First News with Bob Mitchell - Hour 2

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, November 24th

WWL's Bob Mitchell sitting in for Tommy Tucker talks Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping as well as the LSU Tigers versus the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday.


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I'm David Blake announced Bob natural for Tommy Tucker on WW well pay on my famine dot com it's 710 a lot of people or Alter their Black Friday looked looking for iPhone sales and no man over drilling. I have that these that is their new and I'll go to ball a thousand dollars job that's the of them that Tehran now please extend yeah. I still have a lot of phone. Why luck are beholden to upload to conceal. You say that yeah that's it. That's my entry that's not a flip phone. Well it's it's you know it used to be a flipped on the football and broken. There upgrade I had I had to upgrade the it's seem much problem as this in all the years I've had my cell phone. I have never been in this situation. Where I had to get on the Internet now I had to get on huge Arum never one side I understand. But we're numb my wife finally got an iPhone and now she's. Suffered the hook she's sorry won't just in this day and I should've been a class on this phone. Here now. Yeah I think so and you know I inherited an iPhone finally and did put away my flip phones like a dime a scorer and and then sultan. He still is bill have a flip phone. Yeah it's some more if it doesn't work yeah Bob what that number was this and so and idealism behind the from he'll give herself yes drowned work day Israel is still as. All of flip phone. So you know okay yeah well like the thing has got the iPhone but limelight here like I don't have is time to be hung around on the Internet. I just use it for calls that said that's all I don't. Know when one we want to let the buyer at the guys trying to sell me one. I said Alison great New Orleans word here said pod and a truckload upon GAAP pop now I said I said. I'm done there's never been a time in my life where I had. Yet the information so fast but I couldn't wait until like gone home and looked it up by computer out. Though and it it all onto what I want disabled lost track for a second I was listening knows that turns on WWL yesterday. You know up parents. Are getting these I consulate and tracked their kids. Will now. So money is Smart. And their icons for the kids to track the parent Sherri ago. So that they know that mom and dad about an hour away and I need to. But clean up the parties the guy exactly the the parent charters I got there and have a back in my time hi how low blow. I'm with deal that. Thank you Dave all right I just audience and a break right now no ability to take a break I can take a vote at all what this is easy moaning in and Bobby are you. And as dementia our widget and get them. I had I have a great Thanksgiving. Couldn't have anymore I had had the whole family together including not too great grandkids. From a Texas shall we had a great time. That's good. Arm the weather's been nice and talk about. What you think about bomb. College football. I love college football global sport but. It could be a big shakeup this this weekend with. Auburn plan Alabama and in Miami plan that's. Bert it should be yes. So from. The top for good group would be should go out Oklahoma's implant well Miami's undefeated. And they go to Pittsburgh I don't sang go off. I should say it is but coming. Just as the Pittsburgh beat Miami. Pop out too good now I don't believe but this year it doesn't seem to be Alabama sort strong team don't get me wrong Miami by. This seems to be a lot more parity. In the com. In college football and rankings. Which searchers beaten Clinton earlier this year and in what could awkward at the Georgia two weeks. I do bouncy Auburn beating Alabama. Not now not until you change I would love to see Alabama Miami play. Down well there one into right now so all. You know depend on the Oklahoma State that for its please. Oklahoma. One informant. Off. If you would have bought. Miami and club in Washington two winners so but it championship. So I want I want everybody to lose. And then maybe LSU a little bit better bowl game one everybody knows. Well. Right went to school and not go north on state and out there and at top point Bob. I've been. Haven't at least in India but they'll. Go off that they're in the top conference to whip. You know Clinton bases its. No not yet appreciate your floating in we're going to be talking a little LSU football in and just a minute off phone lines are open to shoot 0170. Isn't really well those easy born to a talk a little sports that's fine you'll talk about Black Friday I wanna hear of eventually from some of you. Who word you look forward to Black Friday and you have a down to a almost science 2601878. I'm Bob Mitchell and WW LY 98 after 7 o'clock let's check in with. Hollywood. Hi all how you're more Mercury news Hollywood Henderson. I don't know how it would you know a pillar. All right Hollywood email how warrior is warning you are Black Friday shopper. To no not at all so what are you normally do on Black Friday. Colombia take me to do it become vocal about Peter. I'm just very good a year ago but a marked tree. You start our starting put up Christmas decorations and. Right there will put them true Malloy and you know they'll all public you. There which adorn public. While morphine and talking to you. No I'm not gonna head to the malls and all of no way in the world. The earlier. Lightly your people mode you can power you have no mater. Baylor or like or where. All right Kelly how it what I wrote a little Pigram for a lot. I think the sites are going to be the rams about that don't think the tigers are going to be. They NM and up I have a feeling that our next guest just from all's gonna say you're absolutely right how are you adjust. I don't know what players I'm fine how do you how do you look at this game now you know Texas CNN. What threw up last week. And now clearly are against the tigers so. I've heard some people's lives for Vertex is live in this is their own bowl game do you look at that one. It liberties. Didn't go to have been on opposite that was their old. I get the court then what was it two years ago what that the network so dark that what would be. Are battling aids actually yeah but it properly. A few more games that. Well neglected that it is possible that more Ottawa so. But the thing that yeah the beat Iowa. City is so. There's obviously. Upon technical point of view there's there's there's it took what was. Yes sometimes. I just depends bubble cut relationship the culture as well this player of the players and we're night ago or unite and think that they are going to. Save the coach's job and I I guess I guess that's the the big test here. If if he really has these players are supporting hasn't really lost to team then they're going to unite and just. I just play the best they possibly can but I don't I don't think their best and beat LSU at Tiger Stadium. Maybe I don't know the right thing. Well well well he's playing now. Now the law new sitter. And the other. Point Michael. Well though T. Technically quite well a week. The star cornerback who are the only game. Back in these openers that you've heard. About it. Gone to court to Kirk. I think I'll be a little bit differently that that quick break we are. Whether. Or not. Oh yeah a lot of the guys that they don't do the the they're thinking. That's cool. Equally. That the court. He like LQ what. The court groups. Well Jeff I know you under a lot of pressure right knowledge someone rushing and blitzing the quarterback if you compete. Give me your thoughts on all on the score of the game this Saturday. I think it's going to be well that would quote I think it will pop pop up there and I have been. Court court so. And they're here in inner city. I don't know why. I group with tiger at 10. In the air getting out and it goes. Probably. I like OK. Yeah 31. Like that but I think it could bring your game it's not. Thank you Jeff Don was a month at a pub and tiger the win by ten let's check traffic right now at 724 and WWL. 728. I'm Bob that Jordan. We're just chill out today this the state after thank Jimmie did you have a good Thanksgiving yesterday. I was really interest in yesterday morning I think it was justly more and more maybe maybe the day before. We were talking about. Different ways to have vote. Turkey and Turkey dressing in the end or just different kinds addressing. Oyster dressing and I was looking for the most looked on usual type of dressing that the people prepared. And this one person folder than. I don't know if it was a joke or not that good that seemed to be that afterwards over on the team that I really fall for that. A guy says he stuffed. His Turkey with a white castle hamburgers. I said. The opponent lightly over eight and that's then then you start at the thinking about it. What is in a white castle hamburger. Mainly nothing but bread and the idea is that much bread and that a little thin piece of meat so it. Up uptick all right and onions so if you if you if you break all that down. And what Tom addressing what a beef if you used beef. Bradley. And pick rule salt and pepper made bill toll is. Might not be that bad alright before we before we go to David Blake. A staunch Israel in a long day yesterday let's let's do it together will lose seven flurries. Off. Met him when we come back after the news or wanna start giving your phone calls at 26 year old 187 did you have a on good those Thanksgiving yesterday are you one of these crazy. Black Friday shoppers and if you have an eight stories you'll share was about. Black Friday shopping. Feel free to do so 2601878. Now it's stubborn David Blake in the morning news on WWL radio my Furman dot com seven does 39 note today of course the Black Friday of people around doing a I guess a whole lot of Christmas shopping so wanna start asking this question have you started putting up your Christmas go to race Georgia. What I'm always got no nothing else can involve known and there aren't enough I think the races going up the swing. Used to deliver trade. Haven't and we've had a little one. Does a little like a token tree. Highlight that phrase a token I'm a documentary on. That's OK it's got some ornaments lights and the thing about going through all the big stuff yeah we stop putting up the tree probably about to two years ago maybe three. And we have a little. Well artificial tree there are so open the attic and I don't take it shake it off and it's. Sharp political or able to get away don't we don't have kids in the house while that's that's the part yeah I mean you know everybody's grown up now and when it comes to Christmas morning. You know kids we'll be at at their own house and and and waking up book percent of Manila. Come over and up pops and Israelis Alison no. That until later in the day so we finally decided but my wife puts we put a reef long look on the door up. Lights around the group are optional depends on what the week. Get around to before Christmas if he feel again on its stock debut off the software is still c'mon let live as well now I am. Reply I tried. I tried one time laying on the sofa giving my wife directions to hang the lights that did not work out no no way ya that's truth. That does not work of so are you. But so many what can take some phone calls on on people who are already putting up their decorations. And do you. I personally do not like the five. This foray as in the department stores and other places. They start advertising Christmas so much earlier than we used to every year it's earlier and is like you know you even on the grocery store you're running on why. Right and we you know and I'm trying to get past Halloween candy and and I got the Christmas stuff in no one look when you're not aware and rock and roll radio you do start playing. On Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day there's little bit the first day. You would have played a Christmas solved now it's already on May either start playing with the pay is nothing soft. At many. May you walk around music Christmas decorations. And you hear have a holly jolly Christmas no one I wanna have a holly jolly Christmas night not not down. Well played today are you all right our phone numbers 260187. Industry indeed days. After Thanksgiving a lot of people. Are taking it easy a lot of people are not words not a whole bunch of cars on the road so if you wanna call in a lot of. Are you try to Colin and at different times during the weekend it's just so difficult to get through. This would be your morning could be a first time caller. 260187. If you started putting up your Christmas decorations and if not. When do you start do you like an artificial tree. Or call a real treat and speaking of artificial trees anyone still have one little hole. So over trees looked at what the caller oh wheeled dud do you put that up. And do you think. That we'd just start as a society. Are just more of a business society do we start promoting Christmas to assume. 260187. We'll take a break. And then will come right back on WW well are you blame Black Friday shoppers seven 46 what's the what's the best bargain was the best Black Friday bargain that you do you ever scored. And have you started putting up your Christmas decorations jet plus do you think stores will start promoting Christmas too soon. The main goodness gracious I mean it is used to start to actually today. Well bush forest. A plane crucial fusion and things like that do you think that. Those stores start promoting Christmas sales too soon if you call me at 260. One day somebody let's go to a Ron Ron thank you for calling WWL morning Jim and a good Thanksgiving yesterday. Yeah. I ever to have good they built in that game oil we are very giving Bluetooth G. And Turkey. It is. It is. There YouTube and you know look at. Public make a comment that it alone this year by holidays a must read the family. Have a great trip and I put him light up now. Beginning of them are you know but at some more to do. Purely Oprah Christians don't buy outs at some point out that you wouldn't really small very you know. Right do you think the the stores start promoting. Christmas sales too soon. Alia I'd do outward bookstore. We talked about stop on. Burglary rarely seen. I actually think he's got you out there earlier and my mind bought I'll tell me we've really ails. At least now we. Well you know years ago many many years ago Bob stores will have a Christmas in July sale and was almost. There's almost overcome almost a tongue in cheek then well where you know we don't have fun at Christmas in July now. They have Christmas in July and and it continues to go live growth but I made a wreck it did it just seems to me that every year it to its earlier. Early earlier your. I want to. We. 88 proved to. Like two. Yeah. Why it on the crew do have a sure and ample and. All right Ron thank you opt nothing and so it yesterday of course was what was a day of crude. What I did think about a dish. That I hope to be able to eat Sunday. And maybe maybe some of you have on the best way to cook this a thought of maybe. Using this particularly in May be gumbo. Whom it may be a rose to smoke it but I know worth on I need some thoughts. On what is the best way to cook ram. I think it like to have may be some ram. Gumbo Sunday afternoon so anyone have any thoughts on some. Good ways to cope ram. You can call me at 2601 late Sunday let me. Let me read a text here we still put up the silver tree with the colored lights. That is the only trade that I draw what I'm 64 years old. The thing that I remember about the so we're trees more than than anything and I'm not sure if they even still call them up and I'll I remember what when I was growing up. If you had a glass a big glass window in front of the house who was caught a picture window. And we had it not neighborhood was someone who had bullies so we're trees with the color wheel they would they would put it on a table and to show you. How dull and boring my life washed correctly we would spend. Maybe 1520. Minutes standing there on the sidewalk watching the tree and watching the colors and says. Isn't this just incredible its go to a let's go to Troy. I try. Hi. They're sorted on oh stores important now. Gerson deckers Germans right before tomorrow and yes feel like its way to were really want to. What time you put yourself. I don't put mine up until after Thanksgiving and Williams certain surgery until at least December urged. Via that you do find that at every year it seems a start sooners well. Again enemies today easily thing about. Stores are doing it just to make them more money. Give an up and here's what I saw an affluent and every year I'll be shopping. And a turnaround so I might goodness we'll there's senate closet already have the Christmas decorations up here. Merrill now. Are drywall but I need some help or folks are digital the best way to Coke. A ram I'm thinking of ram dumbo for Sunday afternoon right now it's a 752. Not Terrell may have an answer that question noble will do traffic right now seven justified Dick Shelby was even just a second loving it colorful a couple of these a text messages. But clinical parameters touchdown touchdown touchdown best political to ramp. Run over run over run over a paso around passing around test and around. And then split it on the amount does that doesn't taste good anyway. Ha ha Powell like this would speaker and Kay Graham gumbo and if you make Graham gumbo. Under the notes you call it. Rambo. Let's silly. Good morning but why would a ram Bob what don't moles. Nevermind. All of city. Under old school on the ram stop him. From running then roast him a hole for an open fire go saves let's go let's go to Dick Dick how warrior. Dick does that do. You. All right so Paul you said Dave enjoying the control board and screen the calls as a mile long time front for a a long. Time says you have the intern conical program. Well yeah court. You all the radio rock. What is done Heathrow Graham and he still rocks. Okay. Beat the rocks or does the launched a tender. As you know a lot more generous federal mine. Our right. To do a long time to come up looked us. Bottomed out at. I thought our height what hole cut. I have I have to go all right where we're all its as a 757. Now lob. Dodger talk to talk about this. At Dave's a base of father. He was the doctor. He would have had the answer on how to cook the rams have lower remote with garlic he was a bit Dave's dad was just one of these. Excellent. Smart physicians. Who fought who fought to be Yond what it said in an in the books and he was he was just magnificent. And the EG in London that. The people gonna teased him about but as time went on he was right. But he would he would carry a hand beyond garlic you would it would it he would carry a garlic in his. In his pocket brought garlic and he would if you haven't told O'Sullivan here. Take this you know and it and it was really you know people flowed Mandel looked upon or give me a pizza garlic. But it really was he knew he was sold for. Ahead of time than I thought I thought about him and he would say put the ram and a pot and him throw a couple handfuls of garlic didn't. Cooked until it can't move anymore. I'm all right Dave but that's. OK let's say I think I have all our time to read in a hole ultimately will be reload this thing. Okay. Rambled for a decade. Ram is better stuff of garlic and rose to look out. From the hereafter. Try your ram all make rammed Chile. And our opponent on a spaghetti all right just six year old all one late seventy and I don't want to hear from from you want all of the on the subject about Christmas. Do we start Christmas preparations forest sales and decorations too soon and every year I mean before long it's going to be 365. Days a year. 2601870. Called leader of the news and they want to just shut setup to come on the air would be right after the top of the hour news. I'm Bob Mitchell I hope you have a great Thanksgiving yesterday. And just tell a chill up and take it easy today and if you're getting ready to do your Black Friday shopping. Let me know bonnet and let me know what you're looking for what's the number one. Black Friday item you're trying to find today.