Faux Meal

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Thursday, September 21st

A new emerging diet is fake eating. 


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What wrong with people man this story actually may have some application here in the city of New Orleans right now are really apparently there's a new. Emerging. Diet that helps you lose weight and help the hungry at the same time. By fake eating. Hey. Ron the something. Carl are you sure about that Susan you can't drink the water in New Orleans and you can't use it to make anything unless you boil it may be should have a stake bail pretended drank some water pretend eat some food one of my talking about well listen to this report from KO VE RTV. Temptations are all around us and dieting oftentimes doesn't work but what is your next meal with an imaginary one. I imagine reveal so think Golan pay me you were to enjoy it very hot brand. And moved trying to smell it may actually imagine taking in nice but simplifies the film content and have home all right. Go talk before the founder of Roseville based nonprofit is hoping to get folks and try this imaginary diet. Just one meal a week you need to true live food to move. Hulu it. Of course say it's important to focus and spend at least seven to ten minutes former Rosa mayor Jim Gray has tried that concept on his favorite meal of the day breakfast. I imagine they pour milk on you know nice imaginary cold milk and that I imagine picking up the spoon you begin to feel. That experience first cup one time uses fighting at home. Men say the concept of visualization is a new professional athletes use it to prepare as David tricking up the brain is similar to the placebo effect. I don't think it's any different then. In a drug trial. To where some people are taken a real drug and some people are taking a placebo. Nobody knows who's taken what. But the effects could be the same for both alone. I'm real purpose behind this isn't just a lower calorie intake it's to get people to donate that money they would have spent on the imaginary meal to a charity dealing with hunger all right so these people are closing their eyes are carried out there are picking up a fake utensil. Or a fake glass or a fake. Hamburger fake peace Uruguay and sanctioning and Darren closing their eyes they're putting in an arm out there chewing it for several seconds of their swallowing their imaginary foods and use their imaginary at least hollering following even dipping into an enterprise that day and they can't have import that milk during this. Wrong and Paul can you imagine seeing us. People crying everywhere you go and restaurants is sitting in their kitchens pretending to eat. Emil but not really eating it. And the white just pours Austria next season and I doubt if you're starving yourself a I just think if you deuce validate because you imagine this food so effectively and then your stomach is gonna start producing acids in your stomach full of acid. And you but no food attitudes of I don't. Hey eating even if you got that if you got through the whole thing you probably bully twice as much that acts today yeah ours Australia young hungry eight putts just aren't. You are hungry mutual piece of gum. Mika you know idea that it makes you hungry and had actually putting everything your stomach. Gary. Did you have an imaginary meal yeah I did art is having. Kind of a warm cinnamon bun and icing on the song on little water on top do. And ice snow and butter you're. And it'd youthful you are feeling now see she now. In the I don't mind. I don't know I don't understand I don't debate I just think he heated. It's given me I'm just gonna skip and I'm not giving us think about it Mike you know out of skip a month today's I don't have the galleries. I get the part about paying the money would've spent on a donate to you know how has the hunger or the wrong but I just don't see this catching that at this. Wow think he's eating. What is wrong with Bebo blanket day tournament the state Keating story one person just text the some board she calls. Nother person Texas and its seventieth and as is I'm gonna start. They speak heating rescue her ex will serve people any big meal they want the overhead will be so low I should make a lot of money but at that. While we duke they are real check for a fake me hope will document. When president X rated 787 aces I'm gonna go imagine. And nice cold glass of tap a hundred her with and tying it into the boil water advisory which continues by the way hopefully in the next few hours subliminal what is left of that once they get test results back. From across the city another present access today's seventy case have and he. Says. Fake getting sounds like fake intelligence. Those as a fake male what a lot of crap about anyone vexing us today 7870. Who thinks this fake eating diet is gonna Ted conference. But it is funny to watch to be what their eyes closed pretending to eat food and unions conflict its stake eating.