Father's Day Thoughts

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Don and Keith Lusher talk Father's Day


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And this morning which owned by larger you hear him on the North Shore efficient report also look at his web site at most fuel efficient report dot com. And Keith will be on with. The biofuel wind billion out of Jonas next week that fish talk we talk about bit ago. On the fitness which is a scary thing also gonna talk more about the reds snapped at that anymore talk about Joseph. Amid Indian it was kind of funny talking about coming down here in which she got the email she wanted no clue clinical to cover here. Koran I told you know I think that was so. You can accurately it was accurate she didn't quite yet. Unfortunately which will be with us next week two union also was still taking text messages that they 7871. As questions. Chat with the styles in all ways you all what you got along this Saturday morning and celebrate Father's Day outing celebrated. You take that finished. You give dad the day off and sent him on his own you know like me got it the father of the waters. How is your Father's Day in amusement. Well it's it's pretty much going to be what I make of it and and I I find that you know taken all of the girls out fission is actually. It it creates. My own precedent you know you think it's work you think it's bringing them but then you just get caught up in the in the you know every day were were. We're on the east we ought to do this clean your room in them. Go to bed on time on this that the real the real world that you bring them out fish and and suddenly everything changes mean you you're all keyed in just catching that fish any take you away from that. And as an adult as we grow up we understand that they we are making memories was inactive and that's the best Father's Day you know that's that's the best thing you can. Yeah its interest and you bring up that it's actually gift to be able to be the one taken them and you think it would be the other way around but isn't. I know my daughter's finished with these youngsters. Three of them one really likes that another particularly in the other and really not interested in it but in its ultimate you can do forever. You know you can't you know play ball in this disparity things at daughters and that really shared interest in. Indian fishing can be that they want even money it ties together. Do it that rescue. So happy Father's Day and all of you dads out there again if you wanna drop this low notes 87870. OK to talk about this red snapper season a lot of people confuse. What has happened is Louisiana in the four of the gulf states. All gonna have an extra 39 days you know they gave us that ridiculously read this short seething three day season in federal waters. Which I waters in Louisiana's from approximately nine miles out to 200 miles. And that's where the snapper all we've got some in state waters if you can get to the war room with a short distance that's pretty much off the mountain river. The rest of the coast there are few and state wanted to put most of that takes place in federal waters. So they got together and the US Department of Commerce in the gulf states including Louisiana have agreed that between. Yesterday at two days ago actually brought yesterday. September the fourth you'll be able to fish and keep red snapper in federal waters by fishing every Friday Saturday and Sunday. Through September the fourth. And they also threw in a couple of holidays Monday Tuesday July 3 and forth another holiday on September the fourth which will be Labor Day. So this is good news if you like to fish red snapper. That it was good but you gotta do it on the weekend in what it was they sent out if you got one this a survey asking what your preference was. And that was several choices in this one they chose although I don't think that was the one that most people wanted. Right correct don't like at the weekend thing but it's this it's a step in the right direction to open up. Get back the red snapper fish and it seems like. The three days it's almost what the what's the point you know we've lost a lot of guys out there. And I think that this is one step in in the right direction now think they're gonna stop buying for more days I would love to see it just that. An open season we you know forget about the weekends but this is good this is this is a good thing. Maybe we can lay off the subject for a little while until and do we try push for more you know more days. Well we'll talk a whole lot more about it next week alone on his talk. You know we touch on the pilot program when they wanna give the twenty. Quote. This fine and I don't dollars and that's a lot of opposition to that in the way it was done when they. Didn't really pull the public is even go to the commission's the appointment just did was wrong and everybody in the give a lot of backlash. But that's a lot more to goal was snapper and there's no. Shortage of information again discussion about race. You wanna call the show Obama way it's Bible which 2606368. You can calls taxes. It's 87870. We take comments questions or just. Good morning to what you don't. Don I'm curious. Summertime covenant he'd come in and curious we get a lot of of questions about keeping alive a line in having tips for us well it. The biggest hip pocket and it is to make sure takes a little water coming out of you know you put water with chlorine in Nazi people you know they they open water on the home or whatever it. Different pitches in the shock in a little salute him in Uganda which and its. It's always best use of that water lines well. If you if you use that the mom and you know you can keep it cool you know quality get real hot. Make sure that that generation systems and keep those bubbles Golden Eagles troops dateline because you painful but it makes a difference absolutely not. On it but they bring me on me but to clear up put some water at the night before freeze it. And put in there now it might seem like wallets that's going to be a drastic temperature change. But if you get that temperature to where it's not cold then it's good going cold windy it almost puts the shrimp in the lethargic state. They don't die they just stay alive. You put more on this trip cast tonight you can actually feel them coming back to the life in the war and now I've I've done this for the last five years and that's where no aeration. Straight. Ice chest. But it's got to hand that. Frozen water are now separated. It that the frozen water can't melt into that the salty water got to be inside the bottle. But on that's that's been working for me and lose one or two trip I mean you could tell in the dining it cloudy but the ones that meant stale on their clear and works for me. That's a great tip you know it was strangers out in that there are we talking earlier on the other show with captain Kirk and unfortunately said they don't even have live tripled them because one is too fresh to keep them in the tanks. But over there when you buy lingerie and you don't buy them by each. Hear you say get me out of line Trent polygamy 150 lot room over there they sell the war. And amazingly. It almost works out to the same thing. But it's so much more so much easier on the big deal because they'll have to sit there 12370. And lose count. They just get a court. We'll dump a bit and talk to you people put one. Makes much sense it really does that elevate a lot of bait bait places around here might take note because I was that island marina. Dave Stewart as a sign over there I am I know how to count. I'm counting your trip but don't talk to me well and counting have seen those signs out there. Reid is a very busy that is comfortable looking right over there they scoop debate on. We ought to marinas tank can put it in the pockets and you know it's is it tedious job countless shrimp well put me in the ambit. It just makes more sense to me solemn one but you know to each so. I wouldn't take a break it would come back keep the long talk about this case grows so keen dial office wow what a threat to Louisiana's coast of what's being done by the LSU accident department wildlife and fisheries to try to stem the spread of that stuff is it is. It's like a science fiction story we have so many cases. Of invasive species of plants and wildlife and animal come in Louisiana. And in Oklahoma middle age they like it here causes problems. We'll talk about that if you like to talk to us about it with us. 5042606368. We also have a text message board of writing you. To our broadcast center and Sweetwater marina and that is an 878 cent will be right back yet it is.