Is the family separation policy immoral?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, June 20th
Tommy talks to New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond about the family separation policy.

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Our friend archbishop Gregory Ayman joins us. Demonic archbishop you Dylan good morning. I'm well sir come in terms of this immigration debacle that is going on down the border on an all. Republican Democrat LLC good look at it. In addition to a security issue I think there's also a moral issue as it relates to. Separating parents from children and you've done is stepped in and listened and gave your feelings or at least. What the church says. Explain what you did sailors resume as a matter of fact is there's. What you're saying is the as the leader of the Catholics in the all New Orleans sorts archdiocese which you are ranked. On him and what I that is the it's not just my opinion which I believe what I said. But it's the teachings of the church and and that we do not believe that took the children and parents should be separated at the border for whatever reasons. And also it's been proven that this kind of separation often leads to long term emotional scoring just reading an article this morning about an eight year old kid. Cause it's separated from his mother hasn't seen his mother democracies but he's in New York she's in Seattle. And it's just really. Inhumane and it's heartbreaking and that there has to be and all the way to do this I think this also points to the fact that. Immigration system has been broken or certainly not effective. And congress does not act they have not done anything to to bring about our effectiveness. In the immigration system and I would hope that and if anything comes out of this besides reuniting. The kids with their parents. May be congress who get to work. So when it comes to. The teachings of the Catholic Church. Injustice persecution or danger. Would you say in two Catholics that are listening right now the mine go to church every Sunday that we hope they do. Meal to go into the pockets you know help of the collection but never a bad thing but a Brooklyn a whisper yeah it is that's a chill for a different day but in terms of injustice persecution dangers it relates to Jesus the Catholic Church. Keeping politics out of this if if they go to church on Sunday but yet there's and there's nothing wrong with this policy. Well would you say to them as the leader of Catholics in the diocese. The arch diocese I guess of new long ones. Well it hasn't to look more deeply at the ethical and moral issues you know people it's that means some sort of a statement and they sit in other times. You know your religious leader in the duke represented church took it into politics when I get into politics were getting into morality. And I think that morality would not to dictate separating. Parents from children and we do believe. That as a person just coming to the United States because they wanna column you know that's that's different than one who is. And we is experiencing. Injustice persecution means sometimes sit. I mean I know of situations where people have left Mexico that left himself to a because of this price summit ahead of a bit that he and that life is deliberately endangered. And then we say as a church that they have a right to to find a place of security. A place of peace and we believe that all nations should participate in the and so Catholics don't believe. What we're sending. I would assessment looked at will be deeper and to think about it this whole thing is very very emotional. Which is understandable on both sides it's emotional. But I guess what it would really. Disappoints me is that we can't have a disagreement. And just say well you know I disagree with you and we listened to my side. And his name calling disrespect. You know even on FaceBook if you're just terrible names. That he used against people because they don't agree with that person's position. I Patricia appreciate your time losing one dance. No I just I hope. That we pray for the kids and parents were separated and that they can be reunited we just established belief in the dignity of the human person would believe that definitely should be united. And I appreciate the opportunity distinctions supports. Thank your treasures now they know it's safe to an answer that is that needs a good time to pray for the country Kazaa I don't know that anybody really feels good about what's going on right now. I agree no matter what are drawn it doesn't look good. Thank you sir and today but it can archbishop Gregory Ayman.