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Kristian & Deuce talk with the who dat nation about next season, moving forward, QB to QB, and Tom Petty?!


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Fourth and final hour. For the final hour of the fans in the pro here on WL. Doocy Christian saddened. To hear about Tom Petty passing away. Of a I guess a medical a medicine overdose. QB Tom Petty company examine. Probably rocked a song which suited the you know I can't say that it was. Every record album. Some local years ago here at Jazz Fest meant. Did you thoughts and prayers go out to his phenomenal MN I mean it's that's a nice comment Tom Petty I don't listen my dad's my dad turn me on. Tom Petty and coming on the I I got kind of an old soul when it comes to music in. At what age was. I was high school. I was so used to it was on its. Your dad you thank you that you passes to being. He breached Nunn and how's the McKinley music mud and had pretty good I don't think there's music under his time and in general you you enrollment in now would that happen in my junior year. I thought I conquer the world applies here and I school. Until that Doocy says that until now my ATI. Noted that you don't know anything that I mean I'm in this world is changed so much in use since you were to say I'm so dumb according my eighteen year old like I had no idea what I'm talking about. At any point anyway Tom Petty passing away today. Sad news and Alou out the entire hour. Every break we're coming out with the Tom Petty are going out was Tom Petty song. Back to the phones real you can double the conversation here on the fans in the pros he still reeling from Sunday's loss to the vikings. We will talk to and also. Where would you put the saints in the pecking order of the hierarchy. Of the NFL the terms of contenders for next surely a top three top five top ten team for next season 504. 2601870. Text 870. 870 Mac and come into what's going on that you're on WWL. They doubled coral. Ellison met you don't. Do well do rooms are you doing good how you doing. Do law also. I couple comment and a couple questions all we want a little bit here. Watching the games Sunday night. Much faster than the law and Beckett the much of kids. And all about five seconds left. I had to bring kids back to their mom all walking out the door Arafat and everybody. Put indicated that it caused by the caller. And then I hear you and Jim. Going off. In I can't say well same on the radio and I forgot accused in the pac should call the thought I had to explain to them all the way home. Do their mom pals how you don't speak like daddy. I I'm a little bit about laughing Matt like I'm glad because it is funny but I give it. You know. What kind of popular color. And our slide and you play in Kabul Monday morning. And I'll watch or content over and over again and so I mean you know I'm not our. About it anymore. On what kind of shell or about an arm out of the kind of guy who OK we lost him sort of so I like to feed them so long and bush. You know watching coach simmer. Post game conference. And here in the god talk a moment so like you go weak in here in Scotland this radio show and talk and what they're talking. I'm not rude and so like I won't watch. Bledel I'm ongoing actually on the all of what my comments and then wal by course in war and all of where do you. Actually we need to yes. Hello Jose to hold on Matt. And gaze of full disclosure here because my misses Tom betting news and October. I saw us all that well I feel like a total jerk I would be clear. I don't know how I know I don't know how I miss this and oh yeah I don't know how I miss this I have no idea. But they they just released woody got Rome yeah I know and that's what are rated. And I'm so I'm still going into noses out today and instantly Christian that you're too caught open and that's that's part of it. A so my question is. Where you'd think we need to occur with free agency ordered. My personal opinion is we believed. A what are you big time Arctic we need strong. Linebacker in the draft Altman about what you think you. Kids could talk threaten at odds on that I'm that I I feel that silly. That he went about more threes don't move. At that that I had to say that yeah I mean I guess now I got a glimpses that may be how Marcus Williams its to a degree now. Now and not know not a menace that in many Oracle's you know Ramadan usually shut up for the rest of the show does that mean I minister make a fool out of myself. Glasses that I got caught up on you know honestly this like get this like gets first kind of skimming across and seeing that and read the whole report. Nancy many tests late and I told browse so entrenched with with football and I'm autonomy is Hughes I totally didn't see this contorted seventeen and did not. So my apologies to you. Could've blown up on Twitter right now is to address the comment. About. I can see the saints drafting a linebacker obviously they've they lost a few of them this year. An and head to cannot create I mean when you moved to cop. To you Sam linebacker and that that he can't do it but I think that showed that she had some concerns of that position. You lost me stoop or obviously we know you lawsuit declined Alex Angelo all. You know and those are just guys that were expected to Amanda position early on and so. You EEE traded away Stephon Anthony got it had. High aspirations didn't work out. You can see them taken allowed back at that position you can also see them getting one in free agency if he fits the oh woody slot receiver. I don't necessarily say that they take a slot with that first rounder bomb and you know obviously everyone wants to know they look what about Doris lynch. Synchronize hides are led to what he what he's about to get pay. Miller is also comes IDs and the selfless commercials wanna get a way you we that's kind of how I view right now. We predict how. Well you way it goes. Now what am I finer moments let's just say that. Hey look I'm human if you can't make funny yourself be gimmick on anybody so had deserved it I just deleted my tweet. While. Pretty rough day and looks you know I know PT SD. I'm so I'm so my memories been so like wiped away in trying to catch up on world because of the vikings the way the vikings beat the saints. I install. And how you don't play Tom Petty is available player and I know like now amaze I know now they zillion words my goodness. Under fire at this step up. This is saints radio WL. And formula that. By the way I look at the full disclosure here. Get a peek behind the curtain and in on a curtain. Joey I said there in the news is like Tom Petty guys you're like yeah I sure yeah. It like he was fresh or some then I just came down do said the same RC knows the drug overdose or it releases them this mixture of strokes. Some think. Man I'll tell you that yeah had just happened how I'm list that is now I know that like I'm still. Here's my next year as we would even happen as a low about a hour ago hey that kid is like but our gun like well okay. Could this race about a way I feel like member O Lloyd Carr on dumb and dumber. When he's in the bar. He's he's leaving the Bard he sees. The newspaper caption of in a man landed on a movie is no way. That's kind of how I feel right now. Anyway getting back to. Some saints football deuce I apologize I interrupted you about the draft so. Feel free it's it's a reconvene that come season before I get. Crushed on on on our text on them please welcome look the the piece about the saints being able to pick up that third receiver. I feel that they're gonna even signed. Brandon Coleman endorse need price will be the question mark for both of those players you know because of taking go get paid somewhere else obviously I think that that's what they're gonna do. But at the same time you've got some promising guys at least they felt they were promising on media practice squad. That have been around I think they'll get a shot at that number three receiver but. If they get an opportunity to draft a guy with that Tony seven pick. They're gonna try to put themselves in position to draft the best available player I don't see this team moving up. To take a break a mayfield. I don't see this teen. Trading and said to me because you don't have a second round. What you would be moving would be a third rounder so maybe a defense of player I mpeg gap but I don't see them taking a player that's not going to play. Next year you know breaker may feel wouldn't play next year. Yeah I mean they then there not a position due south think too. Trade debt capital right I mean no. They don't have it now then I have a second round are you know regular the first. Maybe you have a future first if. In the city of New Orleans on the east bank they have lifted the boil water advisory. No longer is it necessary on the east bank of new Portland to boil your water waiting on word from Jefferson Parish to see if they're ready to lift the boil water advisory again but he. Once again New Orleans has lifted the boil water advisory it is now safe to drink the water in the city of new world. Dave Cohen RDW old news director any else that they've. No obviously been a difficult process without breaking increasing pipes and the water pressure drop would be good news. From the certain water board. That they have with the department of health and hospitals and able to verify that the water is safe to drink in the city of new Portland hopefully jumpers and there will follow shortly will keep you posted here on WW well and that town. Thank you Dave thanks for the update. All right well see that's what you leave news guys doing new things but sports guys do and Tom Petty. Culture of things on whatever. But yet they don't have a capital deuce three communal conversation. Ultimately to move around dance round the first round that I have to sit back and basically we and that's one thing with wood Jeff violence is he's been in the mix you've seen. A dial back approach to a degree in the first round work they were Wheeler dealer quite often enemy cubes Sean Payton. And it kind of backfired on to a degree and I think Jeff violence kind of been a voice of reason hey Sean don't pull the trigger yet week. We beat beat truly your board. I think they'll help mommy emerges with as many young pieces. You look at for players that can come in and contribute right now if you got to give up future capital you've got to feel real good about him being able step in and play. I'm back to us. As we go JD in Shreveport what's gone JD you're on W grew out. JD. An entity outside Wes Wesley Wesley I'm sorry I Wesly. I got to question them amnesty. It is didn't gain in and then out problem. It would drip of bad. That there were eight years ago and now why don't do that at him and put ground. Why did address the offensive line in the first round I don't say or will they. Why don't. They did last year Ryan ran checked by the way the linebacker that it did it thereby was clamoring for from Alabama got to rest a rube Foster got arrested for marijuana possession. Last week. Ole Ole Ole. Yeah we debated and then I'd been good karma you know a couple of years ago. May not bad how bad we words organization are afraid to ask for a few years. Look Everett has some built on common to the unit that's the case right pay your dues here's the thing. If you think about it saints fans I'm sure feel like woe is me. You know curse saints is senate the vikings playoff history is dubious in a lot of ways they lost four symbols. They lost two playoff games one and NFC title game on a field goal. I won a playoff game couple years ago in a while car around Blair Walsh. So they've had their playoff meltdowns in mishaps as well the saints are not the only team if you go back and look it's not just the saints have had these these dubious almost with there was a moment. That look good for you guys you play in river city relate that to happen when John Carney so it's not. The saints aren't the only one that our core local curse look at the vikings and they they've had a lot of those moments and history. Many think if you say for the vikings right now. No okay. No external items right now and might have knocked us out man. They've led playoff history in a voodoo and karma for the Mike and I don't care about them says. So they go all right so that's our CBS news update now local news headlines. You'd you dealt with a to a degree John Carney missed that extra point what did you say they have nothing is a NATO. No one I know I knew how hard he worked because I saw already worked every day. Center LaMarcus I mean yes and guys that are of sick hurt man but if you look at how to Mayo work how he goes about his preparation. Every day and an in a word to these good Nia. You don't have more in the bag man it's our whole handle you know because I could have made a play as well. I could've made a play earlier I could've been one of those file blockers blocking for that third down. You know and so after the hail my guy a little longer own our own return. So if you respect the work that he's putting in this whole year and you've seen him put their working in. Pau did a man would get another shot. I come back QB QB Drew Brees and Bobby Hebert sit down and go one on one next. I myself so worried about. The future quarterback Drew Brees will happen would be back in the world he said down QB to QB with a cajun cannon Bobby bare early in the week to listen. UB QB's budget medical auto outlook calls although insurance and pounds and addiction treatments and drew thank you so much for joining us. Mandalay looking back on it it took him about this kind of city and I'm a true when you make Iran like yeah do not get caught in the is going all the way back to the OT training and everything in their. Just that close but now guesses this when steals things god appear to kind of sit back and reflect on how how close you guys were put. Coming off a 379 seasons now all that's still with put together that allowed you to be in position where you were this season. We get richer product publicity. You know or restarted to work finished. Sorting all this he's going to just trying to. Minority in the in this river who grew beer. That's somebody. New faces you know rookie free agents and you know we knew that we at a rate that the guys we do you know it was it was getting become together. Which is sort of matter and then to rattle off the row you know that support you obviously and then obviously with our division. You know all the teams that are you know it's. Highly competitive you know preachy or promote that you go play out we were in the division and then. You know seldom if there obviously to. Women that divisional game will be played for the chip chip this week and potentially move on from there are so. You know it's. Peninsula should be proud of so proud of our team. Columbia Puerto. This group you know we knew how to work we have on him. It was most club that played football. Now drew. Describe the feeling because fans. And I'm surety feel like the right there with few the supporting the team since you've been the quarterback. At the Helm laws since 2006. Then describe the feeling up to may be deported on his game back after 2011 season. Where. I don't know you so close with so far. And that just occurred this past Sunday. That are you kind of shell shocked tar. Because I look at what it takes to a beard champion and what it takes. Winners who Ruble and you get to a point where. Myself we get again next year but did you show Jacques competitive NFL as journal was gonna happen if the stars are aligned so to speak Brit. Said Drew Brees is play well enough we can we should've been in receivables I don't know if we don't want to lose rubles but. To just describe maybe a different feeling from. I'm back and imported on his loss on the road compared it would just occurred against the vikings. And you saints' career. Yeah well. This this this loss. You're just distorted it we lost his. Problem all star break there ever been a part of I think there are want to consider now. Fight back the way that we did you know that game. And I think there are a lot of similar. To this and the 49ers. Well flops back in 2011. You know both of those teams though 2011 team and in Detroit seventeen team. I certainly felt. It is greater chance. As anybody there to win at all. You know that requires you to go on the road win a playoff games in. Two to advance you know and that meant overcome things that we overcame. That 49ers in week we were down seventeen up from one point nationalized oh yeah. Yeah yeah and came back in the news you know 1714 halftime and then obviously the last five minutes that forty niner game properly. The craziest five minutes ago playoff game in history potentially grow our. Obviously you know we escort team and in and you don't feel like. You know I was going to be enough to win but term you know credit to their first drive they put together him they were scored obvious but. You know this. To be down seventeen at halftime you should feel our locker on all the people just the attitude now everybody Ike a personal. There's no vote deficit to bring here we can overcome this weekend. We're gonna come back in the game coming to a man that would be that would certainly emotion. Sure enough I mean you look at what happened in the second half the plays that were made in order first comeback and and basically take the lead it was pretty remarkable you know and then he goes from being one of the best. Probably comebacks in playoff history to you know one of the most you know disappointing corporate lawsuit. I definitely felt like the eleven team had a chance school way different electorate can have a chance goal away. 2.2 you know you you works or you know from from beginning your goatee eighties all the way to this point. It's not like you're just picking up where you left off you know from season to season I mean you are starting over because you have to. And you have to approach with the same sense of urgency. You know. And we have to get better each and every day are Greece Greece with the other 32 teams in the league. Two to try to stay on top of each and every day was everything Richard Taylor. When I look at necessity you know we're going to be counted. You know but. It it takes so much more than that you know I mean there's. And. I don't know ball right onto way army's one garrison at. I think we have the capability of of baker run out of your actually years yes I do if they do I think we have the right piece in place and I think will. Continue to add. You know we are in need be on her free agency after the draft. But yeah I think that's on the place and you know. But listen I love our team I love the logo of the season we had I mean again I actually great marriage this year. You know this it was a it was more fun about that rule on Cutler triple. Now over that being said. Fans as we like what is true and into I don't know how druze gonna do there I think he's got them back in the saints uniform it. I mean as viral and has an agent and drew us said listen I'll wanna come back the saints. One knee and they need me bit. I mean and eight is not doing his due diligence so to speak car. If he's not necessarily. Potentially looking at the market. My understanding at the same agent as Matthew Stafford he's been well rewarded. Mad he's ever tell you job he ain't even accomplish anything so the point being all of this supply and demand. And you got 32 teams and the L given a franchise quarterback. So is a case in point that you got to treasury agent even though you wanna be here your families here. You have great memories in New Orleans but I know this has to be a priority. That. No matter what you accomplished here. That and you might say you know where about your legacy of an hour about your legacy. Then you wanna win that's sick it's Ruble whatever it would take. And look Peyton Manning. A that would be a comma to the colts the Whitbread pharmacology at the Packers today is day one place millions the able employees went from. The charges to the saints but I'm Torres say that right now. That. I look at the balls almost in the saints court consider and we got a young team of it coming. And that they do look at the marketing take care of you. Considering. The potential we happen in next three seasons that and you've been atrocious agent I mean that to beat them makes cents. Program. You were an iron kind of made the decision like that. I just completed fees focus of football with him on the court my career. Where. I I. All I want to focus on as was right from. That's sustainable and I'm about you each and every day and each and every opportunity so much to revoke the delivered to our panel Alice Thomas have left the mean. And and so large and still. A great now let's not you are too great arena. I think it will three years ago it it training camp in are cyclical side I can put the report by the full plate of 45 I believe that. And I feel that way and I know that I have. A routine and process in place. To take care my body and to do all the right things that would allow me to be honest there's something there out of your control and god willing. You durable position a lot out there on the field you know and so. You know you never know which play to be your last but but the bottom line is I. I I under I'd have a great sense of urgency. Each and every day with each and every opportunity I never in the book. Past what is right in front and so the start this year I you know two years ago. It's all the meteors that it was the last chart. And we cyber we we adhere to sort of I'd have to. Gore in the this year I didn't what do I want anybody to approach it with the pressure seemed to have pressure. So like it or we we can worry about this receipt which is focused on this season's focused all and all that there's a picture so I don't have any intention of Gordon where. I don't think that this thing. Having intention. You know try to continue to curb you know did you go right so he had some sort so. A truly believe it's all work out where it's close to him and dominant lead this team dementia but. You know. I know here we are in the offseason now free agencies coming up march 14 two B I I yeah it was a tactic it's your fat I expected. Something will be done prior to their and and I'll be here so that's that's where my hip. What drove as long as united on the kill die or whatever yeah I killed a jam as so whatever the saying now respect Tom Brady. But it just goes to show you look look. All of a sudden look would have pages have done in the 21 entry and then it's like Bill Belichick vs Robert crab are Tom Brady. You know they always vote for the next greatest thing next best thing. And they had a guy maybe Jimmy grab below and how that all came about. But I tell fans saints fans that are open to do anything 201819. Or two warning is going to be would Drew Brees at the Helm. Simply because the level it did you let it sell like all of a sudden he got all these kids and a long you know are produce and look we're all but does that this year so that has to give you common it's considering how young we are is our roster and did it doesn't. That there's a lighted candidates are all say it is all the time and Maynard train coming Aggies is sunshine. And I and I know you believe that because. I think you wanna win that segues so Ruble. Like it unravels the competitor that you are and you probably think the saints are about as good as it gets right now amongst the best and NFL. As a re. These two the three years prior prior to this war three to publish years. You know I've got to go through as a player and I'm. Amid it was in this it was a painful. The good news day as a quarterback. You know your measured by wins and losses in championship. And so when you go 793 years Euro in the peca personally. You know I think that is direct reflection on me. You know what card do better talk packet is back on track in listener a lot of lot of things normal on him. A lot of things that need to be fixed in and credit to shown credit Mickey the credit to our organization. For going out and getting the right type guys. Value and character topped the intelligence we drafted trees we. He's been and you see how quickly those results can change. We have the right guys in the building. And and that's we did in battling that the in these are young guys on guys that you feel like the guys all live for right I mean. Chiropractic from last year. If you like it from your two years three years for these guys could continue to get better and better but again. It's not just gonna happen you know here it is going to be tremendous sense urgency. To getting better understanding. That window of opportunity that we have and listen to actually try to be harder rebels are absolutely but I also understand America premier. Every time I step on the field retirement step in the building I have to prove my value. To everyone around and the best guy. For the job the completed two chips chips so idle idle take that program. Percent. Drew. After everything in you know coach on that use it everything they did you you still speak the Marcus Williams. There are beard. Under. Well today and a video of a brain fart alike and don't quit just if you would to I mean I'm sure that opposed the moment I mean it. All's been done and we we can go to sports history though. You know some people don't side of it think it wouldn't pick anybody makes the rules that's the part of justice. It is there is a hog pilots situation no doubt about. Well gracious first orders. There's not a guy that here's more the Marcus Williams. And and an honestly there's not. There's there's not a better teammate on the team this year the market for him. On for him to come in after reputed he has. But what was incredible iron and an opposite I think he is going to be veteran safeties in the week. And in fact I think that he is going to be guy. Who's gonna make a play that can help us win that Super Bowl when we do get that opportunity at all this thing in this whole thing will come circle. Nothing that that happened on Sunday in that game is because of lack of effort futile if you watch the play closely and you know opal you know the situation. He would he was trying not to pass these here particular in here because the worst thing happened is. You know he collide with that guy it's early and neutral flag and then they get the ball right there to kick you also. I think it is his intentions were. I can't we can't pastor fear here you know and so he was there are so early but he felt like contact this guy. Then it's going to be passing reference so. In the fatal happens here effort that the truck to sit back ailment it's slow Mo it rewind it twenty times and say what we would have done differently Arco. I assume he is a great football where he's incredibly instinctive football player you don't care so much and I think he's going to be. What the veteran safeties in the league portal and a and I do believe she is gonna. Make a play the couple won a Super Bowl here in the very near future. This is just one of those unfortunate things that. You know everybody blame him for him. You know she mentioned that there would. Avaya. He was so torn up in the locker room after the game you know after what happened but he's got every every altered entry guys aren't in our locker. That love and care for him and note I was just announced Wednesday and we're gonna move forward he's going to be better for future. QB QB to buy the goal although locals on insurance and towns and addiction. Treatment tennis drew thank you so much for the tablet talk next week and talk about that the team that make it to civil 52. Starter Kurt you all right drew things are right that it Drew Brees here on things radio WW. Laugh it up fuzz ball. Head you know Tom Petty died deuce is an. Hey look honey bunny. And say some things so I think that's it that's all I do I'm good I'm a good statement note nor is there from me. One back fans in the pro wrapping up here. Conference title games we got man AFC NFC. New England. And Philly. During the Philly rematch. From what was what was that of them and let me Jacksonville magna have thrown out yet the TO ankle injury etc. Hey Dave mr. else are we couldn't get Tia Joseph fell Dumas patrol thanks much for your help love the interaction tonight. On the phone lines a final four to six awaits having said though luckily for double coverage. Simplify I'm out. Dues just announcement please. Thanks for all the calls it Texas and I'll stay warm you can actually drink the water you can drink the war. Love New Orleans debuted a real 87 and we out.