me fund that's all there in the spirit of productive and someone should take a panther. And stuff it will ram. And then stuffed with a felt like that 260 what 187 and one of the things that we start talking about today also. Is it's Christmas. A main. Do you think that most of these stores. Jump all too early on putting on Christmas decorations. And having a Christmas sales and old it happened to me again the Asia I don't even remember one it was and had to be at least a couple months ago. I was shopping somewhere with two wives were would pick up somebody and and there all of a sudden bam. There's this big Christmas display. I I guess I really am old school he has led a duel like both waiting until after Thanksgiving destructive turned for Christmas. Do any of you do you already have any of your Christmas decorations up a at what point. Do you put your Christmas tree up a lot of people. Hubble already gone and picked up their tree. I cannot rule were growing up I honestly cannot remember. Exactly when we want to get the tree Dylan thank god I do remember. What usher was a very much like the the to show what a Christmas story where they want to give the show in the had a deal car. And tied the tree on the top of the car what we had pretty much the same thing we would go to a you know Christmas tree lot and take on a tree but I remember when they start having the split sprayed trees tall at what point that how polished soon. Do you put up your Christmas decorations are so if we're going to talk about the the forestry. The stores and the Plano priest was busy of of that happens too soon. But at what point do you actually start putting on your Christmas decorations up. Among phone numbers 2601870. And if again if if you did some shopping. Either yesterday or are early this morning. How were distorts how aware of the mulls whether it will work when they packed world won't work that light. And if you if you wanna call this is what this is little's days where you really won't have to wait a whole bunch to go on the air shooting comic. At 260187. Let me see what they checked. The wanna check this one text message to see if I can figure out exactly there we go. Bob ball Lattimore and Crowley did not practice Wednesday. We signed sterling Moore heard that back this week after Green Bay cut and mores are good and can help book filled a gap. But the main. When you looked at the saints defense. Especially the secondary. With Lattimore not there you you saw the difference it it is amazing. How one individual. And I've I've heard those several people say that you know blew the saints could have. But to. Well rookies of the week we can have a defense of Oakland rookie of the year and the offense of rookie of the year which would be great but again if he's injured. Let's not let's not be too quick two getting back although all beating the rams is important. The real importance comes in when we start playing not. The the Panthers and the falcons are those of the games. That we have to be at our absolute very best all right it would take a quick phone call that will go to traffic. Whom early high pearly. Fatah cut early doesn't realist and gates. And now that would are a but it not. How warriors this morning. I. Walked into the opposite you know throw the ball. Unarmed. Well I'm. Not sick probably okay but I'll. It's nice itself was long in an ice out there and lately want it is a. Well do you find the malls as crowded this year as they were last year. On what we went last fight. They have a proper return coordinate it. So it wasn't quite a bit and I can't. Do you do more shopping in the mall or do you do more shopping on line. I would do a lot you know it it makes it. It but it meg sure wonder as you look toward the future what is going to happen but with all the shopping malls just. I'm I'm not the point Delaware I do almost all of my shopping online and I'm too lazy to go mob bug and go to the mall. A group not all but then go exactly like the call began on my dotted yeah wrecked at a critical. Walk on in though it might do it all led by Likud. Well right. You you have a blessed weekend thank thank you so much OK we'll take. A traffic break and will come by Paula you're going to be up right after the break on WW well paid to do seven let's take a phone call hey Paul how are you are you argued recovering from Thanksgiving. Yeah hall are you pay you don't ever dozing off there to bush flew from yesterday. And I what is too early for Christmas. And. And had have you noticed that the stores are putting their Christmas decorations up earlier and earlier. Yes it's ridiculous. At what do we went out we. We had to be banks but we you marry me but I do nothing. Equipment and banged up and Christmas Scott and get a bomb. And. I mean I doubt I hustled Christmas decorations up well around the same time as Halloween it's like I saw actually one dollar to ensure. Which Santa Claus at a Halloween costume on. That's terrible. And yeah yeah. Activated. And he builds walls that. It's out and roll you right. And. While I'm not I'm not my pet David has been that way for a long time. Is that of so many times and Linda McCulloch Christmas anymore McLaughlin. Well holidays and that the that's just one in my personal poetry that's. All right Paula they suburbia brochure record like say it's gonna win Sunday. All right well maybe maybe we will maybe won't harm the rams up. Let's see two had taken were called but if you wanna call Lynn during a news would you put shall hold. And Joseph Girardi did go right after a the top of the hour you've been shopping and it was an update on on some of the malls and Sunday. The rams. Are those saints don't serve him up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.