Fans & The Pro W/ Larry Fitzgerald Sr

Kristian & Deuce talk with Larry Fitzgerald Sr about the upcoming NFC championship game.


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I want back phase of the program. Talked to. Larry FitzGerald senior covering the vikings for the Minnesota spokesman recorder. Vikings and it's an Eagles Sunday in the NFC title game he's on right now Larry how aria. Good you may you may get this thing gonna sue them again can do against Minnesota team that. In another room without Carson whence they can still as you saw last week still get it done. Who. Larry what. Well look what would it was a bit like this weekend and in Minneapolis with the a Minneapolis miracle taken place and here they are with. Which case Tina men and on the doorstep of a symbol. Your lawyer glow there. There's a human euphoria. It was true. This is the year. It's gonna happen. Super Bowl in two weeks. And the fourteen left we've been talking year. Embassy has given us hope all year. And a finish like that. Makes you feel like it's truly going to happen so you know minnesotans. Or five and well at Chechnya should check in you being going back in nineteen chimneys so. Probably reserve corps program. And you. You know what happened in 1987. Story burnt their approach and decorum recklessly Grossman then you jumped from. 1987. In the 1990 would be Jermaine Cunningham of 2000 with optical proper. And 2009. With the saints and of course you know demand. That Brooke are so it enough. It's still a long time but this football team this community state. They are conscious celebrating the chance to. It possible if you took. Larry when you look at that match would feel you wouldn't what do you see. Some may be some problem areas or concerns for a vikings team. What indecency so we would be impossible. And they showed some signs of being that count decent against the saints although they. That they had paternal were sure he'll stirring score. And then of course our aren't sure you can score in the dark you missed field goal in their cause console. You don't neutralized the game and shall be able. Just like you to him next states than that being the difference. The ball in the and once they stop the run it the wrong word on which makes you want to match. They start in the league that there were actually some others. And so world simple. You'll sleep in the middle and so physical force that's more stricter created for it Mike. When he became it actually gotten from the giants. And that sort scroll laws bones and so like these. I had more talent than the Eagles they have the play is on solid and that would be you heard as well the bird course. And it's going to be won almost didn't could be twirled a chance to keep the fourteenth game. This is off topic. Subject. What is Larry junior got to do. He is waiting on the air in accordance cheap make a decision on an exit the focal will be and I'm certain that wants. Decisions made conversation with the coach and trying to do tomorrow. On how he sees the organization. He feels about as a player and leisure. They stick because he's fourteen years in the Martin's arms you need to reached sure there are the line and is it important championship levels. Are worried. Excuse letters oh and actually see and what he. What they do it football coaches were again this symptom that you. Must carry. All the hippies and fortunate to win a championship because he's done just the other ago. So that's what he's doing so we're so they make that choose where they make that suit there are solutions so that there. You decide what you want to continue what would you be willing to move to announcing. No that's that's done he's gonna retire. If he retires there's one cardinal. I woman a question does he take you I know you can't going all the troops but when he goes around the world and you know it does an outstanding. Job of taken photos and just showing worries being have you been able to gold auto budget goes trips. I've gone on a couple of trips within but most of the time to go. Home. He likes the adventurous aspect we're going into another country and basically so penal farm and Lori morning culture. And he's done it to practical 100 countries it's crazy being so I'm not one that believes it. You know these safety. Go to another country where extradition things both the real protection that you only. Can have security and so. He's got that confidence in his mind. I'm not one that want to take those types troops were and courage and doing it and these slopes to do with these photographer Atrix is cheap tickets and reach out to these parents. Something there's no where you considered but he's got it'll be polite. Larry FitzGerald senior covering the vikings for the Minnesota spokesman recorder. Larry look I gonna be awesome getting text series 787 me. Saying while we dog until vikings reporter they're still they're still cut scorned in in sword down him I'm sure you guys of their Minnesota. Carol you've had some they've had some some meltdowns. In Minneapolis before. Well I appreciate the fans let's say in a media reported in the mind. Our run in the national programs that work report on different registration. Are all across the country in Europe except based in the that's guards that be great. I care about. And and they gave me an option Ian. And in that spirit so. By the right like nine. A little Muslims. Quarry but it you know I've with the part where the chip it should be and that's what you're out there or for couples. They hope you join this thing. Right. Yeah I know Larry out I'm saying that and then discuss the show you how much they they love this team down here in New Orleans and it is it still cannot. So got a fresh if you will let that wounds still has not healed obviously. Obviously it was so believe me my outward keyboard and walk again. That that was to see anybody that way. And size but is terrific game it's unfortunate bidding. Larry FitzGerald we appreciate a man. I you bet you sir Larry FitzGerald senior. Here on dubbing him well double coverage or she's the fans are pro David Donovan Danny O'Brien Jolie U2 fan isn't pro rolls on here on W.