Final Hours Before Mardi Gras

It's the last few hours before Mardi Gras and we talk about some of the crazier stories from past Mardi Gras. Plus, we continue our education of the Winter Olympic sports.


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And welcome back to the program our three here bottle on the garage. Everybody's at a very safe. Wonder on nights and a very fun one also set Dunlap. And our studio producer Tim Zimmer along sad got a good final hour of the program for if we're gonna talk a little Mardi Gras. Talk about our plans tomorrow for Mardi Gras day your techs coming in. Right now our own bathroom as some of the things you've done previously. Some of you or some of the major upset about. It's here and just second and also taking your calls the Bible for 260. 1870. Bible for 2601870. A little later in the hour actually next segment's if you missed last week is that salute must listen there it was on our station. Coach at or around called in and he talked to Deuce McAllister and Deke Bellavia we had. And really in incredible matter less for us to play and it beautiful art show. And tonight we will do that here in just about eight minutes or so and then later in the hour what. In April it's Russel maybe you wrestle mania 34. Comes back to the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I'm super excited I will be out there every event for WWL. I have never been through eight WW he or major wrestling event first one. I'm super excited and I had a chance to sit down with the legendary Jimmy Hart. The wrestling legends the manager. Obviously was part of the Andy Kaufman. Shenanigans back in the seventies had a chance to down and talk to him replace and it read for a little bit later this hour. And Tim so I'm curious I don't wanna say the city's name. But are you familiar with a certain city from Alabama and apparently has the Mardi Gras beat. With New Orleans and apparently as has happened this year from a talk about. Yeah I've been there to a few times throughout the Senior Bowl actually. Yes OK now the cat's out of that you know it is a this hole so. If anybody here importance and if you're out of the area there with respect them for you laugh but. To say Mobile, Alabama. Has been on a some kind of weird. Public relations stunts PR stunt the last couple weeks. To get headlines around Marty and they've done it's. By their public officials including their mayor taking shot after shot. After shot at the city of new moralists. Who dropped from mean it was last week when they gave quote unquote permission. For New Orleans to hold Marty singer there's more authentic but there's it's better. On in the as the mayor proclaiming this. During a live press conference. It's greens. Again is eight PR stunt to me of each city and Iowa being mobile I really do idol of year for this one. Let it's Koreans live a PR stunt that. They'd just needed to get in the news a little that are on Mardi Gras because it's the city in oral ones used programs all the headlines wanted to piggyback off us a little bit. Might mean a little bit of the Ella famous basketball spamming the ball family. And along snowball what he does to get in the headlines it is on in the headline it kind of reits to that of need. And they were back in the news today in mobile taken more shots the New Orleans. Where it leads to call ourselves. Marty I have a solution that that. Timmy got the list. Yeah so that we can handle Montego built this Alabama and and non mobile they'll handle college football. That's obviously the kings because the ball over that way grab them right now they are sorry LSU fans got to say. Alabama's thinking because footballer and now the king mark. Come on what is this and I pitched it if you're from mobile and I love the people leave out of their multiple times obviously. Not just covering events but also taking vacations out that way. So this is nothing personally it's the city of mobile but it matters going nuts right now what's going on there idiot from will be all like to hear me 50426 though. One. Megan Texas City 7870. Somebody on the text plans asking for a number well I just gave it to you there. Via mobile gone wild here would you go out to Mardi Gras and mobilcom. I would note to do that I feel like I did in trouble for something if I I went the wrong place drank the wrong thing on and public at the lake. There's too many things I would be afraid of doing in mobile that I could do Orleans affiliate. Here's the text in the 504 mobile may have had the first Mardi Gras but they don't respect Mardi Gras in New Orleans the whole metro areas off work. I'm from New Orleans and currently live in mobile I'm working tomorrow and I'm not retail. Bible where my. Pro smarting rusher in protest. Mobile parades barely fill up their twelve. Floats parades it's really pathetic of Michael pathetic what will build smaller city I can go that far looked at Margaret I'm not. I'm not bashing it just for heavenly smaller Marty guys compared to New Orleans nobody here was in the United States New Orleans. And Rio they do pretty big downer Brazil bit. I'm bashing these cities who have Mardi Gras festivities that are smarter now offices across town across Louisiana did it. Or she or two but all the areas do a lot of that we hear it out and Lafayette back roofs were off on dashed out of its smaller than New Orleans but there's no need. To take major shots that the city of New Orleans here and I guess this is probably my guess is. It's Mary it's just an Alabama Crimson Tide fan does like he'll use statesman shots. Al lead is it that's fine. I think we're comfortable. That our market rise better than yours manner of mobile. What's acts of what they attempt. OK let's kill let's go to the phone lines here it's some stolen I hear my screens down so rich from New Orleans rich you're on WW audio ahead what's up. The talk. Yeah Alison. OK so here's the deal Marty girl in mobile. I mean it really. You know because there he would convert you were seeing it and we have it goes there one day here. It was clean. Pollard is light year is year occurring there you work when. Not a pop open either circumstance and everything you know then. They gave her name implies that a cool thing to do right. That's fun. That's over here they don't meet that need to give New Orleans permission dep Mardi Gras they don't do it that well. Oh now on. Not like that idea that you European market thing you know me a little. Unit. What do you do not want them. Now I appreciate the call that's exactly what it was. And I debated talking about that and not as advocates wondered our have a functional thought about it but that's that's exactly what this was the temerity to get his city and his name. In the spotlight they wanted to generate more Mardi Gras terrorism probably for the people could come in Orleans and maybe a little closer mobile. It gets an equal with these new publicity but you made a little bit of a fully yourself there mammals. We'll take a quick break here when we come back we will have that interview with coach and Porsche are on four and stuff that LAPD. And this is double coverage. On WW. And welcome back to the program thanks again to deep and deuce for that interview. And a lot of requests of well on our show I know it's been re played. Once on sports stocks but that was a little. Well Mardi Gras presence. To I mean you. For the Mardi Gras day so that's our audience and I getting its next year from the united five please you guys to stop playing that or for an interview it was a joke. All the induced it was softball cream puff questions or you're on local sports media love standard ones like or try and Alvin Gentry. Commodities and he'll stop functional ones and radio land. First I am actually very surprised nanny five I've seen this number four I know you listen to our program. You you've got to be so do you think that Christian Derek model co host and I have softball BO shoe program. Or coach Hoosier on the last week or so what we've discussed is recruiting his ordeal with Matt Canada the state of the program. Messes not that that's not you've seen. Forthright with your tax or fair with your sex because if anything I think we've got more push back from the Ellis you diehards who stated we've been too hard on coach DO. And the program and I think that takes me when I get text from both sides like that. Mean not that that Tenet tells me that we're doing our jobs straight here. And played pretty fair that's what we strive to be here on this program especially talked about that is subjective and especially Alvin Gentry and come on you don't think the Christian and I. Had been extremely critical of Alvin Gentry. And the direction of the once pelicans. Franchise. Then. Again I know Youkilis in the 95 for but he also updated and that's just not being forthright fair also we have been. I have been extremely critical of that organization. Really since the offseason when and I just thought that they didn't put enough pieces in place. Especially off the bench make this roster deep enough to really make an impact in the Western Conference and I just wasn't sold on this being aimed make. The playoffs to make any successful season type the year for the pelicans. As thought that was kind of be Franca of I was kind of a joke because when you have to. Be fifteen or so best players in the NBA and the markets because meant to be Davis your bar should be settled higher than paid to sneak on at the playoffs. Hands. To be fair they were trending in the right direction before but he doesn't injury. Dead took him out the rest of the season. They look like they're one of the four best teams in the Western Conference which. I think would have been a successful season they get that seed David went a playoff series it for the conference semi finals. That's the kind of season and I wanted to see from this pelicans team that. Now we've seen now you know the daily back and forth our program we have on pelicans guesses just watched in the standings and saying hey can this team sneak into the playoffs. Like that's the goal now. I mean maybe it is. Maybe I'm being unfair. After the cousins injury that may wish to lower the bar and a successful season would be just to salvage it. Given get a playoff series. Get a couple games here in New Orleans for the home crowd in the playoffs against the defending world champs affiliates he would likely be. Against the warriors maybe that is the bar. But. To say that that we had WWL. Have not been fair or forthright. Through these coaches or being too much power system that is something it's fair. Let's go ahead take an early break here when we come back we'll have a little Winter Olympics look as that's going on live tonight's over the Yung Chang and a little later we will have an interview with the WWB legend Jimmie arts. I'm Seth Dunlap alongside Tim Zimmer and mrs. double coverage on the VW. Welcome back to the program. Wrap it up here model on the ground night we're gonna have the interview with Jimmy Hart for you here in just a couple of moments are pretty modest opinion poll tonight's. But LSU baseball their season starts later this week a new campaign under coach pulmonary after a world cultural sees runner up. Finish last year. Well LSU baseball make it back to the college World Series this season mats are pretty monster in people you can log onto WWL dot com. To cast your votes. Q what's it going to be the first to know about all the weather conditions that are out there for tomorrow. For Mardi Gras day. And traffic alerts actually bolt you can text those were either weather or traffic. 287870. And you can sign up now for those or work spewed personnel about the changing weather conditions and parade plans. Again text the word whether it's 7870 prospects who were news. 87870. Messes data rates may apply but the on this program that's only on charges you for text messages with most plants to worry about that. Also do you have an Amazon echoed a free publicity WW all free anytime you want it to say Alexa played WW well. Alexa automatically find our station on tune in and start treatment for it. But if you have a -- home instead no worries just say oh big will play WWL. Radio has an all time record audience that is completely through it really is and now it's easy breezy Melissa home when you with your family. Hang out with our family. And tune in to WWL. Also Ellis who tiger base voters talking about that kicks off this week with a huge series against Notre Dame in the fighting Irish over out. Spock stadium over in Baton Rouge Egypt catch all the action here at WWO game one Friday. Which pregame at 6:31 it's 7 o'clock game two Saturday. 1 o'clock pregame 1230 inning game three it's an early one on Sunday pregame 1030 campers it's 11 AM. Lavelle issue we got chip tiger baseball right here. On WW all the home. All LS view sports that's an even paying attention to the LSU basketball program. Yeah so they got to win over Ole miss this on past Saturday and actually after that win out coach Kennedy for Ole miss rebels he's decided to step down. App for twelve or thirteen seasons with the red Ole miss that's pretty pretty big news for Ole miss and also big news row super in the wind so. I mean there I'd wanna say what do they six and seven now on this is so much that. Yeah and look jealousy twenty well sixteen point win over old myths. And cause the coach and firing like you just said their coach Kennedy's been their along time. And Ole miss and now tomorrow big you'll play Alabama surging Crimson Tide program. And it was that she will weigh in an interview earlier today he said that when he was Watson the B Alabama film last night. Except turn off. Don't pet the comeback because he said it was the best film he had seen from any team. All season along. Alabama not just in the down on the grand exit down hardwood. This year's walk. I tell yet this SEC conference I'm sorry to change my mind this year about the strength this conference seventh on the for most the year I thought that it was. But overrated soft somebody surging programs Tennessee Alabama obviously Kentucky was still hang around in the top five texts and amp. But a proposal would have brought appear to be a funny each other. And didn't have the staying staying straight especially when he gets the NCAA tournament time. I'm sort of come off that I think Tennessee I think Auburn especially. Have pieces to make some noise in the NCAA tournament if the ball out of their weight if they can stay hot shooting the basketball we you know Kentucky they've done in the past when they struggle early and mid season retarded on about conference tournament time. And they make deep deep run under coach cal now they're coming off. Beer first three game losing streak since coach cal has taken over that program. It's a little deeper struggles memories to them. But there there's no doubt this is the deepest now basketball conference in the country from top to bond is absolutely is. I'm starting to come around that we're gonna see multiple SEC teams in the sweet sixteen I just think when you're gonna throw. 67 programs in the NCAA tournament maybe even eight. That increases your odds obviously getting multiple teams in the sweet sixteen when a stable while some new ones talking about. 345. I could see that happen. I do I just think that the college basketball as a whole this year. And Agassi it's Allen is idol like that word I do think it's there's more parity and some of the traditional powers. To. Like Kentucky. Like Kansas our struggle a little bit so that opens the door some of these other programs. They Villanova Virginia. Michigan State in zag all played exceptional basketball so you've got those ideas here two hours. Still hanging around and making a lot of noise. But I'm excited I really am I'm excited to watch the SEC conference tournament play out here a few weeks. Excited see what they do in the antsy electorate like this that is it went over the next couple weeks it's. I have some news Oreo on the college basketball hoops fans recovered. The NCAA tournament like nobody else and come radio. Announcement about for the darn soon. Also covered in April to the city of New Orleans after March Madness. To wrestle mania wrestle mania 34 will be over the Mercedes-Benz superdome on Sunday. April 8. I think it's going to be a fantastic and it's been here before it returns. And it WW in wrestling and you know this dame Jimmy Hart. The legendary manager and every day unique personality the mouth of the south. It was my pleasure. It's a little bit ago to sit down with Jimmy Hart one on one. In our back studio and here's that interview. Now though is that look you know prop bets may record path that's weak and it's no wonder. That thinks that him for that. And thanks to the math of this out in note to sit down even in my brief time there. With with Jimmy Hart a bullet for the ball he looks incredibly. Good guys that can we use actually seventies. Found that out. But he is just as. Gregarious. And talkative and funny off the Mike is the news Evian with the ought. It's every wrestling got a you're always in the these I arrested a grassland that. Rollins and these. You know beat sports that you oh just fine NASCAR. Stuff rates though aren't where you're also a Russell. Yeah it was a big wrestling fan in the early nineties when van Brett Hart they had a hacksaw Jim Duggan. Those big big wrestlers also almond joy when uncle Steve also of the of that is here with a rock. And Vince McMahon that big Arum Breslin and W Rhode AB CW I like I was also that that part of wrestling on doing those days that. Written recently have really got into it lately but I am I saw one episode of the 25 reunion our anniversary of raw and at the that was pretty funny and pretty pretty good pretty good understand. Yeah and you'll see Jimmy Hart and the rest of the WWE stars in April estimated 34 over. At the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome. Breaking news about an hour or so ago involving the Winter Olympics then I'll tell you on the flip side of this break. The United States may be forced to remove the statue of liberty. From. There face masks of their goalies on the guys the Olympic Committee says that might be necessary we'll tell you what happened and why. It's breaking news story on faults would do that next here so Dunlap on double covered on the beat up. Welcome back graph and a per program for the week out we told you as we left to break there that are breaking story about an hour or so ago. And close to two hours now was that the IOC. The Olympic Organizing Committee who obviously heads the Olympics and as the governing body of the Olympics. Has told the US women's hockey team that their goalies may have to remove the statue of liberty image from there masks. And the reason is because. The statue of liberty may be seen. As a political symbol and any political symbols advertising the such. Are not allowed heard the IOC. Guidelines regarding. On authorize or authorized identification the rule states quote. No item may feature the wording or lyrics from national anthems motivational words public slash political messaging or slogans related to national. Identity and quote. Now the goalie for the Olympics women's team Nicole Hensley. And Alex rates V have been wearing masks that have the statue levity image that leaked. I hands les mask has the image on its laughs out of her mask rigs bees is on her Chan. And neither goalie played. Now in the 31 win against Finland as many Rooney was the starter blood the IOC is still looking at it. And Fisher said the situation should be resolved before Tuesday's game against Russia which will be early morning. About 6. And that this morning on Marty good day here the US women's Olympic hockey team in the suit. Two and oh let's have a tough match. That's tough game if Russia. Sept elections ever rap and stuff up here here's text about marker off from the nanny five pace after you think the streets are safe with that tag team. Tommy Tucker and Kristian garic armed with an open Mike I have sore tabs but lots from rolling. That's from Joey and pearl river Joey at the streets are safe. But I'm not sure. Tommy in Christian will be safe I don't know with some of their tactics and speaking of Tommy and Christian. Tomorrow's Fat Tuesday party with the crew WWL. We'll bring you home the Mardi Gras mambo law coverage of the greatest free show on earth are WWL Mardi Gras coverage starts at 5 AM or carnival preview what is known for a quarter on the Orleans. And then at 8 o'clock in doing Tommy Tucker anchors and Garrett live for the best seats. At the party from the Bessie departing belliard hall with all the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras. The marching clubs bands monetize a different city buzzards and Zulu. And at 11 AM. Martyr a model continues with Tom Fitzmorris and Angela hill for more Zulu wrecks and Mary Landers toast of the kings and queens. A bull threatens to loop and then at 2 o'clock its roots Mardi Gras mambo read you read in caller texts or FaceBook the best and worst. Of this Mardi Gras season. When did you love what makes you crazy and the amazing Mardi Gras stories through its want to hear about it until six tomorrow it's two to six suits. Mark your our review that is thirteen hours of wall to wall coverage starting at 5 AM Andy at 6 PM brought to you by strip. A spray it with its central with Sprint's unlimited data talk and text. I'm WW well. That's good for our program on this one rotten night's happy lender a happy Mardi Gras everybody be safe tonight. Be safe tomorrow big banks to him Zimmer. Thanks to our program director Diane Newman our assistant program director not Manassas for helping put together. This program and show and also thanks to our guests Will Johnson covers osu baseball for the advocate. And Mason Ginsburg suburban street shot coach Ed or drawn. Of ALC football program coach pulmonary you know she baseball and Jimmy hearts fortunes ever. I and Seth Dunlap intent actually of usually I introduce the moment as that but tonight's what do you produce the most president of the Arctic. Yeah earlier tonight bill zoo looking for in Washington arrived at the riverfront in WW LTV spoke with him. Hum about his also Monica day and on the today's X activities the riverfront so here's that audio.